Britney says if she can’t let her husband freely see her b****e, she has no reason to live.

POV Holder: Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAfE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

1am Danielle is up in the HOH room with Shane. He gets called to the diary room. Danielle and Britney then talk about the flirting that Shane and Danielle have been doing. Britney asks if Shane has made any moves on her. Danielle says that he has just been massaging her lower back. Britney asks if his finger has been in her butt crack. Danielle says no. Britney asks not even a pinky?  Danielle says no, that he must be scared to do anything. Britney thinks he will soon. Daniele tells Britney about her coaching relationship with Dan, and how he tried to put a scare into her. They go back to talking about Shane. Britney jokes they’re dating and then says that they are kind of engaged in Big Brother terms with a final 2 deal. They talk about Britney’s season and who has had sex. They talk about Rachel and Brendon having sex in the house. Danielle wonders if Britney has had sex in the house. Britney tells her no, I’m a lady. Danielle says that she has a strong urge to see the size of Shane’s penis. Britney tells her not to touch his penis. Shane comes back from the diary room. Danielle asks Britney what her bra size is. Britney says 34 double D’s. Shane whistles.
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Britney, Shane and Danielle talk about possibly back dooring Frank. They talk about how getting rid of Ashley would be such a waste. They say that this could be a good opportunity. Britney says that they should calm down until after Power of Veto is played. They start talking about how some people in the house have hemorrhoids. Britney says that she will die if she gets it. Danielle tells then details between external and internal hemorrhoids. Britney says that she would hate to have hemorrhoids. She says that if she can’t let her husband freely see my butthole every day, she has no reason to live. Shane says that he wonders if they should break their alliance with Frank so early. Danielle says that she thinks Frank and Wil have a final 2 deal. She says that she saw them winking at each other tonight. Shane says that he isn’t so sure about that. Britney tells them to hold that thought and they can pick it up tomorrow.

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1:50am Dan and Ian are in the bathroom talking. Ian tells them that he thinks he should go to bed in case he needs to participate tomorrow. He says only 2 people won’t be playing in tomorrow’s power of veto competition. Shane says goodnight. Ian says to Dan good day over all. Meanwhile in the arcade room Janelle and Wil are talking. Janelle says that they need to win the power of veto tomorrow. They talk about how they need to get Shane to put up Frank as the replacement. Janelle says that she thinks if they were to save Joe the house wouldn’t vote out Ashley, so whoever is put up against her would go. They talk about the upcoming HOH. Janelle says that she wonders if it will be a Q&A competition. Wil says that he wonders if they will introduce a twist this week and that maybe it will be an endurance competition. Janelle says that they have got to win if it’s endurance. Wil tells Janelle that he will try to act close to Frank so that Shane won’t trust Frank and will want to put Frank up as a replacement. Wil and Janelle start trash talking Britney about how they think she is a snake and how she doesn’t clean. Janelle and Wil then start studying. Wil brings up how the show is going to end three weeks early if someone doesn’t come back. Janelle says that she thinks the coaches are coming back. Wil says it wouldn’t be a bad thing if that happened. Janelle asks don’t you think it’s going to be bad getting Boogie out of this house? It’s going to be fu*king hard! She adds that Dan isn’t a danger right now. Janelle says there is a twist coming this Thursday. Janelle says that she think three coaches will go in and then they would have a double eviction. She says that it will be America’s choice who comes in. She says that her and Dan are fan favourites and that Boogie is hated. They talk about how important it is to have Joe stay this week. Janelle says that if Frank won HOH next week she thinks he would put Shane up because that is his biggest competition. She says that Boogie will stab you in the back and that’s the way he’ll coach Frank to play.

