Sarah knows she’s going up as the replacement. “I want to f**king just punch her in the face!”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2-2014-04-07 05-26-35-874
8:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Down in the kitchenKenny talks to Arlie in the kitchen. Kenny asks if he knows who might be going up? Arlie says he isn’t really sure. He says that its most likely between Sarah and Sabrina. Kenny asks he talked game last night. Arlie says he makes it a rule to not talk game when drinking. Kenny says that’s a good idea because every time they drink they’re like “this are all my secrets”.. Arlie laughs and says yeah pretty much. Kenny says he had a good chat with Allison last night just to see basically .. we still have the numbers next week no matter what. So on the off chance that something happens and she stays I had a chat with her just to make her feel good with us. Kenny says so that went well. Kenny says that Allison asks me about Sabrina. He says she was like what’s your relationship with Sabrina? Kenny says she was like you’re kind of in an alliance with her right and I was like yeah. Jon joins them and the conversation ends.

8:40am – 9:30am In the main bedroom – Sarah commments that if it’s me – there is nothing I can do and that’s that. Rachelle says yeah. In the bathroom – The girls are getting ready for the POV ceremony. Rachelle says I kind of look like Precious this morning with my makeup like this. Sarah comments that she had a dream that her husband became a crack head while she was gone. Sabrina starts doing Sarah’s hair. Sabrina comments that Arlie was in the room with them all last night. Sarah says if I go home .. then you know what happened. Sabrina says I think he (Arlie) loves you .. he wouldn’t do that. Sarah says yeah but so did Jon. Sarah says I know it’s me going up. If it is me, it’s my side that has to send me home. I will just hang out with the people I like.

BBCAN2-2014-04-07 06-17-11-093

9:35am – 9:45am In the living room – Jon and Neda talk about dumping out the syrup later tonight. Jon asks if people would get mad about wasting food. Neda says no. Neda heads upstairs. Adel joins Jon on the couch. Jon tells Adel that yesterday Neda dumped out all the sugar. (They’re dumping out the sugar and syrup so that the havenots (Kenny, Rachelle & Sarah) won’t have it to mix with their slop. Up in the HOH room – Heather talks to Jon about how she asked Sarah if she could talk to her. Heather says that Sarah said no that’s okay I know what’s going on. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Sarah comments to Arlie that at least I am going home before jury. Sarah heads into the bedroom and tells Kenny that she knows she is going up. Sarah says it just doesn’t make sense why piss off someone unless you know you have the numbers. Arlie, Sabrina and Rachelle join them. Kenny says we all just need to stick together. Sabrina says that she is voting to keep Sarah a million kajillion percent. Sarah says I want to f**king just punch her in the face! Kenny says if something happens then we know someone flipped. Sarah tells Sabrina and Rachelle that we just can’t act suspicious because if we do the he (Arlie) will really flip to the other side.
BBCAN2-2014-04-07 06-40-45-535

9:50am – 10am Out in the backyard – Arlie and Kenny are having a conversation. Kenny says I 100% don’t think it would be Sabby if something happens and Sarah goes home. If someone flips I don’t think it would be her. I think she will go after us eventually but not now. This wouldn’t be her week to do something like that. Kenny says I just know that if Sarah goes home I am going to loose my sh*t. I am going to go crazy! It will be no holds barred! Arlie is trying to convince Kenny that it would be Sabrina that flips. Kenny isn’t buying it and doesn’t think it would be her. (Kenny knows if Sarah gets voted out it would be Arlie) They end their conversation. Kenny heads out to the hot tub room and tells Rachelle, Sabrina and Sarah that he thinks Arlie has flipped. I just have a feeling that he has already flipped. Arlie joins them. The talk about if JOn made it to the end with Heather or Neda.. he would win. Kenny says I would vote for him to win, its about game play. Arlie says it is about game play. Kenny says if I was in an alliance with him since day 1 ..and he betrayed me then I would be really bitter.
BBCAn2-2014-04-07 06-56-46-440

10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power of Veto Ceremony..

11:15am The live feeds are still blocked..

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meseyz (imoho!)

HEATHER’s HoH is tracking the way Helen’s did on BB15*u$a although Heater’s game~play ain’t in Helen’s style at all!
Heather runs the risk of being back-door’d when less powerful, but Kenny has just taken a page from Amanda’s playbook.
Kenny’s “bad form” may not be enuff to thwart the drive and desire for a seismic powerplay. Any pity he getz is lethal for Adel’s
greater gameplay. i think Jon & Heather know this, let alone Neda, but Kenny has the hubris of the over-educated, despite
his faux L.L Bean “lumberjack” look when being informal. He is being carefully painted into a corner not near a window.


