Big Brother Spoilers Week 3 Nomination Results Britney: “You can b*ckd00r anybody”

POV Holder: Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian ???
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAfE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

8:40pm Cam 3-4 HOH Britney and Janelle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Janelle asks her why did Shane nominate 2 of her players. Britney explains that week one Janelle and her team burnt them bad and Boogie’s team never has.
Janelle is warning her that Frank is very dangerous

Britney asks her if she was going around trying to get people to hate JOJO to make sure she gets evicted . Janelle says she wasn’t

janelle: “I don’t want to have JOJO leave.. my team voted for her”
Britney points out that she htought Fireworks was going to come out of joe’s butt when Frank won HOH last week. Brintet reminds her that all her team was her friend

Janelle: “I want you to get Shane on board to trusting me… Hmmmm… we need to get these players out of the house” Janelle uses the angle that Frank is the strongest player in the game and her group is the weakest.

Janelle starts talking trash about Frank and how he’s going to stream roll the house. Britney explains that the things haven’t went well for Shane in this game. His team was cut down early, everyone was gunning for him and right now he’s looking for security

Janelle brings up that she’s certain the coaches are coming into the game and when they do Frank is gunning for them. Janelle: ‘He’s a natural leader he’ll rally all the newbies to come after us”

8:59pm Shane and Britney
Britney points out that Danielle is upset right now because she’s not going to be the swing vote and won’t have the ability to make a deal with one of the other side for her safety. Shane says they need to explain everything to Danielle so it doesn’t fester.
They start talking about if the POV is played they can always backdoor Frank.
Britney: “You can backdoor anybody”
Britney: ‘We need to get Danielle and Dan up here.. I’m worried”

8:46pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle

They are pissed that Shane put up Joe and Ashley.. Dan isn’t happy thinks Shane has really set them back because now Janelle’s team wants blood. Dan tells her she needs to hide her emotion “Hide that Sink Face”
Dan says they could of been in a great situation now they are in the middle.

Danielle asks if Frank wins HOH next week, who is going up. Dan thinks it will be Wil and Ashley and if POV is used it will be Shane.
Dan: “We’re not in that bad of a position..”
Dan tells her she needs to talk to Shane and find out if their deal is still good and if boogie knows about them.
Dan stresses that she needs to act happy or at the very least neutral at the nominations.

9:10pm Cam 3-4 HOH Danielle, Shane and Brintey

Shane knows that she is pissed put he’s telling her she’s safe this week and next. Shane: “If you get put up I’ll win POV and take you down”

Shane explains to her why they did what they did. Danielle understands, she’s not mad she’s just terrified that next week she goes up. Danielle tells them that right now Boogie and Janelle are downstairs laughing, they have no reason to be against each other. Britney and Shane both tell her Frank hates Janelle’s players. Britney: “Janelle is actively campaigning against Frank”

Danielle asks her if Shane has a final 2 with Frank. Shane says he swears to god he doesn’t have a final 2 deal with anyone.

9:25 Dan joins them
Britney: “you got evil eye joe down looking like he’s going to punch someone”.. “you got wil sauteing a chicken when it’s still alive”

Shane tells them Danielle is safe this week and Frank said she is safe next week. “We can always backdoor Frank.. we have options”

Dan asks if Boogie and Frank knows about Danielle and Shane’s deal. Shane and Britney tell them no way they never told a thing.
Shane says he feels bad that he told them one thing and ended up doing another thing.

9:20pm Cam 1-2 Arcade room Janelle and Wil
Janelle is full on wanting to take out Frank this week tells Wil he needs to win POV. Wil: “OH COURSE.. it’s one thing to F**K with me but to f**K with joe and Ashley.. I know if you hadn’t won the coaches competition I would be going up”. Janelle tells him he needs to lie threw his teeth do whatever it takes to keep Joe in the game.

9:38pm Cam 3-4 HOH Dan, Danielle, Ashley, Shane and Britney Ashley is whimpering that she feels all alone.. She’s not mad at them. Shane explains to her she’s not the target this week and if Janelle hadn’t saved Wil it would be Wil and Joe up on the block not Ashley and Joe.. (Ohh shit grenade) Ashley understands. They talk about how awkward it is downstairs with Joe and wil. Ashley points out that Joe won’t even look at her.

