Devin – “Dude it’s too big an alliance.. we still have the numbers lets dwindle it down”

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

BB16-2014-07-06 20-08-15-102

8:08pm Hammock Christine and Nicole
Nicole and Christine agree Hayden is very smart and is capable. Nicole says Caleb is always telling people what he can do but Hayden never does. He’s humble. Nicole would never date Caleb, “He’s too good for every single person except Ambe.. she’s a lot like that to”
Christine points out that after Caleb and Amber had that Fight Amber is all over Cody.
Nicole says Cody was rubbing Amber’s foot and Caleb was just staring at it. Christine say Amber rubbed Cody’s butt with her nail.
Nicole says the people that drive them nuts drives Hayden nuts.
Christine “Ohh that makes me happy because I never talk to him lately”

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BB16-2014-07-06 20-28-30-930

8:12pm HOH Frankie and Devin
Frankie – “I feel like Zack wants to go home did you speak to him”
Devin says he talked to him say Zach breaking breaking down he can’t handle the game. Devin claims he still hasn’t decided what he’s going to do. Frankie doesn’t know what his week is going to be like if Zach is nominated. Devin thought Zach was mentally stronger than this. Frankie agrees it was a big surprise to him. Frankie mentions Zack was up all night talking to himself on the hammock. Frankie adds at 8 this morning he saw Zach on the Hammock Zach was trying to figure out what to say when he blows up. Devin mentions that Zach volunteered to be the have nots. Frankie begins Zach’s rants against Victoria and how they are too much for him sometimes to he walks away. Devin tells him his plan after the Power of Veto Ceremony is to go up to the HOH close the door and only let certain people in.
Devin wishes the POV Ceremony was tonight. Frankie says it’s bullsh1t that people are trying to protect Zach if he wants to go let him go.
Devin – “Dude it’s too big of an alliance dude.. we still have the numbers let’s dwindle it down”
(During this conversation Devin said Brittany and him would make beautiful babies Via @DAwgs)

BB16-2014-07-06 20-55-17-785

8:53pm backyard
Caleb running saying that he’s starting to think Amber doesn’t like him “Like that” Derrick mention maybe it’s what Caleb was saying earlier that she doesn’t want to show her feelings because of the house. Caleb brings up taking Amber on a date after the show. Caleb is still planning on staying in LA for a week after the Finale, “I’m going to rent a ferrari”
Derrick – “Ya do it up”

BB16-2014-07-06 21-15-03-114
9:01pm Backyard Frankie, Derrick and Donny (Team America)
Talking about how unbelievable it is “America has spoken” Derrick says you couldn’t pick a better alliance than one America picks for you. Derrick says they will have to talk later because this is America saying they want them to work together. Derrick adds that this means they can’t let America down they can’t burn each other. “They see everything we’re doing and there’s no bigger hint than.. you three are playing honest loyal..ooh and by the way we’ll give you 5 grand each everytime you do what we tell you to do”
Donny -”You never get an outside feed like this and we got the biggest you possible can”
Derrick says he knows they all have friends and alliances in the house but this is what America is telling them to do.
Donny – if we need a performance we got a performer if we need a brain we got a brain if we need a beard.. feeds cut

BB16-2014-07-06 21-21-30-679

Chit chatting…

Looks like Digging for gold is back!

BB16-2014-07-06 21-30-14-979

9:30pm Storage room Derrick and Frankie
Derrick says It’s reassurance from America they’re playing the right way. .”the problem with Donny he’s not as influential as we are”
Frankie says they should change their way of communication frankie talks to Derrick and derrick talks to Donny

Frankie – “Zach told me what you said about being the ultimate flip flopper”
Derrick denies calling him a flip flopper says the conversation was Zach coming in saying “What do you guys think about Frankie.. “
Derrick said “Frankie is playing the same game as Andy played he’s playing neutral and once he finds the stronger side he’ll pick them”
Derrick says this is the alliance as far as he’s concerned. ..

BB16-2014-07-06 21-44-13-304

9:44pm Frankie gets Zach some electrolytes says he’s going to nurse him back to health.
Zach – “Love you Frankie”

BB16-2014-07-06 21-46-24-485

9:47pm HOH Donny and Devin
Devin says he’s glad the POV ceremony is tomorrow. he’s not 100% decided what he’s doing. POW keeps asking him if he’s using the veto on her but he doesn’t know. Devin says he’s a father of a daughter and he doesn’t stand for Zach calling Victoria the “B” word. Devin says Victoria is a sweet girl.
Devin – “I don’t have the heart to send a single mom out the door, “SHe hasn’t had it easy at all” They agree that POW is very valuable in the game.

(I think Devin is going to put Zach up and wants Zach gone.. He’s also a father incase you didn’t know)

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Looks like soon derrick will be on board with voting zack out. He and cody are total morons, they made this week so much harder than it had to be, could of skated 5-6 weeks.


