MVP Nom and Veto Players “You’re screwed either way make a deal with me”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


9:00am cam 3-4 Amanda and Elissa
Amanda says that it’s really weird that Spencer was telling them to put up Gina. She thinks that Jeremy and Spencer have some sort of deal. Elissa says that putting up Gina is a waste of a power.

Elissa: ‘It’s not any fun to play with Jeremy because he’s so tall and aggressive”
Elissa adds that putting up Jeremy is the best thing to do
Amanda: “He’s expecting to go up.. he’s scared sh!tless he’s trying to bully people”

Amanda says she trust ELissa, MCrae, Andy and Helen are the only people she trusts in the house.

Amanda: “Spencer is wishy washy.. He threw me under the bus told Kaitlin she had devised this whole plan” (The plan to take out David)
Amanda tells Elissa to win the veto so that “She” goes up and Jeremy can go home.
Elissa calls Aaryn “a mean stupid girl” can’t believe she acts so stupid on Big Brother. Amanda says that don’t tell McCrae that she has the MVP she’ll tell him.

(Hmm missed when Elissa told Amanda)

9:33pm FISH


10:22pm CAm 3-4 Elissa and NIck
Elissa wants Nick to just be a nice guy and do the right thing which is join up with her. She says Nick has lied to her twice and she is taking the risk trusting him again. Elissa offering Nick a deal to work with her if he keeps her in the house. “OUt of good faith you should make a deal with me”

Elissa explains that she has the votes to stay and nothing is going to change that. Elissa: ‘You are screwed either way so you should just make a deal with me” (LOL priceless)
Nick: “If I’m screwed either way I should just keep the course than.. right”
Elissa: “No you need to build trust with me.. then you are not screwed.. you are not going up”
Elissa tells him to throw the Veto comp, “Why don’t you make a two week deal” .
Elissa: “Do you condone men bullying woman”
Nick: “No”
Elissa: “Then lest get him out of the house”
Elissa says that JEremy is a bully and is going to waste the 500K dollars. Nick asks her for 30 minutes so he can think about her offer.

Amanda and NIck are the veto players picked Gina is the HOST



10:35pm Cam 1-2 HOH Amanda, Kaitlin and Aaryn
Amanda is wondering what Elissa was talking to Nick about. Kaitlin says it doesn’t matter because if NIck wins the POV and takes Jeremy off Nick can’t go up. (Kaitlin would go up)
Kaitlin: “She was sacred shitless up there. ” (Elissa)
Amanda: “I don’t think she’s very smart.. I don’t think she’s as smart as we all thought”

Amanda is worried if Elissa wins the Veto who is going up. kaitlin : “Elissa is not wining the veto and neither is HElen they’ve been on slop for 2 weeks”
Amanda thinks it’s going to be a crapshoot comp.
Gina comes up Amanda immediately asks her what Elissa was saying to Nick.

Aaryn asks Amanda if she is going to save Elissa if she wins the Veto Amanda say no of course not.

Nick getting ready to win the POV


10:58pm Cam 1-2 HOh Jessie, KAitlin, Aaryn and Jessie

Amanda brings up that last night Elissa was saying it’s not fair that Aaryn takes Adderall. Amanda: “I told her right to her face I take adderall”
Aaryn leaves..
They start talking about how sketchy Spencer is getting..

11:00am Bathroom Aaryn calls Elissa out for telling everyone aaryn won the HOH because she takes adderall.
Aaryn to Elissa: ‘I would appreciate it if you would stop talking about my medical condition… about me taking Adderall for my ADHD. ”
Aaryn says Elissa walks around saying how mature she is but she’s really just a child.
(We only got was audio and the empty kitchen)


11:12am Cam 1-2 Lounge McCrae, Spencer and Howard

McCrae saying if Noms stay the same Jeremy is still going to be safe. Spencer adds that no matter what Helen is not going to be OK with it so they will have to deal with that.,

They are running through scenarios of what to do if Jeremey or Nick do not win veto. They want to vote out Elissa but do it in a way that doesn’t expose the MC. Spencer is going to work on Andy. McCrae is going to get Amanda onboard. Spencer mentions that once Amanda is part of the plan she will start imposing that onto other people in the house. (Just like last week.. lol )
Spencer: “Cause if she starts talking everyone else will be like well maybe this is a good idea” (Amanda starts talking)
MCrae: ‘get her to spread the idea”
Spencer and Howard agree.
Spencer is certain if Jeremy wins Elissa will put up KAitlin.
Candace and Judd walk in.

