Ian holds up the pork rinds that Willie threw at Janelle and says “soon to be on eBay for sale!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July 21
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

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11:20am Ian heads up to the HOH room and talks to Frank. Ian thinks the power of veto competition will be the spelling competition. They also wonder if it will be a hold and fold competition. Ian says that it’s not a games competition because they didn’t give us tools to practice. Ian says now that he thinks about it, he really thinks it’s gonna be the hold and fold competition. Ian says that game is a crap shoot. They discuss the last power of veto competition. Frank mentions that Shane punched something yesterday and that his hand is all bloody. Ian brings up how Willie went hulk on the have not door and then head butted Joe 4 times. Ian says that he would have thought Willie being 30 something would have been more mature. Frank mentions how great it is that we get to evict 2 people this week. They discuss whether or not it will be taking penalties to win, like wearing a bunny suit for a week or giving up some of the prize money. Britney joins them. Ian tells Britney that he thinks it will be hold and fold because they didn’t need to pick a colour. Britney says that she thinks it will be a different competition, all of the competitions have been different so far. The conversation turns to talking about The Glass House and how bad it is. Big Brother switches the cameras to the kitchen.

11:40am The cameras switch back to the HOH room. Britney comments on how by the end of the game you pick the host that you think can get it done the fastest. Ian comments on how Willie couldn’t even say certain things. Britney tells Frank that he did a great job. Britney gets called to the diary room. Dan joins them.

11:50am Ian wonders if in the opening sequence they will just completely omit Willie or if they will just show him walking into the diary room saying fu*k this…. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Dan says I don’t want to hit you with this but if one of them wins, Danielle will go up I am guessing. Frank says probably. Dan you don’t think anything crazy will happen with the votes do you? Frank says that he doesn’t think so and that he really wants Shane out. Dan says that he doesn’t think any of the other four would use the veto. Frank says that he doesn’t think so. Frank says that he doesn’t really feel bad about the nominations because they stuck with Willie even when he was doing all that stuff. He says that Shane is a nice guy and Jojo is alright… Dan gets called to the diary room.
12pm – 12:20pm Ian is in the have-not room making his bed for the bear. He looks at Jojo’s bed and says EWWWW… That’s nasty! Ian then goes over by the door and picks up the little zip-lock bag of pork rinds, holds it up to the camera and says The pork rinds that Willie threw at Janelle …soon to be on ebay for sale! Big Brother cuts the feeds. Ian heads into the kitchen and the talk about Willie continues. Frank say that Willie will probably have to sell his cigarettes for bus money. All the house guests are waiting for the competition to start. They are sitting around eating and talking about random things.

Frank and Mike are talking in the HOH room. Mike says that Jojo is so harmless, personally I would like to get her out of here but she is harmless. Ian joins them. Mike tells Ian to lay off the romance a little bit .. play a little hard to get, don’t sit next to her too much. Ian says that he has been today, maybe you’ve noticed. Mike say yeah… I’ve been asleep. Ian jokes that if he ever wins HOH they will have to get a door up here (on the mentor room) so that he can get Ashley up here.
12:37pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen… Looks like the Power of Veto Competition is starting.

1:30pm Still TRIVIA..

2pm They’re still competing ..

2:30pm More TRIVIA..

2:45pm TRIVIA..

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Wow it’s only been 10 days since the premiere and three people have been evicted. There’s been so much drama, I can’t lie I’m sad that Willie is gone but he did it to himself. He could’ve won the Veto or persuaded people to keep him. Expect the unexpected. I hope this season is a good one, I love the cast, I hope the coaches don’t go back in the game otherwise it’ll be like last season. I do believe they should have a huge twist to shake up the game, I’m not sure what but something to keep the viewers entertained,


I agree, I would have loved Willie to survive this week for the drama but he’s a sore loser. He could dish it out but couldn’t take it. When you go on BB expect to be screwed, betrayed, nominated and so forth and so forth. He’s not the first HOH to have his arch nemesis gain power immedietely after his reign. So much shit happens I’m amazed people that can’t handle it go there to play the game.


