Big Brother Spoilers Helen and Andy start planning Elissa’s MVP for the next 3 weeks

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


6:03pm Bedroom Spencer and Howard

Spencer saying that he’s almost out of deodorant he’s asked for more seems like they are taking their time getting it for him. Howard offers his, Spencer: “I got sensitive Pits need special deodorants”


6:13pm Backyard Amanda, McCrea and Elissa

Elissa saying she’s a very shy person so it takes her time to get comfortable with people. She’s developing relationships but it takes time. McCrea says he’s the same way.
They ask Elissa about her husband’s background. She says he’s canadian. Amanda wants to know where his ancestors came from. Elissa doesn’t know thinks it might be dutch.

Elissa says that Brendon and Rachel are doing great Brendon is working on his PhD all he does is study trying to cure cancer. She calls them two little nerds.
Elissa: “My husband doesn’t have a ounce of nerdiness in him.. he’s a guy’s guy’s” She mentions how they really like watching nascar. Before she got married she use to hang out with a lot of nascar drivers.


6:17pm Howard training Aaryn

Howard: “Good good good good.. cmon cmon cmon good good.. bring it back .. thats 5 .. bring it back… you got 5 more .. don’t think about it.. good cmon cmon.. two more cmon cmon .. you’re good good good .. yes yes yes cmon Aaryn.. one more bring it back.. one more 4 minutes out”

6:31:00 Howard whispers in his mic “I’m sorry god ????? Praying First” About 5 minutes ago Andy was asking Candace where Howard was and she said he was praying.

CBS Interactive Inc.


6:34pm cam 1-2 Amanda and McCrea
Amanda saying that Howard training Aaryn is his way of gaining trust right now.
Amanda: ‘Watch as the tiger lures his prey and then he attacks”
Amanda points out that Candace isn’t around she’s sleeping they have a method to this. (Amanda is thinking Spencer is trying to pull Aaryn into his group)


6:36pm HOH Cam 3-4 Andy and Helen
Andy telling her how he’s playing spencer to think that him and JUDD are not really close to Helen’s and her superfriends. Andy brings up that he told Spencer he had no idea who the MVP is. Spencer thought it was odd that the group is so tight yet they don’t know the MVP. Andy thinks that saying that McCrea got the MVP is smart thing to do. (Amanda told Aaryn that it was Elissa that got it)
Helen: ‘I think that will be a good play for Elissa anyways.. at least for the next 2 or three weeks…. If MVP goes to her again .. She can take it or she can give it to someone to make it look better.. so we can always use that card” Andy: ‘As long as she doesn’t go rogue like last time” Helen: “No no.. I want her to use it strategically I will keep reminding her you know giving it to McCrea this week was a great way to not get your hands dirty with Spencer” Elissa joins them and they start talking about how the next two days are going to be easy and really the next should be easy as well.
They remind Elissa how close last week was. Helen: ‘I just want to have fun.. I want to invite all the girls up here .. um anyone is welcome but I think the girls are more up to it than the guys” Andy: “The nail party.. I’ll come”
Elissa mentions that Jeremy is already planning his return to the game, “So I think he’s cool with it” Helen: ‘He is so conceited to think he’s that good to return.. I would rather see Dave come back”

Elissa leaves.. Helen thinks that Kaitlin and Aaryn trust her. She wants them to be super nice to the girls because they never know what can happen, Kaitlin Gina and Aaryn can win HOH three weeks in a row it’s possible. Andy decides he’s going to get close to Jeremy because he knows it will go back to Kaitlin he needs to build up the trust.

Helen brings up how strong Amanda is. Andy wonders what HOH will be this week. Helen thinks it’s endurance, something that will benefit small girls. Andy isn’t sure because they’ve had two endurance competitions already. (I think It’s going to be crapshoot)

7:15pm Helen and Spencer are sweeping the kitchen floor (It’s kinda slow on the feeds no real game talk.. nail party tonight that should be good might give the guys/girls a chance to scheme)

7:45pm kitchen 5 of the girls + Andy all cams on the house guests in the kitchen .. Amanda is making pancakes and it’s not working out for her. Helen mentions the Nail party invites all the girls. Andy says he’s coming Amanda says no you’re not.

FYI Jessie is up she says she had a dream it was “Hunger Games Big Brother”

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I’m not sure if Production will give Elissa MVP next week- I think they might give Amanda or Helen a just to see what happens.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Seeing Amanda using it on Elissa would be epic. Helen could use it to get out Aaryn


or amanda go on block by howard


production isn’t GIVING it to anyone. So your saying this poll is rigged too? People just like Elissa cause A. they hate the brat pack and B. Cause she really is a good person.

This Season Blows

Typical delusional Brenchel fan. Yeah, it’s a “coincidence” that Rachel’s sister is getting the Most Valuable PLAYER award every week when she’s not even PLAYING the game.


