Big Brother Spoilers – Everyone Against Eagle Eye “In my opinion the sh!t he cooks is not that great”

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

3:11pm HOH cam 3-4 Danielle and Shane Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Joe I know for a fact that Wil, Boogie and Frank are working together Joe wants us to get rid of Frank and Split up Frank and Boogie alliance.

Joe wants to work with them. Danielle doesn’t buy any of the Joe’s Bull shit. She knows Joe’s back is against the wall he knows after Janelle leaves he’s on his own and the next one to go.

Danielle is worried that she showed Boogie how strong she really is. She recounts last night when she lifted a bar with 45 lbs of weight on each side and Boogie was shocked. Shane says it wasn’t 45lbs a aside. Danielle still thinks it showed boogie too much of her strengths.. she adds that when she was younger she was in gymnastics where she had to throw girls around all day.

Shane mentions that either Ashley is good at acting or she’s really hurt. Shane: ‘I almost had to carry her out of the Diary Room (Apparently Ashley has a hurt back) Danielle thinks that Ashley has an addictive personality.. she hints at pill usage. Shane says the Diary Room keeps giving Ashley pain medication.

Britney joins them and Shane recounts his conversation with Eagle Eye. He basically says that Joe is going around with everyone making 3 person alliances. Britney tells them about Joe trying to make Team Diversity week one.

Shane also adds that good old eagle eye is saying he’s willing to drop Janelle to Join Shane.

Britney leaves.. Shane is talking about how the boredom is killing him.

3:30pm Cam 1-2 Jenn and Frank

Jenn telling Frank the look on Janelle’s face will be priceless. They both think the vote will be 8-1. Frank points out how eagle eye joe is running around panicking.

3:33pm Cam 1-2 Bedroom Frank and Janelle

Janelle says she’s sorry about telling Frank she hated him. She feels like she’s going home and she just wanted him to know.
Frank asks her what he did to warrant the Hate. Janelle doesn’t have a answer for him. Frank tells her he has no idea who is staying, last week he thought he was safe and now he finds out he was getting sent home.

Janelle: “Theses players think it’s all about lying..why do they think that.. when you tell a lie nobody trusts you” Frank agrees says that there is too many players in there that do not know the game they just watch a couple season and think it’s all about lying.

Janelle: ‘This suck.. I’m sick of these people thinking the game is all about these little lies”

Janelle says even if she stays in the game the target on her is so huge.. what’s the point. Frank feels the same way he’s been on the block 3 times now.

Frank brings up that when he was on the block Janelle was fake with them. Frank: “When I was HOH your words not mine you were kissing my ass all day”
Janelle denies it..

Janelle is just happy that if she goes home at least she’s not going to Jury.

Frank calls her out for telling everyone how he’s such a big threat.. Janelle denies it. Frank says that ever HOH Janelle told them he was a huge threat, He remind her he’s only one a single competition this season. Janelle: “You cannot deny you are a big threat in the house”
Janelle tells Frank he’s doctor Wil status when it comes to social gaming and he’s a huge physical threat.

3:53pm Cam 3-4 HOH Shane and Britney

They both agree that Wil cannot be trusted.. Shane mentions that Wil supposedly swore on this dog’s life that he would vote to keep Janelle. Wil enters the room the talk shifts to being all about Joe.

They agree that Joe is the target next week..

Britney is pissed at Joe Using up all the Half and Half, “ I drink more coffee than all the people in this house combine.. I drink coffee 24 hours a day.”

Wil proposes that they talk to Joe after the HOH is won. (If he doesn’t win HOh of course)
Wil: “In my opinion the sh!t that he cooks is not that great”
Shane mentions how unhealthy all of Joe’s food is.

They start talking about frank. Shane doesn’t think he’s as big of a physical competitor as everyone is saying. Britney points out that it’s not Frank’s competition prowess she’s worried about his ability to talk himself off the block 3 week now. Wil mentions that Frank would of gone home last week if it wasn’t for production.

4:09pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Boogie Arcade Room

Frank says that Janelle has apologised for saying she hated him and she told him his social game is “Dr Will Like” Boogie tells him something is fishy with Janelle to be saying those things. Frank swear she’s sounded sincere.. he thinks that she knows she’s going home. Bogie thinks she’s trying to lull him into thinking he’s safe.. to make him feel confident.

4:15pm – 4:27pm HOH Dan, Danielle and Shane

Dan asks them what is happening.
Shane: “Joe is trying to make a final 4 with us”
Dan: “thats awesome.. he’s been pressuring me into telling him the vote”
Danielle: “It’s so obvious he’s Janelle’s little puppet”

Shane wants to call Joe out on all his alliances.. Shane: “he’s probably the number one target in the house”
Dan: “I hope so”

Shane is going to set up a conversation with Boogie and Frank because they heard him talk to joe for some time and he wants make sure they don’t think anything is up. Dan brings up that Boogie was talking to Jenn, he wants Shane to find out what that conversation was about.

Shane: “You are 100% voting Janelle out”
Dan: “Yes.. “
Dan brings up that Janelle is lying about the votes.. she’s saying to everyone that she has Dan’s and Shanes vote but that is not the truth.

Shane: “What do you think the chances are for a fast forward”
Dan: “Slim to none.. there was so much action last week”

Catch up on the Big Brother Alliances here

5:16pm Cam 3-4 Dan, Ian, Britney and Danielle
Dan telling them that he just got back from the Diary room and you cannot tell someone they are being voted out or nominated. Ian think they should try and talk Eagle Eye into voting for Frank to stay. Shane says that Janelle told him last night that he’s keeping Janelle. Britney says he’s just saying that AShley and Wil are 100% voting to evict Janelle. Britney keeps sneaking in comments about how Janelle leaving doesn’t hurt her game. Danielle reminds her about how much of a bull and liar Janelle is. Ian starts coaching them about the potential HOH questions.

