Brittany about Devin’s Crush “He has a strategy.. I’m two steps ahead of you dumba$$”

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

BB16-2014-07-07 20-39-10-542

8:34pm BEEHIVE Cody and Derrick
Cody mentions telling Caleb that he’s going to vote to keep Zach because Zach is his friend on a personal. Cody says after he did that Caleb ran up told Devin that and Devin pulled him into the Storage room and said Caleb is really starting to question Cody.
Cody – Just as quick as they threw Zach out I could be next.
Derrick doesn’t know why Zach did the things he did
Cody – He blew us all up

Derrick – ‘I think if there is a chance for him to stay I’m going to vote for him because it will benefit us”
Cody says Caleb has been a rat for the last two days and but devin has been straight up with him.
Cody thinks if Caleb gos first Devin will be lost but if Devin leave Caleb will still be dangerous. Derrick agrees says Caleb will probably get stronger with Devin gone. Cody says its obvious that Caleb is getting more and more mad at cody Because Amber is getting closer to him.
They agree Zach is an emotional kid. Derrick – ‘As of this second I don’t think we can keep Zach “

Cody counts the votes says they don’t have the votes, Derrick -”it;s not looking good for him”
Derick suspects Zach is going to blow up everyones game on his way out because he doesn’t know who voted for him.
Derrick says if they keep zach the bomb squad is done and they need to have someone in power each week or they are going up. Derrick thinks if Zach comes out and starts acting like he did the first week he’ll stay. Cody thinks he’s just going to lay low and get us to do the campaigning and it’s not going to work. Derrick thinks Zach can even repair things with Devin.
Cody and Derrick agree Hayden trust them more than trust Devin and Caleb.
Derrick thinks they are going to portray what Zach did in not a good light. Derrick suspect Zach is really going to regret what he did. Derrick wants POWPOW gone next week if Zach goes this week.

Cody says Christine went to Nicole to try and cover her own a$$. Derrick is scared of Nicole because she’s a floater. Derrick is really worried what Christine did because if she told her everything that is bad for business.
Derrick – ‘The fact we’re playing so early is a fatal flaw”
Cody mention they are in the middle
Derrick points out right now they’re getting pulled into the forefront because of their bombsquad sh1t. Derrick warns this is why the players that hang in the back make it to the end like Jocasta, Nicole, Donny and Hayden.

Derrick really hopes Zach comes out swinging but he doubts it’ll happen.
“In the end in a perfect world they need the Nicole, Haydens and Christine’s to still be with them in the end”
they agree they have to keep Nicole and Hayden as long as they can. Derrick knows if Nicole or HAyden win HOH they will not put up Devin and Caleb they are too scared they will put up one of them and backdoor Devin/Caleb.
Derrick – ‘If Zach goes home who do we we have that you can completely trust .. Zach has a big mouth but I trust him. we have christine but she plays both side of the house she’s always talking to someone”
Derrick explains his plan is to put up Jocasta and Victoria if Zach leaves PWOPOW and Jocasta.
Derrick – “Who knows maybe we’ll get lucky and POWPO will step on her own d!ck”
Derrick mentions how bad of a day it was, All deven had to do was leave the nominations the same, “I’ve been wanting to crawl under the wood all day”

BB16-2014-07-07 21-24-34-210
9:15pm Hammock Caleb, Jocasta, POWPOW and Frankie
Caleb says Zach called Victoria the B word and said he wanted to smack her Zach told Devin to put him up his time in this game is over. “He was being an obnoxious punk”
Frankie calls Zach a misogynist man.
Frankie says Zach was saying mean stuff at the pool “It was hate speech” Frankie says it was Cody, Brittany and Zach talking about Devin “it was hateful”

BB16-2014-07-07 21-19-55-214
9:19pm FIREROOM Brittany and Amber
Brittany says she doesn’t trust Devin but he did save her with the POV and she feels they share a common thing both being parent. (Devin is a father only cow dropping bombs tonight) Brittany doesn’t know if she would but think she’ll vote with the house the early. Amber says she’s glad Brittany is in the house for another week.

