Big Brother 15 Spoilers Helen tells Aaryn if she wins HOH it’s not Aaryn’s HOH it’s the houses

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


7:36pm Bedroom Aaryn and Howard
Aaryn mentions how KAitlin and Jeremy are campaigning against her.
Aaryn saying she feels 100% alone, “Gina is integrating into the house.. she doesn’t really talk to me”
Aaryn: ‘It’s hard.. I feel like I had their backs.. I understand Kaitlin wants him to stay.. it really sucks”
Howard: “Look get yourself together and get ready to play HOH everything is going to change.. when the balance of power changes people will do whatever”
Howard says he feels the same way “I feel that alone to I feel that i’m umm.. just kinda out there since i’ve been outed and ostracized for basically playing the game “
Howard: “It won’t even be the same after tomorrow” leaves tells her the power will change it’s a new game don’t worry about it.

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7:36pm Bedroom Aaryn and Gina

Aaryn is asking why Jeremy and Kaitlin have been throwing her under the bus. She’s been loyal to the all along and would never think of doing that. She says they should be campaigning to get Spencer out because he was the one lying to them all.
Gina tells her she needs to relax and not piss anybody off. Aaryn says that Gina doesn’t even hang out with her anymore. Gina disagrees says she hangs out with everybody, “I love you more than anybody in this house”. Gina explains that you need to talk to everyone in the house that was what Nick told her, “you have to make your rounds with everybody so everyone likes you equally.


7:39pm HOH Helen and Howard

Howard is excited for tomorrow he wants to see what the competition is like, he doesn’t think it’s going to be exotic because they haven’t started building in the backyard yet. Helen is happy she doesn’t have to compete it’s nice to take a break.
Howard mentions that Aaryn has been crying because she feels alone in this game he tried to tell her everything will be OK.

Helen tells him the best thing for him is to get behind Elissa because of the twist.

(This is your standard Helen HOH Conv .. flashback is your friend)

8:11pm bathroom Elissa, Candace and kaitlin
They are getting ready for talk show tonight.,
Elissa is saying she wishes Helen was HOH for a second week it would be great. Kaitlin: “Expect the unexpected”


8:15pm Helen and Aaryn

Aaryn swears that she’s never said anything about putting Helen and Elissa up.
Helen: “OK thats all I want to hear from you OK.. I think you’re strong and can win HOH OK.. I don’t obviously want to make a mistake this week…. but if you win it I want to be happy that you won because I’m not going up and neither is Elissa.. you know what I mean”

Aaryn says why would she do that she doesn’t have any numbers to get them out. Aaryn starts to whimper says that the two people she thought were her friends are telling lies about her.
Helen wants her to promise that she won’t put her and Elissa up. Helen also says if she wins HOH she really should do what the house wants and make it a house HOH.

Helen says she is much closer to Gina than Kaitlin so she ask Gina if Aaryn was targeting them next week and she told her no.

Elissa walks in to use the bathroom Helen tells her that Aaryn isn’t targeting them next week.

Aaryn brings up that it was Spencer that started the whole hat fight with her and Candace he was the one that told her Candace was sitting on the hat.
Aaryn asks who she would put up if she wins HOH. helen says Aaryn would need to consult the house because the house controls who goes home every week.


8:36pm HOH Helen and Candace
Helen says Aaryn was just promising not to put her and Elissa up next week.
Helen: “Jeremy is going home anyways I just wanted to make sure she swore up and down to me”
Helen says she really does think Aaryn wouldn’t put her up”
Candace doesn’t think Aaryn would come after Helen either. She’s not sure who Aaryn would target though.
Aaryn asked Helen who she should put up if she wins HOH tomorrow and Helen told her “This isn’t Aaryn’s HOH you gotta make it the houses HOH…. and she agreed”
Helen: “I told GM the same thing if you win HOH you have to do what the house wants you to do”
Helen says that Andy has enough sway with Kaitlin to keep them safe but there is always the chance Aaryn would put her and McCrae up.