Why is Neda so loved? She is the biggest floater in the game. Roro won an HOH and took out Ika with a flip move. Neda floats and gets fan love? Too many immigrant, left wingers on this site maybe?

If Kenny or Andrew did what she did it would be world war Z on here. Kind of like the whole Obama Bush thing. Unreal the reverse discrimination going on!


I honestly hate when idiots like you bring up race as a factor in the game. Yea, Roro the Russian immigrant won an HOH that she didn’t use her own brain for since Sabrina the Italian immigrant made all her decisions for her. WAY TO GO RORO.


believe it or not, i used a moniker like this at Mitt Romney’s chat-room during our last election, it soon became in short order,
i communed there with articulate boomers who are GOP centrist to right of center people, i then got to know some of the big movers and
shakers. i like Neda, even if Anick was too Plastic Hippie for me, but 100% cute. Andrew’s surly brood comes across as way too Marlon
Brando, and even he knows he was a total jerk. We know Paul pulled a 40something nasty by aiming at him, but dear Paul thought that
Spencer was way cool in BB*15 here. I also have more than simply lurked at the and UrbaneTory opines at RevBox.
in my younger days, i often voted for Teddy Kennedy and our current Sec’ of State. Gentleman Mitt was my governor and so close to being
a POTUS. right now, i am seeing Rand Paul being taken seriously in the context of Iowa and 2016, i am very quiet now, at the


the people who slam-dunked my initial posting here, are not the Helen-philes or H*phobes but the Anti-Neda people?
i sat thru a very pleasant 20 minutes of youTube just now where Scott had no idearrrr Kenny is gay and/or bisexual!!!
i thought Hellen’s soccer mom cheerleader~esque missives still have their negativity arriving, so if its not poor Helen
who had such a way cool and pivotal HoH, this being MY point about bring young Heather… its Neda who got me a tad
slammed into? not my Gonzo circa Hunter Thompson, that let me slide into an online persona at the Ron_Paul_Forums?



…not “bring young Heather”




What’s with the bigotry? Also “reverse racism” doesn’t exist. It is something racists made up to justify their own racism.

Aren’t Left and Right ideologies in the US the same thing both in the pockets of big money?

No need to turn on your common people we’re all in the same boat.


sometimes, Simon, sometimes. its often corrupting.
in 2008 both Barack Obama and Ron Paul had their
vast number of contributions under about 200 bucks.


Sorry – went a little too far with the comments. Race has no business in the comment. I was just frustrated that Andrew and Kenny would have been vilified if they did what Neda did. But somehow it is a funny prank when she does it. It’s a double standard that I don’t understand.


apology accepted. race is a term that dates you.
ethnicity is what you were thinking of, let alone
the way people stereotype people. the revolution
in genetics is upending all Victorian era science.
we now are seeing the way genes + chromosomes
migrate & mutate. anthropology 101 is in upheaval.


besides, ANDREW knew he was being a jerk.
he is still in shock over his public image. some
of us in the states couldn’t vote too much. he has
no idea that all the good folks who liked bill shatner
may also have toyed with voting against him, too.
kenny has a level of game~play equal to Peter’s from
last season, or maybe he’s sorta close to Andy’s or IAN’s


Apology not accepted your comment was blatantly meant as racist. Smarten up. Canada is and will always be multicultural! And an asshole is an asshole in any race! Get your mind out of your arse and stop taking anything racially. At one point your family were immigrants too, as I’m sure you’re not Native!


Kenny looks like the lumberjack from Zig Zag rolling papers.


BINGO! i thought it is
a faux “L L Bean” look.

Douche hater

Oh Sarah your so tough .. Why don’t you punch
Heather in the face . Wow this women needs
To go home . She is so mean spirited . I like how
She dreamt that her husband became a crack
Addict while she was gone … Lol she really does believe
That she is the center of the universe . Hey Sarah
Guess what the world is still turning when you aren’t
Around lol


Sarah was a floater. She made one big move which she was forced into doing for Kenny and the First Five. No big loss. Kenny needs to get in with Rachelle and may have to start a showmance. If he could pull this off he would be the BBCBOSS!


I totally agree. She is becoming really aggressive or i should say all talk. And as for her comments about Jon.. she is all over that. She most certainly would go with him if given the chance.


Sarah basically screams at Heather “YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!!!!!!!”

I said it before, Kenny is totally Regina George.


You mean Vagina George, I can see Sarah getting work after this at those cheap strip clubs during lunch our break that have slap contests with other butches


Sarah… punch Heather in the face… I dare you… self evict yourself …


Sarah and her eyebrows need to removed!!!!!!!!


