Big Brother 14 Power Of Veto Results!

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 21
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

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Janelle and Boogie do not think Shane is stupid anymore they think he’s somewhere in the middle.
Boogie asks her what her early feeling about who to send home. Janelle thinks that Danielle is a waste maybe JOJO.. Janelle says that JoJo did we’ll in the Power of Veto Competition today she did better than Frank. Boogie says that getting rid of shane is going to be tough. Janelle: “I wish we had a couple more pictures of margaritas” (they’re are drinking margaritas”. Boogie says if they stay caches than their final 6 plan is the best idea but if they get dropped in the game than they want to get rid of dan sooner Janelle agrees she thinks they can destroy the noobies, “they are shitting bricks that we could come back into the game”

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3:22pm Bedroom Cam 3-4 Britney, Dan and Danielle Britney saying that they are going to nominate Danielle and JoJO is going home. Dan doesn’t think so he thinks Danielle is going home. Britney wonders if there if there is a chance for them to put up one of Janelle’s players, Dan: “NO WAY.. we have nothing to give the” Britney leaves.

Dan starts to explain to Danielle what is going to happen with the other 2 coaches they are going to take their number one each to the end and destroy the other players. Dan mentions that JoJO is strong in competition they might be able to use that to get votes, the other players will see jojo as a bigger threat. Dan: “i’m just trying to think the best way to influence people”

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Now Dan will regret throwing the coaches competition.


Yes, he should! He was just talking to Britney and Danielle on the bed and said that he didn’t throw the coaches competition. You could tell he was lying by the way he said it. It doesn’t even make sense why he would throw it when he knew that Danielle would go up this week if Shane or Jojo won the veto. Stupid move on his part. It is his fault if Danielle goes home.


Completely agree what motivation would he have to throw it when there are no repercussions.he would only be assuring himself for another week .he is definitely not the mastermind everyone makes him out to be he annoys me like crazy


I have thought from the beginning that when an entire team is eliminated the coaches will enter the game. Maybe he thinks the same way and this is the fastest way to get him in the game without getting blood on his hands. Unless he opens his mouth no one can prove he threw it.


He wasn’t counting on Willie getting himself thrown out of the house. Had he not done that it would still be two of Britney’s players on the block.


i just thought of an amazing scenario.. what if the twist was that the coach that looses all of his players would get dropped in the game??
i think it would be awesome if it was the case.. the coaches will abandon their players, the players will target the coaches just a total and utter chaos..i just hope this is the twist because i don’t want dan to go if danielle is voted out ( which i think is gonna happen).. plus if dan left with danielle then 3 players left the game in one week which doesn’t make sense since the numbers don’t add up..


jts always silly to throw a competion


Darn it! I really wanted to see Shane go home!!
Get danielle out. There is no point in keeping Dan around the house – he is far to dangerous!


hes far to “dangerous” but yet all his players are dropping like flies, and he throws every comp. I mean it seems like he dont even try to help or save his players.he just accepts everything that happens like oh well. If the house was smart they should get rid of daneille and just take dan out of his misery. Team brit hang in there!!


Yes.. he is a big time manipulator.. and I don’t know why you guys don’t see this but the only reason who does what he does is so at the end people can say.. he had the hardest run but still managed – BEST PLAYER. That’s what the idiot wants and it’s annoying. Either way he should be evicted with Danielle.. if not JoJo needs to go. She’s a big time trouble maker and nothing good can come from that! They need to cute brit’s team short so next weeks HOH is easier on them! Either Dani or JOJO out. Serious.

Carol & Steve

Thanks for the update Dawg! Hmm – wish Frank would put Joe up (as a pawn – NOT), but I could handle having JoJo gone too. Can’t wait to see who the replacement Nom is!


Yeah Shane! VT is rooting for you!


How lame. Shane is turning into the boring generic frat guy who offers no personality and will just rack up competition wins to the point where it’s no fun for anyone to play or watch. I’d rather JoJo stay over Danielle


so does that mean you’d like him better if he didn’t win so much?


Shane just has zero game play. He is banking on winning big brother by winning competitions only. It is technically possible but very unlikely. He is not trying to make any alliances except for the shovel-ready alliance of Team Brit. He should have seen awhile ago that Team Brit is a sinking ship and start to cultivate relationships. If he had done that, he would have known that Kara didn’t have the votes and it was going to be 5-3.

