McCrea and Judd making plans “We need some girls out.. Nominate Arayn and Candace then BD Howard”

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda

4:51pm Kitchen Kaitlin, Elissa, Spencer, Amanda
They are talking about Kaitlin using the photo booth time with JEremy. Amanda says she understands and didn’t mind.
Kaitlin brings up Jessie making a rude comment about it.
Kaitlin: “It’s my last week “
Elissa: “What!”
Kaitlin: “It’s my last week with him”
Elissa: “Ohh yeah cause you’re’ taking yourself off the block “


5:03pm HOH Andy and Spencer
Spencer saying how solid of a guy Howard is. Spencer: “I want you to know that other than the moving company I never lied to you… You’ve been really good about this so for that I thank you”
Helen joins them .
Andy says that Jeremy made another Race comment. “There was a fly crawling on him and he said I’m African i’m used to it”
Helen is shocked that Jeremy is still like that when he only has 100 days left in the house. She starts pointing out that JEremy thinks he’s such a competition beast but in reality he’s only won 1.5 competitions because the HOH was won with Aaryn.
Andy: “McCrea has won more”
Helen doesn’t know what is wrong with Jeremy
She thinks Jeremy was physically abused as a child.
Andy thinks that Jeremy is good looking strong guy things were always easy for him. He didn’t need to grow up.
Spencer: “He’s the same height and weight as George Washington”

Helen starts talking about how Elissa is a strong women.
Helen: “Elissa has four kids.. She has one of her own and 3 step kids”
Feeds cut

Spencer is talking about love.. and his fluttering heart. Spencer says his girlfriend right now is logical love the type of love where you are with a great person and you can see yourself growing old with them. He says this is different than Lustful love the type of love that keeps you up at night and your flutters. Spencer asks Helen if she feels the way with her husband logical love or lustful love. Helen starts talking about love, unconditional love.. Helen thinks people who marry have logical love.. etc etc etc (Friendship)

Andy: “Jeremy and KAitlin want to use my bed and I don’t want them” He adds that his bed is really quiet.
Helen: “Tell them she’s the POV she picks”
Andy : “I think i’m going to say however goes to bed first gets it”
Spencer: ‘They go to bed at 11 then they lay there smooching around 3”
Helen: ‘Who is your best friend in the world” (Superfriends)
Andy says he has multiple best super friends.. he goes on to explain about them..

CBS Interactive Inc.


5:39pm Hammock Kaitlin and Jeremey
Kaitlin thinks it’s hilarious that Jessie is in a showmance with Judd
Jeremy calls it a hoemance
Kaitlin comments on how that was the only guy that would take Jessie in the house.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds The CBS feeds are a HUGE improvement over the super pass feeds and they are 30% cheaper with no subscription to cancel.


5:43pm Bathroom Judd and Aaryn
Aaryn saying that Kaitlin is going to use the POV for sure. Aaryn is worried that she’s on the block.
Aaryn asks him if Jessie or anybody talks sh!t about her. Judd says no, “You really haven’t ruffled any feathers in days.. Actually people have talked good about you”
Judd saying that Helen really wants Jeremy gone “You are going to be the zero vote this week”
Aaryn: “I think i’m going to have to ki$$ a lot of a$$”
Judd: “maybe not”
Aaryn: “I don’t mind it… it’s gonna to suck but has to be done”
Judd: “I don’t like having to do that”
(You can hear Gina talking in the kitchen)
Aaryn: ‘Gina is driving me crazy”
Judd: “I feel bad for her.. remember natalie from season 9” Judd says that natalie liked another player Matt and he didn’t like her so he just strung her along. Judd: “They hooked up a bit.. It wasn’t as extreme as this.. I just hope NIck didn’t walk dh!t about her in the DR”
Aaryn: ‘Probably did”


5:57pm Have nots McCrea and Judd
Feeds flip into this conversation
Judd: ‘We do need a few girls out”
McCrea: ‘I know”
McCrea: “It’ll just be Me, you, Andy Spencer”
Judd: “It’s OK Howard goes”
McCrea: “yup”
Judd: “I think if you got HOH put Howard and Candace up and a replacement nom would be Aaryn “
Judd: “that’s risky”
McCrea: “I like the BackD**r”
Judd: “how about Arayn and Candace up BD Howard”
Judd says if they get MVP they can put a random girl up.
McCrea says they need to get MVP because he doesn’t think Elissa will put up Howard.
Judd: “I need to start talking to Elissa and start planting seed how untrustworthy Howard is”
MCrea thinks Elissa is in an alliance with Howard, Helen and Candace. Judd thinks Andy is with them, “he’s all over the place “
McCrea is confident Andy is on their side “I trust him”
Judd counts Howards, Andy, Spencer, Helen, Candace and Elissa.. thats 5.
Judd: “We’ll need Aaryn then”
McCrae positively

CBS Interactive Inc.