I wish Team America was either Nicole or Christine with Donny and Derick rather than with Frankie. Boo.

My favorite alliance yet is the one with Hayden, Christine, and Nicole. They need to pull in Donny too! No funky business with these three.


Yes 100% agree frankie is going to destroy the alliance anybody with a brain should know that I guess that explains why bb keeps getting idiots in the house bc thts what most of America consists of.

Jody H

Well let’s face it. America picked Donny because he is a sweetheart. Derrick because he can at least think. And Frankie because they want some Drama!! Should make it very interesting. Things might play out very differently now!!


Only Ariana Grande`s fan voted for Frankie… He is 31 and is still a wannabe.

Derrick? comonn,. that is BSSS

I am sure Nicole and Cody won the votes, but production gave for these two


Yeah Flunkie’s getting old real fast. He’s like Wil, a little goes a long way. It’s a shame cause unlike Wil he knows the game. If only Flunkie wasn’t an attention whore.

Reality Guy

A 4 person alliance made up of 3 floaters? Now that’s what I call excitement!


i’;m assuming the america vote always intended for at least one female, since they started with Joey. I wonder if Derrick is 4th choice. since the voting started early, there is no doubt Donny and Frankie were favoured at the beginning. Now we see Frankie as drama flip flopper, but before he was more entertaining.

The look on his face (shown on AD near the beginning) was priceless as Derrick went thru that speech about how TA needs to be their prime alliance, and that America shows they want them working as a team. I can just see Frankie’s head spinning like: wtf, i don’t want to work with either of these guys, TA just ruined my plans” lol


How many times do you think Devin has mentioned that he has a daughter so far this season? I would guess around 3000 at least. I wonder what the Zingbot would say to him but hopefully he doesn’t stay long enough for us to find out.


LOL – last night during the episode, my family said you could start a drinking game w/how many times Devin mentions his daughter – everyone would be plastered!


I’m hot and cold towards Derrick. He’s playing a great social game but there’s something about him that bothers me…


What irks me is that he’s starting to be real sneaky with Cody. I think we all like players who are fun and competitive. But when you’re relying on others to give you a piggyback ride and you talk dirty, it’s almost pathetic in a way. He did fall off really quick last HOH too. Nice guy though.


what do you expect he is a cop


Me too. He seems very hard, like a cop interrogating people. I’m also not sure if I like him or not.


Go Derrick! He’s a father just like Delusional Devin and isn’t boastful or pretentious as that weirdo. I’m glad America choose him.


Quick! There’s some girl on the hammock I haven’t seen before! LOL


I hope my Devin’s daughter drinking game can continue all summer. Devin for F2!


Wouldn’t it be hysterical if Devin takes off Brittany and puts up Zack and the vote go’s
To evict PowPow:
(They all have to do Americas Vote)

Votes to Evict Zach:
6-5 votes to evict PowPow
Devin would blow up. People could say WE ARE BOMB SQUAD you back stabbed an Alliance Member.
or deny deny deny… too sweet.


Damn bitch can’t count sorry 7-5 votes


You know, since Devin is lying and being shady to Caleb (of all people) and Amber, they might keep Zach too. Caleb has made it known to the other BS members that he doesn’t want Zach to leave this week. He’s been trying to get Devin to nominate Victoria all day. And Jocasta and Zach are also on pretty good terms, so she might be okay with keeping Zach as well! Devin really doesn’t have any votes locked down for Zach to go.


You’ve got Amber counted on both sides of that vote lol.


Devin mentioning his daughter every 8 seconds is not only annoying, it’s embarrassing and disgusting.
If he really cared THAT much about her he wouldn’t of been away from her for 3 months. You could even see in the first episode that he’s saying goodbye to her via skype. Devin calling Donny’s tears fake is the pot calling the kettle black. He uses his daughter to parade sympathy for himself and only cares about his self image. Why does he think he’s playing with honesty and good mortalities for his daughter to learn from when he really just dictates and bullies everyone.

A Name

Oh shut up! He’s playing a game where he could win half a million dollars which would obviously benefit his daughter. And this is BB, everybody knows there will be lying and backstabbing (including Devin who’s already acknowledged that). So please, go get a life


Hey “A Name” – why dont YOU shut the F up! Devin has NO integrity or brains! He’s a mess of a human and making a mockery of all good fathers!


Devin should be more worried that his daughter sees him not washing his hands after using the bathroom. That was so nasty! Cause he’s a father!- drink! lol


Can someone please explain if the plan is still to purposely get Zach on the block so they have the numbers to get out Victoria/ pow or is Frankie truly trying to throw him under the bus? I am so confused.

Jody H

Devin wants Zach out, but will the others play sheep again? I don’t know. Zach shot himself in the foot with his behavior, but it might pay for the others to keep him around to take attention off them and because he has more chance to win something than Pow Pow does.
Or will they try to catch him off guard, make him feel secure and get rid of two threats, (Devin next week, and Zach this week)? Interesting choice. It’ll be more fun for us if they change it up on him, but it’s probably smarter for them to do the latter. I don’t know. I say stir the pot! Who knows what could happen.


