BB Girls “I don’t care who you girls are F*****.. We’re playing Big Brother this isn’t a wh*** house”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


9:02pm Cam 3-4 Elissa and Kaitlin

Elissa: “I really like you and I think you are one of the nicest girls.. I hope that I never said anything that offended you”
Kaitlin: “We’ll somebody told me that you called me a wh*** and it kinda made me upset but I got over it”

Elissa: “This is what aaryn said.. after the HOH competition she was smiling and smirking because she knew.. Like.. obviously that I wanted to win HOH.”
Elissa: “She was like Thats OK you and Kaitlin can sleep up there.. LIke.. Like Big Brother nots running a w*** house.. LIke Where we rent out rooms to people… Like”
Elissa was worried because she knows the type of family Kaitlin has and she didn’t want Kaitlins family to see her getting invites from some random guy.
Elissa: “She basically said I want to rent out my room to you.. Like … why would you say that”
Elissa: “Like that is pretty audacious for you to like say like think that Kaitlin like totally cool like.. Well obviously it’s like the HOH room”
Elissa: ‘Like the way she said it was like this is a wh** house”
Elissa: “We’re playing Big Brother this isn’t a **ore house”

Kaitlin just nods says “Yup” “100%” “Fair enough”… etc
Kaitlin: “Ok I get it thanks.. OK..”

Elissa: “Oh my god like Jessie I would not listen to anything she says”

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9:07pm cam 1-2 Lounge Aaryn and Amanda crying
Amanda says Jessie told McCrae that once Amanda leaves they can be aligned Jessie has McCrae’s back and they can share the same bed.
Aaryn: “when did she say that”
Amanda: ‘Today”
Aaryn explains that Jessie is going to all the groups in the house getting information then relaying it back.
Aaryn: “Candice has put the bug in everyones ears that you are the mastermind behind getting David out” Aaryn doesn’t believe it though
Aaryn asks if Jessie has been going to her saying that Aaryn is putting her up.
Amanda: “no.. it doesn’t take a scientist to know McCrae and I are together.. we got each other’s back”
Aaryn says that Kaitlin is cornered in the bathroom by Elissa
Amanda: “Everything that comes out of her mouth is bullshit.. I am not with Elissa.. I AM NOT with Elisa everything I say to her is bulls!t.”
They start talking about JEssie and how much they dislike her.
Amanda: “She’s the loser girl in highschool that follows around the popular girls”
Amanda says that Jessie feels guilty and that is why she’s surrounding herself with people of power.
Aaryn says that she is not going to be confrontational anymore or she’s going home. Aaryn says that she consider McCrae, Amanda, as her inner circle.
Aaryn says that Jessie is someone they can use she’s a bit of a non player.


9:34pm Cam 1-2 Lounge Kaitlin, Amanda and Aaryn
Kaitlin barges in super excited.. “Jess is going insane right now.. you all need to f**** pause for a minute and tell you what happened because you missed all of it”

Kaitlin explains Jessie flipped out she was literally “are you F*** kidding me” and shes screaming “You’re spreading rumors that judd and I are in a showmance .. she was like you’re a crazy b!tches..”
Elissa went to the bathroom and Kaitlin went to talk to her and what happened between her and JEssie and see if JEssie said anything about her. (The conversation higher up in this post)
Kaitlin says that in the bathroom Elissa said to her “I don’t care who you girls are F***** I don’t even know that girls name.. “ (Too funny)
Kaitlin: “I hugged her and said everything is going to be OK .. being super fake”

Kaitlin says that this is great JEssie getting in fights with Elissa because maybe Elissa will put her up.
Amanda:”Not going to happen she said she’ll put up a strong guy”
Kaitlin: “Then we need her to put up Nick”
Aaryn: “She’s not going to put up someone strong if she’s on the block it’ll be someone weak”


9:48pm Cam 1-2 HOH Jeremy and Aaryn
Jeremy really wants Helen up
Aaryn says that Helen told her if she doesn’t go up she will do whatever she can to make sure Elissa doesn’t come after them with the MVP.
Aaryn: “She said that the three of us can use each other later on”
Jeremy: “Me and Helen had the same talk”

