Devin’s HOH spyc@m “It’s crazy I sit up here watching (Brittany).. I’m crushing hard“

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

BB16-2014-07-08 15-09-36-448

3:00pm HOH Devin and Jocasta
Devin going over her his conversation with Brittnay. She asked him why he put her on slop and how would he feel if someone put his daughter on Slop. (WOW Devin has a daughter never knew) Jocasta asks what made him want to get with Brittany just a short bit ago they were arch rivals. Devin says he usually runs away from the pretty girls, “Usually her personality doesn’t match what she looks like. turns me off. I usually go after the average girl cause they are usually not full of themselves”
Devin thought Britney’s personality was going to match her looks but he was wrong and after the talks with her he’s really started to like her personality.

Devin brings up the talk with Brittany where she talked about the struggles of being a parent. It brought back memories of the struggles his mom went through, “It’s really weird Ahh it’s crazy I sit up here watching. .. I’m crushing hard literally“
Devin says he’s been watching her on the HOH screen all day. He doesn’t know what to do because Brittany is going through a divorce. Jocasta says she’s not divorced yet she’s just separated.
Devin says the father of Britney’s first kid left her after the child was born. She married an older man and had two kids with him but the marriage didn’t work out so now she’s in a difficult place. This touched Devin in a way he wasn’t expecting. Deviin adds he was engaged with his daughters mother so he understands what Brittany is going through. I judged her wrong, ‘I don’t see anything happening it’s so fresh for her”
Jocasta says it’s cool that he likes her but she always thought Devin was going to get back with “Jayden’s” mommy.

You keep hearing production telling the houseguests they are not allowed to sleep outside of the bedrooms. Devin says it’s Brittany that is knocked out outside because she hasn’t slept yet. (Just like Dawg )
Devin warns Jocasta she really needs to win a competition or she’s going to be called a floater. He really wants her to win the Head of Household this week he thinks it’s going to be a contest she can win. Devin suggests on Wednesday night Jocasta come up to the HOH early and sleep to get lots of rest all the young kids are going to be running around staying up late. They will be tired and will not perform well. Hydrate stay away from caffeine and soda don’t eat too much but make sure you have enough.
Devin runs through the BOB twist and explains to Jocasta how it works.. (I don’t think Jocasta asked him to explains this he just started talking) They go over the Zach blow up yesterday. Jocasta says she only stuck around for a bit because she cannot handle all that cursing.

Jocasta wants to know who is calling her a floater. Devin says nobody called her a floater they are just saying “I haven’t seen Jocasta’s GAme “ He’s not going to name any names because it wasn’t a negative thing He’s just warning her people may start thinking it.
Devin thinks the vote is going to be 6-6 and he will vote out Zach.

BB16-2014-07-08 15-20-48-914Caleb wearing Amber’s slippers
BB16-2014-07-08 15-35-04-320
3:25pm – 3:30 Cam 3-4 Bathroom Frankie and Christine
Whispering over the shower hard to hear..
Christine tells him she’s going to try and get Victoria to vote out Zach. everyone except for Caleb, Devin and Amber are going to evict POW. They don’t want to come out the eviction having Caleb/Amber and Devin pissed. They want to tell Devin’s group they voted out Zach and Derrick’s group they voted out POW. They agree things are going to get very confusing on Thursday night. They still are not sure about Jocasta’s vote.

3:53pm Christine says the house wants to break up Caleb and Amber bevier they take out Devin. They see that showmance being more dangerous. There’s also the thinking that Devin will be greatly weakened when that group of three is split up. Frankie mentions he’s “figured out” the mirrors and is using them to his advantage.