Not that Danielle is worth much, but she was throwing herself at him for an alliance that he turned down. I hate that Joe is playing a Shelly game, but at least he’s playing some game. Frank, too, when he turned the house against Willy. I am certain that Shane has never seen the show. He probably got casted because his modeling agent set him up. So he knows Season 12 or 13 from sequester, or whatever they showed in sequester.

But even after Frank nominated him, he still didn’t try to build an alliance with him. He just went to Frank’s room and said I know I know you had to do this because of Willy. He has to get over Willy and move on. Brit at least tries to talk with Boogie to set something up.


Completely disagree. After Frank won HOH, Shane did come to HOH to persuade him, and he definitely already tried to alleviate

Willie after HOH. He formed a good alliance at the first week, stayed low and people in the house like him. The only reason he’s the

underdog now is because of the stupid Willie who was just too paranoid and destroyed the alliance he made with Janielle and Frank.

Should he switch side before the eviction and evict Kara? That’ll be stupid because Boogie and Janielle’s team would come after him

regardless. Staying loyal to Willie was his only option at that point.

Alexander the Great

Thank you, I want to see a competitor win this year, not a floater hiding behind a huge alliance.


I’m glad Shane yo. It just makes things a little more interesting.


Glad he won yo. lol


How is Dan dangerous? He has been a lousy coach. He did not try to save Kara. Kara and Danielle don’t do anything useful. Dan is hanging out doing nothing until Week 4 or 5 when he said he will then start winning competitions. He really did not need to throw this week’s Coach’s competition, Willie expulsion or not. With 1 player left, Dan is too comfortable in the house.


You are so right Dans a waste leading his team on downward spiral


agree…He was even telling his own players not to win hoh. the only coaching he been doing is telling his players how not to fcking win.


Dan says he did the same thing on his season, but that was strategy is not applicable here. On Season 10, if you didn’t win the first few weeks, there were still at least 8 people to choose from. Right now, there are slim pickings in the numbers Week 2. Given that Frank would never choose someone from his team, his only replacement options are 3: Joe, Wil, and Danielle. On Season 10, on Week 2, there were still about 10 people to potentially nominate. And that is not even accounting for alliances. Accounting for alliances, Joe and Wil get crossed off of that list. On Season 10, it was still diffuse enough to blend in.

Even if Dan wanted to throw things, his strategy of just not doing anything else is not working. I don’t know what he is waiting for. If Danielle stays this week, it will not be because of Dan or Danielle. It will not be because they did anything good or bad. Just only because Janelle and Boogie convince their team that it is not good to get rid of a coach this quickly. Danielle might have some luck if Jojo just pisses people off, and Dan and Danielle’s strategy of laying low works over Jojo’s being herself strategy.

It was the same thing with Kara. Kara did not do anything to get the 3 votes she got. If they tried 5% harder, her or Dan might have gotten a 4-4 vote and she would have stayed. She got those 3 votes for people who wanted to get rid of Frank. The vote was effectively keep Frank or get rid of Frank, and Kara did nothing to sway that towards keeping Kara.

Dan seems like a great Big Brother player, but only in the classic formats where there are no pre-existing relationships or teams. Season 10 is one of the only seasons where that was ever the case of the past so many seasons.

With that said, Dan is my favorite of the coaches. I never saw Season 10, but I hate Brit from Season 12. Of the other 3, I respect Dan the most as a person and his potential for game play.


NEVER throw a competition. That worked ONCE in BB history. Why would he give such lame advice???


I thought Janelle hated Boogie, but they are together again…


I’m glad Shane won, I really like him.


me too! At least Shane is cute… The rest are fugly – Frank, Joe, Ian, Boogie – gross!


please just boot Jojo, everything about her screams trash to me


shane shane shane you did it now bet danielle is replacement. ( a no brainer) wish it was joe though 🙂

Just Me

Me too. We can hope he runs his mouth enough and gets found out before the ceremony takes place.


LOL..the feeds are hysterical..Brit is totally drunk from the




She is drunk from the memories of her former flames, nick and lane.


