Nail Party Crashed “Andy cracked a joke and Kaitlin laughed so hard.. B!TCH”

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


8:00pm Backyard couch JUDD and Jessie (JEJU)
JUDD asking her how her hand has been
Jessie: ‘Tender.. Tender MEAT”
She asks him how many cartons of cigarettes he has.
JUDD says he has 18 packs left.


Candace and Jessie are teh first to arrive.
Helen is pissed because Gina is making food for Jeremy she’ll be 15 minutes late. Helen: ‘WHY WHY does she do that” Jessie: ‘Stupid.. so Stupid”
Aaryn and KAitlin comes up Helen starts showing them all the crackers and cheese she’s set up. Kaitlin asks if Amanda is joining them. Helen says she on slop and isn’t taking it well.

Elissa has joined them.. they all start chatting about vegas, boys, nails etc etc…

8:44pm Andy has joined them. Helen starts playing a game “What was your first job.. First is Elissa” Feeds cut *** when they come back Kaitlin is telling us about her first job.
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds The CBS feeds are a HUGE improvement over the super pass feeds and they are 30% cheaper with no subscription to cancel.

8:28pm The guys are in the backyard talking about candy. JUDD likes Swedish fish “there good for you high in protein low in sugar”

Amanda joins the guys in the backyard asks them what they are talking about.
Jeremy: “Candy”
Amanda: “Shouldn’t you guys be talking about pu$$y”
Amanda says she’s craving salty food and she doesn’t want to F**** do her nails. She’s in a horrible mood because of the slop. Spencer saying Hey McCrea you can give her something salty.
They go back to talking about Candy.


8:45pm Backyard Spencer and JUDD
JUDD saying someone wrote triangle of thrust in the bathroom
Spencer: “What’s that”
JUDD explains that Whenever Jeremy, Aaryn nd KAitlin slept together Jeremy would call it the triangle of thrust.
Judd: “A girl needs to go next week”
Spencer says it should be Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina
Spencer and Judd agree that Kaitlin is a powerhouse in the competitions.
JUDD: ‘I think KAitlin is way more dangerous than Aaryn”

Spencer says when it will get crazy is when Gina, Kaitlin and Aaryn are gone and they have to turn on each other.
Judd agrees.

JUDD brings up that Gina solely blames him for sending Nick home.
Spencer: “F*** it”
JUDD thinks Gina just doesn’t understand the game he tried to explain it but nothing sinks in.

Spencer brings up sending some girls home these next couple weeks. Spencer thinks saving gina for the last is the best bet.
JUDD: “Gina and Kaitlin will be the most bitter jury members, Especially Gina because she blames us guys for Nick”
Spencer: “I want to make it to Jury so damn bad”
Amanda comes back starts screaming at the camera tells Big Brother you put me on slop and didn’t give me any slop to eat and no protein.
Specner leaves Jeremy joins them.
Jermey to JUDD “if I could give away my pass I would give it to you bro” Feeds cut


9:00pm Spencer and Howard playing Pool

Spencer about McCrea “That homeboy over there I don’t think he won MVP” Spencer thinks McCrea volunteered to take some of the heat off Elissa. Howard agrees say both him and Candace think it was Elissa.
Spencer: ‘I already told H that they’re both safe from both of us next week regardless of what happens.” (Helen). Spencer isn’t sure they can trust Helen and Elissa but if they are not in power it doesn’t matter. Spencer biring sup the scary weeks are coming. He thinks the order should be Aaryn, Kaitlin and then Gina.

CBS Interactive Inc.


9:11pm Hammock mad Jessie, McCrea and Amanda
Jessie going off about Jeremey crashing the girls nail party.
Jessie: “I was like can just have 5 minutes without you in my airspace that would be so lovely”

J: “Andy cracked a joke and KAitlin laughed so hard.. B!TCH”
Amanda: ‘What he say.. obviously he was joking”
J: “We were talking about first kisses and mine was in a boys bathroom.. and he was like HOE and she just started laughing hysterically”
J: “Makes my temper rise”
A: “I would have said.. it’s not that funny Kaitlin and walked out”


9:21 cam 3-4 mad Jessie and Helen
Helen says she missed it wants to know if someone at the nail party said something rude to her. Jessie explains the joke and how Kaitlin laughed SO HARD.

