Elissa and Helen are like watching toddlers.. you try to keep them away from all the sharp edges

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


6:45pm Storage room Helen, Elissa and Kaitlin Cam 1-2
Helen is inviting Kaitlin into the superfriends friendship circle saying if Kaitlin does use the POV they will protect her.
Helen: “We are going to protect you and help you get further in this game we promise you that”
Elissa: ‘You have to use it.. you’re playing big brother.. “
Helen says they want to be friends with her, be a shoulder to cry on .. Bake cookies have fun”
Helen: “Invite us to hang out on the hammock”
Helen: ‘The house is really looking forward to getting to know you.. come have fun with us”

Helen says that America is going to love her for using the POV and joining with Helen and Elissa. Elisa: “You are going to have fun”
Helen: “This is a huge moment in the game.. this is the defining moment”
Kaitlin: “I just don’t want to vote him out.. “
Helen: “Thats ok.. vote to evict Spencer.. “
Helen offers to go tell Spencer and be cool with it she doesn’t think anyone will have a problem with it.
Kaitlin: “It doesn’t mean anything he’s still going home”
Elissa: “You should vote to evict Aaryn.. please.. that would be fun”
Helen: “The game restarts for you .. Andy, Elissa and I have your back“
Helen says if she doesn’t use the POV the house will be so mad at her she would go home and the following week Jeremy would.
Andy joins them
Helen: “if your name comes up i’m going to sugest someone else.. Elissa and I cannot tell you how much
Elissa asks her to not put them up if she wins HOH. Kaitlin says of course not. “Spencer and Howard they were rats to both you and us they are going up”

Elissa and Helen leave.. Kaitlin cries and Andy gives her a hug..
Andy: “It has to be done for you to get far in this game”

6:59pm feeds are on and off fish at 6:59pm Kaitlin says this “Helen .. what the hell were you using Production as your strategy for” Feeds cut

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds The CBS feeds are a HUGE improvement over the super pass feeds and they are 30% cheaper with no subscription to cancel.


7:00pm Storage room Andy and Amanda
Andy is complaining about Helen says right in front of Spencer she said that Kaitlin was targeting Howard, “Kaitlin hates Howard”.
Andy adds that he gave Helen a look like shut up.. Helen backtracked and said “Ohh Kaitlin hates a lot of people she hates Jessie and Candace”
Amanda: “the two of them together is like having to watch a toddler learning to walk.. You want to keep them away from all the sharp edges because they are just going to hurt themselves and people around them.. it’s like bringing a bull into the china shop”
Andy laughs.. wants to know if he should tell Spencer about the MVP. Amanda says keep playing dumb. Amanda thinks that was a stupid move for McCrea to say he has MVP.
They start talking about Howard and Spencer and how hilarious it is that they think they are part of ‘Area 51” again, “F*** that there is no Area 51”. Both agree that Howard is much more dangerous than Spencer. Andy adds that’s Spencer and Howard came back only because McCrea flipped and they got Jessie. Andy: “They didn’t have a change of heart they got terrified because there alliance was crumbling.. F**** you”
Amanda: ‘You just gotta remember it’s me, you, Helen, Judd and McCrea”
Andy says he’s loyal to Helen 100% but if she starts messing up his game he’ll cut her loose.
Amanda: “She needs to stop talking.. she talks way too much and if she keeps doing sh!t that is f**** annoying she’ll f/*** up your game”

Amanda: ‘the thing about Elissa is none of us can put her up because if I put her up she’ll put up McCrea. she’s a loose cannon”
Andy agrees.. “Without a doubt”
Amanda: “And she’s scary”
Andy: “I agree”
Amanda says for next week they are all safe the targets are Spencer/Howard
Anady: ‘Aaryn.. Aryn”
Amanda: Aayrn or kaitlin”
Andy says he will not push for KAitlin to be put up because he’s built too much trust with her.
Andy says the best case is KAitlin wins HOH and put ups howard and spencer. Amanda if she put up Howard and Candace Elissa would put up Spencer.. Amanda corrects herself says Elissa will put up Aaryn

CBS Interactive Inc.