You put wait too much faith in America, production created the MVP for Elissa, but they don’t need to rig the votes for her to win MVP. Blame America for voting for Elissa when she doesn’t deserve it.


lets not forget a couple years ago how “they” made up that stupid POV a team so rachel and jordon would win to get that leather skin freak out of the house


It would be so cool if the house was in the Hunger Games and we got to see Candace chop off Aaryn’s head off!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

ROLMFAO @ that visual , raising Aaryn’s head in the air like “You will Never flip my mattress again… B***h”

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

Simon and Dawg…. Almost 5,000 likes bros! Maybe that’s a good sign that Team Macramanda will be making moves this week 😉 (although they are in a pretty good spot right now, I dunno if they need anymore blood on their hands)


Howard or Candice for MVP, based on the Sunday episode, but who knows how the Wednesday, Thursday shows will affect it.

All I know is I’m tired of the Howard bashing, jeez give it a break. And thanks Amanda for throwing the idea of him using the race card, extra props to Andy for fueling that.


Same here, the Howard bashing is asinine and annoying. So he lied to you in an effort to stay loyal to his commitment. Get over it. All you other houseguest lie waaaaay more than Howard, are more manipulative, and are 2-faced on a daily basis. Its basically the pot calling the kettle the darkest and deepest black that has ever existed (no pun intended). I hope production gives Howard MVP this week


Wouldn’t it be interesting if Howard got it? Can you imagine if he put up Amanda? All hell would break loose.


I think production needs to do something in between using the POV and elimination day. Some type of contest that could create tension and drama in the house and divide relationships. There is just too much downtime


I want Amanda to get it,look it was fun for elsissa because she was an underdog but give it to a player whose playing the game. btw wat do u think the HOH will be Thursday. So is Amanda and mccrae safe next week if they don’t win like they are pretty much with everyone right


Unfortunately, Elissa is still the underdog. I voted for Helen to get the MVP this past week and look what she has done-she just turned into a “nice” and “respectful” Jeremy. She’s told everyone who they had better vote for, she’s threatened everyone if they don’t vote her way, and she’s using her supposed best friend Elissa for the MVP. Once that’s over, Helen will cut the rope. I really liked Helen and was thrilled when she got HOH, but the power has gone to her head. So, Go team Elissa!!!


Elissa may be a lot of things, but her nominations are the only ones walking out the door so far-SHE’S NOT AN UNDERDOG.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Right an actual Most Valuable Player, and right now it’s Amanda not only is she playing the game, she’s the best strategist in that house.


she’s small potatoes

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Howard is training Aaryn? Uh Oh, she’s going to Go Hard in that HOH, and the song “Eye of The Tiger” playing in her head…..REVENGE

7 Seven 7

One thing worse than a floater is a floater calling shots trying to tell you what to do.


Are they really a floater at that point?? The best players can get others to do their bidding without ever having to win anything and draw attention to themselves. (Dr. Will, for example)

7 Seven 7

Good point


I find it very interesting that Amanda has surpassed Helen on your poll for favorite player. It seems she is definitely the one to beat in this game and I find her and McCrae the most interesting players to watch

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Amanda, is going to win this season


I agree she’s definitely entertaining but McCrae will always just be her for lack of a better word….. biatch..
But I expect her scheming to blowup in her face seeing as she literally is too talkative..


hilarious how many amanda ass kissers there are

This Season Blows

God, this is so gross. MVP = worst twist ever.


Sorry, but that will always be here now and forever the stupid “saboteur”… that didn”t even have potential…

ILLWILL That A$$hole

LMFAO, production regrets that terrible twist, they had no clue that maybe the HG that was given the twist wouldn’t be liked by anyone.

I don’t even remember her, all I remember is she was the 1st girl Brendon was attracted to, and she turned him down.


Dude, she was a lesbian…

Big Jim

How did I go from rooting here Helen on Thursday to not standing her 4 days later? I would like to see her and Andy voted out next can’t stand either one


Lol, me too.


The way the show is shaping, the final three will be Judd, Andy & Elissa. Everyone else will take each other out


Kaitlin is talking about Candace being wrapped around Howard’s finger. Ah, Kaitlin what about you being wrapped aroung Jermey’s finger? You even thought about not using the POV and going home in order to save Jeremy. If that’s not being wrapped around the finger, I don’t know what is. You are having sex with Jeremy, but how dare the other house guests say you are in love with him. You would do almost anything for Jeremy, but don’t dare the other house guests call him your boyfriend. Yep Kaitlin, only Candace has that problem of being wrapped around the finger.

Ah! Howard is using race against Candace. Really Amanda? He’s using race? Are we talking about the Howard that ignores all Aaryn’s race comments. Howard that ignores Spencer sexism comments? Howard that ignores Jeremy’s bigotry? The Howard that was called a coward by Jeremy to Candace? However, somehow Howard is injecting race into the game. Wow! You can say a lot of things that Howard should and shouldn’t have done, but using race is not one of them. Now if you are saying because he’s black, that Candace is attracted to him, that’s a different argument; however, you would be wrong again. Its alright for Aaryn to be attracted to David….white, Amanda attracted to McCrae…white, Gina attracted to Nick…white. But you have a problem with the Candace/Howard attraction, because he’s black. Whew! I am truly baffled how you said Howard is injecting race into the game. If you want the guy out, I am with you there. However, when your start making baseless accusations, and start accusing the victim of racism as being the cause of the racism. I deeply disagree with you and it makes me pull for Howard.