5:22pm Team T!Ts Cam 1-2

They are chatting about how set up they are for next week once Janelle is gone. They all know that Joe is public enemy number one which keeps them out of the hot seat for one more week. Wil comments how the powerful players are going to be targeting each other. (Team T!Ts.. jump on the bandwagon)

Team tits start talking about their big brother experience. Wil asks them if given the chance would they do it again. Jenn says if she was asked a couple weeks ago she would say no but now it’s not been that bad.

5:43pm Ashley and Wil Ashley telling him that Ian and Britney are really close. Wil didn’t know that. Ashley points out that they are always talking alone

5:55pm TITS + Brit

Talking about Joe and how he uses all the food in the house (this is a major topic in the house) Wil wants to say something to Joe tonight but he’s worried it’ll start a fight and there is the off chance Joe wins the HOH.

6:05pm Trivia WTF?
6:20pm Trivia over nothing happened..
6:33pm Trivia again.. Janelle must be getting her DPOV
6:42pm Still trivia..

7:35pm Cam 1-4 Feeds come back.. looks like they had a pizza party..

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217 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Everyone Against Eagle Eye “In my opinion the sh!t he cooks is not that great”

  1. you know what’s bugging me: Everyone say they hate that Janelle is lying about Shane and Brit saying they are voting for her, when they told her they are!

    Everyone is getting all upset.. If you just tell her she is leaving there would be no issue.

    Everyone keeps hinting they may vote for her or completely lie like Wil, so what do you expect!?

    Stop complaining about it!

      1. Isn’t it funny how production decides when they want to enforce this supposed “rule” about not telling someone how you are going to vote? The ENTIRE game consist of people saying…’Hey, uh, can i get your vote.’ and the other HG responding, ‘Oh, of course, I wouldn’t lie to you, I have your back’, and yet the day before eviction, they decide to enforce a rule that says they can’t tell the nominee how they are voting. DAMN AG, can’t you just let the game be what it is and stop poking your hands into a good product trying to make it better. Your television skills = Joe’s cooking skils. People will get real tired of what you’re cooking. Let the game have SOME integrity. Not the players…lol….but the damn game itself.

  2. how dare someone suggest production had anything to do with a HG staying in the game for another week. I am shocked!!!! What’s next AG is going to have someone act like a dog for 24 hours??

    Pretty pathetic when the players come shoot straight and say productions rigs events.

    AG is a d-bag

  3. I don’t understand why production hasn’t taken out Danielle out of the game yet.. Do people not see that she’s not stable to play the game? She’s not okay in the head and clearly needs some mental help asap. Poor girl is gonna need lots of meds when she gets out. GET HER OUT!

    1. They did not kick out Rachael last year, and she had a full blown mental breakdown that made me feel sorry for her. They have not kicked Joe out for being a health hazard. They did not kick out Russel or the the Jesse Girls (except Chima until her mike ended up in the hot tub.). Let us not forget Bunky.

      Danielle is not any where close to those past cast members.

      There is still hope Janelle fans. She can pull herself out of that backdoor. All she needs is a heap of Frank and Boogie paranoia, to save herself. Her best bet is if she can gets Ian to tell Brittney, Dan is Boogie and Franks target. If they can convince them that Chilltown 2 believe that getting rid of Dan is like cutting off Danielle’s head and she will then do what ever their boy Shane and Brittney want. Through in some of what Boogie said about Dan and Danielle, it could work.

      Trust me if that happens Janelle stays and Frank goes home.

    2. My god people.
      Everybody lies in Big Brother, just like every body calls everyone else stupid or makes a comment about them being, fat, flabby, Bitch, Slut, skank, whore, useless, gullible, pretty, he is a beast, she is a beast, I can not believe what he/ she said, they are targeting you (note Bunky in season 2 is the only player to have an actual target on his hairy back, His fiends shaved it.), your thighs are fat, she is crazy, I hate them and what a bunch of liars. Everybody does it.

      To tell the truth one of the biggest villains in big brother history is the only person who told the truth, all of the time, Evil Dr Will. I watched season two on my laptop, he was actually consistent in his truth telling. Hardy and Nicole where the Big Liars and Backstabbers, but they also had that whole self righteous thing going for them. In the end Nicole lost to Dr. Will because she thought Dr Will was Evil and No One pick him over her. The fact is she would have been he first Big Brother winner if she took Bunky.

      So when someone is walking around calling someone a liar, it is usually to cover up the lies they told that person about someone else.
      I do agree about trusting Dan. We all like him, but doesn’t he have the reputation for doing the most cutthroat move in Big Brother History?
      Dan is probably the least trustworthy or loyal person in that house. They should all remember Janelle’s social game is a train wreck, but she is loyal to a fault. Boogie for his faults will be loyal to Frank. The rest of those coaches would push any body in that house down a flight of stairs if it meant final two.

      1. @Eric ca.Why do you think that Dan is the most untrust worthy of the house guests?I don’t see it that way.But I’m open to hear your reason for thinking that.

        1. Dan is an extremely cutthroat player. He even told Danielle “You have to be ruthless and cutthroat in this game.”
          In the Season he won, he back stabbed his strongest alliance, Jesse. He looks all American guy, but he is ruthless.

          Once he is done with Danielle, Shane and Brittney, believe me they are going to the Big Brother Landfill.

