Frankie says Devin & Caleb will be out for blood and we can put it all on Cody & Hayden.

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 10-07-29-297

10am Frankie is talking to Christine in the bathroom about how Caleb said if another member of the squad doesn’t vote with them they will cut them out like cancer. Christine says starting last night I am tired of playing Devin and Caleb’s game! Frankie says yup. Christine says thats why if we can convince the rest of the house to turn on them then we will be good. Frankie says that means convincing Derrick and Hayden to vote to keep Zach. Christine says last night the both said that they would. Christine says at the worst it comes to a tie. Frankie says Im not worried about Devin and Caleb.. they’re not coming after us. Christine says keeping Zach here .. Devin and Caleb will just go after him. Frankie says and Derrick and Cody. Frankie says it will take some great acting on your part. Christine says I am very good with Caleb ..its just Devin. Frankie says just say you were scared and didn’t know what to do.
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10:10am – 10:45am Frankie talks to Donny on the backyard couch. Frankie says that he hopes he doesn’t have to be a havenot. He wonders if they will make exceptions for him because he has circulator issues. Frankie says I’m just going to win HOH so I don’t have to worry about it. Frankie says I honestly think that I have to vote Zach .. for my game. Donny says unless the other two vote for him. Frankie says we have to think about what they’re thinking. Cody and Hayden are going to vote to evict Pow Pow. Jocasta hates man-hater Chauvinist. Donny says at first when I heard about America’s thing I was scared that it would blow up our game, but then I was happy. Frankie tells Donny then end of my game is You and Derrick. Donny asks how would you get rid of the beast? Frankie says we use Hayden and Cody. Frankie says we are the swing votes. Which ever way we vote is the way the house goes. We can blame our votes on other people. Frankie says there are plenty of people in the house that can get Devin and Caleb out. It will be back dooring that will get them out. Donny wonders if they will turn on each other. Frankie says this week if Zach stays they will be out for blood and we can put it all on Cody and Hayden. Frankie says he puts his money on Caleb winning HOH. Donny says I’m not scared of Caleb and you shouldn’t be either because he would never put you up. Cody comes out and the conversation ends. Christine comes over to join them as well. The conversation turns to talking about random things and playing a word memorization string game.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 10-22-36-215

10:50am – 11:30am Frankie heads back to bed. Cody, Christine and Donny continue to talk about random things on the backyard couch. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Zach talks to Victoria about how bad it is being a havenot. Zach says he didn’t sleep all night then tried to go to sleep but couldn’t. He says he went back outside and had hot flashes and felt like he needed an IV. He says he felt so weak he went to the diary room and asked for a medic. Victoria tells him to make sure he drinks. Zach heads back to bed. Victoria heads out to the backyard couch where the other are talking. Victoria gets called to the diary room. Donny says that he’s going to pace around.

11:40am Devin comes out of the diary room and says that he broke his HOH room key. Devin asks Brittany if she slept all right. She says she hasn’t gone to sleep yet. Devin says shut up! Devin asks Victoria how she slept. She says horrible. Devin tells her that if he could turn back time he would. Devin tells Christine how he told Brittany he has a crush on her and she told him “Thank you! That’s sweet!” Devin says he feels so embarrassed now. He says that Brittany was talking about her dad and said that he’s bigger than me. Devin says that he feels bad that her family is going to see him nominated her and put her on slop. Christine comments that half the guys in their alliance like Brittany. Devin gets called to the dairy room. Christine says to herself that Devin is the last person she wants to be spending her morning with. She says open his door!! Devin comes back and tells her that with Donny and Jocasta they have 8 votes to evict Zach. Devin gets called to the diary room and he says “Go F**K YOURSELF!” Devin goes to the diary room. Christine calls Victoria and asks her if she is voting to keep Zach. Victoria says that she thinks its better for her game. Devin comes back and says that he broke his key off in the HOH room door because they had locked him out of it. He says he’ll be doing his HOH blog soon and then get the camera. Devin tells Christine that every time he see the havenots he feels horrible. He says if theres a competition for havenots he would throw it because he said next would be him, Caleb, Frankie and Amber. Christine tell him not to.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 11-54-07-395

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lol everyone is so cutthroat and willing to backstab anyone that gets in their way..Donny is transforming into something, fear the beard indeed..i love it..muahahaha


Donny knows that he needs someone else to get Caleb and Devin out, and if Zach stays, Devin and Caleb will go after Zach, Cody and Hayden first. It is definitely better for his game because if Pao leaves, bomb squad will just reunite and he could be the next one to go.

