THE LINE IN THE SAND IS DRAWN – Rachelle says I’m going to cut Arlie’s d**k off!!

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAn2-2014-04-07 10-39-26-116

1:40pm – 2:10pm Sabrina and Kenny talk about how they know Arlie is flipping. Sabrina says that she told Arlie the 5 of them are in a perfect position. Sabrina says that Arlie wouldn’t even look her in the eye. They both talk about how conflicted Arlie is with the decision to flip. Rachelle joins them. Kenny talks about Arlie was planting seeds to blame Sabrina when he flips. Racehelle says that she is going to cut Arlie’s d**k off if he flips. Kenny says WHOA!
BBCAn2-2014-04-07 10-28-42-599

In the bathroom – Arlie talks to Sarah about how hard this decision is for him and tells her that he loves her dearly. Sarah goes into the bathroom stall and starts to cry. Arlie heads into the bedroom with Jon and tells him that he just told Sarah that he’s going with the other side 100%. Arlie says that he feels bad but that he begged Sarah not to go with Kenny so I don’t feel that bad about it. Arlie says its out .. and now Kenny will come after me .. but that’s fine. Allison and Adel join them and he tells them about how he’s told Sarah he’s flipped. Arlie says we’ll have to have a talk with Kenny .. but I don’t give a f**k about Kenny. Allison asks if they can keep it a secret that Allison is with them for now until she has time to think about. Arlie says yeah we can go talk about it. Arlie says I am going to make it seem like I just flipped .. and not that hes been f**king with him the last 3 weeks. Heather and Neda join them. Arlie tells them all that he’s been in an alliance with Sarah and that she knows we formed this.. She chose to stick with that side. Arlie says I am in a really sh*tty position .. we just need to turn off our emotions and ride hard.

BBCAN2-2014-04-07 10-48-36-729

Sarah tells Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle to not let Arlie know that they know he has flipped..

2:10pm – 2:55pm In the main bedroom – Arlie talks to Allison about what to say to Kenny when he questions her about flipping. After they talk about what she should say Arlie reveals to them all about the First Five alliance. Heather says that she knew it! Arlie tells them everything about the first five alliance and the moves they made. Adel comes up and tells them that Kenny and them are talking about how Jon cheated on slop when Andrew was here and drank a protein shake when he wasn’t allowed to. Adel says they’re going to try and get you in trouble just so you know so you don’t blow up. Jon comments on how he was working out with Kenny and Andrew and they poured him a protein shake .. he says I just slammed it without even thinking. Arlie then continues his story time about how and why things played out the way they did. Neda and Heather both ask Arlie if they can be around when Arlie tells Rachelle that Sabrina has been f**king her. Heather says we need a name.

2:55pm – 3:05pm Allison says that she almost wishes that the other side would just blow up on her so that it will make it easier. Neda starts telling Allison how Sabrina came out and told them all that she (Allison) had a boyfriend at home and how you were cheating on him with Andrew. Rachelle joins them and lays down. She asks you don’t mind if I sit here do you? Neda says no it’s fine. Heather is talking about Ika. Soon after Neda, Heather and Allison head downstairs to eat. Rachelle sits in silence for a bit and then says “F**king Heather! F**king little B***H!”

3:25pm Rachelle heads out to the hot tub and tells Sabrina about how she walked into the room where Neda, Heather and Allison were talking. Rachelle says that she asked Neda if she was okay and she responded no. Rachelle and Sabrina wonder why Neda is mad at them. She won’t even look at us. Sabrina says I don’t care about them. Rachelle says if I don’t win this thing I am going to hate myself. Sabrina says I just want to make it to jury.. one more week and I’ll be fine. Rachelle says imagine if we all get picked off and then there is just one of us with them.. if it was me I would self-evict. Rachelle says she (Allison) is with them you know.. she’s always with them. F**king little b***h! They head inside. They stop in the kitchen and Neda talks about eating two chicken pieces. Rachelle and Sabrina head up to the bathroom. They tell them about how Neda is acting. Sarah comments on how she is already on slop and should eat something to punish the whole house. Sabrina eggs her to do it.

