Judd laughs I had a vision from Nick last night and he needs you back in Staten Island. I’m sorry you have to go up.

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots

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12:45am In the lounge – Candice, Elissa, Amanda, Aaryn and McCrae are talking. They’re talk about tanning. Everyone leaves but Amanda and Elissa who talk about relationships. Elissa says that it is so exciting for Amanda and McCrae to be able to start something new. Amanda says from someone who has dated people with money and without money it is so much easier to date someone with money. Amanda says that my ex .. or my boyfriend makes good money so its definitely been easier to be able to do whatever you want and go on vacation whenever/wherever. Elissa says but isn’t it so much better to be able to build that with someone you love. Amanda says that McCrae makes in two weeks what I make in half a day. Elissa says that she thinks McCrae is smart, he is an undercover genius. Amanda says that it will be interesting to see what life is like outside the house, he is talking about moving to Florida with me. I am a leap of faith type of person, if I feel something I do it. Elissa says if you are starting to think there are more cons than pros maybe you should cut it off. Amanda says that she isn’t even concerned about that. Amanda says that she is just worried about having to deal with her ex and his family. Elissa says that everyone will love McCrae and if your ex isn’t a part of your life it is a non-issue. You have to do what is best for you.

1am In the havenot room Judd is talking to Aaryn. Judd says if Elissa and I put you up I am afraid of Elissa getting a special power. Judd says that he is thinking about back dooring Howard. Aaryn says that she is afraid to go up. Judd says the MVP might put her up. Aaryn asks Judd to keep Elissa from being put up as MVP. Judd says that he doesn’t get why no one wants Ginamarie gone. Judd says that he is probably going to put her up. Judd says that if they can’t backdoor someone, Gina can go home. Aaryn asks why not put up Candice and Howard up? Judd says because Howard will win veto. Aaryn says that she doesn’t want to go up at all. Aayrn says that she thinks Kaitlin made final four deals with everyone. Judd says even if I don’t put you up, I think you would be put up as MVP. Aaryn says if you can try and make it so I am not put up from the MVP I would appreciate it. Aaryn says if I am put up and it’s against someone who isn’t a big target then I would go home. Aaryn says no matter what if I stay I will never go after you. Judd says yeah and that is what I tell people that you don’t have anyone. Judd says if I think people are acting shaddy I might need to shake things up and back door someone. Aaryn says if I am up there as the final 3 noms I will go home. Kaitlin won’t go home because people have made deals with everyone. Judd says that he will see if Elissa will work with him and if she won’t as MVP then I have no need to keep her here. Aaryn tells Judd if she is on the block and Judd wins veto, he has to take her off or she will go home. Judd tells Aaryn that Elissa wants to put her up but he will steer her away from that, and if Elissa puts up Aaryn, he’ll veto her off. Judd and Aayrn leave the havenot room.
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1:30am – 1:45am Up in the HOH room – Howard, Spencer, Elissa, Andy, Helen, Jessie, Candice, Judd, Amanda and McCrae are talking about random things. Meanwhile in the downstairs bed room – Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina are talking about being on the block. Aaryn says that she is pretty sure she is going up. Gina says everyone has to go up some time. Aaryn says that its just so hard to go up two weeks in a row. Kaitlin and Gina talk about how good of a liar Judd is. Gina says I don’t believe a word he says. Kaitlin says he is a really good liar. Aaryn says that there is a good chance all three of us are going up. Gina and Kaitlin don’t think that will happen. Gina and Aaryn start getting into it. Gina says just slow your roll Aaryn! Think positively. Gina says you say things about Nick and I don’t like it. Aaryn says I haven’t said anything about Nick in two days. Gina says just think positively that’s all I am asking. Aaryn says that he was just trying to talk to her as a friend. Aaryn says honestly I did not think I was the target until 5 minutes ago. Judd is not going to put up Candice and Howard. I am going to be put up against people who aren’t as big of targets as I am which means I am going home. So if I want to freak out then I can freak out. Kaitlin tells Aaryn that she already told her that she heard Aaryn was going home in the next 3 weeks, if I hear anything different I will let you know. Kaitlin says that Judd wants to back door Howard to not give him a chance to win veto. Aaryn says then who else would go up? Kaitlin says I don’t know I think Jessie might have a big influence on Judd. Aaryn says she does. Kaitlin asks do you want me to talk to him. Aaryn says no. I don’t want you to tell him what I just told you. Gina says what makes you think I tell anyone what we talk about, I don’t do that. Aaryn says I am just telling you what I am feeling. Aaryn says that circle of trust – I don’t think McCrae got MVP. Kaitlin says I don’t understand why he would pull Jeremy aside to tell him that. Aaryn says deals. Kaitlin says that doesn’t make sense. Aaryn says to take the heat off of Elissa and in return for safety. Kaitlin says that doesn’t make sense. Elissa has more power over people if she is MVP so it doesn’t make sense for her to tell people she doesn’t have it. Kaitlin says that it’s crazy that Jeremy will be able to go home and know what’s actually going on. It’s even more crazy to think that he can watch me sleep. Kaitlin starts to realize how it would make sense for Elissa to not what the MVP heat on her because everyone was talking about how she would just get it every week so people wanted her out. Aaryn says that there are people that trust me so this doesn’t leave this room. Aaryn says this game is about lying and the people who are really good at it go far. Kaitlin says that Judd

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Aaryn says that Judd told her that he would like to get Howard out but that he would also like to get a girl out. She says that he is thinking about putting up Elissa to get her out because of the MVP thing. Gina and Kaitlin both don’t believe it and say that wont happen. Gina says they tried that two weeks in a row to get her out and it didn’t work. Kaitlin says if he wanted that he would have voted her out back than and he didn’t. Aaryn says there could be a twist like she (Julie Chen) said expect the unexpected, even if it is the three of us that go up.. Maybe America will take one of us down.
UP in the HOH room – They are talking about Gina and Nick. Meanwhile in the lounge – McCrae and Amanda are talking and making out. McCrae says that Howard has some kind of plan that he’s going tell McCrae in a couple days. McCrae says he thinks it may be some kind of test. McCrae asks what the fu*k could he have planned?” McCrae comment that he isn’t that worried about it. The start making out. Andy and Judd joins then. He tells them that Elissa is gunning for Aaryn to be put up and to go home. Judd says it would be safest to put up KAITLIN and GINAMARIE. I want to get rid of that bit*h so bad, I can’t stand it! Amanda says she is just one person though. Judd says that he is suspicious of Elissa. What if she is the whole big twist. Amanda says she already was the twist. Amanda says Howard has to go! Actually I don’t care, do what you want to do. Judd says he will tell Kaitlin she’s the pawn. Judd heads upstairs. Andy tells McCrae and Amanda that Elissa is freaking him out too. I am starting to see the Rachel in her. She wants Aaryn gone for personal reasons.