BB16-2014-07-07 21-44-31-348
9:34pm Backyard Zach, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zach asking them about the HOH thinks it might be endurance where they are hanging. A bunch of them playing corn hole. Donny wonders if maybe the competitions will be them throwing something in a hole. Zach never thought of that but thinks it a real possibility. Donny asks about the have nots bed. Zach says he’s sore from it. Zach says he’s really hoping that the eviction doesn’t go with a tie breaker
Zach counts his votes says he has Derick , Cody , Nicole , Christine, Donny , Brittany, and Hayden
Zach – “Jocasta said she’s voting for me and so did Frankie.. I think I got it but we’ll see”
Zach asks if he should campaign hard. Donny says he never campaign when he was nominated.
Zach says today was wild. Donny thinks Zach made history.

BB16-2014-07-07 21-52-19-823
9:53pm Hammock Brittany and Nicole
Brittany is hoping anyone but Devin, Frankie, Caleb and Amber win the HOH she thinks of jocasta, Nicole, hayden, her, Cody or Derrick win the hOH they can turn this game around.
Nicole says Amber and Caleb have a final 2 deal. Nicole says it’s so obvious that Caleb, Devin and Frankie are running the house it’s because everyone is too scared. Nicole warns her there is more going on in the house then why know about. Nicole warns not to trust Amber because today she caught her lying through her teeth. Brittany says she tells Amber little stupid things, “I don’t think Amber is a bad person she doesn’t have a mind of her own she doesn’t know the game and they know they can manipulate her “
Brittany says Devin is nothing without Caleb but not the other way around.
Brittany is certain Devin and Caleb will take Amber far but they will stab her in the back.
Brittany – “I don’t trust Frankie anymore”
Nicole – “Ya”
Brittany says she still doesn’t trust POW she feels that Zach is being put up as bait.
Nicole asks her who she’s voting for.
Brittany thinks she’s voting POW out but it’s still early. Nicole wonder if production thought Devin was going to be a bully when he came in here because at first Nicole thought he was a big teddy bear.
Brittany talks about Devin going around telling all the guys that he likes her. Brittany says she’s on to Devin there no way that he wanted to kill her earlier and now he’s flirting with her, he’s got a plan. “He’s trying to flirt with me, bringing me pickles because he can’t bring me flowers.. it’’s the craziest shit I have ever seen in my life.. he’s inviting me to his room so he can get to know me better”
Brittany knows Devin has a strategy about this- I’m two steps ahead of you dumba$$”
Brittany says when devin gave her the pickles she told him she’s not going to eat those he probably poisoned them or stuck them up his a$$.
Brittnay – He thinks he’s winning me hell no you’re not.. I don’t trust him at all the more people that makes deals with him the more power he’s going to have”

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BB16-2014-07-07 22-29-18-149
10:18pm Hayden and Caleb
Hayden says Devin forced him into the bombsquad. Cody mentions it was the same thing as him.
Hayden – “He literally said now that Zach is out I’m on” Cody says the deal was they never put up a member of the bombsquad and Devin turned on him. Hayden doesn’t trust Devin 1 bit and the fact he tries to strong arm everything the house does makes him more steamed.
Hayden – ‘Dude we need to keep Zach but it’s going to cause so much Drama”
Cody agrees..
Derrick and Zach roll in.
They intrust Zach to go around say you lost control and that is why you brought up the stuff about Devin’s pills/Daughter. They also think sZach needs to push that Devin is strong arming everyone because people are talking about it.
Cody suggests Zach go up to Devin and Apologize for the personal statements.
Derrick suggests Zach smooth things
They start talking about Devin strong arming everyone in the house. Hayden tells him Nicole and Christine will not go against the house he needs to get the house and he’ll get their votes.
Frankie joins and wraps his arm around Zach.
Zach points out Devin put up POWPOW so she would lose the competition then he makes a deal with her to throw it and then he wins the POV and takes Brittnay off. Frankie – ”He has no game play”
Cody points out that Caleb and Devin don’t’ want Zach in the jury because that is a vote for them and not a vote for Devin/caleb. Frankie leaves.
They start talking about Frankie Cody calls him a Chameleon and a master of the social aspect.
Zach says the only people he knows for sure that’s voting him out is Amber and Caleb.
HAyden and Cody tell him that’s pretty much who it is.
Donny tell Zach he has his vote. Cody, Derrick and hayden all agree they will be voting to keep Zach. (+Nicole and +Brittany +Christine that makes 7)
Zach tells them if they keep him safe he’ll be moving the target off all them onto him. If Caleb, Devin or Amber win HOH they will come after Zach, “This is the week we flip the script”