9:46pm Janelle joins them Says she’s excited about Shane’s speech it’s got her thinking (The speech slammed Janelle’s team calling them out for turning on Shane). Janelle still wants to work with Shane and his side (LOL what side shane’s the last one) Shane calls her out on trying to be friends again. he says they were friends week one and once something bad happened (Willie) she jumped ship and her team didn’t take any of the repercussions and his team got ground into dust. Everyone leaves Shane and Janelle to talk. Janelle pisses on Boogie’s team saying they are untrustworthy. Starts saying Boogie is laughing downstairs at Shane and Boogie is the strongest Coach in the game. She goes on and on about all the slimy things Boogie did season 7… use your Flashback if you like to see Wil, Joe and Janelle squirm.

10:10pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room Danielle, Ashley and Joe Joe understands why he’s been nominated it was Shane’s smartest move. Joe wants to talk to Shane about backdooring Frank. He asks Danielle if she was picked for POV would she try to win it and would she use it. Danielle doesn’t want to go against the head of household so he needs to talk to Shane first.
Joe shoots straight says that he only wants good people to win the prize, Joe: “thats all I care about.. to get good people down there” Joe is going to wait first to calm down before he talks to Shane. Danielle really playing it up, saying she feel close to Ashley and Joe more than most other people in the house. Joe tosses out the idea of them getting Frank BD this week and taking Jenn on their side. Wil claims that Kara went home because of Britney’s players.

10:26pm Cam 1-2 Wil and Ashley Wil is pissed at Britney calls her fake. He says it’s obvious that Frank and Shane are working together because Frank put Shane up last week and now. Joe and Janelle join them. Joe is excited says that they have Danielle on their side she said she’s 99% going to help them win the POV and she’ll use it. They are start planning out what they are going to say to Shane. Janelle tells them to lie lie lie say whatever it takes to get him to save Joe this week. (Ashley is right there by the way LOL OMG) Janelle explains that they need to offer Shane not a 1 week deal but 2 or 3 week deal. She wants Wil to really stroke Shane’s ego say things like “Ohh you are such a strong competitor it would a honor to side with you”

10:33pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Dan Dan sayign the best thing to happen is if Ashley wins the POV and Dan puts up Frank. Danielle and dan both want to take Frank out this week. Danielle is saying that Janelle’s team cornered her in the arcade room and ask her if she’ll use the POV. They claimed that Shane told Janelle that he wants to Backdoor Frank. Danielle can cut a deal with Ashley if she wins POV she’ll take her down and Shane can put up Frank.

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88 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers Week 3 Nomination Results Britney: “You can b*ckd00r anybody”

  1. say what you will about Brit but her team has won 2 HOH’s and 2 POV’s in less than 3 weeks :) Team Shane/Dan

      1. Ummm…. wouldn’t that be Britany’s team won 1 HOH and Shane has won the rest?

        Sounds more like a “he” than a “they.”

        Still very impressive. Everyone is focused on Frank and he has only won 1 comp. Shane is playing a good game. Meanelle is so paranoid about Booger all her focus is on Frank ’cause he is Booger’s #1 pick.

      2. Ummm…. It seems to me that Britany’s “Team” has won 1 HOH and a player (Shane) on her “team” has won 1 HOH and 2 POV.

        Seems more like a individual effort to me.

  2. love it! they really need to work on Ashley to break the hold Janelle has on her. one of the best nights post willie!!

    1. love how he’s spinning Shane’s nominations. this is soo funny! I really hope that Ian, Jenn & Danielle get to play in the POV & anybody but Joe wins!