I think I’m hating Frankie more than I hate Andy, Andy has much bigger balls than his. Hopefully he gets voted out earlier than expected for sticking to Devin and Caleb. Really glad that Donny has been throwing his name under the bus to Cody. Next week I hope Frankie’s on the block.


I dont think Devin and Caleb will go after Zack if he stays.. They will go after those that voted to keep him.


If Zach stays, Devin is going to go around trying to intimidate everyone into telling the truth, which will make him even more of a target. He will blow up the alliance, because he won’t know who to trust anymore.


The difference between Frankie and Andy the Rat Face from last year is at least Frankie doesn’t disrespect others in the house by calling the A-Holes,, C..nts, etc every time their back is turned. You can say that Frankie’s game has a few leaks in it to his detriment, but nobody compares as sub-human as that cast from last year including Andy the Rat Face.


Okay, I change my mind again about Donny and agree with Zach: Donny kinda creeps me out. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Is he really that innocent and nice and childlike, like a 4 year old?

Donny’s good vs bad talk is really getting to me. Geez, Louise, ya shall are purty and handsome. American pick little ol’ Donny.


LMAO – childlike? Donny childlike? Thats the most ridiculous comment ive read to date!!! I was just going to comment that Donny’s of wisdom show and insight on the game and players connections that he’s not stupid.


“words of wisdom”


If that’s the most ridiculous comment you’ve read,do more reading.


There is nothing wrong with Donny. He seems like a nice, genuinely, good person. And he is smart too, and better at competitions, then he lets on. He won one comp, and he would have won the BOB comp, if it wasn’t for Pow.


Fear the Beard! Luv it! & Luv Donny! So hope that Derrick & Donny make it to the final 2. I think it’s so sweet that Derrick is so happy about being in Team America. The fact that it means so much to him makes me like him even more. Go the new Double D-s – Donny & Derrick!!


Check out mancrushoftheday on tumblr and see CODY like you’ve never seen him (well I’ve never seen). I wish I could post the picture on here. It’s too much…hysterical. It’s like everyone on these shows have some sketchy past. Love it.

I think you can just type mancrushoftheday and then a dot tumblr and a dot com


someone added some BB backyard pics to his portfolio, I guess you have to call it.

Codys inner voice

Oh shit now every one knows im so gay for pay (really for free) since im really not into any of the girls here….the proof is in the pics…Frankies gaydar is not the best but that works for me since hes totally not my type at all


Praying Zach stays an next week either Devin/Caleb are sent packing end the other one the following week! Caleb/Devin are really creepy and need to go!


I really want Zacht o leave. Then Cody, then Hayden. I love Team America and hope they arfinal 3. I hope Amber, Caleb and Devin stick around it is good for Frankie.


apparently you and I are watching two different shows, because I want the exact opposite of that.


It appears everyone, including myself, agrees with you CanadianLady.


Yes totally agree!


Get rid of Zach!


I also want Zach gone along with Devin, Nicole, and Pow.

I’m on the fence about Victoria and Jocasta. I know they are seen as floaters but I think its too early to actually accurately label someone that. However, in the coming weeks if they are still playing the same weak game then they can go too.

smd nicole

im so done with frankie but of course big brother is going to make him look like an angel on the show like they always do with their favorites


I’m interested to see his diary sessions. He is doing some major flip-flopping but I can’t figure out if he has a preference for which side he wish would prevail.


Frankie has made it clear that he believes that Caleb will win HOH next week, so he wants to stay on his good side and evict Zach. Personally, I feel it’ll be so much better if they keep Zach and let the battles begin.

Zach’s biggest obstacle is that Frankie is campaigning against him, and Frankie is incredibly influential with the other HG’s.