3:55pm Allison says in the kitchen I am just afraid about them touching my sh*t. Jon says if they did I would talk a sh*t on their sh*t. Meanwhile up in the main bathroom – Sarah hugs Kenny and says that she would take a bullet for him and they know that .. that’s why they’re taking me out. Kenny says honestly everyone is going to see how ridiculously stupid they are being. If I go out I want to go out clean. I want us to go out on the high road. Kenny says if there’s a double eviction we should take out Jon. Sarah asks you would take out JOn over Arlie. Kenny says yeah technically we should take out Arlie over Jon. Kenny says we should put up Neda & Jon. If Jon comes off we put up Arlie so that Jon has to choose between them. Sarah says they’re coming after duo’s ..f**k them!

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May the force be with you Arlie…you are making the right choice 🙂


Sabrina is still deluded. No, Sabrina Canada did not put you and Andrew up so you can realize there is a “snake” in your alliance. And no we don’t “actually like you”……..

Arlie's aggressive shouting whisper

Arlie enters

Arlie(speaking to Sarah he is doing furious hand gestures emphasizing his points): Sarah i literally really really really really really really really am going to vote to keep you…psych…im actually voting you the f-ck out…first 5 is toast…ha ha ha ha ha…yeah thats it cry you silly b1tch…and when you get out of the house, you gotta do something about those ridiculous eyebrows…see ya

Arlie then does a little dance and drops his pants to moon Sarah

Arlie leaves


It’s funny, I disliked Arlie right off the bat, I just felt like he was really fake. But every day I find myself liking him more. Arlie, you day tripper you!


ooooo the drama in this house this week. I am LOVING it.

Now, lets hope that the other side doesn’t pull haaarddd for Allison now that they know they lose Arlie


I really hope Arlie doesn’t go home with the double eviction!
I don’t think I’ve ever been this attached to a Big Brother cast, I’m going to be really disappointed when Heather, Adel, Jon, Neda, and Arlie are evicted! If Arlie gets through these next couple weeks I think he could really win it though.


not too long ago sarah was willing to go home..why is she so needy …I mean a mature woman with a family?….


Have you noticed that Kenny, Sarah, Sabrina and Rachelle are the four people in the house who say the most vile and vicious things about other housemates? It’s no shock that these four are the drippings that remain when put through the alliance filter.

I wish Big Brother (any country) would let us see the reunions of the evicted houseguests with their loved ones. (I’m a sucker for reunions.) They never let us see them, though. I also wish the US, CA and AU had a show like the UK does after every BB episode. The UK not only shows BB every night, they have a show called Big Brother’s Bit on the Side with a small in-studio audience and guests (like from previous BB seasons and celebrities) that talk about the episode. It’s SO much fun and it’s VERY satisfying as a viewer to see all things that you were shocked about, amazed at, angry about, etc., all being confronted and discussed.

BB15 Howard's Fedora

Anyone else think that Arlie exposed himself too early in the week? He should’ve done is closer to the eviction.


He didn’t have a choice…he knew Sarah had already exposed him to Kenny this morning and there was no turning back once Kenny started trying to strong-arm him. I am loving “Story-Time…with Arlie” right now…


Allison’s best move for next week is throw the HOH. She’s actually safe for the next two weeks and if she has the veto she could coast to the final five. And funny how they really think that Heather is not thinking for herself. They are giving Jon way more credit and a larger target on him. Good for Heather. :))


Kenny called Jon and arrogant, ignorant prick. Wow. Pot meet Kettle.




I”m glad he picked a side, and i’m glad he chose the right one.

Kenny in his arrogance, is seeing their numbers dropping.

I love it.

I hope he really does flip shit.