YESSSS SHANE! but i hope danielle doesn’t go.


HYFR that’s what i’m talkin bout. So glad Shane won POV. 2nd week in a row. He is going to be really tough to get out of the house. I hope he wins HOH next week and gets people on his side. He needs it. Now if some way JoJo could be safe this week. I actually like this girl because she is straight up.


yea i respect how jojo and shane stood by their teammate willie. jus show they are loyal straight up the other losers would have jus ran for the hills like cowards do. for wil to jus diss kara like that.


YES SHANE!!! Hopefully something happens in the house that causes 1 of Janelle’s players to go up. Given the way things have been going, that’s not far-fetched at all. Hoping for JoJo and Danielle to also be safe this week.:) Tired of Janelle frankly. I used to be a fan of hers, but she hasn’t done anything particularly good this season. And I’m sick of Boogie’s arrogance. Team Brit and Dan!


Brittany as a COACH you don’t cry and give up because Kara got evicted. YOU should have got Willie, JoJo, Shane and Danielle into a room and pulled them together and tried to get Ian or Ashlee back by exposing Joe/Janelle/Boogie attitudes. Then, Willie or Shane (as Shane did) win POV. At least a chance at keeping a strong 4 team alliance even if someone went home. But, NO….you know nothing about coaching a team. I, i, I, I, i, i, i, that’s YOU. Now, you just sad and feeling sorry for yourself.


Brit is only in the house for 2 reasons, neither of which is because she is a very good BB player:

There is a shortage of veteran women who came in the top 4 and who won an HOH and are interested in coming back and who did not return for Season 13. Many BB women alumni who fit that bill have embarked on motherhood (like Janelle) and don’t seem interested in returning.

Chenbot loves Brit. Chenbot loves Brit’s v@gina talk from Season 12. They both have the same dirty sense of humor as evidenced from the ridiculous topics and conversations on her terrible talk show. Brit had her terrible talk show on Season 12, The Tip, that was way too identical to The Talk, before The Talk was even born. They are 2 peas from the same pod (is that how the saying goes).

They should have asked Michelle Season 11 except she may not have been that memorable. She was at least in the top 4, won HOH competitions, and made moves in the game.

Most people did nothing in Season 12. Enzo made the brigade, he was the only one who strategized. The entire house hated Brendon and Rachel. B & R just happened to be good at competitions and kept on surviving in the game because of their abilities to win competitions. They got a pass Week 3 from Matt in exchange for Andrew who was also not well liked. Brit made no moves, no strategies, and floated to 4th place by virtue of having won a POV Week 2 and being friendly with the right Brigade members (as opposed to Ragan who picked Matt only). Brit made no strategies then and is practically a rookie now having to make strategies for the first time now.

Real Talker

Dawg and Simon i’d just like to say I really appreciate what you do to this site. I check this site every 30 mins. either via my computer or the Droid app. I also follow you on Twitter. You guys are really the best. Thanks!


🙂 Thanks!


So glad Shane won pov and he can save himself. Really hoping he can win hoh next week so the Jen/Boo alliance scambles; otherwise it will get annoying watching the six-group alliance get stronger. A lot of pressure on Shane since i don’t expect Jojo or Danielle to win. We still are a long way off until Thursday but i am just trying to think positive.


Who thinks the coaches are getting dropped into the game?


at first ididnt think so, but the weeks dont add up, now i’m thinking they might, your thoughts?


I think maybe the 1st 2 coaches to have their players eliminated. So if Danielle leaves this week, Dan will enter. And we’ll see if Janelle, Boogie, and Brit scramble to get rid of their players.


The only way I can see it happening is if you lose all your have the option/choice..because you are at a disadvantage as a coach number maybe you can choose to play and take your chances?? At that point you have nothing left to lose. jmo.


I do .


I think it’ll happen, just now sure on how the premise would work. Like someone else commented, this Coaches gimmick is just another way of giving them a Golden Key until it’s Game Time for them.


I do –but only because I wanted to see Dan play the game again.

Side commentary: I tried to think of all the possibilities for Danielle and Dan to get out of this but nothing comes to mind. It looks like no matter what strategy they do, they will be going home this week. (And I highly doubt that a twist will save them.) Its really too bad that Dan threw the coach’s competition.


