Big Brother Spoilers Amanda about Elissa ‘She’s actually dumber than you give her credit’

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots


9:30pm Cockpit Amanda and McCrae
Talking about how annoying Candace is. They point out that she always wears people stuff then drops it off in random spots throughout the house.

Amanda is talking in code about what I believe is sexual acts. McCrea says that there is people on the internet that will figure out what she’s saying. Amanda doesn’t think they are that interesting.

JUDD and Andy join them
Amanda: “What’s happening”
Judd: ‘Hungry as fu*** need a cig.. I’m not worried yet”
Amanda: “Well it does come fast”

JUDD says that he was talking to Elissa and she’s super worried.
Amanda: ‘She’s actually dumber than you give her credit.. you think she’s strategizing.. you have to think very simple.. she’s just worried what the twist in”

Jessie and Elissa just walk in..
JUDD says he wants to pick Andy, GM and Candace to be on his Have nots team. They all laugh because it would mean for certain Andy would be a have nots.
Talk moves to GM and her obsession with Nick. Andy: “I’m not kidding I can’t take the Nick talk anymore.. it’s not even funny anymore.. it grates at my soul” They point out that what Kaitlin had for Jeremy was way more serious than what GM and Nick had.

Andy says in GM’s head when this show is over he’s going to go on dates with her. Judd says they should put GM up. McCrae: “tell her it’s because she won’t stop talking about Nick”
Andy mentions how GM doesn’t want to be a have nots or HOH because she doesn’t want to give up the bed they shared. (There’s countless examples of GM being psycho about Nick)
They all agree there will be much more food in the house now that Jeremy is gone.


10:00pm Bathroom Amanda, GM and KAitlin

random chit chat. They mention GM and how she’s still talking about Nick. They chat about kids names. Aaryn says everytime she hears the name Skylar she thinks of Breaking bad. Kaitlin: “What’s that”

Amanda leaves and Jessie joins them
Jessie says she watched after dark every night she’s been a big fan of the show for awhile. Jeremy told Kaitlin that he was going to watch the live feeds when he got home.

10:20pm JUDD gets his HOH room
Here’s the important parts
Corona beer
Red Hot Chili Peppers CD
Misses his family
There’s a picture of him dressed up as Mario

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10:43pm HOH Helen, Any, Spencer, Howard, Candace, Gina
Helen’s really playing up how much she likes the music


10:55pm Bedroom Aaryn and Kaitlin
Aaryn doesn’t think JUDD will put her up because she never put him up week 2. Kaitlin says the plan for teh house is to Backdoor Howard.
They agree that JUDD is a lot smarter than they thought he was.
Kaitlin: “JUDD’s really good at lying”
Aaryn: “Anyone who is witty with jokes is smart”
Kaitlin wants to sleep with Jeremy’s pillow but she thinks it’s “kinda weird”
Aaryn says she’ll go get the pillow Kaitlin doesn’t want her to because Jessie is sleeping on it at the moment.

Aaryn: ‘Something snapped in GM she’s been acting different, Bitchy”
Kaitlin says that Amanda made a comment that GM is on her radar. They start talking about Kaitlin and Jeremy signing up for the amazing race. Kaitlin thinks that they have a chance because it’s a CBS show.

Kaitlin mentions how she doesn’t feel as sick to her stomach now that Jeremy is gone. “it probably hasn’t hit me yet”

Aaryn points out how all the showmances are getting split up. (Cams switch to McCrea talking about shooting propane tanks about 30 seconds and they switch back to the girls chatting)

Aaryn: “I know Julie said no floaters but the people that are doing well in the game are all floaters”
She tells Kaitlin that the only way they can survive is to play below the radar and float. “Don’t be over nice because red flags go up so be quiet and polite”
Aaryn warns her that they are going to try and get them to turn on each other.
Kaitlin says that they are not as big of targets anymore the other players have targets to go after. Aaryn and Kaitlin compare notes about Amanda. Kaitlin says Amanda is being ridiculous in this game. They both think she tells them a lot of BS
Kaitlin says when Amanda talks she talks with such confidence. Gina marches in…

Kaitlin: ‘Never in my life has a guy made me feel so tiny”


11:07pm cockpit Helen and Andy

They are reassuring each other that JUDD will put up Aaryn and either Kaitlin or GM. Andy: ‘He doesn’t want to get any blood on his hands’

Andy explains that JUDD is going to go to the girls and tell them they are not the targets this weeks it’s Howard.

