Judd says I wish Helen wouldn’t have told Kaitlin I was going to put her up because now I have to.

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots


8:50am – 9:50am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the house guests. When the feeds return, Judd and Gina are seen changing their batteries. Gina heads back to bed and Judd goes up to the HOH room to feed the fish and shower. Jessie get called to the diary room. Downstairs Elissa, Aaryn, Amanda and Helen are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Helen start her morning run throughout the house. Spencer talks to Jessie in the kitchen about her “glorious morning”. Jessie tells him about her dream where he mom told her she hadn’t gotten around to watching the show yet. She says then she was called to the diary room early. Jessie says she was trying to make coffee but ended up making a mess of it and had to start over. Spencer gets called to the diary room. He tells her not to hurt herself while he is gone. Jessie heads up to the HOH room.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

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10am – 10:40am Elissa joins Jessie and Judd in the HOH room. Elissa says that she was nervous about the twist but now she isn’t. I think it will be a game changer but I think it will be fun. Judd asks do you think it would be something like the people on the block get power. Elissa doesn’t see that happening with 3 people on the block. Judd asks do you think Gina on the block is good. Elissa says no, not really. Judd says that Gina has vocally said she is coming after me. Elissa says everyone already decided that Spencer, Howard and Aaryn are the next to go. Elissa says she thinks Kaitlin is a far better person to go after than Ginamarie. Elissa wonders if Judd should make a deal with Gina to get safety if she doesn’t go up. Judd says no, there is no deal to be made. She is the perfect pawn. Judd asks Elissa if she thinks she will get MVP? Elissa says I would never assume that. Elissa says that if Kaitlin wins veto, then Aaryn goes up and she goes home. Elissa says I feel like we need to break Spencer and Howard up because they are definitely in an alliance. Elissa asks Judd if he trusts Spencer. Judd says he hasn’t given me a reason not to. Elissa says that Spencer thought of the whole moving truck. She says that he also told her not to talk to him in front of people. She says that was so mean! I wouldn’t mind if Spencer went home. Judd says Spencer would be a good one to put up because he wouldn’t win veto and we could take him off and back door Aaryn. Elissa says that she is definitely interested to see Kaitlin’s game now that Jeremy is gone. Elissa thinks Judd should put up Spencer and Howard. Judd says if we don’t get out Kaitlin she will sneak her way to the finals. Judd says that he doesn’t understand how people don’t see Kaitlin as a threat in competition and a strong social player. Judd says I wish Helen just wouldn’t have told Kaitlin I was going to put her up because now I have to. Judd says I like Helen but she needs to keep her mouth shut. Judd says that he wants to talk to Helen and tell her I know you have good intentions but .. Judd says don’t be making no deals for me. Judd asks so how do you think you would put up if you get MVP? Elissa says I don’t want to put up Aaryn again if she isn’t going home. Jessie says if everyone sticks to the play in the next few weeks it should be Gina, Kaitlin, Aaryn, Howard and Spencer voted out. Jessie says she would be ecstatic if Kaitlin went home because she is my biggest threat in the game. Judd says what if the house doesn’t go with it because they all have 90 side deals. What am I supposed to do just do what the house wants or… Judd gets called to the diary room.


CBS Interactive Inc.

10:50pm – 11:20am Helen joins Elissa and Jessie in the HOH room. Elissa asks what do you think about putting up Kaitlin and Gina on the block. Helen says oh my god we made a deal with her. Elissa says well you can’t make deals for other people. Elissa says that Kaitlin told Judd that you told her she was going up. Helen says I never told her that, Aaryn is making sh*t up! Helen says I am going to fu*king, I am going to kill her! That makes me so fu*king mad! I did not tell Kaitlin that! Judd comes up. Helen tells Judd that she did not tell Kaitlin she was going up. Judd says oh really. Helen says if anything I told her that she wasn’t the target. Judd I would never! Even if she was I would never tell her that. Helen stands up and YELLS SHE IS A FU*KING LIAR!!!!! Helen throw the pillow on the floor. She says I am so mad! She’s a fu*king liar! Judd tells Helen not to get upset. Don’t even worry about it. Helen says Aaryn has to go she is a FU*KING BIT*H!!!!! Helen is crying. Elissa says Aaryn is messing with your game Judd. Judd says well why don’t we just put all three of them up. (Kaitlin, Gina and Aaryn) Judd says then Aaryn will be the target. Helen says I want you to tell Amanda that was a fu*king lie. I don’t want them to think that I am throwing you under the bus. I support you in anything you want to do. I have more loyalty to you than any of them. I am glad you came to talk to me about it first. Helen says I can’t protect her (Kaitlin) if she is going to twist the truth. Aaryn is starting sh*t, she is trying to break us up. Judd says lets stop listening to Aaryn. Jessie says she is worried that people in their alliance will become a better friend / asset to you than me or Judd. Helen says I promised Kaitlin safety for a week / 2 weeks, I never promised her jury. I have promised you Jury Jessie. I am more devoted to you than I ever would be to her (Kaitlin). Judd says the only reason I am not putting her (Aaryn) is because I have lied to her so many times. Elissa says if Aaryn makes it to jury I will ask to leave the game. helen says if Aaryn makes it another week I will flip my lid. Judd laughs and asks are you going to go on another tirade like you did with Jeremy. Helen says yes, I will go on a tirade! Elissa says Aaryn and Kaitlin are trying to cause fights and twist things we say. Helen says you can not believe them Judd, they are not the ones that got you this far in this game! Judd says he doesn’t believe them. Jessie says they (Aaryn & Kaitlin) had me brainwashed about you Elissa. Judd gets called to the diary room. Helen says all I wanted to do is lay low this week. I am so mad! Helen tells Jessie that Kaitlins target is Howard. Jessie say oh good. Spencer joins them.


