Big Brother Spoilers “Vegas.. VEGAS.. partying her a$$ off in the craziest clubs .. I’m being Texas on my boat”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


8:28pm Cam 3-4 backyard Amanda and Elissa

Amanda is saying Jeremy is bullying everyone in the house. Amanda knows what the numbers are she is confident Elissa is staying but people are swaying.

Elissa says Jeremy has a bromance with Jeremy and Spencer. Amanda says they are all going to be evicted fast once Jeremy loses the power
Amanda: “Spencer can’t win shit and he’s f*** annoying” Amanda adds that Jeremy isn’t going to stick by Spencer next week, “Spencer talks sh!t with everyone” (So spencer’s game is crashing into the mud)

Elissa: ‘I want to try and win something before I got like something.. As long as what’s her name stays away from me but I don’t care honestly I don’t want to be with people I have nothing in common with”
Elissa asks MCrea if he thinks Nick is staying.
McCrea: “It’s the perfect opportunity to get Nick out”
Elissa asks Amanda if she is thinking about voting out Nick. Amanda says yes she wants him out.

Amanda wonders who will get MVP if she is gone. Elissa thinks it will be Andy or Helen.
Elissa: ‘I didn’t know I was getting it I literally didn’t”

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8:37pm Andy, Gina, Jeremy, Aaryn, Nick
The conversation is centered on Kaitlin.
Jeremy mentions how he’s not taking things personally . Aaryn tells him they are the same person.
Jeremy: “uhh good.. we’re on a team”
Jeremy tells them if Kaitlin goes on the block with one of them she is going to self destruct .
Aaryn: “But you will campaign for her.. and that’s what scares me”
Jeremy: “It Depends it really does.. I might sound like an a$$hole but i’m not going to ruin my game plan for someone else. “
Aaryn: “Ya I guess”
J: “I’m here to play.. I’m not taking any of this shit personal i’m going to play as hard and as long as I can”
Jeremy tells her that all these things are out of his control all he can do is sit here and play.
Aaryn is worried if her and Kaitlin get put up on the block that he’ll campaign against her.
J: “I’m not going to campaign against my own team mates.. I’ll stay out of it I won’t take one side”
Aaryn: “But when you developed a relationship”
Jeremy explains they have developed a game relationship and a relationship, “I’m sorry if this sounds a$$holeish but I dig the chick a lot and I definitely feel her.. but She’s going to vegas after this i’m going to Texas I’m not doing the long distance relationship.. that’s not my style.. I can’t do that shit.. I’m not going to sit around wait for some girl while she’s out in Vegas”
J: “Vegas.. VEGAS.. partying her a$$ off in the craziest clubs.. getting hit on by the richest dudes.. I’m not f***ing around .. I’m being texas on my boat.. “
Aaryn: “That entire paragraph of words you just said just makes it obvious how much you really like her”
Aaryn tells him they’ve only been in the house for a couple weeks what till it’s like after 8 weeks and see how he feels about her.
Jeremy: “I did it before with a girl named Alex Mitchell I dated her for a year… feeds cut..


9:19pm Random chit chat in the backyard


9:32pm Cam 3-4 MCrea and Jeremey

Jeremy: “I really think it’s going to be exposed.. Amanda is already catching on”
McCrea:”How do you know”
Jeremy explains that he was napping in the HOH and heard the girls talking about Amanda saying there is a 4 guys alliance in the house.
McCrea: “She thinks it’s you, Spencer and Nick“
J: “I hear that to “
McCrea: “She wants to work with me and do whatever I want to do”

Jer: “I think Spencer is just skeptical because he has no numbers and he wants these big number groups.. MC has to be MC under the tables.”
McCrea makes sure Jeremy knows that he wants to keep Amanda around but not at teh determent of the Moving Company.
J: “She keeps throwing me under the bus that is what i’ve been told”
McCrea says she’s voting with them 100% but she wanted to make a deal with Nick And Jeremy first. She’s is worried Nick will get MVP next week
Jer says she thinks she’s smarter than she is and she’s going to shoot herself in the foot. He adds that Amanda keeps running around the house acting like she knows who is winning MVP when she actually has no clue.
Jer: “She keeps going up there and putting things in Aaryn’s head”

McCrea: “I think she’s totally wrapped up in me right now”
Jeremy tells him to chill and just wait until they find out who wins the HOH. J: “If anything happens to her you will know first.. if someone wants to BD her i’ll say something because that’s not MC style”
J: ‘There’s sh!t going around and a lot more coming.. Candace is trying to sabotage me like no other.. we gotta get Elissa out this week and then HOH is that night and MC has to win it”
McCrea: “I want to keep her around until jury house”
J: “It’s possible.. she just needs to keep her mouth shut”
McCrea: “I’m always having to watch her.” McCrea adds that Amanda has been much better today.

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Yellow Jacket Fan

Ok. Here’s a suggestion. If you could tell each houseguest one thing what would you say to each of them. I will start.

