Big Brother Spoilers Aaryn “People are playing a lot harder than I thought”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Wed July 10
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


8:14pm cam 3-4 Aaryn and Candace bedroom

Candace goes over everything that happened today with the votes.
Candace says someone she knows told her to double check that Elissa was really a target because they thought it was David, “That was the plan”
Candace: “I think the 5 votes were.. Kaitlin, Gina, Spencer, Me and Jeremy”
Aaryn: ‘Wait.. I voted for David.. do you think that Spencer maybe voted out David”
Candace says that she isn’t going to say who told her to vote out David because she hasn’t had the chance to talk to that person (Helen) yet.

C: “I believe Gina”
A: “Then Kaitlin and Jeremy are lying.. that is really hard.. it’s really hard about this spencer thing”
C: “someone is lying”

A: “You and spencer have a thing”
C: “No I have no alliances”
A: “The only person I know right now that is coming after me is Elissa”
A: “Do you think it’s Kaitlin and Jeremy” (That flipped the vote)
C: “I really don’t think so but I can’t see it being Gina either”
A: “I know.. unless she puts on a really good act”
C: “She (Gina) really doesn’t like elissa”
They both agree that Nick voted to evict David..
A: I wonder if McCrae knew”
C: “I think he did because he was the HOH”
A: “People are playing a lot harder than I thought.. everything has changed now”
A: “Candace I don’t want to have a beef with you”


8:29pm Cam 3-4 Amanda, Jeremy, Aaryn, Nick bedroom

Amanda is worried for McCrae because he was the HOH last week. Amanda cannot stand Elissa.
Aaryn: “who she puts up will be telling of who she’s close to” (assuming that Elissa wins HOH)
Jeremy: “That’s if America is stupid enough to do it two weeks in a row…F*** get your sh!t together”
Aaryn says that Candace was at the hot tub and heard “Everyone” say they were going to vote out David.

Aaryn: “She say the only two people other than us three that voted for Elissa was her and Spencer” (Gina, Jeremy, Aaryn)
Amanda: ‘Who does Spencer hang out the most.. Andy, Candace like does that make any sense.. she’s a f**** idiot”
Aaryn: ‘So you are saying that you voted Elissa out”
Amanda: “He f*** BD’d her.. why would I keep her here”
Amanda: “I know we haven’t talk any game.. because I thought you guys were in an alliance.. It’s really stupid to be playing so hard so early”
Amanda leaves..
Jeremy: “You gotta put up Helen and you gotta put up Elissa”
Nick: “Don’t
Aryn: “if I put her up against Helen and she wins MVP she’ll pick someone weak.. that she can beat”
Nick: ‘we should BD Elissa.. who is Elissa close to”
A: “Helen”
Jeremy: “Put me up I’ll f**** win that shit… fu** ya”
Nick: “Put Ellissa up with the most popular person in the house to ensure she goes”
A: “People told David to throw that veto and he threw it.. “
N: “Who told him to throw it”
A: ‘McCrae”
Nick: “Thats weird.. whos in McCrae ears”
Gina: “Amanda”
Aaryn: “She just told me she voted Elissa out”
Gina: “She’s f***** lying”
Jeremy: “This has been a hard day I say we rest and talk about it another day we’ll have a whole day”


8:50pm CAM 1-2 Bedroom Aaryn and Kaitlin
Aaryn: “I don’t trust Nick anymore.. and Gina is going to pull us down by trusting him”
Aaryn: “Nick is no longer to be trusts”
Kaitlin: “Gina has a loud a$$ mouth”
Aaryn: “I just think someone in our 5 is a liar and maybe two”
Kaitlin: “You think Candace is telling the truth.. cause I think she’s lying she’s been up F****** Elissa’s a$$ for the last two days”
A: “Ya you’re right”
Kaitlin says she trusts Andy he pulled her to the side and told her nobody has talked game to her.


8:50 Cam3-4 Candace and Helen

Candice is really confused because her and her “Messenger” both voted for Elissa to leave so this means that either Kaitlin, Jeremy or Gina voted out David and is lying.