Arlie better not change his mind about voting out Sarah. Let Kenny flip out. Omg a lot can change between now and Thursday.


Kenny’s only alliance will be the gremlins once Arlie votes Sarah out. Poetic justice.


“Why pissed of someone who’s on their “side” – Sarah

Seriously, do they think that Heather is that dumb to not know the division of the house. And after how Sarah acted this week, it’s quite clear that she’s playing for the other team. Why be surprised that you’ll be on the block. I really hope Arlie flips this week, can’t wait to see Kenny and Sabrina panic.


Of course Kenny knows Arlie has flipped. Kenny isn’t stupid. He is probably the smartest person in the house by far.


Kenny is top 5 maybe. Arlie, Neda and Sarah are all smarter than Kenny.

Sarah saw Arlie’s flip coming way before Kenny, and she saw that Arles threw the HOH comp (which was obvious). Kenny’s not that smart to not see this coming before, and it was also pretty stupid of him to never build any relationships to the other side.

If he was the smartest person by far, he wouldn’t be hanging out with just the gremlins come Thursday.


Sarah “saw” it because Arlie has been telling her what he’s doing the past few weeks. She even knows about his f3 alliance with Adel and Jon. Otherwise I doubt she would really suspect anything, she’s usually not as observative.


There are other examples that don’t come to mind at the moment. Even though I can’t stand Sarah, I can recognize that she is in fact intelligent.

Kenny hasn’t really done anything to show himself as being the smartest person. A lot has gone over his head. He assumes that the guys just control all the girls like puppets, without even considering that there might be an actual alliance with shared power. He insults Neda to Heather’s face, telling her she’s just Jon’s puppet. That’s not smart at all. Then today he tries to bully and intimidate Arles into not flipping. That’s just gonna make him more likely to flip. So really the guy’s kind of a dumb ass.

Great competitor though, which is why they gotta try to backdoor him next time.


I agree that he’s kind of a dumb ass. His social game outside of the First5 (even within it, really, he should have swallowed the shit sandwich he made and just been nice to Sabrina) is awful. He can’t be nice for even a second or let any *perceived* slight go.

Look at the petty fight he got into with Jon. That was ridiculous. When Kenny finally came to Jon to ask for help and Jon was sort of distant and non- committal a la Kenny previously, Kenny flipped the fuck out (even though Jon came to speak with Kenny on numerous occasions about working together before that and Kenny basically treating Jon like garbage , yes, how *dare* Jon deign to speak with the King of the BBCan house, *eyeroll*).

Kenny has been way behind the curve for the entire game and has totally isolated himself. He is the master of the too little too late game.
His information comes way late and he should be scared that he’s getting this “info” about Arlie so late, when it appears Sarah’s been holding on to this info for awhile. But he thinks he’s such a master that he can’t even see that he isn’t always the guy on top.

People that are convinced of their own intelligence are often so blinded by their own awesomeness that they will turn away from any information that chips away at their own perception of themselves. And that is pretty fucking stupid.


Regarding Kenny being Mr. Info Too Little Too Late, the 1st 5 alliance members (except Arlie) were content to let Sabrina be the good soldier and do all the heavy lifting for their alliance. Sabrina knocked herself out running reconnaissance and interference with everybody in the house to support her alliance members as well as satisfy her overwhelming need for control. With Sob’s intense game play, Kenny, Sara and Andrew had the luxury of relaxing in the game and it made them lazy. Sobs wanted this to happen because she believed it would make her indispensable and important and safe but Sabrina sucked all the oxygen out of their game play and the alliance because she was EVERYWHERE. She left little wiggle room for any other alliance members to play along. With all this downtime, Sobs allowed Andrew to focus on picking his nose and sucking face, Sara could brood and stress and develop her close relationship with Kenny and Kenny could be a grump bump and be as anti-social as he pleased.
Only Arlie worked to formulate a Plan B and did not allow himself to be seduced by Sabrina and his rather arbitrarily created alliance. While it may seem tempting to form an alliance within minutes of entering Big Brother, it is impossible to assess if the random members will ultimately be any good for your game. Arlie smartly used them as a shield/smokescreen while playing his own game.


Great post!!!