          1. @Eric ca.Boogie told Ian in this game you can bounce checks.Which means you can lie and Boogie doesn’t have a problem with doing that.A few nights ago,Boogie told Dan that he wants to work with him and their going to final 2.But today Boogie told Frank,if they win HOH they will nominate Dan&Shane for eviction.Yet,some how Dan is the most untrust worthy.Lol.You brought up Dan’s season and how he played the game.Have you ever watched Boogie on All-Stars(season7)?Boogie lied to people and he used Erika.He called her every disgusting,disrespectful&foul words he could think of.Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.I just don’t see it the same way as you.

          2. Dan has one huge problem-Boogie! Go back and watch him with Boogie in the SR and watch him follow Boogie in the agreement to switch Will for Janelle. He’s actually a follower until the time is right and then he’ll put it to whomever he can. That’s how he plays and it’s been successful for him. He is a snake in sheep’s clothing waiting to strike.

      2. It’s laughable that Janelle fans are upset because ppl are lying to her about the votes. Janelle has been the queen of lies this season but putting that aside if Britney et al fess up then it would expose the alliance with F&B. I agree it’s hard to see Janelle going around begging for votes knowing that it’s not going to happen. Janelle has to know by the way ppl are acting – you can see it in Britney’s eyes how painful it is to discuss the votes.

        I saw Boogie/Frank doing their early bird backyard camera talk today. Makes me sick when he gets so arrogant knowing that he won this round. He had to kick it into high gear and now just wants to sit back for a bit. Would like to see Boogie on slop in the have-not room for a week for a dose of humiliation.

        At least Janelle gets to go home and be with her family and not off to jury.

          1. Simon, do you think it’s that, or possibly something to do with tomorrow’s HOH (that’s what I originally thought)? From what I remember, DPOV have only been offered to HOH’s by way of Pandora’s box……so if AG has decided to figure out a way to get Janelle a DPOV, how could she do it? I’m just asking to hear your thoughts because I was thinking the same thing, but I’m kind of tripped up as to how they would give it to her without America voting on it, and without making it seem obvious they are trying to save her…..

  4. Janelle isn’t lying when she’s telling people she has Shane, Dan, Britney, Wil and Ashley’s, it’s the truth cause they keep telling her that and LYING TO HER!!! WTF is wrong with these people? Can’t wait for Boogie and Frank to get them back! It’s gonna be amazing!!!

    1. Wow I was reading Danielle’s HOH blog and its seems the general consensus from the comment section is that people are not a fan of her at all. And those who are have said they dont watch the feeds.

      She is probably going to get a good edit!

      Maybe she will be different once she is not HOH?

      1. I’m a fan of her and I watch the feeds when my kids go to bed and catch up on here for the rest. And, as a mom, I would never leave my two little girls to go be on a reality show….for the 3rd time….but I also don’t have a live-in nanny so, whatev. As far as Danielle is concerned, I’m not a fan of the way that she constantly seeks approval and all roads lead back to her in conversations….but as of right now, she’s the most competitive girl in the house and I have mad respect for that.

        Now, you can take my opinion with a grain of salt (and I suggest you do-not trying to start a war, just sharing my thoughts), but I have never been a Janelle fan. Never. So I am clearly biased in my opinions. I just can’t tolerate fakeness in any way, shape, or form. Albeit from a baby voice, kissing everyone’s butt, or simply physical attributes. Danielle is clearly flawed but I think that’s what I like best about her. A real human. A real live human! On Big Brother! Who knew!?

  5. It is going to be very dull in that house once Jenelle leaves. It was fun watching her run from one person to another running her mouth, digging her hole deeper and deeper. Now we have to put up with Boogie and Frank thinking they are running the show.

    1. I don’t want her to leave, but I think it will be interesting. I can’t wait for Dan, Danielle, and Brit to find out Boogie and Mike want Dan or Shane out next which will rock Danielle and Brit’s world and send them scrambling, because Ashley, Wil, Joe, and Jenn will definitely not help them keep the numbers. Those 4 (Dan, Brit, Danielle, and Shane) are so stupid! Again I don’t want Jenelle to leave, but if that’s what it takes for Karma to come back to those 4 then I’m ready.

      1. Karma is what Janelle is receiving. She had the chance to take make a smart move and knock Danielle and Dan out, but she wanted the coaches to stay. She backstabs Britney, and then wants her vote. Janelle is as delusional as Danielle.

    2. Barb B, I don’t agree that it is gonna be dull without Janelle, she doesn’t do anything to make this game exciting, unless you count her putting on make-up for hours on end. I think Boogie is the only exciting player in the game right now. It’s like watching the grass grow with the rest of the players, sorry, don’t hate on me, lol.

    3. Simon – Everyone keeps talking about Janelle leaving, and how they don’t think BB will let it happen, what do you think? Do you think there is any chance they will pull something? I was thinking the next thing we will hear is that Ashley had to leave due to health problems, and then no elementation tomorrow evening. Anyone else think something like this will happen? I know tonight on the TV show at the veto game, I didn’t even seen Ashley one time, and she was not in the cheering section. Could happen. I feel like BB will do anything to try and keep Janelle. JMO.

      1. Given how CBS is now with the show i would say anything can happen if it promotes ratings..

        My opinion is Janelle is going home and not coming back but I’m wrong like all the time.

  6. posted this on the last post but i checked that Trey guy danielle was talking about on facebook (he is from alabama and has the name she said) and the dudes profile pic is him with some blonde girl… i dont think he cares who danielle is kissing or not

  7. What a fool? Joe is pretty dumb & stupid. Everyone will vote Janelle out and your next in line of leaving as well. Cya Janelle!