6:10pm Helen, Spencer, Andy and Judd

Spencer is back talking boot lists with Helen and Andy he wants gone “Kaitlin, Arayn and Gina“
Judd: “Then what”
Andy says don’t say that he’s getting an anxiety attack

Helen tells them that one thing that happens in the house that you don’t see as a viewer is “you you become friends with everybody “
Helen: ‘The house is happy.. people are more comfortable.. they are not as afraid”
Judd points out that Gina and Elissa are talking.
Helen: ‘I think she realizes that Jeremy is going and she’s got to play the game”

Helen mentions how pissed off Aaryn must be that during her HOH she got one of her Allies out. Spencer says he talked to her about that but Aaryn saying “going into that’s not fair territory” so he left.
Helen says how can that not be fair it’s the house that voted and they voted out Nick.

Candace and Elissa come in and they tell them about Jeremy fly comment..

Helen is telling them as long as they voted out Nick they are allowed up in the HOH to eat the “Peoples food” (See iamge above)

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How is the fly comment racist really? And the friendship love bs is getting to be too much this is gonna be the most boring season ever if it continues!!!


Are you serious? so you’re saying all Africans have flies on them? If your answer is yes, then you’re an idiot.
You are a waste of a human being


Ummmm no but if that’s how y’all take his comment ok but that’s exactly what’s wrong w this country everything says everything is racist or race related!!!! I don’t see the huge issue w that comment like I have with some of the others


Emm… Yes, I happen to be Canadian and that comment counts as racist over here. People like you are the type of people that tells people that get bullied to get over it.


Well that’s your messed up opinion!!!!! Jeremy is Native American and yes all the videos pictures u see of Africa there’s flys everywhere so I get it

An African passerby

What are you saying? Jeremy being Native American makes impossible for him to say racist things? Btw, 1/16th Native American doesn’t make you Native American, the one drop rule only works for black people but I guess it’s now “hot” and “cool” to be Native American, too bad it didn’t happen before decimating them and parking them in reservations.
Regarding the African fly comment, since you seem to be fine with it, I am very interested to see how fine you’ll be with this stereotype. In a lot of non Western countries, white women are often portrayed without their clothes on, they seem to be always ready to sleep with whomever is around, they never say no. That’s how they’re portrayed, that’s what some people see in movies. So if a group of non-Western guys decide to harass or worse than that gang-rape a white female tourist because “hey, that’s how they always see them on TVs: a bunch of nymphos who drop their clothes for absolutely no reason”, would you tell to those people that there’s nothing with their reasoning because that’s what they usually see on TV? I rest my case.


*standing ovation* 🙂


Sorry but to even compare the fly comment, which was wrong, to the gang rape of a woman (be it a white woman, african american, asian, indian) is just so wrong! Racism is wrong in whatever context it is used but sorry your analogy is just sick and vile. RAPE is a crime and to even suggest that gang raping a woman is the same thing is wrong on every conceivable level.


This is the most ridiculous comparison I have ever read in my entire life. You take someone saying “I have a fly on me but I can take it, I’m african” and compare it to someone using movies and magazines they see as an excuse to gang rape someone? SERIOUSLY?????????

That isn’t even in the same spectrum. YOU are what is wrong with the world my friend. Someone who thinks a simple comment is at par with a violent rape. Who was hurt by what Jeremy said? Who was the target of this “racism”?

If you had half a brain, an example like this probably would have entered it, and maybe you could have made some sort of point in your post:
“In Western music (hip hop) they use the N word alot in many different situations. So it would be like a foreigner going up to a bunch of black people in America and dropping N bombs left and right, because that is what they hear in the music”

Oh well, as Joe Rogan said so well, the dumb are outbreeding the intelligent at an alarming rate. This is why people get so mad at someone saying something as simple as “Black people don’t tan as well as white people” yet don’t even seem to acknowledge actual problems in the world. Someone making comments like Jeremy are not racist, they are just ignorant. And that my friends is a HUUUUUGE difference.

