Power of VETO CEREMONY Results! Allison did NOT use her Secret Veto at the Ceremony!

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2-2014-04-07 09-19-41-637

10am – 12:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power of Veto ceremony to take place. When the live feeds return – we learn that as the power of veto holder Kenny used it to remove himself from the block. Heather then nominated Sarah as the replacement nominee.

At this point Allison did NOT use her Secret VETO that she found yesterday after following the clues and opening the war room secret door. LOOKS like Big Brother is getting Allison to use her secret veto right before the votes for added drama and to pull in more viewers for the Thursday live eviction.

In the storage room – Sarah, Rachelle, Sabrina, Allison and Kenny talk about how crazy this game is. They talk about how they didn’t even think that Paul could win an HOH but he did. Everyone leaves the storage room but Allison and Kenny. Allison tells Kenny that she would never expect Kenny to vote out Sarah over her. Kenny says that he’s been hearing whispers about a flip he says he can’t stand being in the house with these people. Meanwhile in the main bed room. Arlie tells Adel and Jon that he is coming out in the next couple days. Arlie says that he had a conversation with Kenny and was fishing to see if he could squeeze another week out of it to get more information from them but that Kenny implied that he knew he was flipping. In the storage room Arlie tells Heather that after his conversation with Kenny he is going to expose himself. Arlie says I know I am going to be a big target but f**k it. Arlie says Kenny basically said that he knows if anyone flips he knows it was me so…
BBCAN2 2014-04-07 09-20-23-294

12:45pm Up in the HOH room – Neda and Jon are talking. Jon asks Neda if she thinks Arlie is playing us. Neda says that she thinks Arlie is. Jon asks if I was up on the block against Arlie would I stay over him? Neda says she isn’t sure he would and thinks it would be close. Jon comments on how me and you are the power couple now. Neda says that she wants Allison gone before Sabrina. Neda and Jon talk about how smart and strategic Arlie is playing. Jon talks about how it was his idea for Arlie to play both sides. Jon comments on how people think I’m a big dummy. Jon and Neda start wrestling on the bed.

BBCAn2-2014-04-07 09-41-35-508

12:50pm – 1pm Out in the hot tub room – Sarah is talking to herself. She says okay how am I going to put a plan together to approach Arlie. She says this is so much easier sitting on my couch at home. Sarah says I’ll just be a total b***h to the other house guests. Kenny and I will just be the number 1 targets for the house guests. Sarah says by putting me on the block shows that your side doesn’t care about you.. The fact that they put me on the block means I could have outed you (Arlie).

1pm – 1:20pm UP in the HOH room – Adel, Neda, Heather and Jon talk about relationships.

1:25pm Out in the hot tub room – Rachelle talks to Sabrina about how right before the ceremony Kenny told her that he had the bad feeling Arlie was going to flip. Sabrina says he better f**king not! I will rip him a new a$$hole during the live eviction. Rachelle says if he does flip .. then its just me, you and Kenny. We’re going to go up. Sabrina says not if we win HOH. Rachelle says yeah right .. we are a pretty strong trio. Rachelle says that’s a complete lie that he just found out about it this morning. He found out last night when they were talking. Sabrina asks who do we put up if we win HOH. Adel and Jon? Rachelle says if Arlie flips .. we put up Jon and Arlie.. and if one of them wins we put up Adel. Sabrina says you have balls I love it. Rachelle asks do you think he’s going to flip?? Sabrina says if he does I am going to rip his pen!$ apart … you know the one he likes to show to the universe.

In the kitchen – Sarah tells Kenny at least if it happens then you guys will know who flipped. Kenny says that’s a pretty sh*tty silver lining. Sarah says well you might not have known otherwise. Allison joins them. Allison heads into the storage room with Heather and talk about Arlie coming out. Kenny and Sarah continue to talk. Sarah says how crazy will it be if I go out with a 2 week slop pass .. you can never feel comfortable in this game. Kenny comments how they should just break Arlie’s leg. He then stops himself and says he shouldn’t have said that .. you should never wish physical harm on someone.

BBCAn2-2014-04-07 10-25-24-509

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OMG…I thought Sarah could not get any LOWER..but she has topped herself again. The feeds are back after the veto ceremony. I don’t think Allison has used her secret veto and Sarah is definitely up. She was in the kitchen, preparing bitter-cakes when she ACTUALLY SAID…

“I bet my kids want to beat her ass…and I would let them.”

