Britney says Janelle’s team never feels the heat, it’s so fricking annoying, they know no pain!

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12:30am Dan and Danielle are in the arcade room. Danielle thinks that her biggest competition is Ian. Danielle tells Dan that she thinks Wil and Frank have a final 2. Dan asks Danielle who Frank would put up if Wil is gone. They could put up Shane if Shane didn’t put them up. Danielle says that he would have to put up Ashley and Joe …but would he. Shane joins them. Shane says that he (Wil? or Joe?)said he should put Frank up and get him out. Obviously they don’t want anyone on their team to go up. But if we tell Frank they are saying that? I don’t know, but they could still be working together. I’m not going to go with it but.. Shane says that he is going to head to bed. Dan says that this week she has to get to Joe and convince him not to put you up if he gets HOH. Danielle starts talking about Britney saying that she trusts her more than Janelle and Boogie.
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12:50am – 1:15am Danielle heads out and Britney heads into the arcade room. Dan tells her that they need to be careful this week that he won’t be up there too much. Dan tells her that he bashed her to day with Frank. He says that Frank asked him if he thought it was Britney’s fault that Willie went home. Dan says that he told him yes. Britney says awe thanks. Dan says that he just wanted her to know and says that he doesn’t know if he was trying to bait him or what. Britney says that she thinks Frank makes up A LOT of stuff and runs around telling people. Britney is worried that Frank and Janelle are close. Britney says that she does not trust Janelle’s people but at the same time she doesn’t want to keep Frank. Britney says that Frank is going to come up and talk …and I know he is going to say sh*t about Danielle and you. Dan says that is why I wanted to tell you what I said. She says that it’s expected that Shane will put up Frank. Dan wonders if she can make a deal with Janelle to keep Danielle safe. Britney says that it pisses her off that Janelle’s team floats to the power and never has to feel the heat. Britney says that if she was ever going to trade any players Ian would be at the top. Dan says that Joe will self-destruct. They talk about Ashley wanting to switch sides but she’s scared they will be mean to her. Britney says that Janelle hugged her tonight. Britney says where the hell was this last week? Dan says that he thinks both him and Britney are down to their best chances of winning. Dan says that he heard that Janelle asked Kara who she would put up after the whole Willie blow up and that she apparently told Janelle that she would put up Joe. Dan and Britney laugh at how stupid that would be to say to Janelle. Dan says I can’t help you get out of that?! Britney says we need to put our money on one team and attack the other, it all comes down to who we think will win an endurance competition. Britney says that either her or Dan need to win the coaches competition tomorrow. They discuss who to put as have-nots if they win the coaches competition. They say that Jenn, Frank, Joe and Wil haven’t been on it yet.
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1:35am – 2:10am Shane, Britney and Danielle are up in the HOH room talking strategy for the week. Britney tells Shane that Frank put him up last week so it’s only right that he should put Frank up this week, she says its such an easy tit for tat. Britney says that Janelle hugged her tonight and it kind of hurt! Shane asks because of her boobies. Britney says that she can’t believe she got hugged, I feel so duped. Danielle says that if Frank goes there is no way we can’t beat any of them but if he stays he is going win. Britney calls Frank a beast. Shane asks them if they think Frank is more of a beast than he is? Britney asks did you not see Frank’s push ups the other day? Britney is super impressed with Frank’s push ups. Shane agrees Frank is a beast. Britney tells Shane he nominated you, you nominate him, duh!

Britney says that she is mad that Janelle’s team never feels the heat, it’s so fricking annoying! Janelle’s team knows no pain! Shane says that they have to strike when the iron is hot. Britney tells Shane not to tell Frank before the nominations that he is going up. Shane says that he isn’t going to say anything. He says that Frank won’t know until he doesn’t pull a key out! Shane says that Boogie is going to be so pissed if Frank goes home. Britney says that she doesn’t think Frank will ever go after Janelle’s team because he likes her so much. Shane wonders if Frank has a final 4 deal with Janelle’s team. Danielle heads to bed. Shane told Danielle that he would have offered her to stay, but that he wanted a good night’s sleep. Britney tells Shane that Danielle would be the perfect person to take to final 2 because he would kill her if it were the 2 of them up there. She says that he has played a great game, won competitions. Shane agrees and says he would be happy to get Danielle the $50,000. Britney says that is all she’ll win if she is up against you. Britney tells Shane he has a great shot at winning this game, they just need to assure his safety next week. Britney and Shane go to bed. Britney reads her letter and then goes to sleep.