Kaitlin joins them. She asks Amanda how she is doing. Amanda says like balls, nice warm balls. Kaitlin asks do you like them cupped or licked. Amanda says both. Kaitlin tells them that she’s heard she is going up. They asks her where she’s heard that. Kaitlin says she’s heard it from Helen and Aaryn. Kaitlin says that Aaryn said that Judd doesn’t even want to do what the house wants. Amanda says what the fu*k does Aaryn know anyways. Kaitlin says I am going to be a little pissed off if I go up on the block again. Andy says that he will talk to Judd. Amanda says just because he is HOH and she is sucking on his balls doesn’t mean anything. Kaitlin says it depends on how good she is sucking on them. Amanda says touché. Kaitlin tells McCrae that Aaryn told her that he didn’t really get MVP and only said it to take the heat off of Elissa. Amanda says she is full of sh*t. Kaitlin says I am just saying what she told me. Aaryn joins them. Kaitlin says McCrae you never answer my question. McCrae asks what? Kaitlin asks do you like your balls fondled or licked. McCrae says fondled. They start talking about Gina and she enters. Kaitlin says speak of the devil. They tell Gina that the Nick memorial is tomorrow. They tease Gina about needing to let Nick go. Amanda tells Gina that she has to give up the Nick things, we are going to put that stuff in the storage room for production to keep. Gina doesn’t want to do that. Amanda asks when you kill someone so you keep that body, no! Amanda says this is like hoarders big brother edition. You either keep it burry it.

CBS Interactive Inc.2:20am In the kitchen – Aaryn talks to Judd about putting up Gina and getting her out. She doesn’t even care to be here, she is more concerned about Nick. Judd says well maybe I will tell her to choose the game or Nick. You have an opportunity play in the veto. Aaryn says I will be so pissed if I go home and Gina stays here. Judd tells Aaryn that he won’t put her up. Aaryn says but Elissa will put me up. Judd thinks Elissa might put up Howard. Judd says I will do whatever it takes to keep you here. Aaryn says whatever this veto is and if Elissa puts me up – I just hope it is something I can win. McCrae joins them. Aaryn says she just can’t listen to the Nick stuff anymore. Aaryn tells Judd how to use his HOH to gain safety for next week. Aaryn says if I go up and I win veto, another strong guy is going to go up on the block. Aaryn says I don’t know why Elissa want’s me up – I told her that I am not going after her.
2:25am – 2:40am Howard and Candice are talking in the bedroom. Howard says that Spencer told him Elissa doesn’t like him (Howard). Candice tells him that Elissa does like him, but not Spencer. Howard tells Candice that she needs her to trust him. Howard tells Candice that he wants her to help keep him by getting on Elissa’s good side. He says because Elissa has the MVP power. Candice tells Howard that the MVP won’t last much longer. Candice says she can’t protect both him and Spencer. Candice says that she thinks Howard’s downfall will be Spencer. Howard says that if I go on the block, I have something up my sleeve. Candice tells him that right now he is good. She tells him to chill out. Howard tells Candice he’s happy she’s here. Candice says she is happy he is here.
2:40am In the lounge room – Judd talks to Spencer. Judd says that he thinks Gina is his best bet. Spencer asks who do you want to leave the house. Her? Judd nods. Spencer says that Elissa wants Aaryn out. Spencer says Ginamarie can get a first class ticket back to Staten Island, she is a fu*king nut case! Judd calls Andy in when he walks by. Judd asks if you could put someone up, who would you put up with Ginamarie. Andy says Kaitlin. Amanda joins them and Andy leaves. Judd goes to tell Andy if you want to use my room just turn the light on. Andy comments that Jessie is sleeping up there. Judd says well maybe I will just have to tell her to not sleep up there. Judd, Spencer Candice, Kaitlin and Gina all head up to the HOH room. On the way up Judd says it’s party time! Jessie is trying to sleep in the HOH room. They all pile in and start talking about random things. Elissa heads down stairs.
2:55am – 3:20am Andy talks to Amanda and McCrae in the lounge room. Andy says that he didn’t like how people are forcing an agenda on Judd. Amanda says we just need Elissa to put up Spencer. If Judd doesn’t put up Aaryn, then Elissa will. Amanda says why put up Gina, that is the stupidest thing. We can get her out any time. Amanda says that Aaryn is not as dangerous as Howard. Amanda bring up how Judd wanted to bring Jessie into the alliance. Amanda says and what the hell is Helen talking to Kaitlin about her going up on the block. Andy says we need to talk to Helen and tell her she can’t be miss truthful. Amanda asks what’s the order of our targets: Howard and Spencer. Andy says Aaryn is also dangerous and needs to go. Spencer joins them. They talk about the possibility of a girls alliance. Amanda says I am not stupid enough to align myself with these bit*hes! McCrae comments on how the plan is to get rid of Gina when there are two dangerous girls (Kaitlin and Aary) that need to go. McCrae wants Aaryn gone so bad, she is a compulsive liar. Amanda asks who is Judd close to. Spencer says Jessie, he has a vagin@ bond with her. I really do hope he fu*ks her. Judd joins them. They laugh and joke around about messing with Gina about Nick. Spencer says that he told Gina that the heart want’s what the heart wants. Judd says he told her that some people just don’t understand true love. Judd heads back up stairs. McCrae says getting Gina out such a waste.