Fleur de Lis

We ALL get the reference!! The point is “why make that KIND of statement”? When there is already a charged “racist” atmosphere… why ADD to it by making a comment directed at Africans? It may not be a “racist” comment, but in this house, why push buttons!!! Hopefully that sealed his coffin (or Kaitlyn’s if she is too stupid not to use the Veto). Either way, one of them have to go!


lmao .. yeah he is native American …..I am sure at this point in time the TRUE Native Americans are shaking their heads at this poor excuse of any nationality …did his momma tell him he is what .001 native so he took it and ran with it .. how many natives do you see will tattoo’s on them of natives … wolves and other spiritual things but not of a native … he is a wanna be NATIVE American …


FYI Jeremy is NOT Native American he is just a tall dark haired Texan with a Sun Tan Wannabe Cherokee & also Cherokees are NOT from Texas


Very racist! He’s referring to the UNICEF commercials where they show an African child with flies circling him, so as appease the viewer to donate $!


Aaryn….don’t be so sure about that. Your A$$ is gone or Jeremy!!!


Aahh, paranoia. A very common trait in the big brother house, especially this season.


my top four in the game are Elissa, Helen, Judd and surprisingly Amanda. I realized today that even though she has driven me crazy with her gameplay she is doing pretty decent doing it and putting herself if a pretty nice place (if she can stop freaking out of course). While I do not like Jeremy or Aaryn for their previous weeks comments, Spencer is def. on my sh*t list as of late. How this guy can say the things he does just disgusts me. He reminds me of a highschool boy trying to be original but in reality has never actually had sex before. Spencer is nasty.

Zingbot Fan

My top four are Jessie, Judd, Helen, and Elissa but that is subject to change.


I want to like Jessie but there is just nothing there for me there (at least not yet, we will see as the season progresses). I think she will make it to at least a decent place in the game (at least jury)


Zingbot Fan im with you on those 4


My top four are Amanda, McCrae, Helen, and Judd. All have great gameplay and don’t tolerate Aaryn, Jeremy, and Kaitlin.


Really Jeremy? After all the things already being said in the house about racism… and then you have to say something stupid like that? Way to go out like a punk.


Is anyone else getting really sick of Helen?? Like I have heard her say multiple comments about “oh if you don’t vote Jeremy out you will be next” or “if you voted Nick out you can hang in the HOH room.” Honestly, that’s stuff Jeremy and Aaryn would say, who are bullies according to her. I don’t know she seemed very kind when she first got HOH but now it has definitely gotten to her head. She has aligned with the whole house so she is lying to some people obviously which is ironic since she cries when people lie to her. I hate to say it but even though this group is much more liked, I feel like Helen, Elissa, Andy, Candice, and Jessie are going to become the friendship 2.0 from Big Brother 6. We’ll see what happens, but if Jeremy and the mean girls go, this could be a very boring/predictable season.

Zingbot Fan

I know what you mean IHEARTJANELLE but remember just last week it looked like Elissa was gone for sure. This house can turn completely upside down in a week.

Charlie Hustle

Crying is Helen’s bible. She uses it to her advantage. She didn’t cry when Howard didn’t tell her about the MC. She had already went to the well and it wouldn’t have gotten her any more info or leverage. Her crying is game play. Candice was crying for having been tormented. You only really sympathize with one of them.


Predictable for a while yes, but not completely predictable. After Jeremy and the mean girls go, imagine the travesty, as of now I couldn’t even see Spencer leaving and that means someone from the Friendship 2.0 would go and once that security blanket is destroyed it will be really chaotic.


Amanda/Mc Crae/Judd on one side VS Helen/Candice/Elissa on the other.
I wonder how Andy would vote. I’m so damn excited for this match up! 😀


I think you are making a mistake. She is not crying using the bible she cried to Howard because she really likes him and trusted him. She got emotional and I see that to be genuine. She is the only person who comforted Elissa in the first week when no one else did. This is a game and her forming alliances from 5 to 2 are all seems strategic. I do believe that she is true to Elissa and Candace. Elissa does not need the money so hoping that either Candace or Helen wins and Elissa top three. If they do not make it I like Amanda, Andy, Judd, Mccrea and Jessie. Spencer comments was disgusting.


Sorry above comment is for Janelle. Thanks.


Above comment in response to Charlie. Sorry.


Did you see what a ‘mean girl’ Janelle was? She takes the cake. Live feeds say it all. She called several girls and a guy “whores”, plus tons more footage if you look it up – she was a bleach blond cock waitress.


ahh – so now it’s time to tag team Kaitlyn. I hope that Kaitlyn realizes that she’s not safe & just takes one for the team & not use the POV!!

Fleur de Lis

I would be perfectly happy if Jeremy or Kaitlyn (with her man brow’s) go away. Either way, one of them have to go and as much as I dislike Aaryn (and her racist ways) the two-headed dragon needs to only have one head after this week.