Andy says they are sitting pretty unless this twist f***s them. Helen thinks the it’ll involve the MVP.
Andy says it really doesn’t matter because as long as Aaryn is nominated they have the votes to stay regardless.
Helen wonders if Spencer is going to be mad by going up as the pawn for all these times
Andy doesn’t know for sure .
Helen: ‘I feel like I have to lay low I have a lot of blood on my hands”
Andy agrees. Helen says she’s orchestrated the first three evictions. Andy says he feels so fortunate to be instrumental in those eviction and not have any blood on his hands.
Andy says GM and Kaitlin trusts them more than anybody else in the house. Andy: “You came out of that last HOH very strong you don’t have many enemies” (Except for all the people watching)
Helen says she’s laying low but wants Andy to not forget she’s still playing the game. Andy tells her to Follow his lead “I’ve been laying low the entire game”


11:10HOH Howard, Spencer, Elissa and JUDD

JUDD asks Spencer who he would put up. Howard says Kaitlin because she’s a competitor, she a much bigger threat than GM.
Elissa: “GM would be a waste of a HOH”
Judd says GM would never be his target she would be the pawn.
JUDD points out that Gm won’t win the POV. Spencer says with the MVP they can put all three of them on the block. JUDD asks Elissa if she got MVP would she tell them. Elissa: “Ya for sure”
Elissa asks Spencer who he thinks should go up. Spencer says GM, Aaryn and Kaitlin.
Elissa asks him “WHO” would he put up. Spencer says GM and Aaryn or Kaitlin.
JUDD says he has reason to put her up because she’s telling people she’s the target. Elissa says that her chances of winning veto are not very high. The Pawn should be someone that can win VETO.
JUDD: “I don’t want them to win the VETO”
Elissa: “Ya.. “
Spencer asks ELissa who she would put up . Elissa says she would put up Aaryn because she’s trouble and when you talk to her she misconstrues your words. JUDD says from a strategic level Aaryn has no one backing her up. Judd points out that Kaitlin has one of the best hearts in the house, “She really does”
JUDD thinks Kaitlin can weasel herself into an alliance and if they leave Aaryn she’s can be used as a target for them.
Spencer: “So Elissa you would put up Kaitlin and Aaryn”
Elissa: ‘Ya”
Elissa goes on a mini rant about how Kaitlin doesn’t Big Brother and she did not apply to be on the show she was recruited at the bar where she works.

Howard tells him they they have JUDD’s back even if he wasn’t HOH. JUDD is worried about the twist wishes he wasn’t HOH right now because he thinks it one of his nominees could get a power. Howard doesn’t think there is anything JUDD has to worry about he’s HOH he can’t go home. Elissa asks Howard if he wants Aaryn to be a target. Howard: “Aaryn or Kaitlin”

Howard thinks Kaitlin is a stronger player than Aaryn in competition. Elissa agrees says that Jeremy won the HOH for Aaryn.
JUDD says he’s thinking about not putting Aaryn up as the first round nominee he’s thinking Kaitlin is more dangerous.
11:36pm JUDD and Howard HOH
JUDD tells him 100% he’s not putting Spencer up.
JUDD says that Aaryn isn’t America’s sweetheart she might have been the first week but not any more.
JUDD: ‘She’s definitely the villain of our season”
Spencer: ‘I agree.. I agree”

Spencer tells him if he wants Kaitlin or GM to go home he’ll have to fight Elissa because she wants Aaryn out.
Spencer: “I’ll vote however you want me to”
JUDD: “GM is going to be a pawn for sure”

MC comes in.