10:20am Spencer asks Helen if she is alright. Helen says Aaryn is a pathological liar, I hate her. Spencer agrees and says well no one likes her. Spencer says Aaryn doesn’t have any pull with anyone. She is a sh*t starter. Helen says I am done with her, I am so over it. Spencer says no one trusts her, no one likes her. She hurt Ginamarie’s feelings yesterday. That is just the way she doesn things, she goes around pissing people off. Elissa tells Helen to calm down she will go soon. Helen yells WHEN, I WANT HER GONE NOW! I fu*king hate her! I want to win HOH and back door the sh*t out of her! Don’t you ever mess with me! If I win MVP, I am putting her up. Please give me MVP America! Elissa says Aaryn said she needs a muzzle.. but she needs to feel remorse for the derogatory and racist things she has said.

CBS Interactive Inc.

11:33am Judd comes out of the diary room. Judd tells everyone to come to the living room, it’s time for the funkiest Have/Have Not competition of the summer. Judd whispers should I say that again. Judd then repeats the phrase again. Judd is wearing a little white hat and an apron and holding green, orange and blue bandanna. (It’s another team have not competition.) The live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the Have / Havenot Competition…


1:10pm Still TRIVIA…

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if judd puts up kaitlyn/GM I hope that they find out that america was MVP otherwise elissa gets put in a really awkward situation if they dont believe her


but the thing is that America is going to nominate Aaryn the same person Ellissa would have nominated if she were the mvp. this america votes means nothing unless either 1. judd nominated Aaryn or 2, Aaryn is nominated by america and wins pov


It will hurt Elissa because she’s gonna say she wasn’t the MVP and no one will believe her. Especially if Aaryn goes up! But i do think they should keep it secret because it will cause more drama.


They will tell them. If they weren’t going to tell them, why did they drop a “hint” at them? If they tell them there’s a twist, they usually reveal it to them.


Oh my gosh this house is full of nothing but Racist! Elissa, Helen, Amanda are all so racist but they try to hide their racism in the closet.v


Huh?? I must be watching a different show.


I can see Amanda being racist but Elissa and Helen, really?


Thanks Name now totally agreeing with you.


You do realize that “Name” are different people right? They just don’t fill in a name when they post.
It could be a hundred different people commenting as “Name.”


Helen needs to go f**ck herself. Who is she with her fake tears to tell Judd she is the reason Judd got this far in the game. And to make deals on his behalf without him knowing…What a delusional b***h!


Aaryn is not the racist as Amanda has already admitted it her that is the racist. Hope Judd uses his brain and keeps Aaryn safe and that CBS does not rig this, but we all know that CBS is going to because they are trying to make Amanda look like a goody two shoes and Helen and Elissa who are the three most racist people in the entire house along with GM and Kaitlin and Spencer and Andy. Be nice if CBS showed the house guests for who they really are instead of trying to make these racists look like nice people which they aren’t.


So are you working for Aaryn’s family?


They are either working for Aaryn’s family or watching a completely different show!


Ladies and Gents, the new publicist that Aaryn’s mother hired.

Suzy Sunshyne

Apparently you aren’t aware that we make our decisions on the house guests by what is not being aired. I have to admit I am shocked you are so naive to come to a page called “spoilers” and actually believe that we believe what is shown on CBS. We know who the racists are and your glory girl Aryan, oops I mean Aaryn is the leader of the pack. I have to ask myself when someone is this delusional. are you Aaryn’s Mom on your PR campaign? Do you really think you can convince us to not believe what we watch and read? Good luck with that on this page!!