(Looks like the MC is solid.. )


11:24pm Nick and McCrae

McCrae telling him that he’s going to get Amanda to start spreading the plan to get Elissa out.
Nick has gone over the votes and the MC will be safe this week. McCrae just doesn’t want to have AManda get F****ed over by the vote, “I don’t want her to end up on the wrong side of the house”
McCrae: “I want to keep her around to at least jury.. cause if I go to Jury house I want to Bang her”
McCrae says that Amanda will never win HOH because they game they are playing will F*** them if they do because it will show their hands. (I guess Nick is privy to the MC and Amanda playing both side.. MC is more solid than I thought damn this is a good season)
nick says he’s extremely confident that the MC will make it to jury.

11:36am Fish on the feeds.. they usually show trivia when it’s a comp so i’m not sure what is going on..

11:51am feeds on trivia POV is going down The next post will have the POV winner..
12:46pm Feeds on trivia
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La la la

Please Elissa win the veto!


Why do people even consider throwing POV? HOH, is understandable, but not POV.

ashli rae

I can’t stand to see Jeremy pacing around the house like he’s in some kind of zone. A cocky little shit. Ugh!!!! I hope Helen or Amanda wins. Amanda because I want to see what she will do with it. I saw Kaitlin and Aaryn in the HoH doing the Dr Will and Boogie phone calls thinking they’re so cool. Whatever! If Jeremy wins Kaitlin is going up and out. She can watch her man hook up with her BFF cause you know it’s going to happen lol.


Does nick throw the competition to keep his place in the house or win veto & keep nom the same which still keeps hin in the house or does he and gm share this information. Q- in BB History when has the power of veto been used & the user becomes the nom? I don’t think the rest of the house knows this information.


The person who uses the veto can’t be nominated.


As much as I dont like Jeremy or Aaryn this MVP is nonsense. Nick asks Gina to ask DR if the veto user takes off mvp nom can the user be the replacement and they said YES!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WTF is that this game is being built to keep elissa in the game and as much as i cant stand these morons this is just nonsense and pointless to watch if this keeps going.


OMFG, if that’s true, that’s some rigged BS, the veto winner is supposed to be safe from eviction…Goddamn I hate when I’m right about production every season.


You clearly don’t know the rules then, when the veto winner uses the veto he is not safe anymore


I know the rules, and the rule state the person who wins POV, can use it on a person on the block and still be safe from eviction.

I now understand that this MVP twist changes that, if the POV winner saves the MVP nominee. Which would be completely new to the BB game.


If the veto winner were not immune from nomination, then no one would ever use the veto, because the HOH could just threaten the veto winner that they will be put up to replace the person that was vetoed. It would be pointless.


I agree….although I could see the argument being made in that the veto holder is ‘safe from nomination by hoh’….


I guess you’re wrong!! If that was the case then the veto holder would remove someone every time because that would mean 2 people were safe every week.


I guess I was wrong. My apologies (as he hides his head in shame).


What? That’s complete BS.


Well, we all know that Gina is a moron, so I would not be surprised if she misunderstood whoever she asked.


Would Nock really take Jeremy off the block… In not entirely sure he would.


Yeah, they were talking about having the votes to keep him if he were to go up. I don’t think the other MC members want to put themselves out there for him just yet though. It’d take some consideration.


But the entire house knows that Jeremy and Nick are allies. If Spencer or Howard vetoed Jeremy, then that would cause serious suspicion.


Nick needs to stay the course, joining Elissa or not won’t change his fate in the game, she’s attempting that Rachel charm to gain allies.


Your right I dont think he will take him off but this whole mvp is just nonsense to keep Elissa safe. I think the creator of the moving company is going to be the first one to jump off the truck so to speak. Hopefully he jumps in the drivers seat and runs over Spencer and Aaryn.

VA Vet

I hope the POV is rigged for Elissa to win and Jeremy the jerk goes out the door on Wednesday.


