Jeremy worries about the MC “I want to trust Spencer and Howard.. but they lie so F**** good”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


6:06pm Cam 1-2 Helen and Aaryn

Aaryn says that the game isn’t fair right now with Elissa being in the house and their being a viewers vote power.

H: “I just want you to know that i’ll respect whatever you do.. “
A: “I would much rather put the people up that are lying to me and continue to lie.. only you Judd and Andy have come up to me and told me they voted out David”
Aaryn adds that people have “sworn om bibles, families, America the most precious things to them that they voted out elissa when obviously some people didn’t.. those people are making it unfair to you all”
H: “I get that those people are ruining my game and Elissa’s game … “
Helen says that there are people in Aaryn’s inner circle that aaryn will eventually need to get rid of but can’t. Just like there are people in her inner circle;e that she needs out.. Helen wants this type of arrangement with Aaryn.

Aaryn says that even though this is her HOH her and Jeremy are discussing it together because Jeremy had a big part in winning it.

Helen: “out of everyone in your group you are the most helpful for me..”
Aaryn makes it sound like there is a possibility that her, Helen and elissa can have an agreement
Aaryn says that Elissa is always giving her little gabs saying tiny comments jsut to get under her skin. Helen understands and says that she will talk to Elissa tonight. She been trying to get Elissa to calm down, “You’ve (Elissa) have jabbed enough in the game.. Aayrn gets is”
Helen: “If we play revenge we will kill each other..Sometime you enemy is the person that will help you out the most and if there is a opportunity there lets talk.. “
Helen adds that her and Jeremy are probably not going to be friends in the house they are just too different of people, “We can be cordial and respectful.. but I don’t bond to him like I do Spencer.. but thats ok our personalities don’t jive”

Helen: “If you put me up I understand I won’t be revengeful but if I stay I want to still be open to talk”

Aaryn: “If she(Elissa) tells you something about me that is weird please come and ask me.. I have not lied to anyone in this house and once that thing happened to David it was hard because there is people in this house swearing on things that should not be sworn on”

FYI you can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Big Brother Live Feeds HUGE improvement over last year


6:13pm Nick and Jeremy Cam 3-4

j: “I don’t know who is making me nervous but someone is making me nervous”
Jeremy says that everyone is talking about him being the MVP nominee and he really doesn’t want to go on the block it worries him (Then he needs to stop volunteering to go up)
Nick: “do you really think Elissa is going to win it again.. I Don’t”
Jeremy: “I trust you and I want to trust Spencer and I want to trust Howard.. but i’ve seen how they lie and they lie so F**** good”
Nick: ‘Bro that’s part of the game”
Jeremy says that Spencer makes him nervous earlier he brought up that if they pull his name in the POV he told Jeremy “I’ll try my best but I don’t know.. you gotta be cool you gotta fake an injury don’t look like a threat”
J: ‘Bro.. I shouldn’t have to worry about being a threat if the 5 of us have each others backs bro”
N: “We do.. dude i’m telling you right now”
J:”If I go up and no other MC goes up plus the chicks we got I’m safe”
N: ‘What are you worried about.. you saw the numbers it was perfect.. bro seriously chill we’re good with everyone.. for this to work out all of us have to be cool all the time.. I am 100% trusting you guys”
J: “If MC really has my back I have nothing to worry about I jsut would hate to be sidewindered”
J: “I always thought I had a solid group with boats ‘n’ hoes but now boats ‘n’ hoes is breaking apart”
N: “Just give it time”
Gina and Kaitlin join them
Kaitlin ask Jeremy what he’s been saying to candace because “She’s running her mouth”

J: ‘I said we deserved to be here more than her.. I mean we deserve to be here more that Elissa”
Jeremy explains that he meant that the house as a whole deserves to be here more than Elissa.

Gina brings up that she doesn’t like Jessie because ‘She’s trying to go with every f***** guy in the house”

Kaitlin mentions that Jessie was sitting in the bathroom with Elissa talking, “Jessie approached her”

Nick tells them they have to play it cool from now on if they corner people and start drama they make an enemy.