Please tell me you’re Aaryn’s mom? Sister? Brother? Something, bc there is no way in hell u can think like that & not being A) Paid 4 it or B) a relative. And if, for some crazy reason, u ar neither of those things, then there is no way we are watching the same show. You are talking about BB15, right? LOL, you are delusional. No ifs, ands, or butts about it.

Since I am already on here, I’m gonna go ahead & leave my comment too. I’m just flabbergasted by Helen’s irrational blow-ups. I started disliking her last week, but man, she’s taken it to a whole new level now. She has to know this is not making her look good. And it REALLY gets under my skin when she asks us for MVP. Uuugggghhhhh………that’s really annoying. I can’t believe she told Judd, she got him there…..yeah….ok…..Master Helen….sure u did. Bc u did everything thus far. LMAO. Silly ole me, thought she’d come down from her ego trip after stepping down from HOH. What was I thinking?

*** I just hope Judd does what’s best for him, and doesn’t listen to the other jackholes trying to get him to do their dirty work. If I were him, I’d nominate GM(Bc she said she was going after him) and Aaryn(Just to appease the house) I’d tell them to vote out GM though. Bc he can still get Aaryn on his side if he talked to her. As a viewer, I’d like to see Aaryn & Anybody else nominated. Just so America can put up Amanda & send a message:) That would really stir $hit up then:)


Hope Judd figures out that Aaryn was telling the truth and puts up Helen and Elissa. That would be just desserts for the two of them. Liars both of them.


I must have missed that. Did Helen tell Kaitlin that Judd was going to put her up???


Stop your hatred on not the mean girls. Have you not read or watch the feeds on the first two werks of this show?

Will.I.Am, I Think

“Elissa says I would never assume that.”

Who is she trying to fool? Oh, yea Judd


Is Jessie really THAT good looking as everyone says. I don’t see it.
What do the guys on OBB think?
Thumbs Up or Down fellas?


I know Spencer and Howard thinks she’s hot

As for me she’s not my type.. Each to their own


Jessie’s not my type either. Weird body shape.


She has that ‘midget’ look. Short legs and arms, everything else proportional.

But, of course, some guys here like her juicy ass, so they don’t see anything else on her.


Please do not get too personal on these players. No attacks on their looks.


Jeremy looked like a monkey with those huge ears of his.


She’s not my type because she’s so insecure. She’s worse than last season’s Danielle. OMG she would freaking drive me crazy in 5 minutes.


jessie isnt that good look and her thirst for male attention makes her even less attractive. Kaitlin and Aaryn (despite the racism) are definitely the two best looking girls on the show


She look good in a bikini…have a nice body…..but Elissa Aaryn are a lot more attractive then her for me

Wpg Fan

They may be cute on the outside but Elissa and Aaryn are shallow and egotistical which makes them ugly. Jessie is cute and has a great personality too boot. Jessie all the way!


Aaryn vs Jessie…hmmm….whose the prettier? It depends, if you are looking on the outside, the edge goes to Aaryn. If you are looking at the inside, its not even close, Jessie wins hands down. Aaryn is just flat out mean and hateful. So you know Gina is in a dark place right now with this Nick thing. Amanda then thinks it would be so funny to hide from Gina Nick’s cap and mug. Who didn’t see Gina’s reaction coming? Gina starts crying and is hurting. When someone is hurting, then your actions are no longer considered a prank. Instead of ending the prank, Aaryn wants Gina’s suffering to continue and not return the hat/mug. Yep Aaryn, is prettier. I hope every bigot can find a spiteful person like Aaryn to live the rest of their lives with.

Different Name

Hey Old Yeller. Did you not see Amanda being the one to follow through and hide Nick’s things. Not trying to defend Aaryn on this one but two older and supposedly more mature people were fully involved (Amanda andMcrae) who were not giving it up until GM broke down. McRae then deflected full blame to Aaryn, which is how he works.


Just curious……..How can u give Aaryn & Kaitlin a pass for being racist, by saying (despite the racism). But u can’t give Jessie 1 for her “thirst for male attention” LMAO, makes no sense. You could’ve just outright said Kaitlin & Aaryn. Not even bring the other stuff up. Just basing it off looks alone. If I were basing it off looks I’d say: Kaitlin, GM, Candice, Elissa, Aaryn, Jessie, Amanda, Helen. The guys(that are left): Judd the stud, Howard, McCrae, Andy, Spencer.

Will.I.Am, I Think

She is a lil cute, but I just like that booty


I do not hate ellissa but this season would have been so much better without her. If she weren’t here this mvp twist would actually mean something and might actually go to the person who is most deserving. But instead all the brendon and rachel fans have blindly voted for her every week and now the twist does nothing but keep a weaker floater in the game longer.

