Big Brother Spoilers Candice loves Penguins “They mate for life Howie.. Go get me a pebble”

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


5:58pm Cam 1-2 Andy and Helen
Andy wants to know about the conversation she had with Gina. Gina was asking Helen if she should vote with the house. Helen told her it’s best to vote with the house. Helen adds that Gina has realized that her game is f*** so Helen thinks they can get her on board at least for the next week.


6:23pm Candace and Howard
Howard talking about his father being good with words “Can talk the stripes off a zebra”
Candice tells him about her biological father and how she was put up for adoption. Candace says that her bio father has 5 other kids.
Howard calls them bunnies. They chit chat about stuff there are some giggles (it’s a mini showmance)
Howard says he needs her to do something for him tonight. “I need you to tell Elissa.. make sure she’s not mad at me for working out with Aaryn”.
Candace recommends Howard offers to all the girls tomorrow that he will train them.
Candace points out that she can see all the veins in his arms it’s kinda sexy kinda gross.. they giggle

6:05pm HOH Helen and JUDD
JUDD says that he tried to talk to Gina last night and the conversation took 1 hour and a half because she kept talking about Nick. She thinks her and Nick will be spending the holidays together. Helen tells her about the conversation with Gina.

Helen thinks Jeremy will start screaming when he walks out the door if they give him a false hope.


6:17pm Helen, Candace and Elissa

Helen tells her that Howard has to watch out working out with Aaryn because it’s making people think they are aligned. Candace says that Aaryn and Gina asked him he’s not going to be rude.

Helen brings up her conversation with Gina where she told her she has to do what the “House” wants her to do to stay in this game.

Helen thinks if Gina wins HOH they can direct ehr where they want her to go.

CBS Interactive Inc.


6:29pm Bathroom Aaryn and Amanda
Jeremy is there briefly. Amanda whispers to Aryan that she needs to act like there is nothing wrong. Apparently there is a rumor going around that Kaitlin told Helen and Elissa that Aaryn is targeting them. They know it’s Kaitlin trying to save Jeremy. Amanda uses this to try and get Aaryn to realize that Kaitlin should be her target. Amanda makes sure Aaryn knows Jeremy and Kaitlin are throwing her name under the bus constantly.

6:33pm Bedroom Candace and Howard
Candice tells him not to tell Spencer everything she tells him, “I don’t trust Spencer like you do”
Howard: “OK”
She brings up that Jeremy met with her and apologized.
Howard for you
Candace: “Being a douche bag”

Candace: “The carpet matches the drapes.. umm I don’t really have carpet”
Howard: “What you talking about?” they giggle
Candace: “I love penguins.. they mate for life.. the male brings the women a Pebble”
Howard: “You talking about happy feet”
Candace: “Go get me a pebble”

Howard tells her he needs to watch people tonight so he better take a nap.
Candace says nothing interesting is happening in the house right now.
Howard give her some information about what he observes.
Judd is up late at night because he’s paranoid
Amanda and McCrea stay up all night and talk about people one on one.. “They talk about various variable.”
Spencer stays up to get info.

Gina comes in, Howard greets her: “G-Money”

Gina points out that they haven’t started building the HOH competition for tomorrow yet she wonders if it will be a athletic competition.


7:07pm HOH Helen and Candace

Helen says she’s going to talk to pull Aaryn aside and ask her if she is going around telling people she’s targeting Helen and Elissa
Candace: “Obviously she’d say no”
Helen says she’ll get the truth from Aaryn or she’ll tell Aaryn she’s going home.


7:09pm Bathroom Aaryn and Gina
Gina tells her to play it cool Jeremy is going home tomorrow she’s 90% sure. She tells Aaryn she has to be prepared to fight her a$$ off in the Head of Household competition tomorrow.
Gina: ““We’re bringing it back you did it before we’ll do it again.. “
Aaryn wonders why Kaitlin and Jeremy are going against her. Gina says all Aaryn can do is go up talk to Helen “put on a happy face”
Gina: “Obviously if I have to pick between Jeremy and you I would pick you.. DUH”

CBS Interactive Inc.


