Frank says Janelle will be blind-sided, the only vote being Joe; he will then be on an island by himself.

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!9:20am – 9:40am The house guests are on an indoor lockdown, as production sets up for the live show tonight. Frank is in the arcade room talking to himself. Frank says that Janelle is cocky and she thinks she has the votes to stay but if things go the way I have heard, then Janelle will be going home tonight. Maybe she is being cocky because she has the votes but I highly doubt that, I trust that people are going to vote the way they say they will. Frank says that she is going to be blind-sided. The only vote being, Joe, he will then be on an island by himself. And he will soon be going home. Frank says that not only did I pass up the $5000, but I took the power of veto and now I am wearing this spirit-tard. Frank says that Janelle apologized to me yesterday, she must have been confident she was staying and didn`t want me to go home and see the bad things she said about me. Frank says that he doesn`t want to be too confident, I really think I have the votes but I thought I did last week if it wasn’t for the twist I would have gone home. I won`t forget those people that lied to me. Frank says it is day 34 in the house; I have been on the block for 20 of those days. It would be nice to not have to be on the block for just one week, it’s exhausting but I love it.


9:40am – 10:25am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds come back, Ashley and Frank are in the kitchen. Ashley is cleaning up while Frank makes breakfast. Janelle and Wil are up and in the kitchen as well. Frank talks about how Joe was snoring so he pinched his calf and he rolled over. Jenn, Boogie and Dan join them at the kitchen table. Ashley asks why would Matt’s twitter name be @HeadOfHOFFhold. Boogie says because his last name is Hoffman. Ashley says oh okay. They laugh. They start talking about how production has messed up twice now and blasted someone’s diary room sessions throughout the house. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

Ashley asks why no one studies with her, she asks if it is because everyone is studying in their heads. She says that she has a hard time retaining information. She then says that it is probably because she really doesn’t care about the stuff. They all laugh. Ashley says she cares about Big Brother though. She says that Britney is like an encyclopedia, she remembers everything. Ashley starts talking about her debt. She doesn’t want to see how much debt she has. Mike asks so if you won the $50,000 would that settle your debt. Ashley says oh yeah it’s not that bad.

11am – 11:20am Ashley, Dan, Shane, Danielle, Wil, and Frank head up to the HOH rooom to find a spot before the HOH lock down. At 11:20am Big Brother tells the house guests to report to the HOH room for the lock down. Ian comes up to the HOH room and knocks on the door. Boogie asks who is knocking. They tell him to come in. Ian comes in and sits on the floor. Ashley tells him that he can squeeze in beside her and Frank. When Ian sits down between them, Frank tells Ian that he is at the wrong end of the barrel.


11:45am Everyone is silent up in the HOH room. Britney and Janelle are in the HOH bathroom chatting and putting on make-up.


12:20pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen.

12:50pm Still TRIVIA..

1pm The live feeds come back from TRIVIA and Big Brother releases the house guests from the HOH lock down. They all collect their things and head downstairs.


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I really do think it sucks that over half the time Frank has been in the house, he has been on the block for winning…ONE…comp. Janelle twisted everything, but it was Chilltown that was able to turn the tide. Tonight will be exciting because Janelle is going home, she isn’t going to jury, she wont be eligible to come back this season….just awesome all around. If this week is a Double Eviction, the silent 6 is better off playing alliance lines, no need in trying to backstab in an hours time and fail at it, just makes it ugly afterwards.


Couldn’t agree more!!!

Danielle's Orange Dress

I guess you guys won’t be seeing me any time soon the way things are going…..winning!


Still nice to see you D.O.D., we have missed your BB house updates =)


A few observations.

Frank is playing his role incredibly well. I know it’s easy to say he’s just Boogie’s puppet, but I don’t see it. He looks to me like a solid partner and, while getting directions from Boogie, is doing everything well to push him and Boogie forward. I really like listening to the two of them talk strategy.

Janelle’s bigest screw up, I think, is that she was unwilling to expose Wil or Joe to possibly form a coaches’ alliance. She thought she’d be smart and keep all her players while eliminating Boogie. That sent a signal to Dan that she’d be too powerful with all of her players later.

Danielle didn’t eat for two days after she learned Janelle called her fat. Maybe she should see a psychologist.

She’s going to be very surprised when she gets home that most of that hate talk she’s accusing Janelle of doing is mostly in her head.

And that whole thing with Shane where she likes him, where she doesn’t anymore and is moving on to Trey, and back to liking Shane again. I’m sorry, but there is something seriously wrong with her.


high IQ……low EQ


Frank went up on the block week one because of his work outs. He scared the other HGs with the potential they saw. THEN he won HOH. After that, it was all Janelle. I honestly think that she manipulated the house from that point on re Frank. This week, Shane and Danielle have sat back and realized that Frank is not the threat they have been thinking he is. They have both beaten him – even Ian has beaten him. I would say that he had been throwing comps, but with him being at risk that would have been “Lawan-style” stupid!


he is a threat because he is very loyal to boogie….they have the strongest alliance in the house….keeping him is not smart for the players….and keeping him makes it boring for the viewers…it would be enjoyable to see boogie play a little differently this time….he and frank are boring…very dull and predictable.