WTF??? This woman claims to be against bullying and worried about how she is portrayed to her family…and then says something like that about her two kids, who are both under the age of ten??? UNBELIEVABLE!! She just proved that every rant I have ever had about her is totally justified…I saw right through her “caring mother” facade long ago. She is disgusting…


Sorry…just listened to it again…what she actually said was, “My kids probably want to beat the shit out of her…and I bet they could…and I would let them”…

*shakes head in disbelief*


I really feel empathy for the two little girls sarah claims to love so much – what about their school buddies seeing their so called mother behaving like this on tv – no wonder so many young children have mental issues, just look who is dragging them up.


She burned her hand on a hot pan right after she said it…there’s instant karma for you. Allison was in the kitchen with them when she made this comment and others about Heather. I wonder if she will tell Heather what Sarah said…


Sarah is the ultimate hypocrite! It’s bad if others bully in the house but it’s ok if I do it, because I’m a good person! Her moral superiority complex has been exposed! Now the live show just needs to show some of these clips and stop protecting her!!!!


Right from her Intro video before the season started she has been preaching about being against bullies. In reality she is the biggest bully herself.

Sabrina is a silly insecure girl but Sarah is a terrible and mean spirited human.


Oh. Give me a break. There’s a difference between saying something to yourself and actually doing it. Andrew was a bully. Sarah is not a bully. She actually defended Ika to REAL people after the shredding incident. Or did we forget them because of our selective memory?


Now I understand why Kenny and Sara like each other so much. Birds of a feather……


This Thursday is garbage day… Time to take out the trash!!!


Kenny gets more woosie by the day – all he does is complain – he’s hungry, he’s got a headache, he’s got a sore ankle and he hates everybody, always around his “harem” waiting to be consoled – poor baby – what a creep, he accused Heather of not having any “balls” for not telling sarah straight out about going up on the block – where are his balls huh???


Kenny and Sarah go hand-in-hand! It is so repulsive to watch him with that beard. His ego is as big as life and if he shaves off the beard, he may look half way decent!


Well, how would you feel if you were on slop for a week?


Not that I think the comment was okay by any means, but I wouldn’t consider it bullying. She’s up on the block and fairly confident she is going home, so she’s venting a little bit. She’s frustrated and anyone in her position would be. Is she handling it well – no. That said, she’s not attacking Heather calling her name and making threats. THAT would be bullying and what Sarah has vocalized she is against. When people in the house had said and done harmful things to a person that they feel bullied. Everyone in the house talks badly about others, is just part of the game and how people deal. Again, not saying what she said was okay just don’t agree she’s a bully or a terrible person. I think we all know Sarah would not allow or condone her children beating Heather, just words of frustration.


She said earlier in the bathroom that she wanted to punch Heather in the face. That is suggesting physical violence… Also, the fact that she got so upset about Andrew picking on Ika, because she doesn’t want her kids to think she condones that kind if behavior, but then says she wants to punch Heather in the face and thinks her kids want to beat her up…and she would let them… What kind of message is she teaching her kids? Bullying is not o.k., but I would allow you to beat someone up because they didn’t let Mommy win a game…

She has said vicious things about Heather this entire game…LONG before Heather was HOH and she was on the block. She has had NO reason to hate Heather…yet she spreads it, daily. That…to me, is a form a bullying…I don’t care what the official definition is…


I don’t disagree that she is saying hateful things about Heather, I simply disagree about the fact that it’s bullying. Heather is not hearing her say it or feeling threatened or hurt by it. Andrew was a bully. He said and did things to people to hurt them. Just my pet peeve that the word bully gets thrown around so much.


Regardless if what Sarah is doing is ACTUAL bullying, the fact is that she came into the house claiming to be actively against bullying..in fact…I think she may even be in some sort of anti-bullying program in her kid’s school…and then says, for millions of people to see and hear, that she would LET her kids beat Heather’s ass. That is the biggest contradiction, along with the shunning and viciousness towards Heather, to her “beliefs”. And maybe she isn’t actually doing it to Heather’s face, the fact is…she IS doing it…and what message is that sending to her kids?


Oh–get over it. Who are you? A saint? No one is perfect. Get off your high horse.