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3:25am Everyone heads down from the HOH room. Andy joins them. Judd asks Andy who should I put up? Andy laughs that Judd can just tell whoever he nominates that Andy told him to put them up. Andy says Jessie and Aaryn. Let the best bit*h win. Jessie says oh my god Andy stop. Andy says I nominate Nick’s hat and Amanda. Andy leaves to go to bed. Jessie tells Judd that she appreciate him sharing her HOH with her. Judd says that he is happy she is up here. Judd asks Jessie who she should put up. Jessie says that she think they want him to back door Howard so that they don’t need to do it. Jessie and Judd agree that McCrae played his HOH way too safe. Judd tells Jessie that he tried to throw the HOH. He says that he knew the right answer was around 900 and answered 650 thinking it was way too low. He says then I won it and I was like fu*k, fu*k, fu*k! Jessie says at least you get this room. Judd says that he is thinking of putting up Kaitlin as the pawn against Ginamarie. He says that Gina doesn’t deserve to make it to jury. Jessie thinks that Kaitlin still in the game, she is going to come after me. Jessie comments that with Jeremy gone Kaitlin didn’t skip a beat. She is going to make it to the end. Judd says that he told Aaryn that he isn’t putting up her no matter what, she has no one. Jessie says I would be so happy if Kaitlin went home this week. I feel like if Aaryn stayed she could work with us. Jessie says that Kaitlin is the younger funnier me. There can be only one hot brunette in the house and that’s me. Judd says I noticed you from the beginning. Judd says that he is starting to not trust Amanda and McCrae. Jessie says they are playing both sides. Jessie says Amanda is running the house. Judd agrees but says it’s too dangerous to go after her. Jessie asks who do you trust after me. Judd says McCrae but not Amanda. Jessie asks who after that. Judd says Helen and Elissa .. maybe Spencer.

3:50am Judd heads down to the bathroom and talks to Spencer. Spencer tells Judd can talk with things over with him whenever he wants. Spencer warns Judd about talking to Elissa too much. Spencer says that Elissa doesn’t like me. Judd agrees and says that Elissa acted strange around him. Judd says I didn’t want to get HOH until MVP was over. I am fu*king pissed. Judd says it would be stupid to get rid of Gina right now. Spencer says you can get rid of her any time. Howard joins them. Judd asks should I put up Gina and Kaitlin and they we get rid of Kaitlin. Spencer says keeping Gina will be good because she will piss off the other girls in the house. That way when you step down from the HOH other sh*t will be brewing. Judd says I could put up Gina and tell her that Amanda would be made if I didn’t put her up. Judd says if Elissa doesn’t work with me then we can back door her. Judd says that if you don’t do exactly what Amanda wants she starts flipping out. Judd says that no on would suspect us working together. (Judd, Jessie, Spencer, Aaryn, Howard and Candice.) Judd says we would have the numbers. Spencer talks about how there is some shaddy business going on with McCrae/Amanada and Elissa. Spencer points out how McCrae said he had MVP one time and then another time said he didn’t have it. They talk about how all Amanda and McCrae do is sleep.

4am – 5am Judd heads into the lounge room to talk to McCrae. Judd says if Elissa doesn’t put up Candice I will back door the bit*h, I dunno is that crazy? Should I do that? Amanda says I am telling you she won’t put up Candice. She want’s Aaryn gone. Judd says he thinks Aaryn will stay. Amanda says she doesn’t give a sh*t if Aaryn stays or goes, I want Howard gone. If you do not put up Aaryn – then 100% Elissa will put her up. Judd says that he is going to put up Gina and say that he was approached by 4 or 5 girls that if I didn’t put you up they were coming after me. Amanda says no then she will be after me. Tell her that Aaryn told you that. Amanda says just tell her Nick told you to put her up. Judd laughs and says I had a vision from Nick last night and he needs you back in Staten Island. I’m sorry you have to go up. Judd laughs and says I’ll do it, I’ll do it! Judd says he’ll put up Kaitlin and Gina and tell Kaitlin before hand that she is going up. Spencer joins them. They continue to talk and joke around about random things. Amanda says that Ginamarie was legit upset about not being included in showmance talk show. Spencer heads to bed. Judd says fu*k what a horrible HOH to win.. Judd heads up to the HOH to sleep.
5am – 5:15amAll the house guests are in bed except for Amanada and McCrae who are making out in the lounge room.. The camera zooms in on the blanket moving showing her giving him a hand job. Amanda then climbs on top of McCrae. Amanda says my little delivery boy, I ordered an extra large tonight.. with extra toppings. McCrae and Amanda head to the bathroom to get ready for bed..

5:20am All the house guests are now in bed sleeping..

8:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Everyone but Judd goes back to sleep..

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(Yes copied and pasted because this update came up as i posted) I love how they are still assuming Elissa is getting the MVP this week. Amanda was getting closer to the twist when she was talking to McCrae about it, it now everyone is saying Elissa will put up X.

I figured a just wouldn’t want to evict a guy. He Is smart to want to get Kaitlyn out because she has almost won 2 HOHs and won POV. Elissa went from Kaitlyn doesn’t deserve to be here to you want to get her out? Wouldn’t she be more fun to play BB with?!?! Which is it Elissa?! Smh

The best twist would be if America voted to get Helen out. She’s so cocky and sure of her place in the BB house. I loved your comment in quotes Simon how all of America hates her when Andy said she had no enemies in the house. I enjoy the thoughts you and Dawg throw in as much as the updates!

Everyone is scheming really fast and hard right now. You’d think for one night, they’d just relax and enjoy it!


I think America needs to send a message to the HGs with their nomination…something WE see that they don’t. They know Helen was out of control by the end of her HOH; they know Aaryn is a racist and evil; they know GM is looney toons; and they know Kaitlyn is a potential comp threat. What they do not clearly realize or take seriously is the threat that Amanda and McCrae pose to ALL of them. Amanda being the MVP nom would let them know that they need to watch her. She took over McCrae’s HOH. She attempted to dictate to Helen during her HOH. The way she approached Elissa last week over nominating Howard set off alarm bells for Elissa (good for her). And MOMENTS after Judd wins HOH she is dictating to him who he has to put up and who Elissa has to put up for MVP. What is it with this woman and why doesn’t anyone see it? She wants everyone else to get the blood on their hands making moves that secure her and McCrae. Plus, rule #1 – break up the showmances. They are dangerous – just look at what almost happened in BBCAN! Vote to nominate Amanda.


I voted for her 10 times.


How about no?