Kenny only knows Arlie is going to flip because Sarah has put the thought in his head. Sarah only knows he is going to flip because she knows about Arlie’s side alliance…since she was supposed to be in it as well, but wouldn’t let go of Kenny. If Arlie hadn’t tried to bring Sarah into the alliance, neither her or Kenny would have any idea of what’s about to happen…


Agree. And attempting to bring Sarah in to early was Arlie’s mistake,


I hope Arlie rats out Sarah to Kenny. Might as well. He has nothing to lose. Kenny already knows about Arlie’s betrayal…since Sarah keeps hinting at it. So he should get Sarah back by making it as uncomfortable for her as she is making it for him. How will Kenny take it…knowing Sarah was in cahoots with Arlie the whole time behind Kenny’s back? It doesn’t matter how much she claims her loyalty to him…the fact that she never told him about the side alliance will cause tension between them. I would love to see that!


The smartest person in the house is not Kenny. That honor goes to………….. Production! I said it and I can’t believe I SAID IT!!!

The season has building intensity. Canada is fully involved and whether you like them or not the twists change the game dynamic. You don’t have to like Canada as HOH. But it changed the house dynamic. You want to watch hamsters run the wheel this season your getting it. The personalities may be mean and slightly boring. The wheel on the other hand is turning at a rapid rate. Now potentially the 1st big flip of the season. I think more flips are to come and shortly. But only Kenny is not positioned for them. His social game freaking sucks. How does he reach over to the Hand J’s( shA NAH nAh way better name for these idiots) 😛 Sabby and Ratchet may not be liked but they are a known quantity. You get 1 you get them both. If you wanted to flip Hand J’s and needed votes who would you talk to? Oh god please not the all girls alliance BS again. You get the point here a lot of house/game dynamics can change on any 1 convo.

A person or maybe 2 have touched on a potential fascinating point regaurding the 2nd veto. Lets say it has a 2 week window. I still think Allison would be smart to use it today and not get into layers of strategy. If she saves it though game on! Presuming Arlie flips then we have 4-4 and Allison and her veto after the 1st eviction. Yup how interesting Thursday’s last 45 minutes becomes then. Give her HOH and a second veto it would be epic. Let her win Veto then play both. ROFL It’s so entertaining to think about it will never happen………….but what a dream! Two villains up both come off and Jon and Arlie go up. I’d laugh my azz off on that 1. hehehe

If Allison plays it today the girls alliance of Heather, Neda and Allison sits pretty good for the 2nd eviction Thursday…………..maybe!

I trust Arlie about as far as I can throw him. All this talk of flipping maybe true but if Allison uses that veto it is best for Arlies game. Lets say it’s Sarah and Sabby up. Arlie isn’t exposed and can cut deals for his vote with Kenny for example. One goes home so he gets basically what he wants no matter who gets evicted before jury and can flip later on. Say what you want it’s building into a fun week…… TY production? I’ve never said that before! …………………….. I said IT! I really did say it you know. 🙁 🙁

I sincerely hope that doesn’t become a habit.


100% agreed. Production = Brilliant.


sarah didnt even talk to heather

she knows she is anti heather

and now that her enemy has won she is bitter

like the bb14 jury.

heather had a perfect hoh. only thing that could mess it up sorta is the new veto. she will prob put sab and sarah up.


I don’t think Allison will use her secret veto. If she is smart, which she may be, she would use it at a later date. Hopefully she feels safe this week. Sabrina will let her know at some point that they think Arlie has flipped. Or Kenny may start working her hard relative to future weeks and this should tip her off that he is concerned Sarah is leaving.

Johhny (the European one!)

Here’s what BB should do:
– Tell the houseguests that Neda is a Have Not too.
– Put maple syrup, sugar, salsa and mustard in a gift basket and specify those are only for the “regular” havenots, not for Neda.
– No further explanation as to why.

That way, Neda could decide whether to deny or admit to her throwing those things away last night.


Neda disgusts me! She is anything but fashionable and has no respect for food, the havenots or herself. She is a Kardashian wannabe floater and needs to accept that Jon doesn’t like her. I can’t believe that this girl had the nerve to call Talla a floater! She floats harder than the toys in the pool!!!!!


Kind of off-topic but, does anyone know why there was never and Q & A video from Andrew after he was evicted? The BB site has had one with all the other evictees, but nary a word from him – only the Side Show ???


Because no one gives a shit.


They had it all on the Side Show, I think for a few reasons.

