Big Brother 16 – Nicole says if Zach goes then that means me, Hayden and Cody are the targets.

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 06-18-34-447
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6:15am – 7:05am Nicole gets up and joins Victoria and Brittany on the backyard lounger. Nicole is worried that she and Hayden will be targeted next week. Brittany disagrees and says that Cody / Zach would be targeted. Brittany says I am voting for Pow Pow to leave. I think she is just quick to throw anyone under the bus. Nicole says I think I am too. Brittany says I think Devin and Caleb want Pow Pow here so its better to go against what they want. Nicole says that Zach staying here benefits my game. He’s a big target. Brittany says my, you, Christine, Haydne, Derrick, Cody. And if he has yours that’s 7 that’s all he needs. Victoria heads inside. Nicole says we need to convince Victoria to vote for Zach to stay. I don’t know what to say to her to convince her. Brittany says I’ll talk to her. Nicole says if Zach goes then that means me, Hayden and Cody are all targets. Nicole says I want to go against Devin/Caleb so bad. Brittany says that Victoria is so easily manipulated. She doesn’t know what’s going on. Victoria comes back. Brittany tells her that she has to vote for Zach to stay. They head over to the hammock. Brittany asks what are you stuck on? Do you think Zach is after you? Victoria says yes.

Brittany tells Victoria that a lot of people have a lot worse things to say about you than Zach. Victoria asks who? Brittany says the guys. They don’t understand why and what you’re doing here. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Brittany says Pow Pow is going to throw anyone under the bus and she doesn’t care. She is working with someone that no one wants here. Victoria says I am just worried when Zach is off the block.. he’ll attack me. Brittany tells Victoria if Pow Pow stays ..then Caleb, Devin and Pow Pow will work together so we need to do the opposite of what they want. Victoria says Devin told me if he doesn’t put me up I have to vote out Zach. I am scared if I don’t do that. Nicole and Brittany tell her not to worry about that you’re not their target. They tell Victoria if Caleb, Devin or Amber ask her who she’s voting for just tell them your waiting to see what the house wants. Or tell them I don’t know who do you think I should vote for. They head inside to get ready for the day. Victoria goes to bed. Nicole starts running in the backyard.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 06-35-49-037

7:05am Cody is telling Zach all about his MC job he does. All the training he went through and how he used to be so shy but now is so good at it. Zach is amazed at how much money is in it. Zach says that he would move to New York and try it for a year. Zach says it sounds sick! I want that job. Zach says right now I need to worry about this vote. I want you to stay and win the money. I don’t even care about the money. I came in here and said that I would lie, cheat and steal but I know I’m going to be successful outside this house. Cody says he feels the same way. Zach tells Cody that he love him and Derrick. Cody says that Hayden is a full member of the bomb squad but that he’s not really with them. He hates that they tried to strong arm him. Cody tells Zach how right before the vote he is going to go up to Amber and tell her that the entire house is going to vote to keep Zach. Zach says you, Hayden, Nicole, Christine, Donny, Derrick and Brittany. We really need to get Jocasta, Frankie and Victoria to keep me.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 07-00-01-812

7:45am – 8:05am Zach practices his speech by himself in the hammock and then does it for Nicole and Brittany. Zach says that he’s going to talk to Jocasta to try and get her vote. Nicole says don’t even bother her and Pow Pow are like this. They call each other mother / daughter. Brittany tells Zach that he should at least try otherwise she might be offended. Cody comments on how he can’t believe I stayed up all night again. Brittany says just two more days till they’re not havenots any more. Nicole says just so you guys know I am so happy to be in the house with you. Cody starts helping Zach with his speech telling him this isn’t a political campaign.. connect with everyone on a personal level. Zach says you’re spitting knowledge! You’re so f**king smart! Zach says I am going to talk to Jocasta and Donny again. Cody says Jocasta is a strong a$$ woman. She’s a powerful woman. Donny joins them. Cody asks Donny what do you think? Donny nods. Cody asks Donny if he knows where Jocasta’s head is at? Donny says that we talk about life and stuff. We feel like we’re a bit on the outside being older. Donny says I don’t talk much game with her just because others come and she clams up and won’t talk game. Cody tells Donny that he felt so bad when he was put on the block. Donny says when I was on the block you two were the only two that gave me your votes right off the bat.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 08-23-04-435

8:45am – 8:55amZach tells Donny we’ve got to rise up against the strong people in this house. Zach tells Donny that including him he has a strong 9 votes to stay. Donny tells Zach to go get some sleep. Zach agrees and heads to the havenot room to go to bed. Meanwhile Cody and Brittany are suntanning. Donny joins Cody and Brittany. Donny tells them that he wishes that board (memory wall) wasn’t in the kitchen. He says if it wasn’t he would study it a lot more. He says that when he does stand there at the memory wall he keeps his hands in his pockets and counts using his fingers.