They start wondering who should go up against Elissa. Jeremy and Aaryn agree that Jessie will be a fighter in the POV.
Aaryn: Jessie is digging her own grave”
Aaryn: “Andy is sketchy but he can go a few weeks from now”
Jeremy suggests Candace. Aaryn thinks if Candace goes up candace will go home.
Aaryn says she’s not making a decision unless Jeremy is 100%. Jeremy says she needs to go with her gut and do the right thing. As long as the nominees are 2 of Elissa, Candace and Jessie he’s happy. Jeremy: ‘We know they are working together”

A: “If I put Jessie up everyone will vote jessie out
A: “If they put Candice up everyone will vote out Candice “
They decide the only person she can put up to guarantee Elissa goes home is Helen.
J: So Helen and Candice up
A: ‘That was my plan all along”
J: “and you know if Elissa wins veto we still get out a really strong player..”


CBS Interactive Inc.

9:45pm Bathroom Jessie and Judd

Jessie is crying says that the girls are probably talking sh!t about her right now, “Ohh Jessie can’t handle the pressure.. let her break she can’t handle it.. 500 thousand dollar.. hahahaha”
Jessie says that everyone in that alliance up in the HOH has a new issue with her and they won’t bring it up to her face she has to figure it out. Every f*** damn day she has to reassure them that she’s not saying or doing something they think she has done. At one point Jessie says she was wanting to quit. Judd tell her not to he needs her in the game.

10:34pm Cam 3-4 Amanda and McCrae Amanda is retelling the conversation she had with Aaryn in the Lounge.

She says that they should start doing what Jessie is doing play both sides and in the end they will make a decision of who to go with. McCrae: “we have to be super careful though”
Amanda: “just listen like Howard
McCare thinks that Howard is playing a really good game right now and they should do what he’s doing laying low.
Amanda says that Jessie crossed Gina she’s crossed Aaryn, “My only allegiance is to you f*** everyone else F them ”

McCrae: “I don’t trust aryn at all “
Amanda: “Just let her self implode they hate her” Amanda says that she has a bond with Aaryn they just have to wait and see what side can win the competitions and that’s the side they will stick with.
McCrae: “We have to step so lightly”

10:50pm Bedroom Nick and Jeremy
J: “Keep it to yourself we’re going to put up Helen and Elissa up”
Jeremy explains that They really want Elissa out but they also think Helen is a deadly person in the game so not matter what it’s win in . They didn’t want to put Candice up because they felt she would have been voted out.
Nick says the plan is perfect he’s 100% on board. Jeremy says he’s still nervous about Elissa using the MVP.
Nick: “I have your F**** back regardless so stop worry”
Nick: “trust me watch my actions from here till the end”
Nick also says to him something along the lines that as far as the MC is concerned Jeremy he trusts the most.
McCrae joins them
Jeremy says they need to get Elissa out she’s trying to form an all girls alliance.
Jeremy also wants Helen out next week because she’s so smart.
Nick: “The only thing that comes between you and your big brother game is the moving company. “

11:14pm Cam 3-4 Hammock Amanda and Aaryn.
Amanda is saying that NIck is going to win the MVP because there is something up with him. She points out that he doesn’t talk Game with anyone and is in the DR 14 times a day. Aaryn mentions how Elissa is going around saying that Aaryn won HOH because she was on Adderall.

Amanda suggests that Nick and Elissa are together. Aaryn jokes that they are married. Amanda mentions how ‘Strange’ Elissa is brings up that she never talks about when she got married told Amanda she doesn’t want to talk about it. Aaryn: ‘Maybe her little boy is from another father” Feeds switch to the storage room

Amanda is trying to get Jessie put up as a pawn, “You know you can take a sh!t on Jessie face and she’ll still be aligned with you”


11:18 Cam 3-4 Spencer and Jeremy
Jeremy tells him that the nominees will be Elissa and
Spencer: ‘I’m MC for life.. it’s so hard to control this side of this house because of Amanda”
Spencer says that Amanda is trying to get buddy buddy with Elissa..
Jeremy: ‘She’s a c*** she needs to go”
Spencer: “absolutely.. she’s gotta go”
Spencer says they are pushing for Elissa to put up Gina if she gets MVP. He wants Jeremy to know that if he goes up he’s got Moving Company backing him up.
Jeremy thinks that McCrae is good with the girls and Spencer is alright he may have to do some work.
Spencer mentions that Nick is worried that he’s lost trust with his group. Nick doesn’t want Spencer to look to trustworthy because it will make him look untrustworthy. Spencer wants to know from Jeremy what he should do because Jeremy is close to Aaryn. Jeremy: “Just chill”

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And tonight on “We Hate Elissa For No Reason…”


I am getting so tired of The We Hate Elissa Show. It seems they cant go a few minutes without speaking her name. Obsess much?