Dannie Boy Rocks

I think I’d have to agree with you. No one in the house has a stronger alliance than Frank and Boogie. Since so many people don’t trust Janelle, why get rid of her? Dan, Shane nor Danielle have that strong of an alliance with anyone. I don’t think it was the smartest move for Danielle to get yet another girl out of the house. This is increasing the chances of a guy winning which is fine with me because I am rooting for Dan, but for Dan the best move would have been to get rid of Frank. Chilltown 2 are too strong of an alliance to keep in the house. I think Britney is starting to realize that. She was questioning whether they should even vote out Janelle last night.


Chilltown is a strong alliance, but they are also on everyone’s radar and there is still plenty of time to get them out after Janelle is gone. It is Janelle who is throwing competitions and sitting around reading the Bible and pretending not to really be into the game; and who will beat them all the way to the end, once she decides to start winning competitions. It is smart to get her out now.


@Linda.I wish what you said was true but it isn’t.Boogie&Frank aren’t on the other house guests radar.Dan name has came up way more than Boogie&Frank,when it comes to who people want to target.I think Dan,Danielle,Britney&Shane made a big mistake by not splitting up Boogie&Frank this week.This is definitely a bad move for Dan,because Janelle had no reason to come after Dan.It’s not like Dan lied to her and tried to get her #1 player evicted.Doing something like that will definitely cause someone to want revenge.Oh,wait.Dan,Danielle,Britney&Shane all did that to Boogie&Frank.Which is why they all screwed up by trying to get rid of Janelle.Instead of splitting up a dangerous pair(Boogie&Frank)who they all knew was with out a doubt coming after them.That’s why Danielle stood on the ship for over 3 hours in the HOH competition,and wanted to win the veto so bad.They all knew(Dan,Danielle,Britney&Shane)that they had to split up Boogie&Frank because those two have a reason to come after them and they want revenge.Even if Boogie&Frank don’t win HOH,they are still dangerous,because they will talk who ever is HOH to do what they want(what happened this week is a perfect example of how dangerous Boogie&Frank is).Which more than likely will be to nominate Dan&Shane for eviction.I mean that is what Boogie&Frank said yesterday and then they laughed about it.But it doesn’t matter now,What’s done is done.I just hope Dan will find some way to get his self to final 2.I will admit,after he made this big mistake(trusting Boogie,of all people)his chances aren’t looking too good.But I’ll still root for him,until he gets evicted.Go Dan!Lol.

Lady E

Boogie and Frank are loyal to each other. That’s 2 people. Everybody else is in an alliance with more than one person and they are threatened by Chilltown 2.0. That is some funny shit.


@Lady E.They should be threaten by Boogie&Frank because they are manipulators.As I already mentioned,what happened this week,with Janelle being the target.Instead of the plan to kick Frank out of the game.Is a perfect example of what Boogie and Frank can do.Which is why they(Dan,Britney,Danielle&Shane) should have stuck to their original plan of splitting up Boogie&Frank,you know the two guys that actually have a reason to target Dan,Britney,Danielle&Shane,because they all lied to boogie&Frank.They tried to blind side Boogie&Frank,but production screwed that up,by saving Frank.I’ve always said anyone that doesn’t have to win a HOH,yet they still managed to get people to do what they want are dangerous in this game.Since Dan is capable of doing that and I’m rooting for him to win this entire game again.There isn’t room for three manipulators in this game.Boogie&Frank need to go.Lol.

Lady E

I want Dan to win, but if Boogie can pull this off and win again, kudos to him. Yeah they should be threatened cuz Boogie can talk his way outta shit, it’s fortunate that Frank won, which saves their asses. Yet Boogie and Frank are a 2-person team. You know exactly where the loyalty stands, whereas the other houseguests’ alliances and loyalty are up in the air. I think Boogie and Frank wouldn’t backstab each other but the others would to each other.


Good Morning & Welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights. We are moments away & since mentor standings is over. We will have PoV record Chase:
1.Janelle 7 PoV wins
2.Brendon 6 PoV wins
3.Daniele/James 5 PoV wins
5.Jeff 4 PoV wins
6.James/Britney/Michelle/Shane 3 PoV wins
Right now, Janelle PoV wins in Jeopardy if she will be evicted. This will first big brother history that Janelle loses three times in the row. Can she break that curse? Can Shane pick up that PoV record chase? Stay tuned plus a fourth member Big Brother Hall of fame inductee Class of 2012.


Britney did not win 3 veto’s so you can take her off of your list.

Janelle is going home tonight so no more for her.

You started this list before Shane had 3, meaning there was never a chase for a POV record.

You fail. Go away.


Brit DID win 3 POVs. She won 3 POVs and 1 HOH on her season. Why don’t you check your facts before telling someone he/she fails.