7:30pm Spencer and Howard
Spencer: “you and Candace getting close?”
Howard: “I wouldn’t .. um she’s cool getting to know.. I think we got close because of all the stuff that happened.. I don’t see myself dating her.. I don’t like the pageant girly girls I like to sweat and play.. you know roll around in the grass get dirty.. not saying I want some butch”
Spencer: “Just don’t McCrea me”
They agree Candace has been a real champion for their cause. Howard calls Candace “Good Wifey material” says she needs a little work but she’ll make a good wife.

Howard says he wants to get into Acting. . he thought that coming on the show was going to help him get his foot in the door. He’s glad he met someone like spencer in the house. Spencer is to he’s glad there is one person in the house that he trusts 100%.

Howard: ‘I love the show Big Brother.. I really do but I haven’t seen it in a awhile.. I needed someone to help me on a mental standpoint.. very strategic .. another grown man in the house“
Spencer says they compliment each other nicely Howard is physically strong and and mentally sharp. Spencer says there is going to be a time when they are in a strong alliance an alliance so strong that they won’t have to talk to people outside of it.

Howard talking about the comment that Jeremy made.. Howard says it was best for him to keep his mouth shut because he’s got to remember why he’s here in the first place. Howard adds that he thinks of Jeremy as a kid just running his mouth.
Spencer: “A lot of time your hands follow your mouth”


7:36pm bedroom Kaitlin, Jeremy and Aaryn

Aaryn says she heard half the conversation Kaitlin had in the storage room. Kaitlin says they confirmed Jeremy is going home. Aaryn: “I thought you and Elissa were not cool”
Kaitlin: ‘She basically pulled me in told me she would protect me.. Elissa”
Aaryn: “Did she say anything about me.. you’re going to have to”
Kaitlin: “I told you I would.. I promise”

Kaitlin give her the rundown of the conversation. Aaryn says that Helen pretty much said the same thing to her without Elissa, “The difference is Elissa is on your side and not mine”
Kaitlin: “Everytime Helen talks to me she cries”

7:55:00 Cam 3
Aaryn: “Why did they say she was using production”
Kaitlin: ‘I don’t know… When I came out I was like Helen what were you doing.. Candace said something you said I don’t know what it was,, had something to do with Howard.. If I win HOH i’m putting Howard and Candace up.. ”
KAitlin: “By the way Helen told me Elissa had MVP this week not McCrea”


7:49pm Bedroom Amanda and Kaitlin
Amanda wants to know who she would put up if she won HOH she suggests it be Howard and Candace. That way Elissa will put up Spencer with MVP.
Kaitlin: “I have a feeling that the minute Jeremy leaves I’m going to win HOH.. that would suck though.. I would be all lonely in the HOH alone”
Amanda: “Don’t worry if you are HOH people are going to ki$$ your butthole.. not my style”

Kaitlin says there is no way a man who played football for all those years and has all that muscle be that uncoordinated in competitions. Kaitlin says that Howard is going to start trying in Competitions and be worth 3 people.
Amanda: ‘He has control over Candace” Kaitlin points out that it’s only been these last few days the first 3 weeks he talked mad sh!t about her”
Amanda: ‘He still does”
KAitlin says Candace and Howard are making out and Candace is really close to Elissa.
Amanda: “Something is going on”
Kaitlin: ‘he’s using religion on Elissa”
Amanda: “And race on Helen and Candace”



8:16pm The Superfriends put on some of Gina’s clothes and are pretending they are guidos. gina says these are the clothes she wears to the clubs.. Gina helps get their makeup done they also work on a dance routine.

3:35pm HOH Superfriends waiting for the other houseguests so they can put on a show. Helen: “You know what is funny is those earnings Candace actually wears those.. ” Feeds cut
Gina is having a great time helping Helen and Elissa with their Guido impersonations. They do the accents and everything..

8:49pm Jeremy and Amanda get in front of everyone tell them they are brother and sister and would have got 25 thousands if they made it to the end. McCrea: ‘BullSh!t” (Everyone else laughing)
Even Jessie does a Guido impersonation… Hers might be the best.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds The CBS feeds are a HUGE improvement over the super pass feeds and they are 30% cheaper with no subscription to cancel.

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As a Italian American living in Jersey I find Helen and Elissa’s act to be demeaning to my heritage

Fleur de Lis

You must really hate the Jersey Shore…. BTW… didn’t they say that those are GM’s clothes!!!

