Helen “I will smear your name to the point you’ll never want to show your face”

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


10:00pm HOH Helen and her friends
Helen talking about after she won HOH she looked at Spencer and Howard in the eye and asked them where the extra vote went.
Helen brings up how Spencer flipped his vote 2 hours before they were cast. Helen says Spencer is on the sh!t list. She feels it can go either way says she’ll give anyone a second chance but if you screw her a second time I’ll come back with a vengeance.
Helen “I will smear your name to the point you’ll never want to show your face”
Helen told Spencer: “Play hard for that veto.. what have you done for me lately.. “ (They start quoting janet jackson)
Helen keeps talking on an on. She says all the girls have their own unique strengths and the house is full of smart strong competitors.
Helen: “I would have been like.. ohh I’m the smartest person here” she adds that the comps she thought she would excel at she didn’t.


10:36pm HOH Aaryn and Helen

Aaryn thinks that next time they should do masks and massages.. She would have rathered it been all girls.

Helen understands that being on the block is tough cause you never know what will happen . This is why Helen was upset with Spencer told Jeremy to vote her out.
Helen starts to deconstruct the Moving COmpany’s strategy tells Aaryn that the guys were going to share information about each sub groups game. She thinks it was a good idea the guys knew the girls would have lots of drama.
Aaryn says Candace is super smart in this game.. she sniffed out the boys alliance, figured out the votes and the first person to figure out Elissa is Rachel’s sister.

Aaryn says that things are going great for her these past two days Elissa and Candace are talking to her again.
Helen knows that Aaryn has caused drama and Elissa has caused drama Helen thought that bringing all the girls together would give them a chance to see that they all have good qualities. Helen: “there is good in everybody.. If we all came together I was hoping we could all build some (Super)friendships then the Drama would come down.. then we can play the game”
Helen: “The Drama doesn’t help the Game”

Helen going off about how getting rid of Jeremy means they all have a chance to win HOH and that was one of her priorities, “I would like everyone to win a HOH” She didn’t like the idea of keeping a player like Jeremy in the game that would win all the HOH’s and rob people of the opportunity to win it themselves. Helen thought that the house was feeling discouraged that they wouldn’t be able to win any competitions because of Jeremy and now with him gone the game can reset.

Aaryn :”Did you Howard and Spencer mend things so they are not targets anymore”
Helen: ‘AHHH umm I will always forgive people.. even you.” Helen goes off on a tangent telling Aaryn that she doesn’t want drama in the house she just wants to play the game.

CBS Interactive Inc.

10:57pm JEJU Jessie and JUDD tickling.


11:09pm Friends playing Volley ball


11:22pm Hammock Kaitlin, Aaryn and Jeremy
Aaryn tells them a bit about her conversation with Helen.
Aaryn: “She told me Howard and Spencer are not targets anymore”

Aaryn says that Helen is only telling her that she will protect her because she doesn’t want Aaryn to put her up. Aaryn doesn’t think she can count on Helen.

Aaryn has the feeling that whatever happens the next HOH is going to change everything up, “they are going to realize HOH doesn’t mean you are going to win the entire game”
Kaitlin thinks Helen still wants Howard and Spencer out.
Aaryn disagrees says that that entire side of the house is all cool now.. she tells Kaitlin They will tell you whatever they need to so you do what they want you to do.
Kailtin says she trusts Andy he was crying the last time they were talking to each other.
Aaryn tell kaitlin that Helen, Andy and Elissa told her she was in a alliance because they think Kaitlin will win HOH and they don’t want to go up. THey have no intentions of being in a real alliance with her.
Kaitlin says she guarantees they are going to take Howard out next week they want all the guys out of the house. Kaitlin adds that HElen forgive people but it doesn’t mean she forgets. She told Kaitlin when people do 2 strikes you are out with her.
Aaryn questions what Jeremy’s 2 strikes were.
Kaitlin says it was the win fight and the personally attacked. Jeremy says he never personally attacked anyone.
Kaitlin says Andy is on board with getting Spencer and Howard out she talked to him yesterday . Aaryn doesn’t think that is who the targets are she thinks it’s someone else probably them.

Gina joins them ..