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I don’t like Frankie anymore. Yeah I said it.


Frankie turned on his most loyal ally because he (Zach) wasn’t obedient. I don’t like Frankie either. Zach will be SO hurt when he watches the tapes with Frankie. Caleb stuck up for Zach better than Frankie did.


Yea he is playing the rat game! While it might get u far or even win the game(Andy), I still hate the rats! Lol

Allison Grodner

Everyone is ALWAYS 2 steps ahead of my fat ass 🙁


Since my ratings button is still not showing, I’ll have to just say “Thumbs UP!”


This thumbs up was for CP3!


Christine, Nicole, Derrick, Cody, Brittany, and Hayden all look like they are leaning towards keeping towards Zach. Isn’t Donny the swing vote?


Alright! For the first time in my bb history… I’m starting to take the live feeds bait. This season is oc. I do need a little push in the right direction.


am i the only one that think Brittany is annoying


Devin is scaring me. This fatal attraction crush he has on Brittany is beyond creepy.


OH PLEASE!!!! It is not that serious. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill!! DAMN!!!


Umm.. damn right is!!! He was even spying on her on the tv in his HOH room, thats messed up dood


I’m all for a Britney, Nicole, Hayden, Christine, Cody alliance! I think it’s a possibility.


I’m not too thrilled with Christine in the mix. She’s been lying to Hayden, telling him that the only information she got about the Bomb Squad was through Frankie. Just last night, she was telling Derrick and Cody that she had Caleb’s ear — he was spilling everything to her. And she gave specifics. Yeah, she lying to cover her backside, but still… I don’t recall her telling Nicole as many specifics either. I don’t know. Seriously on the fence about Christine…


* Oops! Christine had DEVIN’s ear, not Caleb’s. My mistake. Those two seem somewhat interchangeable right now…


I agree that christine is sketchy. I just hope that her true loyalty is to Nicole and Hayden.


I am all for producer manipulation if it keeps Zach in the house and gets Pow out. It seems like the house is catching on finally on and may want to vote with the calmer, rational side that is Derrick and Cody.

give me a break

Damn Nagging Nicole would fit in right at home with the mean girl group from last year…..She hates Amber for no reason…saying that Amber lies….but at the same time Christine is in another alliance and lied to Nagging Nicole… Nicole says she doesn’t hang out with girls……she has no girl friends in her real life….I believe is the other way around….girls don’t hang out with her after finding out how annoying she is……I hope Brittany tells Amber that Nicole does not like her…I’m tired of Amber being nice to her……Nicole tells people she doesn’t even want to speak to Amber….


Nicole started the hate on Amber when she put her on the block, then amber tried to put the blame on Devin. Granted it was the bomb squad that made that decision but it was the repercussions of her bad gameplay, she made a move that angered two people outside of her alliance and is targeting her. Has she been smart, she should’ve put Hayden and one of BS as pawn, even if Pow and Brit won, and Hayden wins veto they still have the votes to eliminate who she’ll put up next. The guys looked after themselves and thrown Amber’s game and she watched and lied to try to get out of it, sadly though Nicole and Hayden saw through it.

give me a break

Not true…Nicole hated Amber before Amber was even HoH……She told Christine she doesn’t like her…..she also say she hates all the girls except Christine…….Point blank…Nicole is a hater….