Did you check wikipedia of Big Brother 12 (U.S.)?
Britney has 3
Also there are two James
James (BB6 & BB7) 5 PoV
James (BB9) 3 PoV
There will be a record chase.
Shane has 5 more to go.
If Shane needs 5 PoV wins. He will break Janelle’s PoV record.
And for the record. Michele has also 3 PoV win


yes she did – she won week 2 and then week 4 and week 5


james had 4


Nope, It’s 5 Because you forgot allstars. Check the wikipedia! For bb6 & bb7


Did Janelle really call Danielle fat


Who cares?!? I know that Daielle is obsessed with this. Do we have to be? Let’s move on!


She told Danielle that Jojo called her fat, but it was a lie. So effectively, yes.


Actually if you check twitter…JoJo actually admitted the other night that she DID all Danielle fat. She said she had huge thighs and an ugly/ weird body.
Also….Jodi was tweeting last night about how mad she is that Danielle keeps repeating a made up story to the houseguests about Jodi touching her teeth! Danielle is saying that Jodi thought they were fake and touched them on the one day she was in the house—which Jodi says is a flat out lie.
This Danielle girl is CRAZY

Dark Horse

LOL funny.

What’s JoJo twitter name?

Dark Horse

forget it, found them all


Knowing Big Brother as I do, I will be shocked if Frank doesn’t win HOH tonight. I don’t want him to win but I have a feeling.

I am not even sure who I am rooting for now. It has been Shane all season but I am not seeing enough game out of him.

I think I will pull for Ian at this point. I KNOW I don’t want Boogie anywhere near the finish. Peace out with his cockiness!!

Dark Horse

I am rooting for Ian tonight FTW!

It would be interesting to see if he would decide on his own or be heavenly influenced…I’ll go with the latter.


I know there are a lot of Frank-haters out there, mainly Janelle apologists, but give the guy some credit. He has spent basically three weeks on the block for being a threat and the only time he hasn’t be nominated is when he won 1 HOH. The HGs need to realize that S&D(i.e. SAD or Shane and Danielle) are the two who have won the most. But this a dumb group that flip-flops daily.


I honestly like Frank’s attitude and his personality. He seems like he is genuinely trying to play an honorable game. It would have to be terribly hard in the BB house so I give him credit for that. I think people have a hard time with Boogie being his “former” coach and that has put a negative light on Frank. I really like him and would like to see him go far in this game….of course without Boogie. GO FRANK!!!


i would love to see him put boogie up on the block or backdoor him. Now that would be a good show.


Not going to happen. Joe will be next to leave. Silent 6 alliance would take out Joe next.


Amen to that, Deb!!!!! It won’t be right away, but eventually house numbers will shrink, and Frank will start thinking he can’t win against Boogie, and Boogie will start thinking he can’t win against Frank. Other houseguests will plant these ideas into Frank and Boogie separately. I seem to remember that Boogie has already admitted that he’d like to go to the end with someone like Ashley? But that still seems to be further down the road. The best chance Boogie has to win is if the other person is a coach (someone who has already played the game, too). But, maybe Boogie would be happy enough with a $50,000 second place if seemed like the only way to get into the final 2.

jay marks

SAD, lol, that is the best one I’ve heard so far.
Shane could just become one with the bed and no one would notice.


It a happy day that Janelle is leaving. I’m glad she will not be in jury or come back. Good luck audition for the Biggest loser.


Now, now. Janelle may be bigger than she was, but she is as much “fat” as Daielle is.

Unless you are referencing that she has now lost BB 3 times and is “the Biggest (BB) Loser.”

Dark Horse

No he was saying that she needs to go on Bissest Loser…Janelle is not even fat, not the least bit IMO.

Dude is salty about Janelle…like she stole his first born of something.


God, you are rude.

Last year when everyone was attacking you for your endless “I’m a close, personal friend of Jeff Schroeder’s” comments, I felt bad for you.

This year, you’re just plain rude. Janelle should audition for The Biggest Loser, huh?

Something tells me that you are not only NOT a friend of Jeff’s, but that you could never get a girl like Janelle to even look in your direction, let alone be interested in you.

I never make negative comments to other posters here, but I’m so sick of your negativity. Why don’t you add something interesting to the conversation instead of tossing around your 5th grade comments?

And yes, I do like Janelle.


@njm12. First of all, this is not a rude comment okay. Second, I watch on youtube bb6 and bb7 & It’s not attack. That’s a truth. Third, I did went to Ridgewood High school with jeff. If you never been in illinois before. Just come to chicago or Norridge.


njm12, thank you for pointing this out, I agree it is getting very tiring.


I can’t stand Danielle’s voice. She is very delusional. It’s bad Janelle is going home because of lies she told to protect 3 losers and what’s worst only one of them are standing by her. She wouldn’t be going home if she had been playing for herself from the being cause she probably would have won some of those comps. I just hope this move comes back to bite them in the ass. P.S. Danielle Shane is not your man! Ian is so cute


Yes, we all know that all Janelle worshippers hate Danielle. If they were working together you would think she was great.