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55 thoughts on “Britney says Janelle’s team never feels the heat, it’s so fricking annoying, they know no pain!

  1. They gotta get rid of Wil and put up Ashley as a placeholder. I can see where Shane won’t wanna throw up Ian, cuz I actually thinks he respects the kid. Plus, Boogie would go ballistic if Shane did that. Joe is worthless without Wil and he’ll $hit when he has no one left to act like an old biddie with.

    I would not touch Frank. It’s what everyone expects of Shane and, honestly, those two could take each other to final two and I’d like to see that.

    Wil’s the biggest threat if for nothing by dropping dramabombs. It started the whole Willie fiasco (along with Joe) and they both run around the place spreading lies, talking $hit and snitching. They act like they’re Public Enemy #1 and they’ve never even been on slop!

    Guess what Wil? Shane’s gonna give you something REAL to cry about this week. Wil’s gonna choke. I can’t see him doing anything but social. He’s hoping to compete in an easy game of him versus floaters at the end, but it looks like Shane and Frank are gonna own the house. Sorry! Grab a life vest!

    1. I agreed more, Shane would never put up Frank on the Block. He would be assess to make it to the end. For Wil & Joe, I want to see either two self-destruct because according to Dr. Will Kirby that Janelle is a three time loser. She never win in everything and she jealous that Rachel won Big Brother 13 than her. What did Janelle wanted to prove? She proving nothing and face it, Janelle sucks in everything & three time loser. PERIOD! Janelle, you never compete the level with Rachel.

      1. Actually Dr Will said if she don’t win, then she’s a 3 time loser. But hey, why let a little thing like facts get in the way of your ridiculous rants. And I highly recommend you look into getting a spell checker.

            1. Or 7th or 8th….lol
              From what I see, Shane is putting up frank & Wil & pulling Joe & Ashley in to vote out frank.

  2. Doesnt Shane have a deal with Frank n Boogie. Not so sure you can trust Boogie who makes all of Frank’s decisions anyway. If you want Frank out I still say backdoor him or he will win pov and then u go into next week having two teams mad at you n no chance at pov. Dan better not throw the coaches competition unless its to Brit, so they have open reign on anyone in the house.

  3. The problem with taking out Frank is that he’s probably the only player of the six who’d agree to (and actually go through with) a long-term deal unless they made a deal later through Boogie. I wouldn’t trust any of Janelle’s players or Janelle at all. But Shane and Danielle need some more numbers on their side come next week and the best way to get them would be through Frank or Boogie.

  4. I’m so glad how things worked out! Janelle’s cocky attitude was so unbearable last week. I really disliked what Janelle told D knowing how sensitive she is about her weight. The worst thing she said is that they are the same size! I can’t believe how much respect I have for Danielle now. She’s playing the best social game in the house and really kept her cool around JoJo. If she won HOH next week it would be amazing. I’m not betting on it though.

  5. As great as this alliance is with Dan, Danielle, Shane & Britney, Shane is going to be in a tough spot next week, being that he can only rely on Danielle to win HoH which will keep him from being nominated.

    If Shane steps on a few toes this week, he needs to make sure that he gets it done right & sends who he needs to send home.
    Because if any week is going to be tough for him, it’s going to be next week.

    But then again, he’s a beast a competitions and he might just win POV.

    I’m pretty sure that they’re going to have the coaches return regardless of what America wants for the simple fact that I cannot imagine Julie Chen saying that America did not want for the coaches to enter the game. Production is scrambling to make a twist happen & they’re gonna make sure it does.