Christine and Hayden have also said Amber is getting on their nerves, it’s not just Nicole. Amber would annoy me in the game too. She lets other people make her decisions and has been following them around like a lost puppy all day.


Zack vs Pow … Like there even a choice? If these fools don’t take this
opportunity that was handed to them to get a stronger unstable player out…
there’s no hope for this group. Are they all gutless n brain-dead? Devin n
Caleb r unstable … they need to go next along with Andy oops
Mr here there n everywhere instigator Andy Jr aka Frankie.. Don’t let him
or the con woman Jocosta slitter through.

Roisen Dubh

You ever seen Real Genius? The one dude with the long hair and beard that keeps walking in Kilmer’s room, goes straight to the closet and poof? That’s Jocasta mann!! How can you throw rocks at her game?


She simply seems shifty to me… I wouldn’t trust her. But that’s just me.
And you are correct … she is nearly invisible, She’s doing a great job
at not drawing attention to herself. All the more reason to watch her.


Just goes to show that it only takes one day in the BBhouse to change everyone’s game dramatically. I have no idea how things are going to pan out!! Entertaining season so far that’s for sure.


Why did Frankie just turn on Zach all of a sudden?


1.) He’s just been “betrayed” by Zach with his speech at the POV ceremony.
2.) He thinks Caleb and Devin can take him farther in the game than Zach.
3.) He WILL find out that he should have kept his mouth shut for his own game.
4.) Bye.


Omg frankie is such a dbag…he is worse then andy last year, he lies so much and twists peoples words around

Eric CA

Ok, lets do a vote poll of who stays who go’s. You know what I really love about this. I can not remember the last time I had no freaking idea what is really going to happen. The last few years one of the dreary parts is with certainty we all knew who was going home. We knew all of the saves. I don’t know how that person was blindsided because everybody else knew. It was obvious.
Here is what I want:
Votes to Evict PowPow:
Victoria (Just to piss off Devin.)

Votes to evict Zach:
Donny (He promised Pow Pow he would not vote for her, he keeps his word.)

7-5 to evict PowPow
One vote off of the 6 votes that they are planning on. To make Devin break a tie.
Donny and Jocasta are not alliance bombsquaders… They could cover two of the people who vote Zach.

Their enough votes that the traitor to Devin and Caleb would not be that obvious…. people could really screw Amber and Frankie (Frankie obvious friends with Zach, Zach might even think it was Frankie LOL) … Amber has said she finds Devin intimidating and wants to vote PowPow out. Caleb has even said he wants to keep his word and keep Zach. who would then screw Caleb who when Devin goes off on Caleb… really screws over Devin by taking out his sole ally.
Cody already stated to Devin and Caleb he would vote to keep Zach they are buds he is safe from the drama.
Derrick really has plausible deniability he has told both Caleb and Frankie he is voting out Zach… they have no real dirt. . Hayden does not trust Frankie Amber and Caleb… he has told all of them he is voting out Zach same with Christine.
So who will it explode all over…. Devin, Caleb and Frankie. Fun

What “will” happen
I have NO F***ING IDEA.

Roisen Dubh

Wow, a lot of gameplay on Devin’s HOH. Beyond entertaining. This season, the game will be played in ways we’ve been waiting to see for a long time. Good job Devin, like him or hate him, he set the pace.


Sorry, can’t stand the rat Frankie anymore. Starting to like Brittany,doesn’t trust the rat and is playing Devin until she can get him out .I’m OK with Zach staying now just to stir it up. The next targets : Devin, Caleb & Frankie


Cody and Hayden get zero respect from me now. “He forced us to join his alliance” so i guess he put a gun to your head huh. Their both puss. I will never respect those kind of men. I can understand the girls being a little intimidated but come on. Really he forced you? Devin got Hayden to almost cry and i guess we now know what Cody was crying about. Im actually ok with Zach staying but those two can go now.

