One Showmance Ends Another Begins – Shane “that’s like a 10lb dumbbell coming out of your V**”

POV Holder: Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian ???
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAfE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

10:48pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Shane Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!
Snuggling? is this Showmance starting?

11:06pm Cam 1-2 Boogie, Dan, Frank
Frank says he found out that Janelle was the one that wanted him up last week. Boogie Brings up that Janelle is spreading mad shit about them, “She’s doing a good job she knows what she’s doing” Boogie asks dan if Danielle will put up 2 of Janelle’s players? Dan isn’t sure he doesn’t think she’ll have a problem. He points out that everyone in the house is trying to spook her right now. Boogie asks if she will respond to a group meeting. Dan says yes.

11:16pm Cam 1-2 Joe in the HOH pleading for his life and freaking out
He’s in complete shock that he was nominated his heart started racing and he felt ill. He wants Shane to know he understands the nominations they were a smart thing to do. Joe splashes a crap load of praise at Shane commenting on how he’s the strongest competitor in the house. Joe admits that his side did screw Shane’s team over and so Did Willie.
Joe doesn’t want Janelle and the other players to sugar coat how he’s feeling right now,He’s mad as hell.

11:18pm Cam 3-4 HOH Dan, Danielle, Britney, SHane

Shane mentions to Dan that Frank was telling him he wants to bring Danielle in because she’s strong competitor. Dan isn’t too excited about it he thinks Frank will give Jenn and Ian priority. Shane agrees. Dan asks him what’s up with Joe is he pissed? Shane says Joe is freaking out he told them that his blood pressure was skyrocketing and he had to go into his room to calm down. While he was in his room he was doing some thinking and he thinks Shane needs to join up with Wil, Joe and Ashley.

Dan says it will suck if Shane gets houseguest choice for the Power of Veto. Shane thinks he’ll pick Danielle because then they keep all the options open. Dan adds that regardless of who he picks it’ll look bad to someone, “Ian and Danielle would be the best choices” Britney agrees thinks that picking Danielle is the better choice.

Dan and Britney agree that getting rid of Ashley this week is a complete waste especially when they are down numbers. dan says they have to not only take out a player they have to take out the strongest player they can they are at such a disadvantage right now. Brintey points out how much control Janelle has over her team. She explains how Janelle got all her players to go up to HOH and tell them how happy they are and how they can all be trusted.

Britney mentions to Dan about Joe’s deal with them, She can’t believe Janelle is offering them 4 person deal. Shane and Britney call Joe a lying Shit and don’t believe a word he says.

11:31pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room
Joe wigging out “I’m 99% sure Shane is allied with Frank” Joe is taking being on the block hard. he tells Wil that Shane isn’t going to take any deals. The only way he can survive this week is if they win POV.

11:32 cam 1-2 Ian and Ashley (This conversation is really strange)
Ian tells her if she get Players Choice when they are picking POV players tomorrow she should pick Frank. Ashley: “Why?” Ian: “Becuase he’s strong and he won’t use it” Ashley: “What” Ian: ‘If Frank uses it I’ll Get Backdoored” Ian wonders if Wil get the POV and uses who they would put up.. He’s sketching out over the possibility it might be him. Ian tells her if the nominations stay the same she is in the clear, she’s good.

11:41pm Arcade Room Cam 1-2 Joe and Janelle
Janelle asks him what his conversation with shane was all about. Joe goes into detail about it brings up he told them Janelle was going to sugarcoat it but he’s pissed. Janelle is starting to get mad that he said she was sugarcoating it. Joe explains about the deal he offered Shane for the 4 of them to work together. Joe didn’t really get a good feeling that Shane was into the idea. joe mentions that Shane told him all Janelle does is try and align with the HOh of the week. This rubs Janelle the wrong way she snaps, “Yup that all I do Run up to the HOH every week.. It’s worked for my team.. 3 weeks and never on the block”
Joe thinks that Britney bought it all but shane didn’t
Janelle says that Britney really wants to work with them (Is Janelle that delusional)