  8. Janelle is going home production told her she doesn’t have votes thats why she is telling everyone she ‘s not mad, her stipen will be the same if she’s injury or goes home now They have saved Frank(a few times) just so Boogie gets farther in the game could you imagine losing your top coaches early in the season If Frank went home Boogie would be behind him so losing Janelle is the best solution Willie got paranoid and confronted Frank otherwise he was going home poor Kara One thing sucks Frank got out 2 people when he was Hoh but Shane got screwed with no eviction PLEASE stop fixing the show production

    1. I bet the next 3 hg to get evcited will get the chance come in the via “america’s vote”
      and your girl Jani will be back mark my words.
      AG isnt gonna let J go out on a back door.

      1. “AG isnt gonna let J go out on a back door.”

        Er.. . yea, they will.. .

        Personally, I think she will appreciate being brought back for this season, smile upon it, and not look back.. .

  9. I dont like how dan has everyone telling him everything. seriously, shane, stop.

    dan needs to realize he better work with boogie before he makes him an enemy, they could go far together if they just agreed to keep each other in the game. he seems too worried about what boogie is doing when boogie isnt in power, and really has no reason to try much for a couple weeks.

    boogie again ahead of janelle, that is what she was doing. I just have to wonder why so many are concerned about someone who cannot win this game unless hes up against jenn in the final 2. I mean danielle was concerned boogie would see her as too strong? really now? what is he going to do then, wave his magic wand and evict you? I just don’t quite get the power they think he has. so far he hasnt looked like a huge hoh threat.

    1. @Yeah.Dan wants to work with Boogie.That’s why he went against his gut of getting rid of Frank to split Boogie&Frank up,and keep a fellow vet(Janelle)who had no intentions of trying to take out Dan.But that’s not the case with Boogie&Frank.They have a reason to get rid of Dan because he lied to them and was planning to blind side Frank(but production screwed that up,by saving Frank).Dan had no plans on getting rid of Boogie because he wants to work with him.Boogie was the one who refused to work with Dan unless Frank stays in the game.And even though Dan has did what Boogie wanted,which is to save Frank and back door Janelle.Boogie still plans on getting rid of Dan.Today Boogie told Frank if they win HOH,they will put up Dan&Shane and the both of them laughed about it.So,were do you get this idea that Dan doesn’t want to work with Boogie?Dan didn’t even want Boogie nominated this week,despite the fact that Boogie wasn’t talking to him.So,obviously Dan wants to work with him,but Boogie seems like he hates the very thought of working with Dan and taking him to final 2.Why do you have a problem with Dan trying to get information to see if Boogie is plotting against him?If Boogie was actually telling Dan the truth about working with him and wanting to take him to final 2,than Dan won’t find out anything that suggest Boogie is targeting him.Which means it shouldn’t be a issue that Dan wants to find out if Boogie plans to get him evicted,that is as long as Boogie isn’t lying to Dan.But he(Boogie) is lying.

  10. second, frank is dr will? ahahaha no. please just don’t let him start believing that. thats hilarious in so many ways.

    and its weird, again with boogie, they dont give the guy any credit for any moves he makes, such as saving frank, but they talk about him like the biggest threat ever. so worried about boogie, where is he, who is he talking to….I mean if he doesn’t make any moves and is just this old man who sleeps all day with bad breath, why not give him a breath mint and let him float it out where you are guarenteed to beat him. its just weird that brit is making someone who can easily help her game such a future problem when if frank or boogie do win HoH, people like Wil and others will tell them about the comments made during this week.

    1. I think Dan F up when he was feeding Boogies ego in the SR that gave him a glimmer of hope. If they would have stuck the script
      Frankie would be the one going home. Now u never know if F or B win hoh inthe coming wks Dan could be put up or backdoored.
      He saw his season why would u trust him, Boogie is ride or die with one person and it isnt Dan.

      1. @Blah.I agree with you.I don’t understand how one of the best players that ever played this game(Dan) could make such a huge mistake.Boogie has made it clear,he won’t cut Frank loose.Dan should see that by Boogie not wanting to get rid of Frank,how Dan suggested.Boogie wants to work with Frank not Dan.I wanted Dan to win this game again.But he really screw himself by keeping Boogie&Frank together,and getting rid of Janelle(she wasn’t coming after him.She wanted the coachs to work together)

        1. Boogie played the honesty card and it hit Dan hard. If Dan lets Boogie know the “honesty card” worked then Dan punched his ticket: Frank and Boogie in the final.

        2. JW,
          Janelle wanted the 3 coaches to work together and only included Boogie to have the numbers. Just like Dan (and she and Dan are great friends outside the house) she hides behind others and lets them take the lead and the heat. Then when the time is right they jump in and put it to the other to win. Dan is now a power player, in my opinion, but rather a person who uses others to do his bidding. Janelle does the same thing. Watch Janell and Brit when they approach Dan and Boogie in the HOH for the first time. She immedately tells Brit to go ahead and start the conversation… Dan/ Jani = 2 peas in a pod.

  11. Joe…what an idiot. There’s really not any more to say.

    And what the hell is up with Ashley? This is the first I’ve heard of her re-injuring her back. She’s probably just having withdrawal after not popping pills for a while.

      1. She was my way too early pick to win it all, too…

        Maybe there’s a good game player somewhere beneath all of the crazy.

    1. I GOT IT!

      Production has taken Ashley off her pain meds and will remove her from the game for medical reasons and then announce that since she is going home, there will be no eviction this week and Janelle is saved from going home.

      Production has struck again!

        1. I was too, as well as hope. I’m not sure, but she looks as if she’s addicted to pain meds. She never seems to be in pain, but is always taking meds, and sleeping and taking loooong showers. Unless it’s part of her stratgey to get sympathy. If it is it’s a weird strategy.