It’s been 1 week and I’m already tired of this show. I don’t even put the camera on Jeremy/Aaryn/Kaitlin anymore. Same shit, different hour.

They selected a bunch of idiots for BB this year.

Chilltown Fan

Is Amanda BS’ing Aaryn? If she’s not, she playing the classic floater strategy, except I don’t remember ever seeing a floater with as an abrasive personality like Amanda has, maybe she takes the floater concept full circle this season.


I think she is…her and McCrae were just talking about Aaryn


yes. she is really the one playing the game for team Amanda(I mean team Amanda and mcrae of course)

nick and Amanda, IMO, have had some brilliant performances in playing people thus far.


Yeah, if she pulls it off, it will be credit to her, seeing is she essentially put together the alliance to take out David. However, she is playing the game super hard, which can end up screwing you over later.


well nice to see when you go woman to woman to Kaitlin and tell the truth, that she will leave the room after hugging you and talk a bunch of BS about you.


Where are the strong minded women at?

Has anyone seen where Elissa has done anything to ANY of these players. Why do they hate her? what has she done so wrong?

Also these guys are really playing these women and I am wondering at what point if any will they realize this.Janelle and Rachel are the few girls in BB history that did what they wanted to do and knew that the guys should be out….. WHY ARENT THIS IDIOTS THINKING!!!! Why is Helen waiting for Spencer to tell her what to do? What kind of sense does that make? Can someone please help me out here..

They give women a BAD NAME!!!!!!! UGH


I honestly think Jessi and Helen want to be in an alliance and no one wants them. When all of this juvenile stuff flashes away, I would like to see Helen step up and take a lead. But right now with the hg, they thrive on drama and lies. The hg do not want to hear the truth. Ellissa has went to Katelyn and Jessi warning them that what they do in BB is 27/7 and will stay with you for life, good or bad. The gals don’t care and say she is judging them. The gals twist her words to make her look bad, just like the mean bullies in high school. The boats and hoes alliance lies to each other and when something happens they recount it entirely for drama purpose. Aaryn says she is out standing in psychology, hahahahahaha, what a joke, she can read people, hahahahahah, Spencer is the male instigator that loves to watch the gals run around trying to search for the truth and lies all of the time. The house is a mess and the only real game play I see is Nick and sometime Spencer. I really can’t tell if Jer is 100% for MC or likes the young gals too much, after all he voted fr Ellissa to leave and not David with MC.


Couldn’t agree more about the strong women comment. It’s hard to believe CBS didn’t realize this during the vetting process. I have to keep reminding myself that these women are not an accurate representation of all women. I seem to be supporting Elissa out of all of them, but I haven’t seen enough of her to give full support.


Thats exactly what I have asked several times. I was wondering if I had missed so much on the live feeds but there is no way i could possibly miss that much. They are trying to cause drama because she is Rachel’s sister and they want her out so keep spreading the lies about Elissa said this and Elissa said that…..

Janelle pov queen

I have one thing to say when is Hellen and Elissa going to tell Aaryn about the boys plan to get David out? If they tell Aaryn then I can see the girls comeing together but something telling me that want happen these boys are about to run this house because these girls so dumb

STFU Donnie

It will, most likely whenever Amanda or Kaitlin is threatened. That’s when Jeremy or McCrae will melt down to divided loyalty and the thing will blow up…but we’re still a few weeks away and it will only paint a brighter target on Jeremy and McCrae. Truthfully, this seems like The Brigade revisited with Nick, Howard, and Spencer at the end after Nick knifes Brittany…uh..I mean Gina…

STFU Donnie

Just because it needs to be said: Does Elissa deserve the hatred and vitriol directed at her? No…but is she tactless and annoying like her sister, which only feeds the irrational hatred? Absolutely.

STFU Donnie

1) Aaryn would never believe them.
2) Helen (and Elissa by default) are convinced by Spencer that they have the numbers and as long as they get MVP, they will get to choose who goes home.