I am fully on board with team McCrae and Amanda. They are in the best position in the house. Hello, isn’t that what being in this game is about? How many times over this show’s history has other people tried to dictate someone else’s HoH nominations or veto usage? Why is it any more bad for Amanda to do it than anyone else? I know this is Survivor’s motto but I think Outwit, outplay and outlast, very much sums up Big Brother as well. If they don’t see what you are saying, it’s no ones fault but their own and it will be their down fall this season and Amanda and McCrae will at the very least make it to jury before anyone snuffs them out. And right now Survivor’s three O’s are working for Amanda and McCrae. Will it last the entire game? I hope so, but I doubt they make it until around jury time.

Team Amanda and McCrae for the win!


Totally agree with ya. I’m just glad people are FINALLY realizing Amanda is a threat. Just seeing her nominated would be great. I don’t necessarily want her gone, but seeing her scramble would be awesome. So I’m hoping Judd puts up Aaryn & GM so America can nominate Amanda. And unlike other commenters, I do want CBS to tell them it was America that voted. It’ll be nice to let the other HG’s know she is a threat. It’ll definitely get them wondering. And I don’t want Elissa to take unnecessary heat. Especially for something she didn’t do.

*** If I had to guess, I’d say they will tell them it was America that voted. Just my opinion:)


CBS polls r still open, for the 3rd nominee, i need GM to head back to Staten Island 9 votes for her and 1 for AARYN.


Simon/Dawg or any other Superfans: when did voting with the house become the “thing” to do? I remember votes were a lot less predictable years ago. Maybe I am not remembering correctly.


I hope this Judd/Jessie/Candice/Howard/Spencer/Aaryn thing takes off and Amanda goes up. That would be sweet revenge.


Last night I wanted to see Amanda up to calm her down a little be and the drama on top but now that aaryn is “not” going up, she
Needs to be America nom. They know there is a twist so what better way than to put together America wants you out. 😉


CBS can tel Aaryn America voted to nominate you because you are so cute!!!!


I hope that they don’t say anything more about the twist. It comes to veto night and America’s nominee is revealed and that’s it. Just like the other MVP nominees, it isn’t revealed who it is. It is Elissa telling people and the assumptions that it is her that make it known.

So imagine the MVP nom goes up and (a) people are happy/mad at Elissa because they think she made the mom, (b) people thinking Elissa is lying to them when she insists she isn’t the MVP, (c) the chaos of them trying to figure out who theMVP is, (d) the allure of keeping Elissa around would diminish, (e) just the overall paranoia that will seize the house for a day or so. To me, that would be more fun than BB revelaong that America was the MVP and voted for who they hated the most. Yes, eventually it will be figured out or may even be revealed at a later time but that’s the way I hope this twist comes out

Charlie Hustle

How do you distrust Amanda and trust McCrae. That is some backwards logic. Talk about playing the HOH safe. If his target is GM, that is the definition of playing it safe. I am not sure he’d get the votes. It would depend on who else was on the block. That would be the most wasteful HOH in the history since production brought back Brenchel.

CBS taking MVP out of Relissa’s hands was the right move. Whoever that ends up being is going home, especially if Judd targets GM and puts up K as the pawn.


The main reason Judd wants GM to go is because she keeps blaming him for Nick’s eviction. So although she isn’t a threat to all the rest, he perceives her as a threat to him, especially if she makes it to jury. So he has to do what he thinks is best for his game, not for the majority of the house. Also, I am so tired of many people claiming that some of us want Amanda up because we don’t like strong women. That’s so off-base. Just because she is pushy, loud and, many times, man-like, doesn’t automatically make her a “strong” woman. I’m not an Elissa fan,especially over Amanda, but it was an act of strength when she put up who she wanted with her MVP, knowing that she would piss-off her alliance. She didn’t have to yell or be crude for that act of strength. Personally, I would love to see Amanda go up just so I can see how she wheels and deals her way out, which she will. Shake things up, make things interesting. As a side benefit, I think it will check her, which she needs in order to win the game. As mush as I like them (Amanda n Mac), I’m really not liking the way they sloth around the house.


How exactly is it a “wasteful” HOH when nobody is currently targeting the HOH??? Why would Judd want to rock the boat at all and ruffle some non allied feathers when he is safe probably til jury as long as he doesn’t do anything dumb. He sees the big picture here and is smart enough to know that he needs to take out a girl this week with 3 guys already gone. If Amanda/MC want Howard out so bad get him out yourselves!


i wouldnt mind if amanda or helen went, keep gina cuz she is mental and will only get worse…


Are you kidding they are the two of the good players. They are just playing the game. if you have watched the show from the start you could have seen how everyone was against Elissa and Helen was the only one who came to her rescue. She might have been very tough during her HOH but she got it done. The way Jeremy and everyone trying to flip the house she got it done and was also a big part on evicting Nick as she told Elissa to backdoor Nick just as she stood on her ground about evicting Jeremy. Amanda and Helen are good strategizer please give credit where it is due. Lay off her and Amanda pleaseeee.

ashli rae

I am so tired of watching Helen spaz out all the time. She is acting ridiculous. I wish Judd would put her up and say this is for all the intimidation and bullying you dished out last week. Amanda too. She’s getting on my last nerve lol. Howard needs to wake up and play the game. He’s hardly ever on the feeds. Hope there’s some fun drama for us to watch this week since they won’t have a clue about the MVP.


hey simon and dawg just wanted to let u know i bought the feeds through ur site!!! This is the best spoiler site out there that being said I really think that we should put helen up as the 3rd nom she really killed me with the peoples hoh shit she really let hoh go to her head every reminiscent of when reny got her hoh and let it go to her head. if they were all super friends the live feeds would be super boring for us to watch!


I seriously think Amanda is another racist. Why does she want Howard gone so bad when he has not done anything to make himself such a huge target. If you flashback to the feeds after last weeks HOH, she actually said she was happy Spencer and Howard did not vote with the Friends. WHY? Maybe she wanted them to flip so she can use that as an excuse to get Howard out of the house. I so hope America nominates her, will serve her well!!!



(Everytime I see you post it makes me laugh, thanks for keeping GoT alive while we wait for season 4 Hodor!)
~NoName (My usual posting Nic)


Howard is lying to people (and getting caught), throwing comps (strategy), and physically strong (has the ability to win comps), PLUS he’s not in Amanda’s alliance? That’s not ENOUGH to want him out? How about the DR not allowing the HOH or MVP to put him on the block? Right now, Elissa and Howard are the two most dangerous people in the house and if they aren’t in my alliance, I’d want them out.
To call someone a “racist” for wanting a huge threat out, shows that you have some issues.