Charlie Hustle

Oh my, how culturally insensative.


oh please with all the crap that has been said in the house, your gonna complain because someone is goofin on a stereotype and gina is helpin them, be mad a gina for feeding into it, this again shows how stupid she is….

Charlie Hustle

Is your heritage really douchbag?

This subset of Italian is hardly representative of the culture. They’re not even Mobbed Up!


blame gina.


Are you serious? Blame The Jersey Shore…their actions were right off that show.


Sorry but just because GM is encouraging it doesn’t make it appropriate. You can claim to be offended and call someone a racist when it’s done to you and then turn around and do the exact same thing about another culture.

STFU Donnie

Really? Who knew Michelangelo used to fist bump…I didn’t know Roman Soldiers had to watch out for “grenades”…How did Machiavelli find time for GTL, while he was writing The Prince…


If anything, they’re impersonating Gina (not Italians).


O M G! Anyone that don’t’ have the live feeds needs to get em… production has opened the medicine cabinet & they fell in…these nuts have finally cracked! This is my first year & it has been worth the money already…


Not trying to be ignorant, but what’s the difference between guidos & shaniqua? And then Andy with his whole not wanting to look gay by getting in the hammock with Spencer & Howard.
I just think if you’re going to play the I’m offended by card then you really shouldn’t encourage or make fun of whatever it is that you think defines you. Hold yourself up to the same standards as you do others.

And I thought I was gonna puke with the Howard/Spencer love fest in the hammock.

I agree

Two guys in a hammock=akward

Charlie Hustle

The mean girls act out of malice. The use their language during conflict and confrontation. If Helen and Elissa were in Gina’s face trying to ridicule her and provoke her to “let the black out,” or “guido” in this case. If Gina wasn’t playing along. You comment proves how far we are as a society to even having a conversation. If you can’t see the difference, there’s little hope.


No I see the difference, but everyone is so ready to be offended & yet on the show nobody stands up & says anything about it when it happens. It’s not just the race, but they way they treat everyone – they’re all guilty with the nasty jokes & derogatory comments.

I also feel that you have no right to be upset or offended if you yourself joke around about your blackness & gayness, guido-ness, etc. Respect yourself a little more so that others will respect you. It gives people the impression that you don’t care & that it is okay for them to play with you.

They also use it to get forward in the game. I’m the gay guy & am just one of the girls. We get that every year along with the I’m religious & pray, read the Bibile & don’t lie – honest. Everyone in this house was picked b/c of some kind of stereotype & production is running with it. For all we know these are wannabe actors & have been brought in for a particular storyline.

So stop sending the mixed messages & stand up for something if that’s truly how you feel, but it’s a game & nobody is going to do anything about it, especially CBS. The houseguest stand up for it in private & talks big when they have the power in the house or are alone in their own little alliance. It’s okay to make jokes & derogatory comments among your group & condemn the other side for the same thing.


The difference is that society says it’s perfectly fine to make fun of whites and white culture. It’s okay to make blond jokes, or ginger jokes, or guido jokes.


“The mean girls act out of malice.”

And Helen wasn’t acting out of malice when she implied Jeremy was physically abused growing up?


Is it okay for someone to paint their face black and dance around singing slave spirituals? If not, then why is it okay for someone to dress like a “guido” and dance around acting Italian?


And Amanda has no right calling anyone out on racial slurs when she has used the word “retarded” about 100 times. She has NO business being self righteous. Hypocrite!


Retarded isn’t a racial slur. It is a bad word, but not a racial slur.

This Season Blows

“Not trying to be ignorant, but what’s the difference between guidos & shaniqua?”

The difference is that Rachelissa’s doing it so Brenchel fans will make excuses for it.


No the difference is they were playing with GM – she was a part of it. They were not attacking her – they were playing along with her. They were not doing or saying anything to be hurtful to her.

Kayla J

too late!
you already showed your ignorance to the world ( d!ck head)

This Season Blows

“Helen is inviting Kaitlin into the superfriends friendship circle”

So basically, Helen has now aligned herself with literally everyone but Aaryn and Jeremy. Remind me again how she’s doing a good job of playing the game?

This Season Blows

Whoops, this was supposed to be a separate comment.