  3. In Janelle’s defense, they only jumped ship because Willie wanted to keep Frank… Janelle & her team only turned after that house meeting was called. So to me they’ aren’t really floaters. Janelle wants what she wants… & she’s not floating because if any of her players leave, she’s still in the game. I can’t wait from Janelle to enter the game & take matters into her own hands. I’d be scared if I was Shane & Britney. (who should’nt have even been a coach to begin with) :)

    1. janelle is looking more and more like a tranny and Wil is looking more and more like a woman
      wonder if Wil is sucking the “woman” out of Janelle. If so by the next week or two Wil will be a woman and Janelle a man :)

        1. LOL in case you didn’t catch it earlier.. Wil has hair extensions and asked to borrow Ashley’s brush, that is so much better for the
          No matter what side of the house you’re on… this is funny stuff. Seeing Janelle slip and slide all over the place to protect her band
          of misfits. Ok Ok,, I admit I’ve been drinking tonight. But, I had to numb myself to the bullshit that’s spewing all over the place and from
          Janelle’s mouth.. They are the evil one’s.. manipulative, using their power to malign her.. (my words, but I can use big words, cuz I don’t
          have fake tits and tattoo’d lips) Jus sayin’~ LOL

  4. How can Janelle possibly defend evicting JoJo over Danielle!?! Lol. Massive hole in her argument that she “only worked with Boogie because of Willie.”
    Willie was gone when you decided to evict JoJo!!!

    1. U so right…. Janelle is grasping for straws with britney….. Little do she know britney know everything abt this game, britney social and concept skills r on point…. Im actually #teambritney now…… Even though she tortured my fav ((( BRENCHEL )))

    1. HAHAH Glad it’s working now.. we have another patch coming out for it soon that will fix the comments.

      Don’t be shy to leave a review for it :)

      1. Simon love it! Setup nicely!! The only negative thing I have is… Ads on a paid app… TSK TSK
        Ohhhh and I’m trying to figure out how to save my name in the app because right now I’m entering it every time.
        But at least my eyes aren’t crossing now :)))))

  5. I never said anything about Janelle evicting JoJo over Danielle. In my honest opinion it was a great move. get the stronger player out. But if i’m being delusional about Janelle can some please give me plausible evidence??? SIMON???

  6. okay seriously I really like Ian but he may have some illness or something he’s always shaking or moving in some ways, im not saying it’s a bad thing if he does it’s just something i noticed. He’s sitting at the table and he’s not stopped rocking back and forth

  7. such bad advice from brit.

    no one has been brought back yet

    you go ahead and backdoor frank, I guarentee he returns by the following week. its just a BB given that this would happen

    1. He can’t return if the coaches come back. They will have a full set of players if (when) the coaches enter the game and that will make it so that no one that has been evicted will re-enter the game.

      1. not true. players sent to sequester, and they said coaches will have a chance if the votes say yes, not that all 4 will go into the game

  8. Wil and Ashley are talking now…seriously Wil?? He says “obviously they weren’t gonna be faithful to us.” Ummm…last time I checked, you deserted them first. Ughhh I wish he wasn’t safe.

  9. @Simon. I was just about to ask you did Dan have anything to do with these dumb nominations,but after reading this update,I’m happy to know he wasn’t apart of this nonsense.Janelle doesn’t need to tell Shane about how shady Boogie is.Shane will find out on his own,real fast.Just like the one who I was rooting for last season,Danielle had to find out the hard way about not trusting Jeff aka the grudge holder.Lol.He flip the script on her and the following week she was out the door.I’m starting to think that Shane never seen how cutthroat/shady Boogie played on All-Stars.Maybe that’s why he thinks he can trust Frank&Boogie not to turn on him.I feel a little bad for Dan.He actually thought he had found smart people to have a secret alliance with.Just for a minute I did too.Oh,well.I guess, I’ll just watch Boogie play Shane&Britney.Lol.

    1. What show were you watching last season. Danielle screwed her own game by betraying her alliance first by putting up Brenden and Rachel and then replacing Rachel with Jordan.

      That kind of blind loyalty is what got Shane and Jojo in such hot water last week.

      Your girl Dani is stupid. She is like Janelle. Good at comps. Bad at everything else. The only reason she got second place the first time she played was because her dad carried her.

  10. None of what happens this week matters since Frank wont go home. Coaches come in next week and chill town squared joins up (Boogie, Frank, Shane, Dan and they sring along one of the girls). They then pecker slap the house till the end.

