It didn’t take long “there is a boys super group.. if I get MVP I’m putting Spencer up”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


8:58pm Counting votes Candice and Helen
Candice: “aryn, Jeremy, Kailtin , me and my person.. so that is for.. I believe Nick voted Dave out.. I know Nick and Jeremy are together”
Candice is positive Kaitlin voted Elissa out because she’s been so emotional since the eviction.
Helen:L “Gina was pissed when Gina walked out that door”
Candice: “I believe my person .. When I was voting for Elissa I could hear the audience saying.. BOOOOOO”
Helen: “she’s a really nice girl”
Candace: ‘ya but sometimes she says stuff… “
H: “You know Aaryn and Kaitlin say stuff to.. “
C: “Why would you think Spence would go different than the plan.. “
H: “I don’t know i’m really surprised and we’re doing their dirty work for them.. does that make sense “
Helen proposes that JEremy and Spencer are working together and are setting it up so that the house fights it out and cause paranoia.
Candice brings up that Spencer was acting very weird today. After he told her to vote out David he would follow her around and make sure she didn’t talk to.
Candice: “I dunno Jeremy isn’t that smart though.. but Nick is.. how does Cra Cra and Amanda fall into this picture”
C: “I know Cra cra wanted Elissa to stay and I know Amanda really didn’t want Elissa to leave”
C: ‘What if there is a boys super group”
H: “I’m wondering to”
C: “If that is the case the girls need to make a super group”
H: “Ya i’m thinking the same.. and they are going to use the girls to get each other out”
H: “Then why did we get Dave out.. they would have kept Dave”
C: “because it’s a showmance they thought it was a threat.. maybe they wanted to keep Elissa around as the target so everyone focuses on getting her out of the house”


C: “I know for sure Aaryn, Me, Kaitlin, Gina and one more.. I don’t know if I believe spence.. then why would he tell me that”
H: “I can’t believe Nick voted Dave out.. he’s so close to Gina
C: “They are not that close.. I think Nick is the one to watch”
C: “It’s Jeremy, Nick and Spencer.. Howie could be in it to.. I don’t want to say that about Howie”

Helen counts the votes, Howard, Amanda, Andy, Helen, Judd, “I thought it was going to be Spencer and you”
C: “I think it’s Jeremy and Nick.. “
Helen: ‘Sh!ts going to explode because if I get MVP i’m putting Spencer up”
C: “I know for a fact he didn’t want me talking to anyone afterwords cause he was trailing me like a dog” (After he told her to vote out Elissa)

They pull out the jewelry to count the votes


9:21pm Cam 3-4

After counting out the votes they come to Spencer and Jeremy and one of those two voted for David to go. Candice thinks Spencer is running with two groups. They both agree that Nick and Spencer voted David out but they cannot understand why Spence did that.
Helen tells her about the “Big” group she is in and how the “leader” told them Dave..


10:04pm Cam 3-4 Spencer and Helen Lounge
S this is the thing and i’m not mad at you at all
S: “I told her to vote out David”
Helen: ‘Then why did she even bring it up to me”
S: “She’s a F****** IDIOT.. Don’t talk to her.. She’s a F***** weasle”
S: “We’re safe I gotta feeling.. aaryn’s been talking to me all nice and so”
S: “You can trust me howard and Andy were the thick four”
H: “How about McCrae”
S: “I don’t know he’s more with Amanda.. Candace is a F***** moron.. idiot.. she doesn’t know what is going on.. she’s not in the core”
H: “she’s asking me why you told her to vote out Elissa”
S: “She’s fishing for information.. she’s outside of the group.. let her implode”
H: “Who was the 7th vote nick”
S: ‘No Candace was.”
Spencer explains that he told Candice to tell anyone people she was voting out Elissa but really he told her to vote out David. Spencer is sure that Amanda is going up he’s also worried a bit for McCrae.

Helen says if her or Elissa win MVP they should try and get rid of Jeremy this week because next week Aaryn cannot win HOH. She thinks Jeremy will win the POV if he goes up.
S: “we’ll need to talk later but you are right to get rid of Jeremy you’ll need to BD him.. we have the numbers none of us have to be worried”

Spencer explains that they wanted to vote to me 7 to 5 and it was 7 to 5 he told Candice to vote out David but tell everyone Elissa.
They count votes.. Spencer says the votes for Elissa where NIck, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Gina and Jeremy.
Helen is worried about going home, Spencer tells her that there is nothing to worry about they have the votes. S: ‘The swing vote is going to be Jessie or Candice”
H: “If two of us are on the block we don’t have the numbers”
Spencer says the other side doesn’t have the numbers they do. He warns her to stop counting on her hands in front of people because it doesn’t look good.