Me. Poll vote?


. I think when one of the coaches loses all of their players.They will be allowed to play the game.I think someone probably hinted at this to Dan,and that’s why he’s playing the game this way.Which I will be so happy when this happens.This idea seems more like something Big Brother would do.It has,”expect the unexpected” written all over it.Lol. What do you think Simon?


At this point I want them in the game right NOW so we can get a break from this coach- team bullshit hanging over their heads, then no one is tied down by who their coach is and they are free to play. But I doubt they will enter if two or three weeks pass, coz then that would be unfair to the noobs, so if they are to enter the time is now.


I think after the next evction they’ll have a draft and each
coach will get 2 players each….. just a thought.


im thinking the last 2 coaches standing will join the game. it wouldnt be fair to let the the coaches in the game if their whole teams get eliminated. I mean makes sense.


also that would have brought the number to the 14 players they usually have. but with willie kicked off the show for playing a good game i think there will be someone brought back or maybe the remaining 3 coaches will be able to play.


simon or dawg i have 2 questions and i know you guys know the answers. 1. do the coaches get stiphends and if so do they get the 7 0r 8 hundred the newbies get and 2 how many members go to jjury? I thought it was 7 but on BBAD the HGs keep saying it is 9.
thanks guy


7 go to the jury house. The reason they mention 9, is because once they get down to 9 players, you are in the jury house. 7 jurors and the final 2.


Good Afternoon and welcome to big brother 14 highlights. Let’s take a look at mentor standings (PoV Competition)
1.Team Britney (3-3)
2.Team Mike Boogie (2-4)
3.Team Janelle (1-5)
4.Team Dan (0-6)
Even Danielle didn’t play, but still a loss.
Let’s take a look at the stats:
Ashley:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 1 Have/Havenots Participate Competition, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition
Danielle:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 1 Have/Havenot Competition, 1 Nomination on the Block, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition
Frank:1 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 2 PoV Participate Competition
Ian:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 2 Have/Havenot Competition, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition
Jodi:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 0 Have/Havenot Competition, 1 Nomination on the Block, 0 Nomination votes, 1 eviction vote receive, 1 day at bb house, 0 survival eviction
Joe:0 HoH win, 2 HoH Participate competition
JoJo:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 1 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 1 Nomination on the block
Kara:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 0 Have/Havenot Competition, 1 Nomination on the block, 1 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition, 5 eviction vote receive, 5 nomination votes, 13 days at bb house, 0 survival eviction
Shane:0 HoH win, 2 PoV win, 2 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 1 nomination on the block, 2 PoV Participate Competition
Wil:0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 2 PoV Participate Competition
Willie (Expelled):1 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 1 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 1 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition, 0 Survival eviction, 0 Nomination on the block, 0 Nomination votes, 0 eviction votes, 14 days at bb house
Jenn:0 HoH win, 2 HoH Participate Competition
Right now, Shane win 2 PoV which set the pace. The Previous PoV wins record is 7, set by Janelle of BB6 & BB7. Stay tuned!


@Naids. Are you basically saying Dan isn’t dangerous,therefore they shouldn’t back door Danielle and get Dan out?


I think the first coach to lose their players gets dropped in, the rest go to jury if they lose their players


that doesnt seem fair to reward a bad coach with a chance to play. that would totally undermine the whole purpose of the coach. anyhow I thought there were only 7 jury members. are you saying there are more?


I predict Shane and Frank will join forces. There is no animosity between them and they both have proven they are loyal amd trustworthy. Perfect alliance.


I think the first 2 coaches to have their whole team eliminated will enter the game. This would certainly add an extra layer to the coaches’ games


that doesnt sound fair. they get to play when their whole teams were evicted. I think to two remaining coaches who are left standing will get to join. that seems more fair I’m rooting for shane to win now. the more I watch him the more I like him. He’s polite, quiet, doesnt talk at all about the others ( just listens) and seems really nice. oh wait if thats how he is he doesnt stand a chance in hell :).


actually since willie got booted for playing such a fantastic game i think it will be the remaing 3 coaches. 🙂


Not sure what the next twist will be, but they’ve got to do something. We can’t be at jury already. They’re like 2 or 3 weeks behind now with only 9 left.