      1. You better hope Allison Grodner doesn’t see that post. She’d probably do that in a heartbeat. Anything to save her favorites!

      2. I was too, as well as hope. I’m not sure, but she looks as if she’s addicted to pain meds. She never seems to be in pain, but is always taking meds, and sleeping and taking loooong showers. Unless it’s part of her stratgey to get sympathy. If it is it’s a weird strategy

      3. They rigged it last season to save Rachel, they could strike again…….. not that Janelle is as entertaining as Rachel or entertaining..PERIOD it would be a waste of a rig saving her. Now Boogie? they might do it if he’s in danger of going home

      4. I agree ashley is going to the hospital or home but the guest should bring up when willie left evictions continued so they shouldn’t pull that shit. Production is making it so obvious that there hands are on this…did need to stop they have done this the last couple of seasons where they’re making it too obvious

  12. why is Dan begging Booger to work with him and what’s with that hat booger is wearing? makes his head look even bigger (but at least it matches his jay leno chin and barbra streisand nose:)

  13. brit saying janelle was whispering with frank and that was BS is BS frank approached janelle and all they said was that they weren’t talking, nothing about game (frank did ask her if she thought he wanted coaches out she just said she did not know what he wanted) brit the trouble maker

  14. production paying ashley to say her back is too sore to play, thus making her leave tomorrow, keeping janelle around

    1. I could see that happening then Julie announcing trashley had to leave show so no evictions thus this being another wasted week and noseelle and carrot top frank stay :) I would’nt put it past them

  15. what a complete spaz and idiot Ian is he really is a special ed student he should have taken that maui vacation no one would have cared where does BB get these morons

  16. LMFAO that spirit tard woulda looked good on Mis Wil :) Ian the retard in that dog siut what an idiot if he gets to finals I will never watch BB USA again :)

    1. I’ll admit there is something with Ian, rather he is Autistic or has asbergers I don’t know. Regardless let’s not use words like retard and special ed. I happen to have an Autistic son who is pretty damn awesome and nothing offends me more than someone uses those terms to make fun of someone.


      1. i can say whatever i want its called the first admendment if it hurt your feelings oh well i wasnt talking bout you anyhow

  17. I am not liking Danielle at all. I can’t believe how high school she acts. I just hope that Shane or Brit get HOH and they are smart enough to split up Frank and Boogie. How do they not see the danger in having a strong twosome alliance like them.

    I DREAD their DR Sessions. UGH.

  18. Danielle needs to send Grodner a thank you note when the season is over. She’s getting overly flattering edits! Now, if they do a Danielle montage that is real, it will include: “Does this make me look fat? My hair looks awful today. Do my thighs look really big? Did Shane kiss me for real the 2nd time? What did he say? Does he think I’m a good kisser? How was my speech? What was Janelle’s expression when I nominated her? How was everyone else’s expression? Did you see how long I lasted? Did I do good? Have I gained weight in here? Do you think Shane will try to kiss me again? How did we look when we kissed?” GAH! She is such a Stage 3 klinger!

    She isnt the only one with a good edit, but my god they always leave out the good stuff!

      1. LOL. Agree..

        Im ready for a new HOH, hopefully not from the Silent 6 alliance. Maybe boogie b/c that would be interesting.

        Janie needs to go. The fact she thinks they want to keep her after putting her up and ignoring her makes me want to shake her!

        Bring on Thursday!

  19. I am really disliking danielle i can’t wait till boogie and frank back stab them and put shane and danielle on the block

  20. from what I’ve seen it was all boogers doing getting noselle on the block. so he is HOH because dumb fat assed danielle doesn’t have a mind of her own. Good now I want booger to put that insecure fat assed cow up (oh and the ending with booger and frank recreating that c town shit we could have done without pathetic)
    Danielle you are if not as dumb but almost dumber than Ian at least Ian has an excuse cause he has aspergers what’s your excuse you get stood up for the prom

    1. From the edit it seems that BB wants another Chilltown. I guess that is the direction they are going to push!

      So you may be seeing a lot of boogie and Boogie and Frank DR sessions

        1. how old is boogie anyway, 15???? no wonder why he isn’t married or in a relationship. I think he is such a dog and he isn’t good-looking at all.

          Even though I can’t stand Boogie I hope he or Frank wins hoh and puts up Danielle and Britney. Now that would be good!!!

    2. Daniel is a noob, and she’s knocking out a vet. Plus, she’s made alliances with 6 people, and a couple of final twos. No HGs are mad at her for the move, and she’s not on the frontlines no matter who wins HOH. Sounds like a very successful HOH to me.

      1. who is daniel oh danielle and successful? she got the HOH given to her by promising to let brit and wil not be nom she got the pov because she took it from wil she is an insecure stalker and living in la la land she is one step closer to a padded HOH room and if shane isn’t gay he will be by the time she gets done with him

        1. What? Your response is incoherent. If I knew what you were talking about, I would argue back. Regardless, the fact remains that Daniele had a successful HOH.

      2. I ALWAYS READ OBB I’m on it 24/7 Danielle doesn’t seem that annoying to me. I don’t have the feeds but If Britney can handle the yacking and Shane talk then u guys are over acting Briney is one of those people who don’t really care im surprised she cares a tad bit about Danielle!!!!!! I hope there is a double eviction and Joe goes and Danielle wins the next and gets rid of either BFDS. She will up her game once those 4 are gone and if she makes an alliance with team tits and evicts them 1 by 1 she will get far the she gets ride of Brit and she won. Dani has a good game and id a good player she just need a wake up call and need to gt her head in the game. I hope it when her HOH ends and I cant wait for BSD to shell have no one and will play hard and will let people manipulate her and will go far and other BB players should take her to the end because EVERYBODY HATES HER and wont Win i hope Everybody else think and doesn’t put Dani on the block I want Dan to go so Dani can play on her own cuz she can get far. I’m pretty sure after this she just gonna let Shane take her to the finals and manipulate him and SERIOUSLY HOW CAN A NURSE BE THIS STUPID. I think she just misses home and just is upset and angry i hope she gets over Shane and Shane is definitely not worth the wait or at all.