Yea, I really wish that Frankie would just shut up for the rest of the week. I know he feels vulnerable that Frankie called him out, but now that the Bomb Squad is out everyone has heat on their backs. He should just lay low and see how things play out by themselves if he is too scared of picking a side.


…vulnerable that Zach called him out…*


I agree 100%. Frankie doesn’t have an off switch. He’s always on & playing it up for whomever gives him attention. Sadly the ppl are so bored they feed his ego with giggles & laughter. Frankie’s constant attenton seeking is played out!


I’m watching Cody talk to Zach and Donny in the backyard, and I have to say, I think Cody is awesome. Just a good human being.

Amanda's dog Woofy



Sorry, I don’t understand – what do you mean?

Amanda's dog Woofy

Chicken salad or fish sandwich?


Q: “What’s the difference between a bird?”
A: “It has 2 wings, especially the left one.”

Amanda's dog Woofy

Beneath her suave veneer, lurked a seething wiener-dog!


Game question that I haven’t figured out and haven’t read the answer to anywhere yet: Can the former nominees who win the Battle of the Block competition be placed on the block during the POV ceremony? Or are they safe from being named the replacement nominee?

Loving this season’s twist with two HOHs and BOB. It really changed up the game — so many possibilities for backstabbing and collusion. I hope they keep it in future seasons.


I too am enjoying this twist. Can’t answer your question, but, I don’t want to say that the full potential of this twist has yet to be seen. A little, but not fully. Hopefully this HoH will pit two different sides of the house against each other, and then BoB will get real interesting real quick.


They are safe, can’t be nominated.


they cannot, they are safe from re-nomination


The HoH who nominated them can go up, but, the people who win the BoB are safe and can not be nominated again same as a PoV winner can not be nominated if the save someone else… but if the PoV winner is already on the block and chooses to save the other person they are still at threat.


As Donny is my fave. does anyone else think something slightly dark hides under his good ole boy demeanor? I hope he doesn’t change too much. Thanks Dawg.


I think people just can’t believe someone can be so sweet and sincere – especially in this house. He will have to backstab in order to stay in the game, but I truly believe he’s who he seems.


Frankie’s act is getting old and boring! Its like listening to nails on a chalkboard.(irratating at best).Reminds me of a rat in a pink tanktop!!! Hope he goes soon!


I just get that aging chorus boy vibe from him. He is 30+ acting 25, and not attractively. I’d prefer to see a flamboyant but age appropriate act from him.


I’m soooooo excited!! It’s going to be a bloodbath this summer!! Much better then last year. I always settle on a favorite early pick each year, and right now I gotta go with Brittany. She’s the only houseguest I genuinely like at this point. I wish her luck. Win that HoH girl!

Like Seriously?!?!

Like, Really, Like, And Then Like……
Brit is so annoying!
Not only does she not let anyone in the house finish a sentence,
she says; “Like” 150 times in one conversation.
If we make a drinking game for every time she says it,
we’d be drunk off one of her long drawn out conversations!!
just sayin….


PowPow needs to go this week or else she will become the next Spencer.


POWPOW is a bit of a disappointment on the feeds. Having Zach stay will bring more drama and excitement.

Frankie Bleached Bhole

Frankie sucks.


Let’s be real. Zach is a douche. As of right now the only person that has been a bully is him. He called Victoria a B!tch and talked about Devon’s pills and is daughter. That is too far. Everyone is calling Devin a bully cause he is big. The house guests are using Devin as a excuse for their lack of ability to make up their own mind and play the game. A bunch of pussies if you ask me.

Frankies Bleached Bhole

You suck too.


wow OK, lets totally ignore the 10-15 times Devin has bullied someone in this house

Zach is the bully? ahahhaha

Zach had his own strong alliance that had no reason to put him up, sacrifice him because he spoke up AGAINST the bully

even the viewers are freaking brainwashed. amazing.