7:16pm Cockpit Helen, Jeremy and Elissa

One more thing Jeremy wants to say
Helen: ‘You behaviour is 100 times better than it’s been”
Jeremy says if they can keep him here until sequester time he will
1) guarantee to vote for one of them in final 2
2) he will throw the veto once he gets to jury
Jeremy says he 100% needs the money and all he wants to do it make it to jury.

Helen: “you are pretty much giving up the game right now”
Jeremy: “Giving up the game to make it to Jury”
Helen asks him what Aaryn said to him.
Jeremy says that Aaryn told him in the bathroom today that she’s going to get the power back.
Helen: ‘Even if she wins HOH she doesn’t have the vote to get us out” (Thanks MVP)
Jeremey: “We should be quieter”
Helen: “I don’t care.. she doesn’t have the votes”
Jeremy says he really needs the money if he makes it to jury he’ll throw the veto and they can vote him out.
Elissa: ‘I feel like we all need the money.. whether you want it for charity purposes or for your family.. “
Jeremy says that is all he has left to offer and he leaves.
Helen: “Damn that’s is a good offer.. I feel really bad for him.. I feel that he’s realized it too late in the game”
Helen just doesn’t want to wake up on Friday and realize they made a mistake.
Elissa: “Even if she (Aaryn) does win HOH she doesn’t have the vote to get us out”
Helen asks her if Aaryn wins HOH and puts her and Elissa up on the block is Elissa willing to use her MVP and put Howard up because the house will vote out Howard. Elissa :”yes” (MVP hasn’t been given out yet but Helen and Elissa assume it’s Elissa’s again)

Helen says Jeremy doesn’t deserve to be in the house, “We are doing this for the house we can’t take his deal and be selfish”

(What do you wall think of the MVP twist at this point? let us know in the comments)

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Ikeep getting the feeling that jessies ass is getting plenty of air time

ILLWILL That A$$hole

As it should, it’s really nice.

Judd needs to get in there.


shes got a GREAT ASS


Please let Howard, Candice, Aaryn and Gm get an alliance going and vote the backdoor racist liars like Helen, Andy, Elissa, Amanda and Kaitlin out of the house. Geez they lie about everyone!! I know lying is part of the game but honestly Helen has become as big as bully as Jeremy was but in a different way. MVP needs to end it is ruining the game and I just stopped watching and am only reading the spoilers.


are we watching the same show?


LOLA, you can’t be serious. You must have the names mixed up. You can’t think Helen, Andy & Elissa are racist and Aaryn and GM are not?!?!? LOL!! Gurl, you crazy!!!

You so funny

Aaryn and GM will receive honorary white supremacist memberships after leaving the house.

You so funny

Candice has become much more likable after week one, the producers need to get her drunk and into a skimpy cheerleader outfit.


have you noticed the size of Amandas back side .. dang need a wrecking ball to take that one down .. lol

Charlie Hustle

As it should!


Big fan of it, tbh! Spencer said it best…..

Jazzy J

MVP Twist? More like keep Elissa in the game till at least jury. Even if production Isnt rigging the vote in her favor they knew it was gonna go down that way. Cheap use of a twist its bogus and i cant wait for it to end or for Elissa to get evicted, which sadly may not happen…


I feel like the MVP power is unfair. Of course Elissa is gonna keep winning because of her sister. I personally feel like Amanda or
Candice should get MVP, even Judd just to mix it up a bit. Someone is smart with the power. Amanda and Mccrae had a good idea using Howard as a pawn in case Jeremy did get to play POV and win.


But Howard and not Jeremy would be going home tomorrow. I think that was Amanda and McCrea’s play the whole time, and not just having Howard play for veto, which is why Amanda got so upset when Spencer went up instead. She would have rallied McCrea, Andy, Judd, Jessie, GM, and Kaitlin and soothed Helen and Elissa that it had to be done…and with the charm offensive we’ve seen from Jeremy, it would have worked.

Only Spencer and Candace would have fought to keep Howard over Jeremy in the end.