Okay janelle is totally right obvi she’s a pro at this game for one . These girls are dumb , not to mention how is Aaryn still hoh I thought her & Jeremy cheated they passed cups in hoh competition so why haven’t producers had a re due of hoh comp & Aaryn & Jeremy be disqualified I think if something not done about that there will be alot of fans including myself very disappointed with big brother producer some will prob quit watching BB , I’ve been watching since season 1 & they need to uphold to their standards 🙂

STFU Donnie

Aaryn: “She’s not going to put up someone strong if she’s on the block it’ll be someone weak”

Was she asleep last week when Elissa, already on the block, put up a strong player in David, who the majority of the house took the opportunity to evict? Isn’t this the same broad who was whining last week that nobody else understood the game?

I have to hand it to Nick, Howard, and Spencer for getting a read on the entire house so quickly and seeing how they could play on the irrationality of all the other players. Very impressive…so far…


Actually she put David up before POV and she didn;t go up until McCray used the veto on Candice.


Elissa is being abused behind her back for NO REASON and I think that’s wrong! Besides Helen, everyone is being so nasty behind her back! Why not tell her how you feel to her face, puss*es? This years cast has to be the most disgusting in BB history and we’ve seen some despicable people before! On the boys side I find myself rooting for Nick (He’s playing a pretty good game) and the girls side Elissa for the win ’cause she’s the underdog!


they are crucifying Elissa because of who she is related to and not even giving her the chance to play the game for herself. They all assume she will play like Rachel did


Really hoping the MC crashes the moving truck, I don’t want a boring ass season like BB12 after brenchel left the guys just ran the house and nothing interesting happened. Hope the girls realize how stupid and catty they are all being, was has Elissa done to these people anyways? She hasn’t been a threat, if anything they should learn to weaponize her like the other group did.


I really want to give Elissa a hug… I feel so sorry for her, I mean Rachel had less abuse than she did in both of her seasons. =[


Amanda is sounding like a floater now, waiting to see who gas the “power” every week. Obviously amanda does not have the power sooo she floats where ever. One who has power makes moves tat shift and change the game, not one tat waits. Amanda is fking up mcreas game!


Howard is Playing the best game, laying low and making smart strategic moves. Vote howard for mvp!


amazing how Aaren knows so much about Elissa without speaking a single word to her… she says she can read people , is she reading Elissa`s mind and that’s how she knows so much about her.. what she has does ect… give me a break .. Aaren couldn’t read a crack if it was staring that blonde loose end in the face…

billy bob

you know what’s funny, this rich bitch Elissa doesn’t give a damn about going home to her nice house and expensive wine,and all these tweaked out people are tripping,lol this shits to funny,

Roisin Dubh

These women are just whacked out of their skulls. Aaryn is just one nasty, vile person. She did switch cups in that HOH comp. I can’t believe that blatant cheating is going unchallenged. It’s gonna be great when Jeremy gets caught, that guy is a world class douchebag.McCrae is the weasel out of the group but he still comes across as likable, which makes him very deadly. Even though this cast isn’t CBS’s shining moment, this is gonna make some good TV. Too many two faced idiots cooped up in one space always rains comedy gold.


Observation about Elissa – she’s definitely in a tough spot because of her association to Rachel and I feel bad for her. I actually liked Rachel when she wasn’t crying and she was an amazing competitor and deserved to win. Elissa seems like a really sweet girl, much more low-key than Rachel but she’s a bit weird and hard to figure out. She’s not really being her own person and keeps referring to Rachel’s trademark lines, like ‘nothing gets in between me and my…(whatever)’. I wish she was playing her own game without trying to be Rachel 2.0 cause she’s not. I’m definitely rooting for her cause she’s being vilified for no reason and she seems to be one of the nicest people in the house


I can’t believe that c*nt (I call her that because she has crossed a line) Aaryn is suggesting that Elissa’s child is not with her husband! THAT IS CROSSING A LINE AND IT IS DISGUSTING ON SO MANY LEVELS!!!!! Big Brother needs to so something about this b*tch! She is UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!

Where are the string minded women at

It’s sad to watch the show and watch how pathetic these guys are. Then GM saying”I want to keep the strong players in so I can compete, that’s how I am.” Really you idiot. Why keep someone in that can beat you??? What is going on with these people?? I don’t want to think they are this dumb in real life but clearly they are.