but yeah, Zach kind of is a douche, but a bully? cmon


How has he bullied somebody? He asks them a question and if they are to scared to speak their mind then that’s their fault. Only person that comes close is Pow Pow but he was trying to help her( granted after he stabbed her in the back)

devons secret stash of roids n adderal

how he bullys watch the noms episode from sunday where he wouldnt let amber talk to her picks, about the plan or him telling others today if they go against the BS which i guess means his n calebs picks they will put em up like zach. the way he talks down to women n wont let them get what they are trying to say out by talking over them, the fact he thinks his alliance shouldnt have a say in any thing, how he freaked out over lotion ton of examples bud open your fuckin eyes


I don’t get why anyone especially Zach is upset when he “BEGGED” Devin to put him up. Devin was honest in telling him he didn’t trust him, and likewise Zach was honest with him. Devin did what Zach told him or dared him to do and now he’s mad and walking around as if he’s the victim. Zach wanted to go against his alliance also, he just wasn’t in a position to do so. The entire BS had side deals with everyone else in the house and are just sour because Devin put up a member. Devin made it known before the POV ceremony so why was anyone shocked. If Zach was so shocked why was he preparing for his POV speech? Both Devin and Zach have been bullies and both have apologized for them, I don’t see how one is better than the other especially when Devin didn’t try to sabotage everyone’s game by calling them out and talking about their children or personal problems like Zach did.


Devin is the perfect scapegoat for all the “victims” in the house and here in these comments


I really hope they vote to keep Zach. Make for much more interesting game.


i hate deven


Zach is a douche bag.


Gotta love this season. If it weren’t for the frequent F bombs tossed, it would be a freakin Disney movie featuring:
– Queen Amber
– King Caleb
– Evil Villain Devin
– Court Jesters Frankie and Zack
– Princess Victoria
– Damsels in Distress
– Knights and Fair Maidens
– Starving Peasants
– Soldiers plotting to storm the castle
– Tournaments that lead to ousting from the Kingdom
I love that even their names fit their roles.


I sure hope not the Last time Big Brother did a Disney movie it was “Douchie and the Beast: Why do people HATE TRUE LOOOOOOOOVE.” and “Douchie and the Beast 2: I thought that Guy who taped me wanking was a Girl.”




Amber = Sleeping Beauty, since she doesn’t do anything. I’ll set Christine as Maleficent tho, power queen 🙂

Caleb more like Sir Lancelot right now.

And keeping in the spirit of conspiracies, Devleb likely would cast Donny as Merlin.


Next HoH, BoB and PoV is the test of who production is rooting for or if they want more drama.
If it is a physical Challenge again it is Team BS Caleb/Devin
If it is Mental it is the other half of the BS.
If it is Dumb Luck Competition they want a PowPow, Victoria, Jocasta, Nicole or Donnie type to be HoH’s AKA Jordan is the new HoH.

BoB is a toss up: It depends on Nominations

PoV they want drama in the House
Physical says they want Devin/Caleb to stay…. I think and so do a lot of people think the button bag is rigged.
Mental is send the muscle heads home.

I think after last year production may want to avoid another Season like that so they may want to get Caleb and Devin out of the house and get someone like Zach out… With the three Americas Team they may want to do a Challenge that would benefit Donny, Derrick or Frankie.

matter what happens I know three things…
Caleb will be an unchained Beast and furious if he does not win.

Amber, Frankie, Christine, Derrick and Nicole are throwing the HoH (It is best for their games to not be HoH on an incendiary week.)

It will be a wasted week if they don’t get out Devin or Caleb
If Caleb is HoH it will be a wasted week for everybody and the BS will explode even more with Cody and Derrick being nominated.


any smart HOH team will have 3 targets, and split them up, then put up a sure winner on the block that can either win BOB or POV to be saved down the road. So HOH 1 puts up Dev, HOH2 puts up Caleb, and HOH 2 also puts up Amber, then maybe Dev with a sure loser like Jocasta. Caleb and Amber likely to win BOB, leaves Devin and J up, then who knows who would win POV at that point. Well, I guess these days you need 5 targets don’t you? Not really possibly to do a back door with the 2 HOHs


Smart HoH puts up
HoH 1:
Caleb/ Cody

Frankie/ Amber

Bring out their beasts and conflict Caleb’s need to protect Amber and his desire to get out Cody.
Forces Frankie to expose himself bashing Amber.

as long as Devin does not win PoV
He can be back doored and it forces Caleb to fight for his lady and Amber.