I don’t think they had enough time to fit in what they wanted to show ( they had a lot of questions for Andrew and a lot to reveal to him), as well as wanting more viewers for the Side Show. If they hold off the interview till then, more people are likely to tune in to watch, especially when such a controversial HG is booted. In addition, I think they wanted to give Andrew a little while to take a few breaths, as much of a douche as he is, he was VERY incredibly overwhelmed and I felt bad for him. I think we sometimes act in ways we wouldn’t normally act in an environment like that. Arisa put it best though – No one put the words “dumb bitch” in his mouth. I was an Andrew “hater” as much as the next person but at the end of the day he is still a human and you could see it all over his face that night how overwhelmed he was when he came out and how much it was affecting him that so many people disliked him. I think I just put myself in his shoes, and I can’t help but feel a tinge of empathy for him. Just a smidge though 😉


I wish they would’ve just let Peter finish what he was going to say when Arisa and Gary stopped him when Arisa asked what he thought about Andrew. LOL. *sigh* I literally LOL. Sorry for using the word, literally, ugh I think it’s been way overused in the BB house already.
I have a question for anybody, is how they pronounce the word “literally” on the show correct? I thought it was pronounced litter-a-ly, not litra-ly. I have been pronouncing it like that my whole life, am I wrong or are they?


if you search it on google you will find his exit interview. i think its google plus, not sure. its about 30 mins long. hope you can find it!


type “Google Hangout” into YOUTUBE and include the BB*CAN contestant’s name! In addition to
Andrew’s exit interview, I found Nate + Scott’s 20 minute Q+A session. IKA + KYLE have theirs, too!


Remember last week when they showed us the first thing that happens after an eviction is the ex-HG is sent to ‘psych’ for clearance. If they are cleared they have a busy 4 days ahead of interviews per Arrisa. My guess is Andrew didn’t get psych clearance to go public.

Real Deal

I am doubtful it will work but I hope that the pressure that they are putting on Arlie will help keep Sarah around but she might be better off going now so she can go home to her kids and not be stuck there for jury if Arlie is just going to back stab her next chance he gets anyways.

Real Deal

If I knew I was going to get voted out and I was a havenot I would eat some food right before the vote so everyone would get punished after I left.


Kenny can huff and puff in Arlie’s face as much as he wants while trying to put the ‘Fear of Kenny’ into Arlie should Arlie flip. What he doesn’t know is that, with a double eviction coming up this week, Kenny won’t be having much time for his drama show and his angry theatricals because everyone will immediately be forced into live game mode. The Hand Jobs better be sure Kenny does not win the next HOH.
Meanwhile, Sara really screwed up her game by getting so tight with Kenny on a personal level that it overshadowed and tainted her game play. Since she became BFF with Kenny, she was as reclusive and moody as he is, rarely socializing with others, isolating herself with Kenny and basically, just being a big walking target and – most deadly of all – playing the game for Kenny instead of herself. She will see it when she watches the shows and wonder where her brains went when she was in the BB House.


I really hope Kenny starts a showmance with Rachelle. He would become the fan favorite of the season and instantly become the new Dr. Will when he cuts her at the end and comes out to the house! This NEEDS to happen and Kenny has to start macking hard on her!


I would love to see this! Kenny can become an all-time great if he starts playing Rachelle! But an even bigger play would be Neda. Rachelle won’t give him the numbers but Neda would. Let’s see Kenny’s self-proclaimed skills with the ladies… I hope for the sake of an entertaining game that its more than dancing in his tighties!!!!


Kenny has class and standards. He wouldn’t touch Neda the roach with Jon’s unit. Kenny is the real deal, Neda is a floating wannabe pretty ugly girl. Accept it Neda, you are gross and classless. Nobody likes you and Jon has a gf. Go read a book because you aren’t going to make it on your 2003-fashion looks!


Yeah Kenny is really classy. That’s why he was D-riding Andrew, the biggest turd of the season, rubbing his knee telling him everything will be okay. While acting straight, no less. The guy’s a creep, and he looks like a drunken fisherman. He’s got less class than a high school drop out.


Hey Simon & Dawg, who are POV players for Week 6 (Day36)? Need for the stats!!!!


Oh please, Sarah. Guess what? I think most of Canada and parts of the U.S. want to punch your face in. And what happened to being against bullying and violence? How are you going to explain that comment…along with all of the other vicious things you have said about Heather to your kids? Like I said before, Heather is a better role model than anyone else in that house. Think about Sarah, would you rather your kids act like Heather and be sweet, kind and forgiving? Or like you and be rude, mean, dishonest and hypocritical? I know how I want my kids to be…

And Kenny trying to intimidate Arlie into not flipping is hilarious. He is just giving it away that Sarah has ratted him out…in a sense. First of all, Arlie isn’t going to change his mind just because Kenny huffs and puffs. Arlie knows Kenny would be after him and that there was a good chance Sarah would rat him out before leaving. That is why he has already brought Allison in…to have one more on his side when he has to reveal himself. Kenny is stupid…acting all tough and threatening is just going to push Arlie to the other side more. Since he is being so obvious about knowing Arlie is going to flip…Arlie should just reveal it now and rat out Sarah as well. Let Kenny know, yeah…I am saving my ass from this sinking trash barge and guess what? Sarah has been in cahoots with me the whole time behind your back! I mean…screw it, he might as well cause some tension between Kenny and Sarah for the few days she has left in the house. It would sure be fun to watch!