2:30am – 3:30am Janelle tells Wil that she hates Frank and that she hates having to kiss his a$$. Wil says that we will have the last laugh. Wil says watch Jenn win HOH. Janelle says that she is becoming more and more aware of the type of person Frank really is and she doesn’t like it. Janelle says that she think Frank is a douchebag, he seems super douchey. Janelle says that she can’t stand that he is always shouting. They say that Frank has become the new JoJo. They start talking about Boogie. Wil says that he was kind of shocked Boogie took the $6,000 in the competition. Janelle says that Boogie is a multimillionaire he doesn’t need that money. Janelle calls him a greedy little bit*h. The conversation turns to talking about what the power of veto competition might be like. Wil hopes that it isn’t tailor made for Shane to win again. Wil says that he plans on following Frank around the house tomorrow to give Shane the impression that he and Frank are working together to make him paranoid. Wil says that Shane isn’t very bright so it just might work. Joe joins them. Wil says that he was so mad sitting at the table, and that he was about to explode out of his skin during the nominations. Joe says that they totally dicked me! Joe says are you going to kiss me too because you certainly fu*ked me! Janelle tells them that they can turn it all around. Joe says that he thinks he will win the power of veto and that their team will win HOH next week. Joe says that tomorrow is our day! Janelle tells Joe to trip Shane. Joe asks if there has ever been an endurance power of veto? Janelle says that last season Rachel had to hang on the body bag and won the competition that kept her and Jordan safe. Janelle says that was the first time Big Brother had an endurance Power of veto. Janelle comments on how all the girls this season are pu$$ies and wonders why there aren’t any strong girls. Wil says because you are coming into the game. They start bashing Britney again. They all head to bed. As they walk by the memory wall Joe fingers Shane’s memory wall photo. Janelle and Wil freak out and tell him that Shane could be watching on the spy screen. Joe says that the spy screen isn’t working.
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6:45am All the house guests are still sleeping..


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37 thoughts on “Britney says if she can’t let her husband freely see her b****e, she has no reason to live.

  1. Shane is not stupid enough that Frank will not be a replacement. He will never work with Wil and it’s all the lie. Joe is going home and Janelle’s face will be priceless. Frank needs to win the PoV to keep the nomination a same. Bye Joe!

    1. We need to backdoor my archenemy, Frank. With my other rival, JoJo gone, the only thing that is keeping me from being together with Shane is his bromance with Frank.

      It seems to me that Frank will get to see Shane’s “p” (size and all) first before I do. Please vote to evict Frank.

      Why is Shane so cold to me? Is it because he’s got the hots for Frank?

      1. It will never happen. Shane will never backdoored Frank. Shane needs Frank in the end and there’s no way he will be backdoored! He will keep the nomination a same. PERIOD!

        1. Captainwedgiearchnemesis, do you think Shane will give me some of his stains? We need to evict Ashley. Too much drama. Enough.

    2. Obviously comps can be a crap shoot but it’s hilarious that Joe, Will and to a lesser extent Ashley are all thinking that they can win the POV and save their team. They’ve been rubbish in the comps so far. Even Janelle thinks so. So we’ll see. Today is gonna be fun!

  2. I see that Ian and Joe are the only ones sleeping in the have not room. I wonder why there are only two have nots this week??

    1. I agree more, Janelle sucks and self-proclaimed a three time loser & Queen of losers. Joe needs to go anyway and Fabio, I mean Wil will be the next to go.

    2. If it was a perfect world, Joe would be out this week, Janelle would choose to enter the game and would be out next week, and finally after that we would get rid of the hypocritical man-bitch Wil.

  3. Nice try Janelle! Frank is not going anywhere, Mike Boogie will make sure he stays. Frank is not that stupid, he will keep fighting and make sure he will make it to the end. Shane will definitely throw the PoV for Frank to win, so the nomination will be a same. Joe is going home anyway. Face it Janelle, Rachel won Big Brother and your not. You will always be a loser, a three time loser.

    1. Shane will not throw POV especially if its a time endurance or competitioin can’t risk someone else beating Frank

  4. I. Hate. This. Team. F**king Britney’s team is more likable than these despicable bit*hes. I actually kinda like Ashley though. She’s the most amazingly two-faced person in the house but she’s not mean and bitter like the other two. F**k them both to hell.

  5. Ian is probably nuts right now if he continues to be Havenot for the week. CBS Production needs to step in and give someone else a Havenot for a week. Ian will lose about 110 lbs. and it will be a sign of weight loss. Ian, That enough already! We get it, you can handle Havenot for 3 weeks. Please you don’t end up getting sick.