If only Judd would honors the “Judd, Jessie, Spencer, Aaryn, Howard and Candice.” alliance: put up Helen and Andy then MVP choose Amanda. it will really make BB15 worth watching again coz so far its beginning to really s**k!!!. for me the biggest bully in the house in Amanda and Helen.


howard, spencer, jessie and andy are the floaters in the house, but only howard is a threat. aaryn is the low hanging fruit to pick off this week, and even though i’d like to see her gone, backdooring howard would be judd’s smartest choice for eviction this week imho.


Yeah, and when Howard leaves who do you think is going to be the next ” biggest threat” in the house?
Lol, it’s obviously Judd, not Spencer or McCrae. Judd has figured that out already that is why he plans to keep Howard

Will.I.Am, I Think

GM and Kaitlin? and it’s obvious America’s Vote(allegedly) is putting up Aaryn.

Kaitlin would be the only good choice of getting out now, she’s not stressing one bit about Jeremy, she got her gameface on.
Aaryn is scared as f**k in that house, and GM is going all fatal attraction about Nick, are not going to do anything in the game… don’t waste a move on them 2 fools.

Amanda wouldn’t be dangerous to go after she wouldn’t have the numbers to stay if you put her up against someone house likes, “Elissa”.

Extremely Expected week, just like the last 3, I’m waiting patiently for “Unexpected”, as promised.

So, did Jessie sleep in the HOH with the J U Double D?? Get it Studd.


Looks to be shaping up that way. Kaitlin, Gina, Aaryn (MVP vote). Kaitlin leaves. They may as well slap a stamp on Kaitlin’s ass and send Jerkemy his girlfriend. She has been more 6interested in her showmance than the game up to now anyway.


Just imagine this: Judd nominates GM & Kaitlin, the friendship alliance pressures Elissa to nominate Spencer with MVP so they can BD Howard and as time approaches Elissa keeps telling them she’s not even the MVP which they don’t buy and suspect that she’s beginning to strategize on her own or she’s in some secrete alliance. Then the MVP nominee turns out to be Aaryn which “confirms” that Elissa is actually the MVP (assuming the twist will not be revealed to the house) since she hates Aaryn and the nomination is obvious! This pisses off the friendship alliance but more so Amanda. Then Aaryn wins the POV leading to increased pressure on Elissa to put up Howard as replacement nominee despite her continued denial that she’s the MVP. The day comes Aaryn vetoes herself and what do they see, Amanda goes up as the replacement (having garnered the second most votes!). How about that for some drama Amanda believing that Elissa put her up!


If production was smart, the new MVP would be kept secret until after Thursday’s eviction in order to ensure the maximum amount of drama.

Also keep in mind if they did it your way, regardless of the nominee, there could be a big fracture between Elissa/Helen and McCrae/Amanda. Elissa will be adamant she doesn’t have it and Amanda will be certain she does, then you toss in the fact that McCrae sold the idea to parts of the house that he was MVP and I could see Amanda lose her s**t and start campaigning to get Elissa out, especially once the MVP nom comes up and it isn’t Spencer and if she thinks her allies have gone wobbly on Howard.


I hope there will be a split between Amanda/McCrea and Helen/Elissa.


Oh I have no doubt that that’s exactly what will happen no matter what–I give their tentative alliance another 2 weeks, tops.


I wouldn’t mind if Howard is evicted. Why? I am disappointed with Howard. Remember: “Evil flourishes when good men (people) do nothing.” I don’t buy the “turn the other cheek” bs. Howard could have been assertive without being aggressive. He could have spoken against the racial slurs, but he did not and so he too bears the responsibility of allowing hateful comments to proliferate in the house through his silence. All the positive changes in society come about through people speaking out against injustice whether it be women’s rights, gay rights or rights for Black Americans, Latinos, etc. Howard you missed an opportunity to do “good”! Candice you did the right thing by pointing out the racist remarks were wrong. Good job!


This isn’t real life. DUH! This is a game, for half a million dollars. It is smart not to blow up an make yourself a target. That’s Big Brother 101. Have you never seen the show before? Candice, God bless her did blow up and now she is a perpetual target by that side of the house,….. Besides, you probably have no f’n clue what its like to be a minority, do you? Howard clearly showed he is the bigger person and played the situation smarter for his game.


If it isn’t really ‘real life’, why did everyone go crazy over the racist comments. Game or no game, Howard missed an opportunity to do good. He didn’t have to blow up…I said assertive without being aggressive. Cool words from a big guy like him might have stopped the flourishing of those despicable remarks. Candice was a tagret even before she blew up, not because of it. I was an Italian immigrant to Canada in the 50s. I have already told my little story of discrimination against me at age 7…”You little WOP, do you want to live or die?” said a group of public school boys as they held a switch blade knife to my throat. We were called WOPs and DPs plenty all through the 60’s too. I only relay this to you because of your nasty remark towards me. In no way, however, could what Italians went through be compared to what Blacks in America or Gays for that matter went through and are still going through in the USA. The majority of the houseguest are not racist. They would not have turned on Howard if he would have simply declared that the racist remarks are not acceptable.


I can’t stand Amanda. She is so crass. Please America vote for her nomination! Please vote her out BB House!


Why does Elissa suggest that Kaitlin doesn’t deserve to be there because she was recruited? Who is she to talk? Earlier in the game she gave much evidence that she did not really want to be in there. To me that implied that she too was recruited and perhaps the whole MVP twist came about as a ploy to have her agree to be on the show. It would have been ok to have that twist if all players were on a level playing field. Instead it just gave her a huge advantage over the rest of the houseguests and distorted the significance of the most valuable player twist. Nah, I am not impressed with Elissa.

Will.I.Am, I Think

I agree, MVP twist concept is no mystery, normally America would be able to sit back observe(feeds) and choose who they like, but with a relative like Rachel, Elissa was a shoe-in to win America over regardless of how she was treated in the house, she could’ve been a total bitch and America would still vote for her based solely on the fame of her sister.