THANK YOU ARLIE…you picked the right side…you might have made yourself a target, but they’ll all be gone in two weeks time…


I like to see Rachelle TRY to cut Arlie’s dick off…lol…good luck with that one.,.

meseyz (imoho!)

lets really really worry that she might be 100% literal
if we all do find out that she had happily arrived with
a very sharp pair of scissors in her lil ole travel bag…

BB Aftershow

I like Arlie’s game so far.


This is definitely not a boring season on Big Brother Canada. Three Goth girls and a gay guy is the alliance of Sabrina, Sarah, Rachelle, and Kenny. I don’t mean anything bad by that. In one of the pictures on the previous blog for the veto ceremony, Sabrina, Sarah and Rachelle all had black tops on with their black hair – which made me think gothic. I am not insulting Kenny either, he just happens to be gay. Pretty exciting season. Cannot wait to see what happen with the eviction(s).


I don’t feel Allison deserves any of the golden position she has been ‘handed’. If Heather wasn’t HOH she would still be ripping her apart with the underworld crew. I just don’t feel, from the beginning she has done anything to work for this spot – it’s all been given to her. Want her gone.


I think actually being nice to Heather when almost everyone else was avoiding her makes Allison way more deserving to stay over Sarah, who is badmouthing Heather every chance she gets. It makes sense both strategically and emotionally for (at least) most of the underdogs, especially Heather.


Allison is in the BEST SPOT EVER! She is the only one that has the ability to PLAY BOTH SIDES NOW.

If she will NOT use her veto she will coast to final 5 I believe bc Kenny and company want her VOTE BADLY!

The only thing stopping from Allison not playing a good game is Allison which is what’s sad. Hope she plays this right!


Sabrina can’t and won’t win anything. She’s socially inept, physically incompetent, and mentally challenged. If anyone carries her to F2 it’s because she won’t be voted for in jury.


Neda gloating inside about Heather’s completely wrong perspective about why Ika wanted her up on the block. Nede completely aware of the real reason which was to get Heather evicted out of pure hatred. I’m sure also joyously recalling in her mind the time when she and her vile friends bitched and hated on Heather at every opportunity possible.


Neda has already had that chat with Heather and Heather forgave Neda. Heather is for moving forward. She may keep it in her mind for later but Heather is proving to be smarter than most in and outside the house have given her credit for.


Neda already explained to Heather why she “hated” her during the third week that Ika was HOH. It was because Sabrina told her that Heather threw her name under the bus about the girl’s alliance on the boys side which is far from the truth. Heather and Neda are tighter now and I do believe that Heather is her number 1 or 2. I’m not surprised why Neda is pissed off right now because she just learned that she got played by Sabrina but she really needs to cool down.


tbh i don’t like anybody left in the house at this point…. kenny, sabrina, sarah and rachelle are saying the most horrible things about the others, but the other 6 are being so arrogant right now…


The BEST part about the sides being out in the open is…now that the 1st 5 are just going to be off in a corner being bitter and nasty…I can just ignore whatever feed they are on.


kennys side should just keep allison, reel her in. then it becomes 5 vs 3 for them.


Big brother needs to tell everyone to chill the f*** out! Everyone in there is playing a game where lying and double crossing are the rules. They all need to stop taking everything personally.


lmao @ Sabrinia comments


I forgot to add in my comment Sabrina and Rachelle say: We just have to win the next competition. R: I hope it’s endurance – endurance is my sh*t. Has she said that yet today? These two are just demons not gremlins.


Where does casting find these characters? I’ve heard so many threats of physical violence in this season, I wonder if casting has deliberately put these people on the show to prove to the world that Canadians are really not nice people. Seriously do they not do psychological tests on houseguests before they enter the house. I know that they are just blowing off steam and saying these things in anger but I’ve also heard a few of them say if they were out in the “real world” they would do whatever. While I’m on a rant here it seems like everyone in this cast has a vocabulary that includes language considered offensive in the real world. I’m not in their generation but the young adults i associate with don’t talk like they do. Ok I’m done ranting for now


Can’t wait for the Kenny/Arlie conversation to happen.