Sorry to tell you sweetie, Janelle would still be going home even if she hadn’t been a coach. Yes, the lies to save her “losers” but her biggest mistake was trying to stack the Jury with her cronies and not covering it up well. People with which she “wanted” to team up were to just be manipulated until she was done with them. “Coaches Alliance,” “Girl Power Alliance.”

She is getting evicted ’cause she has only on alligence and that is to Janelle.

Kind of like you.

MU Tigers

Let’s see, I like Dan, Shane, Frank, Ian and Ashley and I find Danielle to be horribly annoying. Sorry to burst one of your worthless theories, but it’s not just Janelle fans that don’t like Danielle.


Sorry but the theory stands.

You do not have to be a Janelle worshipper to hate Danielle.

If you are a Janelle worshipper you have to hate Danielle.

You hate her to have someone to hate.

Dark Horse

I like Janelle…just didn’t care for her after she flipped on Brit week 2. With that, she must go…don’t blame Brit or Danielle, Janelle can only blame herself.

Danielle has become really annoying this week…its easy to think Janelle v. Danielle but I don’t see it that way.

Before Janelle, Danielle was envious of Kara IMO…after Janelle, Danielle will just move that energy to either Ashley or Britney.

I really think that Danielle thinks more about Shane/Trey, appearances, & comparing weight…than she does this game, jus sayin.

MU Tigers

DubDub, Are you simple? Where did I said I hate Danielle. Disliking or being annoyed by someone is not the same as hating. And I have given numerous reasons as to why I don’t care for her. You like her and for anyone not to well they must be a hater, cause how could anyone disagree with your opinion. Well, she’s a whiney, insecure girl that I don’t find attractive or interesting. Nothing you can say will change my mind so do us both a favor and stop trying. I don’t hate her, as it’s not that deep to me. She’s just someone that I will be glad when she’s not on the feeds or the show anymore.


What was said in those DR sessions that were broadcast?


I’ve seen a fair amount of people on here mentioning a double eviction on the Show tonight, but I can’t ever remember a double eviction that CBS didn’t promote for the entire week leading up to it. So based on that I would say this is a normal night tonight and either tonight or next week they start their buildup to a double eviction. I could be wrong, but I don’t ever remember a surprise (to the viewers) double eviction.


I agree. I they do it tonight it would be a marketing fail.


Especially with the east coast pre-empted by football, no way a double tonight.


I think the double will be next week as well and that is a good point regarding the marketing on CBS. Also the Olympics will be over and they can get back some audience. Besides this Janelle eviction caught production off guard and I look for a Pandora’s Box with Janelle in it for next week’s HOH final winner. They will bring Janelle back for 24hrs to mess with the house like they did with Rachel in BB12.


There sure seems to be more talk about DR and production than past years. Either they aren’t catching them quick enough, or production has their hand in even more of what’s going on. Brittany said that production said they would change HOH games depending on what was happening in the house. Boogie said he told production that he promised them a good show. Boogie said to the camera, “I want to go to DR if you know who is there.” Wil said “I like Steve” when they were talking about DRs. Joe just told Boogie and Frank, I heard what you said in the DR.

Dark Horse

Production has been slipping up it seems…the leaking of the DR feeds which just happened and last Thursday their mike’s were on when they weren’t suppose to be.

I’m curious to know what DR sessions were playing throughout the house


I think it would be interesting to see Jen or Ashley win HOH. Just because i have no idea what either of them will do! That probably won’t happen though. lol

Danielle is an idiot

Showitime starts and 1am tonight – i thought that this was only the case when it was endurance HOH…can someone help me understand?


Showtime is always at midnight eastern time except after the thursday live broadcast, then it is always 1 am eastern time….doesn’t depend on the type of HOH comp for the week, it’s consistent :)


its actually better that way, the first hour is always boring as hell


It starts at 1 am after every thursday show, regardless of what the HOH comp is.
Probably just because the show is always live it gives them an extra hour to wind down from all the craziness going on.


Why is it not a bigger deal with these people that the DR has leaked a couple of sessions into the house for all to hear?
If I was in that house I would be screaming *FOUL* in a major way about that.
No matter that the 2 times it has happened the info leaked may not have been confidential, what if the next time it leaks it IS something that could shake up how things play out?

The Old Hampster

BBAD starts 3 hours after BB ends EDT Sun. and Wed. but that would be right after the show on the west coast . The Thur. show is live so I think the 1 hour delay on BBAD is due to when the show ends on the WC.


this year showtime has been starting at 1am on thursdays for some reason


BB is on from 9pm – 10pm on Thursdays (so on the west coast it ends at 1am EST)


Showtime BBAD is always shown after the Pacific Time CBS showing. It ends at 10pm PST or 1am EST. Remember Thursday live shows are an hour later than Sun and Wed’s taped shows.

Kelly Anderson

This is one of the more exciting seasons there has been in a while.