Spencer: “If you are on the block i’m voting for you to stay no matter what.. Please don’t talk to anybody but us.. do you know what i’m saying”
S: “I feel like you don’t trust me”
H: “I did trust you until Candice told me what you said”
S: “I told her to lie to everyone”
Helen: “I trust you Spencer.. I only trust you, McCrae, and Andy”

(Wow if Helen really believes him spencer is good)

10:25pm Cam 3-4 Helen and Candice
Candice: “What did spencer say”
H: “He really didn’t say much..I don’t know if I can trust him.. I just don’t know.. I don’t know what he was doing”
C: “I think he was trying to split the vote so the target is on McCrae”
H: ‘Think he would do that to McCrae”
Spencer comes in

11:00pm Kaitlin has a migraine..(See the picture below in the gallery)


11:03pm Cam 3-4 Aaryn gets her HOH room
The CD is spice world..

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spencer is playing way too hard too soon after the eviction, and looks way too guilty because of it. i don’t think he’s as clever as others have claimed. sure, he might be a good liar, but that’s only half – he has to know when to lie, not just how. he’s outed himself and the mc tonight by overplaying to helen and candice. very bad move.


Spencer keeps talking about how “fucking dumb” Candice is, but she is the only one whose figured out the all male alliance (Brigade Wannabes). And its because of Spencer’s dumb move! Candice is growing on me. Girl better work!

production rigged it

If Helen believes Spencer then she is the dumbest person in the house. She knows Candice isn’t in an alliance so what reason would Candice have to lie about who Spencer told her to vote out. The fact that he told Helen not to talk to anyone but him, Howard and Andy should tell her something. Not to mention the fact that isn’t she a political analyst or something, so dealing with politicians she should be able to tell when someone is lying to her….if not then she must suck at her job.


I had a comment, but I’m too busy laughing at Aaryn’s CD, Spice World…..LOL!!


I know it’s a game but you don’t have to lie or cheat to win. These people are stupid and don’t realize that they have a life on the outside so what they say and do will affect them. Take aaryn and GM for example. I know the drama makes ppl want to watch but I could’nt see myself doing the things they’re doing just for money. I wouldn’t have a showmance or fake showmance I wouldn’t backstab or lie because that’s not me. If I couldn’t win the game by being me and being respectful and honest then I wouldn’t do it.


The next HOH is next thusday not wednesday. They announced it tonight. Just thought you should know dawg.

Karen S

I don’t know if anyone really cares or will see this and it change their mind about the issue of racism. I don’t care what color, religion or house you live in, but if you treat people badly, take advantage of other’s.. are not nice to your kids, are negligent in any fashion to another living animal.. I am gonna pounce on your ass.
Recently, in a store parking lot was a man screaming at a woman.. while she was trying to quiet him. I looked all around to see people coming and going from this large parking lot only to see everyone turning their heads. I was about 4 cars away when I began walking towards her… and I nicely, gently asked.. if she needed help? That’s it… it completely diffused the situation. He went on his way… she went on her way. I don’t know what happened after that, but I see this ignorance in this country in all realms of judgment. While we all have to judge and profile to some point depending on where you live, you do not have to take the ignorance of what you have learned into a national TV realm. Words we don’t even use in private, shouldn’t be allowed on national tv. And still, after dark or the live feeds, I do not want the 5 minute censorship so that I cannot see what I am paying for.. which is the raw footage. If I think CBS or anyone else has more of a hand in creating a winner, I will quit watching and demand my money back from CBS. That is crap. I want to like/dislike a real person, not what I am fed or censored into believing. I don’t care for Rachel… ever.. don’t care for her sister much, but she is definitely more likable than Rachel.. still, I would like to decide that myself.. not someone else as to what I see, when I see it. That is what CBS is for. Okay.. I made my point. Ugh Ugh on Aaryn/schizophrenic psycho yeah..

Karen S

ps.. the first point I was trying to make… get involved. Enough people stand up for even someone in a parking lot, people are less likely to abuse others.