  21. OK folks it has been decided I’m tossing my support behind TEAM T!T$

    Avatars are going up Monday night lets start the discussion of what they should be..

    Just Brainstorming here…
    Shane = Tom Cruise
    Danielle = Straight Jacket
    Frank = Carrot top pre steroids
    Britney = Pazuzu.. (doesn’t really fit this year)
    Wil = head lice
    Ashley = Doobie
    Jenn =Blank square (although she is rolling a more now)
    Joe = Eagle
    Ian = ?
    Boogie = evil elf

    1. Danielle = Meg from Family Guy, not looks but personality (or lack of) is a perfect match.

    2. I think Danielle should Be Annie Wilkes from Misery. She is a nurse and crazy! and thats prob what she will look like when she gets older.

      Or Sybil

    3. Britney= Regina from mean girls
      Ian= reminds me of Smeggle from Lord of the rings
      Joe= Eagle with Roger clemens face
      Ashley= A hippie
      Jenn= A picture of someone with a bloody gash head wound lol
      Danielle= sybil, Annie Wilkes
      Dan= Judas

    4. Shane: Tom Cruise
      Frank: Carrot Top post steroids
      Joe: Mr Hanky
      Ashley: Courtney Love
      Ian: Howard Wolowitz Big Bang Theory
      Wil: Google “Sharon Needles” you will find many a great pic for Wil, trust me
      Brittney: Leslie Jordan as Brother Boy, Sordid Lives
      Jen: Horned Vampire woman
      Dan: A Ring Master
      Boogie: Grandpa from the Munsters

      1. LAFFFFFFFFFFFFFAO the one for britney from sordid lives was tooo friggin funny and it looked just like her simon def use that one for britney

        1. No way, I’ve never even heard of that woMan, if anyone was to fit that pic, it would be Kathy with her ciggs from season 12.

            1. I still cant stop laughing everytime I look at that picture it is perfect for a britney avatar is this show available to watch? I looked it up and it says there is only a dvd of the movie and theseries is not on dvd and they aired it on logo but no longer LOL tooooo funny it’s britney bitches

          1. Come back live and they had their halfway party after only 4 Weeks? Wtf is that all about??? :-\

    5. Good stuff, Simon – I have some suggestions…….google Dyan Cannon and she is ASHLEY………amazing likeness…….we all KNOW that Britney is Dolly Parton and Shane? A poor man’s Baldwin Brother……Dan is Christopher Lloyfd from his Taxi days, not Back to the Future….

    6. Shane – Ken doll
      Danielle – Brunet barbie in a straight jacket
      Brit – Skipper Doll
      Joe – keep eagle, but zoom in on eye
      Ian – Scooby-doo
      Frank – Shaggy
      Boogie – Fred (boss)
      Jenn – Velma
      Ashley- Doobie, lol (love it)
      Wil – Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter

    7. @Simon
      Ian:Carl of Phineas & Ferb
      Joe:Roger Clemens (Pitcher)
      Wil:Matthew or Gunnar Nelson (The Nelson twins)
      Ashley:Kelly Carlson
      Danielle:Kate Ziegler (Swimmer)
      Jenn:Rosie Perez (White man can’t jump)
      Shane:Tom Cruise or Matthew Fox
      Frank:Shaun White (Snowboard)

      1. get over the roger clemons joe is a turd end of :) frank does look like that dude you listed though wil should be riff raff from rocky horror and britney is brother boy from sordid lives

        1. So you get it. Frank looks like Shaun White (snowboarder). But you never heard the Nelson (Rock Band). Wil does look like one of the nelson twin.

  22. Ugh. Next week is going to be brutally boring, if there is not a double eviction. It gives each of the silent six a perfect example of trust by getting Joe out, before they back stab the following week.

    Simon, have you heard if they will or not?

    1. I think the only thing that we can count on is no double eviction tomorrow..

      IMOO This season has had trouble gaining traction ever since Willie left.. The problem with the year is when you bring back so many “vets” their personalities overshadow the regular players and you do not build the same “relationship” as you normally do.

      Ratings for Big Brother are at a all time low.. oh here we go 6:10pm Trivia on the feeds.. Pandora’s box.. Janelle is going to get the DPOV

      1. so Iam confused here… Does not the pandoras box usually given to the HOH how in the world does she even qualify in getting pandoras box.

  23. So production is probably offer Ashley money to leave with a back injury, voiding any eviction that may take place this week, and saving Janelle.

  24. LOL oh my god this show is getting to be ridiculous!!! They are going to lose half their viewrs when janelle leaves :(. Danielle and Britney think they are so high and mighty but i hope, as much as i HATE boogie and frank, that 1 of them win HoH and put their asses UP!!!!!!!

  25. That was awesome on tonight’s show when Boogie Frank and Ian were in the DR. I laughed my Ase off. I had to rewind it and watch it again

  26. The strategy is stupid. Joe ain’t no threat. He lacks social game and he can’t win jack. The silent six should focus on getting Wil out next instead of Joe. They should reel in Joe to their alliance for the next week and after Wil is gone kick his behind out the house.