Cream Pie

After watching tonight’s show, I now realize why production swayed Elissa hard not to nominate Howard with her MVP. After all the racism that they have shown to the viewing public it would be a bad look on CBS if a black man were to be evicted next. (Now even more so w/ the Trayvon trial verdict).


HOWARD is a bible swearing liar, and Production should of stayed out of it.


They really gave Howard a good edit. However they are going to totally destroy Aaryn where the only job she’ll have is where she asks “Do you want fries with that order?”. And Gina’s edits shows she has some real mental problems.

Fleur de Lis

Aaryn will land back on her feet (or is that her back….). She has an entitlement complex, she’s pretty (on the outside) and an idiot Republican will swoop her off her feet (and onto her back) so that she will never ever have to work. She is a trophy wife and that is all….


I thought people were kidding about GM using Nick’s shorts as a hankie. She blew her nose into. the. man’s. shorts. And Good Lord is she inarticulate. BB15: Name that Personality Disorder.

Butters Mom

I agree… I had already figured they didnt let her nominate Howard because they had already edited the show showing more racism. I have a feeling Howard and Candice will make it to the end with the DR protecting them all the way. They also let Howard explain how he struggles with his religion and living in the house conflicts… painting a “better” picture of him. I don’t like Jeremy and I think he will go back to his mean awful ways if he is left in the house… but I dont like Helen anymore either. She is no different .. she is a bully… she just isnt a muscular man yelling while making her threats. Just like Aaryn is in denial about being a racist… Helen is also in denial about being a bully. I ran into past season bb house guest Libra a while back when I was out to dinner and had a long conversation with her about BB while we waited for our table. She told me not to believe everything I see… production has a HEAVY hand in scripting .. especially DR sessions and arguments that take place. Like many have said on here… with only the “nice” people left in the house… it would be a boring show. They want the conflict… it boosts the ratings.


The ought to show Howard for the bible swearing liar that he is, but of course they are not going to show the truth on that end


Tonights episode of bb was prob the best one yet because of all the drama and fighting is this super friends alliance really plays out its going to be an extremely boring season I live the drama and fighting its going to suck to have a final 9 of people who are friends and don’t do anything mean or take anything personal


I don’t usually say this…but GREAT edit by CBS tonight…it was actually an entertaining episode even though I knew everything that was going to happen. They caught all the great parts of that huge blow up Thursday night, great job CBS! Also I was hysterically laughing at Howard trying to throw the Have/Have-not comp LOL F- for execution A+ for effort Howard!


LOL, I totally agree with you CP3! Howard’s attempt at throwing he comp left me in stitches, 🙂


I know people say every year how awful that season is, but this one is truely bad. There is not a single person I care to root for. And unless I missed something, none of them are funny. Any laughs come from how ridiculous these people are, like GM’s histrionics over her nomance.

Charlie Hustle

Superfriends deactivate. All that super alliance talk was garbage. These fools aren’t going to stop scheming. Howard dousing Aaryn with slop was too too funny. You know she’s pissed.

The fly comment isn’t racist. Unenlightened yes. A fly buzzing around a kids face is a common image America gets about Africa, that and safari. Most people don’t know that African countries have cosmopolitan areas.

BB 7 Seven 7

Once again Simon and Dawg great site but I have a question to anyone who will answer why is there a camera in the washroom? lol


I thought the same thing. I wouldn’t want to be on camera taking a dump and wiping my ass.


Once they used it to show Kalia crying into a towel after she found out she was going to be evicted. Thats it.


Soo after listening to Helen off & on all day, as well as reading the updates & posts I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter who wins HOH that nobody is going up on the block b/c Helen & Elissa have decreed it. Seriously they’ve told all the super friends & act like they’re all on the same page. Wheeling & dealing like it’s going to mean anything once the next HOH is picked.


“Helen is telling them as long as they voted out Nick they are allowed up in the HOH to eat the “Peoples food””

Okay, this is ridiculous.

This Season Blows

Helen’s a psychopath and a major bitch. Even Aaryn wasn’t this crazy when she was HOH.


That is BS!! HOWARD threw the Have Not Comp so BADLY!! just because he had the Blonde Squad (Gina Marie/Aaryn/Kaitlin) on his team BUT OF COURSE! this wasn’t a (RACE discrimination issue) against the girls HE said it was so they could make them eat SLOP!! but he still WON!! HAHAHA And his REVERSE DISCRIMINATION didn’t work lol!!