New World Order

I thought she was “Girl Next Door” sexy until I saw her tattoo. It then ruined it for me. Not against tattoos but the one she has is not hot for her.

hot chicks

Jessie is cute wouldnt say hot….Aaryn is hot but needs a boob job….Kaitlyn is hot….if candice had kaitlyns body she would be the hottest girl in the house….elissa was probably hot before the surgery now shes just cute…none of the other women get a comment but i will say i dont think they are ugly


Katlin is the hotest chick in the house when she does’nt wear makeup, she is naturaly pretty, but with makeup…eehhh
Then Jessie …shes a pretty girl, GinaM has melted..lol,
note to viewers GM is in la la land due to the brain drugs they all seem to be on..bad bad stuff..ruins ppls brains and emotions
Amanda is just mugly n nasty lookin 2 oclocker at best, bring ur penacilin, she’ll leave u a lifetime memory.
Aryans personality makes here ugly as does Helens,
Elissa is so plastic it is really sad, give hew a few more years and she will look like stalones wife
whats wrong with these women and their phony faces n b**bs. So so shallow
Note to women…..stay natural ……


Question!!! Are the hgs going to be told that america was the mvp this week??? Or is everyone gonna be pissed at elissa cause they are gonna think she is mvp and she didnt put up who they (amanda) wanted to ?


I’m not sure.. I hope they keep it a secret


I was thinking that they would tell them that it was America’s MVP because they want Aaryn to know that America does not support her.


Julie will tell her it was America that put her up during her exit interview. That’s the REAL reason for this weeks MVP. So Julie can say at least one thing to Aaryn that will hurt her feelings without losing her Chen-Bot persona.


The MVP is supposed to be secret unless the MVP choses to reveal themself. So it should stay secret.
I sure hope it does anyway.


Yea, they will tell them


Whenever Julie Chen says “expect the unexpected” she usually reveals to the house guests what the twist was. Otherwise it would not make sense to have an open loop… And Elissa would be in big trouble lol

Will.I.Am, I Think

YAY, Jessie booty shot….


I am sick of her shit!….

BUT tbr the fact that EVERY SINGLE HOH has
Targeted the ones who are not competition(weak)
Shows how stupid they are..
Because once its down to the jury, sht will get real
Because half of the fckin house is fake af..

Wpg Fan

Kaitlin definitely has to go this week!


Absolutely. Who cares what Aaryn’s saying. Helen is starting to play too emotionally. They need to take out the stronger player (Kaitlin), rather than a girl everybody knows is going to make up stuff.


She didn’t make it up thought as Helen and Elissa did promise Kaitlin a deal.


If they keep Kaitlin beyond this week, she might be the Janelle of this season – winning every other HOH and every POV until some opportunity presents itself for her to be back-doored


Judd seems interested in playing his own game, and not Amanda, Helen’s or Elissas. That is precisely what he needs to do. Its his HOH. I think he is recognizing that the girls are going after the guys and he really wants to get a strong girl out, but doing it in a stealthy way. He doesn’t want Spencer or Howard to go because he knows he is pretty low on the Friendship totem pole.


I almost died when Elissa was like we agreed to evict and named the people. I hope Judd does play his own game.


He’s not low on the totem pole anymore, I want to see him work his temporary HOH power. Do it, Judd! Do it!


Elissa and Helen are SO freaking dumb!


BB would put up GM then.

America: vote out ugly elissa

Want to fix this season in one fell swoop. Vote out Elissa.

Do it.


Right now, America already count the votes for Aaryn as a third nominee. Hopefully, Aaryn has no chance of winning the PoV.


Yes I think America has voted for Aaryn to go on the block. But if Judd nominates her in the first place then I wonder who would come in second. To online viewers Amanda might be next in line (I voted 10 times for Amanda to get on the block because I think if she gets a taste of her own medicine it would be lotsa fun to watch. But CBS has been giving her a really nice edit so she is probably not second after Aaryn … I am curious to see how this turns out


This is CBS/BB’s way of getting Aaryn out. Won’t matter if Amanda or anyone else is the actual top vote getter. I also predict that POV will be something geared towards someone other than Aaryn


I’m thinking common sense questions wouldn’t be her cup of tea


Aaryn is 100% gone Thursday. Julie Chen told hubby Les to make it happen – this week. Les then called AG – done deal. (Although it probably would’ve happened anyway.) This week’s MVP twist is exactly as another recent OBB poster suggested that it is. A way for “America” to put Aaryn up, have the house evict her, and make America feel like they personally played a major role in Aaryn’s ouster.