    1. I hate Joe, but there are bigger fish to fry. I would like to see him get called out for being unhygienic in the kitchen, and then have Boogie tell him he just doesn’t have what it takes to be a real chef. Give him the silent treatment and watch him either go cry in the bushes like Rachel or blow up like he provoked Willie to do. I don’t think he would have any influence in the jury house. He would just be a major annoyance to everyone. I don’t really have a favorite, but I don’t want a vet to win, so in the best interests of the house, it’s time to get Dan or Boogie out. Brit isn’t really a threat. She will probably make final 5ish and get burned like she did in Season 12. I also wouldn’t be upset to see Danielle go, but who would waste an HOH on her while Dan and Boogie are still there.

  27. I’m sorry if this was brought up forever ago, but I must have missed something somewhere. Why is Joe now known as “Eagle Eye” on this site? I think its hilarious, but I also want to know the reasoning behind it.

    1. Pandora’s Box to save Janelle..

      Here’s a poll for you all who will continue to watch if Production saves Janelle with a Pandora’s box.. ?

      1. I’ll probably keep watching but I’ll be really disappointed in production for showing how rigged this game really is.

      2. simon I am and have been a loyal fan of BB since season 2 so of course i will still watch. and honestlly I don’t care if noselle stays or goes (same with frank) I want to see Joe the turd go. I actually have never disliked a HG this much since shelley from last season
        joe you got to go (and wash your friggin hands for christ sakes)

  28. I bet on Thursday that Janelle will be sitting next to Julie Chen & goodbye message from Boogie & Frank. Oh! Have a nice summer Janelle!

    1. nobody knows…but with janelle to leave my first guess would be they ll try to save her. if they are doing that shane or danielle even brit could selfevict from next week on. because that would be 2 HOH in row to keep frank and now janelle. then its obvious that who will have a real chance to win. and its not those 3….

  29. Britney is right about Janelle leaving isn’t gonna help Shane, Dan, Ian and her games maybe Britney realizes Boogies BS and you get Frank out leaves Boogie by himself because you have Ian otherwise Boogie might just go awol if Frank goes Come On Britney and Dan think how coaches will get targeted if you are down a man Dan said if you get rid of Janelle he is the next coach on the list of threats

    1. My prediction after Janelle leaves will be Shane, Danielle, Dan. Janelle would have targeted Boogie if she stayed. Danielle is dumb.

  30. So if Ashley has to leave because of her hip, they should just not have their second double elim/fast forward this year. With the numbers in the house, they were going to have to have two. If they have no evictions this week due to Ashley having to leave – that means two HGs have blood on their hands and no evictions for two weeks. If that were to happen, the HGs should just revolt. If they figure out a way to keep Janelle (after figuring out a way to keep Frank last week) they have lost what little credibility they had left.

    1. thats what i posted above. for shane, brit or danielle it would be such disadvantage to get fu… on 2 HOH in a row. no way they even have a chance to go far with this. if its fair and ash has to leave everything should stay the same minus one double eviction!

      but its TV. they ll save janelle. im pretty sure they think with her they ll get higher ratings.

      1. I don’t see how they would think this if they use the internet at all, her popularity has dwindles tremendously this season with her choice of how to play the game.

  31. Who knows what will happen. Frank and Boogie could screw up royally between now and eviction. Janelle could go home or be safe.

    There are so many scenarios that could save Janelle and evict Frank. Joe could call out Frank and Boogie and have them go off on Janelle and flip the house, because enough of a seed of paranoia. How many times have we all sat there and felt guaranteed someone was being evicted and the other guy went home? How many times has everybody walked around and said I am evicting, say Frank, then evicted Kera. Those people do weird last minute things.

    Wasn’t their an eviction that someone was saved because of a sympathy vote, and others flipped?

  32. I actually really like Danielle! I just wish she would cut shane loose! Him and Dan are playing her like a fiddle! If she gets free of them I think she could be a really strong player in this game!

    1. I said the same thing the other night… I disliked boogie a lot on season 2 and even more on season 7 but now I enjoy his conversations and game talk. Funny how it`s like that.. happens all the time for me a houseguest I didnt care for in one season becomes may favorite in another.

      1. I agree..I did not liek Dan or Brit on their seasons..but now I do. I never watched when Boogie or Janelle was I had no prior opinion, but had heard so much. To me Janelle was very disappointing and boogie had been eh so far.

        I have a potential pic for Ian…to me he looks like the character in the artwork on every Harry Potter novel..the book covers not the movie….it’s pretty dead on..


  33. Wtf? I didn’t pay to see trivia and fish for this long for nothing. I know who Ashley looks like, if you google a young Dyan Cannon, the actress, she looks just like her. I think Boogie should be the leprechaun from the “Leprechaun” movie. Ian could be Wormser from Revenge of the Nerds. Frank could be Shirley Temple or Jeff Spicoli. Britney is a softer gentler Pazuzu this year, but she still has that sneaky, biting side, so she’ll always be Pazuzu to me.

    I concur about Danielle being Annie Wilkes from Misery. Too bad we can’t find Tom Cruise in a hot pink tank for Shane. Jenn should be something to do with metal, like Slash from GnR.

    1. Awww Hell No! Dyan Cannon puts Ashley to shame! If Ashley were a 5 (big if) then Dyan Cannon is a 100. Find someone else.

      1. It’s those big eyes and her smile pluse her hippy flower child attitude, Dyan Cannon is a real hippy. Of coarse, Dyan Cannon was way hotter, no doubt. Ashley should probably just be a picture of an Oxycontin pill.