11:51pm Bedroom Elissa and JUDD
She asks him who his target is. JUDD: “Kailtin”
Elissa :”Kaitlin is you target.. REALLY?”
Elissa: “Don’t you think Kaitlin would be more fun to play the game with”
JUDD: “I don’t care about fun”
Elissa: “I thought you wanted Spencer or Howard”

JUDD tells her she will put up Aaryn. Judd says they are not going to have any guys left in the house it’ll be all girls.



12:28AM Have Nots Kessie and JUDD
She tells him to listen to what everyone says but make his own decision. Jessie says that Howard is a big target but he’s not after them. She points out if Howard leaves there will only be 3 guys left in the house.

Jesse: “Go with your gut”
JUDD: “I will”
Jessie: ‘You don’t want his blood on you hands”
Jessie says she’s with JUDD. Jessie: “I know Elissa wants Aaryn to go.. I personally want KAitlin to go”

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7 Seven 7

Amanda needs to go home


Amanda is playing the game, she is entertaining! Let’s get rid of the useless racist players of some Super Friends, this crap was not entertaining at all!!!!


no amanda is not entertaining, she is super boring, over and over talking about how howard must go

vote the racist bully amanda for third nom


Amanda is smart, knows how to play and runs the house without getting her hands dirty. She deserves to be there more so than someone like Elissa that the only reason she is still there is BECAUSE of Amanda.


I think that Amanda is not smart at all but very very messy and only thinking of her and her pizza boy. Howard has done nothing to her why is campaigning for him to be put up . any body knows put up the one of the showmance people. wake up people break up that love feast one of them got to go and I say let it be Amanda with her unattractive self. she has more balls that her pizza boy ever would and I do not like her . I did not like Elissa at first but she is fair and she is growing on me….. Helen thinks she knows it all and drunk with power she need to watch out and keep quite sometime. And why is Amanda annoyed with Candiace she has not done any thing to her.. I think she is a uncover Racist and I know trust me I can pick them out of millions.

Amandas Vagina

I’m winning this thing you fool!


Helen is delusional, orchestrated the first 3 evictions? Really?

Helen's Attitude

Well Said!!!


Production has orchestrated the first 3 eviction…specially Nick…Of course Amanda Helen Andy worked at it…but without the help of the MVP twist and DR influence…they would have fail


Well, she did orchestrated the last two. I know Helen showed a nasty side of her from her reign of terror yet she did play a huge part in evicting Jeremy and Nick.


Amanda play a huge roll in the two first evictions, she work her butt of to flip


I want Amanda to go up simply because it will shake the whole house, destroy friendship 2.0 and potentially start the Helen/Elissa vs Amanda/Mc Crae war. I have no doubts that if her name goes up she will instantly blame Elissa even though she will have no clue on what is happening. That would also mean that the next week’s HOH would be so crucial to the game. 😀

Ms Gees

I totally agree Nane. If they put up Amanda she will go ballistic w/Helen & Elissa and then there really will be some excitement in the house! I like Amanda she is playing the game using everyone to do her dirty work. My only problem is she hasn’t won any comps. yet & she I becoming too outspoken and this will be her downfall eventually


Helen is an egotistical idiot.



I Want The UnderDogs To Win!

Amanda NEEDS TO GO!…her and McCrea are so not
A challenge, but they are sneaky & manipulative, mostly in Amanda side BUT McCrea is her btch tbr.


it could not do for RACHEL, DANIELLE, JANELLE, DICK,
FRANK, DAN OR EVEN JEFF to be apart of this season
Because they would show these dummies who to use THIER hoh power.

And I can not wait until Andy us on the block!


LOL what show are you watching mang? Last time I checked the first 3 evictions were all BIG MOVES evicting strong male players


I so agree with you about fake a– Amanda who has done nothing in the game but try to get a boy friend. First of all everyone knows get rid of the showmance right away. And I am on Howard and Spencer and Candance team……………….