And did you hear? Aaryn’s Mom has already hired a public relations firm. Read here: http://starcasm.net/archives/233094 Apparently it’s the first time a BB HG/her family has *ever* had to resort to such drastic measures, attempting to undo bad BB behavior. I say that Mrs. Greis’ “hired gun spin doctors” will do Aaryn and his modeling career absolutely no good. Especially when Aaryn’s always played the “sweet, girl next door image” in her shoots to date. I loved what another recent commenter said. “Aaryn’s surely gonna have to drop her “no nude policy” now!” Truer words were never spoken. After she gets the boob she said she’s already intending to get after BB15, I can see Hef offering Aaryn a “quasi-celebrity, flavor-of-the-month” PB spread! That kind of work is still better than no work at all, Aaryn. Besides, your Mom’s got some new, unexpected bills to pay now – all thanks to your mouth!


Sorry, but AMAZING to me that Julie Chen is so offended by the eye comment, when she herself explained the exact same to Aaryn when Aaryn asked if she wore eye shadow if you watch the feeds, and the rice comment and she directs it just at Aaryn but many other house guest also said comments similar, but wow Spencer comments on it is apparently okay to force a woman to sex when she has said no because in his sick opinion she means yes (whereas in the legal system is is called RAPE), or all of the homophobic comments coming out of mouths from Kaitlin, Jeremy, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, or Andy and Elissa calling the girls whores and she has absolutely no problem at all with that. Seriously, Ms. Chen you are one sick person if to you the prior comments are more of a problem for you than the latter comments. Also, if you bother to look up the word RACIST, those comments do not come close to the definition of what a RACIST is. Yes they are insensitiue and racially charged but no where do they come up to the definition of what a Racist is. LOOK IT UP!


this HOH convo shows once again, what bad, bad players elissa and helen are. helen brings the argument “nobody likes aaryn, nobody trusts her, she is a liar” followed by…lets get her out. funny!!

sounds a perfect final 2 partner to me and defenatly a person to keep around. especially because she sont come after helen. gameplay this season is really on an all time low.


If Judd is smart he’ll at least put up GM, since GM is the one person who is potentially targeting him. GM should be his target she is the biggest individual threat to him, and she has no allies to retaliate on her behalf.

The second nom will be the interesting one. I’m guessing he’ll go with Spencer or Howard to appease his alliance. But I’m hoping it’s Aaryn — first, because I think she needs to go home so that the racial tension in the house can ease

And second, because if she is on the block, then Ellissa will be a virtual lock to be the victim of America’s Nomination, which would just be outstanding drama.

Not even even close

Lol @ GM being a big threat to Judd. She has about no chance of gaining any power, either through comps, or a social game. Worrying with GM is a huge waste of an HOH.

And why would Elissa be a lock for the MVP nom? I doubt America (aka Brenchel fans) are going to do a 180 and flip from giving her extra power to putting her on the block.


No matter how weak and isolated a player may appear, as long as that player is in the game he/she can turn the game around. Many, many HoH competitions come down to dumb luck or stubbornness, and if GM survives into next week then she has as good a chance as anyone at winning.

Since GM is literally the only player in the house with a grudge against Judd, it makes no sense for him to rock the boat and create new enemies, when he can simply eliminate someone who has it out for him.

As for Elissa being voted up, it wouldn’t be her fans that *switch* their votes. Her fans’ votes no longer matter. They’ll be split amongst the rest of the cast. But Elissa’s haters will finally have an opportunity to vote against her directly, whereas before their votes were spread around throughout the rest of the cast.

Flipping the vote from a positive (Who should get this power) to a negative (Who should get nominated), as the most recognizable and controversial person in the house (after Aaryn) Eliss is going to get a LOT of votes.


Is it me, or does Elissa look like Janice from the band on The Muppet Show?


My guess, after the edit CBS gave Amanda and MC last evening – America isn’t going to vote for either one of them. America’s vote will be Aaryn, GM and Spencer – and probably in that order.


Listening to Elissa makes me want to box my own ears repeatedly.

Different Name

Funny. :()

Butters Mom

Im ready to vote Amanda is a racist off this site because they are getting on my last nerve with the repeat … repeat…. repeat… and I can’t even see what color you are…. does that make me a racist? If you are a Howard and Candice fan… say something positive about them…. dont discredit them as players by saying they have no strengths and the only reason anyone would want them out is because they must be a racist. They are playing this game… they will be a target and not because they are black… but because they are playing the game. deal with it. Howard is a BIG guy… he has admitted to throwing comps… once he plays the comps for real…. he will definitely be a threat in comps. Candice is smart. She was one of the first to figure out the guy alliance… she just didnt follow through with her suspicions and she has now gotten involved with this showmance with Howard..(at least she is definitely trying to make it a showmance) which makes them look like a “team” which also makes them a bigger target…. still nothing to do with their race. Amanda is pushy with her ideas … which makes her a target… and annoying… you are just as pushy with your racist comments about Amanda… I think that makes you also….. annoying. Take a step back and try to see things from a different perspective other than race…


I agree with you “Butters Mom”, this person that keeps writing that Amanda is a racist does not have a clue what they are talking about. Amanda has never shown any signs of racism. She wants Howard out because he is shady. Howard lying while swearing on the Bible has offended me more than anything else. Using God to lie is awful. He can lie all he wants, it is a game, but what Howard does is mock God and it really upsets me.