Kelly Anderson

The Shane/Danielle thing is getting annoying. I think he is just playing the game, while she is really into him I believe.


Someone told me that Wil and Ashley are now on Boogie’s team. Can anyone confirm that? Or are they still somewhat on their own. I know about the Castaways, but I always though that Wil, especially, would gravitate to Boogie rather than Dan.


its a matter of time. I think ashley likes boogie more than some of the other hgs do


am I the only one tired of any and all “fat” comments made either by hg’s or online? NONE of them in the house are “fat”. the end.




Question for you Simon-
Do you know if the music played during the HOH lockdown is as loud for the HGs as it sounds on the feeds?
First time seeing HOH lockdown, it seems to be blasting in there.
Also wonder if they allow them to bring earplugs into the house (for occasions such as this).



Thanks Dawg.

PS- Sorry I voted for you to be evicted =(….. someone told me you called me fat though!

Carol & Steve

Well, I can’t tell you who told me but they said that it was Simon that called you fat! LOL!! :)


I am tired of the fat comments as well – the only person who is a little on the pudge side is Chef Joe. Janelle is probably not at her optimum weight – she is a big girl, but I think she is still carrying a little baby weight, especially in her booty. However, she is a workout fiend and will probably be back to her fighting weight soon after she leaves the house and Chef Joe’s high calorie cooking.


I have to disagree there is only one female in the house whos body mass index would not be considered overweight. Jenn is first, janelle second and Trashley/Danielle a tie for third. e to di

BB King

These people are letting Mike Boogie win this season and become a two-time champ.

Newbies never learn. The smart thing for them to do would’ve been to unite and evict the vets.

They made the same mistake in BB 13 and now they are doing it again.


They are “teaming up and evicting a vet” tonight, all the newbs are involved except joe.

BB King

They are doing that because of Boogie, and if you look at the alliances you will see that the newbies have formed alliances with vets, when they should’ve formed alliances with each other to isolate the four vets and get them all out. Put up two at a time and they would’ve been gone before you know it.


I think it is actually smart to initially team up with vets – it keeps them off your back and helps build your experience in the game. The key is to know when to turn your back on those vets and go it alone.


Farewell Janelle, don’t bother to come back ever. Unless you have a walker or a wheelchair.


Captain, why do you continue to make such hateful comments? I’m afraid you’re going to expire in your own bile.


Dawg –

The DR blast of Dan was only like a second with no information that we could hear..Then Joe freaks out. Can you find anything about why Joe was freaking out? I can’t locate anything. Or is it just normal Joe and freak out about absolutely nothing.


Christine MacInnis

I’m wondering if the “accidental” public DR sessions are actually on purpose in order to stir things up for “good TV moments”.

Barb B

Let’s face it, the only reason Frank has been on the block so many times is that he is Boogie’s #1 man, it is not because he has done anything to anyone, it is because he has aligned himself with one of the most dangerous players of this game. Boogie is one mentally sick cocky dude who wants all the glory. What other reason would he have to be on BB? He is financially stable to say the least. People talk about Danielle, maybe she has a reason to act the way she does. We don’t know what has happened in her past to make her so insecure, and starving for affection. It is too bad that she has displayed her emotions for all to see.


if BB accidently put boogie or frank’s comments over the PA, they are screwed. if anyone finds out who’s DR it was let me know


i think it was dan’s


hes the one guy there that could probably talk his way out of it in aboutt 2 seconds.

thank you for response, if it had been a dual chilltown DR, ID be worried

Dark Horse

This is the absolute first season…that I have no favorite!

What is wrong with me!!


I’m with ya. I just don’t want Boogie to win again. I think he is so immature for his age and he is a controlling manipulator. And what do the women see in him? He is disgusting.


Anyone else want Joe to win HoH just to see wtf would happen? I think it’d be hilarious


Everybody would be Joe’s new best friend, lol.

Godless Monkey

Wouldn’t that be fantastic! Suddenly they’re all up there, as Joe lies on his HOH bed as the Hillbilly King, asking for his chicken fried steak receipes (gag), telling their own made-up ghost and goblin stories, assuring Joe that there’s nothing wrong AT ALL about a grown man thinking an 11-year-old girl is “hot” and that trading ice cream for sex stories from his 14-year-old step-daughter is perfectly normal, ya’ll! The downside — having to listen to Joe talk for a week.


I want to see Danielle wrestle Boogie now after he’s done with his cereal.


omg SteveO what a dream scenario that is!
What a cluster *F* that house would be if he won.

Barb B

It looks to me like Wil has not made any final deals with either Boogie or Dan, and that he is playing neutral at this time. Am I wrong?