Hey simon,i left a comment on the last one thanking you & dawg for this site & my thoughts on this “cast”,i’m a 1st timer on here…anyway,so if the POVs nom gets took down then they can put up someone else & if it’s the HOHs nom then they replace em,right? and,does anyone else think McCrae looks a little like Loki?


Either Elissa wins PoV and takes herself off the block, then Kaitlin or Candace will be replacement nominee or Jeremy wins PoV and takes himself off the block. Then Kaitlin, Candace or even Jessie,

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Yo !! Simon sh** is gonna go down. Could you inform us who the Veto players are? And could Nick try and going McCray in a new alliance with Elissa, Amanda, Helen, etc or do you truly believe Jeremy is safe with the MC.

Each hour gets better!! Terrible cast but so bad the season will be incredible!!!


We hardly ever has seen 2 strong players get evicted at the start of the game. If Jeremy goes ans the 2nd excited, it will be a first for BB. They usually evicted the loners to not put a target on their backs.


Im pretty sure the veto players are Aaryn, Elissa, Helen, Jeremy, Amanda, and Nick


Yeah . . . kind of like that train wreck that you cannot look away from (in regards to the cast).


I am so nervous i hope elissa wins POV ,.. I WONDER IF HELLEN WILL WIN IT I SO SCARED … I HAte what jeremy represents …


I’m confused who’s actually in an alliance with each other. I know MC are definitely together but is Amanda really with Elissa, McCrae, Andy and Helen? Does McCrae really wanna work with them or is he strictly with MC? Same with Jeremy, I feel like he’s all “MC to the end” but if he had to choose between Kaitlyn and Aaryn or the MC, who would he stick by? And where is Howard.. did he fall off the face of earth?!


With the updates, I can now say McCrae is starting to act like Jeremy. Have some respect for women! They treat them like they’re a piece of meat. So far, Howard, Judd, Andy and Nick are respectable towards women. Spencer, Jeremy and McCrae should be ashamed of themselves. I use to like McCrae cuz he was the awkward lonely boy but he’s the type of guy that makes girls think there aren’t nice guys in the world.


It so disappointing watching Elissa fall into the exact same trap as Aaryn and COMPLETELY overplay her hand and overestimate her power. That conversation with Nick just made winning veto her only chance to stay. Even if she believes everything she’s being told (such a huge leap) why would you take the aggressive path with Nick of saying you’re either with us or against us? Why not tell him that they could work together secretly, where he promises a vote and she promises safety from her group, without giving him the “we have the numbers”. Maybe it’s my sales background, but I’ve never gotten anybody to do anything through aggression. Where I’ve found every success is making my client feel like their the most important person in the world, letting them know how vital their business is to me, and trying to present a conversation where they naturally reach the conclusion of that I want them to do is the right path, without ever telling them directly what I want them to do.

Elissa needs to be a storyteller: Her story is that she can be a secret, trustworthy and valuable partner and whoever becomes her partner will be vital to her and together they can get far. Telling Nick he should do what she wants because he’s irrelevant and it won’t matter anyway all but ensures he will see her as a threat if not an enemy. So disappointing. Somebody needs to come up with something to threaten the MC or this season is going to be a very boring 1st half before the potential for a real game starts.


I agree. If she doesn’t win this POV she is gone, no matter who she puts up. That is some bad gameplay, production can rig the competition all they want but if Elissa acts like a complete idiot they can’t save her.

I like Elissa, but being arrogant while you’re on the block will get you sent home real quick in this game.


Arguably the saddest part is that Helen could have helped her here but didn’t, either by accident or design. As soon as Elissa revealed her MVP win, Helen went right into conspiratorial form, ignoring all the talk from every other HG that they fear and don’t like Elissa precisely because of the MVP. Elissa’s play here was to be non-threatening and making her potential allies see her MVP as a communal tool to diffuse this fear…but instead she’s wielding it like a queen’s scepter.

Now maybe Helen is actually trying to be smart here. Because she is giving herself some options by either having a plan that keeps Elissa and evicts a threat or ensuring Elissa will be evicted through her aggression. The problem if she’s doing this by design is if she doesn’t restrain Elissa AND Elissa wins veto, then those threatened by Elissa and her MVP might think evicting her closest ally is the safest, smartest play…which means Helen is gone.