Amanda getting ready for the 4th of July Party


7:18pm Cam 3-4 Candice and Helen

Helen explains why Spencer did what he did: “I think he needs you I think he’s masterminding something Bigger.. He’ll probably use me next time.. “ (LOL ya he’s masterminding a Big Brother 15 win.. )

Candice: “I feel like Amanda and McCrae are acting crazy”
H: “They are you lay low.. spencer will give us direction”
H: “Yesterday was a test if I can trust him David went home and he (Spencer) said he was going to do it in a way that you can’t trace the steps”

H: “WE have the numbers you lay low we will directions when we get them”
Helen: ‘We can’t look like friends.. we have to lay low I don’t know what will happen next..” Helen thinks the nominee will be Candice and Elissa or Helen and Elissa. She’s seems pretty sure that Elissa will win the MVP
Helen: “She’ll (aaryn) flip out when one of her own goes home”
Candice: “What if one of them wins MVP”
Helen: ‘It’s not going to happen.. we have the numbers..”
Helen doesn’t trust Jessie. neither does candice she brings up when Jessie said to the HOH crew “You gotta pick a side and I have”
Candice: “Jessie is so deep with Aaryn”
Candice I learnt today that Jeremy is not with anybody he’s in it for himself.


Kaitlin rolls in says Candice and Jessie were in the bathroom singing shady F***
(Prior to this Aaryn was saying she doesn’t trust NIck anymore. Gina and Aaryn both are not liking Jessie very much they think she’s just a floater being with whereever the power is)


7:42pm Cam 1-2 Howard, Spencer and Jeremy . Jeremy is saying he’s a bit worried about going up when Elissa wins the MVP. Jeremy and Hwoard explain to him they are pushing to have Gina put up.
Spencer: “I’ll f*** everything else to keep this (MC) safe”
Judd walks in

They’ll have a 4th of July party soon..

8:12pm Party underway
9pm feeds just came back on
CBS Interactive Inc.

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Why the fudge are Helen and Candice still following Spencer like puppies when they KNOW he’s in a secret alliance with Jeremy, Nick, and Howard???

Chilltown Fan

Jeremy with the stupid, “Elissa doesn’t deserve to be on BB because she has money”, wake up fool. Amanda sells luxury real estate in South Florida, but you don’t complain that she has too much money. Does Jeremy think BB is a charity? It’s a television program. I agree with Spencer, it’s a wise choice to try and push Gina as the MVP nominee if Elissa gets it. Spencer may be disgusting, but he is playing a fine strategic game at this point. Helen believes everything he says, and got everyone in the house not to trust Candice, period, who has the most suspicion about a powerful male alliance in the house. Heck, Candice even caught them doing signals to meet for a talk.

Jeremy is already drunk with power, Aaryn will nominate whoever Jeremy tells her to. This week is Jeremy’s HOH.


I have a bad feelin aaryn is gonna change HER MIND ABOUT PUTTING UP ..AMANDA AND JESSIE



When was the last time Aaryn said something that didn’t contain the name Elissa? This chick is OBSESSED with E. And her buddy Jeremy is repulsive, I don’t like Kaitlin but she’s pretty. 1 thing I don’t understand is how a beautiful woman like her could be into him or even fool around with him. YUCK!!! All that grease in his hair, DOUBLE YUCK! I pray to BB Gods not to let Aaryn and Jeremy make it to jury!


Absolutely no way Helen, Elissa, and Aaryn would/will work together


I actually think Kaitlin would be a decent person if she didnt attach herself to that slime ball Jeremy. I’m sick of watching these girls letting the guys control them, I wish they would all be like janelle and do there own thing and have the men follow them.

happy 4th of July!

I know there are a lot of people here who are rooting for Elissa, but if the MVP twist is going to reach its potential, she has to go. Once the mvp is truly anonymous, then this season will really take off. No one will know who to fear!!


I’m starting to believe this too, even though statistically Rachel’s fanbase(which includes celebs like Lance Bass lol) should always have more than enough votes to keep Elissa as MVP the whole season. To, me, it seems AG proved my paranoia about having no say in MVP vote with this last HoH being a blatant push to infuse drama by tailoring a comp for the most hated HG’s when the entire house wanted Aaryn or Jeremy out lol


I heard that A & J cheated in HOH . Is this true?


I unfortunately agree, while I like Elissa more than the majority of the house, I truly believe the MVP should be going to Nick, or Spencer(ughhh).


Can someone clear something up for me? I thought that Jeremy knew that David was going home. Is he just acting for his Aaryn?




Aaryn only won her HOH because she had a strong competitor working for her. The fact that she won for that reason alone, and is STILL complaining about everyone and everything Big Brother, shows that she has no consideration or respect. She’s going nowhere in life. Also, McCrae is starting to majorly piss me off. All he’s done is follow Amanda around and kiss ass to his should be enemies. Instead of keeping his alliance from last week strong, he and Amanda are running around the house sucking up to Aaryn because she now holds the power. Ugh fucking floaters! Now we know why he’s a pizza boy. HE HAS ZERO BRAIN.


I always knew his game was shit, you have to remember: Nick masterminded the alliance AND the eviction. McManda are easy targets for a pre-jury eviction.