Her telling someone that she was MVP, made her winning literally impossible, Elissa orchestrated of her own demise in the game. Those pretending she’s a good player, needs to stop living in la la land.


Jessie only wants Kaitlin out because she’s jealous of her looks no wonder she has issues with other girls


True, I wish that Texas peach had more confidence in herself.


Jessie’s a pretty, superficial girl and came into the BB house finding prettier, even more superficial girls than herself- LOVE IT!


The MVP twist sucks..

Did Amanda and McRae do anything past handjob? holy crap……McCrae my dude…get some!

Judd trusting Elissa and Helen will be his undoing. I think getting rid of Kaitlin or Elissa is the best move….bubt I bet all he accomplishes is sending GM back to NYC


Except Judd won’t control the votes, the superfriends do. Judd’s smart move is to kick the can down the road and nominate 2 of the mean girls and if one wins veto, replace with the other and if the MVP puts up the 3rd girl, then get Andy or Helen to volunteer as pawn, and ensure one of the mean girls goes home.

Judd really should have thrown the HOH (and he’s full of s**t claiming he tried to throw it) because he’s in a great spot and as such has no need to “make a big move” like the others want and go after Howard. If you ask me the one thing Howard does both good and bad is that he’s the strong silent type. The strong makes people fear him and therefore is perpetually in danger, but the silent type is just mysterious enough that nobody is quite sure where he stands and who might be secret allies.

If I’m Judd, I don’t immediately feel Howard is targeting me…but if I move against him and miss, then for sure he will be after me and Candace and Spencer, if not his secret allies. Why would he expose himself as a target to please Amanda? Even if Amanda is annoyed with him, she will still be after Howard and need his support anyway. In Judd’s mind, GM blames him for Nick, Aaryn blames him for all three of her guys gone, and Kaitlin just scares him. So why would he leave one of them in the house in order to evict Howard, whose no immediate threat to him, and eliminate the 4th straight MAN (an endangered species in the house), while ensuring Candace and any secret Howard allies will be after him, Spencer won’t trust him, and the 3 girls most likely to target him all are safe, joining all the other 5 girls?

Judd is smart to kick the can down the road and let the people most threatened by Howard do their own dirty work.

the Truth

I wanted to like McRae, but he decided to expose himself for the virgin he is and cling to Amanda’s tit like a barnacle. Dude has obviously never been laid or had a girlfriend in his life and he decides to basically abandon his game for Amanda….who doesn’t even look that good. He should refocus, win the $, then he can bag a chick 10x better looking than that beast Amanda.


I am dying laughing at the “barnacle on her tit” comment….gold!


McRae has pretty good game so far. He and Amanda complement each others social skills, and I think he has more influence over Amanda than you give him credit for.


judd is so confusing and I love him but he knows this wasnt a good game move for him…but im thinking he is legit when he talks to jessie…and if thats the case . The only worry I have is that they sincerely believe it is Elissa and Aaryn goes up if they then put elissa up that would not be a good move for judd’s game! that being said, if he was honest about trusting jessie, mcrae, helen and elissa…then that probably won’t actually happen…im thinking he is trying to create some in fighting to take heat off himself because he knows no matter what he is now on a radar.


It’s funny. McCrae, Howard and Judd have all tried to throw competitions and they all have won anyways.


Pretty sure he threw the HOH…look at the question he lost on. Like Amanda. Few wanted this one.


I don’t get all the hate on Andy. He is in everyone’s conversation which can get annoying. But He still has input in the nominees and is someone no one is gonna target right away. He is smart floating.


Yes, Andy is likeable and smart. He keeps conversations going and built ” friendships” to be invisible in the house. Good play Andy.


Because he is the most 2-faced in the house and is a major floater. The whole Friendship Alliance is such BS tbh


I know GM isn’t a big threat or anything.. but she is so annoying! I can understand why Judd wants her gone. It would make the house more pleasant! And she can’t make it to jury and make everyone there miserable too. Send that psycho home please!

In regards to Amanda.. why are people hating on her for PLAYING THE GAME!? Isn’t that the point of big brother? I still like her a lot
! I hope Judd keeps his word to aaryn and doesn’t put her up so that America can! What a slap in the face!

Wpg Fan

America will vote to put up Aaryn, I have no doubt that it will happen. I however would like to see Kaitlin go home. She is really good at all the competitions and it burns my ass that she was recruited instead of having to go through an audition!!


I put my 10 votes in for Kait, even though I know it is futile.
I figured she might be kept safe this week because of Helens promises, so I thought I would
toss my votes her way. She is way more dangerous than Aryan and GM anyway, she could actually
win some shite.
Honestly though, I wanted to vote for Helen. She is feed kryptonite, I see her and hit mute instantly.

Let’s be honest though, our votes mean nothing, this is all CBS.


What is wrong with you? Everytime you are on the attacked it always landed on Helen. you got something personal on her? She is just paying the game. She is not racially motivated like the others. Have you seen the ugly comments that Spencer has stated. Come on read and watch the feeds. Yes she was tough during her reign but she got it done and got all info even thou she already know from other houseguests. Leave her alone the Mom is just playing the game and there are others really mean persons in the house.


Sorry typo error ( Helen just playing the game ) see above.


lilypond says:
“What is wrong with you? Everytime you are on the attacked it always landed on Helen. you got something personal on her? She is just paying the game. She is not racially motivated like the others. Have you seen the ugly comments that Spencer has stated. Come on read and watch the feeds. Yes she was tough during her reign but she got it done and got all info even thou she already know from other houseguests. Leave her alone the Mom is just playing the game and there are others really mean persons in the house.”

OK Lilypond, let’s shake it down.

1) Not a damn thing is wrong with me. I did not realize I have to love Helen to be “approved”.

2) “Everytime you are on the attacked”. I am not sure what that even means. Do you mean I go on the attack? I am being attacked? Not sure.
Neither of them applies, I am observing, and giving opinions. Ya gotta not take it so personal there Lily, it’s just BB.

3) LOL @ read and watch the feeds. I read at about 5 different sites, and I read every bit. AND I have watched the feeds since minute ONE, and have
been since (Not that I am proud of this, I need a life). So yeah, I think your advice is moot.