My favorite players have been Danielle and Domnic and Danielle and Shane …………………… But this showmance is wrong with pizza boy and man looking Amanda. I cannot stand Amanda and sometimes Helen gets on my nerve because if it was not for Candace telling to trust Elissa and to get rid of Nick she would not even know to make those moves……….

But if you want to turn the house out get rid of that demon Amanda……….


Judd told Spencer he’s not going to put up Aaryn. Aaryn’s definitely going to go up as America’s nom.


Anyone else super stoked about HOH Judd??!?


*&lmmhmmm *)#jielsk yep.

Helen's Attitude

I am telling you all that it is not the house decision to nominate me so therefore you can’t nominate me America. Just think she said that all week long. No doubt she would tell us the same thing. So……. on behalf of Helen’s attitude: Vote Helen as 3rd nomination. She has been so high and mighty (bully) this week that I think she really needs to be knocked down a peg. It will also create drama which is what I love in this game. She won’t go home but at least she will realize that not everyone fears her. Quote from Helen: I orchestrated all the evictions so far (so who’s cocky?)


I’m voting Helen 1000 times or as many times as I can. I don’t see anyone EVER going after her in the house. She will play the mom card and cry. If she gets to the end, she will turn into a politician with her bs and win the game.

Where as people will go after Amanda. Spencer and Howard wanted to go after her right in the beginning. She gets on people nerves and she’s in a showmance, but Helen will cruise right through this game. No one will put her up It’s up to America.


I completely disagree with you. She is just playing the game, Go back to week one when everyone was against Elissa it was only her that came to the room and spoke to Elissa. She is so different between week One and two and now week three staying low. Players need to play the game why would evict a good strategizer player? Are you being personal or one of those evicted house guest?


Absolutely! I would LOVE to see Helen get knoked down a peg. 1 HOH and she thinks she’s the best BB player ever


Helen is just playing a game. Give her credit where it is due., If you have watched the feed her demeanor between week one and two are so different. Give the Mom credit and I saw this the first week when she was the only one who came to Elissa!s rescue when no one else did. I think she is strategizing really well and hoping that both Amanda and Helen and one guy do not know yet who final three. I have a hunch that jurors will have to pick from three not just two.


“Helen’s really playing up how much she likes the music”

With that picture caption, I laughed so hard!! Helen is definitely playing everything up, she needs to make sure the Friendship lasts! Thanks so much for everything you’re doing here Simon, we all really appreciate it.


Yeah, I’d have to agree. Simon is pretty amazing for being able to watch these live feeds and not get the sudden urge to stab his eyes out. It’s so hard for me to watch the live feeds because Andy and his voice are everywhere. OMG! If I didn’t have this new distaste for Amanda I would definitely vote Andy out. How the HG haven’t choked him to death yet is a miracle to say the least.


Lets turn it around, NO MORE Super Friends!! It suck, no more nail party and some mommy guilt cries!!!


Yeah I’m not seeing Helen being a Chili Peppers fan at all. I see her as more of that crap Spice Girls that Aaryn was listening to.

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

Candace has shown class and maturity. Aaryn needs to go. She thought she deserved a prize for her fake apologising and pretending to care on tonights episode. She uses the word hate as it is a letter. That worm needs to go and face the outside of the house consequences of her character. And Jerkemy, again… I am celebratingnot to hav eto watch your ugly mug and your crooked cheap tattoo across that flat , no muscle chest. You were a moron from day one and you were a moron to the last day trying to whore yourself out in some baby outfit. You are an embarassment. Go back to being a nobody and watch back how you acted like a biggoted moron on national tv. Don’t let the door hit you on your pair of almonds, you bully. Hahahhaahahahahha!


OK, do all you folks who want Amanda voted out realize how damn boring this house would be without her?
She is the person who gets people thinking, she talks game to all, figures out how to play each person….the woman has
the biggest balls in that house.
YES, she is overbearing a lot, but she just expects people to listen because they HAVE been for 3 weeks now.
Look back, she was a major factor in all 3 evictions (ar least to my eyes).