(There’s a good chance this is a lie from Christine read here for more.)
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BB16-2014-07-08 16-13-47-482

4:12pm Bathroom Cody and Christine
Cody asks if everything good they are all voting out POW. Christine says Victoria is the only one. Everyone else on their side is going to keep Zach. Christine blames Victoria’s vote on “Devin’s Threats” Christine isn’t worried because the vote is still going to be 7-5 to evict POWPOW. Cody wonder if maybe they can get Derrick to try and get to her. Cody asks about Jocasta. Christine has no idea say she’s can’t get through to her

BB16-2014-07-08 16-26-15-428

4:25pm, backyard Jocasta, POW and Donny
POWPOW is asking who has a better chance to stay her or Zach. Jocastas and Donny have no idea, “It’s a toss up” Donny – ‘This week it’s not going to be unanimous”
POW points out that Zach is thinking he’s “Winning” Jocasta mentions how people will keep him if it’s better for their game. POWPOW reminds them Zach tried to destroy all their games.
POWPOW says Zach wants to leave he said all he wants to do is sleep and have other people do the work for him. POWPOW adds if Zach wins HOH they have no idea what he will do but if she wins HOH, “it will never happen.. I won’t do nothing” Jocasta says she was on the couch on the side he didn’t know about. (Zach called out a couch during the POV Ceremony saying he’s not sure about the people on that couch. Jocasta was on the couch)
Donny says he heard Zach say something positive about Jocasta., Jocasta never heard that.
POPOW wishes she could sl@p Brittany in the face and take her tongue and twist it.
Jocasta brings up Zach calling Victoria the “B” word. Jocasta and POW don’t think the women outside the house will like Zach because of what he said about Victoria. POW brings up Zach saying he’s only on the show to ‘S***e p*$$y” when he gets out. Jocasta – “Thats a young guys mentality”
Jocasta leaves Donny with POW.. She asks him if it will be 50/50. He says it could she wants a honest answer will Zach stay over her.
LONG pause from Donny..
POW – “Sorry is that too personal”
Donny says theres a lot of people here that will see them whispering and talking.. “I didn’t even hear what you said”
POWPOW asks again.
Donny – “I don’t think there is a probability it’s could go either way..” He explains nobody talks to him he has no idea what is going on he’s out of the loop. Donny asks her if the people that asked her to throw the competitions are honouring their side of the deal. POWPOW – “He (Devin) knows I didn’t throw it that is why we got in the argument”


Wheres the vote?
Zach is going home Zach is staying (Still early and very close)

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Do you guys not have an OBB app anymore?


I couldn’t imagine being stuck in this house as the target of Devin or Caleb’s affection. It gives me the creeps just reading about it.

Not A PHD Student

I’ll you’d have to do is wait 4 minutes and his (Devin) A-D-D will kick in and you’ll be free


So is Christine playing Frankie? She seemed pretty solid on the save Zach bandwagon.

smd nicole

this is awesome it just sucks that we won’t have enough time in the show to show it all because of all the damn commercials…. i wish i had $ for the live feeds but I’m a broke bum


It’ cheap. With tax it’s $28 for season. Make sure you use a link off this page.

smd nicole

im reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly broke

Amanda's dog Woofy

Go to kickstarter. I just read about a guy who wanted to raise 10$ to make potato salad & people pledged 19,000$. Try it.


Devin, you are a creep! I hope Brit is the one that sends you packing!


Wouldn’t that be hilarious!!! Britney being the one to get out Devin!

Nicoles Second Chin says

I wonder if anyone has notice when she lays on her back it looks like she has no chin at all…..sorta like we can swallow a whole watermelon like a anaconda…..not one chew…..wheres that bitch Amber?…..she better not be with Cody

Jimmy 64

How many alliances are there in the house
Are we up to 12 or 13


Devin is an idiot.


I really do not like Zach at all but I am on the #saveZach bandwagon because I REALLY want to see Devin’s face when he doesn’t get evicted.


I want to see his face drop too! Then, it’s game on!


poor dawg, going without sleep is rough – make the hg go to bed so he can take a nap, simon!