Eric CA

Pretty much it was a numbers gun to their head same as Amber and Christine with the two biggest physical threats and the obvious social gamer in the house… Yep that was a BB Gun.


Cody had a choice they all do. All he had to say was let me think about it but he was all for it untill it blew up and he got a little dirt on him now its “he forced me”. At the point when Cody joined the bs it was only 5 other members he could have easily flipped the whole house against them and had “the numbers gun” All Hayden had to say was I dont trust anybody right now after what just happened so im gonna need a little space and get everybodys side of the story. But no its “he almost made me cry” the big bad bully strong armed me to say yes. And then He and Cody go outside and talk sh** like punks do… dont do that puss boys do


Hayden did say that several times but Devin/Caleb just kept coming at him. He knew he wasn’t getting out of that HOH until he said yes he was with them. So he told them what they wanted to hear.


That is absolutely ridiculous!!! Like he had no choice but to stay in the room. He could have walked away.


Hayden did say that several times but Devin/Caleb just kept coming at him. He knew he wasn’t getting out of that HOH until he said yes he was with them. So he told them what they wanted to hear.


LOL! Great Pun – BB Gun!


Who would say no when offered/ordered to join an alliance. You just don’t do that. Whether you intend to stay loyal or not is another thing, but you can never say no or you put a target on your back. As I remember it, Frankie and Caleb had the idea when they were HOH and once Devin was in, they basically called the other guys up and told them they were in the alliance. There was never any consensus, and it’s always been Caleb, Devin and sometimes Frankie making the decisions without consulting the rest. It has never really been an alliance because a successful alliance is one where everyone expresses ideas and opinions and the majority decides what to do. That is how the Brigade made it to the end, none of them was above the other three, they decided together. The BS is a dictatorship, Caleb and Devin call the shots, anyone who dares express and opinion that isn’t what they want at the moment (because they change their minds constantly) is considered a traitor. The alliance meeting wasn’t really a meeting, it was Devin telling the others what was what, and all along he was making plans outside the alliance and didnt share with the others. The alliance had no chance and I am glad Zack blew it up. Everyone knows about it now, so Caleb, Amber and Devin’s attempts to cover it up just make them look even worse. Zack has gone from being the guy I wanted out early to one of my faves. For anyone but Devin and Caleb it’s good to keep him, he will keep the others like Cody, Derrick, Hayden and Frankie safe because he will always be Caleb and Devin’s target and he is the only one that would try to get them out. Keep a bigger target than yourself in the house until the dangerous players are gone.


I’ve been thinking about Why Frankie turned on Zach. It seems really personal – he is so driven to get rid of Zach. The only thing I can think of is that maybe Frankie made a move on Zach at night in bed, and Zach denied him. Doesn’t make sense otherwise why his opinion of Zach changed so much. It is clear that Zach likes him (and maybe crushes on him), and any gay man would want to continue having a “puppy dog” around him (Frankie’s words)…

give me a break

Zach had a melt down and through Frankie name under the bus when Devin nominated Zach……Frankie has the two powerful guys in the house Devin and Caleb….he has the best female competitor in Amber…he has the 2nd best social player in the game Derrick because of the gift that drop on his lap as a member of team America(Derrick, Donny), and he has the Amber brigade in Pow Pow, Jocasta, and Victoria……Frankie saving Zach would be a fools errand…….why would you save a guy that betrayed you and could beat you in comps……Zach is the logical choice for eviction….pow pow can be pick of anytime…


…..frankie was working to get zach evicted before the veto ceremony..seems foolish because zach had his back 100%


Yeah, or Frankie’s playing a game and was working with Zach. And got frustrated when a person he was working with completely torched everything and put a big target on Frankie’s back. But probably your ridiculous theory.