There’s no evidence whatsoever that Sarah is a good mother who wouldn’t condone her children beating the crap out of someone who beat Mommy at a game. I googled her 🙂


Oh Yeah! Let’s give Sarah the Momzie award for publicly showing her kids how to constantly whine, talk smack and speak of wishful violence. Seems to be a pattern for her. She’s such a good role model isn’t she?


Sara and Kenny feel so entitled it sickens me. They remind me of spoiled high school kids

ihate sarah

wow…why would you EVER bring your kids into a conversation like that…i dont care if your mad or “venting” does she not realize they go to school and everyone is watching(students,teachers)WOW..thats all i can say…..


Why would Allison use her secret veto now if she pretty much knows she’s not going home?


Allison won’t use it this week. Certainly BB would not hid a weak veto (time-limited) in the house. Allison is getting enough clues to know she is safe this week.


I dont think she would gamble her BB life and not use the veto so hopefully she will use it on Thursday.

Russ from Van

Allison not playing her Veto is the biggest move she’s made so far. It shows her trust in her new alliance, and saves it as a weapon for when she or others she may want to protect are in danger. I just want to know how long it is in play for.


ok, I have to say something…I have been reading these comments, summaries avidly since last season of BBUS. I have also watched the feeds in the evenings and videos posted in the summary. I think that people who threaten to punch, push, shove anybody in the face, down the stairs, etc. is completely unacceptable, from anyone. When I speak to my friends, even if I am frustrated with someone, I don’t ever say that not even as a joke. I think it shows people’s characters, just like Amanda last year or Kenny and Sarah this year. Also, I think Sabrina is probably the most insecure person I have ever seen in my life. She lies to everyone but if someone does not want to tell her what is on their minds, she goes crazy. She also is prone to delusions of grandeur which are probably rooted in your family treating you like a princess, just a thought…

I am extremely impressed with Heather. I was the first one to think she would be a ditsy blonde when I saw her interview and rolled my eyes. Shortly thereafter, however, I really changed my mind because of her actions. In no circumstances does she lower herself to threaten or belittle people, even in their backs, and even when they have antagonized her for weeks. I admire this trait and think it is very rare in people, especially on shows like this. I find it amazing that she has the presence of mind to keep a pleasant tone when she is in a conversation with someone who has antagonized or belittled her. I also thought that her walking away when Rachelle’s mistake put her on slop and lose her HOH priviledges, was a huge testament of her poise and self-control.

I for one, wish she would win another HOH so that she could be regarded as a competitive player on top of being classy. I wish that someone lika that would win BB. That would be a triumph.

Call a Spade a Spade

Don’t forget Adel,Jon,Neda they also have verbally threaten as well. Call a Spade a Spade


@ silk – I too hope she wins another HoH and the whole thing.
It’s not impossible.
By the way – she also chews food with her mouth closed ! GODDESS !

another name

i am completely against direct threats of physcial violence and assault. not cool.
remember when kyle and adel joked about cutting off kenny’s beard in week two? or when jon and adel made the same comments this week? yeah, it’s just a haircut… but it is also a physical threat. nobody calls on those instances because liked characters made those threats.
why do i consider it as much of a threat as the punch in face threats: the beard is part of the nichemarket hipster image kenny uses in his career outside of the game. threats against future earnings outside of game make it more than just a haircut.
what about when jon made indirect threats about kyle in the bathroom on the night of the sabrina’s crying because adel moos at her contreversy. ‘see you on the outside back home’ type comment… if not an intimidation threat of physical assault what? to go for tea?
what about the threats ika rachelle and neda were making about sarah when sarah betrayed their alliance. i believe there were two death threats. nobody mentions those either. oh right, heat of the moment utterances. so the same benefit should be given to others if that’s how we choose to moderate our responses.
i’m seeing a trend about whose behavior is being judged.
if making threats of any physical assault about someone is wrong (and we both agree it is) why pick and choose whose comments and threats to include? really, this is more of the emotionally based drivel that has been going on all season by every player. if the threats were real production would either put in more cameras and make it a payperview bout, or they would call in security and have the offending houseguest removed. its happenned before. let’s stay objective.


if she utilizes it to keep herself off the block in part two of the double eviction, will Sarah ever forgive her for it?
or even likewise if she plays it as an HoH looms that again threatens the First Five? Where does Adel’s power
fit into this? Had Allison played it just now, would it have kept her, Kenny, & Sarah 100% safe for round one on
Thursday or Wednesday? is it to be her “insurance” for round two, so she is to be in the BB*Can house longer?


since she sat on it, if she tells all her “new” allies about it,
her old alliance will be BvLL! this has her being like Arlie.