11:39pm Helen and Spencer HOH
Helen tells him he was always safe this week Even if Jeremy wasn’t going up Aaryn would have gone home. She doesn’t want Spencer to tell anyone that because Helen told Aaryn she was the pawn.
Helen tells him because of what he did people will want to take him to Jury but after that it’s going to be tough. Andy joins them. Asks them what they are talking about. Spencer says they are talking about when he suggested to Jeremy they vote out Helen. Spencer apologizes.
Spencer: ‘I am extremely loyal to you .. you can consider my HOH with y’all.. oh and same with Elissa” Spencer goes on about how he tried to tell Jeremy to stop acting the way he did but nothing seem to stick.
Helen: “You tried to train him but he’s un-trainable.. he’s like a pitbull”

Helen says she appreciates his apology she just wants him to know he’s was always a pawn.

Spencer brown noses the entire time saying things like “the best thing I ever did was vote Nick out”
Spencer: “I am terribly sorry for the both of y’all.. you two are the main reasons I wanted to get out of the Moving Company”

12:08am Hammock Gina, Kaitlin and Aaryn
Kaitlin says that Elissa is controlling this game everyone is ki$$ing her a$$. Gina about She should have been out the first week but everyone is a pu$$y F*** in the house. Aaryn points out that the only girls that are attractive Elissa has a problem with.

They say Elissa is making fun of Gina all the time about Gina and Nick being boyfriend and girlfriend. Kaitlin mentions that Elissa thought her and Jeremy were in love, “I only known him for 3 weeks cmon”

Kaitlin thinks McCrea was MVP last week, She heard it from everybody even Jeremy. Gina and Aaryn disagree. Gina cannot understand who McCrea got MVP. Aaryn thinks he’s the underdog people like that. Gina doesn’t think he’s the underdog he’s murdering it.

Kaitlin says that the DR is milking this situation they are in right now, “This is going to be a huge f****ing week for TV.. for CBS.. it almost makes me feel that it was rigged”
Aaryn: ”that you won.. we’ll I’m surprised Candace beat me”
KAitlin: ‘I tell you this game is not what we think it is”
Gina says there is no way that Fat A$$ b!tch beat her in the pov competition. (Candace)

Gina says she really didn’t want to go to that Nail party


12:26AM Cockpit Andy, Amanda and McCrea They all want Howard gone next week and they think the best way to do that is to have Kaitlin win it. Amanda says Candace and Gina are a lot a like when it comes to guys. Whoever gets Howard out will have Candace after them.
Andy wonders who Aaryn would put up. Amanda: “Candace and Howard” Andy laughs mentions for Aaryn portrayal it’s not going look good. That is why McCrea doesn’t think she will put both Howard and Candace up. Andy is worried that Kaitlin and Aaryn are after him after he BFF’d them and backstabed them for 2 weeks in a arow. McCrea says that is a worry him and AMand ashare.
Amanda: “They’re not that smart… plus we have MVP”
Amanda thinks they are in a fine position in the house.

They starts talking about awesome the “Goof Troop” alliance is. (Amanda, McCrea, Andy and Judd)

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Roisin Dubh

Keep making that target bigger on your back Helen. Geez, these people get drunk with power and forget that they go back on the hotseat after a week.


So now PitBull’s can’t be trained and she can smear someone’s name – dirty politics and really narrow minded about animals. Great MVP points Helent.


helen is a real jerk, bb karma will catch up with her soon.


Hey Simon thanks for all u and dawg do. I’ve been watching bb Canada on YouTube and I have to say it’s 10 times as interesting and entertaining as any American bb in recent memory. Seems the producers for that show run circles around grounder and co. In terms of creativity and casting. I am genuinely enthralled with it. Do you know if they will be doing another one up there next year? Personally I’ve had it with this season and this horse sh**t MVP nonsense. But thanks again brother you make work much more tolerable for me. I ‘ll try and hook you guys up with a donation as soon as I can 🙂


Canuck’s are more humourous.


Ah, you must be Canadian too ’cause you spelt humourous correctly 🙂


Simon, I don’t think Helen’s HOH has “soured” her at all. Helen is smart. (And is she ever talkative!!!!!!!) She is a powerhouse at her real job. She was laying low early in BB, pre-occupied with trying to save Elissa. But when Helen won HOH, a part of seems to have thought BB was over, and that she was back at real job, in politics. This week’s Helen is the *real* Helen. OBBers are right. She’ll be just another HG again on Thursday – then what? But most are mis-reading Helen’s impact on the HGs. When she told Jeremy he was her target, she still said at the end, “I have mad respect for you.” Helen’s word has a lot of respect in this house right now, among all HGs, whether they like her style or not. And the whole house isn’t gonna turn on Helen. Nor Helen, on HGs like Kaitlin. Helen meant what she said. All Helen can honestly do is *her* best, to look out for Kaitlin. And Helen will. And we’ve seen so far that Helen’s best is pretty good at it.