Where are the string minded women at

*girls are. Not guys


There is a old saying “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Too bad these people have never heard of this saying. They are making the show so boring, It is the same old topic, with a lot of swear words. I don’t believe these people even know how to carry on a conversation. I used to love bbad on showtime, TVGN simply blows. Commercials, bleeping out all of the swear words, you are not getting a lot of show for 2 hours, and trying to follow a conversation is impossible!!
I also have a theory about Nick, I do not believe he is gay, I think he is being careful he doesn’t lose his job, plus he really does not like GM. I will give him props for not using her.
Does anyone Know if Dan got fired from his job, or did he choose not to go back?


I am so sick of all the lies being spread about Elissa! Aaryn is a disgusting person, and I hope her HOH goes wrong and evicts one of her own. I know BB is all about lies and backstabbing but this girl is taking it too far. She crossed the line with me tonight by bringing up Elissa’s personal life! You just don’t do that to anyone! I don’t understand why Elissa is getting all this hate. She has not won anything, and from what I have read on OBB she doesn’t say all these things that Jer and Aaryn say she says! I might stop watching this season if Aaryn continues to be such an egotistical maniac!!! But I am BB addicted so i probably will watch rooting on Elissa, Helen, and Howard…and Nick 😀 I think he has the best game so far. I would root for Spencer but his comments about women has turned me away. I can’t believe he calls them cunts! What man calls a women a cunt!

Nick Burns

Aaryn talking about Elissas family is low down dirty shame. I would be embarrassed if I raised that girl. I wish I could see her face when she walks out of the house and realizes she has no job, or even a better one.


Honestly, i hated rachel but Elisa has grown on me & i like her better…but she needs to have a better social game and make moves to advance herself. The only players tat seems to be making significant game moves is nick and spencer when they made the move to evict david, so thanks to them tats why elisa is still here. Elisa didnt make a move to save herself, nick n spencer saved her for a strategic reason. So far nick n spencer has been pulling the strings around da house, maybe one of them should get mvp. I rathr give it to nick, itll be so interesting to see who nick would put up??


I feel the MC is not as tight as the Brigade group…MC is fallling apart alrdy cuz the guys are too busy hooking up (esp jeremy, he already fell off the boat). I was not a fan of brigade, but they had a strong loyalty til da end (minus droppin matt lol)…but overall the group was very solid. MC members are like da sqirming cats all over. Thy made a mistake by bringing jeremy in, they shouldv went for judd cuz he seems more realiable than jeremy..but i dont know where is judds head…but MC should recruit him and give jeremy da AX


How can I watch the past events on live feeds.i was watching on my ipad and did not find any option including archives. The only thing I was able to do was watch the highlights.


I’ve had enough of this ignorant b!tch!! I realize she hasn’t gone to the extent of physically abusing someone(yet- Willie from last season) but these racial and homophobic slurs, cheating in competitions, and talking so horrifically about Elissa’s personal life in such a manner, in my opinion, is validated grounds of explosion! I don’t understand why CBS isn’t doing anything about her! if not kicking her out then at least screw her game up! Example- She cant play in Veto or Hoh for the rest of the season or if that’s “too extreme” then make her a have-not for the rest of the season!! AS FOR THE PEOPLE SAYING AARYN MAKES FOR GREAT TV… STFU! we’ve had many AMAZING BB seasons without twats who go to this extent… plus, this “Everybody vs. Elissa” game is plenty enough entertainment. Team Elissa!


Everyone keeps asking why Elissa is getting all the hate in the house!?! HELLO! It’s because of all the lying, twisting the truth, and exaggerated statements of all those catty females in the house!
I am so ready for Aaryn and Kaitlin to take a long walk off a short pier!
All the immaturity is easy for us on the outside of the BB house to see, but on the inside, remember, no one knows who is telling the truth and who is lying. That is so aggravating to us but the HG’s have no idea! They don’t get to see the live feeds or watch what the other HG’s are saying in the DR.


Alright, COME CLEAN CBS! Did Aaryn and Jeremy cheat, or not?


To much of the f word is being use on this show.


when did jessie say that stuff to mccrae? about amanda leaving? at what time?