    1. I completely agree. He needs to be very very careful this week and make a deal ensuring his safety for next week. I understand why they want to get rid of Frank, but keeping 3 of Janelle’s players in the game is dangerous for the numbers alone. Get rid of one of her players now while you have the chance, because even though Ashley could sway, she’s proven that she can’t break away from the bullies. Put up Frank and Wil on the block, vote Wil out and make sure you (Shane) make a deal with Frank to ensure your safety for next week.

  6. Wil is the one that would self-destruct. If you pit him against Frank (which looks like might happen) he will talking smack about people left and right. This will be hilarious to watch…

  7. Honestly I would love to see Frank and Shane in the final two. I am not a huge fan of Frank but out of ALL of the choices he is my second. Plus, how rare is it you see two strong players make it to the final two. I don’t want a floater to be taken to the end and win it all.

  8. I’d really like to see how the rest of the house is scrambling. I haven’t checked in on this site once and I even skipped a few recent episodes because I hated who was in charge with a passion. As long as Janelle is taken down a few pegs I’ll be a happy camper.

  9. Shane would not put up Frank on the Block or Backdoored! He easily working with him to make it to the end. I love Danielle so much, but she would make it to the Final 3. However, Shane would be man enough if he put up Janelle’s players & Backdoor Ashley. I would be very happy to see Joe leaves. I’m very sicked entire of his manipulation. Joe, your going home.

    Oh! Don’t put Ian on slop again. He needs to get out from Havenot again. Let someone else have a chance to be Havenot for the week.

    1. I too would love to see Joe leave. It’s not b/c he seems to be floating along, it’s b/c he is loud and annoying. He’s one of those people I wonder if he has a hearing problem b/c every time he speaks he’s shouting. I hate that. And he is also very annoying besides. If Shane is smart he’ll put up one of Janelle and Boogie’s players to get their teams down a player, but for some reason I think he’s going to nominate Danielle.

      1. I complete agree more! Joe or Wil needs to go. It’s ridiculous that Joe has poor grammar and he is terrible in this game. So, Thanks Bro!

        1. Joe was good enough to get under Willie’s skin to the point that Willie got himself kicked out of the BB house. That was hilarious.

          1. I agree more! Joe is a terrible player. He sucking it up to Shane that he is a strong player but he is terrible. That what you said.

  10. I hope he puts up Frank and Joe or Wil, 1 each from both teams. Although I can’t tell who s the stronger one from Janelle’s team is as the only thing Joe’s strongest ability to talk over everyone and from Wil a whole lot of whining and smack talk. Ugh. Decisions, decisions. Turn both (boogs and jan) opposing teams against each other and let them do the dirty work of taking one of each others teams out. It’s the only logical choice as both teams( booger and janelle) fight like cats and it will only be a matter of time before one sells out the other.

  11. Omg britt and Dan need to come in game give there alliance more votes and better shot at hoh shane and danielle is the same thing that happenes to jeff, Jeff always is a beast and constantly is targeted and saves himself then he loses one pov and he’s out and Jordan/danielle win the game

  12. Shane really needs to keep Frank safe this week. Boogie controls most of the house (meaning he has Janelle where he wants and Dan where he wants then that includes all of Janelles players and Boogies own players). If he tries to take Frank out this week, Boogie will gun after him next week.

    Shane needs to keep his deal with Frank to stay safe next week. Go after all of Janelles Players!….But then Im sort of torn because assuming America votes the coaches in, Janelle will probably win the next HOH comp and go after Shane.

    All I know is that Shane and Frank have the best bet to go after all the coaches. Even though I cant stand Frank and his weird vacant constant blinking eyes.

    1. I don’t know. Janelle is not the same twenty something girl she was in seasons 6/7. She just had a baby. She might still be good at quizzes and puzzles, but her physical game is not what it used to be. The next HOH is likely to be endurance, which was never something Janelle is good at. Dan would probably win an endurance competition (if he didn’t try to throw it), or maybe Boogie. Ian is also a threat for endurance.