  6. Janelle ask why there isnt any strong girls this season? Duh u had ur team vote them out. Is she really that clueless. Im not that impressed with Porker n the merry bunch of shit talkers.

  7. I would just like to give a special shout out to dawg and simon this week. I tried to watch joe, ashley and danielle talking in the arcade room last nite on bbad and I though my face was going to melt off from the awfulness of it. Danielle acting like she’s all that (she’ll save them this week with the veto she’s going to win *HA* for guaranteed safety the next 2 weeks). Joe’s face filling up THE WHOLE SCREEN (please production stop zooming in on his horrifying facial hair!!!) while claiming ‘danielle, we already consider you the 4th member on our team and so does janelle’. Ashley sitting there trying to figure out how to reinjure her back so she can get more drugs. These people would drive me INSANE so many cheers and thanks to the canadians!

  8. Janelle is such a smack talker. I thought Brit was bad, but Janelle and Wil are way worse.The Willie excuse is getting pretty lame. If they flipped because of Willie, why did they deliberately shun Jo Jo and Shane and Brit and make fun of them behind their backs all last week after Willie left? I really hope the nominations stay the same and Joe leaves. It would have been better to get mean girl Wil but I will settle for loud mouth foghorn leghorn Joe.

    1. For sure, say what you want but at least Brit will make you laugh.
      She used to crack me up on her season (on BBAD). She may be a little brat half the time, but the other half is worth watching.

      Danielle however….omfg I want to slap her so bad. She is SO obsessed with herself. Last night she was like a dog with a bone when it came to that “JoJo called me fat” shit. Get over it, quit whining and begging for validation, and stop expecting everyone else to play your game for you.

  9. Janelle needs to admit that Rachel won Big Brother and your not. Face it Janelle, your strategic move don’t work. You will always be a failure and three time loser. If Rachel was around, Janelle would be scare of her. Janelle, You got gotted!

  10. Simon, what happened to the nominations. i thought they were going to nominate Frank and Joe one each from Mike and Janelle’s side and Dan and Danielle agreed yesterday.

  11. If the coaches have to come into the game, I want to see the formation of a smarter, better and stronger version of the Brigade. Frank, Shane, Ian and Dan. They can use Brit, Ashley and Danielle to get Wil, Boogie and Janelle out, and then send Brit home at the end just like happened in S12. After that, may the best player win for a change. That hasn’t happened since season 10. Also hoping Jenn is forced to do something soon.

  12. Joe, your not a strong player. Just admitted, Frank is not going anywhere. You have no chance of winning the PoV. And Wil, you can’t even beat Frank! You not even strong player either. Face it,your going home. Frank will win PoV to keep the nomination a same.

  13. Ok janelle team tallking about people but everyone on this site is to so they can’t but y’all can say how janelle need a nose job? Y’all is no better then them get over it.

  14. I can’t wait to see Joe leaves! He is totally annoy & he think he a strong player. More like a weak link! Go Home Joe!

  15. I wish this week was a double eviction because I want to see Joe and the shim Wil go home!! Not only is he irritating with his constant whining but his voice grates my last nerve! He is like a catty little bitch and so is Joe! I don’t even think they deserve to go to jury! Two pansies who are such poor sports! It is perfect that they are teamed up with Janelle as she is just as bad! After this season Janelle will be a three time loser! Once a loser, always a loser, Janelle!

  16. I really wanted Wil to leave this week. I could handle another week of Joe, he’s game has been shown by everyone so he’s only fooling himself. Boogie is to cocky, one he doesn’t really need the money and I believe he enjoys manipulating people to do what he says. I wonder what type of business he has and I would like to know how his employees really feel about him. They say they act differently in the outside world but I doubt it is that much of a difference.

  17. “If she can’t let her husband freely see her butthole, she has no reason to live”

    Wow Brit, spoken like someone who enjoys being backdoored. It also seems like she would be willing to let Shane freely see her butthole.

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