Also, Sarah going on and on to Heather about at least giving her the respect to let her know ahead of time if she is going up…and then Heather tries to do that, but Sarah blatantly disrespects her by refusing to go talk…

This woman has NO CLASS whatsoever. What happened to her enthusiastically volunteering to be the martyr and sacrificing herself for Kenny to stay in the game. I thought she was o.k. with leaving as long as it was before jury so she could go home to her kids. Yet, she wants to punch Heather in the face, refuse to talk to her, rat out Arlie’s game and be a bitch about it. Bitter much?

And someone said something about Kenny saying he wanted to throw her down the stairs? WTF?? I don’t know why production isn’t calling both of these a-holes into the DR and warning them about physical threats. She is half the size of both of them and hasn’t even done or said one thing to warrant such hostility. THEY BOTH NEED TO GO!


I have to laugh a bit at SARAH’S response to being told she is going on the block. ARLIE told her several times to cut the ties with KENNY, and she always felt she could manipulate him. She was in the best position and blew it. It was so fake when she cried to ALLISON yesterday telling ALLISON to take care of KENNY for her if she goes. What, is he 10 years old?

Did he ever say to Sarah that because she was going up in his place, he wouldn’t take himself off? No, he is there just for himself. Boy, he must have been raised in a house where everyone gives in to KENNY!


The first 5 only won one HoH and because Sabrina was able to influence Rachelle, they thought they could influence everybody. Kenny doesn’t even acknowledge the other side of the house, does he not realise this is a social game more than a physical competition. Once Sarah leaves, if he freaks out then he is only making himself a bigger target than he is. I truly hope he gets evicted during the double eviction.


Well, Kenny can’t get to be a bigger target than he already is.


Kenny and Sarah’s physical threats towards Heather are getting old. They act like she owes them something which is really funny for people who never bothered even looking in her direction before. Good thing Heather sees through all of that BS.

ihate sarah

kenny must have”beard” for brain if he thinks intimidating arlie is going to work!
lol i was gonna write something about sarah but you guys have already said everything its good to see you all see her for the slithery snake that she is..HISSSS


Sarah – go fuck yourself. Seriously.
Nothing but lucky she walked in 1st 5.
Not a floater – a chickenshit clinger.
They all lie – no problem.
Her level of UNpreparedness for this experience, while stupid, seems not uncommon.
Her over-confident basking in borrowed power, her snivelling, her betrayal of her avowed values, her personal animosity consistently expressed, her deluded self-importance, her trash-talking sewer-mouth, her total inability to initiate effective relationships outside her shielding alliance…ugh.
She’s had an advantaged opportunity to play her own game but obsessively relied on others.
She’s a cheap thug.
You’ve had your unique experience Sarah. Go home. Consider yourself lucky if your kids never see more than the TV edits.

Reality check

I agree 100 % . Sarah acts likes she is some untouchable
Player when unfact she only won 1 pov .. Ya you can throw
A ball in a hole . Sarah isn’t a threat because she is smart
She is a vote for Kenny that is it . I knew Jon was
Playing her lol so funny that she tried to use her sexuality
Epic fail .. I think Sarah deserves to go home
On Heathers Hoh . Maybe when she gets home
And watches her behaviour she will get a reality check


Sarah will rationalize all her behaviour away.


Just a thought here, but with it being a double eviction , Kenny won’t have the time to realize that Allison has flipped seeing as she is currently on the block and has no vote. She could be in a great position here. Kenny won’t know anything other than that Arlie has flipped, and if he wins HOH won’t put her up. Then if there is a time limit on her Veto, she can use it to take one of her new alliance members off the block, and replace them with another of the Final 5 members. This conceivably could be an EPIC move.


Why would she do that? It would be stupid. She is now set up to be in a similar position as Arlie has been in. If she is in the new alliance, she needs it for when they turn on her.


It doesn’t really matter. Once Kenny wins the next HOH (which he will) All the houseguests will be up his ass, wanting to be his bff.