The obvious would be the coaches play, not sure if they could let them all in though.

I honestly don’t see Jodi or Kara coming back, and obv Willie can’t.

Maybe if a coach loses all their players then they get into the main game?


Unless they made jury at 7 people. I find it funny that they branded this season as “supersized,” but there’s been a shortage of players, lol. Even if you facotr in all 4 coaches, this house only saw 16 players – the same as the TDDYP season.

Dae Yum Yum

Why is everyone afraid of Dan. If you remember his season correctly, he had a lame strategy, threw comps when he didn’t need to, and really only won because Grodner loved him and the rest of the cast including Memphis was more lame than he was! It was an overall weak cast in every way!


he won fair and square not because of AG (whoever that is) every year someone says these games are rigged just because the person they like did not win. whatever.


got it ag is aliison godner the shows producer. still why would she rig the show for anyone to win?


@Dae Yum Yum.I seriously hope that all of the other house guests feel this way about Dan’s game play on season10,because just in case Danielle gets evicted.And the rumored twist of once a coach loses all their players, they can play the game isn’t true.Having the house guests think that Dan isn’t a threat and he wasn’t good on his own season,the way you seem to think of Dan.Will allow Dan to win this entire game once again.Which is exactly what I want to see happen.So here’s to hoping before the live eviction,all of the house guests feels the same way as you do about Dan.


Dan is probably be screwed! Danielle going home is much a slim. Hopefully, it would takes a miracle to pull this off!

Meg wilson

Been watching since season 1. Was expecting my second child then. Is it just me, or is it creepy as HELL that Janelle NEVER talks about her baby or missing it? Something is not right about that…


she went on and on about her baby the first and 2nd nights on BBAD then no more. she is a bad mother and child services should take her baby away from her (LOL)


Who do you think will go home, jojo or danielle


if the house was smart as a whole dan should go home..but with this cry baby wahhh someone said something about me so lets vote him and his friends off ..players…who the fuck knows

Dae Yum Yum

More proof that Dan’s season had a lame cast is the fact that Jerry, old man Jerry made the final 3 for crying out loud!!! That speaks volumes!! The only tough competitor, Jesse was evicted in week 3 because everyone hated his personality! Remember the cast included such non-memorable people like, Renny, Jerry, Keisha, Libra and the rest of them were so lame I can’t even remember their names! Memphis won two, only two comps and the one POV he won was when there was only 4 people left in the house, and Dan let him win it! So, Dan is really not what I would consider one of the better players in BB history! This year his coaching and advice to his team is so bad it is pathetic! I would love to play BB with a whole cast of Dan’s! Easy WIN! Nobody should fear the guy and he deserves to go home! He never should have been a coach! He is a terrible player and doesn’t exactly light the feeds on fire either!


either dan doesn’t really care and just wants to go home(for football season), or he thinks the coaches are getting dropped into the game. the whole ‘key hole beside the picture thing’ has me wondering. i’d like to see wil or joe go home. wil, just because he’s so popular, or joe because he’s a drama starter.


Way to go Shane! Now hopefully Jo Jo can get the votes to stay, but it will be hard since nobody likes her. But then again, that`s a good reason to keep her. I still think there is a good explosion just under the surface and it would be a shame to see her go before that happens. Janelle and Boogie`s teams aren`t thinking long term. Once they get rid of Jo Jo, Shane and Danielle, there will be 6 people, and Frank and Wil are going to be hard to get out. Instead of banding together, they should both be looking at aligning with Shane, Jo Jo and Danielle to use them to get rid of the bigger threats. Frank should be thinking that Shane will be a target if he stays. Janelle and Boogie`s teams are going to have to turn on each other once those three players are gone, but with the house split in two, whoever wins HOH will have the advantage from there on.


I mean, Danielle is Dan’s last player. If she goes home, the coaches will be down to 3 and the other coaches would love that their chances just increased. Problem is, everyone has figured out that Danielle isn’t good at anything and Dan throws everything, so they’re putting out a threat-free image for themselves, while JoJo seems like a kind of person who could pull off a win. If I were them though, I would just take out Dan/ielle and get that done with.