STFU Donnie

For me it’s very simple: the racist, bigoted, and misogynist words of Aaryn, GM, Amanda, and Spencer offended me. If they said the things they said in my presence I’d call them on it…but if you’re not offended I’m not going to try and make you. You’re free to feel how you want. So I hope you won’t reach beyond the boundaries of logic to try and convince me to be offended by the parody of an MTV reality show or by somebody making a crack about blondes to a girl who really isn’t blonde. It’s not remotely the same and anybody with any sense of logic and history knows there is ZERO parallel.

So either you’re reaching for a way to defend the racist, bigoted, and misogynistic words of others…or you should probably read more.


I’m sure the hammock almost puked with both Spencer and Howard in it – how they even managed it is beyond me.


It’s not the word itself. It’s the meaning, tone and intent behind it. When “Shaniqua” was used, it was meant as an insult. That’s what makes it derogatory.

Words have no meaning unless we give them meaning. It’s the meaning behind the words that counts.


Okay, Elissa better not get MVP a fourth time she and Helen are getting too comfortable knowing Elissa will get it and put up whoever she wants and everyone plays the game tip toeing around the idea that they might get put up by Elissa. I was happy she got it in the beginning but now I want Amanda, Judd, Candace or McCrae to get it.


yeah, Elissa & Helen are the only ones playing now, Helen is speaking & making promises for everyone & Elissa stands there like “Yeah & don’t forget I’m always the MVP” I’m so over it! Either get Elissa out or do away with that MVP…one or the other has gotta go…


In order for her not to get MVP, she would need to be evicted, which is not what production wants. Remember season 13?, they’re doing it again, but this time they wanna get a person to the 500k without winning much comps, if any in he case.


yeah, i remember season 13 very well, that was exactly why I didn’t watch bb14, i was glad when it was showing the people for this year with no one being there a 2nd time, but when it came out Elissa being her sister I thought oh no…if she gets mvp again I honestly don’t know if i can take a repeat of bb13 like you said, i mean it’s like watching a movie where someone has ruined the ending…idk, i think they have enough crazy people in there & they don’t need Elissa winning every week to keep people watching, if anything it’s going to be the thing that turns me off to it & i hate that cause I like watching BB…i think they will end up keeping Jeremy & that in itself will be crazy… Let someone else win MVP!!!


just once ILLWILL will you say something smart .. if you think this game is rigged then stop watching… and putting in you 2 cents .. you are being repetitive …


BB13 was that rigged Porche’s Pandora Box that saved Rachel/Jordan?


I’m happy to see that most of the houseguest are letting lose and finally having some fun unlike when The Douchebag Alliance (Jerm, Kaitlin, Aaryn and GM) were in charge and bullying everyone and they were all scared to even speak! Sometimes, you gotta forget about the game but… NOT FOR TOO LONG ; )

This Season Blows

How has Helen not been bullying everyone?


As a person with a brain I find Helen and Elissa’s act to be demeaning to my human heritage




I am very curious to see what Amanda does here pretty soon. Amanda may be gathering in Judd(which could bring along Jessie), kaitlyn and possibly Andy. If Kaitlyn wins HoH I bet Amanda tries to make a play on Elissa. Just got a feeling.


Dangerous for Amanda to nominate Elissa as long as she is getting MVP. She would just nominate McCrae. Then Amanda would be screwed.


Amanda looks like she’s in a good spot regardless who wins HOH next week. She’s good with the Helen side and with the Kaitlin side.


She’s dangerously close to overplaying, and that could blow up in her face.


Amanda: “She needs to stop talking.. she talks way too much and if she keeps doing sh!t that is f**** annoying she’ll f/*** up your game”

this is Amanda talking about Helen, but something that Amanda herself is doing even more

This Season Blows

Can’t wait to see how the Brenchel fans justify the Superfriends’ guido act.


You want it justified? Why? Are you thinking that it is in ANY way comparable to the ugly comments made by the Mean Girls, Jeremy and Spencer? Think again. They were playing along with GM. They were not doing or saying anything to inflict pain or hurt of another in the house. You want to point the finger – point it those idiots on The Jersey Shore who brought this sort of thing into our culture….they even referenced the show. Get over it and get a thicker skin.