      The first week, they had Frank with one foot out the door, and instead, Janelle went for Kara. Then Frank wins HOH and Janelle says, oops, maybe we should have gotten Frank out. Then Jo Jo and Danielle plus Dan go on the block and they vote out Jo Jo. As soon as the twist is announced, the house will wish they had taken team Dan out when they had the chance. I bet Jo Jo will love their reaction when they realize they should have kept her. I would love it if Dan won the endurance HOH and put up Boogie and Janelle.

  13. Watch, after the Coaches Competition, the Have-Nots will have Cereal (Fruit Loops) and Salmon to eat in addition to slop. CBS and BB are definitely taking a shot at Willie with the Have-Not food this week (remember Boogie talking about Willie’s Fruit Loops and Boogie’s salmon). Cannot wait to see the reaction of everyone when this happens.

  14. SO happy Shane is HOH for the power flip. This is going to be a great game-talk week! I love seeing Janelle, Joe and Wil squirm.

    How funny was it that shortly after the HOH competition Janelle was getting a massage from Shane. She’s so transparent!

  15. The HG and coaches don’t know that the coaches are coming into the game next week. They will remember Willie and wish they had listened to him instead of shunning him. A couple of weeks ago I thought that Frank and Willie were the only ones with the balls to play their own game, but I now have my doubts about Frank. Will he stick with Boogie until the end, or will he realize that the newbs need to ally against the vets? Will the other players finally cut ties with their coaches or will they sit back and help the coaches pick off their fellow newbs like happened last season. As much as it makes sense now to put up Frank, given the upcoming twist, Shane might need Frank to take on the vets (of course if Frank is smart enough to work with him instead of furthering Boogie). Of course they don’t know what we know yet, so unfortunately they will probably gun for the strongest male this week. I think the best move would be to put up Ian and Wil (unless the coach comp results changes anything). This gives him leverage with Frank. Everyone will suspect a Frank backdoor in the works and Shane can tell Frank that he wants to keep their deal. He can lay it on thick before the POV that everyone else wanted him to put up Frank and their argument was that Frank put him and Jo Jo up together and sent Jo Jo home, but that Shane still thinks that both of them need each other to get to the end. This might even buy a week of good will from Boogie. If Ian comes off the block and Frank has promised a deal, he can put Joe up and Wil or Joe is going home. One thing Shane and especially Danielle needs to understand is that it’s bad game to hang together too much this week. It would even be good if they staged a fight to make everyone think that Danielle is a free agent and they might tell her information that they won’t tell Shane or Brit, but Danielle is already acting like she is first lady. That will really hurt Shane’s game. I hope Dan is able to get into her airhead and make her understand this.

  16. I keep noticing how Boogie keeps managing to dodge most of these bullets where his players are concerned. Shane obviously sounds as if he really thinks his deal with Frank and Boogie will hold up. He hasn’t mentioned his ‘deal’ with them to Britney, as far as I can tell, and last night when talk shifted to putting Frank on the block, Shane kept trying to deflect the talk onto one of the other four in the headlights. It kept coming up last night that if Wil was taken out, Janelle’s would be destroyed with the players she has left, yet not once did I hear that if Frank was taken out, Boogie would be feeling a similar kind of thing. I don’t think that’s even really being considered, and I’m sorry, but I don’t think Ian is quite as dangerous as some are giving him credit for. Who knows, though? Maybe the biggest mistake anyone and everyone makes playing or watching Big Brother is that they think the house can be beat, that there’s a formula. Still, I just see a huge mistake in Frank being kept in the house this week.

  17. Please vote to not let the coaches into the game. It’s just not fair! They have had three weeks to get inside info for one thing. They also have not had to worry about getting voted out like everyone else. Besides the fact they all have played before.

  18. The best thing about this season so far is that I haven’t found anyone that I hate. The closest I come would be Britney. I liked Willie at first, but as his true colors were exposed, I realized that my first impression was wrong. His downward spiral has been rather amusing. I am indifferent towards Jenn, Boogie, Wil and Joe. I find myself rooting for Ashley, Janelle, Dan, Frank, Shane and Ian. I am not crazy about the teams, so I would be fine if the coaches come into the game. I think it would shake things up and make for some better TV. Especially for the feeds.