I am so confused as to who Devin is taking off i am pretty sure he is using it but one minute he wants Tiffany to go then he wants to save her, then he wants pow pow to stay but then he want her to go now he wants Zack gone of all the hoh now and past he is definetly is the most confusing


(I think Devin is going to put Zach up an wants Zach gone.. He’s also a father incase you didn’t know)

Lmao I love you simon


Thoughts on Team America: Happy Derrick and Donny made it to Team America, even more ecstatic that Nicole did not, and I’d be willing to bet a lot of money that Production was behind Frankie being voted into Team America…do people really like him that much??

In terms of Brittany eh she’s getting way too much credit for being a great player. She skated through the first week, not talking strategy with anyone, just sitting around the house looking pretty; because of that she was without any alliance to protect leaving her on the outs with Joey. Brittany JUST showed up to the house to play when she got on the block. Good player more like player in survivor mode.

One more thing: Brittany as a “boo hoo” single mother of 3, please this girl is dating a very attractive actor…or so she said…


Yeah, and Brittany also mentioned that she drives a 5 series BMW


Team Donny all the way. He doesn’t say or do much but whenever he talks, I always. If we need a performance, we got a performer, if we need brains we got brains, if we need beards we got………beards. Lol.


I always laugh.

Nicole, Nicole, Nicole

Nicole thinks Amber’s self centered but…

Amber hasn’t talked bad about anyone in the house and Nicole since the beginning of the game has had a nasty thing to say about every girl in the house and bad mouths Amber every chance she gets…

Me thinks Nicole is jealous


At this point I won’t be too upset if zach goes on the block but I hope PowPow goes home just to see Devin panic!! That’ll be gold entertainment. It would be even better if Zach wins HOH.


Wow I thought they would have kept team America under wraps and reveal on the 9th….hopefully none will have the same fate as joey…..or will they…


I can 100% guarentee Devin is going crazy because he is coming off of a cycle of steroids. Testostrone decreases, estrogen stays high. Explains his erratic mood swings, self pity, and the need to mention his daughter with tears every 15-20 seconds. Can’t believe no one has pointed this out yet……. Textbook example of why you shouldn’t juice.


Devin: I, me, bro, I, me, dude, I, me, daughter, I, me, look at me, bro, dude, integral.




Devins a hot mess but its entertaining if he actually backdoors zach ill be rooting for him. I had enough of the do what the house wants last season screw putting up victoria you already told everyone you were going to and they’re coming after him next week anyway he better pull the trigger


glad Nicole is safe. her and Donny for final 2!!!!


First, I was shocked to hear Devin is a FATHER! When did that happen? (insert sarcasm)
Second, is everybody sharing their eye glasses or do they all have the same style? Kind of strange, everyone has the same on one show. Just a little side trip here from all the craziness. (smile)


Another thought, Devin: Dude, it’s too big an alliance, we still have the numbers, let’s dwindle it down. Excuse me? Who wanted to keep adding members to it, ding-a-ling? lmao


frankie as part of team america, that was expected. you got a bunch of ariana grande teens who dont watch bb automatically vote for him.


ariana grande fans* i meant to say


No you said it right, no one over 13 knows who she is.

The Truth

A few of the men in this house are storing their brains in their pants. Caleb is obsessed with Amber. Cody is obsessed with Brittany ( but has enough sense to know that he shouldn’t be too obvious), Devin has a crush on Brittany( a woman who he despised hours earlier). The men this year are really bringing the drama and to that I say “More popcorn please”.


Just because you have a child, doesn’t automatically make you any more needing or wanting the money at the end of the game. That really bugs me when people assume if you are not dirt poor and live in a shoe box with 3 kids and a mother inlaw, you are not worthy of the BB Prize Money, its such BS.
Wasn’t Derrick’s daughter going for an operation? He doesn’t use that with the house guests for sympathy and I am sure that’s on his mind day and night.

I don’t want to see Zach go either and I had no idea he was a father also. Love the choices for America’s players. Whoop Whoop!!!


Devin says “victoria is a sweet girl” No she’s not, She bash you left to right. He need to see past her B.S.


I have never been more grateful for fast forward. I absolutely can’t handle the ping pong ramblings of Devin .my teeth ache lol.
I have to say though, as much as I have come todespise frandy, the twirling ninja sparkle dance confrontation with bb was hilarious


The eyeglasses are not prescription, they’re for show. “Geek chic” eyeglasses are trendy right now.


Does anyone know what the deal is w/Zach and Victoria? I kept reading how he couldn’t stand her and kept saying horrible things about her and wanting her to leave – then I saw that he was laying with her and cuddling with her. I’m confused.