  11. I can’t imagine Ashley being able to solve a puzzle any faster than she finished the menu POV game – LOL!!

  12. I wish I had game talk or opinions but I’m
    just not super attached to this season yet for whatever reason. :(
    My only thoughts so far areeeee……
    I’m hoping that DDBS forms a solid 4 person, if they use their numbers wisely this week they could do some damage. But it looks like I’m losing hope there… I don’t really understand the plan with the Noms today.
    Random thoughts… I’d like to see Shane take it all and Danielle 2nd, I do not want to coaches to enter the game (we’ve had ENOUGH all-stars come on BB), I have a love/hate relationship with half this seasons cast. Eh. Maybe it’ll click soon

  13. Perhaps Joe can bring up a couple of midnight snacks when he tries to talk to Shane – since the breakfast in bed worked so well this morning.

  14. Is Danielle seriously gonna work with Team Janelle??? What is her deal? She is saying that she’s gonna get Shane to put up frank and then evict Frank??? Girl, you are totally safe and if you would just lay low and stick with Shane who has actually won comps, you’re good.. But it’s almost like she’s tryin to make herself a target! WTH??? If she works with them, I can’t wait till Boogie comes in this game…..he will make her life miserable!!!! She and Ashley both will be layin on the floor peein their pants and self evict!!!! God, woman wake up!

      1. Thanks, Simon! I thought I was halucinating seeing danielle make her own moves and play the game…..but Im afraid she will make herself a huge target!!! why would she do that if she’s safe this week at least?? Not that any of those fools on Team Janelle are gonna win POV…..and not that Shane would ever put up Frank…but why would she freak out and do that??? Paranoia has set in on Danielle for sure. But then again, now she’s up there layin on the bed with Shane all happy… who knows what’s in her mind…..

        1. Whats on Danielles mind???? Let me ponder a moment…..

          1. Am I fat?
          2. I wonder if Shane really likes me?
          3. I soo want him to grab my a$$ and squeeze it hard with those super strong carpentry hands.
          4. Do I wear enough makeup?
          5. Mmmm, Im hungry.
          6. Am I fat?

          1. you forgot this one: “if i hitch my wagon tightly enough onto shane’s wagon, frank will have to help drag me across the finish line”

      2. @Simon. “no Danielle wants Frank out and so does Janelle’s group”. And so does Dan.Since,I’m only rooting for Dan.I also want Frank out this week,because it will cripple Boogie.Thus,making it that much easier for Dan to win this game again.Tonight’s nominations shows that the secret alliance that Dan thought would be a good idea.Is actually point less,since Shane&Britney aren’t going to take the biggest threat(Frank) out of the game,then Dan&Danielle or basically on their own again.

  15. Joe is a tool. Janelle’s team is still blaming Willie, but just wait until the coaches come in the game. I know they are hypocrites and will never say it out loud, but they will remember Willie and his meeting. He was right and nobody wanted to listen. What I don’t get is why Wil is so upset. I hope he doesn’t get picked for veto and Frank does.

  16. no offense to the facebook BB fans but some of them are scary ( if they are the real pics of themselves they have on their accounts) maybe a faceless book is called for

  17. Not sure if its just me…but this season is boring me. I do like the old players being brought back because these new people are dull as hell. I’ve always liked Janelle, but her attempt to “stir the pot” with poor, sweet Danielle the other night on BBAD was pretty nasty.

    I still think she’s a good coach…much better than Britney, who should take some responsibility for Willie’s meltdown. She was egging him on and totally threw him under the bus. She’s the same little biz-natch she was in her own season.

    I DO hope the veterans come back into the game….simply to see how these idiotic new players fare without the help of their coaches. Gee….some of them may actually have to think for themselves.

    As always….thanks for the updates!

  18. Janelle’s team trashing Britney on the feeds isn’t going to help them in any way, lol. You can’t expect someone to be buddy-buddy with you after you ditched them the week before right after the other side went to power – Janelle deserves what she’s going to get.