MVP twist sucks b***s. They should of at least done something like “You can’t win MVP 2 weeks in a row” Just to ensure that it’s mixed up. Its really prevented powershifts in the house, which cause more drama in the house, and makes for a better viewing experience.


There goes Helen again. I’ll get the truth from her or I’ll tell her she’s going home. LMAO! SHUUUUTT UUUUUUUUPPP HELEN! Wow, I can’t get over what this HOH has done to her. I cannot wait for her to step off the pedestal tomorrow:)


Helen and Elissa need to start playing as if there is no MVP because the MVP twist might end any week from now. eLisa needs to ask herself if I don’t win MVP or if MVP ends tomm, who do I think will remain loyal to me in this game? U can’t guarantee on an MVP every week to keep u in the game In case it goes away. Elisa needs to be more game smart because once she no longer gets MVP or MVP is gone….her alliance maybe except helen will turn on her. The people who might align with her may be Howard Candace and spencer and Helen since they need alliance members. She needs to stop letting Amanda, mc, Andy influence Helen to control her decisions. I will be so happy if someone else wins MVP next week and doesn’t tell anybody in the house and the house will be scrambling to figure out who it was and it will cause chaos because this season is getting so boring so far.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

At this point they can’t, the idea that the MVP can make it known they have it, makes them a target of not only people to take them out, but players that will use the power to their advantage. Elissa is damned if she do and damned if she don’t. MVP twist is keeping her safe and it will lead to her downfall.


The best way to use MVP (if Elissa doesn’t get it every week) is to use it on one of her friends and make everyone think that she did it…talk about throwing some serious chaos into the house!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

No Howie, don’t get her a pebble, that’s how it starts. Many a penguin regrets getting that pebble. LMFAO


Why do hgs say other hgs don’t deserve to be in the house…why do they get to decide that?

What is it about Helen that deserves it more than anyone else?


The warped mind of a relativist,


Omg i hate Amanda she sucks like she is closet racist bitch uggghh i want her to go home so bad she shit talks everyone and they dont realize like she is annoying


Same here. She’s freaking gross…. I wouldn’t f**k Amanda with Spencer’s d**k!

Helen's Alliance Member

I am so sick and tired of Helen’s bullying and manipulative tactics. Why is CBS showing her as a mastermind and an abused victim, why don’t we see her as her true self i.e. as a political Kim Jong Helen getting everyone to play her game, vote her way and join her little “cult” and if they refuse she threatens to vote them out. If this is not dictatorship, then I don’t know what is. If they can show the racism, they should definitely have showed this side of Kim Jong.


OMG!!! Helen has lost her mind. Why does she assume that everybody is telling her the truth. Really would Jeremy stick to that deal? Who would? Tomorrow is her last day of HOH….how does she know Aaryn can’t get the votes. She has gotten so arrogant to think that nobody will vote her out! I was a fan of her but she has lost me. I guess I’m all in with Howard & Candace now.


even tho some may think that Elissa isn’t playing the game .. I believe she is .. just because she isn’t bossing people around like Amanda or totally putting them down like Amanda and not lying to their faces and making up BS like Amanda (the she devil) doesn’t mean she is not playing the game .. I believe one can play without being totally mean and deceiving … and yes Elissa for MVP .. I hope Macraes and Amanda`s lies comes back to bite them where the sun don’t shine… lol


I don’t think Ginamarie will win any competitions- she’s the Talla of BB15 (of course Talla was much more fun though).


do you have a link I can watch bb Canada on?




Unfortunately he has no one to stooge with. And GM is no Talla. Talla is unique.


judd and jess are this years stooges


Helen get a clue!! You are a lame duck! You have no more power to keep offering deals to everyone. Now you want to add Gina to your wonderful alliance of friends. I guess that just leaves Aaryn and Jeremy on the outs. And right now Helen is telling Howard he should have been more careful about who he aligned with. Ah the hypocrisy!! She has a fake alliance with almost everyone in the house. She still doesn’t understand that you can’t be aligned with everyone in the house and not end up betraying, lying and backstabbing, things that she holds against anyone who doesn’t fall in line and do what she wants. I wait for the day when she gets held accountable for her promises and has to come clean about her own lies. Isn’t she lying to Howard right now? Isn’t she lying to Spencer? Why is it ok for her to do it but a mortal sin if they do it? I really want McCrae, Amanda and Judd to flip and keep Jeremy this week. I am not so sure Elissa will get the MVP this week. If that happens, suddenly Helen and Elissa have zero power and whoever wins HOH and MVP would be stupid to not put them both up. They are moms, and they should be with their kids instead of making me hurl with their entitled and delusional fluff talk.