Kenny is sure trying to charm the girls, Sabrina, Rachelle, especially Allison while Sarah is by herself brooding by the hot tub. I don’t see Kenny rubbing her shoulders and being supportive. It’s obvious that Kenny is cutting his losses and trying to position himself with the gremlins and Allison.

This secret veto scares me. If she uses the veto before the eviction, she could put Jon up, and I think Jon could go home. She would be declaring an Alliance with Kenny and the girls, and at that point, Arlie would be screwed. If I was Allison, it would be the only move that makes sense. I am hoping she can use it for the second eviction if needed, but I don’t think she feels safe enough to not use it. And assuming she can make the replacement nomination, it would be stupid for her game to not put up Jon. Hopefully she feels safe enough to not use it and keep the veto for DE.

The 5 as we knew them is done, The new alliance is Kenny’s Kamikazes. I don’t like the guy, but I have to give him credit for managing to have 3 girls that will lay down their game for him, especially since he’s gay. If Allison plays her veto it will definitely help Kenny’s game.


Oh, god, you’re right, I remember that happening in the US. She will probably get to switch herself out right before the vote and she will put Jon in as revenge for how he treated Andrew. In a way, that’s really dumb because it would make her the #1 target for that side and it is playing the game really emotionally, which is not a good way of winning.


She wouldnt get to name the replacement,, the HOH would still do that , correct ? so heather still has slobrina or rachelle to nominate if she uses it

another name

if it is golden power of veto she can remove herself. if it is diamond power of veto she can remove herself and name her own replacement. unless big brother canada has changed the rules again, she would be able to name anyone except heather the hoh and kenny, who used a veto in the same week. the cynical production is too heavy handed in one sided manipulation wouldn’t be at all surprised if that last rule hasn’t been changed so that she can name anyone but heather. while that would make the anti five cheer loudly, it would be a pretty big production manipulation that would make me say you know what… i can find better things to do. not because i’m a fan of any character, but because i’m anti game interference. let the players play for themselves… after all, production cast them to play against each other, not to play against a popularity poll outside of the house.


All Arissa said on the last show was that there was a “secret veto” so hopefully its just a normal one and she has no other powers with it


Neda’s fakeness about Heather resurfacing. She’s an idiot openly saying that she’s wants Sabrina next to her in the final two. I’m telling you all, she’s a snake who actually doesn’t like most of the people she’s now working with. The type of people who she normally likes to hang out with and are far more like her is that screwed up lying idiot Sabrina, vile hater Ika and that emotionless freaky bitch Rachelle.


Based from what I’ve been watching I think that Neda trusts Heather and Jon the most and is annoyed with Adel. However, I do think she’ll want to sit next to Heather rather than Jon in the finals. Neda, Heather and Arlie plays the best and same game (they hide among stronger players “Jon, Adel, Allison” to remove the target on them). They remind me of Sandra from survivor and wouldn’t be surprised if any of the three of them sits in the final. The other house guests underestimate them the most and would be their downfall.


A lot of your comment is spot on. I don’t think she plans to honour long term most of her alliance promises including cutting Jon loose a lot earlier than all the “couple lovers” here think. She’d castrate any/all the men in the house and not think twice about it. I started out liking the Joneda thing. Then it went to loathing and I’m now I see Neda as a vile, do nothing lay about who has done nothing but talk! What could any feeder see that is positive? It certainly isn’t game strategy because she sucks at that. She is a leach actually who grabs on to a host and sucks the blood out then moves on. We have seen but the tip of how nasty this backstabbing “lay about” will be til she is evicted.

Funny thing about this season is a lot of the talk is about hypocracy at it’s core. People talking about the other side this and that while doing the exact same thing. Even Adel has had his moments. Heather likely has been closest to being a non hypocrite IMO. If you believe Neda wants Sabby F2 then she has to flip to save her from the block at some point. I think it’s a very dangerous proposition atm. Either she becomes a target that doesn’t get taken out and the “villain’s” rule the house or she has to find a way to protect Sabby from getting evicted within an alliance of people she doesn’t like. Neda = just another douchebag I’ll be happy to see get evicted.