Second point, I didn’t grow up in a racist environment. Maybe that is why I don’t see color but ugly personalities. My Hub believes how your parents see things is how we perceive things. I think he’s wrong, that we decide for ourselves whether to be idiots or not.

I really hope that something I say, strikes someone and tells them, they don’t have to believe what someone else tells them to be true. They can find out for themselves…
And Aaryn is not a nice person…. and I hope MVP is the deciding factor and her HOH is pointless. 🙂


Co-signed. Great posts.


Karen, Why did you assume the woman needed help? Maybe she was being yelled at because she stole the guys wallet, left the kind in the car with the windows up, etc. It is not a crime to yell at someone. Keep getting “involved” just don’t be surprised is you get a punch in the mouth from someone because you couldn’t mind your own business. You make it seems as if the guy was beating her. LOL and who are you exactly?


*kid, not kind.

Janelle pov queen

Spencer want even make it to the jury hope the girls make a group come on girls who run the world girls!!!

Male Chauvinist Pig

Girls don’t run the world. They run the vacuum cleaner. They run the dishwasher. They run their panty hose. They run their mouths. But they don’t run the world.


Spencer is irritating and so disrespectful.

Karen S

Right.. why burn bridges so early in the game. But the vote of 5.. which will be exposed shortly as Candace is trying to point out.. the HOH is down to 4 votes they control. It doesn’t matter who Aaryn puts on the block.. MVP has all the power and whomever has it.. can put up someone powerful to take out. Ta da! It’s a wizard power every week, we can help take out to specify who we want in the end. I like It!


Now that all you people see what nasty, annoying, mean spirited players actually look like, perhaps you’ll all reconsider why you even hated Rachel Riley in the first place. She may have been obnoxious but she was never mean or “evil”
Now her sister is being made the victim and people can finally see with some perspective, how undeserving of that crap they are when there is real trash in the house.

She actually put a group of minorities in the have not room? lol, she’s not kidding.


Yes, Rachel was mean. Season 12 when she came back into the house, she made a comment about Ragan’s dad being disappointed in him for being gay. She knew very well that Ragan’s dad was dead. To me, that is mean. She picked on Monet, she hated on Kristen, she was mean to Kathy, when all Kathy did was beat her in a competition. She was very mean and had no regard for anyone else’s feelings, but as soon as someone gave her some back, she was a mess, crying about how mean they were. Rachel is trashy and unstable and not a nice person. Elissa is nicer than her sister, but every now and then, I see Rachel in her gestures and her voice. I am starting to think that the only reason I don’t dislike Elissa is because next to most of this year’s cast, she looks like a sweetheart.. But hey, it’s big brother. It’s all about lying, deceiving and playing the game. That’s why we watch. Try playing poker without lying.


At the end of the day Aaryn won’t listen to Candice or Helen, Nick will probably win MVP (deserves it most) and as long as there aren’t two members of the mc alliance on the block they control the votes.


Ok so Aaryn got her HOH room and I got to say its going to be different not having David in there and not having sex with Aaryn lol weird? I don’t know if Aaryn and Jeremy cheated but whats weird is she got her HOH room but she had to dye her hair red whats whats with all that about?? I still don’t get why she had to dye her hair red I wonder if its a punishment????? But I want to see what her hair looks like when its red I wonder if its going to be a Rachel Reilly red?? Lol but if I see her hair red I myself is going to DIE HARD LAUGHING I think I would leave my hair blonde if I were her she would look prettier with blonde hair but we will see if/when she’s on camera I will see if I myself like her hair blonde or red hair better?? we will see about her hair I just cant stop laughing abut what her hair would be like when its red wow it would look weird/funny do you guys think that?? lol cant stop laughing


I’m starting to like Candace more I like the possibility of her and Helen working together. I want Spencer to go home his language is disgusting.


Yeah Aryn needs to get off her high horse and see that they need numbers and Candice is without an alliance. I’m hoping for Candice and Helen to align because they can do some damage


Aaryn asked her in the room when she (Aaryn) was saying she doesn’t know who to trust, she asked Candice what she wants to do going forward and Candice said something about going where the smart people are or something like that. I think that would have been a great time for Candice and Aaryn to work something out, but I think Candice wants to coast and work both sides.

That’s at least the take I get from her answer.

Aqua Bernie

Hello Simon and Dawg, I’m back! I’ve been sitting back and observing, and pretty awed by some of what has gone on and said. I saw E news tonight and they reported on big brother about racial comments, and they took a poll and I think it was 68% of their poll wanted them out of the game!