I think Helen is book smart but doesn’t have the common sense play Elissa like that. Thus far she seems pretty emotionally weak and it clouds her judgement. I think it’s either Helen or Elissa this week, they have handled going on the block extremely poorly and it won’t take much to convince people like Andy or Amanda to evict either of them, let alone the fact they have the MC and Bieber Fever ready to boot them. I was liking Elissa as a person, but now that she let the MVP run to her head she’s turned into a bit of a bitch.


Bobsky, U Need To Teach A Course , Sales 101


Truth be told, I really hate the job sometimes because it makes me feel like kind of a manipulative d-bag…but the products I sell are good and extremely beneficial to my clients with no real downside beyond locking up their dollars, so that’s how I justify my tactics. But there are some days when you go home and feel pretty dirty.


The play would be to hammer home to Nick, Judd, and McCrea the ” you condone the bullying of women”. I would make it a point to tell them that will come out on the internet and television.


I agree Elissa came off SUPER aggressive towards Nick. And she almost sounded as if she was threatening him to work with me “or else” kind of mentality. If I were Nick I would play HARD for POV to make sure Elissa is the one who goes.


If they use POV and can still be put up, what’s the point. It’s not a POV it anymore


I pray that somehow, someway the MC will vote Jeremy out! He’s just so repulsive it’s unbelievable! He’s not helping them in anyway, can’t win nothing! All he has is a big mouth which to me seems like all bark no effing bite ’cause he comes as the biggest pus*y, looks like one too! I think if Nick wanted he could help save Elissa and Helen this week, IF HE WANTS TO!!!


he’s a vote and the biggest target. what more could you ask for in an alliance?


Nick would be completely idiotic to keep Elissa in the game (provided that she’s still on the block after POV). After all the ‘hamming it up’ that he does in the diary room, he would be a shoo-in for MVP once Elissa is evicted and can wreak all sorts of havoc on the house.

Face it, folks . . . Elissa or Candice is getting evicted Thursday and Mr. A**hat will be around for another week or two.


if elissa is evicted those fans are voting for hellen even though i love nick


Vote DAWG yo!


I wish the girls would smarten up and realize there’s a guys alliance! How blind can you be to not see it happening?! It would be Elissa’s best interest to put up Kaitlin (hoping Jeremy is off the block even though he’s a major douche) just so that Elissa has a chance to stay in the game. Pretty sure the MC minus Jeremy would rather have Kaitlin out. That way, Nick could pretend he’s onboard with Elissa’s plan and use her as an advantage if she continues to win MVP


While i understand the MC wanting to keep Jeremy I don’t understand why anyone but Kaitlin and Aaryn would. I mean if Elissa stays and Jeremy is voted out who is going to be gunning for them? Kaitlin and Aaryn, that’s not much of a threat.


Omgosh so its starting again ! production should be fired for rigging this game. I mean racist and bigotry plus foul language boy this game is screwed


Jeremy brings:
1) muscle – both in competitions and intimidation in the house
2) 3 votes – himself, Kaitlan and Bigot Barbie
3) he’s made himself a bigger target than the other MC members so he provides them protection


What exactly does Jeremy bring to MC? It seems as thought they are always protecting him and he just does as he wills!!!!


Jeremy brings:
1) muscle – both in competitions and intimidation in the house
2) 3 votes – himself, Kaitlan and Bigot Barbie
3) he’s made himself a bigger target than the other MC members so he provides them protection
4) he’s a good person to be sitting next to in the final 2 since so many people cant stand him


Even if elissa is evicted, she will not be gone from the house. When Rachel was evicted the remaining house guests still talked about her constantly. I do not expect anything different this time


Why does anyone want Spencer the Racist pig left in the house or Jeremy the Racist pig and woman hater. They don’t deserve to even have a chance at the grand prize after the crap coming from their lips. The only reason everyone hates Elissa is because she is Rachel’s sister. Talk about immature. I hope Elissa wins Veto and puts Kaitlin up. Then they send Jeremy packing. As for Aaryn and her adderal she should be taking valiuum so she can chill out. She is always mad at something. To me she seems like she expects everything on a silver platter for her. Can’t wait for her to get home and see how her personality has caused her to lose her job. I hope Amanda wins the next HoH and puts Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina up. Let the b**ches panic.