12:10am Britney talking about family, family and child birth. Somewhere in the conversation Britney talks about birthing. Shane: “that’s like a 10lb dumbbell coming out of your ***”

12:20am Arcade Room Ashley, Janelle and Joe Janelle has been quizzing her pupils for the last 30 minutes. Ashley thinks Ian tried to trick her today and it sucks. She tells them about how Ian was trying to convince her to pick Frank for the POV so that the nomination’s stay the same. Janelle and AShley laugh” (Looks like the showmance is over between Ian and Ashley) Ashley gets up to go to bed and Joe points out that Ian was creeping around the door listening to the, talk. Ashley is getting really pissed with Ian. Janelle calls him a weirdo.

12:44AM Nothin but a playa

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39 thoughts on “One Showmance Ends Another Begins – Shane “that’s like a 10lb dumbbell coming out of your V**”

  1. Dan and boogie have a final two deal for each player they think they can win with. Danielle(only player left) Boogie Ian. Thats why Dan is pushing for Frank to be evicted in order to appease Janelle’s people and take heat off Danielle and Ian.

    1. When did that happen. Last week if u know tell me so I can watch that convo then maybe I’ll understand the they don’t know what’s gonna hit them comment by Dan the other night in hoh. Who is Dan really final 2 with and does that change if he comes in the game?

  2. Danielle needs to shut the hell up. Her ass is safe and she’s complaining bout who’s nominated. Win hoh then u can make decisions.

  3. danielle is so pathetic i can’t stand it. i can’t watch a floater like her win this season…maybe she’ll be the first one joe’s food poisoning will hit (wishful thinking).

  4. Shane basically told her to keep in her space earlier and she rolled over. Shane needs to quash this quick or he will be on the block with her shortly. I feel his pain though he’s got to be starving for snatch right now. Those long hot showers only appease the loin gods for a bit.

    1. let a little shomance happen. remember lane from bb12 in the community shower? we dont wanna see a repeat of that!!

  5. am I the only one who hates danielle? she makes herself look so weak it’s ridiculous. and ashley whines too much!

    1. noooooo! i absolutely hate her. she is the only person who has the audacity to cry twice without even being nominated!! it’s like calm down, you’re safe, you’re just gonna ride on shane’s coattail. and did anyone else notice that last week she was all buddy buddy with janie and ashley and talking trash about jojo AND shane, now that jojo is gone (just like she wanted bc she’s a jealous, desperate, psycho) and shane is hoh she’s in his bed 24/7 trying to be in face at all times and trying to keep frank from getting closer to shane because if shane had any sense he’d drop that 140 pound dead weight and align himself with someone who can help him get further in the game. i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaate her she needs to go & her time will come. in the words of rachel “(*annoying rachel voice*)floaters grab a life vest!”

    2. I hated her, Frank and Joe from Day 1! And Wil! Wil is such a bitch, the first week he was bitching about someone standing behinds him drinking his beer and laughing about it and then the second week it was Willy, now this week….

    3. I know right? Jordan as useless and a huge floater as she was in 2 seasons, she didn’t cry all the fuckin time when she wasn’t even on the block

  6. @Simon. “I’m 99% sure Shane is allied with Frank” I already had a feeling about this,once Dan,Danielle,Britney&Shane,were going over their options of who to target this week.I noticed that when I was reading your update,you hardly wrote anything about Shane wanting to target Frank,but the other three knew that was the best thing to do.Shane was to silent on the topic of Frank being the person that needs to go home this week.Plus,Shane never told his new secret alliance about the deal he made with Boogie&Frank earlier.If Shane was serious about his new alliance,I think he would’ve told them about what Frank&Boogie offered him.I can’t wait for Boogie&Frank to turn on Shane.And you best believe they will do just that,because Shane was a threat to Boogie&Frank last week and he’s a even bigger threat now that he won yet another competition(HOH).Too bad Shane can’t see what’s going to happen.He’s about to be played for a fool.That’s how Boogie roll.Lol.We only need to look to All-Stars(season7)to know just how shady/cutthroat Boogie is.Since Boogie is pulling Frank’s strings,then Frank will also play this game shady/cutthroat.