  34. Is it still on Trivia? Allison Grodner better not be sticking her ugly little fingers into the game and messing it up like she did last year

    1. i heard it was a pizza party with music and they couldn’t broadcast and boogie or shane mentioned halfway party but boogie said a wednesday party usual means double evictions

  35. Simon, I just want to say that you and this site is the highlight of my day. You do an awesome job! When I have time to see the live feeds and then see your updates, you are right on. Thanks for making my days and summer! Greatly appreciated!

  36. What are the trivia questions like? Do they actually test BB knowledge or are thy extremely simple and pandering?

  37. Sorry, I have to disagree. I think Danielle is not playing her game. She is playing Dan’s and more power to him. I hate how she is always puckering to the camera and throwing herself at Shane. HOH got to her head and I see an arrogance in her now.

  38. feeds back up….everyone sitting in the living room except janelle and she is cleaning up a big mess off the floor, then danielle walks in with something all over her and starts helping janelle clean up. WTH???? Food fight???

  39. I bet ashley is going to the hospital or home which will keep janelle. So sick of production making so people stop watching the show. I have to say the last couple of seasons there involvement has become so obvious it is ruining the game for the viewers.

  40. Looks like they had a halfway pizza party, boogie seems to think that this is the precursor for a double eviction or maybe Sunday eviction.

  41. I must say that not only have all the houseguest been bitchy about Janelle but same with all these people leaving comments. I have been a Janelle fan since season 6. Her game this year has been completely different, however we all must realize she started out as a coach. She did not have to worry about her game play as much. Danielle has some weird obsession with Janelle. All she does is talk about Janelle. We get it you are jealous of her. There is no need to constantly talk about her. Overall this season has been terrible. The coaches idea was very stupid especially when Boogie and Janelle only wanted to be coaches. I am not going to be that person that whines when Janelle leaves however I will not be watching the rest of this season. I tried out for Big Brother and not saying that I am the best choice for the show, but the cast this year is terrible. The only person that was cast out of the newbies that is good is Shane. Everyone else is floaters. The strong people were taken out early this year which left the show boring. Janelle and Brit were the only reasons i decided to watch this year. However Brit is extremely two faced. Danielle did a very coward thing by backdooring Janelle. At least she is leaving with class and happy to go home to her beautiful baby. One last thought. Thank you Simon for this website. You do an amazing job and I am very thankful for all of it!

    1. I forgot to mention how production saved Frank last week. I dont get whats so special about him? The coaches should have never entered the game. All production does is change the game but not for the better. Ik Janelle will be exiting on Thursday and I am sure a lot of people will stop watching and if they some how rigged for her to stay because of a “special power” I am sure more people would stop watching too.. so we will see what happens.

      1. Kara didnt even talk. Im talking about Willie freaking out and getting kicked out and JoJo proved herself in her veto.

    1. they had a 1/2 way pizza party that turned into a cake fight and was ended early.. Boogie questions them having it on a Weds night he suspects tomrorow 2 people are going home.

      1. as long as the first one is Janelle & then to really make it spectacular would to see Eagle Eye right behind her! LOL!!

  42. I heard it was a pizza party and it had music so they couldn’t broadcast it they called it a halfway party and boogie said pizza party wednesday means maybe double evictions tomorrow

  43. For almost a month, I struggled to find someone to dislike. Well that search is over, Danielle has managed to achieve that role. Chunky, needy, ignorant women, with explosive diarrhea not really my thing. She’s a one night stand, nothing more. Definitely not girlfriend material. Shane should distance himself as much as possible. She’s a psycho-bitch. Think Rose off of Two and Half Men.

  44. Don’t know if this will make it on the comments or not. First of all, Danielle should not be drinking. She has already discussed at length that her father had a severe alcohol problem. When she said her “God Parents” were already decided before she was even born. Another red flag. She claimed because parents were both enlisted, but I doubt that. Her insecurities and constant need for men (Dan&Shane) attention is another red flag. She obviously has some emotional problems and BB is probably not the place to solve them. With that being said, she annoys the hell out of me. After watching BB on Tv, the veto was a big crap shoot, and she needs to get over herself!! And GOD editing is good to make Janelle look like the victim.

  45. Danielle is so dumb!!! Why would you put up Janelle instead of Boogie!!! Yes Janelle has gone to final 3, but Boogie has won this game before which makes him a lot more dangerous than Janelle. They have had Frank on the block 3 times and he is still going to be here on Thursday. I think getting Janelle out was a good idea, but not when Frank, a great player, was on the block and was set to go home. At this point I think all the strong players are going to get each other out, and the less aggressive players will go to the end like Ian, Jenn, and Ashley.

  46. Big Brother Pizza Party. That is a bad sign. The crap is going to happen.

    anybody count heads. Is everybody still there? Somebody got a special power or something.
    Janelle got a gift from the gods and she is going to put Boogie up with Frank. Leotard of the Damned, Pizza Party and What Brittney just said about the DR saying do not tell Janelle she is leaving…. AG did not see Janelle on the block, something is going to happen

  47. Danielle (dogface) is killing this season. She has NO personality. What was AG thinking, casting her? We are probably losing one of the best and most entertaining BB players ever tomorrow. So lame. So so lame.

  48. This is bulls@@t: how can you have a half way party with 12 frikkin houseguests left? Is the a triple eviction? An entire team is jettisoned?

  49. i have to laugh about people complaining about everyone lieing to Janelle. They aren’t lieing. they told her that she has their votes, they just dont mention that she has their vote to leave.

  50. Danielle said she hates liars , Danielle you came into the house lying, you said you were a kindergarten teacher
    you didn’t have to lie you are a nurse and you should have been proud, Now Boogie knows that you lied about who you are,
    are you a shame, Boogie hates liars now you are on his hit list …………..LMAO

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