Candice: ‘Unless my Messenger is lying but if he was lying why did they tell me to vote out Elissa”

Howard joins them.. He tells her that there is nothing to worry about they have the numbers.
Helen: “I want to win MVP and POV and i’m will to bleed for it.. you guys would save me right.. “
Howard: “Ya that’s not the issue the issue is don’t lose it chill out”
Candace: ‘I guess my feelings because whatever the secret plan is I wasn’t part of it”
Helen: “I’m not part of the secret plan”
Candice: “You have to me because you voted him out”
H: “No… it doesn’t add up if you were told to vote out Elissa.. I’m as lost as you seriously.. i was told you were going to vote out David”
C: “Andy says he was told to vote out David”
H: “There is no secret clan this clan has exploded on itself”
C: “I think she is going to put you up”
H: “Oh for sure”

Elissa joins them and says she will win MVP again so they shouldn’t worry.
Helen laughs: “Elissa you are getting nominated and probably me”


8:55pm Cam 3-4 Storage room Nick and Spencer

Nick asking if Spence can make Candice look more guilty.
Nick: ‘You are too good and looking truthful.. I need you to be a bit sketchy … she needs to believe that you did vote out David.. because what it will do is take some of the pressure off me.. They are not putting you up 100%”
Nick is trying to get Elissa and Amanda put up with Helen as a BD option.
Spencer says he’s not going to admit to what he did because that’s not good for his game long term but he will slow down with the “Carrying on”.
Spencer: “push Amanda as the master mind”
Nick: “You are so in there dude.. don’t worry”
Spencer says he will start planting seeds about Nick being all for voting out Elissa.

Spencer: ‘We have to get Candice and Judd out as soon as possible they are bouncing around like two idiots”

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Chilltown Fan

Helen and Candace are going to figure this out. Candace already said on the feeds a minute ago that she thought there is a “Super Boy Alliance” at work in the house, Helen agreed. Candace said it was most likely Nick, Jeremy, and Spencer, and that Howard was also likely in on it.

Now the big question will be is will the resident racist, Aaryn, believe what the 2 minorities are telling her?


yes… yes… and yes. Candice actually figured out the votes when she was on the floor counting with the jewelry. She’s got it, but no one is going to get down with her because: 1. her social game has sucked 2. The MC is working to split up the women anyway 3. unfortunately there is a racial component along with the mistrust in this house that will disallow certain people to accept what she has to say. Its a shame


“she’s acting like a high school girl” -about elisa.

wow. aaryn and her little friend Kaitlin are freaking crazy


I am wondering If the contestants were able to hear the studio audience when they went to cast their eviction vote. It was so epic LOOL, the audience cheering every vote to evict David and booing every vote to evict Ellisa. CBS should not have muted them or asked them to be quiet, It makes the eviction show much more interesting just like Big Brother Canada and who knows after finding out how much they are dislikes, Bieber Fever might actually make an effort to be good people.

Leonard Diesel

McCrae said he could hear cheers when the people he knew were voting for David were casting their vote.


Please Aaryn, please nominate that dumb ass Jeremy alongside Nick so they can use the MVP power to get GiGi or Kaitlin nominated and screw over the votes


aaryn said that she got a sick feeling last night when the DR starting asking her questions. and that if you really pay attention you can learn a lot

hey big brother, get a clue, you ruined a potential bombshell. this is why aaryn wasn’t jaw dropped to the floor


This whole “lets blame Candice” thing is getting old. If they blame Candice she will get put on the block. She’s not even a threat in the game? Whats the point. Lol Nick and Spencer think they are so smart little do they know people are catching on.


It won’t matter. Aaryn and the mean girls are obsessed with Elissa and non-allies like Candace and Helen aren’t going to convince her to turn on her allies (If she blames Nick, Gigi is mad, if she blames Jeremy, Kaitlin is pissed, and she might see Spencer as her new male ally). Remember that Aaryn is polarizing and just lost her closest ally. Shes not going to turn on the ones that remain. Whomever she ultimately blames for turning will be excused temporarily because they were threatened by David. A month from now is when she will look for vengeance.