He is on of the Castaways (or Team Tits).


they are basically the “group of people who were left after alliances were made and were forced to then group together” they are the worst floaters, teaming up to take down people who win stuff. I still cant believe they will throw HOH. its like uhm……ah heck, not even worth explaining to team tits


Saying “Let’s throw HOH” just sounds much better than, “We will never win HOH in a million years because we all suck balls”


Frank:“I won`t forget those people that lied to me.”Well. Of course you won’t Frank and neither will Boogie.That’s why Dan,Britney,Danielle&Shane should have all stuck to their gut about splitting up Frank&Boogie,because they want revenge.Now,they(Boogie&Frank)will have the opportunity to get that revenge.And if I go by yesterday,Boogie&Frank said if they win HOH,they will nominate Dan&Shane for eviction.Why Dan,How could you make this huge mistake?Your one of the best that ever played this game.But now your days are numbered.Boogie has no intentions of working with Dan.Let along taking him to final 2.If he did he wouldn’t be making plans for if Frank or him win HOH.They will nominate Dan&Shane.Then they laughed about it.Poor Dan.I’ll still root for him,but it’s starting to look like a lost cause.Hopefully,Dan will get back on his A game again,before it’s too late.


Hey I was wondering when they said that I would love to flashback to it. Everytime I’ve seen them they keep saying Joe and then Wil


I don’t have the live feeds,so I can’t tell you about where on the flash back you can find it.But yesterday it was posted on this site about,Boogie&Frank talking about if they win HOH.They will nominate Dan&Shane for eviction and after they said that, they laughed about it.You should probably ask Simon where you can find it on the live feeds,because,I only watch the CBS show and come to this site for the updates/spoilers.I don’t have the live feeds.But Boogie&Frank did say that.Just go through the updates that was posted early yesterday morning,and you will find it.Or ask Simon where you can find it on the live feeds.


I don’t think they intend to go after dan/shane this week cause dan has the four plus maybe ian and wil to get frank/boogie out on a double eviction next week. It’s too risky for Boogie so they will throw the HOH to anyone in the silent 6.


I agree. The key for Boogie and Frank right now is to lull the other four into a sense of security. B&F need to show that they can be trusted – so for the next two weeks they will be true to their alliance. THe key is who will win the third HOH. That is when I think they turn on each other. If DDSB win, Dan will fight to nominate Frank – he wants Boogie so bad. Not sure what the other three would do. Of the two, I think Ian would prefer Boogie be nominated. I think Ian might be able to give Dan a run for his money withe the mind games! If Frank or Boogie win, they will put up Shane and possibly Danielle (both physical threats I think). If Wil is the 2nd to go, and Jen or Ashley win HOH, I think that they would put up a guy (anyone but Ian). Stay tuned.


I have been noticing that Janelles nose and nostrils looks like a c*ck and b*lls. I’m so ready for that vapid little tw*t to go home.

Eric CA

This is driving me nuts.
For the record regarding Danielle’s chubby thighs.
Danielle told Wil, Janelle, Ashley, and Everybody else, that SHE heard “JOJO” say she had FAT LEGS.
The whole house then started calling “JOJO” a tramp and a bitch
Brittney and Shane said that they did not believe JOJO said that.

That got switched up to Danielle telling everyone that JANELLE, told her that JOJO said she was fat
This is when the whole Janelle is a big fat liar gossip started.
Now Danielle is telling everyone that JANELLE said she is fat.
The root of Danielle’s level of fatness is Danielle.
The truth behind all of this is, Danielle has body issues and thinks she is fat.
She should just love her own curves and get over it.

Next week skinny bitch Brittney or Catty Wil is going to be heard saying that Danielle is too Fat for Shane to love
This should end Fat Gate.

Because of all this crap the fools in that house that need a Janelle, is going to keep Frank.
GO CHILLTOWN 2, if this is how the others are going to play, FRANK AND BOOGIE FINAL 2
They are the only ones that deserve the win.


And you got it wrong because Janelle did tell Daniele that Jojo said she was fat while they were in the tub together. Janelle even said she was going to tell her about Jojo to shake Daniele up but Daniele didn’t react and it came back to show how mean Janelle can be.

Eric CA

Danielle said that JoJo was in kitchen and she said loud enough for Danielle to hear, Danielle has Fat Legs.
The time Janelle was in the tub with Danielle. Danielle said JoJo says I have fat legs, and Janelle said I Heard that she said you where fat.
Wil had told Janelle that JoJo had said Danielle was fat.
The root of all the Fat is Danielle. She tried to do a Rachael Riley Mean Girls Defense.
Unfortunately most people when someone tells you that someone else has called them fat, agree with the alleged person and say something unfortunate like Janelle did. Shane does the same thing, Brittney does the same thing and everybody else does the same thing.

The Person who talks about Danielle’s Fatness is Danielle, she just signs another persons name to it. After a while the people around her are going to do the same thing. I think Danielle projects things on other people that she is feeling about her self.

In my early twenties I was coming out, I thought everybody on the planet was homophobic. I didn’t get the right change at the circle k, the clerk was homophobic, I couldn’t get a seat on the bus, homophobia and the time I went to Nordstroms, a women said to her friend “I hate those BAGS.” I heard “I hate F**s.”. To this date I call it the BAG SYNDROME. When we project the negativity we feel about ourselves, we start hearing it all around us. That is what Danielle is doing, and it is manifesting all around her. I have found in my life, jumping down someone else throat, just ends the conversation, and creates the opposite reaction than you want. It is like the saying “We create our own hell.”