Simon, I get your “give me maximum drama” angle. We all want that. But not Helen. Us “max drama folks” should hate Helen’s “anti-drama” game. Because she knows cat-fights and girl drama is the *only* thing that can derail the Superfriends alliance right now. She’s 100% right. Helen wants her side to win more than she wants us viewers to have drama. (Which sucks for us.) But if these girls are finally gonna make BB history this season, and “rule the roost”, they need master strategists. Helen and Amanda are both smart. But very different. That helps the alliance. They balance each other. Amanda stirs it up; Helen chills it down. If those two can just keep giving the other one enough to stay in the same alliance, the girls will be home free in this game. And guys like us aren’t gonna know *what* to make of it. Most of us will say, “No strong guys left – more boring season ever!” Because we’re guys. And guys always get to the end of BB. We expect it. We’re used to it. But not in BB15. Once Jeremy goes, we’re gonna find out *real* quick if Howard has been throwing comps or not. And if he hasn’t, the girls in BB15 are already home free. And it’s only the end of Week 3. Amazing…..


I think your pretty much right on the mark there Jim, however, it can only go on so long as once a couple others are sent home, providing the good girls maintain control, they gotta send their own packing at some point and it won’t be long before a power hungry person gets a little quiet side alliance going and of course what happens then….? DRAMA!!


I totally agree with you!! The drams the guys were creating was to kill any chance of an all girls alliance and it almost did!! This strategically wise has been the best BB ever, BUT it also has the worst social acting hg ever!!!!


HoH IMO is basically your true colors. its a week of you being “buzzed” on some of the best moonshine around, and you simply walk around differently, talk differently, and start to think its your house with the idea that it will never change.


Or revealing the real her. Either way, she’s too big for her britches!


Heil Helen!!!


Helen thinks Jeremy is like a pitbull and we know she hates pittbulls and said they should be illegal in the past. She is so full of herself and is a real detriment to the game. Its time for the house to realize she needs to go next week. At one time u liked her play but now I’m hoping that she injures herself in the next competition enough where a medical helicopter lands in the back yard and takes her away. Howard can then be the house pastor leading them all in prayers for a healthy long term recovery.


Not cool…..no one needs to be physicly injured! Careful what you wish for. Karmas a b!tch.
Although at the current rate her head is growing, it might just explode at anytime.
At minimum she is rapidly digging her own grave.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Helen’s hypocrisy is annoying as f**k as well as Elissa bs MVP, they need to go to keep the show entertaining, and less predictable, but I wouldn’t wish injuries on anyone in that game.

Kayla J

Lay off the Hater-ade, its a game!
















I just cant believe helen..during her convo with ANDY. ..she named her people she needs out because of jury..and CANDICE was one of them!! Smh….

Kayla J

I’m sooooo with you on that one
I don’t know what some people find so appealing about Whore-manda
I’d love to see her scheaming blow up in her face.
For some reason, she believe everyone is here to help her boytoy and her make it to the end… and to make matters worse she keeps on getting a golden edit by production.


Thank god you realized your cap key was on lock by the last sentence.


I’m with you on everything you said Bam Bam!! They are getting on my nerves BAD!!! Helen, Andy and Amanda needs to go. I don’t understand why Amanda is HATING on Howard so much. Oh that’s right he called he out…lol I want Elissa and Candice to find out that Helen has been throwing them under the bus. I also hope Candice, Howard or Spencer gets HOH


Candace’s earrings – religious much or just trying to impress her King? Ghetto fabulous jewelry.


Wow Helen is really getting full of herself. I liked her from the start… not so much now.


I was never Helen’s biggest fan, and I think CBS is giving her one hell of an edit. I think the reason Elissa stayed last week was more due to diary room pushing to keep her than Helen’s campaigning against herself. This week has brought out the worst of Helen for sure! She has made some pretty bold statements and they are 100% going to come back to bite her. She has offered protection to almost every single houseguest and already “decided” who her alliance will be protecting and nominating if they become HOH…not a good plan Helen. I was so happy to see Nick go last week, but I was looking forward to seeing who would become MVP if Elissa left. Yes, Elissa seems like a very nice person but there isn’t much she has actually done game wise and it would be more interesting to see a strategic player get MVP and see what they do with it. Team Amanda&McCrea! I can’t get enough of them!!!


I can’t stand Helen anymore, I am done with her! Somebody need to tell her to come down to earth, the game is not over yet, people still need to want you there


Taking BB a little too serious lurker.