Helen says you don’t want her to put up a Judd or McCrae they want her to put up a Kaitlin or Gina. Helen says that Spencer needs to leave soon. Candace says she doesn’t trust Spencer and wouldn’t take Spencer off the block if she won POV.


8:53pm Bathroom Aaryn and Elissa

Aaryn apologizing for the “mis understandings” and the drama between them.
Elissa feels that Aaryn has been putting words in her mouth. She was saying that Elissa talks badly about the other girls. Elissa denies doing this says to Aaryn “you’re a nonexistent entity to me”. Elissa is neutral toward Aaryn doesn’t have any personal feelings directed to her.
Aaryn says she doesn’t have any bad feelings towards Elissa. Aaryn just wants Elissa to know if Aaryn wins Head of household she won’t nominate Elissa. Aaryn says she doesn’t have to accept her apology she just wants Elissa to know she’s not her target, “you will see from my actions”
Aaryn brings up the whorehouse comment says that it upsets her. Elissa explains that it wasn’t direct towards Aaryn. Brings up that Aaryn was renting out the HOH room to couples.. Elissa does agree that she shouldn’t have said that but it wasn’t directed at Aaryn
Aaryn brings up when Elissa told everyone that Aaryn on the HOH because she was taking Adderall. Aaryn adds that she was happy to win HOH and they both know it wasn’t because of the Adderall
Elissa: “I don’t want to talk to you I feel that you and I have nothing in common and I don’t think us talking to each other is smart.. it’s just something I’m not comfortable with”
Aaryn :”OK thats fine“

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9:38pm the girls are doing “The View” or “The talk” I don’t know. Great time to get the feeds.
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Love hearing Elissa be a complete snob to Aaryn. Just supports my claim that Elissa is literally the exact same as Aaron (maybe worse), and they both act like two high school girls having a fight. Seriously can’t stand this season, wish I had more to do this summer so I wouldn’t have to tune in.

America is MENTAL for voting Elissa for MVP. She’s a complete C-word and is ruining the game


Just an FYI: If you call somebody the N-word, you’re still calling that person a n****r…and if you call somebody the C-word, you’re still calling them a c**t…so just call her a c**t and skip the PC semantics.


You’re rude! I know it’s a game and all and Elissa is not playing the best game but there’s no need to say she’s anything like a c*nt! Aaryn, Kaitlin and GM are the definition of that word if you wanna talk about c*nty houseguests. I actually think Elissa’s niceness is what makes her so bad at this game. She’s nothing like Rachel! R. Was mean and very catty.


Atleast Elissa told her to her face she wants nothing to do with her, something none of the other houseguest have the balls to do. Everything is behind someone’s back with the rest of them. I give her props for that. Plus, Aaryn has said despicable things about Elissa, like her child not being her husbands and all that!

Ted Marie

Wow James! U really need to get a hobby other than watching BB if it brings out that much anger in u. Really, u have to call women c u next Tuesday names?! That is very disgusting and unnecessary, and if the tv show brings u to that level u should probably try figuring out ways to hang out with Spencer when the show is over.


Elissa really is a bit*h. I mean how old is this woman and yet she is acting like a little spoiled brat. I think she is so much worse. She needs to go home and grow up. She reminds me of Rachel the first time Rachel did BB more and more, and that is not meant as a compliment. Can’t stand Helen anyway and she is becoming just as big of a bully as Jeremy is. Really hope somehow Howard, Aaryn, Candice and maybe Judd and Jessie can make an alliance, and vote Helen and Elissa out along with Kaitlin and Spencer and Andy, who is nothing but a scurrying little rat that looks like an Oompah Loompah!!! Why is he so orange?


She was a woman about it! Straight up not fake! Fake and childish would be to kiss Aaryns ass!