I would just tell them to forget about it. I would walk away, because I can’t handle that High school crap. Get over it Danielle! Grow up. She’s very thin skinned
and I can’t tolerate ppl like that. This is why I wouldn’t last long in that house. I would go ballistic on all of them.


I predict a knockout contest for HOH tonight. Going to be incredibly interesting to see where things fall in this crazy house AFTER Janelle from Hell is gone!

Dark Horse

I was thinking it would be knock-out too…until I thought of the before & after…it may be one of those too though.


it makes too much sense for a double eviction tonight. I mean seriously. its their best way to make sure they dont lose someone they like (see jeff from his 2nd season) everyone is on board with getting rid of joe. best case scenario is a shane hoh win leading to joe going home, then someone ELSE can win the real HoH of power aka the one after the double elim

no joe, no janelle=they have to find something new to complain about other than the “lies”


If that happens and we see Janelle and Joe leave, attention will either turn to team Tits or Silent 6 will go into explosion mode. Remember, the agreement between the Silent 6 is Alliance Lines week one and then play straight up week 2, who is to say that someone wont use the Double Eviction as a reason to kick up the party? You watch, if Boogie wins HOH after the Double Elimination, he will sit with Frank and go “do we drop the hammer or sit in cruise control”. Boogie doesn’t believe in wasted HOHs, so…if he gets the second leg of the HOH after a double elimination, it would be interesting.


I just believe they all want joe gone

and I think boogie will throw that HoH in order to be able to get the next one, where he will indeed make alliances, drop the hammer on the silent 6, and remove shane from this game.


realize joe is a huge threat to boogie’s game. boogie NEEDS people to feel really comfortable, he needs people to stop talking about what everyone else is saying so that when that picks up later on, and hes starting some of it, it will be well placed and they will believe it. he has to make it real obvious that he wants joe gone for the reasons of lying, and joe cannot stay in that house. once he goes, dan will start thinking differently, alliances will be viewed differently. I expect dan to join up w/ boogie before long.


Is it just me or I want Frank to go home? I can’t stand him at all. His personality bugs the shit out of me. I want Janelle to stay, but that won’t happen

Dark Horse

I know what you mean…Frank’s personality is bugging me too, along with his DR sessions.

I think if it were all newbies from the beginning, I may like him better, who knows.


I expect and hope he goes before mike boogie. he has definitely become less likable by the day


I’m glad I’m not the only one.


totally off topic …..but does anyone know which bible it is that is janelles pink covered bible?


@ Andrew and Dark Horse…I concur. His personality and hair grates on my nerves…and it doesn’t help his case {with me} that he wants Dan gone like yesterday { I am a big proponent of Dan’s}. Albeit I might be alone in this…Boogie’s temper tantrum remains fresh in my mind and it would give me immense pleasure to see him and Frank sent out the door son which unfortunately might never happen. Dan needs to get over ever playing “truthfully” with Boogie…


@MisDoc.Lol.I feel the same way about Boogie&Frank.Go Dan!Lol.


Two people going home tonight … Janelle and Frank that’s why they had the party … Danielle wants all girls voted out so Shane will only have eyes for her … Boogie wants to knock everyone out but the team he coach then he will win get the 500K + 100K. Now Dan wants to knock his team out so he can get too know everyone else … I hate to say this but Brit is kinda playing a different game this time and its good she really grew up … this all = to Ian will win BB14 …

Eric CA

Janelle will be evicted tonight

Joe: evict Frank
Ian: Janelle
Brittney: Janelle
Shane: Janelle
Jen: evict Janelle
Wil: evict Janelle
Boogie: Janelle
Ashley (eek, why did I almost forget her?): evict Janelle

HoH: Who can throw the most food in the trash
Joe wins HoH

Dan and Boogie
Shane wins takes off Dan
Boogie and Danielle

Ian: Evict Danielle
Jen: Evict Danielle
Brittney: Evict Boogie
Frank: Evict Danielle
Shane: Evict Danielle
Boogie: Evict Danielle
Ashley: Evict Danielle
Wil: Evict Danielle

Back to Back HoH
Ian Wins HoH: it is the Memory Round.
Shane and Frank
Jen wins PoV uses it saves Frank
Ian nominates Dan
They evict Shane

Why you may ask? Because this is the Season of Stupid.


Yeah but it’s not going to happen. Shane or Dan will win it. Put up Joe on the block. He will send Joe packing.


I do think that Frank is not well liked because he is associated with Boogie AND that he stinks. I can’t look at him now without thinking he stinks. That HAIR is a hot mess.

I am disappointed with this season. CBS will hopefully do something to improve this season because the coaches thing was a flop. I am real disappointed to hear that the houseguests were found other than by applying to this show.

I always have a clear favorite by now and it bums me out that I don’t.