Reverse discrimination? Lol Did Howard say “They deserve to eat slop bc they’re white and blonde”? Honestly, confused. They deserve to eat slop because they walk around like entitled princesses, bullying whoever’s in their path – whether they actually have power or not. And based on the sleeping on the floor incident I witnessed, I truly don’t blame him one bit. Too bad he failed at failing… epically. Why McCrae Whyyyy *GM voice*


so many people do NOt no what racism and reverse racism is. What Howard was doing was not because they where WHITE!!!! it was because of how they have treated him, candance, & helen since they have been there. They were all on the same team. If he was on the team with Judd or the …..all white… he would have just competed!!! GET A CLUE!!!!! He was doing PAYBACK not reverse racism!

Charlie Hustle

Reverse racism is one of the stupidest terms I’ve ever heard.

If a white person is prejudiced against people who are black, asian, latino, etc. it is racism.
If a black person is prejudiced against people who are white, asian, latino, etc. it is racism.
If an asian person is prejudiced against people who are white, black, latino, etc. it is racism.
If a latino person is prejudiced against people who are white, black, asian, etc. it is racism.

Reverse racism would be inclusion or acceptance of all people. I’ve only ever heard it said by white people, I think it stems from the inability for some white people to deal with their inherent priviledge in society.


Those b!tches deserve to experience reverse discrimination… Yes, I said it! Lol

This Season Blows

You’re a dumbass if you truly think that (or even if you’re just trolling). He obviously tried to throw the contest because of how Aaryn, Kaitlyn, and Gina Marie had treated him and Candace all season so far, not because he’s racist against white people.

Howard has his own serious character flaws (the fake religious act that he puts on, namely) but he’s clearly not a racist.


Why is Spenceer doing all the talking for the Holyman? I don’t think Howard is capable of having any back and for the dialogue. His answers are all “50.50, or I’ll do whatever the house wants, or yep.” What neighbourhood did this thug come out of?


….and by the way (for all those who are going to accuse me of being you-know-what), I think Jermy is a bigger thug who was a bully in the playground.

Charlie Hustle

It isn’t appropriate to call people stupid.


I’ll correct my own spelling and grammar: Spencer *back and forth dialogue. Thank you.


What? Howard? Thug? What BB are you watching?


WOW! what make Howard a thug? what thug behavior has he exhibited? Do tell…


Nice attempt at a save with the “I think Jeremy’s a thug too.” Nothing about Howard screams thug to me. In fact, he seems like the exact opposite. How does saying ‘Yep’ or ’50/50′ equate to him being a thug. I just can’t…


He said he has a problem with rage (his temper). He can’t hold any reasonable conversation about the smallest thing. That’s what I call a thug. Posturing like he’s some of motivational speaker or rapper with a message – he’s a phony-ass thug posing as something else.


Has he acted in a “thug-like” manner? Absolutely not. Didnt he say he has problems with his temper in relation to the comments Aaryn and her crew were making? Anyone would, as most of the people who commented about the situation specifically stated that they would have issues biting their tongue in that situation as well. Did he act out? Scream? Punch someone? Flip someone’s bed? How exactly is Howard acting like a thug? Hm. Still confused. And what in the world does not making conversation have to do with someone being a thug? Being quiet equates to being a thug now? Lol alright.


The black guy is now conveniently both a thug and rapper. Wow, your bigotry is showing. Thou doth protest a little to much.

lol what

honestly if I was howard i wouldn’t have even tried to do anything during the have not comp I would’ve just stood there and really let them know i’m throwing it lol


Oh I think they knew which is who I think the Karma comment was said. If they hadn’t been so close to beating the other team I was hoping that they’d just stop playing & call Howard out on throwing the comp. Who knows maybe they did & it was edited out….


I have come to the conclusion that GM has severe brain damage or she isn’t taking her prescribed antipsychotic meds. Hopefully Nick is watching her and will do his best to hide from her when this show is over.


““Helen doesn’t know what is wrong with Jeremy
She thinks Jeremy was physically abused as a child.””

Wow, I thought Helen was such a good person and she says something like that?… I can’t wait to see her on the block again where she deserves.

I’m no longer giving her a pass. We all felt so sorry for her the last 2 weeks, and she’s no different.

Watch we’ll see the same from Elissa if, and that’s a BIG IF she win HOH.

This Season Blows

That comment from her was just as despicable as the racism and sexism being spewed by others, but she’s in tight with Rachelissa, so the delusional Brenchel fans will all give her a pass and it won’t be shown on TV.


Helen’s comments were worse because she is a mother. She should be ashamed of herself as should her family. She is just as bad as everyone else in the house, but of course CBS and Julie Chen will protect her and show he in a positive light. CBS show all of the nastiness and stop editing it so you only blame Aaryn.