Jessie isn’t going to sit there and be in the position where there is negativity and people cut her down.
Jessie: “all I thought is you’re such a b!tch you’re such a B!tch”
Helen is sad that she left but doesn’t want Jessie to be there if she’s not feeling safe.
Jessie says she doesn’t deserves being treated like that all she has done has been polite to KAitlin.
Jessie: ‘I have to bite my tongue when they are rude, mean and malicious toward me”
Helen: “He’s going home”
Jessie: “She’s not”
Helen: ‘She will go out soon”

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Someone…Anyone…PLEASE….make Helen STFU!!!!!!

I literally can take no more. As soon as a cam switches to her I mute and move on.
Has anyone ever enjoyed the sound of their own voice as much as Helen?


What really gets on my nerves the most is listening to Helen say “you know what I mean” 45 times during each conversation that she has with every HG. Over and over and over again … I’ve liked her since day 1 in the house and she’s got a great strategy, but I literally am unable to watch her any longer without hitting the mute button!!!!


Great strategy? So you think forming a 12 person alliance, built on threats and demands, is a winning formula? Is this your 1st season watching BB?


Speaking of Helen, has anyone got a link to a OBB post (assuming there is one) where Helen said that the DR told her not to put Howard on the block?


AGGHHH !!! Jessie is a poor excuse for a woman… She is so pathetic. I had to fast forward through bb after dark ’cause I’m so fed up and disgusted with her whining and attention seeking.. It has been over and over again and she will talk about the same thing, repeat her words over and over again. I’m actually getting sick of this season… They do need to bring Jeremy back because at least there is some life on the show.. I am pretty close to just not watching it all together… This cast sucks!!! I hate Aryn they need to get rid of Jessie before that so I can stand watching the show and not fast forwarding all the time cause of Jessie’s annoying voice and pathetic attitude… No wonder she can’t get a man… Who wants a pathetic sad excuse for a woman it’s a joke…


You don’t like Jessie, but you like Jeremy. I think I hate your guts.


you are a vile individual and i loathe you

the fact is many people, male and female, continue to pick on jessie – she really doesnt deserve that and has a right to complain about it, as so many people have been, and continue to be, mean spirited


Anyone catch the end of conversation between Amanda and McCrae? The camera switched to Helen and Jessie. McRae said how are they going to react when they know who we really are? Intimating that Amanda and McCrae may know each other already and maybe this seasons twist???


You’re as paranoid as the HG’s. If they new each other and that was the twist, we -the audience- would already know. See that’s the fun of the twist is we know and anticipate the house finding out….

They were likely kidding around about after they win and the house watches the shows and finds out how thoroughly they got played by Amanda…and McCrae, I guess.

Howard's Biceps

Hope Howard wins HOH!


Where is Amanda when you need her? She needed to hear the Helen/Jessie conversation if only for new material to mock Jessie behind her back.

So ANDY makes the joke, but it’s Kaitlin’s fault for laughing…Jessie is just as crazy as GM. I can only hope the cameras are on when the last single guy, Judd, also rejects her advances. Well, I suppose she’ll just have to comfort herself with memories of the night Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey treated her like Chinese fingercuffs…


so in your opinion jessie should be ok with people picking on her and bitching about her and ganging up on her relentlessly

kaitlyn has been a total kunt to jess the entire time, and i am looking forward to seeing kuntlyn lose her showmance on thursday


I hope everyone votes out Jeremy, but I hate the idea he has four full days to throw a wrench into those plans. Anyone think we will see a massive turn like we did last week?