If we’re talking game with Janelle’s team already talking about Frank as a target wouldn’t a good new alliance be Shane and Frank to the final four? They’re both always gonna be targets because they can win comps so this seems like a good strategy. They should backdoor Wil and target Janelle’s team. What do you think? Also, if the coaches come back in the game then exactly how would that work re the winnings? For example, if Danielle gets backdoored then you can’t reward Dan by putting him into the game to win $500K as a reward for failing on the $100K.


If Frank was smart he would put Joe up. Jo Jo is not a threat at this point. Danielle isn`t either. Frank needs votes to knock Janelle`s team down later on, and the only way to do that is get in good with people that aren`t on Janelle`s team. He has to think that if Janelle and Boogie`s teams end up final 6, there is the potential that Jenn and Ian turn on him to stay safe themselves. Dan has only one player who isn`t likely to win a competition. Brit has 2 players and Janelle still has 3 players, all of them strong in their own way. If Frank picks off Dan and Brit`s players he is setting the table for Janelle`s team and puts his own allies at risk. They need to get rid of one of Janelle`s players this week, because they will go for Frank if they win HOH next week. Who else would there be to target? Maybe Shane, but why would Janelle leave Boogie`s team as strong as her own? Joe is responsible for all of the drama and sooner or later he will get caught like Ronnie the Rat and sent home. Hopefully this is the week! It would be a waste to get rid of Jo Jo or Danielle.


Yay for Shane!!! Can’t believe this season. USE to love her. Pulling for Shane but he needs some strong allies. He and Ian should team up. They would fly under the radar for sure. I wish for Danielle to stay. Can’t believe ANYONE would like Boogie. SO annoying and disgusting to look at all hours of the day.


Does this mean that whoever is sent home becomes the first member of the jury?


@ Meg Wilson, it is really strange she isn’t missing/talking about her child. I’d be dying!!


she is a bad mother to just leave her child like that for what could be up to 75 days.


Willie’s already gone? I think Shane can just win his way out of this, but I don’t want to see Jojo leave. They’re going to keep Ashley and Jenn around as a pawns for later and maybe Danielle, but I could see her being a strong second-half player. Ian might be able to do skill- and quiz-based comps, but I don’t think he has the life experience to pull off the game properly. Too naive. If Shane and Frank stuck together, they would carry on to the end, but I think Franker screwed up his chances by putting Shane on the block. Oh well…

Wil has promise, but I foresee him shooting himself in the foot by trusting the wrong people later on.

I bet Danielle gets put up after Shane uses POV on himself and then Frank evicts her, thus knocking Dan out of the game too.


If frank nominated one of janelles players ok going o be pissed. I hate boogie


Damn it looks like Shane could be the Veto King this season. He’s good!

Just Me

Dan may now be the first coach to enter the game if Danielle is put up. My guess is the coaches will enter only after they loose all of their players. This would mean that only 2 or 3 coaches would enter the game leaving 1 or 2 in the final with their player. It would be a race to see who could dump all their players first to get into the game. Oh the paranoia in the house would be fun to watch. Any other thoughts on a possible twist?


Frank would not be man enough he replace Janelle’s or Dan team. That will pissed him/her off. WTG, Shaun White oops I mean Frank. Not a smart move.

Jedi Jani

Anyone else see the resemblance between IAN and SHERMAN of the Sherman Lagoon Cartoons?

Sherman and Mr. Peabody cartoons from a long time ago……Just wondering…..


So that’s how it works? If a coach loses all his/her players, he/she becomes a player?

Pliney the Elder

I hope that they each hold on to 1 player.. it would be boring to watch Mike and Janelle pick off Brit and Dan. but a law of numbers game can leave 3 players that everyone hates and that almost happened last year.. maybe they will bring back the coup de ta.


I don’t know If I can see them dropping Dan into the game because he would simply be backdoored unless he managed to win comps or something. Idk, I just can’t see it happening.
But I do think that if Danielle is voted out & Dan has to go too, that the remaining three coaches will then be dropped into the game, giving them 12 players ( the amount that they should have at this time being that 2 evictions ( not including Jodi b/c that wasnt a regular eviction ) have happened.