I would have rather seen Kara come back then coaches. UGH


What happened with Ashley??? just heard she was kicked out???


Or maybe not???

BB12 Matt

Thanks for continuing to note the talk of my twitter account, guys! :-P


a well selected twitter name goes a long way


I love how people hate on Boogie and call him cocky, his game sucks, blah blah blah. As of now, he has every reason to be the cockiest player in BB history because ; a) he’s a known winner, manipulator, liar…yet he wasn’t even strongly considered for nominations. b) he played his cards right with Dan and Britney by calling out Janelle in front of them and for once he actually pulled an honest card. Now he’s sitting pretty with his partner-in-crime Frank being safe another week. c) finally, he’s simply sitting in the driver seat with Frank riding shotgun and everyone else sitting in the back seats ready to be ejected any any given week. And because of that, it fuels the Boogie haters even more because he’s running the show this week.

On a side note, I’m getting tired of always seeing girls enter the BB house and always feel threatened by other girls, or feel obligated to have to compare or trash each other’s appearance. Being hot or not doesn’t get you further in the game and most certainly doesn’t decide if you win BB or not. Get over it, move on and play the damn game like most of the guys are. This isn’t cheer leading camp.

Finally, can’t wait to see what transpires for next week.

Skinniest BB player EVER

jesus christ i have never been annoyed by a complete stranger as much as I am by Danielle. Why would she say she writes prescriptions for patients on national tv when she’s not a doctor?? and her constant need for validation. “Janelle hates me because I’m smaller than her, I’m even smaller than her newborn baby! Hey are y’all gonna finish those cookies?”

MU Tigers

I know what you mean. I guess I should just be thankful that she’s not dating or married to one of my friends and I would have to tolerate her after these few weeks/months. Could you imagine that? Then someone makes a comment about weight, she would naturally assume it was a shot at her and you would never hear the end of it. Wow, she’s gonna make some guy completely miserable.

Janelle's worn out lip

They cut the feeds at noon now?
So much for uncut and uncensored


Sorry for not knowing. But why is Janelle not eligible to come back this season? Couldnt their be a possibility for Pandoras Box to realease her back?


sorry there*


Because of the reset, we are already 34 days into the game and back at 12 people. If you do the math, unless CBS wants to extended the season just to have a scenario in which she comes back, she wont be back this season, as a player or jury member or anything.

Barb B

If they have Pandora’s Box again this year, there is something good and something bad. If someone takes the good, then they reap the bad which could be Janella coming back into the game. Ya never know.


nah, it will be some power that somehow boogie wins. Id love it.


They won’t bring her back, for one reason, she’s not entertaining, Rachel was tons of entertaining, she kept us watching for 2 whole seasons… We love talking about ol Boy George… hope they bring her back for All-Stars, but leave brenda at home


After Janelle walks out the door famous for being a 3 time, well deserving loser……… there will be a new Lonely Island: Population Joe

I agree what another poster said that the only reason she came back was because Rachel who as insane as she is can win, even if it was with production’s help she STILL won…. Sorry Janelle you may be a fame whore like Rachel but you’ll never be entertaining or win Big Brother like her…


Team Silent 6 alliance shhhhh!

Eric CA

Janelle is not going to come back. It is a numbers game. The only way Janelle could have come back is if they had evicted Frank last week, and still brought the coaches in. As it is they need to do a double elimination the week . Then they do a Pandora’s Box, HoH says Yes, expecting the Platinum Diamond Power of King Kong Veto, it is there, but is around Janelle’s neck and they have a Second Double Elimination (EEK, I should not have written that out, AG, might get an idea.)

The only other way is Double Elimination, Ashley hurts her hip worse tonight and has to leave the game. If that happened tonight Janelle, might be able to compete against the other evicted House Guest, to reenter the game. Because there would only be two evicted house guests that have not been released back into the wild. Other than that… Let it go, take a deep breath and acknowledge that some people can not make a big game move, even if the life rafts they are floating in just sprang a leak, big as Janelle’s Boobs.

This is Big Brother. Every Year people say “I AM NOT WATCHING ONE MORE EPISODE IF…”, my record is half an episode and two days off Online Big Brother. Mostly because we went to Disneyland, and I was out of town for two days.


Didn’t Julie Chen tell them in the live show last week that one player would have a chance to come back this week? Not a huge fan of Janelle’s but it would be awesome to see her blindsided, then win her way back into the house, then win HOH. Can you imagine the drama and scrambling all week??!!


I dont get why everyone likes Shane he is not that smart. Yes, he can win comptetions but that dont mean crap if you dont have a good social game. I know the big brother production is trying its hardest to make him look like Jeff from last year. If you would seen some of his interviews you would of seen how self absorbed he is.


I dont get why everyone likes Shane he is not that smart. Yeah, I know he can win competions but hes making himself a threat. The big brother production is trying to make him seem like Jeff from last year (he is definetly not as smart as Jeff) if you would of saw some of his pre season interviews you would see how self absorber he is.


Thats if they didn’t become players.