I think Jeremy is the new Frank

I kind of hope he stays cuz I like Helen, but she’s starting to power trip…

And I don’t want one side to have the numbers I want them to sweat a little…

I think a good final 3 no one would expect Judd Jeremy Andy

I didn’t like Elissa, but I hope she starts thinking for herself and her MVP power


Nah, Howard is the new Frank. Everybody hates him for absolutely no reason other than they’re so bereft of confidence that they don’t think they can beat him….so they have to absolutely tear him down every in every conversation, obsessively talking about him constantly.

With the likability of this cast, Howard can leave next week and he’ll still win America’s favorite…just like Frank.


I liked Howard at first and respected when he removed himself from a showdown with Aaryn, but he’s playing the shit outta Candace he talked shit the first 2 weeks and now is with her bc no other option and using the whole race thing to blind her along with Helen…and using religion to manipulate Jessie and Elissa…don’t swear on the bible and say your this honest Christian man then lie…using religion/race to manipulate isn’t a play worth $500,000

He’s gonna need to step it up


Are you a racist? Do you think all black people “play the race” card and stick together. Do you blame black people fro not being able to laugh at a good N-word joke? Because it’s either that or you’re just stupid and you parrot what you hear people on the show say. Howard has refused to use race at every turn, refusing to engage, or be painted as “the black guy”. As for Candace, he does not talk game with her and has not tried to use her to put in a good word and get protection. In fact if anything he’s separated his game from Candace, so if he goes down for the MC, she doesn’t go with him.

“Normal” people don’t fall in love in 24 hours…they don’t McCrea, Kaitlin, Aaryn, GM. Normal people often meet people they find annoying at first and then over time, whether it’s real feeling are just the loneliness and isolation…or the fact that you’re paired together with somebody because the bullies and cowards leave you no other person to turn to other than the one who is mocked alongside you….that over time friendships, affection can develop.

You find me one instance where Howard has used race, other than immediately following an attack/joke or when somebody else (Candace) brings it up.


Um I’m mixed so no I’m not racist…

I just don’t believe Howard I think he’s a manipulator and not a good one plain and simple and because I said he uses the race card does not mean I think all black people use it

And yes I think people in this house need thicker skin…

Either confront the racism or stop talking about it if your not gonna stand up for yourself


You are an extremist.


Jessie says she misses listening to Bob Marley & starts singing “don’t worry be happy” by Bobby McFerrin !! LOL…. BTW, before this years BB, has there ever in the history of the world been 8 grown men in a house with a pool table & yet been so miserable at playing it ??


Super friendship, 12 persons alliance, 3 weeks in a row HOH… Oh sorry, MVP, honest girl power, nail party and cheese platter!? Fuck that!

Go Amanda!!


Jess has a very strange looking body. She appears thin and in good shape with the exception that her stomach sticks out in an abnormal way. I don’t know why but I find this very irritating. I am just sick of Helen and her power trip. Why would she get so upset that Kaitlin was 15 min late for their stupid nail party because she was cooking for Jeremy? She wants to control everyone. I cant wait till she gets evicted but Jess first because I hate her belly


Her body isn’t strange, that whole thing is known as “Redneck” hot, kinda got this trailer park look to it, all that missing is a baby on her hip and a dirty faced toddler running around.


Your comments about a HG’s physical appearance is really rude. Grow up is right.


Her stomach is flat as a board. You just hate her because she’s hot.


i dont know what drugs you are taking

head to toe jess is the finest looking girl there


I know this is irrational and mostly meaningless, but Howard and Candace can’t leave before Aaryn and GM. They don’t need to win or even make jury, they just have to outlast these two.


Get the f**k out Andy. It’s a girl’s party. Just because you’re gay you are not a girl. In fact you are a rat and who will infiltrate any party just to stick your rat face in it


Now that Aaryn has turned it off, they have to shake things up… Katelyn and Jeremy are a crappy showmance.. They will get Howard another few weeks, and Aaryn has to go first…

Boogie Nights

I alway used to wonder like “ohh why do they always have to put these old boring people that slow down everyone! It would be so nice to just have a house full of young people!”

But now I understand… I finally understand.

The level of immaturity is TOO DAMN HIGH!