You apparently do not watch the feeds because AMANDA admitted that she is a RACIST!!!!!!


Vote Amada! …Vote Amanda!…and vote Amanda often!

Well if Amanda wants Howard out because she considers him shady, I am all for it; However, that’s not what Amada is saying. Amanda says she wants Howard out because Howard uses race. Again, Amanda says Howard is using race to advance his own game. Now that’s delusional. Amanda didn’t have any problem with Jeremy’s bigotry. Jeremy on his way out says he got Jewed!. Amanda still wanted to keep Jeremy over Howard if she could. Spencer has called Elissa and Amanda the “c” word on numerous times. Its still was all good with Amanda. Aaryn and Gina have made a few racist comments and Amanda is still friends with them or at least pretend friends with them. You haven’t heard Howard refer to any of the white players race. You have not heard him call a woman out her name.

However, Amanda keeps calling out Howard and she is calling him out on race, not for being shady. I don’t know if Amanda is a racist or not. It really doesn’t matter if she is or isn’t. What matters is her actions. When you keep calling out someone based on race with nothing to support that position. Then I have to look at your intent and realize that what you are doing is dividing the house along race. Amanda is the one that is using race to advance her agenda of getting out Howard. Well done Amanda! I will be pulling for anyone except you. I would rather pull for the racist that is out in the open, rather then pull for Amanda that is fermenting race tensions with a smile. Hey CBS, can I get another 10 votes. I am doubling down all my votes on Amanda.

candian take..

Amanda would not say please she would just say do it or I will squeeze you with my thighs

Bob Saben

More of Jessie’s butt!!! Please


Simon: how can Jessie, who has 0.68% be above Candace who has 1% in the poll? 1% is more than 0.68%. Is there a glitch in the poll?


yeah looks like something is buggered jessie has 2 more votes than Cadnace

VA Vet

Hey Dawg. Not only can you not win any of the “good” polls, you can’t even win the poll to be nominated for eviction. Can you explain that? Can you?


poor Dawg! Every poll – no matter what I vote for you! I hope one day that you’ll finally win one! LOL!!

Different Name

Maybe you sit in the bush to much. Come out more often;)


I thought Aaryn is racist. Why Amanda is a racist?


Aaryn is an insensitiue imbecile who made insensitiue racist comments, whereas AMANDA readily admitted to being a RACIST and said it was funny how Aaryn was getting blamed for being one.

Butters Mom

I actually think amanda was being witty when she said that … she has been somewhat brash and witty throughout the season so far…. she wasnt serious. She said it for a laugh.


How dare you make a sensible statement like that? Who do you think you are to insert a little bit of common sense into the middle of the Amanda bashing?


Um do not think it is brash or witty to admit to being a Racist, but hey maybe that is just me.

read and learn

FYI: Definition of the word Racist: a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that a certain human race is superior to any or all others.

Nutter's Mom

I agree that Amanda is old and a racist.


I hope America/CBS puts up either Jessie or Amanda. This way the Judd Jessie Mcrae Amanda alliance thinks Elissa and Helen are teaming with Howard and Candace and Superfriends explodes


Please America vote for Aaryn as a third nominee so she will lose.

Wpg Fan

Dan Gheesling just tweeted this. “I’ve gotten e-mails asking me if I can help retract their #BB15 MVP votes b/c they didn’t understand votes were for a 3rd nominee.”
That would be hilarious if Elissa fans voted her on the block!




I’m still hoping production invites Dan to lead Nick’s memorial service.


Holy troll!


Simon or Dawg I hope you guys dont get screwed w/ the memberships from your page they turned off all of the people who signed up w/ Facebook I was just on w/ them for 1/2 and hour w/ the Live feeds people and they had to reset everything. They said they canceled everyone that signed up w/ Facebook


I hope everyone understood what I meant

Twist It Up

If Aaryn wins America’s vote for LVP (Least Valuable Player) but gets Veto’d off the block, does that mean that Amanda (America’s 2nd choice) goes up in her place?