Amanda's dog Woofy

How would you like it if I put your WHOLE DAMN FAMILY on slop???? I would grab your tongue and twist it!!!


Man I’m crushin’ so hard right now,man, man, Brittany is so hot. Dude have you seen her hotness man? Man I could really go for a bite and man would she be something i’d like to take a bite out of. Man!

smd nicole

close but i know ur not devin for 2 reasons 1. u did not mention ur daughter 5 times. 2. u did not say bro

Devin's conscience

Her eyes say yes, but the restraining order says no..


Dude!! Amber or Victoria are much hotter than Brittany!!!!!


I agree. Brit has a five head


You forgot to mention his daughter 34768 times in that comment. Man.


Devin 1.0: “no, she’s the devil. She’s ex-military, an undercover CIA KGB MI6 agent, graduated from Harvard – the Harvard on the Moon that is – and I saw her eat a baby with my own eyes. I hate her THAT much, it’s not enough she was a havenot for 10 straight days, I had to make her a havenot for 7 more. Because that’s the integrity-honor thing to do. It’s not enough that I targeted her. I actually made a deal with her BOTB partner to throw the comp, so that she really doesn’t even have a fair chance to win safety. That’s how much I hate her. She’s vile.”
—///— insert Adderall —///—
Devin 2.0: “wait. I love her. Luuuve her. Oh, and by the way, I have a daughter. Did ya know?”

Seriously, I think he cried to the DR / psychologist about how he’s being called disrespectful to women and a bully, and he’s afraid that he’ll get booed when he gets out.
So they suggested to “build” a nice little PR stunt for him, to show the CBS viewers how he’s “redeeming himself” and “has a genuine (!!!) crush”.

Devin was the one to criticize Caleb’s “falling” for Amber the most, he said it was weird, unwarranted and inappropriate to the game. He pointed out how it’s weird that Caleb talks to everyone about how much he likes Amber when she doesn’t reciprocate those words… Now, he’s doing the exact same thing. Except with someone who hates him, and who he hated just 24 hours earlier.
I’m convinced it’s not even gameplay, it’s just so he can save face to the viewers.


I guess it depends on which Devin showed up and thought Caleb infactuation with Amber was inappropriate in there. He seems to have more faces and moods than a technicolor dreamcoat.

Justin Bieber's Chubby Double

And he(Devin) was like baby, baby, baby, ohhhhh
She(Brittany) was like baby,baby,baby, noooooo


This only proves my theory about Devin.. Emotionally U N S T A B L E !!!


I finally understand what my issue with Devin is. He keeps saying that his integrity is intact and that he’s playing an honest game, and he gets upset when people try to challenge that he isn’t playing a honest game. But I don’t know if it is the medication he is supposedly on or what, but he is delusional if he really thinks he’s being straight up and honest with everyone. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the people who are going to lie to get themselves further in the game, but OWN it. Don’t walk around like you’re the most honest person in the house when you’re making deals outside your alliance and screwing people over in the process.

And there is also the fact that he has the creepiest school boy crush on Brittany. It’s all he talks about now. I’ve been wondering if he’s been getting himself off at night at the thought of her…or watching her on the feeds as he so famously does.

Holy Cow

Frankie is just a teenage wannabe! So tired of his endless gimmicks and phoniness.Hope he
sees the door soon!!!!!


I hope Zach gets saved and team America start ruling this house from behind the curtain. They can be like the wizard of Big Brother. Does anyone know if tvnutters is down?

Amanda's dog Woofy

Maybe Jocasta will bring Zach to Jesus & he will TESTIFY!!