If Kenny doesn’t win the very next HOH…which will be during the double eviction on Thursday…he will most likely be following Sarah right out the door. Unless he can win a veto again. If he does win that HOH, it will be done and over before the show ends on Thursday, so there won’t be any time to kiss his ass. Going to be a good show either way…


The HJ’s need to start using their own people as pawns at this point (Jon). They have the numbers so that it’s safe. They gotta make sure the strongest competitor is in next week’s POV so they can try to backdoor Kenny. Or even just put Jon up against Kenny and let them duke it out in POV.


Kenny’s little chat with Arlie and then the F5 at the hot tub has only let Arlie know that it is time to stop throwing competitions. Hopefully Neda stops as well (not sure she is though as she’s a bit of talk).


Honestly it’s poetic justice that Sarah will be going home for Kenny because she refused to cut ties with Kenny and got too comfortable. Kenny’s probably getting evicted on Thursday right after Sarah but he’ll go to jury. He’ll probably be a very bitter jury. That may be a hard vote for Arlie to get.


Remember when Sarah flipped on Ika in Week 3 and she said she was proud that she blew up Ika’s game? I can’t wait for when Arlie does it to her 3 weeks later (Week 6). This season is beautiful. #TeamArlie

Nana Jo

Kenny hasn’t fought for Sarah in the least despite her fighting for him like a mother tiger defending her cub. His ‘loving’ her and claiming to want to be BFF is only a form of self-egoism. In other words, Sarah feeds and strokes his ego. I think he’s the type of guy who likes to surround himself only with people who constantly tell him how great he is. He doesn’t know how to handle anyone who may challenge him and his inflated ideas of himself. His only response is to have a tantrum and scream “fuck you!” Very mature. I am appalled that he said he wanted to “push Heather down the stairs” and Sarah’s “I just want to punch her in the face”. Did Heather act or say anything of that nature when she was on the block and being treated so unkindly. No…because she’s a mature, empathic person who can separate her emotions from the machinations of game play. For shame, Kenny and Sarah! Also, Kenny really screwed Sarah’s game by coming out to her. Somehow she is so immensely flattered by his confiding in her, that she became completely immune to anything else including her own best interests. Both very unpleasant people who I hope take a good look at themselves when this is over. Doubt it, though.

Johhny (the European one!)

“Kenny hasn’t fought for Sarah in the least”
Seriously, the complete inability of some of you guys to look at a situation objectively is mindblowing.
In the same breath, you say that “Kenny tried to threaten Arlie into voting for Sarah”.
You seriously don’t see a problem when you put those 2 statements next to each other? They’re both true?

This is either hilarious, or really frightening for the intellectual level many people are exhibiting here.


That is why I don’t think Sabrina or Sarah have played a good game. Both of them went on a suicide mission infiltrating the rest of the house and reporting back to the douchebag duo. I have never seen Andrew or Kenny do anything for anyone but each other and themselves. Sarah burned her game by voting out Paul, all of her moves and motives are not to win the game, it’s all about the 5, but especially for Kenny. Sabrina also burned herself for the 5, but especially for Andrew, and then Andrew threw her aside for Allison. And she kept on working for him anyway. Now he is gone and even though Kenny is barely civil towards her, she would rather vote out Rachelle than Kenny?????WTF??? And Sarah offers to go on slop, doesn’t use her slop pass and offers to go home to save Kenny’s game. Andrew told Sabrina and Allison to protect Kenny after he was gone, and they both listened, but I think Allison finally understands that she can’t trust Kenny, Sarah and Sabrina. Sarah had options in the middle, but she openly declared her allegiance to Kenny, she is falling on her sword to further Kenny. It’s one thing to be loyal, but when you are loyal to nasty people even after you see how nasty they are just because you shook on it 20 seconds after you walked into the house, then you deserve to go home. Neda and Heather have played more impressively up to this point. Kudos to Heather for not losing her composure when she was shunned and gossiped about and to Neda for coming through the girls alliance fiasco without making any enemies. Her enemies are really Jon’s enemies, not hers, and he will be the more tempting target when the time comes.


Oops…meant to post this here and not as a reply further up. I apologize for re-posting…

I hope Arlie rats out Sarah to Kenny. Might as well. He has nothing to lose. Kenny already knows about Arlie’s betrayal…since Sarah keeps hinting at it. So he should make it as uncomfortable for her as she is making it for him. How will Kenny take it…knowing Sarah was in cahoots with Arlie the whole time behind his back? It doesn’t matter how much she claims her loyalty to him…the fact that she never told him about the side alliance will cause tension between them. I would love to see that!