  19. I hate to say it, but I think Shane is in the same position Danielle, Kalia, and Porsche were in last season, where everyone in the house was dead-set on getting them out. He would have been on the block again if anyone else but him or Danielle won HOH. I think all he can get at this point is lip service and people telling him what he wants to hear. As far as trusting people, he can only trust Danielle. Frank admitted that he is partly playing Shane as well as forming an alliance with him. Wil and Joe wanted Shane gone a long time ago. Nonetheless, I’m rooting for Shane.

  20. Shane for HOH is what I was hoping for

    We need some entertainment and not Boogie & Janelle walking around like they are final 2 already

    I’m starting to not stand Wil at this point…just a tad bit over Joe. Both must go!

    I have this feeling that Danielle will be in final 2 now.

      1. I am hoping for that too, I would think he would put Frank & Wil up…talk to Frank tell him its for show [to cover his butt] if one wins POV put Joe up there.

        Either way one of Joe or Wil must go…useless whining crying babies.

  21. I say take Frank out of the equation altogether…..put up Wil and Ashley. Joe is a loudmouth troublemaker who backs out on his word but pretty much in comps and social play, he is worthless. Frank, however could prove to be both loyal and an ally and could possibly provide safety for Shane and Danielle.

    1. Especially knowing what they don’t know – the coaches are coming back. For Boogie to be pissed at Shane and Brit next week would be a bad thing if he enters the game. Better to have Janelle reduced to one and a half friends and Boogie and Frank with good no reason to go after Shane is smarter. If Boogie, Dan, Frank and Shane hook up, nobody will be able to stop them. In the end, they strongest guy will win. I would rather this scenario than to see Danielle or any of the others get to the end. The guys can either do the dirty work for the weaker players and help them slide to the end like Jordan, or they can unite to get rid of them all. Ideally I would like to see all of the newbs gang up on the vets, but I don’t see that happening with this bunch of hypocrites. I hope they all have nightmares about Willie’s meeting.

  22. I think Shane’s best bet would be getting rid of wil and cutting a deal with boogie’s team especially bc to depend on a player like Danielle to get him to the end is ridiculously short-sighted. Why piss off three people you don’t have to when janelle’s expecting the hit and he knows her team doesn’t like him but then again it’s obvious Shane is just the brawn and Dan, Britney, and Danielle are his brains…

  23. I wanna know what CBS would do if America voted that the coaches Not join the game? I mean what’s the back up plan since if the coaches don’t join the game the games gonna end to early, or has this always been the plan and CBS is just counting on America to vote the way they expect?

  24. I think instead of having them compete with the HG’s that they should have them compete against each other to steal another player, and allow this to go on weekly.

  25. Coaches aside, I think Shane & Frank could work really well together. Shane is obviously good at competitions and Frank seems like a pretty smart guy. I think they could trust each other – but then there’s Boogie.

  26. I know the house guests aren’t aware the coach’s will be in the game this thursday,but the people on here are writing comments,as if they also don’t know the coach’s will be in the game.Julie said,America(aka production)have a choice to vote for the coach’s to enter the game,or they can chose to keep the coach’s out of the game.There is no way that CBS/Big Brother would mention this option,that will shake up the game.Unless they(production)didn’t have this planned,after Willie was removed from the house.Anyway I want Frank to be evicted this week.Then it will cripple Boogie.I think if Frank stays in the game,he will still be Boogie’s puppet after Boogie is allowed to play the game.I think keeping Frank in the game,will be dangerous for Dan(he’s the only person I’m rooting for)because Frank&Boogie will still work with each other.The problem is Shane still haven’t told his new alliance(Dan,Danielle&Britney)about the deal that was made between Frank,Boogie& his self.Which makes me think that Shane is planning on being loyal to Boogie&Frank,and not his new secret alliance.Dan has to figure this out on his own.And then he needs to convince Shane,that their main goal this week is to make sure Frank is evicted this week.

  27. I love this you all hated dan and danielle while i loved them and you people flip (Just cause i’m 13 don’t think i’m wrong about this game)

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