You’re 100% right. Judd, Howard, Helen, and Elissa might as well cut their losses and move on from the liars and backstabbers within their untrustworthy alliance. As I type, Amanda is crying her eyes out to Aaryn spewing the biggest ball of bullshit. Ugh can’t stand the girl. If I were in that house, I would have told her to shut that mouth of hers a looooong time ago.

Suzy Sunshyne

McCrae can’t help but follow her around. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he would get action like that…lol


So I was thinking, what if the MVP becomes a stamp on the game of Big Brother? Kind of like back when the twist in Season 3 was “Expect the Unexpected” and they introduced the Veto and it became a stamp…what if the MVP becomes a stamp as well? I’m sure production would love it because they could step in the game whenever they wanted.

Then again, veto was in the very beginning when only 3 seasons of BB existed. It might be too much to change the game again after 15 seasons.


I really do see a chance America voting Nick MVP just based on knowing he will put up Jeremy. Then we know Nick is in it to win it. There can only be one MCdriver, and this cat is cleaning house and cashing checks! Nick FTW!!


Not that I think it would happen, but I’d like it to be Jeremy, I truly believe if Moving Company is going to make it to the end, they have to lose Jeremy, but if Nick wins it will be Amanda for sure, Amanda has McCrea’s ear, and it will benefit MC to seperate McCrea and Amanda, since they have the most genuine relationship this season as far as showmances go.


I say Kaitlin…it severs Jeremy’s showmance with her, and secures Jeremy’s loyalty to MC. Plus it’s so early in the game that he’d get her out and no one would trace the nomination back to him-everyone is already sold on Elissa having it indefinitely.



He would just get with Jessie or Aaryn.


Aaryn wouldn’t touch anyone that wasn’t perceived as 100% “White”, let’s just be honest. She tolerates jeremy’s presence because he’s a strong male competitor that she believes she can manipulate, but at the end of the day people like Aaryn believe people like Jeremy are beneath her.

Even if he got with Jessie, she has zero game/real allies.

I do like the idea of maybe sending Gina Marie out the door too though, as some are suggesting. Nick clearly would like to put some distance between himself and her for the sake of his own game. She’s inevitably a liability for him, between her unwelcome advances leading to people offensively questioning his sexuality, and her overall caustic personality. (btw: since when is a guy gay just because he won’t screw every woman that comes on to him? Hate to break it to Gina, but he’s out of her league).

Chilltown Fan

Nick is all about the MC, as is Spencer. If Nick is MVP, bye-bye Gina Marie. It would hysterically funny if GM got booted on Aaryn’s HOH reign–Glorious!


It would show how hysterically rigged the show is too. Like we didn’t already know that anyway.

Chilltown Fan

Not really, Nick and Spencer have a legit claim to having MVP votes. So far those two have done the heavy-lifting for the MC. Nick devised the plan to evict David, and Spencer was the one that orchestrated the vote manipulation. If Nick got MVP, and put up GM and she got evicted, it would give Nick the perfect cover.


He should put up Amanda, she is interfering with his plan the most!!


he would put up amanda to pull mccrae closer to the mc. mccrae would be easier for nick to control without her.


The beauty of having Elissa in the house is that she is a great shield for anyone else that might win MVP. As long as they don’t put up Elissa or someone friendly to her people will think that Elissa did it, they will doubt, and the more she denies, the less the others will believe her. I really hope that if production actually counts votes, the voters will not just keep giving it to Elissa. I would like to see Andy or Nick or Helen get MVP. I am guessing that Aryan will put up Elissa and Helen. If Nick wins MVP and puts up Kaitlin, it would be epic. I’m pretty sure she would go, and the look on Aryan’s face will be priceless. It could even lead to a Chima style meltdown.


Go for it, I would love to see Aaryn face and it would be priceless.


Amanda looks like a dragon on that still shot. Yuck!
Aaryn , honey, get over it, David is gone , people lied and screwed you over. Move on idiot. Move on. Stop trying to count who lied or who sworn on what. It is Big Brother.


is this dude fuckin serious with the fedora and aviators? Hes not just a tool hes the entire box.


Its going to be really funny when Elissa doesn’t win MVP and everyone still thinks she did


Elissa may get MVP from Rachel fans.. but i is still early…. Nick, Amanda or Spencer will be the next MVP’s.

MVp may nominate Kaitlin or Jeremy
Jeremy is going to get paranoid and rat the MC out.
bye bye Jeremy or Kaitlin
Kaitlyn stays.. blames a girl.
Jeremy stays.. he will find himself alone with a girl… bad situation.

Nick, Spencer and Howard are the strongest players.
McCrea and Amanda are the newt group

The rest are just collateral damage.