If she was gone can you imagine having to listen to Helen, Elissa and Candace? Kait, Aryan and GM?
As it is I flip the feeds whenever those 2 groups show up together, one bores me to tears and the other just
remind me of high school.

On the plus side, Helen is VISIBLY bummed tonight, you can tell she has postpartum HOH depression…it is delicious.
(Has anyone noticed how she can not talk without using her hands? It is so distracting to me).


I need to 100% agree with you! And she and her close ally are flying under the radar. And I like her plans and views on the game! Howard is one of those dangerous strong player of the house!

Ms Gees

I don’t want Amanda out but if she continues to be so pushy & manipulative & not win anything she will soon be voted out by the other HG. She needs to top being so vocally pushy & do her manipulating in a less vocal & bulling way. I like the drama she creates but she needs to tone her bullying down.


At least she knows how to play the GAME give her credit where it is due. She got it done and knows exactly what she is doing. I do not think that Judd can do it. Helen was not afraid to have had blood on her hands. You can see how she is playing from the difference of her demeanor between week one and two and three her laying low now. Gosh it is just a game everyone stratrgize.


It’s not that people want Amanda out. They just want her up as America’s vote because it would be hilarious. It would be so funny to watch her question why America voted her as a nominee and then to watch the house ponder why Amanda is disliked.

I like Amanda as a game player…later in the game. But right now her aggression is unwarranted and dangerous to her chances in the house. All it takes is one person to start piecing together her manipulation.


Amanda isn’t disliked…she’s 2nd behind Elissa in most favorite polls. You either love her or you hate her and obviously more people love her


I see by the vote total so far that the Amanda hate is going strong. Is she the Danielle Reyes of 2013? Is she in the position of if she finishes 1st people will say she was a pushy, dictatorial beotch? And if she finishes 2nd those exact same people will be the first ones to say how horribly she was robbed by the jury?
Yes. That is exactly the position she is unfortunately in.

Ms Gees

@Someone, Amanda can rectify this, but she needs to stop being so vocally a bully, Still be manipulative, but in a less bullying way. and just get off the HG radar and she will be in a better position. She is really playing the game and I like it !


Kaitlin and Aaryn are on to Amanda. Yes!! If Amanda goes up as Americas vote this will REALLY get interesting. They will spill the beans on her and McCrea. it could be exciting.


They shouldn’t tell the house guests that America is the MVP! It would add tons of drama!

This Season Blows

LOL, apparently I have an imposter.


it is ironic that the MVP was put in place to stop floaters and make people play harder but has actually been given to a floater every week and has done nothing but help get all the strong players out the game

Team McManda

I really don’t understand where all this hatred for Amanda is coming from. Without her and McCrae there would be no game talk to watch whatsoever. I understand she’s loud and opinionated, but she is part of the core alliance with Judd. She shouldn’t have “dictated”‘ anything to Judd right away, but I just think she was excited and she can’t help herself. I really think if Judd nominates Aaryn and Amanda goes up as America’s MVP it’s really gonna hurt her feelings and she doesn’t deserve it.


I really don’t understand where all this hatred for Amanda is coming from. Without her and McCrae there would be no game talk to watch whatsoever. I understand she’s loud and opinionated, but she is part of the core alliance with Judd. She shouldn’t have “dictated”‘ anything to Judd right away, but I just think she was excited and she can’t help herself. I really think if Judd nominates Aaryn and Amanda goes up as America’s MVP it’s really gonna hurt her feelings and she doesn’t deserve it.


1. she is annoying
2. she broke up the MC
3. People are tired of her trying to run things without actually getting up and doing anything
4. people hardly ever root for people in a showmance
5. she is trying to get Howard out and right now I would say Howard is one of the three most liked people on the show this year
6. she is annoying


Minus the “annoying” you basically listed all the reason she is a good player in this game! And reasons that she makes the show entertaining!! She broke up the MC.. Umm great move! They were coming after her. Give her some credit. Next, she is trying to get people to do things she wants done.. Ah yup.. BB 101 get others to do your dirty work.. No blood on your hands. And most of all she wants Howard out… Well YEAH! Would you like to compete against Howard or sit next to him in final two? Your exactly right he is likeable which is a major reason to get him out when you have the chance!!! Come on people. She’s playing the game! Vote for one of these people who isn’t and didn’t even know what BB was before being recruited! Amanda can be a bit much but she keeps things interesting!