4) If YOU watched the feeds you would know that “tough during her reign” is about the LAST thing Helen was.
She sat in that HOH and fake cried, tried to get everyone to hold hands and feel the love, and acted like she had no clue she would be back
downstairs THIS week. Maybe YOU should read up or watch more?

5) I don’t have to “leave the mom alone”, Being a Mom in that house does not give you a pass, you are just another HG.
To clarify, I was on old Mom Helens side until she went on her team building power trip and non stop lecture series about how things
should be in the house.

Helen is smart, she could go far, but she is boring and annoying and I don’t have to listen anymore =)

PS- What does Spencer have to do with my post? I never mentioned him in any way, either pro or con. And YES, he is an uncouth pig.


I bet America will vote out Aaryn as a third nominee. Good luck Aaryn!!!!


I’m pretty sure the TV viewing audience will put Aaryn on the block, since the edit makes her look like Satan. I was repulsed by the edit they gave the Dear Leader Helen on Wed. episode. Not only did they not show some of her more dictatorial moments, they messed up the sequence of how things actually happened. I would love to see her be the next nomination, but if Judd doesn’t put up Aaryn, America will, and everyone will think Elissa did it. She will deny it, and nobody will believe her. Judd is already saying that if she doesn’t do what he wants he will back door her, so I really am hoping that happens. Some of the girls need to go or this will end up as a girly slumber party. Gag!! The only girl I like is Amanda because she is playing the game. She needs to chill this week and not make Judd feel pressured, because I think he could flip and work with Howard and Spencer. The only reason she is safe is because Judd and McCrae are close. She is safe this week, so she needs to shut up and fade into the background. Kaitlin will see this week that Helen’s promises were empty. She has no power to make anyone keep Kaitlin safe as she promised, and it will look bad on Helen. Kaitlin should have called her bluff, but that’s water under the bridge now. Elissa is not going to win this game, so I want Judd to do the humane thing and save her from a summer in jury house, send her home to her family before jury starts. That will take the wind out of Helen’s sails and reset the game.


If Aaryn gets put up by Judd, then who will America’s second choice be to go up as the third nom? Amanda it appears from our poll here. It would be AWESOME if Julie doesn’t revel that it was America’s vote and the house guests have to scramble to find out who put up Amanda or whoever that third nom is. That would be great drama, great television. I


I’m hoping CBS keeps their nominee a secret ..

If Aaryn goes up everyone will think it was Elissa .. ELissa will swear it wasn’t her etc etc Amanda will probably go to war and it will be awesome.


Don’t worry Judd the stud! Elissa has nothing to do the nomination. America did! So relax and take a chill pill!


There’s no mystery what will happen this weekend except with Noms and the twist

Judd will put up Kaitlin and GM
CBS will nominate Aaryn

Kaitlin would be the favourite to win the POV.
The replacement nominee is when things get iffy ..

Either way the retooled twist is not going to give us an unpredictable results it’ll give us the same result as if Elissa had won it.

I’m hoping GM goes home as she doesn’t add anything to the game any more. Deep down inside I bet she wants to go home so she can start bugging NIck.


Thanks Simon, I was wondering what would happen if America’s (production) nominee won veto – who would replace that person – since America wouldn’t have the opportunity. Granted, the chance of Aaryn winning veto is slim – but that’s what I see as the fly in ointment regarding this whole America voting nonsense.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Same thing that would happen if Elisa won HOH, MVP would go to the next highest vote.


Thanks, no that would be an interesting turn of events….


silly me, noW that would be….

Will.I.Am, I Think

I still have hope that Rachel will get all liquored up as usual and tell people to vote Elissa MVP, blackout under a table, and inadvertently send her sister home.


Sounds like a great plan – Rachel certainly has experience at getting drunk & ending up under a table. I’ll never forget her episode of that David Tutero wedding show. I laughed my ass off at the end – it was worth enduring all the rest of the show. LOL!!


i was going to vote for amanda but if we can get ayran out of this house 100percent with you amercia


I really hope Ellisa goes up as the MVP nominee. I don’t think it will since somehow she continued to be voted MVP by America/ I don’t get what she brings to the game. At first it was a combo of her sisters fans and people feeling sorry for her but now it is ridiculous. The only reason people keep her around is because of this power they think she holds. I wouldn’t mind Helen going too. Her whole shtick was Jeremy was a bully, yet she is too. Everyone in the house lies and manipulates. Aaryn should be gone because of how nasty she truly is. Take out those 3 and this game gets interesting again.


America didn’t vote for Elissa, production gave it to her. I wonder if production planted her there just for the pre jury game to stir it up and the MVP was their way of keeping her safe. Maybe the plan is to send her home before jury. Last season they brought Willie in. He made week one the most crazy first week in BB history. They had to know that being a Hantz he would blow up all over the house sooner or later, and maybe that was the plan all along. But I think the new MVP twist was concocted to get Aaryn out and appease the people that are upset about racism. It’s an easy out for production. Still, I hope it goes south on them, like their meddling and twists usually do. I hope Elissa gets shown the back door this week. Aaryn is not a threat. Gina is a threat only to herself, and Nick once she is back in the real world. Kaitlin is a threat, but if she is on the block with Elissa, and the “superfriends” think she went against the group, they might vote her out. Elissa will be insisting she didn’t get the power, and if the houseguests believe that, they will understand that they no longer have a reason to keep her, because she is no longer a weapon in their arsenal, just a vote and a loose cannon. Please send Elissa home this week! The Reilly family has overstayed their 15 minutes of fame, just like the Hantz family.


This game is shaping up to feature a lot of close-knit duos —

Amanda – McRae
Judd – Jessie
Helen – Elissa
Howard – Candice
Aaryn – Kaitlyn

It’s an unusual dynamic in that everyone pretty much knows who their closest ally is. Gina Marie and Spencer are obviously in trouble since they aren’t paired up with anyone, as is Andy, even though no one is talking about him right now.


America!! Want action!! Nominate aMANda!!
nuf said.


Does anybody know If CBS nominates Aaryn and she wins the POV do they run another “POLL” to see the replacement nominee?


The second place vote will probably go up then, which would mean Amanda is in trouble, if the comments here are any indication of how the viewers feel.


Since they said if the poll winner is nominated they will just go to 2nd place for the 3rd nominee, I think it’s safe to assume they will just keep going down the list. It would be almost impossible to do a second poll since the CBS audience doesn’t know who wins veto until Wednesday and that’s who CBS is playing to.