I think Aaryn and Amanda just made a final 6 deal for themselves including Jeremy, kaitlin, GM, and McCrae.


Can someone clarify who Amanda is with? Is she now with Aaryn and crew? Or is she playing her – seeing as she definitely voted for David? Thanks!
Also, I really hope someone like Judd or Howard wins the veto – since they’re all so convinced that Jeremy is going to!


She just made a deal with Aaryn’s crew protecting herself and McCrae. But outside of that deal she’s also with Andy I believe.

Lady E

I don’t get how some of the HGs are so full of themselves. What happened to being humble lol… I like how Aaryn expects opportunities for being on the show but when she finds out about her job, LOL would like to see the look on her face.


Earlier Aaryn mentioned something about she better get a good job out of this or something to that effect… think she knows her modeling agency dropped her?

production rigged it

Just when I thought Jeremy couldn’t get more disgusting, earlier when they were talking about how much money Elissa had he was talking about her 5 year old boy and said f*ck that kid. If Aaryn has a petition against her to send her home then Jeremy deserves to have one right beside of her too.


Also, I’m not sure if anyone caught this but earlier when Amanda was talking to Aaryn, Aaryn asked Amanda if McCrae and her were part of the 5 people that voted out Elissa and Amanda said yes. But it didn’t seem like, from what I read on here, that Aaryn even caught that her question was not possible as McCrae didn’t have a vote. Maybe read read this wrong or something but if that’s the case, I can;t believe she didn’t catch that.


The sad part of Big Brother, when given the choice between numerous a-holes, one of them is going to be a rich a-hole.

Small Brother

This Jeremy guy is a piece of trash. Spencer is going to go down as one of the biggest bufoons in BB history. If they continue to act like that, those clown will be on the unemployment lost soon too, along with Aryan and Gigi, the bigot.


Jeremy is the worst thing to happen to Native Americans since those free blankets. I feel ashamed to call myself a
Native because of this douchebag


I think that Aaryn is an idiot and if she puts up Elissa & Helen on the block. Whoever is MVP (Nick or Howard), I would love to see Aaryn’s face that the MVP would Nominate Kaitlin or Candace. She will be totally screwed and rethink her Strategy. How stupid are you Aaryn? First you lost your modeling job and now this. I would love to see your face when Kaitlin get evicted.


Jeremy reacts and doesn’t think. He is also a bully. Everyone would be benefit by sending him packing.


Ugh arrogant asshole that is Jeremy goes on and on about put him up on the block he doesn’t care , because guess what people he came to COMPETE . Ahhhhh did u say compete or you mean cheat (cuz you did that). Then runs to Spencer and Howard and goes I don’t want to be put up on the block if Elissa get MVP. Typical he’s just all talk no action and full of hot air.

Get over yourself and stop being the typical douchbag.


First off I got to say happy 4th Of July:)) I myself is tired been at the lake tell 4 PM today got home took a shower and went to my mother’s friends house and I am tired and feels like im going to bed and pass out but BB is to addicting to pass and watch I am super tired but I guess im going to stay awake. I don’t even know what to say because im so tired the sun kinda made me sleep lol anyways. Although I have a question I thought Aaryn’s nom’s were sometime earlier today?? Mabe they are looking over the CHEATING video and see if she really did?? I hope she didn’t cheat but with AMERICA GOING CRAZY about her and Gina doing the comments IT GETS ANNOYING REALLY REALLY REALLY FAST I hope/think the best game mover for her Aaryn is to nominate…. Amanda and McRae 1st showmance time for McManda and McRae showmances however I do agree with Jeremy about Elissa remember Elissa is a mother and 2 kids blah blah blah Rachel was on for 2 seasons Big Brother 12 and Big Brother 13 and won so come on you gave the 2 little red heads a 2nd chance that is ALLL for MVP [probley not there are sooo many Helen and Rachel fans come on lets be fair here already Rachel already won BB she her and Elissa have PLENTY of money so U don’t know why she wants on BB ohh I know why she wants to be there its because of FAMEEEEEEEE I think she should nominate McRae and Amanda because she’s starting a showmance 2 if it was McRae and Amanda that would fight I would want Amanda saved by herself and put up Elissa and eather Spencer or Helen probley Spencer although I like Helen even though she voted for David I would rather her stay than Spencer my opinion oh y’all don’t even know if she makes it far to Jury I think she will because there us more tougher people Aaryn your best bet is to nominate the 2 strongest game and that is Amanda and McRae wooooohoooooo go Aaryn Aaryn just do what you want in this game don’t ya wanna win uhh yes gotta be yes