Are you forgetting that the only person howard wanted gone for the first two weeks was amanda? Why shouldnt she want him gone? Howard may be cut as a great guy and as a person outside of the show im sure he is. But in the game he lies every chance he gets and was always very condesending to mcrae when he talked to him. Not to mention he had just as crazy as an obsession to get amanda out as she has to get him out. You cant get mad at her for playing a good game shes one of the few that are.


howard isn’t obsessed with getting anyone out. He wanted to get her out back in week 2 because he knew Amanda was getting to mcrea and would eventually cause the downfall of the MC (which she did). If howard was obsessed with getting anybody out it should be the house racist but he has shown her nothing but kindness


Nice circleback you did there. And geez….not one HG has even thought about – let alone – suggested Amanda for nomination. I thought Howard for sure would put that bug in Judd’s ear. But he doesn’t want to make any waves with this eviction, so…he won’t Aaryn is certainly the easy out for all concerned…and the most dull.


What the hell dude? 2 exact comments from 2 different people? Something’s fishy.


How exactly did Andy help Helen orchestrate the first 3 evictions? This little red-haired rodent couldn’t handle to power of HOH if it was HANDED to him. He would probably start screaming and run out of the room yelling “No I can’t, I’m just the rat who goes from room to room getting all the left-overs, hoping nobody sees me.” This rat need extermination.


Simon, Julie was tryin’ *real* hard to keep the public Aaryn outrage going tonight. When 2 different HGs walked into the DR to vote, Julie said, “They’re likely to vote to evict Aaryn.” But neither HG did. And unless Judd puts Aaryn on the block himsef (which AG will strongly try to discourage, to give the viewers the feeling of satisfaction instead), Aaryn is an absolute lock to be “America’s Nominee.”

I also predict that Judd’s early choice of Kaitlin as his #1 target to evict this week will lack overall house support. Kaitlin will end up staying. My best early guess? Aaryn. Despite her now not being a prime Judd target. And I think AG still *very* much wants to keep Howard around, at least a few weeks longer. He’s going nowhere. (Sorry, Amanda.)

I know Amanda has much OBB support. I also enjoy a player with both smarts and spunk. But the other HG are *very* right about one criticism of her. They rightly feel (including Judd this week) that If Amanda wants Howard out so badly, then let *her* win HOH, and let *her* do it herself! Otherwise, stop saying “I want Howard out” 150 times a day, every day! (I swear, she’s as bad with it as GM is with Nick!) Amanda, the whole house knows what you want. How could they not? But you’re not in power, (But has Amanda noticed this? At least when Helen was “extremely all over things” last week, she did it as HOH! And Helen pissed off 95% of OBB fans, including Simon, 10,000 times worse than she ever did any of the HGs. Helen’s HOH reign put her in no danger at all….) The other HGs saying Amanda wants them to remove the big threats, without her getting any blood on her hands, are 100% correct! The house is on to her!

Amanda, I’m a huge believer in exactly being who you are, while in the house. You’re both smart and strategic. And I like you. But you must play the game smartly, too, Or the other HGs will turn those two, complimentary descriptions of you into two other words: “Dangerous” and “Bossy”. In no time. And perception is reality – in life, and in BB! Amanda, you need to either win HOH soon, to gain the power your personality type requires, to then do what you want done yourself, or take stock of your true place in the BB15 pecking order. And ratchet down your bossiness a few notches, short-term, 100% just to survive, until you can win HOH. (Even Aaryn’s pulled way back, the past week. Amanda, take note.) Survival should be a BB priority, for every HG, every day. Only the HOH is truly safe each week. So beware, Amanda. Things change quickly in BB. And Howard wants you out, *just* as much as you want him out.. You’re on his radar. And Howard’s an AG fave! All I’m saying, Amanda, is don’t be so sure that you’ll get him out, before he gets you out! Be careful, Amanda. Because I see some potholes ahead, between your own vision for the house, and its actual short-term future. Which means fireworks, and great BB15 drama ahead!!!!!