    1. @Megahn.You wrote,”You can’t expect someone to be buddy-buddy with you after you ditched them the week before right after the other side went to power – Janelle deserves what she’s going to get.” That’s a good point.However,Shane doesn’t seem to have a problem with Frank,you know the guy that put Shane up for eviction,and had intentions to make sure Shane was kicked out of the game last week.The only reason why Shane is still in the house is because he won the veto.If he hadn’t won the veto,Boogie&Frank would had made sure his butt was kicked out the house.But for some reason Shane actually believes that Frank,whose strings are being pulled by Boogie(the guy that is known for being cutthroat/shady,amongst other things)won’t take back what he said,and kick Shane out of the game.Lol.

  19. I feel bad for Shane

    It’s too obvious that everyone will be gunning for him next week and he will be backdoored.

    Bye Bye Shane, enjoy your last week

    1. he has a bear last week it was a duck and Ian cute (have another glass of wine and soon boogie will be too)

  20. funny how ashley is whining to ian right now about how shane and britney went back on their word not to nominate her, isn’t she the one who told kara to her face not once but twice that she was voting for her to stay and then turned around and voted her out yeah i think so, this is such a bad cast this year a house full of hypocrites.

    1. I need to get BBAD again! Thought it would be boring this season but it seems it’s been pretty interesting lately

  21. wil said it was britney’s team’s fault that kara went home, how the hell was it their fault they’re the only ones that voted for her well them and danielle he’s such a dumbass, can’t wait until he’s gone so we don’t have to see him sulk and hear him whine all the time.

  22. Shane should’ve put up Frank. Poor Shane doesn’t realize that boogie/Frank will take him out. He showed his cards and now everyone knows they are working together.
    @muffdiver, you can talk dirty, impressive. Go back to what you were doing please.

  23. why is joe so mad? i keep reading about how he is about to explode? can someone catch me up please! (love you simon and dawg!)

  24. Dan and boogie have a final two deal for each player they think they can win with. Danielle(only player left) Boogie Ian. Thats why Dan is pushing for Frank so hard to be evicted and to appease Janelle’s people and take heat off Danielle and Ian.

  25. None of this cast seems to take responsibility for their actions, including the coaches.
    Once something bad happens, its everybody else’s fault but their own.

    Britney with the Willie situation, put all the blame on him when it was her fault; Janelle’s team voting out Kara, blaming Britney’s team when all of Britney’s team voted for Frank to leave & Kara to stay, making it Janelle’s team’s fault.

    Its getting annoying how much Janelle is campaigning against Frank when she obviously had the opportunity to knock him out of the game the first week.

  26. I can see keeping Frank, at least for another week. An endurance comp is coming…probably this week for HOH. Shane can’t play and Danielle sure can’t win it for him. Frank is the best shot at keeping Shane safe for next week.
    Danielle wanting Frank out I am not understanding…if Frank/Boogie, Shane/Britney and Dan/Danielle team up, Janelle’s team can be disbanded.
    THEN the 6 person alliance can turn on itself. Does that make sense at all?
    And I was nauseated at Ashley’s “woe is me” speech up in HOH….how could she think ANYONE took her seriously? And Joe looked just like a demon last night…

  27. Shane will definitely pick Frank to keep the nomination a same. Nice to know you Joe. Have fun being evicted. Wil is next to leave out of the door. Make Janelle Suffer.

    Simon:I look at my stats and I missing the Have/Havenot Participate Competition. Is it there or is not? I will send you a stats with Have/Havenot Competition Participate record by end of the show.

  28. I would like to nominate Janelle for “Worse Lie Ever in the Big Brother House” for her comment to Britany:

    “I don’t want to have JOJO leave.. my team voted for her”

    Jojo was evicted with a 5 – 1 count. Everyone knows (especially Britany) that Shane threw a vote to Jojo.

  29. Little do these morons know, come Thursday, the whole game changes when the coaches enter. Be smart, make no long term deals with anyone because it is soon to be a brand new game as if they are starting all over again! As for Danielle she is so blasting stupid, she is a black eye on my profession. I hope she isn’t a critical care nurse because she has no critical thinking skills. Nurses like her belong in clinics and doctor’s offices where the acuity is light! Otherwise she would be a danger to the public for crying out loud!

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