Here’s the thing. I like Elissa, but OBVIOUSLY people are voting for her because of her being Rachels sister + the entire house hating her week 1, and America felt bad for her. Don’t get me wrong, Elissa is a nice girl and all, but clearly she isn’t being voted MVP for her amazing gameplay and gift of gab. I mean she can’t even lie. When Amanda was grilling her about who she put up with MVP and watching Elissa squirm/lie/cry it hit me she definelty isn’t the MVP of this season…. So I personally think that if it’s not going actually go to the player who’s playing the best then why bother at all?

But at this point I’m not sure who is playing the “best game”. It might be Amanda and Her lap dog.


I love the MVP twist .. and as for Elissa crying … did you take a good look at Amanda`s face when she was ordering to put up Howard…Amanada is a BULLY … no ands if or bully about it … About time someone stood up to that mean broad sided witch … hehehe …


Hate the MVP twist


I have no issue with the MVP. I don’t mind that it should really be called MPP (Most Popular Player) and that it’s dominated by a single person and that person is coasting on her sisters fans. The MVP twist was granted power by the house, not production. The MC decided it could be weaponized and used to their advantage. Once that cat was out of the bag in week 1, the MVP was defined. From there, Helen wrangled a large minority to the idea that unless Nick had secret allies, there was no way Elissa would be evicted precisely because she was the weaponized MVP and could be used.

The MC could have seen how big this power could be for both good and bad and should have made it something bad, unless/until one of them held the power. They had the house wired and got greedy to get David…a guy who failed to spell a word in a veto comp with his game on the line. They overplayed to get a paper threat and got cute to do it, which raised suspicion. But by then the idea that the MVP was a good power was established. Then Spencer panics and I still say he took Howard saying he was 50/50 on flipping against Nick and then presented it to McCrae like him and Howard were 100%, after which McCrea had no real choice but to go along and as it was with Amanda, it turned out he was covered by the smartest player in the game and somehow escaped blame and suspicion despite a badly timed, self-serving admission.

The thing about the next few weeks being scripted is based on the idea that Elissa stays MVP, that she sticks to the script, and that if she doesn’t and thinks for herself and her game (I can’t imagine she sees Howard as a threat despite her assurances to others) or if an adverse HOH causes paranoia to overrule logic within the Superfriends (nobody wants to be on that block even if they are certain Elissa will pick who goes home, especially if they know there’s a very good chance the Superfriends might just take the opportunity to decrease their ranks by 1), then suddenly the script is flipped.

That being said, production should have anticipated that it would be better for the drama and stories of the house to say that while the MVP would remain secret, nobody could win it back to back weeks. In my mind that fixes the certainty of some that the next month will go exactly as scripted by the Superfriends…but I’m convinced that we’re in for at least on more house flipping, if not more, before the Superfriends script is completed..

ILLWILL That A$$hole

You know what I think of the “MVP twist” it sucks donkey butt, but if it couldn’t go to the same person every week(like Big Brother player of the week type of thing), it would be much better, even if it Elissa wasn’t on the show, I still wouldn’t like it, because it isn’t fair have literately a 2nd HOH every week with nomination power. Good twist concept that was poorly executed and handled.

Production had the twist for Elissa’s initial protection, I fully understand the reason, it isn’t fair that she get targeted because she’s the sister of a f**king legend which would make ANYONE an instant target of anyone who’s playing for the prize, but with it, they destroyed her chances of survival in the game without the MVP as protection. The entire house is keeping her because they can control the MVPs vote.