Original Lurker

Just wanted to say that someone started using my name Lurker over the past few days. Didn’t care, was thinking about changing anyway. But now that I disagree with wishing bodily harm under that name, I feel the need to state my problem..


Wow complete turn around Helen…


goof troop legit.


How did Jeremy personally attack Helen? Did I miss something…

You know outside the house everyone will probaly all be friendsbmaybe minus Aaryn…I mean if Rachel/Ragan and Rachel/Daniele Donato can be friends then I’m sure they will…

I also think this season is full of super sensitive people

I had I hopes for this season


Man, I keep hearing what if Katlin wins, what if GinaMarie, what if… What if Howard wins you dolts? You’ll start to scramble… like chickens tripping over themselves to keep themselves safe… Is that really that hard to contemplate that he can win? Why? ‘cuz he has “won” anything.. The competition that he really didn’t perform well were the first HOH and havenot.. Besides those ones he been a near top competitor even with him “throwing” com (who’s to say that really is throwing them or just saying to cover for poor performance is left to be unseen)… He nearly won the last HOH that most of the other houseguest said he no chance of winning ‘cuz of how early he went to sleep compared to rest of them (it was almost kinda pathetic how bad some of them did).

This is primarily concerning me because there is soooooo much downtime between evictions and POV ceremonies specifically to cause massive amounts of paranoia and possible game changing moves that can redirect the entire household… and in the past two previous evictions.. it has.. And now that I’m assured on the feeds tthat Jeremy knows of the consensus.. I know he will keep this in his back pocket and use it to possibly sway Howard to keep him in the game or atleast as way to seek revenge…

Also Judd’s genius idea of just putting up Howard upright on the block ‘cuz he doesn’t think he can win POV… seriously Judd? that’s who’s deciding on nominations? Judd. J-U-D-D. I mean really?!? It’s inherently easier to just backdoor ANYONE then even allowing them the opportunity of temporary immunity, no matter how miniscule. Of course, they may not follow through with that but with this antsy freaking cast…and especially if Aaryn or Katlin make that mistake and find themselves in problems they’ve shown from past actions they are subject to easily crumble and starting trying to make desperation moves..


can someone please put Helen in her place

she talks of accepting an apology, as if these people did something to her that they weren’t supposed to. ITS A GAME, they thought you were a threat and wanted to get you out, so now they have to apologize for it?

everyone needs to be friends? lets not hang out 24/7 but at least lets meet and do nails once a day

I want to smack her. and the bad part is, I REALLY dislike aaryn and Kaitlin, to the point where Kaitlin reminds me of that girl in high school you trusted who was actually talking **** about you the entire time, aaryn is the friend of that girl where you knew who she was but that didn’t make her any less scary(meanwhile she has no idea who you are)….but Helen? she is the student counsel president who no one knows exists. who spends her entire senior year working on school spirit when the entire class is far more interested in ANYTHING but.


Lol at first i thought kaitlen was really pretty, but as the show progressed and her personality shows, just makes her look really ugly inside and out…same thing w/aaryn. Kaitlen seems like the type tat would never kick w/the popular crowd in highschool so i thought it was odd tat her and aaryn were on the same side. Kaitlen would be the one talkin crap bout da popular girls. Kaitlen is sooo lookin like kristen stewart, but a better version. Also i dont kno wats up w/kaitlen and aaryns eyebrows…looks funky ass hell weird/ugggg! Pretty face, but bad eyebrows ugh


its amazing how pretty I thought aaryn was on the first day, and now having seen her personality, I’d rather spend time with Jessie(who I don’t like either, but that is just how much aaryn has turned me OFF)


Im tired of helens “lets all be friends” crappppp..its a game, only one person can win, ur goin to up going to upset someone along da way. As for her wanting “everyone” a chance to win??? How dumb can u be helen, minus will say everyone should split the prize $. She thinks she is in such a secure position that it doesnt matter who wins HOH next she thinks she is that safe. She dumb to let her guard down and think its a game of “nice” n “honesty”…those are good qualities…but evn some of the best bb players had to lie and sceme a lil to get to the end..eg past winner Ian and his quack pack kept underwraps.


its so cute how Helen thinks next week will be the same no matter who wins HOH because everyone gets along, and the game is fair.


This Season Blows

Helen has fully exposed herself as a catty, controlling, and downright rude jackass – she needs to go.

Nick Burns

Helen is lying, WHHAAATTT (surprised face). She is so hypocritical I can’t stand it. She thinks it’s unfair for everyone if Jeremy stays and winds all the comps? So it’s fair that Elissa gets MVP every week? HYPOCRITE.