All the MC need to do is keep changing the target of blame. Nick (and Gigi) point the finger at Spencer, Jeremy (and Kaitlin) point the finger at Nick, Spencer points the finger at Jeremy, and every time the subject comes up they point the finger then change it to Elissa or Amanda or Helen. I agree that the MC does not have the game locked down, but they’re fine this week with Aaryn and the mean girls, who will be all about evicting a girl whether it’s Elissa or somebody else.


Exactly. They tried to get cute when they didn’t even need to. Spencer could’ve just told Candice to vote out Dave and have Nick vote out Elissa if they wanted to conceal the Moving Company and maintain the voting numbers. Instead, Spencer revealed to Candice and that entire group of people voting out David that he’s up to something shady.


Aaryn winning this HOH is gonna make this week unbearable to watch or even read about! Almost everyone is gonna be up her ass (even though they don’t like her) and her posse thinks they’re the shit! If Elissa makes it past this week, it’ll be a shocker! I find myself rooting for her ’cause she seems to be the underdog this season! It’s not her fault she’s related to RR! Give the girl a chance!!!!


so whats the status update on the jeremy/aaryn cheating hoh?

billy bob

there saying on twitter, that cam 4 at 6:48 and 49, shows them cheating.

Confused Parent

Ignore it and pretend the fans are delusional, even though there was a screenshot and video of them doing so. Just like blatant racist and homophobic remarks.


When was the last time a competition has been done over in seasons past?


All-Stars i believe when there were technical problems which caused Erika too win, then they re did it and Mike Boogie won i believe


I think they Janelle won when they redid that HOH? I’m pretty sure cause I remember some sort of punishment she got where she couldn’t compete in POV and when Erika won the HOH I knew Janelle was going home but the redid the HOH she won. Or atleast I think that’s what happened.


Aaryn admitted basically to cheating! Talked about how she was scooping extra into her hands and using that too…they were suppose to only use the cup go figure


lmfao Nick. Hey Spencer make her look even worse

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

So Aaryn puts all the minorities (and Elissa) in Have Not’s, coincidence? Spencer is a big bully and I wish he would stop using that “C” word (yes, drives me nuts). I hope he loses it and gets the boot.

Janelle pov queen

This is the moment the girls need to get smart and put there heads in the game.


Seems most of these girls are to busy snagging guys than worried about game


Years ago I thought this about Rachael when I saw it on Simon and Dawg’s chart: “HOH – it should just say HO” Just thought it now about A.


Didn’t Julie say that you were suppose to pour the bbq sauce into your partners cup? Because I watched a video and Aaryn and Jeremy were just switching off cups…. I don’t think that’s fair -_-


can we please not forget aaryn and jeremy cheated in the hoh comp


HEY EVERYONE….not sure if this has been posted yet. But Elissa actually lives in Canada. Did you all see a hoodie that she was wearing it said “University of Regina Cougar’s” She lives in/around Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. Her husband owns a business here. I live in the city and we have all been collecting info since we saw her wearing it on the show.


aaryn will only have power as hoh this week if she is smart enough to look through her predjudice and and nominate two of the mc. i seriously doubt that is going to happen, but we’ll see. anything else and she will not control the votes, no matter what.


Not to be a total guy but Helen actually looked hot in that purple tight dress while talking to Spencer…….yum


Why are we letting people cheat???? OMG, that is so freaking annoying.

Spencer is on my LAST NERVE!!!! he is really playing his story up, what a great liar that he is able to keep all of this going.

Chilltown Fan

Spencer is disgusting, he at least does show some strategy unlike Jeremy. I predicted that either Jeremy would be a pre-jury boot or would ride the MC’s coattails. Depending on how things shake out, Nick is controlling the house via MC.


What a blunder by the Moving Club. Nick voting for Dave and the Moving Club getting Candice to vote out Ellise was dumb. What were they thinking?