The house plans on taking her out once the twist is over, making her winning most likely impossible, she has no relationship with anyone with enough influence on the majority to keep her safe once the twist is over, that’s not already using her because she’s MVP every week.


if hellen gets nominated this week i will lmao ……. I just love judd i try talking to gina last night the conversation talk 1 hour and a half … . hellen,,, gina needs to cork it …..

howard and candice for MVP… IF HELLEN GETS MVP her ego will go through the roof


I don’t care how Helen, Amanda, Elissa, Howard, Kaitlin, GM or even Aaryn is behaving as long as Jeremy walks out the door tomorrow with NOTHING! I’ll consider Helen’s HOH a success no matter how crazy she behaved, she got the job done! That’s how much I want Jerm knocked out of this game! I don’t are how it happens.


Why are these people taking game like every five minutes and planing so far ahead? Don’t they realize that they can only one person out per week? I mean its seems pretty dumb to talk about your targets and change them every 5 minutes you know. Then people know what your up and you make yourself a target. I guess they are all doing it though so maybe it doesn’t make a difference.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

For real though, this twist put the game into overdrive, they’re acting like they’re 8 weeks in and it’s only been 3 weeks.


if some one from the “mean” side of the house wins hoh im donecbs/America gives the mvp to the superfriends again I done watching until the mvp twist is over. I was extremely excited day 1 when they revealed the twist and still think it could be a good twist if it starts changing hands but its unfairto watch people in the minority win comps and still lose a member of their alliance


*and if cbs/America give mvp to the superfriends again im done watching*


This season blows!


I hate the MVP twist. (I will admit that I called it Thurs night that the HOH power would go to Helen’s HEAD!). For excitement, I really wish they would keep Jeremy!!


Hate the MVP twist. When they 1st introduced it, I liked the idea of 3 nominees to shake things up. But with Elissa getting it every week and this ridiculous super-friends alliance, HOH basically means nothing. Elissa’s MVP nom went home the 1st 2 weeks.

So I’m assuming nobody is going home next week now that thanks to Helen the entire house is 1 big alliance, lol?


don’t blame the twist for that and don’t blame Elissa for getting it .. Blame the witch Amanda and as some one called Macrea her lap puppy for the ones that are out … Now if they were not so hell bent on getting Ellissa out because she is Rachels sister then serves all of them right … looks good on the whole house .. and if I am not mistaken Julie did say that 3 go up till they are down to the final 5 .. so those saying if this MVP is staying and they are gonna stop watching BB because of it then all I can say to those .. BYE BYE … along with Jeremy …lol


Dawg should at least be in the top 3 for MVP voting, just saying….


Who the hell is “DAWG”?????????????


I hate to say it but this show is getting more and more boring by the day. No one will want to see the Super Friends baking slop cookies together while smiling in the backyard. Combination of both bad casting and a horrible MVP twist that has led to this being by far the worst season in BB history. Hopefully they can figure a way to shake it up or they will realize their ratings are going to plummet. No one wants to see McRae Andy and Judd as the final 3 guys while Amanda Helen and Elissa try to argue over which guy to get out next. SUPER BORING!


Can’t wait to see the Final 9 all play Candyland to see who wins Big Brother after they get rid of the big, bad wolf Howard.

Ted Marie

I’m getting sick of Helen assuming that she can control Elissa or any other house guests with the MVP. It is a privilege to receive it and not her decision how it is played. She always talks like she has it in the bag and enough already with her smack talk about how she will just send home who ever doesn’t do what she wants.


At this point Helen even has me convinced that I’m in an alliance with her!!


Beginning to think Andy’s lips are permanently attached to Helen’s ass. Wonder who’s ass they will be attached to next week? Hope he brought in plenty of chap stick for those lips

Gordon Bombay

I would love to see McManda team up with Jeremy, flip the house, send Aaryn home and the look on Helen’s face may just save this entire season. “What!? I thought we were super friends? I thought we were all going to win? You guys didn’t want to drink the Kool-Aid? Everyone lied, noooo!” -Helen


I want Amancrea to get some power just to see the fireworks with their putting Howard on the block. I don’t think he’d ultimately go but boy, would there be the next big flip.