this season will be remembered for three things: 1. How lame the MVP twist is 2. How many sluts are thirsty for a showmance 3. How the floaters ruled the game (mostly thanks to the MVP twist) and got rid of all the strong players early

You So Funny

This season will be remembered for one thing, bigotry.


why would anyone want elissa to go over gina marie or kaitlyn its obvious arian will go up at least elissa applied shes sweet and shes won of judds budz where kaitlyn is a bar fluezy that got picked up by big brother and sent right through its not elissas fault she won mvp three times and they can edit amanda as much as they want on the show but us live feeders know how she really is if she wants howard up tell her to win the hoh and put him up her damn self everyones gonna catch on and eventually turn on her and mcrae and its gonna be because of amanda who cares if elissa tried out for big brother i still think she has something to prove and if next hoh is a like last years where they all stand shes gonna win like the one danielle murphy won elissa may not be the best player but at least she has morals and she doesnt really talk trash like bieber fever or amanda and for the people who dont like her blame her for getting in mcraes ear


As sweet as she is, she is so stupid! Like… She really is.


What is your hatred withHelen? She was still a part of the group that helped a great deal on evicting the three evictions. She got tough when HOH but look she got it down. Give her credit where it is due. Sh is just playing the game and she knows that she needs to lay off as she got a lot of blood on hands. She was brave enough to do what she did knowing that she will have a lot of blood on her hands. I think she is playing good. Look at what is happening to Judd right now and he does know what to do and cannot make a decision. Lay off her will you? Hoping you are not one of the racially motivated person.


I hope Amanda does not go up with this MVP twist. I know a lot of fans find her overbearing but we’ve already seen two pretty big characters/game players go.. Lets actually try to keep some interesting people on the house who are playing the game and stirring the pot! She keeps things interesting. I’m sorry but I do not want to watch Elissa Helen Andy Candice and Howard alone in the house. I foresee this season becoming very boring if big players and characters keep leaving. Vote for someone who isn’t playing !! I hate this America votes bs.


I dont get when people complain about “all the strong players” being voted out early. David, Nick, and Jeremy were strong players? Just because they are athletic men? The game is so much more nuanced than that, and socially all three of them pretty much sucked. It’s not like they were “strong players” anywhere near truly strong players like a Dan Gheesling, or even a Hayden Moss or something. They were out first because they had glaring weaknesses, and in many ways were the worst in terms of the social nuance aspect of the whole thing. David was an complete non-gameplaying imbecile, Nick was too overtly “shady” and didn’t properly manage his alliance’s loyalty, and Jeremy was a narcissistic bully. I mean when you think of everything this game comprises, all the delicate signifiers that can affect who is viewed as a target and who isnt, those are three pretty unforgivable faults. Probably only Aaryn has performed worse than them in this regard, and is only still around because of how the cards have fallen so far.

In terms of all aspects of the game, to me Amanda, Andy (though annoying as shit), and maybe even Judd have demonstrated the best gameplay. Amanda’s strategy has been really strong, Andy’s socially smart in terms of how he interacts with others and also doesn’t position himself at the forefront of any alliance or vote, and Judd has kind of played below the radar despite residing in a crucial swing position, and still hasn’t created a large target for himself.


it won’t matter if Amanda does wind up being the third nominee if she goes up she will still have the votes to stay.. and if by some chancge she does go it will just make an already s***** season that much worse.


Aaryn needs to go!!! I’m going to miss you NOT!!!!!!!!!


Guys can we please nominate Aaryn as the third nominee? Her comments towards race cannot be tolerated!