Yeah, alright. Except that Frankie dropped Zach long before Zach “lost it” and got himself nominated. Frankie dropped Zach even before Zach’s 24-hr depression thing (?related to being a have-not? debatable). So now that the tide is turning and it looks like Zach has the numbers to stay, and even Derrick is campaigning to keep Zach, why is Frankie so reluctant to flip-flop back? Devin and Caleb are hardly assets if Zach stays and the whole house wants Devin/Caleb out…


Nobody was dropped. They were all still in the same alliance (which Cody, Derrick, and Zach had been loosely fantasizing about breaking up next week). Why is Frankie reluctant to trust Zach again? Maybe cause he just got burned badly by him. And “give me a break” makes some compelling points above.


derrick and frakie having trouble convincing Donny …. this going to be a tough job for Frankie and derrick trying to steer Donny to get far in the game……. this two better come up with a better idea…… this should be interesting….


sounds like team America is going to vote out Zach ….

i thought we were team america



POWPOW has figured out both her limits and her BBgame niche.
Zach is a total loose cannon. Devin has mood swings. I’m now
hoping POWPOW goes into low profile mode and survives it all…


My money is on Franke exposing Team America to Christine very soon and a lot of Derrick VS Frankie episodes.


Frankie and Zach have similar personalities and that is why they got along at the beginning. Zach felt betrayed by Devin and reacted like a neutron bomb. Frankie felt betrayed by Zach and reacted like a heat-seeking missile.

The Rat Catcher

Frankie is a total TOOL!!!!!

Aegyo Zilla

YES ZACH START CAMPAIGNING!!!! Dont worry guys Zrankie is still goin strong and we’ve forgotten Frankie and Zach were planning on blowing up the Bob squad anyway just not this early in the game and they already agreed Frankie has gotta say whatever he has to say to stay the house Flip Flopper and keep the target off his back. PS Devin and Caleb dont even know that half of their squad is voting for Pow and trying to keep Zach. This votes gonna be close..


I have no idea who is voting for whom? It depends who they are talking to on their answer. If Zach can’t smooth things over it will make for an interesting live eviction.

Frankie threw Zach under the bus to Devin saying Devon should put Zach up before Zach “outed” the alliance. I used to like Frankie, but really don’t like his game play even though I get he’s trying to save his a$$.

I can’t wait to see what Zach said on Thursday. I wish it was in the live feeds.

The house is scrambling and it’s really made BB a lot more fun. I can’t believe how quickly things are falling apart. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top. The house seems to be on to Devin, Caleb and Frankie. I think Derrick is going to protect Frankie because of TA though. TA is really taking their “job” serious. It would have been better had Frankie not gotten it.


What was America thinking picking Frankie for our allience!


I think Frankie was picked before he abandoned Zach. I don’t think he would be picked now.


Where’s Victoria. She is a ghost.


I’m so annoyed! Frankieb makes my skin boil! I watched it all on BBAD. Frankie joined the Cody, Zach, Derrick, Hayden conversation at the hammock. Then he went to the fire room with Amber, Jocasta, Victoria, and I think Pow, and from what I could see make up complete lies. Unless I missed it because of the commercial break. He was twisting things to the girls. What a jerk.


The only reason youre mad and saying that is because he did it to the guys you have some ridiculous emotional connection with and if those same guys tell a lie or try to back stab some one its ok….shut up


I don’t understand why Derrick doesn’t tell Frankie that Christine doesn’t trust him. It’s odd to me that Derrick is on TA w/Frankie and Donny and he says his true alliance is w/them. Why wouldn’t he tell Frankie not to trust Christine because of that.

That said, I’m COMPLETELY confused as to who is really loyal to whom. These people are always back and forth about who they “trust” and who’s in their alliance.


What happened in the house today that warranted Donny saying to Zach that he made BB history? What did Zach recently do today that made the house go wild? What am I missing?


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