I agree. Just say you don’t trust the guy and want him out. Say he’s shady, unpredictable and that within itself is enough. It’s ironic that Amanda herself is the one who pointed out that Aaryn was saying racist things to Howard when he actually was beating around the bush with it The level of accusations seem relevant to how they think they can use the other person to further their personal game is what I chalk it up to.


At this point I would love for Amanda to get rid of Elissa and I definitely don’t want Helen to get MVP anymore.


Can’t wait to see Amanda first strike against Helen/Elissa…….

ILLWILL That A$$hole

It’s going to be the turning point of the season… Best move, nobody else got the balls to do it, that can make it happen.


will be interesting to see how howard goes in hoh

i dont see amanda winning comps, so she is going to find it fairly difficult to ‘strike’

elissa will likely always get mvp

i want to see howard go beast mode in comps now

either jess or elissa (or aaryn if she is still there) will win female endurance hoh like iceberg alley whenever that comes up


still on those HOH Happy Pills! Double Rainbows cross the sky!!! poor Helen, how the mighty will fall, I almost feel sorry for her…almost…


Anyone else having trouble with the OBB app on Iphone??


Awe boo! I was able to use it up until last night…then just stopped updating 🙁 Thanks simon!


What do you mean the IOS app has been down for 2 weeks? I used it up to yesterday without problems. It stopped working today!


All the girls up in HOH doing nails except Amanda, lol, I know she’s cooking but she has enough sense to keep her ears down there where the boys are…She is game all the way….Go Amanda!


Or she’s hungry and has no interest in doing her nails and having a dumb girl party…because she has fewer ears in that room than she does with McCrea and Judd with the guys.


its because amanda is not very feminine and quite butch in look and behaviour

so it makes sense she is not at the girls nail party


i will bet anything amanda doesnt get that . amanda will not get MVP especially how production just heard her keep saying she wants elissa out… production knows candice and howard is target this week one of them will get MVP TRUST ME ON THIS … AARYN isnt going anywhere soon because they need to keep this racist around and trust me … with america all rally up with racist right now cbs has to feed of this big brother drama and one way to do that is if aaryn is in the house .. howard isnt going anywhere ….

trust and believe production know we are fed up with elissa keeps getting MVP so one way to keep it in the camp HOWARD/// CANDICE /// HELLEN MVP ..JULIE KEEPS TALKING ABOUT RACIST IN THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE SO FOR THEM TO CONTINUE this story line the racist has to stay and trust and believe AARYN will pop of again …


Elissa: “Brendon is studying trying to cure cancer.” LMAO! That was gold….

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Skypeboy will cure cancer the day Rachel stops binge drinking to the point where she passes out…. NEVER


Amanda’s all talk, at the end of the day you have to win comps.


I believe this is the season of the whiplash. Week one, I thought I liked certain players. Week two, I was head over heels rootin for Elissa and Helen. Now its week three, and I’m wondering where to go from here. Helen has gone power crazy, Elissa is dragging along, I have no clue what Andy is doing. I think the only three people I like right now are Amanda, Judd, and Candace. I think my neck is about to break lol


i hope the hoh is endurance and not a crapshoot i think eliss couls win a standing or holding on compettition by meditating


jess, aaryn and elissa – one of those 3 would win the female hoh endurance i think


I think it would be best for aryan to go this week and Jeremy next..

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Why was Howard praying in his mic? that he was training Aaryn?


Either he was having dirty thoughts of hurting her or sexual or both.


I think he’s praying for himself b/c he & Candace are trying their best to be fake forgiving & nice to Aaryn.

production rigged it

Well the camerman has either got a hard on for McCrae or Amanda, almost 20 minutes into BBAD and everbody but them are upstairs and who is the camera on…..i’ll give you one guess. I gets so sick of seeing them all the time, it’s almost like they’re the only 2 left in the house.


And now all I get on the live feeds is fish & had to resort to BBAD – ugh!! what’s up BB??


thank goodness it’s back. BBAD probably caught up from the 5 sec delay & commercial breaks. LOL!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

They do it with all the popular showmances, it gets annoying as hell, it;s like they do it on propose because those watching BBAD don’t have the feeds.

production rigged it

You’re right it is annoying as hell, especially when they’re not even talking game just stupid shit. I guess those of us that don’t have the feeds are getting punished.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

I think the Nail Party is going to be shown on the next episode, that’s why they’re not showing it


last night it was hours on end with Jeremy & Katlin, the feeds or whoever’s running em have been messing up all day today, earlier today (camera 1) it was an hour of andy laying there,eyes closed, by himself listening to music, (camera 2) the empty HOH bathtub, camera 3 the downstairs bathroom & no one in it, this went on & on like that all day,

production rigged it

Maybe some of us should apply to run the cameras for them next year, we certainly couldn’t be any worse at it than they are.


So Judd is now, JUDD?

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Jessie is sexy, but damn is she annoyingly sensitive, like Danielle from last season who was also attractive.


seems like a nice girl, i hope she does well and enjoys herself


Dang, Nobody likes GinaMarie?


Go home Aaryn or Jeremy!