Elissa is a selfish bitch and Helen is trying to play up the nice mom so that she gets MVP if Elissa goes. Maybe Aaryn said bad things about Elissa, but Elissa should understand that this is a game and you have to talk to people you don’t like and you have to kiss butt and make deals even if you hate them. That’s about the only thing Elissa has in common with Rachel, she plays on blind emotion. She just blew off Aaryn, while Helen is trying to convince Aaryn to join the friendship and keep them both safe. If I was Judd, McCrae and Amanda, I would run away fast and find another arrangement. These two idiots have stupid game and I want it to crash and burn, I want gnashing of teeth. Go Amanda, McCrae and Judd! Send Aaryn home and give us a great week. FFS! Elissa and Gina are talking about curling irons!!!!!


I hate the twist. Had I it been a different person every week it might be cool. I think the MVP should have to keep it secret who they are too. Create more paranoia. I hope Amanda gets it, or Candace. Someone other than Elissa please.


It would be hilarious to see Helen’s face if somehow Jeremy stayed and joined up with Howard, spencer, Candice and sent Helen packing next


MVP twist sucks. The twist next year should be going back to season 2 rules. No Vetos at all anymore. Make the two original nominees talk their way into staying in the house. Big Brother started as a unique social experiment with a cash prize. Too much emphasis on showmances and elaborate competitions anymore. Not to mention all the other curveball twists that they’ve been throwing in for the past few years.

Big Brother is slowly turning into Real World/Road Rules Challenge.


I think Helen did over doing things as HOH sometimes, but she is definitely playing a good game. No one has put her name out there as a target, and people like Amanda would start to do that if Helen was awful as HOH. I think Helen will leave her post as HOH this week and blend into the background, but with strengthened relationships with almost everyone. She is keeping her options open, and can re-align with almost anyone, at any point, if necessary. I don’t think that Helen is that closely aligned with Amanda and will make a move against her after the racism crew (jeremy, kaitlyn, gina and aaryn) are gone.


I was not routing for Howard and Cadence in the beginning now my heart goes out to them and I hope they win!!! And each day that goes by I hate Amanda more I think how she is playing is dirty she going to be surprised w/ her little Pizza guy really is just that . I cant TAKE THE KISSING anymore YUCK. Where did they find these crazy people this year reminds me of BB 9. And Helen was my Fav to win until she ruined it by becoming HOH and losing her mind. I hope Howard wins and puts her butt and Amanda butt and for kicker MVP puts of Pizza Boy lol


I have a feeling elissas not gonna get mvp next week and shes gonna be scared shitless because shes kinda useless without it. I also think helen is delusional if she thinks her super friends are gonna stick together after shes not hoh. I hope someone else gets mvp and doesnt tell a sole and really messes with the house and the only way that will happen I think is if amanda gets it.


This is the worst season in bb history. All in favor click thumbs up.


Oh my goodness I cannot wait until Helen is not Hoh. She is making the show so boring! I want drama, bullying, racial slurs that’s Big Brother. Making people come clean. Who does she think she Is? Also give someone else the MVP Elissa is boring. I so hope the other side wins Hoh tomorrow. Man I wish Jeremy wasn’t going home he makes good tv.

I still can’t decide about the MVP angle with the three not two up for eviction.. Without it I think that both Ellisa and Helen would be gone. And Amanda on her way out. So it is a game changer.




Helen is ANNOYING!!!! She’s a bully and a big mouth power hungry nut. She really think because she won one HOH these people are afraid of her ass?? Amanda is a bossy, overbearing Amazon who thinks that she’s smarter then everybody. Helen has threatened everybody in that house. Is she stupid or what. This is probably the most attention she ever got in her entire damn life. She act like they’re in the house to hand her money. Helen and Amanda, get the hell out there!! Double eviction: Helen and Amanda. I hope there’s an upset and Jeremy stays even though I can’t stand him. They need to show Helen, she don’t run anything in the BB house!!!