This Season Blows

No excuse for Aaryn’s bigotry, but you’re right that it’s unfair that CBS is singling her out only. You can point to hateful and disgusting comments/actions by pretty much EVERY member of this cast besides possibly Nick and David.

CBS and production just don’t want to own up to the horrible job they did putting together a cast for this show. Plus, if they showed the full truth of how everyone truly acts in this house, public pressure might force them to yank this season off the air early and either seriously change the show for next year or cancel it entirely. It’s that bad.

Aaryn is a hateful and ignorant person, but CBS is using her as a scapegoat to protect the show’s reputation, which is also wrong.


I do not know what made her say that. Jeremy has spoken a lot of nasty things as well as Aaryn, Spencer, Kaitlin and Gina Marie. It was only Helen who protected Elissa from week one when no one else did. i think she said that with no malice but making an excuse for him the way he is. I will not give up on her. Still rooting for Elissa, Helen, Candice. I like Amanda but she seems to be flip flopping. Also like Andy and Judd and Mccrea and Jessie.

This Season Blows

A Rachelissa fan being hypocritical? Shocker!

Bottom line: after the outrage you’ve all been drumming up over Aaryn and Gina Marie’s racism, Spencer’s sexism, and Jeremy’s “bullying” the whole season, it’s hypocritical to make excuses for that shockingly inappropriate comment from Helen (not to mention the bullying rampage she’s been on during her reign as HOH). Apparently being hateful is okay if said houseguest is on Rachelissa’s side, though. SMH.


EXACTLY, and CBS will protect Helen and BrenchelElissa by not showing their true colors. Sorry but their comments are just as horrid and were not even done in a ‘joking’ matter but done as cruelty.


I don’t get the feeds so didn’t “see” the tone of Helen’s comment but why are some thinking it was a derogatory put-down? It could have been said with compassion. People who carry a lot of anger and express it like he has, sometimes have had challenging histories. I do agree that Helen is over-playing and being threatening but she’s not a bully and she’s worlds away from Jeremy’s immature actions.


You can be upset by Helen’s comments without using other hateful comments as some weird collateral. There isn’t some massive conspiracy here and if there is, that doesn’t negate that what Aaryn, Spencer, GM said was hateful and hurtful.


As much as I like Helen, she is simply doing too much. She has an alliance with pretty much everyone with the exception of probably Jeremy, Gina Marie and Aaryn. Like someone said “If there were 25 people in the house, Helen would be on a 1 woman mission to create a 25 person alliance.” It honestly makes no sense, especially seeing that mass paranoia is going on within that alliance. “I think such and such has a side deal with them” “So and so has a side deal with them.” With so many people in one alliance, just as in a friendship, there are going to be a select few who are closer with each other than the rest of the group. In this case, it seems as though it’s causing the rest of the group to become suspicious, and assume that there’s a stronger alliance amongst them. It’s all just truly one big mess. You can’t have an 11 person alliance out of 14 people as people begin to stray and there is no way to keep track of it all. When in a 4 person alliance, an alliance member beginning to stray from the group is fairly noticeable. How in the world is anyone going to be able to tell when shady things are occurring now that the alliance is pretty much the entire house? Someone can be making a side deal with someone within the alliance, and others would never know, as they would simply assume that it is regular conversation being that those people are in their overall alliance. This huge alliance is dumb and essentially only helps those people that are shady (or smart) and who are making side alliances with a select few in their larger group, as it can easily be hidden.


Helen does not think she is with 7 ppl… She wants them to think she is with them 100%. She is doing a great job with HOH even if the power is getting to her. It does with most that get it after being on the block and a have not. She is getting away with evicting who she wants without blame, like this is a first eviction.


“Kaitlin thinks it’s hilarious that Jessie is in a showmance with Judd
Jeremy calls it a hoemance”

Ironic that’s exactly what McVagina and Jeremy and Kaitlin is called..


Since when was Helen so emotional?? I hate to see what she’s like when she’s in a argument. yikes. I wish she would stick to the plan and keep those emotions in check. sheesh.


“McCrea says they need to get MVP because he doesn’t think Elissa will put up Howard.”

Good Luck with that McVagina….

This Season Blows

This truly is the dumbest cast ever if they think they have a chance at MVP without getting Rachelissa out.

billy bob

is it racist to say that howard doesnt want the black girl ,he wants the white girl,lol

Charlie Hustle

How on earth could that be considered racist. Howard can like whoever he likes.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this, but I don’t know where it is coming from. I don’t have the feeds, but Simon hasn’t written anything that even remotely suggests Howard has romantic feelings for anyone…including Candice.

billy bob

lol howard would love to bang jess,and like tmz says howards a coward.