Aaryn: Eva Braun would be proud of you if she were still alive. Good luck finding a job after the show (j/k).
Spencer: You are a true snake in the grass and the rest of the house is catching on.
Kaitlyn: You truly were meant to be a barmaid.
Amanda: Your tits may just win you that booby prize, a trip out the door,
Andy: You are on the right track by keeping Elissa.
Candice: Spot on that there is a guy alliance. Hang in there.
Elissa: Kick ass and take some names. Get Jeremy out.
GinaMarie: You are so expendable and cheap I think I would throw you away as I would as a used McDonald’s cheeseburger wrapper. Good luck in the unemployment line.
Helen: Do NOT Trust Spencer and Howard.
Howard: be a turncoat and align against the Moving Company. The rest of the house will love you for it.
Jeremy: Foul mouthed, misogynistic, class envying piece of _______.
Jessie: I’d ask for phone number but I am pretty sure every guy in Texas already has it.
Judd: Is confusion hereditary? You seem to have cornered the market on it.
McCrae: A pizza boy is your true calling. Stick with it!
Nick: More shady than a big oak tree in the summer sunshine.

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

You did a fine job. Lol!


YES hang in there candace, im rooting for u to win HOH this week, so u can share ur beautiful story

#TeamCandice! !!!!!!!!!


Wow. Thanks for sharing that. Great story.

little sister season 69

Precious. It’s like you read my FREAKING mind! Sage advice, to say the least and I admire not only the joyful wit but the logic of it all as well. Referencing Eva Braun? That was just showing off…LOVED it. May I add a few words? It would be an honor. 1. To A-R-Y-A-N…getting canned isn’t THAT big of a bummer; you could always convince that lifeguard dude to invest in some beat-up Doc Martins and a wife-beater, tattoo your eyelids with twin swastikas and cross over model for any number of the White Power/Aryan-Nation Publications online. 2. To Less-Smart-Less-Wealthy-Less-Talented-Ugly-Ashton-Kutcher….Your so called “Native American” brothers and sisters would roll over in their maize before claiming you as kin. The only trait you share with the original Americans is this: THEY: skillfully crafted some simple yet beautiful and sustainable tools. YOU: are a tool. 3. To Gina-Marie….the stables at the Kentucky Derby called; two of their trotters are missing their manes and winters coming. Also, Christina Aguillara circa 2006 called; she wants her weave back. Also, Staten Island called; they said we (California) can keep you……and finally 4. To Mcrae….please be safe in the knowledge that very, very soon not a single person in or outside that house will be questioning your identity when suspecting the whole “delivery- boy” act is just that and that you are actually either Albert Einstein’s second cousin twice removed or Ben Stein’s secret love-child with the chess- playing chicken. Minds will finally be put at ease and all will be right with the world…Amen.

Yellow Jacket Fan

I think the live studio audience should heckle the jerks in the house when Julie tries to talk to them. If Julie asks Aryan, Spencer, GM, or Jeremy a question the people should chant “racist, racist, racist” so all the houseguests know that America does not approve of that b.s.


I can’t wait till Thursday. Aaryn will be biggest surprise ever. Everybody will chant “RACIST, RACIST, RACIST”. Even Julie will give the opportunity to grill Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer, or even Jeremy.

little sister season 69

Or they should chant, “Raisins! Raisins! Raisins!” and throw raisins at them.


Someone needs to be smart enough to figure that one of the ways they can get to Aaryn’s side of the house is to let her know that Nick voted David out. I’m thinking this would be pretty tough since Nick really would make sense as the 5th vote for Elissa last week…it’s definitely worth a shot though!


It seems Aaryn has found a new punching bag in Kaitlyn. She has backed off of Elissa this and Elissa that today

Amandas Vagina

I want some alcohol so I can bust out of these shorts and spread love all over this house.


McCrea is a whipped puppy. I think if he knew that MC was going to put Amanda up next, he would consider voted out Nick.


Would be awesome if Helen or Amanda wins HoH and put up GinaMarie & Kaitlyn on the Block while Helen got MVP to put up Aaryn as third nominee. That way, all three mean girls would be on the block. Jeremy would say “What should I do? Do I have veto GinaMarie, Kaitlyn, or even Aaryn?” That would be suck for Jeremy.

production rigged it

At this point in the game i didn’t think i would be saying Candace is actually the smartest person in the house but in my opinion she is. Now keep in mind i didn’t say best game player or social player, i just said smartest. I say that because she was the one that figured out the guy’s alliance. It would be epic if she won HOH and MVP both this week because she would be smart enough to put up 3 of the guys and 1 of them would definitely go home and there would be absolutely nothing the MC could do about it. Could you imagine if Jeremy, Nick and Spencer were all on the block at the same time, talk about exciting it would surely make for an interesting week. Hopefully this happens because if her and Helen both go in the next 2 weeks then if will make for another predictable season because we will know who will make it to the end just like the Brigade did which made that season terribly predictable.


my mvp vote for candice a good lovely person not bully racist or ugly to people like jermmy, kilkan ,ayran, spencer


Big Brother After Dark is terrible. This cast is terrible. This season is terrible.