Nana Jo

BB Live feeds featuring Hysteria Lane residents, Desperate Houseguests, Kenny Ego-Brain and Sarah Mocker-Mom-Miller, and their gremlin maids, the plumptious Slobrina and the gormless Ro Ro. Pathetic. Kenny lives in his own rose-coloured world featuring himself as hero. Very delusional that he casts onto others the bad behavior and character traits that he himself exhibits!


Sabrina and Rachell are vile, absolutely vile. There is a difference between saying: “I am so mad at so and so” and calling people awful names, proliferating violent threats and worse, adressing people’s loved ones through the tv?!?! Sabrina and Rachelle just hit a new low. On top of that, what is up with Rachelle, Sabrina tells her: well you do understand that I would have to vote you off if you were up with Kenny, and she still follows her like a puppy dog!!! This is a game, it’s not mean girls school, maybe you should try and move your hamsters as fast as Heather’s do.


jon or kenny going home would be the biggest move next eviction


No secret I don’t feel Allison deserves to be there, but after hearing her say ‘I love Kenny’ to Heather, she will go trash Heather to Kenny in a heartbeat. That’s not necessary IMO to play this game but these ‘people’ seem to think that’s how they know someone is one their side – if they join in on the name-calling, threats, and character assassination of the hated person/persons. Heather is the only one that hasn’t done it at all.


I honestly can’t stand Sabrina. Why can’t Big Brother punish those who talk disgusting garbage.


Rachelle bugs the shit outta me . Lol


I have been wondering the same thing. Kenny, Sabrina, Rachelle, and Sarah haven’t been on the feeds for a long time.


Anyone have any thoughts on why the Live Feeds that were on Kenny, Sarah, Sabrina and Rachelle were turned off and remain off? They were talking the usual cruel garbage about the other group and Sarah said she was going to blow everyone’s game up and really tell Jon off (using graphic terms) as she leaves. Sabrina begged her, “Do it! Do it! Please do it!” Then the cameras shut off and have been off ever since.

Are they being scolded by BB? (The conversation really was intense and getting personal.) Or does BB just want to keep their plan a secret? What do you think?


I was wondering why they were down so long too!


Wouldn’t hurt if some ppl around here knew how to use a thesaurus. I mean, I’m certainly not the grammar police, but if I hear the word” vile “one more time….pick another word please. Lol


How about you offer suggestions then ?

Thesaurus or not, we may run out of words to adequately vilify these (add your own word).


I don’t know how you guys do it… I just listened 5 min of one of the video above (gremlins bashing Heather, Arlie) and I can’t take it any of their DISGUSTING VILE RANTS, but then again..this is Big Brother.. idiots DO gets cast


That Rachelle is such a class act. NOT!


I just turn the channel when they start ranting.

Disgusted viewer

It is sickening to watch these people sit around and slander each other. For Sabrina to make a personal remark (obviously untrue) directed to Jon’s girlfriend is crossing the line. I’d imagine Jon’s girlfriend already has enough to deal with having a loved one on national television, but to have people in the actual house making comments towards her (without even knowing her) is unbelievable.

Sabrina has been jealous of anyone associated with Jon since day one (his girlfriend, Sarah, and Neda). She consistently digs herself into a deeper hole- no wonder Canada put her on the block. I, for one, do not stand for this type of behavior; I think she owes Janelle a huge apology and I hope she realizes this when she leaves the house (hopefully sooner rather than later). In saying this, I go back to a comment I wrote weeks ago: there is so much talk about Janelle on the feeds/by viewers, she may as well have just been cast on the show! ha!

I wonder how many tears will be shed by Sabrina and Kenny once Jon leaves the house and hears of Sabrina insulting his girlfriend/Kenny saying he hopes his dog gets ran over and he wants nothing to do with them! Unforgivable if you ask me.