I would like for Aaryn to make it to jury and then for Helen to go home. She is such a little cry baby, and acted like Queen Bully Helen when she was HOH. She needs to go. It would be hilarious and Julie Chen would be fuming. Bwahahahaha would be great to watch.


I highly doubt the poll on OBB will match America’s votes. We’ve seen it before in previous seasons and I feel like the non-feed watchers will vote for GM, Kaitlin, and Spencer.


Aaryn is a racist as well. Why are you so fixated with Amanda? Have you spoken to your therapist about this? Are you related to JM?


Amanda now has over 21 per cent of America’s vote for eviction!!! More and more people are realizing that Amanda is a racist.


You must be from that PR firm that Aaryn’s parents hired to clean up their daughter’s image.

Wpg Fan

I was thinking the same thing, lol…She can try to spin it all she wants but we all know it’s Aaryn who is the racist…

Butters Mom

I think Mccray is smarter than people are giving him credit for by joining with amanda. She looks like she is controlling him which makes her a bigger threat than he is out of the 2. He was strong in the first comp and won… showing he can win comps but he is now laying low and he never has to give an opinion or say anything really because amanda talks for him. Hes going to the end… amanda will be out before Mccray is. No one ever mentions putting up Mccray or Andy or Jessie. I’d like to see all 3 of them on the block together… and maybe candice as well. Make them step up their personal game some.


I agree week 1 I thought he was playing to hard and was screwed but hiding behind amanada is the best thing that could of happened everyone else in mc got crucified he got away with everyone still trusting him he’s much smarter than I first thought


Helen reminds me of a quote and I will probably mix it up but…..you hath protest to much. She threw a fit, screamed, threw pillows etc…..trying to get the focus off of her and onto someone else. During her hoh she made deals with everyone that talked to her. She made deals for other hoh winners when she shouldn’t have. What gets me is the MVP. Everyone seems to be placing the third person in that seat except for the one who won MVP. Grant it the house “persueded” the 3rd nomination. I don’t like this MVP twist.


I’m starting to think that quiet a few people here don’t know what a racist is.

VA Vet

Or they just want to jump on the bandwagon.


Lol at Helen’s reaction. I was wondering how long it would take for her to begin to get a rude awakening since she would far and beyond with her rulership, running her mouth, and being overly diplomatic.


Simon, I wasn’t watching the feeds (power washing my porches, I should have live feeds to that, haha). Did Aaryn tell Judd that Helen said Kaitlyn was going up? Did Helen actually say this? Her little temper tantrum would have been amusing to watch.


Thanks Dawg! I wish more people were stirring the pot right about now 😉


I have been able to watch, what has Amanda said?


I wish that Jessie tells Spencer/Howard/Candice that they need to watch their backs because Amanda is out to get them.

Mindless Rants

I missed something….HOW is Amanda a racist?? I don’t watch live feeds, can someone help me understand where this came from???


Talking to I think it was McCrae she stated that funny how Aaryn is being portrayed as the racist but in actuallity I am the racist one. Amanda’s own words.

Different Name

Amanda has a wicked sense of humour. It often flys over people’s head.

She is not

Amanda is not racist … People just wnt to say she is … She may have said one or two off things but it does not rise to the level of racism … People are so quick to say that word but truth is this girl isn’t.


Everyone says Amanda is such a dictator and control freak and is so annoying but look at Helen. Helen is ABSOLUTELY crazy and demanding. She is sooo much worse than Amanda


So….. did Helen really tell Kaitlin she was getting nominated? God it would be funny if she did and she was putting this sob story on and lying.

Dude McDuderson

Control freak? yes Racist? ummmm I don’t know about that; I don’t think so. that’s not a kind of word you can just throw around for no reason. If you do it is called slander and its not cool. The reason she is going after Howard is not because he is black but because she feels like he might make a move to bring Judd and Jessie to his side and recruit Kaitlin, Aaryn and GM. I’m actually hoping he would do that just to shake things up and make Helen and Amanda sweat a bit.

Anyways; going back to Amanda, I think she is really high in this poll because she is too obviously controlling; or at least that is why I voted for her. The beauty of the games that Dr Will and Dan played was that they controlled and manipulated other people without being obvious about it; they were subtle and smooth about it. Amanda going to Judd right after he won his HOH and forcing her opinion on him or forcing her opinion on Elissa to nominate Howard last week is just bad game play.

The only great contribution Amanda has made to the game thus far has been an unintentional one; her showmance (Romance on his part) with Mccrae made him ditch the moving company; the reason I said unintentional on Amanda’s part was because she wasn’t even aware of such alliance. That was a mistake on Mccrae’s part in my opinion because I think the moving company could have controlled the house like Brigade did a few seasons ago with their firm alliance and side romances. I understand that Jeremy was a risk factor in his mind but they could have eventually done to Jeremy what Brigade did to Matt in their season.