That’s easy….they’re trying to get GM to stop talking about Nick. SHE WAS FREAKING ANNOYING!




LOL at amanda saying kissing hoh butt isnt het style shes so far up the hoh a$ses she has $hit on her face


too funny


has gina let the hat go since eviction.


Funny how people can be offended about what Aaryn has to say but have no problem performing culturally insensitive impersonations.


Funny how people can be offended about what Aaryn has to say but have no problem performing culturally insensitive impersonations.


Wow, they’re really taking this racial stuff to a whole other level, but this is a good thing, everyone makes fun of Jersey Shore

Amanda: “Don’t worry if you are HOH people are going to ki$$ your butthole.. not my style”

BULLS**T, Amanda and McVagina been licking Helen’s butt ever-since she won HOH, hell she f**ked McVagina because he was HOH

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

@ ILLWILL buddy, you need to change your name to ” ILL COMMENTING ” . Yuck! Old and tired.


lol @ McVagina


They are doing this just to get GM to SHUT UP about Nick. So actually they are doing US a favor.


I am starting to love Amanda. She is kinda bat-sh)*-crazy…..and I like that in a girl!!!


i want her outta there


“Kaitlin says this “Helen .. what the hell were you using Production as your strategy for” Feeds cut”

Wait a minute, that’s Elissa’s strategy…. damn copycats


you give elisa too much credit. she basically just goes in there and gives a name to production. calling that strategy…..meh.


“Andy says he’s loyal to Helen 100% but if she starts messing up his game he’ll cut her loose.”

What game floater??


Andys more of a scuttler or creeper

or a bit like john turturro in the movie mr deeds(with adam sandler) where turturro would very sneakily and cunningly just appear out of nowhere like a ghost without you even knowing, and in an instant would be standing right next to you


What the hell is a “guido?”


The difference between the comments made by Aaryn/Kaitlin/GM/etc. VS Helen and Elissa acting as Guidos is that Guidos have never experienced hundreds of years of oppression.

Anyone who says it doesn’t matter that GM is okay with them putting on the act is right — GM can’t speak for the masses; however, it doesn’t matter what the masses of Guidos have to say because they are not oppressed people.


words in and of themselves can be oppressive.

I’ve not actually seen footage of this “guido impersonating,” so I’m not taking any sides here…but words can hurt, damage, and scar a person.

I will say, it certainly doesn’t sound like Helen is creating that “all inclusive” environment she was striving toward.


There was plenty of discrimination against Italians in both Canada and the USA when we first immigrated. Google the internment of Italians during WWII. It seems that all ethnic groups have had their share of being targets of xenophobia (an unreasonable fear/hatred of foreigners). I was a child immigrant in the early 50’s in Canada. The insults of being a WOP (without papers-an illegal) or DP (displaced person-a refugee) was thrown at us constantly. At the time I didn’t even know what those insults meant. This occurred throughout the 60’s as well when I was a teen. When I was 7 some grade 8 boys grabbed me on my way to school, put a switch blade knife to my throat and said: “OK you little WOP, you wanna live or die?” I squeaked out “Live.” They roared with laughter and moved on. Quite a “joke” eh? However, the intensity of hatred towards any white ethnic group has never reached the level of what Blacks and Homosexuals have had to endure, that’s for sure! Aren’t humans grand?


LOL @ andy saying he will cut someone loose

really andy? you will vote where people tell you to vote.


ha richie cunningham acting tough


Why is Jeremy dressed as an infant? Did I miss something?


OMG Can Kat/Jeremy Stop this damn Kissing I am so tired of the make out sessions

STFU Donnie

If I’m Kaitlin, I’d roll the dice and put the POV back in the box. She’s not a BB superfan and was recruited to the show. She wants to be famous, so roll the dice and become memorable. The fact that Helen and Elissa are giving such a hard sell with such a weak promise is a HUGE tell. They never wanted her up to go home, it was always about Jeremy, and she’s not an immediate target. That they’re willing to make her a SuperFriend should tell her that. Besides, if she lets Jeremy go, she’s only likely buying herself a few weeks anyway. She’s not established relationships and Helen has made such a big deal over who was with her first. She can give a bullshit speech to them why she’s too honorable to knife Jeremy…AND then Jeremy can campaign for her, make deals, and generally scare the s**t out of everybody.