Amanda is getting so much heat here because she is starting to oppose the messiah of the Brenchel fans: Elissa.

Elissa is an idiot. Truth hurts, doesn’t it guys?


1000X AGREE. Vote Elissa people! Those of us that remember this show having a molecule of respectability need to take it back!


Amanda needs to be nominated to bring her down a peg or two. She’s playing the game?? Oh yes she’s proven she’s a liar with necessity, does absolutely nothing except laying around and eating. Gossip about everybody behind their backs, keeps her constant obsessive thoughts on Howard, and her tasteless bullying. Well known for her racist and bigoted remarks. That’s not playing the game well. That’s a foul individual who came on the show because she needed attention. All the guys on the show and she hook up with a droopy, funky loser. If she’s such a strong woman, why in the world would she hook up with that spineless wimp??? When McCreep said he would get down on one knee and suck dick for the POV, and she thought that was funny, I decided they were both disgusting individuals!


Don’t let your emotions cloud your voting judgement people. Don’t let Helen or Amanda sway you. Just think of the satisfaction of seeing Aaryn be told that she has been voted by America as the third nominee. This house likes to speak about “deserving” stuff, I don’t think anyone deserves this embarassment more than Aaryn, in my opinion.

Don’t let your most recent minor annoyances with other HG’s rob us of this opportunity.

Think of the glory!

This Season Blows

Aaryn: “I know Julie said no floaters but the people that are doing well in the game are all floaters”

Aaryn actually has a point here. Going by the stated goal of the MVP (eliminating floaters) it’s been a miserable failure and has ruined the season. Of course, we all know the real point of it is to give Rachelissa an unfair advantage so she can cruise through the season and get handed a check basically just because she’s Rachel’s sister.


Is it me or is the MVP ruining the game, HOH, barely matters anymore, now fans nominating 3rd nomination. BB changing it just so Elissa didn’t get it for the 4th time……BB realizes that they made a mistake. and p.s…. AMANDA stop bullying everyone.


I love how they are still assuming Elissa is getting the MVP this week. Amanda was getting closer to the twist when she was talking to McCrae about it, it now everyone is saying Elissa will put up X.

I figured a just wouldn’t want to evict a guy. He Is smart to want to get Kaitlyn out because she has almost won 2 HOHs and won POV. Elissa went from Kaitlyn doesn’t deserve to be here to you want to get her out? Wouldn’t she be more fun to play BB with?!?! Which is it Elissa?! Smh

The best twist would be if America voted to get Helen out. She’s so cocky and sure of her place in the BB house. I loved your comment in quotes Simon how all of America hates her when Andy said she had no enemies in the house. I enjoy the thoughts you and Dawg throw in as much as the updates!

This Season Blows

Rachelissa pretty much has MVP again since production will put up whoever her biggest threat is.


I don’t know if this question was asked already or not but if America’s nominee wins POV, who gets to decide the replacement nominee? That normally would be BBMVP (aka Elissa) but there wouldn’ be enough time for America to vote the replacement nom before live eviction….I guess it would be Judd???


If you would like some great drama:
America should vote for Amanda,
Julie should not tell the house guests that America voted,
Let Amanda blame Elissa for being put up,
And we could all sit back and watch the excellent drama take place.

HOWEVER, (in my pinion)
This is how CBS is going to make amends to America,
by letting the viewers feel like they have righted the wrong (racist).
Aaryn is going home this week.


Omg….Aaryn leading in OBB polls. I guess she gone next week. Get ready people, there would be celebration of Aaryn got evicted!!!!!


Anybody think there is a chance that the houseguests won’t be told who the MVP is this week? THAT would make things in the house interesting……they will think Elissa is lying and the poo will be sufficiently stirred!!!


In my world Amanda, Aaryn and Helen would go up, and if POV is used Kaitlin would take a seat.

BBgirl 83

They keep talking about how Kaitlen doesnt know about big brother blah blah.. BUT she WINS! and she got close TWO times for HOH.. not a big fan of hers or anything .. but Im just saying..