Spencer and Judd just now on live feeds said do not get how Gina Marie has said worse things than Aaryn on the show but she gets away with it because she is “funny’. Also, amazing that Amanda stated earlier that she does not understand why Aaryn was getting all the blame for being a racist when in reality she was the Racist. Wow, wonder if CBS will air this, but I doubt it.


At least Elissa was straight up with Aaryn! Aaryn talked so much crap about Elissa you can’t blame Elissa for not wanting to talk to her. Whether it’s good game play or not, at least she’s real.


James I do not know you but, clearly you do have some issues. First, Sunshine, there is a difference a HUGE difference between being a Mean Girl and a Racist!!! TRUST!! Let’s begin with the comparison that you have label a “Mean Girl” (Elissa) to the unapologetic “Racist” (Aaryn)…How you equate those two is still making mr shake my head as I type this! How is Elissa a snob; for, the last two weeks Aaryn has been NOTHING but the “Mean Girl” to her and a racist toward Helen, Candace and Andy. So, now Ms. Racist, (she on the block and wants Elissa vote her to stay, funny how things work in the house..huh!) wants to apologize to Elissa for being MEAN and NASTY for no reason!!!! Aaryn has realize that she could very well go home and NOW she wants to play nice…which she should have been doing from day one! Jeremy, Kaitlyn, GinaMarie and Aaryn have been bullying and running the house for the last three when the power shift (not in their favor) they whine, “this game is not fun,” “I want to leave”…etc…..then Aaryn (with the others watching and NOT stopping, which makes it worst) show their immaturity even more by attempting to gang-up on Jessie and flipping Howard and Candace bed and throwing their clothing on the floor…all the while (Aaryn and GM) throwing racial slurs at Candace….so, yeah, if I were Elissa I would be a snob and NOT accept Aaryn apology either! How you think that is fine…so, Aaryn want to apology and now you want Elissa to accept and everything is fine…WHAT WORLD ARE YOU LIVING IN?!

I do not know you if you a man or woman and how you were raised; but, you calling Elissa the C-Word…REALLY…NO FOR REAL! GROW UP! Oh, yes, just to let you know again, BEING A MEAN GIRL IS NOT THE SAME AS BEING A RACIST!

billy bob

this could be the most annoying cast ever,right now my ears hurt watching the live feeds,


Elissa is saying she wishes Helen was HOH for a second week it would be great. Kaitlin: “Expect the unexpected”. lol at this point I think elissa is the only one in the world that wants Helen to win hoh ever again and maybe her family. She has to be the most arrogant annoying HOH ever

Just Saying

Helen and Elissa both need put on the block. They should have voted Elissa out week one!! I hate this twist…its not even a MVP…just a way to give oh girl a nom each week. This season sucks!! These guys better get it together before they are all evicted!!


They already did…


Yea we saw how the lame guy alliance worked out! lol

Shelley O'Brien

Elissa and Helen are playing EVERYONE but Howie… Howie is not stupid….This Elissa MVP must stop. Howie will shake-up the house. Enough Queen Helen & Elissa

No James

Right James anyone who doesn’t agree with you is MENTAL. Elissa has shown no C WORD tendencies-she seems calm and controlled and is merely playing this game. If she’s ruining the game for you don’t watch.


Are you kidding me? I’m watching BBAD for the first time on TVGN or whatever it is.. ( used to watch every night on showtime in the past Please Showtime take it back)!!!!!!! Are they Really doing a parody of The Talk? Tuned in late but OMG…. With Helen acting as Julie? Oye Vay…


I’m actually loving this season, its the first one in a long time I’ve been really invested in because of the cast. People can bitch but look whose still watching

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Helen has graduated to being a bully just as bad as Jeremy and Aaryn, this hypocrite telling someone their HOH is the house’s HOH, and they HAVE to do what the house says, who the f**k is you?