After watching Helen this week, we learned that Helen is no Jun(previous Korean BB Winner)

Does she realize it’s only week 3? Being HoH will be her downfall

unless the other hg’s are too stupid too realize it


Helen thinks it’s best that Jeremy goes because he will win all the Hoh’s and it be fair for the rest of the house to try to win, yet she wants Elissa here and she win’s MVP every week. I like Helen and Elissa but if Helen feels that way about Jeremy, then should feel the same way about Elissa and her constantly winning MVP…


The more I look at Helen………….the more I hate that UGLY b%#@$&%$# ! ! ! She is soooooo jealous of the pretty girls ! ! !


Helen acts like hoh lasts forever I hope she goes on the block next week she’s really annoying and does Ginamarie not notice that she not that thin either oh Ginamarie your awful

BB15 letdown

Helen is weird. I was happy for her to win HoH so she could see her family. But she has had this strange attitude. Almost like she is some kind of puppet master. But she is NOT! I never was really rooting for Helen but more against Jeremy and his girls. Now that she has all this air time I am so sick of her. Her HoH is going to damage her game and all these plans are going to implode. I still see Amanda and McCrae in the best position. Also if it is rigged then Howard or Spencer will win HoH on Thursday…..


Does anybody remember the friendship from BB 6? I have a sick feeling that this is turning into that…


Worst alliance ever. Resulting in the lamest winner ever!

Dr. Will Kirby

if they let kaitlin get HOH she will flip the house and put up Helen, Amanda or McCrae. They cant let aaryn, kaitlin or gina win HOH


Helen was cool before she became a communist.


“Helen: “The Drama doesn’t help the Game”

Yes it does! Drama is the part of the game we want to watch!! You want to know what doesn’t help the game? NAIL PARTIES!!! and Yoga lessons. And HOH kumbaya sessions, group hugs and everyone playing on the “good side” of the house. That’s what wrecks the game. Will be glad when Helen’s reign is over and she becomes mortal again.


Ugh this week is so stupid. I hope Candace or Howard wins hoh!


you know what I also have a pitbull we’ve had him since he could fit in my hand. that does not mean that I can trust him outside of this house. he loves us very much and gets too protective .but all that does not have anything to do with this game. Jeremy was a bully from the beginning


I have a Rottweiler and I deal with the same prejudices as the owners of Pitts, but I’m a firm believer it is all about the owner and not the breed that’s the problem. I really liked Helen until she became HOH and revealed some of her own stereotypes. I feel bad for her friend who died after being attacked by a Pitt, but that was one dog and one irresponsible dog owner. I’m hoping that after Helen’s reign of power, she will return to the Helen we can all support.


Helen……..Calm Down……..Chillax Jeremy or Aaryn is gone!

i'm tall

i’m so glad that spencer and howard figured out that mccrae is lying aobut being the MVP. They just stored it in their back pocket for now. These dudes are gonna make a move soon. I love it!

i love how eyebrows (Kaitin) who hasn’t played the game since she stepped in the house is now on the bandwagon of dissing Howard as well. Amanda is the biggest liar next to Andy in the house. They all think that their lying is more special in comparison to Howard’s. It’s really starting to piss me off to watch this everyday. I don’t know if this idiots watch the show but there are no ethics to big brother. you lie, scheme, lie again, tell some truth only to lie again to win! c’mon people it’s not rocket science. the thing that is wrong with this house and cast is that they you have a lot of insecure folks in here and they are playing so emtional right now. you don’t come to the bb house to shack up and make out. you come to play a game and win $500,000. now along the way if you get the chance to mess around you do it as long as it helps your game. amanda & mccrae along with jeremy & kaitlin your isolations from the group and acting as if your vacation is killing your game. one couple will be broken up and the next one is coming.


HELEN! Shut up about your HOH door being open! HOH is not FOREVER, it’s a week. Stop being a glory hog. You are quickly becoming my least liked person. I mean really “I want you to feel…..during my HOH, I don’t want anyone to feel awkward.” OK WE GET IT, You’re queen for a week and you want everyone to feel they can approach you and all of your radiant awesomeness. I LIVE for the moment you go home, by someone else’s hand or the hand of that 40 person alliance you have made. Yes she is smart, her problem? SHE TALKS TOO DAMN MUCH! Shut up and listen! Stop trying to talk all the time.


bumbleing bee

does anyone else find Amanda and McC creepy? like that mother and son serial killer pair, who we also lovers?


they dont have much in the looks department

personality wise mccrae is boring and amanda is brutally annoying and fake

not sure why they have so many fans, perhaps people just like showmances