I miss Boogie and Dan 🙁

Nobody in this season has charisma, except for Amanda.
She’s one mean, smart, funny woman. And she’s strong. Mentally strong. No wonder everyone calls him McVagina. It’s not that he doesn’t has a pair, it’s that nobody fucks with Amanda.

Remember how she handled Aaryn and the girls when they were bullying Candice after flipping her bed?
She gave me a good laugh.

Simon/Dawg pls back me up.


McCrae is good in comp. and actually understand the game, she is his queen, he is her knight. And beside, she is in almost every alliances. lol But i think your right.

Not a Boogie Lover

I don’t get all the ‘Boogie adoration’. I thought he was a scumbag who looks like Freddy Krueger and acts like Slim Shady. He must be about what, 50 or 60 now, right? Time to grow up.


you have to respect boogie’s game. his all star performance was legendary. his age right now is irrelevant.


Watching her walk into a that room, with the 3 mean girls in full aggressive mode, and just shutting them down with absolute ease…was such a turn on. She has never been hotter than in that moment. And yes critics, she can be crass, but she’s more often funny. I hate that she hates Howard (the only guy I’d want to hang out with), but she’s smart, funny, fearless, and is there to win. Every season I root for players with all these qualities…and this is the first time ever that player has been a woman.


you do realise that jess had already put aaryn, kaitlyn and gina and jeremy in their place right before amanda barged in pretending to be the friend of jess? amanda did that in a calculating way knowing it would con people into giving her mvp votes…the fight had nothing to do with amanda, and jess did very well on her own that night without anyone stepping in to try be a hero


astonishing that amanda gets away with the bullying, the racist and homophobic comments, and people still want to like her because she is loud with her fake actor wannabe type personality, and has fake tits

perhaps the most overrated bb player in history – you may be dissapointed by the lack of good players this season, but its pretty desperate to give her that much praise

i like dominant women put for me there is nothing to like about her…every thing she does is a turn off and her look isnt that great – and she might have big tits, but they are fake, just like her personality


Helen is on such a power trip, she wants to dictate who can make food?


“OMG she laughed when Andy called me a HO! that bitch”….STFU already you stupid hyper sensitive catty bitches…all these c*nts need to go


shoosh now

Me Again

Although Aaryn makes a lot of racial comments, I don’t think it is fair others comments are not being aired and judged on Julie’s show “The Talk”. Don’t single out just one person when others are making racial/gay comments also. I do believe Julie is singling Aaryn out because of the Asian slurs, and Julie is taking it personal, and I do understand that. I’m thinking a law suit will be filed against CBS, because GM and Aaryn careers are tarnished. If I lost my job while in the house I would want production to tell me, because I have financial obligations which I may want to leave the show to find a job. Aaryn and GM may deserve the backlash, but I don’t think something as serious as being fired from a job should be kept from them. I suggest BB make some serious changes to the cast contracts,


Obviously the DR telling Helen not to put Howard on the block is racial.
I think race should be left out of BB period!


What grounds exactly would you sue on? Do you know how the courts work?


Then they shouldnt have made stupid comments that they wouldnt want aired….RIGHT? Cameras are everywhere….they wear mics. If they were so worried about their portrayal, then guess what? DONT PORTRAY YOURSELVES THAT WAY.
They dug their own graves. Edited or not, they still said those things. It’s about time tv showed the truth about people. I agree about all of them being exposed, tho…not just Aryan.

Kayla J

A lawsuit against CBS!?!
Your solitary lawyer against their team of well trained Ivy league graduates? ok. Good luck with that.
That is such a dumb move because CBS will end up countersuing and you’ll owe them millions.
Just saying


For Reals???? (Jack from W&G). Well contracts are binding and favortism isn’t aloud, especially for people who decide it’s okay to disrespect, humilate and degrad other people because of their heritage, sexual preference or race. People are so hard to please and never satisfied for very long, especially when people they claim to like don’t act the way you want them to. When idiot Aaryn makes comments like “BB set me up to look like the racist in the house” is so laughable because the feeds that I’m watching pretty much show that BB is not telling her what to say.