Helen, your dictatorship is over, now get ready to go back on the block and hopefully slop too, you so richly deserve it, Your Highness.

STFU Donnie

I’m holding out hope that somebody other than Elissa gets MVP (Howard) and keeps it secret, telling nobody. Then this person nominates Helen. And in the immediate aftermath, spreads the rumor that Elissa was pissed how Helen cut her out of this weeks HOH deliberations then started promising safety from Elissa to everybody and that maybe this is her warning shot.

I don’t care who goes, I just want to see Helen go full out crazy fascist while out of power and on the block, going around threatening anybody who votes her out.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

That would actually be a great strategy, let the house believe Elissa put up one of her allies. Best Drama EVER this season.

If America were smarter, they would want to be the instigators of some unexpected dramatic entertainment in the house where nobody knows what’s going on, but unfortunately they’re not. They’ve done nothing, but make the season uneventful for the viewers as well as the HGs.

Way to go CBS, putting power in the hands of sheeple.


Helen and Elissa will not go up at this point. Howard is working Elissa and Candice so i think he goes after either Aaryn and Kaitlyn or Amanda and Mcrae. Aaryn is the only one i see putting up Helen or Elissa.


I would definitely prefer to see Amanda or McCrae out of the house next week. I’m amazed at the way Amanda bootstomped her way around the house this past week, telling everyone what to do, who to vote for, spreading rumors, etc. Considering she isn’t the HOH, that showed a lot of audacity on her part. I shudder to think of what behavior would be if and when she becomes HOH. Picture the Red Queen: “Off with their heads!” As for McCrae, well, he’s her partner in crime. He’ll do just about anything Amanda tells him to do. I don’t view him as obnoxious or as big a threat as Amanda. Early on in the game I liked Amanda until she started channeling Britney.

7 Seven 7

It looks like nick might not be the only one needing a restraining order (Gina Marie), Judd might also need one on Jessie After the show.


judd and jess just have a friendship and connection and trust to be able to talk game – its just fun and casual and respectful, nothing serious at all


Did Helen make a U turn and get off on the wrong exit for Disneyland. She is telling Aaryn and Kaitlin that the HOH is for the whole house. Wow! So the whole house is going to put themselves up? How does this work? Do you ask for volunteers among the house guests to go home? As far as Amanda, she needs Howard out. Once Howard is out there would be no one else that could challenge her BS. Amanda is very domineering and confrontational. She is telling Elissa how she put her neck on the line for her. Amanda, you stuck your neck on the line for yourself. If Moving Company was still in business, you were on your way out. You didn’t do Elissa any big favor, you helped yourself and it happened to also save Elissa.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

I hope Aaryn,Kaitlin or GM wins HOH and puts up Helen or Elissa again with someone else, and backdoor the other in case they win POV.

I think Amanda and McCrae would be down.


Kaitlin and GM have already said they wouldn’t put Helen and Elissa up. Guess your rooting for Aaryn! lol


Just so you know. In BB, HG’s tell each other what they want to hear. And that always changes week to week depending on who is HOH . So until you hear somebody say it in the DR, it’s to be taken with a grain of salt.

Greg 3.0

Quick question: Do you think BBUS has “jumped the shark”?


They would have no reason to jump the shark. Ratings are moderately good from season to season. Only when a series is on it’s deathbed would producers jump the shark. I’m not sure what aspect of the show you are referring to anyhow? MVP? If it’s the MVP I’d say that was just a lame idea from a late night brainstorming session between the production team. At least they didn’t hand the first HOH to someone who answers a phone.

The People's HOH

Helen is a babbling fool. At this point I wouldn’t mind her leaving instead of Jeremy. Please, please make it stop!


I think I would self-evict right about now.

I feel like Ogre in Revenge of the Nerds on the balcony: “NERDS…NERDS…NERDS!!!!”