I meant 2 of those 3 I hope she puts up.


No, because she has an unfair advantage because of the America choosing the MVP twist, anybody with common sense know that her votes are 90% Brenchal Fans, the other HG figured this out day 1, and were correct in assuming she would automatically win MVP, which is why MC members+Amanda wanted to “Weaponize” Elissa, since her being Rachel’s sister makes her a target… How the hell is that immature?, would you enjoy not having a fair chance of winning the power to nominate a 3rd HG? Production clearly new what they were doing with this twist, it was designed to keep Elissa in the house as long as possible, because they would eventually find out who she was, but of course they didn’t count on the house figuring it out so quickly.

Fuck with the BS, MVP should be chosen for who is the Most Valuable Player aka Who’s playing the BEST GAME, not who is related to Rachel, which is exactly what it’s turned into.

The right to nominate a 3rd person for eviction should be earned, in the same way Survivor Player of the Day is earned.


True – but this is BB not survivor – so production will always select the MVP – can you imagine if this twist was around last year – Frank would have been MVP all the time.


True – but this is BB not survivor – production will always select MVP,

Janelle pov queen

Lets go Elissa!!!!! Also I think if Amanda win pov some shit will go Down I just need Elissa to win pov I’m so scared for her lets go Elissa


I bet this comp will be a timed one, “Who did it the fastest”. So in others words BB it can rigged it for who they want to win. No doubt about it! Elissa will win.


I’ve been rooting for Jeremy. Looking at the chats and the comments here, I gather I’m his only fan.


I understand how you feel. I’ve been rooting for Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Nick since the pre-season interviews. And (besides Nick) they’re the least liked houseguests this season. I feel totally by myself. xD


My understanding of the POV thing is if the person who wins POV takes one of the nominees down that Aaryn put up then the person who won POV is safe and cannot be put on the block. Which is how it’s always been.

If the POV winner takes the person off the block that the MVP put on the block then the POV winner is not safe and the MVP can replace her choice with anybody including the POV winner…Maybe I am wrong but this was my understanding.


but how did you come to this understanding of the rules? i have seen nothing to indicate the pov winner can be put up by the mvp – why are the rules not made clear to the fans, and even the house guests who seem confused themselves?


Simon, I love your aside commentary so much, even when I’ve been watching the feeds I still come back here and read every post for the little asides. You and Dawg are doing a great job. Oh, and so that this post isn’t just rainbow blowing, I’m loving MC, McCray and Amanda. I hope eventually they add Amanda to their alliance. I don’t think they will, but I want them too. Also, I keep wandering back and forth between thinking Jemery is an idiot and a genius, and between wanting him gone and not. I could kind of care less about Elissa. Having here gone would make the MVP more interesting … I voted for Nick. I think he has the most game.


Hopefully, Jeremy or Elissa wins PoV but will see.


Aaryn isn’t taking Adderall for ADHD – just like Lindsay Lohan wasn’t. They use it as an excuse because it helps with weight control…they just use ADHD as an excuse for using it. My guess, if she ever had it, she has outgrown it..but many are misdiagnosed. And, how would Elissa know she was taking it if Aaryn didn’t tell someone. Her own stupid fault for opening her big ugly mouth.


She doesn’t care that Elissa or anybody knows, but Elissa is opening her “big ugly mouth” using it against her saying that she has an unfair advantage in competitions. Which is funny actually considering that she has the most unfair advantage in the game (MVP & Brenchel fans)


Jeremy and Aaryn NEED to get out of that house!!! They are horrible and how they treat Elissa!! It is better to have Elissa in an alliance she has the people’s vote!!


Does the MC want Elissa out? Wouldn’t being in an alliance with her make them more of a force?


Jeremy wins the POV.


OMG, Jeremy won the POV. 🙁


Remember folks this is BB not survivor – production will always select MVP.


I think the smartest thing for Elissa would be to go up to Aaryn and suggest a girl alliance. No one would ever suspect that E and A would align. Keep it completely under wraps and keep up the bickering but sign up for final 2. One “big” player for each “side” of the house.