LOL, if you think their contracts are not set up rock solid, you are delusional. These people couldn’t sue them if they died on the show, much less if they said things that were racist and their true colors shown on national tv. What are they going to say? “Yes, I said racist things, but it is not my fault CBS shows what I truly am, a big racist, sexist, ignorant fool.” If you say these things in your place of work, you could get fired for them. Same if your work hears you say those things on national tv and sees you making a bad name for them. If you’re an idiot, you deserve to lose your job.


To the person who commented that they are “irritated” by Jessie’s belly – why don’t you post a pic of yourself so we can critique your physic. Grow up. The only people who post negative things, irrelevant to the game commentary, are sad about themselves and hide behind their computer trying to (falsely) make themselves feel better. We think childhood bullying is an epidemic, it’s worse with adults. SMH.


It’s been statistically shown that children who are raised in humorless houses, where every word is taken literally and any joke is heard as a wounding insult, turn into adult keyboard warriors who monitor internet message boards looking for any post that contains humor, instantaneously misreading it as a literal commentary, and admonishing those who would dare to not treat a reality show and it’s contestants with the proper reverence and respect.

I don’t know if you have any alcohol in your convent…uh..I mean house, but maybe you should pour yourself a drink, take a deep breath, and try to relax.


and yet that wasn’t what was talked about here. so I’d love to see the statistics on internet bullying. on where those people come from who prefer to spend their day focusing on the negative, picking apart what someone says in order to make them look weak, then having a bunch of like minded mean folks to come along and make it look like its a majority opinion, when its simply just the loud one.

you are looking at this so black and white. as if anything and everything is one way or the other. there is no bullying, its simply people taking things too seriously. sorry, doesn’t work that way.


jess is gorgeous and is actually the fittest girl there and i think is a very good swimmer




What exactly has Amanda done that everyone’s so scared of her. She behaves like a Rottweiller, yes but she hasn’t really had any influence on anybody but McCrae. I’d love to see her and Candiace go up next on the block.


Because it’s clear she has the highest IQ and the biggest balls in the house. This cast operates on fear…and Amanda is the only one who isn’t afraid. It’s the same phenomenon that made Nick a threat. It was clear that he was smart, rational, and there to win the game…all of which made him an alien to those looking for Superfriends, showmances, or looking to be famous and therefore was deemed a threat.

What sucks about the MVP is that all the strongest players are getting picked off -which is why Amanda should be a little more afraid- and before long all that will be left are the weak and the floaters.


the only reason to be afraid is that someone can win mvp and nom her without telling her. but really, everyone is so afraid of her, that there may be all of 3 people who would put her up


i want amanda out….after aryan, gino, and klitlin.


The line between humour and offensive remarks is thin and certainly blurry regarding this seasons show. But thank god In my convent I have a stocked wine cellar that is used with reckless abandoned. But in my house I also have a teenage daughter and several of her healthy beautiful friends with body dysmorphia because of the ignorant ( and hurtful) sh!t people like to spew maliciously on The Internet.

Tripping off my soapbox from taking your suggestion to lighten up and have a drink ????


its kind of funny how no one even notices Jessie is there unless she is crying about something. its kind of a shame, she looks good tonight. I sort of want to be put in the house, but I feel like after about 24 hours, I’d be running for the hills, or ignoring her like everyone else


there is really no reason why any of these people should be going out of their way to be mean spirited to jess

she stood up for herself against 4 of the assholes on thursday, and kuntlyn continues to be a bitch to her as jess has turned her back on them, and kuntlyn is annoyed that jeremy is leaving on thursday

if jess is being treated badly by certain people she has the right to talk about it – and she has handled it fairly well i think


i think this year our comp beast is going to be a female and i think that girl will be Kaitlin…look shes real strong looking… like rachel is..


she will soon be gone – i think helen , elissa, jess, aaryn will win more comps than her


Helen……you need to Chillax and Calm own already. I rooting for both of you so don’t blow it.