Devin will not stop! Brittany does not like or want you! Although, she could use this fatal attraction crush to her advantage and send him right out the door lol. That would be EPIC!


Hey DID you guys post about the new Alliance called the Flaming queens ?


Yes, Simon or Dawg did right about this alliance when it formed. I’m not sure much more has happened with them as the focus is on if Zach is going or staying.


Write, it right, ugh.

team zach

I feel bad for zach. Yes, hes a jerk,
But the one person in the house hes been completely open and vulnerable with is frankie, who is stabbing him in the back.

There is a distinct difference between people like zach and people like devin, btw. Zach wants to play the villain, but is actually more of an anti hero. Devin thinks hes a hero, but is more of a villainous dictator. Personally, there is nothing i hate more than a bad guy with a holier than thou attitude.


That was perfect team zach! Zach is an anti-hero – he can be obnoxious but he is the only one who isn’t afraid of Caleb & Devin. And Devin certainly is a self-righteous “hero” (in his own eyes) who is really just a pathetic, insecure bully! I truly don’t understand why everyone in the house is so afraid of Caleb & Devin. If they all stuck together, it wouldn’t matter if the terrible 2 won HOH or not, because the house would have the numbers to take over. It’s all a numbers game in the end. So really admire Zach for having the balls to stand up to Caleb & Devin.

give me a break

Zach Anti-Hero?????? Zach is an asshole….i wonder if Devin behave like Zach would you guys call Devin an anti-hero…..


If Devin behaved like Zach, would we call him an anti-hero?

Well…obviously…as a person’s actions are what are being judged here, but Devin isn’t acting like Zach. He’s bullying people into and out of an alliance that he has assumed control of (rather, he thinks he has the right to assume control of it). He cares next to nothing what his teammates think, and is offering them virtually nothing for going along with HIS plan, except to stay off his S*it list. So far, he’s practiced intimidation tactics by putting Brit and Zach on the block in order to keep his crew in line, and broken his word about not putting his own alliance on the block. Zach’s not perfect…but Devin is a villain in this game, and only a handful of people are willing to publicly oppose him. Zach is no hero…but he is willing to lead the charge against the villain, and shield the underdogs in the process, so call it what you will.


Do you not understand what an anti-hero is? Someone who is NOT a hero – usually an asshole, selfish etc. but still does something (in spite of all his bad attributes) that nobody else is willing or to scared to do. Sounds like Zach to me!


This comment was in response to “Gimme a Break”


Devin is a bully and a control freak Caleb is in another planet . Frankie is all over the map and need to go.


Now that I can watch the feeds everyone is sleeping except for Victoria and Chrstine chatting in the bathroom. I could only take so much of that.


geeez Frankie do you know what a showmance is on BB? You are supposed to be helping Zach stay!!

I agree with whoever said they don’t like/trust Donny. He is so creepy and gross and have no idea why he is the most popular house guest. annoying as hell just listening to him speak.


Donny is the creepiest? Really? I’m not sure how you came up with that one, but we’re all entitled to our opinions which means we’re free to love Donny all we want. And by the looks of how many people like Nicole, I don’t get what the difference is. Just because he’s older than everyone else? It isn’t his fault.

I would love to see a season of BB where it’s mainly people between the ages of 35 – 45 with one person under 25 and see how comfortable the odd person out is around everyone else.


Truth. Devin and Caleb are far, far creepier than anyone else in the house. Caleb’s “Queen” talk is getting on my last nerve…she hasn’t even admitted to liking you dude, let alone confirmed that she’s comfortable with pet names. It is so disrespectful. She’s not your Queen, her name is Amber. Address her as such.

Devin’s little talk on the stairs last night about Brit was downright disturbing. He was talking slowly like he’d been sedated, and his voice was so low and raspy that he sounded like that creepy guy on the other end of the phone line in a horror movie. He talks about her like he’s obsessed, when less than a week ago he was questioning her character and ready to send her out of the house. Him and Caleb both have no respect for women, because they don’t respect their boundaries, and automatically assume that any girl they want they can just have, regardless of their behavior.