C’mon Kaitlin, roll the dice and take a chance, create some turmoil, stir it up.


As mch as I hate Jeremy I agree that this would be entertaining. But I don’t think she’s bold enough.

STFU Donnie

I know you’re right…but I just have to keep hope alive. If she doesn’t, then all my hope will be on Amanda. She’s got the biggest balls in the house and she’s seeing all the deals Helen and Elissa are making and all the talking their doing. I just wonder how mad she might be that McCrae (stupidly…her words) pretended to be MVP and now Helen (and Andy) are going around telling everybody it’s still Elissa, making McCrae out to look like a liar and Elissa’s lackey.

I think Jeremy is annoying and immature (and Aaryn is the only HG I really want to see evicted), but tonight on CBS was just great…and if he stays there will be more nights like tonight. The SuperFriends are like a sleeping pill.


so youre saying amanda could be shemale? you may be onto something – mcvag should check just to make sure

Aaryn fan yeah I said it!

Just watch the show people everyone of all different races make fun Of each other or have stereotypes it’s sad but no we havnt progressed
In the words of Aaryn ” watcha gon do y’all… Watcha gon do”


hey guys can everyone learn the difference between ‘lose’ and ‘loose’???? lose is like in ‘we’re gonna lose this game’. loose is like in ‘who let the dogs loose’….why is this so difficult.,….?


Ah Helen and Andy’s conversation is borderline humorous. I guess she has it all figured out. Good luck with that blueprint. We get it Helen you don’t have to hate anyone but you don’t have to bend over backwards either. She is clearly overcompensating for something. Don’t be mean to anyone but you don’t have to keep talking about your intent over and over.


i think that the guido thing was all in good fun it wasnt meant to hurt anyone i watched two weeks of elissa being ignored and treated badly helen and candice were the only ones to console her and howard prayed with her i do not blame her for not putting up howard because of the way amanda and mcrae pressured her she is our mvp whether we like it or not i think elissa has been sweet to alot of people i dont blame her for not liking germy and arian amanda was at the top of my list of faves till they yelled at elissa and then amanda went downstairs and talked crap about her with arian i wish mcrae would man up and tell amanda to shut up plus amanda told arian that she didnt care for elissa and they were just using her and the sad thing is is that amanda made elissa cry so bad she wanted to quit the game and it was amanda that started the hatred for elissa from the beginning mcrae and elissa have had nice conversations without amanda i think mcrae does to somepoint trust elissa but amanda keeps getting in his ear its really sad as for arian and germy to have made it this far as well as gina marie and spencer their comments and racial slurs are despicable


longest sentence ever


ps that comment was me overcompensating for something.

billy bob

jeremy’s pitch to judd was ,your going to be the only guy left with all the girls? ok that argument will get you voted out,lol


So Helen blabbed to Kaitlin about McCrae not being MVP! Wow. I expected it from Elissa the entitled airhead, but I thought Helen was smarter and more calculated than that. I just lost a lot of respect for Helen, and I now hope that Amanda. McRae and Judd flip the house and vote out Aaryn to keep Jeremy. Way to stab the people that saved you in the back! I mean, she is still going on about how upset she is because Howard and Spencer lied to her. How is this any different from the MC not telling her about their secret alliance? What a hypocrite! I hope she gets to feel what Spencer and Howard got this week. I hope Amanda rips her a new one, and please get rid of Elissa once and for all.


Since when is being from Jersey a cultural bias, its a state not an ethnicity. Ever watch Jersey Shore? Real housewives ? people are getting really sensitive this year.
Did anyone cry when Dan swore on bibles and had a mock funeral? Brittany being a Barbie? Every year there are slams against some stereotypical behaviour.
Granted Aaryn and others have taken it to another level and actually used race, think she is more ignorant and prejudice than racist. I deem a racist being someone who knows and lives the life of a person who only wants to hang with their race.
I think she just doesn’t understand and has had a privelige lifestyle that she has not been allowed to meet other people and explore the world, truly a shame


Now Helen is making super friends sounds like a cult.



Helen: America will love you (if you join us).
Me: No, Helen. I will always remember her as being part of the Mean Girls. She is tainted forever. I love how Helen and Elissa are convinced all of America loves them. Humility, much?