I love how Aaryn’s apologiy wasn’t even an apology…

“I’m sorry YOU misunderstood what I said, it was never racist you just took it that way”

She’ll never ever admit it. Ever.


Aaryn is such a racist HO bag! She is so bitter that David is gone and she is all alone and she is taking it out on everyone. Poor candice….Howard is such a COWARD for not standing up for Candice, big time coward! If a girl was attacking me verbally like the way Aaryn and GM did, and my man didnt stand up for me I would be pissed as hell. How da freak u gonna let those ugly girls attack Candice like that, sadddddd, he does not even have her back!


Guess two people likes the racist ho bag. Ew.


Kaitlin will use VETO.. and Kaitlin never talks crap to candace or Howard…its Aaryn and GM tht have made remarks at them…


This cast is plain insane. I love watching people that live in another galaxy. All of these woman are barking up the wrong tree.
What kind of woman abandons their husband and children to go on a game show? Why Helen and Elissa of course.
Then there is Aaryn who probably burns crosses on her front lawn back home.
Amanda who brags about her fake boobs drops her lawyer boyfriend to for the catch of her life a pizza boy who she says her mother will hate
GM who forget her antipsychotic drugs at home and who at 32 years old fell in love in one week with a guy who was using her and now cant stop crying because she is so afraid she wont have his 3 babies that he promised her
Candace whose boyfriend Howard lies to her over and over but is loyal enough to forgive him again and again because he is a good religious man who swears on his bible over and over.
Jesse who stalked every guy in the house until the last one available finally said ok but she couldnt understand anything he says without a translator
Kaitlin who slept with a rapper to get in his video and now is sleeping with Jeremy hoping to get further down the line in this competition. Is there a pattern here?
These woman are pathetic but that is what makes this show so interesting

This Season Blows

“What kind of woman abandons their husband and children to go on a game show? Why Helen and Elissa of course.”

And what kind of mother accuses other people’s parents (who she doesn’t know) of physically abusing their child on national TV because they’re on opposite sides of a game?

Why, Helen of course.

I fully expect Brenchel fans to downvote this post, though, because they don’t like it when their side is exposed as being just as hateful, crude, and ignorant as the other side.


As I said before on one of your other posts. You can make your point about Helen’s comments without falling into a “he said” “she said” bigot battle. It’s almost as if you were waiting for her or someone else to make a hateful comment so you could raise your finger and yell see, see! Why not treat each hateful comment independently because grouping them together in a game of who is the most hateful isn’t a very effective strategy.


I was trying to ignore this but can’t. Men are never, and I mean never, accused of leaving their wives and kids at home. Your disapproval about that is anachronistic and gender-biased.


so some friendly playful flirting is not ok in your book

did you want them to cast 8 nuns?


Kaitlin thinks it’s hilarious that Jessie is in a showmance with Judd
Jeremy calls it a hoemance
Kaitlin comments on how that was the only guy that would take Jessie in the house.

Ahhhhhh… I get it. The mean girls are jealous of Jessie because after this week, they’ll be in a nomance
And Jessie (of all people – and maybe Candice) would be in a showmance! 😀

Oooooo the outrage! Lol.


that would be brilliant

the fact is jess is not looking for romance, more a connection with someone to fully trust in the game, and people who will respect her…i think she found that with helen, judd, elissa, howard, candace and andy – these are the people who have treated her fairly well


after jeremy, get mccrae out, then all 4 mean girls(aaryn, gina, kaitlyn, amanda) would have lost their showmance males in the first 4 evictions


imo gina helen spencer and elyssa can go now. i like amanda & howard. i feel so bad for jessie.

STFU Donnie

“Judd points out that Gina and Elissa are talking.
Helen: ‘I think she realizes that Jeremy is going and she’s got to play the game'”

I keep wondering why nobody appreciates how evicting Jeremy is opening up a huge unknown. With Jeremy in the game, there are 3 players on lockdown. They basically operate as a block…so as long as you’re not Helen or Elissa, you have to ask yourself “If I don’t feel threatened by Jeremy immediately or if I actually can and do talk to him and think he’s rational, then why do I want him out.” This is especially true of the guys in the house. What do Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GM do without Jeremy? Who do they gravitate to? Who do they talk to?