STFU Donnie

Despite what the other comments seem to believe, everything is still going exactly to The Moving Company’s plan:

1) David is gone in a close vote that was not so close as to bloody McCrae’s hands.
2) Candace is alone in the game and talking after the fact is easy to discredit, especially since anything she says will be seen by Aaryn as trying to save herself, which means if she tries to protest and blame Spencer, she will only paint the target brighter on her back, since all her allies will back up Spencer.
3) Aaryn is going to go after those HG’s that aren’t her allies who she knows for sure voted to bounce David and keep Elissa…almost certainly other girls (which in Aaryn’s “unique” mind could include Andy), which is who she sees as the threat to her game. Most likely it will be Elissa and Helen as the pawn, although Candace, Andy, and Amanda should be worried.
4) The MVP will only be as relevant as the MC want it to be. Even if one of the guys gets put up by the MVP, they have the votes with two non-allies on the block. All they need is 6 votes. They will have 4 from the MC not on the block, plus Gigi and Kaitlin.
5) Nothing that Candace or Helen or anybody not allied with Aaryn before tonight will matter one bit as it will all look like they’re trying to save themselves. Andy would be exhibit A, running to Aaryn tonight and bashing Elissa, despite her knowing full well he just voted to keep her. It will be easy for the guys to spin whatever Helen, Candace, or anybody has figured out as a Hail Mary to stay safe from nomination.

The Moving Company is not without peril…but they are absolutely safe this week baring a MAJOR screw-up. Jeremy, I’m looking at you…


Good post and points you make here… I think as of right now Candice is their biggest threat but she can be nullified by people out talking (lying) her and maintaining the paranoia that is rampant in the house. No one is going to believe her even though she has almost figured it out. When Helen is finally out of the game and re-watches the tapes she is gonna kick herself for not seeing what she could have imght done with Candice


I am sickened by these awful girls. and aaryn saying she has an angel watching out for her. made me sick. i am beginning to hate this show. racist b…hes. i hope cbs does something to them for what they have said.and i watched the video of the hoh comp, i think they cheated.




I can’t stand Spencer. He claims he is a such a good player: allow me to roughly quote the great Dr. Will “there is only one thing stronger in the BB house than pressure…charisma and that’s what works better” this guy is all about bullying and pressuring people. I HATE SPENCER SO MUCH


Who do you guys think Aaryn will put up?


Elissa and Helen. Unless Jeremy really wants himself up there.


If Aaryn is the bb fan I thought she was from her pre game interview than she should be smart enough to know she is in trouble. Although I’ve hated her and would still like to see her go I have to admit it would be epic to see a girls alliance form this week after discovering the moving company. It’s just about the only thing that will save her game long term and would make for a good season to see some ladies running the house. If Candice and Helen put this all on the table the right way for Aaryn she might be all for it. She’s obviously already suspicious of the guys in her “alliance”. I repeat not an Aaryn fan! Just looking for a big move!


Jeremy is stupid and I want him out the game. He is so disrespectful and he blames it on his age which I believe is 100% BULL$h!t he knows exactly what he is doing he’s just an ignorant , Cocky douchebag. If dumbass aaryn put him up and he doesn’t win the POV then for sure he’s going home unless they’re to dumb to get him out. I liked him in the beginning but then he opened up his mouth and that went out the window. It’s too bad because I think he’s kinda cute but oh well he a loser and I doubt it if he will go far in the game. I wish we could vote out the ppl or vote to save ppl like Big Brother UK. Can’t wait til aaryn and GM leave and find out there Job less lol


Just have to say, Gina Marie is a DOG without makeup. Woof!!

Chuckles the Clown

Starting to like McCrae. Seems like he knows what’s up and isn’t as dumb as people thought he was. Also, not a floater. But I do think Amanda could drag him down. Nick also seems to be holding it together with the conniving. So far, better season than last.


I remember Elissa saying in pre-interviews that she wanted an all-girl alliance. She can still do that w/ Helen, Candice, Amanda, and Andy (he’s more likely to go w/ the girls). I wish that Helen will realize that Candice’s instincts are correct and them five can just form an alliance and go after the MC and the mean girls. I do like the MC (except Jerkemy) but I also live big moves in the game. Makes it all more interesting and more watchable.