Stooge Banter

AntonyG almost all of your posts are anti Neda…and i see yet another one…you are obviously making things up and guessing whats going on, so i will educate you

you couldnt be more wrong when you say she doesnt like or being fake with the people she is working with

you are clearly not watching dude…you just dont like Neda, simple as that

seeing her with all of the Hand J’s crew, she is loving it

she was being fake working with Sab and Rach to get info for her and Jons benefit…she cant stand those girls

she initially liked Heather…then Sab broke that with all the lies, which directly negatively impacted Nedas game(Neda thought it was Heather, but it was Sab lying saying that Heather had been spreading things Neda had never said)…whilst the other girls Sab, Rach, Sarah, Ika bombarded Heather with insults, Neda never joined in, and repeatedly said to them to get off the hate train…once Neda discovered the lies of Sab, then Neda and Heather are good again together…and sharing some hilarious moments and bonding the last few weeks

Neda and Jon are enjoying each others company immensely, and if you think thats fake then you need your eyes tested, and their banter is quality, i always laugh at their antics and banter…Neda and Adel, they are awesome together, with so many funny moments…Neda and Arlie very intesting chemistry there too…Neda and Allison are bonding well too

big brother is a game about lying, and deceit, where you have to eliminate and vote out people to win…but it is also about connecting with people…what you are seeing with the hand j’s crew is the nicest, most genuine and funniest people in the house enjoying each others company and sharing some laughs


yaaaaaa Allison found the veto and didn’t use it.


On a lighter note..Simon or dawg, could you photoshop fangs onto a pic of Dracula’s Bride (Rachelle) ?


The smartest move she could make (unfortunately only we know she isn’t going home for sure) is NOT use that Veto if it is in fact a DPOV. Sarah goes home.
If anyone but Kenny/Rachelle/Sab wins HOH at double eviction, send Rachelle packing. The next HOH after the double eviction is very very likely to be an endurance, which Rachelle is a beast at. Not to mention, she is the glue that holds Sab together. With Rachelle out of the picture, Kenny is weakened AGAIN as he doesn’t have his little RoRo to manipulate and use, and he hates Sabrina. Even if he wins HOH (or Sab does), the outsiders still have the numbers and can try for Arlie or even Jon if they were smart (As a viewer I don’t want this to happen BUT if I were in the game this would be a smart move in my opinion).

Here’s to hoping RoRo goes home at the double and that will be the final way to decimate the F5’s game and the final nail in the coffin. Sabrina and Kenny have done nothing but alienate the other side of the house – who will work with them when RoRo is gone? No one is easy to manipulate and Kenny has forever lost Jon as an ally and Arlie is on his way out.

another name

through the magic of editing, it was made to look like jon has been trying to form an alliance with kenny for three weeks. yes, jon has been stringing kenny along talking about such a deal for three weeks, while telling everyone else that kenny is his big target and he’s trying to work kenny so he doesn’t see it coming. now that he has power through heather, his answer is sucks to be you kenny.
i respect it as a game move, make your enemies feel more secure before you slit their throat. but kenny has known it’s all for show and that jon has marked kenny as his biggest target.
the way its been presented on live programming, it’s cut so that jon looks like the heroic ‘let’s be friends’ while kenny is cast as the villainous ‘your going home’. this is very similar to how production edited last season. given the amount of time we heard diary talk from jilliian and gary on the aired programs by this point last season, production already seems to be marking jon as one of it’s favorites for final two.


Well said about Heather! I hope she does get another HOH. If she can make it till the end she has a pretty good chance at winning it all, that is if the Jury members take their emotions out of it and not make it personal.


Stop using the word bulling, and don’t know what it means God she was talking trash cuz she is leaving the house she is mad. We know most of the fans hate Sarah.Rosh,Kenny,Sarah. I’m not a big fan myself but some of you people are stretching that word a bit thin ya think. Yes that’s not a good thing to say, but I don’t think she is a bad person or would really do that. Nobody is perfect we all have been guilty of saying stupid thing because we don’t get our way. Why can’t Adael shut up!! Let Arlie tell them first not you, he gets right on my tit with that lol He is the New Andy from BB15 US the rat. if thats the case he just might win this game lol.

Your ignorant

Although Sarah has not said to Heathers face that she wants
To beat her …. Heather will go home a watch the show and feeds
And she will hear her threats .. So actually it is in fact bullying .


When you become a parent, you need to really watch what you say and what you do. With Sarah being on TV and making terrible comments – inappropriate.
Rachelle isn’t even on the block and the comments she’s making are horrifying.