I knew two girls back in college who just hated each other…and a lot of it revolved around a friend of mine. Then when my buddy graduated and left town, next thing I know, the two mortal enemies are best friends. The same dynamic is at play here. What if the girls start hanging out and start talking. A girl can give other girls things (conversationally, emotionally, shared experiences, etc) that guys just can’t. And the flip side of the coin is what if the girls make new friendships AND new enemies. Say you’re McCrae and suddenly Amanda is tight with Aaryn, while GM goes to Elissa and Kaitlin goes to Helen, and suddenly it becomes a hate Aaryn party and Amanda fights for her like she did Jessie. What if all your best laid plans explode in huge fights and suddenly Amanda joins Aaryn on the pariah list?

All I’m saying is Jeremy is the stabilizing factor for 3 players and votes, keeping them separate from the house and able to move them en mass to vote a certain way. Taking him out is a big unknown…especially if you’re a guy in this house…who by the way is an endangered species. 2 weeks, 2 guys out…and they’re looking at a 3rd.


Did u guys see, Amanda got some backbone, she told those whitetrash girl off! yea yea and aaryn was just speechlees b*tch couldnt say sh*t. Aaryn try to f*ck w/the weaker girls like candice and jessie, but b*tch go all tongue tide when Amanda spoke out. Amanda will pop ur lil whitegettho trash aaran. Aaryn and GM were the gettho a$$ ho bags! Go home u getto A$$ whiteTRASH!


you obviously missed the after dark episode after the hoh on thursday night

by herself in the bedroom versus jeremy, kaitlyn, gina and aaryn – after taking a barrage of verbal abuse jess got stuck into them all and told them she didnt appreciate their disrespect, and put particularly aaryn in her place…kaitlyn and jeremy tried to physically intimidate jess on her bed, and the 4 of them did their best to verbally bully and disrespect jess(yet again)…and she held her own and did very well – after jess told gina she was sorry nick went home gina went apeshit at jess in a crazy rage – and jess told them this is why she voted against them because they bully her and treat her with no respect

then listening in amanda comes in to yell at aaryn to try to look the hero but it was late as jess had already won the battle with the bullies – and it was super fake from amanda(as amanda hates jess) and as aaryn rightfully pointed out, amanda has talked more crap about jess than anyone…i think this was amanda going against americas least favourite aaryn to again try to gain mvp votes

STFU Donnie

You know if I got asked CONSTANTLY who I would put up (a dumb question to begin with since I’m just going to list your enemies, true or not), my response would be humor. So if Helen ask Spencer and I’m Spencer, I’d make a HUGE joke, something like, “Well of course my first act will be to reform the Moving Company, except this time I’m going to stock it with some heavy hitters. My 1st Lieutenant will of course be GM. And if she gets out of line all I have to do is say Nick and she will break down crying and go into the fetal position. Then my next member will be Judd of course because as a fellow southerner, I’m the only person who can speak and understand his coded English. And finally, my last member will be Helen…well because Helen is quite possibly the greatest HOH in history. You know forget HOH, when we get out of here it’s onto the White House. Now as fellow MC, I would expect a nice cushy appointment. I’m think ambassador of Brazil” Then you go right into a conversation about Brazil, the weather, the beaches, the women, whatever.

The point being you interject a very long joke…then just change the subject. Make Helen (or anybody) really pin you down…then you give up some names and try to figure out their least favorite ally. Because you have to take the chance and give her something more substantial.


Helen= Capital Douche+ Capital Bully= Helen

Its like the asian nerd in high school who got the A on the test, and the jocks have to get tutoring from her so she now feels she has all the power and is manipulating and bullying others. She is on a major power trip.

Big brother 15 is over for me now.


To This Season Blows: You can stop trying to make the name “Rachelissa” catch on. It ain’t gonna. Give it up.


“Judd counts Howards, Andy, Spencer, Helen, Candace and Elissa.. thats 5.”

Okay so Judd can’t count and forgets to include themselves as well as their fauxmance partners, Amanda and Jessie.

Question for Simon/Dawg Have you guys ever seen BB bypass an HOH reveal like they did last night with Helen? Even with the arguments and racial slurs they should have been able to give Helen 2 minutes, especially to show facial expressions of those who were happy for her vs those who were not so thrilled.

All these sub-alliances is enough to make my head spin. Helen thinks she’s safe with everyone. McManda thinks they are safe with everyone. Judd, Andy, Jessie seem to be on the outer bubble of everyone’s voting numbers.

Helen is laying it on thick with this ‘people’s food’ ‘people’s bathroom’ ‘people’s HOH’ stuff. I know she wants to keep reminding everyone that they are a team but for heaven’s sake… it’s not a commune.