I’m liking Ian more and more. I think the house is starting to too!


omg cant stand frank, i seriously dont wanna watch wil, frank, joe, ian, jenn all summer, how boring…. even with danielles cutesy personally shes still better tv than all them and between kara and willie already being gone i really dont wanna see danielle,jojo or shane leave, like come on bb you can do better than this garbage ooh and i dont know about anyone else, but is janelle like seriously pmsing this season? shes being so b!tchyy


anon I couldnt agree more I like jojo shane dan and danielle the most i would love to see janelle booger britney also go besides frank ian especially joe i dont mind jenn ( as she is never on camera so its like she isnt there ) and i am indifferent to ashleigh ( as she is on cloud 9) i dont like Wil either but hes not nearly as annoying to watch as booger and janelle ( i fast forward them when they are on camera) what is pmsing you said thats what janelle is. oh and i shall miss lil man willie he was very entertaining to watch ( and real)


I agree. I will need a twist or something to shake things up again. I’m hoping the coaches thing doesn’t keep going the way it is. Willie was the catalyst for all the drama and now that he’s gone and once JoJo is out, we will have to watch everyone get along and eat Joe’s dinners. The teams have created these alliances that will make things predictable for a while. Ian is looking at / thinking about the cameras at every moment. I can’t stand it.


Ian’s a goof ball


The entertainment seems like it has really died down since Willie left.


I am watching BBAD from last night ( i like to watch em after they air so I can fast foward booger and the real hw of oc janelle) and I love franks reason tfor putting up jojo and shane. ( oh its cause you both associated with willie) why doesnt he just telll the truth which is because they voted to keep kara not him. frank is def playing this game on a personal level and that isnt always good. he shoulda put up joe and ashee (especiallly since ashee cant be trusted)


Their association with Willie and not voting to keep Frank is one and the same, isn’t it?


danielle voted to keep kara and shes not up .


Danielle voted to keep her friend and teammate, not because she was with Willie. I shouldn’t have to explain that.

Alexander the Great

If Shane can pull this off, he’s only delaying his stay one week.


why are these people voting people off cause of personal stupid reasons like “they were with willie” how stupid is that. jojo is no threat, they need to jus finish dan off if shane wins veto…and for everyone to say they hate willie sooooo much, they sure cant keep him out of their mouths. Ian in your Dreams if you think you are gonna hook up with ashley..willie have a better chance in comming back to the show


too friggin funny isnt ian a virgin? maybe ashleigh will pop one of her magic piills that production keeps giving her and when she passes out ian can have his way. also i agree why put up jojo and shane they really dont deserve it. but i digress. (as always)

Big Brother's Big Brother

Why do you feel that Shane does not deserve to be on the block? is it because he didn’t use the POV to save the current HOH. Or is it because he voted to evict the current HOH? No wait I know it’s bcause he is the biggest threat to the current HOH. You’re right he definitley should not be on the block. End sarcasam.


I liked Willie still pissed off that Joe wants Frank out when he could have last week
instead he votes out the hottest girl there wtf


I hope Shane wins. Him and Jo Jo do not deserve to pay for Willie`s behaviour. He`s gone. They didn`t choose to be on the same team. I think it`s stupid the way they all criticise WIllie and Brit for talking smack about them, but Janelle`s team and Frank and Willie love talking bad about Jo Jo, Danielle and Shane behind their backs. Frank should understand that for his game he needs Shane, or he will become target number 1 when Shane leaves. Together they might have a chance. That was the plan, and Willie is the one that flipped, not Shane. Frank is feeling safe this week, but I would not trust Joe, Ashley or Wil next week to not put him up. And definitely not Jo Jo or Shane or Danielle (whoever stays). I want to see Boogie and Janelle take a hit soon because they are too cocky and entitled. I don`t like how they treat their players either. I liked Frank last week, but he is behaving like a tool today. Finding it hard to root for someone right now, but I am liking Jenn a bit more, she would win me over if she distances herself from Boogie and Frank. Frank is Boogie`s favourite horse, she is expendable in Boogie`s game, and he won`t think twice to sacrifice her to save Frank.


well said i couldnt agree more. as for booger and janelle (the troll and the dumb blonde) i wish they never would have been brought back. I would of rather have seen jesse or evil dick or even rachel than those 2 thats how much i dislike them.