Those Have Not Rooms are getting worse every year, This one could be deemed and Hazardous if you mix it with cold showers on top of it.
Fine it should be uncomfortable but ice blocks in a refrigerator that gets crazy cold… That is just wrong. What does Big Brother want for television a house guest death. No wonder Zach is snapping.


I agree.


That’s why you sleep in the hammock or while tanning during the day and stay up all night.


if it’s too cold, it could lead to hypothermia couldn’t it? some of these things including the slop idea is very detrimental to people’/s health, i don’t care if they claim it is ‘nutritious’ or not. Plus it is usually funnier when slop has stuff added, like bratwurst and brocoli, etc, They did the Canada BB this year with absolutely no extra foods, that is not only not healthy, it is not entertaining to not be able to get to see what is voted to be added to the slop options.


Worst alliance in BB history:

1. Moving Company which turned on each other and dissolved after week one.

2. Bomb Squad which everyone one in the house knows about, nominates and tries to evict its own members, has a rotating door of membership, and refuses to dissolve.

My pick is 2.


I believe The Regulators from BB13 take the cake for worst alliance ever.


Yeah regulatprs have to be up there two just because they all went h9me one after the other… but they were at least loyal… weren’t they? As for the 4 horseman, 2 of them made final two… so I would say they were pretty successful.


Dude!! The Brigade & Chilltown is much better than Bomb Squad!!!!


You left out the Horsemen


First 5, BBCAN2. First Canada is made HOH, puts up two members, and the POV isn’t used, which would only result in another 5 member to be put up so they didn’t want to risk it. Then one by one until 4 gone, bim bam boom. 🙂


Ok In My opinion if Zach stays Devin and Caleb should not go after Zach and Cody. Cody straight up told them he doesn’t want to vote to evict Zach and they were fine with that. So they know Cody and Zach are against them thats an easy one. Im saying they will go after people like Derrick and Hayden, Nicole and Christine because they do not know where their loyalties lie (which is not with Devin and Caleb) . I think Amber has a good enough read on Jocosta and Victoria to know which way they will vote and she will tell Caleb and Devin which way they voted. If I were in that house I would much rather go against people whom I knew what to expect from than those who were sneaky so therefore if Devin and Caleb are smart they will target those they are unsure of and the same should go for Cody and Zach except I think Cody and Zach know Devin and Caleb are superior comp players to them and thats the whole reason Zach and Cody have been mouthing Devin and Caleb since day two. Funny how people want to bad mouth Caleb and say he is controlling people in the house cause what I saw when Amber was fretting over who to put up he only opened his mouth one time to say Jocosta was a floater, Devin told her it was her decision, however Derrick was the one who through Hayden and Nicoles name out and said he doesnt trust Nicole why do people fail to remember that?.


keeping zach around is best for most everyone’s game, except for devin, caleb, amber, and pow pow.

he will be a huge target to distract devin and caleb, and shifts the power in the house. he’s a vote for cody, derrick, hayen, nicole, and christine. he keeps donny, jocasta, and victoria in the house an extra week. he gives frankie insight to one side of the house, and a vote to manipulate. he helps brittany when she moves against devin and caleb.

why is there any debate?


I guess they are trying to get a good read and feel maybe?? And with Devin changing his mind every hour and being so unpredictable emotionally and strategy wise, they probably know that Zach may be the target this week but it could change. But I agree seems like a no brainer esp. since almost everyone wants Devin out and he can’t play HOH next week. Maybe they think alliance lines are deeper than what they actually are. There is some exaggerations in their reactions and how they view certain dynamics and people based off their own insecurities. So I guess it’s no surprise it’s not clear cut for them yet.


Since we’re going the medieval route, it would b in everyone’s best interest to get Queen Frances out ASAP


he is soo annoying and his game play sucks. his reason why he doesn’t wanna be a have not is ridiculous. he looks like a rat and acts like a rat…i can’t wait to watch him fail. how much do you wanna bet he is going to blubber like a baby when he gets nominated. i find it funny how he thinks he is a swing vote when most everyone is voting to keep zach…what an idiot.


i agree 100%. He annoys the hell out of me. He needs to be evicted next.


he is the biggest floater…think about it…he will go where there is power


I’m searching for the feed where the three Team America members are together for the first time. Someone said Frankie did not appear enthused and was filing his nails. Did you mention it in a recap? Any idea where can I find the date and time?