Makes sense.. thanks Name!


Sorry Simon, in my haste, I forgot to sign

Not the first time, won’t be the last. Just an aside, but I’d love to see you use the Disqus comment system here. This way we can be perpetually signed in if we choose and can track those like-minded commenters.


We did give disqus a try a bit ago but it didn’t work with our IOS app but now that the IOS APP is in the trash heap he might consider it again.

I won’t be able to change things mid season this year but it will definitely be something we consider again for BBCAN2 and BB16

Different Name

And, no one can be back doored by the HG’s through the MVP.


at this point unless aaryn wins the veto or is nominated by judd their will be absolutely no drama this week


Keep the action going!!
America!! Nominate aMANda!!!

Dog Days

Would think the next person in the original poll would go up.


Don’t worry Judd, it’s not Elissa fault. We America decide vote to nominate Aaryn!! So don’t blame Elissa!!!


I really hope Judd puts up Aaryn so that Amanda would be the MVP vote. That would cause a stir and people in the house might start to think I should not be aligned with her.


I find it funny that some of u guys think the houseguests won’t be told bb MVP is America. They have to be told that’s y Julie said expect the unexpected. The producers know if they keep it a secret people will think its Elissa and they will never cause trouble for her game when they are trying to protect her..reason people. …production wants aaryn out before Howard that’s y they came up with this twist. They figure if America nominates aaryn that will show the houseguests she is hated outside and they will figure out its because of her racist comments and that will pressure the house to vote aaryn out instead of back dooring Howard because they don’t want to piss off America….not to mention they would be scared America might nominate one of em next week if they vote against America’s choice.


I think it’s funny that some people are so desperate to be seen as right and knowing everything that they state the obvious, which everybody already knows, and completely misses that people are making wish list comments, identifying what we would love BB to do in order to gin up the entertainment quotient of the show, which has begun to lag severely under the reign of the Superfriends….


Yet another CBS fail. America is going to nominate Aaryn the same exact person Ellissa would have nominated anyway. This MVP twist might have been the second worst idea ever just behind the “saboteur”


After Aaryn, I think the most likely nominee from the poll is almost certainly Elissa.


I bet JUDDs mind flashed to nail parties, “talk” shows, & fights over hair extensions when Elissa said to keep Katlin cause “She will be FUN”. gag! I wish he would BD her, please JUDD!


So when is it OK to nominate Candiace and Howard and not be deemed a racist? Later in the game? What if they are just threats? Should they be kept in the house JUST because they’re black? If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit. We all know had that went down right. EVERYBODY in the house is a threat FYI, Howard, Candiace, Aaryn, Kaytilin, and on and on. See how that works. So just because someone wants someone else out FIRST doesn’t make them a bigot. STOP SCREAMING SO LOUD about being black.


So no one has an intelligent come-back? Just thumbs down you cowards because you know it’s true. How do you determine someone’s a racist when you’re black (or is everybody that doesn’t like you a racist?). I’m not defending any ONE person, I’m saying it’s a BIG LEAP to slander Amanda’s name by calling her a racist with your username. Takes one to recognize one I guess. Cowards.

Will.I.Am, I Think

It’s OK, when Big Brother(Production) doesn’t interfere by way of DR like they did last week. I think they did it because of the blow up between Candice and the means girls.

Racial Tension is big business in the media, it brings more watchers, as in America, we love chaos.

Candice and Howard will eventually go up, but probably not together.

VA Vet

In case you haven’t noticed Name, logic doesn’t play well on this board.

For example, look at how many posters want Aaryn out the door. Fact of the matter is that Aaryn has no game, no personality, is not very intelligent , has few friends in the house, her threat level approaches zero and her chances of winning BB are flat out zero. So why vote her out??? Because it’s all personal!!!

If I were in that house I would want to keep Aaryn, Spencer and GM until about the final seven or so and then cut them loose. Game-wise, the biggest threats in the house right now are Amanda, Helen and Howard (in that order IMO). May not be a good time for Judd to go after them givin that aside from a select few, the house is full of people who aren’t exactly bright.

I would give almost anything to have Dr. Will and Mike in that house right now.


Hey Jessie! Nice bum, where you from? ‘time feed 9:57 am’ 😉

Will.I.Am, I Think

Simon and Dawg, show us that shot, please^ ;P


Dawgs working on it 🙂


Your inferiority complex is showing. Jermy is not Indian. You of all people should know what the proper term is to call someone of Native descent? Amanda bullies and hates everybody equally. Your color is showing.


This may just be the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Amanda wanting to put up Howard makes her a racist? Well, I guess that makes McCrae, Elissa, Andy, and Helen racists as well. Anyone who puts up a minority is racist? Lets just make the final 3 Howard, Candice, and Helen then!



Butters Mom

I dont think you give Howard enough credit as a player if you think the only reason Amanda would want him out is because of his skin color. I think you discredit him as a person as well. You aren’t doing Howard or Candice any favors by insisting the only reason anyone would want them out is because they must be a racist. Howard has strengths … he doesnt need the race card to be played for him. shut up about Amanda being a racist. CBS is doing enough of making this a race issue without you adding to it. Its a game… Howard is playing it… which will make him a target at some point… PERIOD.


Wow your insane rants are beginning to be on par with the good old Cap’n. Only difference is your English is better. Amanda may or may not be a racist, not quite sure. You however, I can say with total confidence are a psycho. I can’t for the life of me figure out why I can’t seem to ignore Internet morons like yourself, but alas I am weak. Now go back to your George Zimmerman hate board and have fun.


I know I am completely wrong, but I sort of like Kaitlin. I kind of feel bad for Jeremy, too. I know I shouldn’t, but it doesn’t seem like the Kaitlin/Jeremy showmance was fake at all. Kaitlin may be a mean girl, but it looks like she’s now playing the game. I was liking Amanda, but I think her need to show off her boobs sort of turned me off. Her dad has a picture of her bandaid boobs, which I think is WAYYY creepy. Doesn’t Jessie know there are four brunettes in the house still? Girl can’t count.


No, I don’t think Amanda is a racist. I think Howard is a legit threat, once he starts playing hard. And may I also say…dayyuum, this white girl says Howard is HOT!