Do we know for sure what Team America is doing? Do all 3 have to vote to evict Zach to get the money? Are they also working to ensure that enough people are voting to evict Paola to get to 7?

give me a break

Frank side vs Derrick side……if Zach stays Frank is done….Derrick side of the house openly talk about evicting Frank….but Frank side of the house don’t talk about evicting Derrick…….Derrick wants power and convincing Frank to save Zach is a fools errand on Frank part…..Zach is so much the logical choice…having a strong player on the block and not capitalizing on it is very stupid….Frank can sway the house but it seems Derrick can sway Frank…. Zach staying helps Derrick and hurts Frank….hopefully he realize this by Thursday…Frank turning his back on Caleb and Amber…is like Helen turning her back on Candice and Jessie from last year BB15…..Don’t shoot yourself in the foot Frank…..Zach is volatile….and Derrick only needs you to win 5,000 each week….it’s not a real alliance in Derrick’s part….it’s just a financial arrangement….


Devin seems like the kind of guy who’d ignore restraining orders. Dude. Bro. SHE DOESN’T LIKE YOU. How are you gonna go from wanting her gone to wanting her close?

Andy 2.0

Hoping and praying that zach stays and the whole house turns against caleb, devin, frankie, and amber oh it will be great. i love when the power is turning often it forces noone to be a floater and all take sides


My take on the houseguests:
Amber-someone who likes to ride coattails. I think she is trying to hide behind Devin and Caleb in the hopes one of them will carry her to the end, which really bothers me because she proved in the HOH that she’s a competitior.
Brittany-I really like her social game. One of my favorites to watch because she stands up for herself when she needs to
Caleb-a good competitor, but his alliance with Devin and infatuation with Amber will be his downfall
Christine-really like Christine. Perfect balance between floater and social threat in my eyes
Cody-haven’t seen much that makes me want to root for him
Derrick-hands down best social gamer. Needs to be careful with the whole Zach situation or it could expose him
Donny-great addition to team America. Hopefully he finds a good alliance or he might get picked off eventually
Frankie-I’m really split about Frankie. I like him, he’s a funny guy, but I think it might be game over for him if he keeps flopping sides and spreading information
Hayden-Hayden seems to be that player that will coast for a while, then make the game altering move. Also a really good competitor
Jocasta-who? Needs to play a little harder or she will become a scapegoat for someone to nominate because no one has ties with her
Nicole-its really early, but Nicole is my pick to win it all. I think if her, Christine and Hayden can ride all the way to the end, she has a good shot of winning
Paola-I think Paola can be somewhat pretentious and snobby. I really want her evicted this week
Victoria-also really snobby, but in a weird way likeable. Hopefully she can turn her game around because I could definitely see her being an easy target after this week
Zach-crazy as hell, but hope he stays. Hopefully he can win HOH and get Devin out once and for all

smd nicole

agree with all but i don’t think frankie is funny… i was watching bb after dark and he was just so annoying last night… i think its clear that big brother is making him look like a much better person than he actually is


If Nicole wins than that means the seasons sucks


To :wearealltryingtowin, agree with you on most of your observations: ie: Derrick, Donny, Brittany, Christine – all good players & worthy of winning. But just curious – why is Nicole your fav? Like Amber, just haven’t seen her really do anything yet, though Amber did win HOH & I still have hopes she will get out from under Caleb (Figuratively speaking of course, LOL)

give me a break

No guys in the house have a chance with Brittany….Brittany told Nicole and Christine….that she has a 6 .7. 8 RULE: 6 feet tall………..7 figures………….and 8 years older than her…….WoW….


Love that rule. Hope she hangs on to it.


I think Devin should stop taking me. He is obviously going crazy being on me, hating a girl and making her his target one minute, to loving her and turning on one of his best friends in the house and putting him up on the block.


Got news for Devin, there has not been a drug made that will help him. And by the way, perhaps considering all the drug taking last year and where this year seems to be heading, maybe BB should only accept people that do not require mood altering drugs. I mean are there not 16 people in America that do not need them? Just a thought.


What is with Caleb he looks like an idiot with the glasses, it’s so sad he can’t have a thought of his own, he had to copy Cody.


first off…. That is so Freaking Creepy. It’s like waiting in the bushes for the Soccer Mom to pick up her kids. reading lips must be some other weird lie, because he repulses her. Get that freak out of there.