Thanks! Appreciate you guys so much….every post, every year.


is caleb voting to evict Zach? I haven’t read where he said he would. I thought he said he wouldn’t evict an alliance member.


PLEASE stop the vote w the house BS Already this season!


Who ever wins hoh’s if its not caleb or amber or frankie or victoria should put up caleb/victoria and frankie/amber then who evet gets knocked off most likely frankie/amber then hope devin doesnt win pov cause even if caleb wins pov then u backdoor devin


Isn’t it a little strange that Devin said he stopped pursuing baseball to be a dad yet when he leaves he has to say goodbye to his daughter via Skype?

Team Zach

I do! Furthermore, I think it’s in poor taste to bring Devin’s daughter into the game in the first place…which is why HE NEVER SHOULD HAVE. Was it wrong for Zach to question Devin’s parenting? Morally, yes. Strategically, not really. Devin has played that card repeatedly since week 1, someone was going to inevitably use it against him when he demonstrated such poor integrity. If you don’t want people attacking your family and your lifestyle outside this game, then don’t bring it into the game. It amazes me how many people forget year after year what kind of game they signed up for…

Jake K.

really hoping zach stays. I would love to see a split house war somewhat like season 6. half of the house on one side (nicole, christine, hayden, cody, zack, donny, derrick, brit) versus the other (devin, caleb, amber, victoria, jacosta, frankie). that would be so badass and have us on the edge of our seats all season with fights. season 6 is one of the best ever when the power shifted week after week. one week we saw s6 destroy friendship alliance. the next we were rooting for our favorite out of s6 to win vetos and comps. thatd be especially great with this twist and battle of the block having both sides really going at one another.


Has Jocasta self-evicted? She is in none of these conversations…what the hell is she doing all day?


Jocasta came out a bit the last two night but for the most part she’s invisible. We try to focus on game talk and jocasta has done almost none. There was a player during BB14 which played the same game.. can’t remember their name something about a city


Thanks, Simon. Sarcasm doesn’t carry well on these posts.


Simon I still believe until the POV ceremony Bow Tie went to the store and no one noticed.


Was it Jenn City or something like that? Can’t really remember right now

Nicoles Second Chin

Im sitting here under her jaw line thinking does this girl really think she is in Codys league? Maybe after she loses 15 pounds and i disappear but shes gotta leave the ice cream alone. Someone help us please. Maybe we should volunteer to be havenots.

smd nicole

someones a jealous skank……. u related to amber or something?


thats a really disgusting comment to make. nicole is a human, and just because she might not live up to your irrelevant standards doesn’t mean she deserves to be mocked online or at all.

Team Zach

Since you’ve invited the comparison, do you think you’re in Cody’s league? Judging by your downright mean behavior I’d say no. From what I’ve seen of Cody, he wouldn’t go near the likes of you.


This comment section is equivalent to the “lets go with what the house wants” strategy. Spineless


I can’t tell if the sudden rise in the Frankie hate is because he’s going against the favorites of some people and his on the “wrong side”. I don’t fully get his reasoning but I’m guessing it will make a little more sense as the days go on. I didn’t get why he put up Victoria at first but got it later and if she’s forgave him and didn’t store in her game strategy she’s asking for it. It looks like he’s thinks he’s doing some stabbing before he thinks he’s going to be stabbed as these are some shady people in there (game wise). OR maybe he’s working both sides to deflect. Either way, it’s not like he’s doing something to a delicate innocent flower. And as for being called a rat like Andy I’m not too sure yet. His tactics seem to be to get ahead in the game and if these people trust him that much socially than that’s good game play (for now anyway). He is like Andy where he knows how to be disarming socially with men and women and manipulate it for his own good maybe that’s what people mean. Whatever it is he has a very long way and I just don’t see Frankie getting away with what Andy did with this group of people.


i think it is because he forges close friendship/alliance with both those people, then is the first to either put them up (victoria was a BFF, put he puts her up), and said it is a good idea to put Zach up, not victoria, for example, and then seems to be campaigning hard until he figured out he was showing himself to be literally on the wrong side of what the house wants lol. Then he tries to turn it around to say well i can’t be seen not voting him out, so here’s what i’ll do, zach will still stay, but i vote him out.

there is no reason in some of the things he does, because silence would get him into less hot water.

one more thing

frankie is the biggest floater of the season…funny how he talks shit about others being floaters when he is one himself


I guess I see being a floater differently than most.