Then don’t watch

little sister season 69

Every season people say that. And every season they watch it again. Isn’t the definition of insanity something like doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result each time? Just saying.


If MC was as smart as they think they are they would actually split the votes and get rid of Helen (I hope they don’t figure that out though).

Elissa won’t keep winning MVP, and Helen and Candice are the smartest females in that house and have potential if they can hold on through these next couple of weeks (especially Candice, if anyone associated with Jeremy or MC gets HOH she’s probably done 🙁 )

Elissa will never be able to make any real alliances to go far in this game but Helen has, can, and will. At some point they will stop trying for easy targets and Candice will really be able to move then. If I were in the house I would be thinking about getting rid of Helen before her and Candice completely figure it out (they are already about 75% there)

Eric Smith

I hope that some of these people awake from their hibernation and start playing the game: Judd, Jessie, Candice, Kaitlyn

Johnny Boy

A part of me feels saddened that Elissa will more than likely go home. But another half of me tells that part to shut up because of the lack of game she has displayed. Besides Amanda has she went to anyone and really started campaigning to stay? No, she blindly accepts Andy and Amanda telling her she will have the votes to stay, and continues to bond with Helen…oh wait Helen’s on the block too and can’t give you a vote to stay. Also I’m not one of those people who believe competitions are everything, but I can’t wait to see the Veto where she displayed another lack of game by not saving herself by winning the veto. Overall she’s a nice person, but she hasn’t really been that involved in the game and she sort of doesn’t live up to the expectations people had about her going I’m, which were that she was going to be one way or another really involved and a factor in the entire hierarchy of the house.

billy bob

honestly i think Elissa got fuked from the start,being rachel sister puts on a big target,
and look at her she’s like the terminator,she’s cut like bruce lee,
she eats good,and being a have not for 2 weeks fuked her up,
she almost beat jermey and a tweaked out aaryon in that hoh,
the nfl bans aderrall ,they say its a performance enhancer,lol
and it even took cheating to beat elissa,that girls in shape,
to bad it looks like she leaving,if she had food in her she’d probably beat jeremy head to head in a endurance comp,


I remember in year’s past, back when BB was a truly great game, how HG’s used to handle evictions, specifically what they would tell nominees. It used to be a rare thing when somebody was done in by those he/she thought were his/her friends. Situations near the end of the game where it was a last minute switch or when one or two HG’s had to lie because not only were they evicting the nominee, but they were turning on other allies, who they would then have to try and fix the relationship after the fact. Again, these were the rare instances.

In the past, it used to be that when the nominee was campaigning and you were planning to vote against them, you at least gave them the courtesy of saying you were still undecided (and then you broke the decision on the day of the eviction). But now HG’s just flat out lie and tell the nominee their safe, often for no other purpose than out of fear. This practice kills the game or at least the fun of the viewers. It’s boring knowing that Elissa is done precisely because she thinks she is 99.9% safe and has no chance to even think of a plan B, much less implement it. It’s also poor sportsmanship. I want all the cowardly HG’s to say to Elissa that they don’t know how they’re going to vote yet. Give her the chance to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Now I get the MC has a plan, but it’s their attempted micromanagement that is going to blow up in their face. Now if they told Elissa they were still up in the air, letting her know she’s not safe, who knows what she might do. It may very well play to their advantage. If they ever watched Dr. Will (the greatest player ever), then they should know that you can’t play from fear and you can’t be afraid to lose.

No matter what walk of life, whether its personal or professional, the more contrived you make the environment, the more it’s built on a foundation certain to topple and when it does it will be precisely because you tried to micromanage everything. It’s when you accept that you can’t control everything and instead anticipate trouble areas and react quickly to unexpected problems, that you can handle all the little things sure to come your way. But when you try to manage and control everything, the first break wil be followed by another, than another, and before long your underneath a deluge. This holds true in BB. From micromanaging votes to cause dissension to having side alliances with girls to trying to pit two sides against each other from within. It’s just too much. Besides, the best lies are the ones that contain 90% truth…and the MC are telling lies that contain 10% truth. It won’t hold up. The MC need to give up some control, manage their own individual games while protecting each other, and start responding to the house rather than trying to manage it 24/7. And if nothing else, STOP acting like you have the next 6 evictions mapped out because you have a better chance of winning the Powerball and being struck by lightening on the same day than you do scripting BB.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

“Elissa: ‘I didn’t know I was getting it(MVP) I literally didn’t” ”

BULLSHIT, she knew she was getting it, she just didn’t know how to use it right, that’s why she’s going.

I would’ve been lying up the wazoo about that shit telling them the fact she already knows, that her built in fan base guarantees she’ll get MVP every week, and lying telling them that if they got rid of her, just like her sister she’ll be brought back, and have a power to take people out.. She had the potential to be a social powerhouse, with her knowledge of the game, but maybe, she was just too emotional..

Bottom Line: What fucked her this week, is keeping MVP secret from the people that saved her ass last week. Dumbass moves is what sends people home..