Alexander the Great

Why do people keep acting like Shane is a POV god lol, he won once and people are planning for him winning it.


has there been any thought that maybe Willie did this to be kicked out because of his grandbaby being born? He knew he was likely not to win the thing, so maybe he rather be with his daughter.

Big Brother's Big Brother

No it’s because he is Jesus. Really, I think I have to stop reading these comment boards. Simon are you paying people to come on here and stir the pot. I mean, I don’t really have a side here but I don’t think I am watching the same feeds.


@Chloe. I’m glad you said this,” Frank is Boogie`s favourite horse, she is expendable in Boogie`s game, and he won`t think twice to sacrifice her to save Frank.” Because I’ve been bringing up the fact that during Thursday night show,after Boogie found out that no matter which coach wins the coaches competition.They can’t trade a player to get Frank,because he’s HOH.As soon as Julie told everyone that,Boogie said,”booyah”(I don’t think I spelled that right)in front of everyone,which includes Jenn and Ian.That comment,should’ve open Jenn and Ian eyes to the fact that,Boogie doesn’t give a crap about them.Frank is the only member on his team that he plans on taking to the end.Maybe Jenn and Ian are to stupid to understand they should try to have some kind of deal with another coach in order to get rid of Frank.That way Boogie will have no choice,but to take one of them to the end.I’m also surprised that one of the coaches,haven’t tried to use Boogie’s out burst to put a wedge in his team.


I cant wait till joe goes home…how the hell you gonna be guning for someone that was just on the block. Joe should have voted for frank to leave if he wanted him out so bad. Man these people are only playing with thier emotions. they act like willie Killed their mother.

Carol & Steve

Totally agree! Of course, I have to admit that I wanted to like Joe in the beginning, but the more I watch After Dark & read the updates I just really want somebody to get rid of him. He’s just as bad as Willie was with taking things to the extreme & playing too hard too fast & stirring the pot with half-truths (if not out right lies). Would love for him to be exposed & backdoored. 🙂


This would be a completely different game if the coaches weren’t hear…even if they were split into the same teams…

I liked Frank, but he is not playing smart right now~ at least that’s my opinion…he needs to make a deal with either Shane or JoJo, so he has help outside of his team.


Here*. Ooooops


i still dont understand how janelle can continue to insist willie was a bully why? because he confronted frank to his face for starting all the bs? janelle truly is a dumb blonde she once saw a sign that said wet floor and she squatted down and pee;d. she studied for a pap smear test ( sorry I just cant stand her anynore)


I really wish Ian would step it up and start acting like he actually wants to win. Maybe thats his strategy?? I hope Dan has another week in him!!


Ian is on boogers team dan only has danielle left on his vut i hope dan stays longer too. he is guarentted another week for sure because shane and jo jo are on the block ( unless 1 of them wins a POV then danielle is put up and voted out.


meant guaranteed


so far on last nights BBAD it has been the frank show (90% camera time) and finally they showed jenn twice for a half second each time. I will say for a lesbian jenn wears alot of skirts and dresses. my lesbians friends wouldnt be caught dead in feminine clothing 🙂 and whats with dan with the dearborns finest t shirt I’m from michigan and dearborn is a slum ghetto of michigan so i guess that would make him the finest from a slum city 🙂


I blame BigBrother for Willie leaving. If they’d just let him in the damn diary room. If he felt everyone hated him and blamed him at that point, he needed a place to go to get away from the people and calm down. They wouldn’t open the door after many times hitting the button. That’s messed up.

Just Me

Love watching Ian. Can’t wait to see how he holds up in the comps. You never know, he may turn out to be a dark horse in the game. I don’t want to admit it but Boogie really picked the best 3 players. 1 pawn who stays way under the radar and out of all the drama, Jen; 1 really strong gamer, Frank; and Ian who has the potential to be very good too. I just can’t find anything about the other players to suggest they are worthy of F2. Maybe it is just still to early in the game. Anyone else feel this way about this cast?


Me the same, enjoying the game but don’t really like-like anyone. I’m rooting for Ashley so far but that could change.


I would love to see Shane (Tom Cruise/Matthew Fox) & Frank (Shaun White) made final 2! Depend on the Coaches come to play.