First of all, I don’t really call anyone a floater the first couple of weeks. Second of all, I consider a floater someone who only goes with the HOH – in this case, Frankie was basically co-HOH last week (thus, not floating) and this week his alliance member is HOH, so he’s not really floating by wanting the same thing. That said, I also don’t think it’s floating just because you’re trying to align yourself with several people. If that’s the case, then practically this entire house are floaters.

Just my two cents.


Calab and Devin need to go they are crazy and truthfully playing too hard this early on. It’s like come on don’t these supposed fans of the show know if if you play this hard in the beginning you are going to out sooner. I doubt Calab, Devin, Zack, Frankie will make it even halfway through. It’s best to lie low like others are doing in the beginning.


I wish the girls could still work together.

I hope Christiane is not lying to Britanny and Victoria…

Britanny, victoria, nicole and cristiane could make a great alliance


Simon/Dawg I have to give you guys credit. I’ve been watching the feeds and Christine is an expert at whispering. Even with everything turned up full blast it’s hard to hear her. The girl knows how to keep things quiet.


ya it’s super hard to hear her 🙁

Frankie is toast

Frankie’s rat strategy is already falling apart and it is only week two. Half of the house doesn’t trust him. Probably shouldn’t have pursued the same strategy as the last winner Frank.


Do you know how you save Zach this week.
Step #1:
You grow a pair as a group. You call an alliance meeting in the HoH.
“We are voting to save Zach this week as a Group. We made a commitment to each other as a group to not nominate or vote out an alliance member. Yes Zach blew up the the bomb squad but you Devin pulled that pin by nominating him. We should have as a group decided what to do but you decided to do on your own. We need to feel comfortable that we can talk with you Devin and you Caleb… we need to feel safe with that.
Devin you need to be cool with this because you have a bad reputation in this game. Your reputation is that of a bully. People say they do not trust you or that they find you intimidating. We are not arguing this with you. That is the perception in the house. To be honest… you have done nothing in this game but break your word and show yourself as being disloyal.
We have had to clean up your messes since we started this game, and this is the last one. You will not make anymore speeches. There will be no call outs in the game, you will not threaten us or refer us to a cancer. We are the numbers not you.”
If he gets mad… so what. If Caleb gets mad, so what…. If they both say they are honest men they should be able to handle the truth.
They can be cut out of the alliance just as much as anybody else and end up only playing this game with each other…. that has not gone well for anyone since Dr. Will and Boogie and even then one of them had to go.


Well said, sir. Won’t happen, but it should.

Common sense

Ok the people who are say Frankie is worse than Andy are ridiculous. Yes they were both all over the house lying and backstabbing people but that’s part of the game. Andy is much worse than Frankie because his comments especially about Elisa and her kids were personal attacks that were way out of line. I don’t like Frankie all that much but at least he isn’t doing that

Common sense

Also can someone please explain the Nicole love? Cuz I just think she’s catty and a real floater so far.


Why would Devin not put up Zach? Zach had already informed the house that at the earliest possible moment he would backdoor Devin. This is the wisest move for his game. As for BS they wanted Brittany to stay another week. So Devin took her down. Zach wanted to be put up. So, Devin put him up. He obviously remembers from last year what happens when you blindly follow your alliance. Aaryn put up everyone that Amanda and Pizza boy told her to put up. She even got rid of people who she would need later.
Devin is just trying to get rid of someone who can hurt him later. If the rest of the house was using their head, not their emotions, they would take this opportunity to get rid of a strong physical player…Zach.


zac want he dont even care about the money,,he wants to be on jury and vote for frankie,,hes friend to him..hes already rich zac,,