I took some time off the Feeds because not much was happening. I read all of the updates but I must have missed a couple of things.

What does Allison’s Veto Power do? (That IS odd that she didn’t use it so OBB’s assessment that BB is having her wait makes complete sense because Allison isn’t savvy enough to figure that out for herself.)

How did she find the clue(s)? How did she react? The others apparently don’t know about it so she must have known what she found or she would have jumped and screamed and shown everyone. How did the houseguests even know about a hidden veto?

Also, I know Sarah volunteered to be on slop (so she could spend more time with Kenny and support him) but why did Heather agree to it? As soon as Heather put Sarah on slop, Sarah could have said, “Great! I’m using my slop pass!” Heather should have put Sabrina on slop so she would absolutely lose it this week and annoy Kenny in the Half Not Room. It would have also kept Kenny and Sarah separated at night.


Does anyone know? 🙁


Kenny is the new Sabrina.


It’s kinda funny watching Kenny and his sister wives still feeling so superior to the rest of the house


Heather has no chance of winning the game she let others run her hoh and didn’t put the original noms that she wanted but the ones Adel, Nera, John wanted. The jury will never vote for Heather they know she hasn’t play the game for herself.


Wow- Allison is taking such a chance! Pawns go home all the time and there is just one vote that is a swing vote. She is really rolling the dice on this because many times allegiances shift once the two on the block are locked in.


Especially since it’s only Monday!


I believe Allison can still use the veto, before voting begins – if it is the DPOV.


Well…the shit has hit the fan and Arlie had told Sarah she is going. He is telling his alliance that it’s out and he and Allison should make it obvious they aren’t with the 1st 5 anymore. I hope Sarah pisses Arlie off, so he exposes her to Kenny. Right now he feels bad, but she has a tendency to run her mouth, so…


Probably been asked before but…..is the slop pass transferable if Sarah gets evicted?


Kenny, Sarah, Sabrina and Rachelle are talking by the hot tub about Arlie’s flipping and the other side. Nothing but cursing and venom coming out of everyone’s mouth.

In the bedroom, everyone else is discussing it, too, and only being sympathetic towards Sarah and NOT spewing venom.

I bring this up because it’s in situations like this that you can see more of a person’s true personality at the core. The gang in the bedroom aren’t perfect by ANY means but at least they showed that they have the ability to sympathize. The other four never did.

another name

this is not a valid comparison. valid would be taking how the hot tubbers are reacting, and comparing that to how the other side reacts the first time they are put into a no hope one of us is going home situation. when that happens, and the hand j’s behave with grace and dignity and personal character beyond reproach, i’ll agree with you. if, however, they behave in an angry and bitter fashion, then both you and i will know that they are all cut from the same cloth.


its clear to me kennys crew members are far more negative and mean spirited people compared to the hand j’s crew – so much more collective humour and warmth among heather, adel, allison, arlie, jon and neda in my opinion


the only problem i see with sara’s plan to convince Arlie it is more beneficial for him to be on there side is that Arlie all ready knew Sara was going up on the block so the alliance does care about his game.


I think Arlie is going to show his alliance this weekend, by evicting Alison… He has much stronger players on the other side. . I’m hoping Alison’s D,Veto allows her to take herself off even after votes and he will be exposed to the underdogs.. Therefore he will be the next to go…


Sure… that makes perfect sense… if you want to make the worst move in the game. Why not flip both sides of the house and be someone nobody will trust?

nana 10

Why would that be pissing off both sides.. If he votes Alison out instead of Sarah the gremlins will know he is on their side!! The underdogs will know he is not on theirs.. If Alison can use her vedo even after the voting, she removes herself and Rachelle goes home.. Arlie can’t go back to the underdogs, he has to stick with the gremlins, Kenny, Sab, RoRo ,Arlie and I think Alison will stick with them , because Andrew told her to.. If one of the underdogs does win HOH they will put up Kenny and Arlie, and I think Arlie would go. If he won POV they would just put up another Gremlin .(Alison) but I think Arlie or Kenny, the one that didn’t win POV would still be up and will go home. If underdogs don’t win POV I can see Neda or Jon flipping because they know they have a better chance against them in the vote at the end, against any of the gremlins.. This all assuming that Alison can pull herself off even after the vote, it is a diamond Veto so who knows??? All Arlie keeps saying is that everyone will know where his allegiance lies after the vote, he’s not saying which side it is