    1. I don’t think Frank will turn on Shane yet. Boogie might once he is in the game, but I’m hoping Frank cuts loose from his coach and gets him out asap. Hopefully the newbs watched the trainwreck that was Season 13 and learned something. The coaches need to go as soon as they enter the game, or a coach will win the game. Simple as that. Frank knows that Shane is the only other strong threat in the house. They can either do the dirty work for the rest of the house and take each other out, or they can team up and try to win all the competitions to take out everyone else. If they go it alone, neither will make it to the end. If they team up, they have a pretty good chance of winning. I am glad Shane went against Brit’s advice and made his own nominations. If Frank stays, he will have to honour the deal and keep Shane safe, or he will look like a douche to the rest of the house, making himself an even bigger target. Especially with the coaches coming into the game, Shane and Frank need to be tight with each other to survive.

      1. I agree, I think Boogie would support a Frank Shane alliance. It worked for him and Dr. Will right? They need to keep it secret though, there’s plenty of others to get rid of first, as you say. I’m not sure I want them as final 2 yet, I’m still pulling for Ashley most. I’m ambivalent about Danielle, she needs more spine that one. Plus, she’s “out there’ in her Shane crush, which makes her a huge targe: a way to weaken Shane and get rid of her at the same time. She’s going to need to win something soon. I think Boogie would like keeping her around too re the Shane-Frank push, she’s a solid vote for now and entirely expendable when the time comes. I want Joe gone this week, he has no value strategically. Then, Wil, next two can be Danielle or Ian, and then Jenn. Janelle will be able to protect Ashley with coaches comps (if she doesn’t win herself). I wonder who Ashley would put up if she were HOH? Ian for sure, and probably Shane or Frank if she doesn’t align herself. An interesting final 4 would be Shane, Frank, Ashley and Danielle. Shane would have to pick between Danielle and Frank ultimately and may end up taking Danielle to final 2 (I know…floater princess) because he could beat her easily…or maybe because, by then, he might have stronger feelings for her, who knows? I doubt it though, I think he’s definitely playing her.

  7. Joe needs to go and when he goes home he should give Shelly a call see if she’s single, they seem like a match…

  8. so my friend pointed this out to me but danielle looks like she could be the daughter of So You Think You Can Dance jude Marry Murphy… if u google image or youtube her its uncanny, the way they talk is similar as well and ever since this connection was put in my head i cant get it out… its the main reason i cant stand her!

  9. Very smart idea by Ian. If Frank plays and wins POV, he can’t go on the block, he’ll leave the noms the same so Ian can’t go up, and Ashley isn’t going home anyway.

  10. Yeah, this showmance CBS has been pushing might grow some legs this week.

    Looks like Danielle will spend a LOT of this week in HOH with Shane. Natural, since neither of them have a teammate. Shane has a lot more time on his hands with Jojo gone.

  11. also….I’m going to rip my hair out the next time danielle says she was backdoored by frank. I’m pretttttyyyy sure you’re only backdoored when:

    1. you were always the original target
    2. you got nominated after the pov was used

    she was nothing but a replacement nominee and she keeps complaining about how she was backdoored! she reminds me of jordan. she’s ditsy and plays the “weak girl” character…she needs to go home before she sneaks up on everyone and wins like jordan did.

  12. OMG! So many Dani haters here! I watch the feeds and Dani and Shane are cute together better than Jeff and Jordan….they’ll so edit this segment! I love Brit and Dani’s girl talk at the end! HILARIOUS!!!! TV Stuff! BTW Janelle and her groupies were once again staying up…and talking trash….FINALLY JANELLE ADMITS BEING A FLOATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Danielle has a lot of issues She wants Shane soooo bad. She will make a bad move and alter the whole game. Whoever gives her the most attention will benefit. i am afraid she will turn and jpoin Jani’s team and then they will kick her to the curb!!!