A lot of people didn’t like Helen from BB15. I didn’t either, (after the first 3 weeks) but one thing I really did like and respect about Helen was that she never maligned anybody’s character. You never heard her say anything personal about anybody. She was a cutthroat player but she never made fun of people behind their backs. She never maligned anybody’s character. She’s a mom just like Sarah. I wish Sarah was as mature as Helen was in that aspect. Helen tried to play the game but she never made the game personal and didn’t make fun of people. Why can’t Sarah the mom of the house be like Helen in that aspect? You’d think being a married mom would make her be more mature but Heather who is 23 years old is far more mature in that aspect. Sure she’s ditzy but she separates gameplay from being personal. You rarely ever hear Heather say extremely personal things or even malign anybody’s character. It’s really sad that Sarah is so disgusting and mean if you listened to her pre-season interview she said she hates bullies and mean people. It’s funny how we can turn into what we hate. I hope that I don’t or that none of you turn into what you say you never are going to turn into. But yes, Sarah is not a very classy or respectable lady. Her performance on BBCAN2 is not one her family should be proud of. I really hope she regrets the personal, mean, catty things she said/done to Heather and the other HG’s. I mean you’d expect more from her for being the oldest and a mom right?


Heather’s HoH is being as pivotal as Helen’s own was.
Heather’s politeness and sense of class is like Helen’s!
Heather is playing brighter than Elissa did. High praise.


To Novan.Your description on Sarah was right on.

Nana Jo

It’s weird the way some people despise in others the same actions that they themselves have taken. Kenny and Sarah, simply can’t see the forest for the trees. (I wish Sarah’s name was anything else. That’s my beautiful daughter’s name and I hate seeing it coupled with such a trashy woman’s!)

BB Aftershow

Hey guys doing an After Show for the US version. Facebook site is up now. Would really appreciate some likes so we can start getting poll questions up and start prepping for the live show. To the admins on this site. If you allow me to push this from time to time I will push this site on my show. I expect to have a ton of listeners and would love to have some mutual support in the BB community!


Its sad to see the only way the F-5 can even play the game is with tactics such as threats and sabotage… thats horrible , at least the others are strategically playing the game talking the talk , forming different alliances and trying their best.

Belittling another character as a person is rotten , knocking their game play is game. Knw the difference.

Even Andrew for example with his exit interview , being sake if he has any regrets , never once said calling woman serpent w*%#!, or bitches… just said thats who he is. I hope he realizes Yes we do know his character and we do know thats who he is. Disappointed.

I dont believe these 5 know what a true bully is… play on #TruePlayers, this mama is on your side. Heather , Neda even Allison I see the inner beauty of your beautiful hearts

Much Love from Me to You


So Sarah, the one who hates bullies and all forms of bullying ((((cough)))), wants to punch the girl she’s full on bullied for weeks who is 12 years younger than her, in the face. And why? Because the little blond who Sarah believes is mindless, probably has an IQ about 60 points higher than hers. She certainly has ‘LITERALLY’ 10 million percent more integrity and class. Sarah should focus more on her balding problem and less on hating.


Its sad to see the only way the F-5 can even play the game is with tactics such as threats and sabotage… thats horrible , at least the others are strategically playing the game talking the talk , forming different alliances and trying their best.

Belittling another character as a person is rotten , knocking their game play is game. Knw the difference.

Even Andrew for example with his exit interview , being asked if he has any regrets , never once said calling woman serpent w*%#!, or bitches… saying thats just who he is. I hope he realizes Yes we do know his character and we do know thats who he is. Disappointed.

I dont believe these 5 know what a true bully is… play on #TruePlayers, this mama is on your side. Heather , Neda even Allison I see the inner beauty of your beautiful hearts ,

Much Love from Me to You


Allison needs to play the veto. If only a one vote difference can send her home, then it would be dumb not to, because she might not be around to play it later. If the house finds out she has it while she is up on the block, they would send her home just because she has it to play later

pretty trickster

how did allison find the clues in the plant? was she tipped off by production


Right Dawg,

Both Neda and Allison paid attention to the flowers but Neda didn’t think much of them being there. However, Allison, who people here have made fun of in here for saying she was a “Big Brother Super Fan”, felt the flowers showing up had to mean something so looked harder. The hest is history.

And Frank, the condiments aren’t considered as food because the have not’s can’t have food but can have condiments. No “food” was wasted. Nit-picking I know but Neda did not throw out any food as defined by Big Brother.


Neda is a bitch,nobody should throw food out so someone else can’t have any,very childish


Since Sarah’s so concerned with her kids………. this could be the perfect life lesson for them — “you reap what you sew”


Neda is this years Talla. Remember how Talla would run around all season with Andrew? Andrew is kind of like Jon in a way. A good player, well liked, but talks too much and stuck in his ways.