How do I get the feeds can anyone tell me what the promo code means help


That would be great if whoever won HOH put Helen on the block, and congratulate her by saying ” The house won HOH and just as your majesty requested the house voted that we want you out Helen”. Be careful of what you wish for Helen. I’m really annoyed at the females which are trying to be Rachael 5.0, and most of the females came into the house being mean girls RACHAEL they want a showmance RACHAEL they cry when they don’t get their way RACHAEL. The only person not acting like Rachael is her sister and Candace.


Helen is CRAZY!!! What game is she playing? How can the house decide every week? I don’t get how she thinks. What happens when the house wants her out? She really believes that she can be in an alliance with EVERYONE!!!! DELUSIONAL!!


It’s so funny how Aaryn is crying to Howard and how GM was being consoled by Candace. They have been so mean to them both and the people who they have directed the most hate towards are the ones they are crying to, talking about how alone they feel. KARMA IS A B*TCH!!!!


I am actually very proud of Candace and Howard. I think they actually get that it was not meant as being a racist and that she is just so young, stupid and ignorant. Now if Julie Chen just gets off of her soap box it would be great.


LOL, Candace and Howard know very well Aaryn comments are racial, but they are being the bigger person and playing the game. “keep your enemy close”


Ellisa is a total dbag. Even her sister wasn’t this annoying on her first season. Also, even through the tv Helen sounds like a low level Democrat hack consultant. I need a shower.


Maybe if Aaryn would learn how to give a heart felt apology instead of a “sorry for the mis-understanding” people would accept it. She never takes responsibility for anything. You can’t say you offered someone the olive branch when you continue to bring up things that were said. If she wants to start over and let the past go then she needs to shut up about it. She has said some horrible things about Elissa and the fact that Elissa knows that Aaryn’s days are probably numbered, I don’t blame Elissa for not accepting her “apology”. Yes it is a game but life is too short to have conversations with someone you don’t want to talk to. If Aaryn’s side of the house was still in control she would not even speak to Elissa. Aaryn made it personal, just as she did with Jessie and Candice. If you bring “personal” into a game then don’t expect people to forgive and forget. Aaryn then told GM about the conversation but left out the part about her bringing up all the things that Elissa said. Again, not taking responsibility.

king wolverine

Aaryn can’t give a heart-felt apology. She need a heart to do that

Aaryn fan yeah I said it

Who does Helen think she is ugh I agree with Aaryn when she said that this was going to be a long week I hope Helen ends up on the block

STFU Donnie

“the girls are doing “The View” or “The talk” I don’t know. Great time to get the feeds.”

Simon, this has to be the hardest two sentences you’ve ever had to write back-to-back….


Next week the HOH should backdoor Helen….


Nope…….it will never happen!!!!!!!!!


It will never happen. Helen still be safe!!!!


Helen will never be Backdoored. PERIOD!!!!


heh heh… calm down Cpt. Sounds like someone has a soft spot for Helen. Hate to tell you this, but Helen just proved that she needs to go, you don’t want to be sitting next to her in the final two.


Quote from Daniel Bryan: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!! Helen is not going anywhere!!!!!!! I’m sure she is too smart for it. Beside, Aaryn is going home!!!!


“Helen also says if she wins HOH she really should do what the house wants and make it a house HOH. ”

Girl, it’s a single-person title for a reason. I’m sure the MVP (a.k.a. Elissa) will get whoever they want out anyway, so let everyone else do their own thing. This is so stupid. You’re not intimidating anyone. “The house” wants Aaryn out soon, right? So should should self-evict?


Can’t believe i actually like rachel more the her sister.


OMG. Helen is a genius. She has basically gotten all her enemies to nominate someone else other than her and Elissa if they win HOH by extending the olive branch. She and Elissa are poised for a final 2 run. No one is going to put them up for fear of getting on their bad side and going home the next week. Helen and Elissa are by far playing the best game and it’s not even close.