  13. I like the nominations. They can backdoor Frank just incase pov is used. The hottest n the strongest women competitors are gone so yeah were stuck with weak n whiny. I for one am thoroughly enjoying Joe’s pathetic decline, after all the shit he talked about Willie, when he is in actuality Willie 2.0 Wil sucks at this game and Ashley needs to start protecting herself now because its obvious Porker is not going to do it. She told her herself when she made the comment, “Lie Lie Lie, do whatever it takes to save Joe”.

  14. As much as I think that the coaches will come into the game, i’m starting to have doubts.
    I think that since it’s such a topic of discussion in the house, it won’t be much of a twist to the players, the coaches, or for the viewers.
    But like I said before AG’s grasping for anything, so she’s probably going to do it anyway.

    Danielle didn’t come on this show to win money, she came to get involved in a showmance & she’s looking so pathetic and needy.
    Can you say self esteem issues?
    She obviously likes him more than he likes her.
    This sucks for Shane because he needs her as a vote, but at the same time, when people in the BB house start hearing of a showmance, they begin to try to break it up and who do they go after first? the man.

  15. I am not feeling it with shane and danielle… It seems really forced to me…. He might be gay but not aware of it??? This showmance is being pushed by production… I have kept up with the feeds pretty good and i feel no chemistry whatsoever

    1. Yess. Forced is the right word. A showmance happens every year and they’re trying to make it happen this year but it’s not working. Nobody in the house is truly attracted to each other in that way at all. Shane & Danielle “showmance” just doesn’t look genuine.

      I don’t know if Shane is gay though. To me, he just seems like he has the looks but no “game” or personality. He seems like such a cornball lol.

  16. Shane needs to pick Frank for PoV Competition & win it. So, he will keep the nomination of same. I want to see Janelle’s face that Joe is leaving. Shane, Don’t trust Janelle. She is bad influence and three time loser.

  17. I hate how Danielle is looking so needy, UGH. I can see why Shane liked Jojo better than her, Jojo was a strong woman. Danielle needs to check herself in when she gets out of the house and this woman is a nurse!!! Unbelievable. I can’t believe she is even still in this game. 2 people left already when it been her. Jodi and Jojo. I would rather she left instead of them.
    I love how Janelle was called out by Shane, it’s too bad there wasn’t a lot of people around when he did that. Why is it that Janelle is the only one who knows for certain that that the coaches are coming back into the game? DR implying, perhaps?

  18. Danielle is delusional. Shane isn’t into her. He liked and still likes Kara. I would bet that he is going to try to hook up with Kara at the finale. He still gives her shout outs. She is his type. Danielle is not. He is trying to be nice about it, but Danielle keeps throwing herself at him. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would play her hard, but she is almost begging him to play her, as long as he gives her the attention. She is a danger to Shane’s game. If Ashley were to turn on the flirt with Shane, Danielle would go crazy and if things didn’t go her way I can see her turning on Ashley and voting her out for no other reason than jealousy. The girl has serious self esteem issues. After he won the HOH, she pulled the jealous girlfriend routine on him because Ian wound her up saying he and Jo Jo were making out in the HN room. The look on his face said it all. He knew he couldn’t do anything to piss her off, but you could definitely see that he wanted to shake his head and tell her he doesn’t like her or anyone in the house that way. He is there for game, not a showmance with someone he isn’t even into. CBS has this thing about every season having a showmance. I am hoping this season is showmance free.

  19. I would like to nominate Janelle for “Worse Lie Ever in the Big Brother House” for her comment to Britany:

    “I don’t want to have JOJO leave.. my team voted for her”

    Jojo was evicted with a 5 – 1 count. Everyone knows (especially Britany) that Shane threw a vote to Jojo.

  20. 1. Jojo mostly threw herself at shane watching the feeds 2. Shane repeatedly said danielle is my type 3. He liked kara’s looked but so did everybody else

  21. Danielle is so into Shane that it’s making her look desperate. During her diary session, she said that Shane was chasing her but she was definitely chasing him from day 1. I hate to watch her win Big Brother because she seems like a floater and only wants to be in Big Brother for a showmance.

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