Spencer is all over the place doing damage control. He’s in rooms whispering to a bunch of people. You’d think one of them would catch it, but they’re too wrapped up in other crap. He’s going to be the floating fat fuck of the house.

production rigged it

I predict Elissa will be saved from eviction again this week one way or another since nothing was done about Aaryn and Jeremy apparently cheating. Think about it everybody knows Aaryn wants Elissa out so if AG didn’t have a plan to save her then something would have been done about the cheating. Also i agree with earlier comments that Candice and Helen have figured it out, although Spencer just talked to Helen and she said that she trusted him…hope she was just playing along and isn’t that stupid. Aaryn knows the votes don’t add up and since she said she doesn’t trust Nick anymore and Candice mentioned she was told to vote David out and Aaryn thought Spencer had also voted David out plus she thought maybe 2 people in their alliance were lying (Nick & Jeremy), hopefully she will put Nick and Spencer up, Elissa gets MVP and puts Jeremy up and one of them goes home.


P-R-I, you’re exactly right. All of the Moving Company’s scheming (and Nick is surely running that show) pales in comparison to Production’s “every season, secret weapon!” The huge, off-camera influence they have on the HGs, while they’re in the DR. And what Production says to them in there. That we never see on-camera. AG & Co. said anything that they needed to in there, to ensure that the “swing voters” would not vote out Elissa. And having 3 nominees now makes it 100 times easier for Production to control who gets voted out each week, as opposed to two. Especially later in the game. AG will then need to sway fewer HGs in the DR, to ultimately get what she wants.

As Rachel’s sister, Elissa was obviously AG’s initial BB15 storyline. But, more than a week into BB15, Elissa has now become *far* more important to AG. Neither one knows it yet, but both members of the “Blonde-Tourage” have been fired from their regular jobs. The rampant racism in this cast is just *so* out of control, I sometimes think BB15 is re-running an old clip of life in Montgomery, Alabama, back in 1959. Lies, back-stabbing, and bad behavior is one thing. We all expect that on BB. But what almost half of these BB15 cast members are saying just flat-out crosses the line. And when one person starts slurring, it’s almost like an “un-offical permission slip” is written, and others then start to go there, as well. Herd mentality. And AG has to be concerned. Why? Not just because it offends/inflames, Because in 2013, 37% of her potential BB15 US viewers are “non-white”. The African-American, Hispanic and Asian populations all continue to grow rapidly. Every year. I’m sure these good folks are thrilled to death to watch BB15, and hear things like the “rice” comment made about Helen (who happens to be the smartest, kindest, and most mature BB15 HG, by a mile – being wrongly stereotyped.) And the “Careful, you might miss seeing her in the dark” comment, made about Candice? Just pathetic.

More such comments are just not good for AG’s business – BB15 ratings. And AG wants it to stop. Now. Towards that end, AG would *love* to get this young BB15 season “back on track”, and have her “original drama concept” (Elissa) take serious root. Therefore, Elissa just *can’t* be evicted yet. Period. For at least another month or so. Kassting clearly went to great lengths to not bring “floaters” into the BB15 house. On that score (and that score only), she succeeded. Say what you want – it’s not boring in there. In fact, it’s bordering on chaos. What about strategy? Is there any yet? It’s still early. I’m giving it time.

Simon and Dawg, what do you guys think so far? To me, BB15 is making BB Canada look like a far better game, and is making me wish that BBCA2 would be starting up in October, not in Feb ’14!


Remember how when you were a kid and away from your parents and would cuss trying to sound grown up and cool? That’s how the entire BB15 cast sounds. But dumber!


we likely won’t find out about a cheating ruling until the next episode airs like they did to Emmett, Jillian, Alec & Talla on BB Canada where they were barred from the new HOH competition & made the week’s Have Not’s


I’m sorry to MC fans but Spencer and Jeremy are so unlike able. Cocky arrogant and they do not know how to treat women. Spencer’s favorite word is the c word. He practically uses it like its Ellissa’s first name

what my name

what the hell is up with bb15 , wait it is America.