Janelle pov queen

Not Aaryn crying to the people she talk the most shit about girl go get a job

Charlie Hustle

The House’s HOH? Does Helen imagine three people volunteering for the block and one sacrificing themselves for eviction? Helen must love the sound of her own voice, because she can’t really believe the 794 deals or agreements she’s made this week will hole. If she dares to cry when the inevitable “back stabbing” occurs I will question her sanity. I had so much hope for her.




my cable provider does not even show that no name channel… grr


Wow… I think this is the first time I feel like the majority of viewers are like the ppl in the BB House, one week we like Helen and the next we want her evicted.


Oh lord Candass thinks Howard is a softie – she dumb

Butters Mom

My kids have put on better skits than the after dark “the view” or “the talk” whatever that was…. so nails on a chalk board hard to listen to and watch!


I hate everyone on the show. CBS should bring in a few replacements


Let’s see. Aaryn calls Elissa horrible names for 3 weeks, is verbally abusive to minority housemates, and is generally just mean and catty to everyone except those in her clique, and now that she is without power, is sucking up to the very people she was so horrible to, and Elissa is wrong for not wanting any part of that? Really? Elissa, whom I don’t care for, is being honest to Aaryn. It’s a real world consequence she brought about herself. Honestly, game or no game, money or no money, I feel she is being honest with Aaryn, and that might be the best thing for Aaryn to wake her up to just how hurtful she has been to those undeserving of her hate. Would any one of us be able to be fake to Aaryn after all that has gone down. I know I wouldn’t be able to be in the same room as Aaryn without giving her a piece of my mind. And I’m not living with her. Can you imagine being on the receiving end of such hate? Do you think if Aaryn is in power gain, that she will be a kinder, nicer Aaryn? Please. She sucking up to stay in the BB house.

I say kudos to Eliisa. She has convictions and principles and so far is standing up for them.


Agreed. Elissa got my props. Since the HOH was won that night, Elissa has been just avoiding them and when they do actually start talking, you get what happened last night… Aaryn trying to turn it around and take the heat off herself. She is horrible at taking any responsibility for the position that she is in and Elissa can see that. So why bother, just shut it down with a cordial response and walk away, and that in itself has to burn Aaryn to the core.


Everyone attacking James for his use of a bad word and not his message. Nevermind the fact that Ellissa and this extra vote is out of control. It renders the HOH useless for a lot of people. James is correct in saying Ellissa is a snob. Candace handled Aaryn’s apology with class and dignity. What a contrast between Candace’s mature attitude and Ellissa acying like a 3 year old who’s blanky was taken from her. She should know she’s in the MOM Squad aka the Mother Dearests.

forgiveness will set you free

Exactly Candice and Howard both have class, and Elissa acts like a 2 year old and does not know how to accept an apology or forgive. She is a really bad example for her children.


Their talk show sucked. Helen’s voice droning on and on, GM loud and delusional. A lame attempt to do what Brit and Hayden did with “Just the Tip”, which was hysterical! I agree with Judd, that show is dangerous. I must have pulled out half of my hair just listening to it.

Bring Back The GLASSBOX

Can’t win with you suckas lol… if she would have pretended to be nice to Aaryn then she is fake… but since she was straight up with her she is a C word. Yous guys are nuts…. that girl


Nope, I could respect a player that puts the personal aside and realizes they are playing a game. You need to play people to win. I am a superfan and I understand the difference between who these people are in the real world and who they are as players in the house. Lying and being fake is part of the game. I don’t hold that against them if they lie smart and if that lie is told for a specific purpose to further their game. Do you judge a person’s character because they bluff when playing poker? It’s a game, and the whole point is to bluff and be called out.

Bring back The GLASS BOX

Elissa HANDLED HER BUSINESS. Go ahead girlfriend…. I am still team Macramanda and team Candward though ;)


I think at this point I would vote for Dawg over Elissa lmao


A vote for Dawg is a vote for a brighter future! ;)