When you think Donny is more connected in the game than you, it is time to self evict.

Pest Control

Frankie is a cockroach!!!!


Simon I have the obb app I am confused you said you removed it


I’m pretty sure Devin’s trying at a showmance for his game, if not… RUN BRITTANY RUN GIRL!!

I also hope Donny wins the next HOH or Jocasta. That would be head scratcher!


I love that the title cracks me up before I even read the blog. Loving the fatal attractions this year!


Hands down, the best one so far was “devin says to Hayden, welcome to the alliance bro” Instant classic!


Not even the great JJ Abrams could put together a script that matches this season.
Love it.
And I’m very confused.. which is a good thing.


give me a break

People may not like Frank game play, Caleb loves for Amber, Amber sweetness, and Devin’s monotone voice..but when they are behind close door they are never attacking there fellow house guest with rude and vicious remarks. But when Zach, Cody, Nicole, and Chrisitne are together….all they do is attack viciously..talking about people kids, insinuating Devin my rape Brittany, he might kill Victoria, and Devin has a drug problem… I just feel if Zach stays….and if this group get power…there language will get more vicious..their ages range from 21 to 23…Zach saying he wants to slap Victoria, Cody assuming Amber is a hoe and that he’s going to bang her to get Caleb mad……if Devin said all of this stuff you guys would crucify him….i refuse to give Zach and Cody a pass….if Zach stays the language and attack from this bunch will get vicious….


This always happens. The people in power always strut around like they’ll be in power forever. It bugs the people who are not in power, so they vent to each other about how awful the other people are. As soon as someone puts Caleb and Devin on the block, we’ll hear plenty of bad mouthing from them. Everyone thinks they’re the “good guys” and the other side is dispicable. It’s part of the game.


Oh don’t you know? On this website actually the planet it’s perfectly fine for white people to lie constantly and trash people but god forbid a black person even if they are half white makes one lie they are horrible humans and deserve to be out of this game and trash talked.or just be pretty and sweet and have the whole house hate them for no legitimate reason. Oh and it’s completely okay for everyone in their alliance to get out a black person but when that person finds out and puts one of them on the block they are horrible because they went against their word. Even if they only did so to protect themselves. Welcome to the planet.


Sorry, but I don’t think people are judging Devin based on his race. It’s his erratic behaviors, arrogance and pure craziness that I think most of us can’t understand. He is a legend in his own mind.

Here It Comes

Are you serious? This guy’s behavior is horrible. Must it be made into a race thing? Can we not be entertained without this crap? I would be right there with you if it were a remote possibility. It’s not. Sit back and have fun.


Is Caleb And Amber A thing now they keep saying they want to split them apart haven’t watched the feeds


Brittany trying to guilt trip?? She need to stop cause we can ask that same question if she was HOH and she put a guy or girl on slop, “how would you feel if someone put your son or daughters on slop?” There’s nothing I dislike more then someone playing the guilt trip game.

And Devin & Caleb are the two biggest guys and the most sensitive & sprung. I mean come on use your brain please.

Also, Its a trip how Zach disrespect few of the women but yet he’s getting a pass… unbelievable. Had it been Devin… pure ridicule.


Is anyone wondering about Christine? Is she playing Frandy? Tmi seems to be going back and forth between those two. Guess we’ll see on thurs


Dawg & Simon – y’all give this your all & its appreciated so much! Not even wasting my $ w CBS this season so y’all get a little extra donation to support your great dedication for BB fans like myself!!!! Thanks!!!


Thank you we appreciate it! And so glad you love our updates 😉


Devin is such a weird one. It’s like he starts sh*t, and then checks out. He’s so weird that I bet he even ignores the voices in his own head. Even they probably are like, “Dude, focus!” Frickin’ weirdo.