Jeremy was never truly with the Moving Company, but was with Kaitlin, Aaryn, GM, and Nick. To him the MC was a secondary alliance that he thought he could get to protect his girls throughout the game and when it came down to MC vs. Jeremy’s ladies, he would have turned on the MC in a heartbeat.
MC never had a chance of making it all the way because Jeremy would have made sure they didn’t.

Butters Mom

I think it would be funny if Aaryns moms PR people were able to get word to her to start a fight with GM and Kaitlin and Judd and Elissa and throw out words like Cracker and Honkie… People would just scratch their heads . I guarantee it wouldnt end up on “The Talk” or the news . I doubt it would end up on BB . I honestly can’t see how PR can put a spin on Aaryn to get rid of her bad publicity. I like the old BB seasons when race wasnt the only thing people talked about… I wish CBS and the fans were more invested in the game play than the race card. I could not care a bit about who wins BB15. I dont like any of them. I am a loyal fan and Im ready for this season to be over already. Lets just scrap it and start BB16 next week.


I sorry but what race card did CBS played. Everything that was air is what Aaryan and the other mean girls said. It was not the “race card” but true racism

Butters Mom

They only presented what aaryn said…. not what the others have said and they are milking it on julie chens “the talk” as well. it is for ratings. did I say aaryn didnt make racist comments… no i did not say that…. obivously she did. CBS is playing the race card because they are sensationalizing it and pinning it on one person…its one sided editing.. if viewers dont watch the feeds, or after dark or read these spoilers, they dont know others are saying things just as bad… julie chen was personally offended because of what aaryn said about helen… they didnt edit helen in a bad light even though everyone here knows how she let her HOH go to her head and threaten people but they showed Jeremy being a bully. Its playing the race card on this site when people say things like vote amanda out… she’s a racist because she wants Howard out. over and over and over again. There are reasons for amanda to want howard out other than his race. I think she finds him a threat because the MC alliance kept saying they wanted her out.. they told Mccray over and over again she needed to go. He was aligned with McCray and she wants McCray to only be aligned to her. Howard has admitted to throwing comps, lying, and he’s playing a quiet game which scares amanda because she doesnt know where his true loyalty is. He’s playing a pretty good game…. give him credit for that… rather than say someone would only want him out because of his race. Every time Howards name or Candice’s name comes up for being on the block… are you going to scream racism? Are they just supposed to float to the end because it would be racist to nominate them or vote them out? CBS showed what Aaryn said in a special edited segment sensationalizing it over and above anyone else’s comments because they wanted to redirect the heat of the comments made by viewers off of themselves and onto someone who was saying it. If they had set up rules against making racial slurs or comments from the start … then they could have removed those guilty from the game and a less controversial issue would have been made of the whole ordeal… but what is happening is great for their ratings… while they are saying they dont condone it or like it…. they are loving it all the way to the bank because EVERYONE is talking about BB15 and tuning in to watch what is being talked about it. I blame CBS for sensationalizing it. Aaryn and the others are responsible for their own actions but maybe they would have been more self controlled and not made those comments if it were against the rules and then Howard and Candice wouldnt have had to be vitimized by them on national tv. maybe amanda is a racist.. maybe she isnt… not for me to say… she has reasons to want howard out though other than his race…. it would be nice if those saying otherwise would acknowledge that. im certain someone reading this will call me a racist because i voiced my opinion on the subject… because everyone who disagrees with them obviously is. (idiots)


Don’t blame CBS for sensationalizing it. This is exactly what the producers wanted when they cast the show. Make no mistakes about it, the vetting process didn’t fail and a couple of racists sneaked through. They knew exactly who they were putting in the house this season and what they would say and do.
It’s been said before and I will say it again. Just look at the fish tank in the HoH bathroom. It is no coincidence that there are only solid black and solid white fish in there.

Butters Mom

I agree with you on that…and also thought it was no coincidence that the fish were black and white… producers knew what they were doing.


Wonder what happens if Aaryn is the third nom and wins pov who gets put in her place? Wonder if they just leave it with two or go for the second highest votes hmmmm

Different Name

Jen, wonder no more. Go to the CBS site and read the conditions as it states it clearly what happens in that circumstance.


I hope that helen goes up some way some how she made too many promises to people


Helen needs to go


Helen in her rant to JUDD about AAryn says, “She wants to bring me & Eilssa down cause when she was on the block she made a deal with me to keep me & Elissa safe & off the block, to not put us up & we would not vote her out” WOW! some game you have there Helen…

Pretty Trickster

I think Judd is hysterical. I would love to see him make it to the end. I DID like Helen but her going bananas and being a control freak made me EHHH