bandicam 2014-07-08 08-40-44-781

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9am Out on the backyard lounger – Donny talks to Cody and tells him his gut is telling him that I just don’t think we have the numbers. Donny says Frankie, Devin, Amber and Caleb I’m sure have a final 4 and won’t go against each other. Donny says I wouldn’t ever talk to Zach with this information. He couldn’t handle it. I trust you more than anyone else in this game! I don’t have a crush on you but I like you. I want to win the money but if I can’t and I have a vote have my vote. Donny says whatever they say ..something was said to save Brittany. And she feels guilty for not doing it because she is on national tv. We can’t count them unless they’re with us. Cody says Christine has said she is with us. Donny says but she goes up there often. Cody comments that me and Hayden have been in the top of every competition. Donny says I’m not going against it. We just can’t feel comfortable. Donny says 3 out of 4 have won HOH and two can compete this week. Donny says that Devin is pretty smart but he has that bipolar problem. I am not saying we go with them, heck no! I would rather go against them and be the minority. Cody tells Donny that Victoria trusts Derrick 10 fold. Cody says that Zach has been distancing himself from Frankie. Donny says anyone that isn’t with us, is against us. Donny says I would rather mess up my game for good people like you. Cody says I don’t good people like you to mess up your game just because you like me. If the votes aren’t coming our way I will let you know. Cody says I will not let anyone strong arm me, manipulate me or bully me. Donny says I like Derrick. Donny says I just know there is a lot of game still to play even if we did go with them. Cody says I just know that I am not flipping my script and voting out Zach. Donny says that he is friends with Pow Pow but wouldn’t have a problem voting her out. Cody says I know for a fact that Pow Pow threw that battle of the block competition. Donny says you and Hayden, I feel like I can trust. Hayden is a beast! Not only physical but very smart. Cody tells Donny how he trusts Christine because she tells him things that she wouldn’t tell me if she was planning to follow through with.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 09-15-52-943

9:30am – 9:55pm Big Brother wakes up the house guests.. when the live feeds return. Zach is back up and out in the backyard playing pool by himself. Donny is working out on the elliptical. Cody is working out and Brittany is sleeping / suntanning. Cody wishes his sister Angelina Calafiore a happy birthday.


Wheres the vote?
Zach is going home Zach is staying (Still early and very close)

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smd nicole

i love nicole


I would love to see her firm t****s too! she is a little hottie and not all full of herself like Victoria. (I do not find her or her big nose attractive but she thinks she is all that!) Britt and nicole are hot hot hot!


Really? She seems super-dumb and kind of a floater. Doesn’t deserve to win from what I’ve seen


how close do you think the vote will be


Caleb – keep PP

Jacosta – I think she’ll vote with the house, i.e., keep Zach

Rest – keep Zach


i think jacosta will pity vote for PP, or because she actually thinks that the house is really going to vote out Zach. Either way she seems too tight with PP, and Caleb to even be in on any other idea. I’m sure she thinks that putting up Z means the house wants Z gone, too.


I hope Zachary stays, he’s more fun than Pow


The ones who really want Zach to go should be Jocasta, Victoria and probably Nicole.
The weakest physical player is going to go up on the block every week because of the BOTB. Even if they aren’t the actual target it’s risky to be put up every week, look at Pow Pow this week.
For the record I want Zach to stay for game and entertainment purposes, but these weaker girls and maybe even a guy like Donny should want Zach to go.

im lovin it

Hoping Zach stays and Frankie gets found out for being a rat. Go Brittany for leading the charge to get Pow out!

Simon/Dawg: Know you are beyond busy (bbb houseguests don’t sleep, you don’t sleep), but would LOVE it if you could put a new poll up for fave houseguest post-Zach-blowup. Epic 24 hours!


Anyone who is not Caleb, Amber and Devin need Zack to stay. He will be the guy that will try to get them out and he will be target number one for the other side. He did blow up his own game, but if he survives and makes it through the next few weeks he could go very far. I think everything he does is calculated, like Dan or Will would do. Hearing him talk about past seasons it seems that he has studied how they did things and incorporated their strategies into his own, with a little Evel Dick thrown in. Whether he is good enough to make it work remains to be seen.


So everybody in the house but Devin Caleb and Amber should want to keep someone who is a combination of Will Dan and Evil Dick….are you serious?….im sorry but some one who reminds me of them is the first person Id want out of the house….thats a huge threat to everyone in the game


Who is Donny voting for?

Add Up The Votes

So from what I can tell….

*Hayden* – Pretty solid vote to keep Zach as of now (he was the most vocal last night about keeping Zach)
*Donny* – Pretty solid vote to keep Zach as of now (the updates here really didn’t give Donny enough credit on how hard he was trying to convince Derrick to keep Zach last night)
*Cody* – Pretty solid vote to keep Zach as of now (he definitely wants to keep Zach, but wants to do it carefully)
*Brittany* – Pretty solid vote to keep Zach (she hates Devin and is super pissed at Paola)

*Nicole* – Up in the air, but it seems like she’s seriously leaning towards keeping Zach at this point, it will probably depend on what Christine does and how hard Hayden campaigns towards her.
*Derrick* – Up in the air, but at this point it seems like he’s leaning towards keeping Zach, but wants to make sure he does it carefully (even more so than Cody)
*Christine* – Up in the air, but leaning towards keeping Zach, although she’s going to be the key vote I think for Zach if he wants to stay.

*Caleb* – Pretty solid vote to keep Paola as of now (he might surprise people though)
*Amber* – Pretty solid vote to keep Paola as of now (for some strange reason)
*Jocasta* – Pretty solid vote to keep Paola as of now, if things start to sway towards keeping Zach, she’ll probably float back.
*Victoria* – Pretty solid vote to keep Paola as of now, but, as with Jocasta, she might float.
*Frankie* – Last night he was the strongest vote towards getting Zach out, but he seems to be playing 8 different sides. I think he wants Zach out though.

If Zach wants to stay, he needs to focus on Derrick and Christine, those will be his keys to staying as of now. If Paola wants to stay, she needs to focus on Christine and Frankie (because Frankie will do the campaigning for her).

Obviously, the biggest question is what Team America will do – however, we probably won’t get to choose their votes as the earliest the show can tell the Team what to do is after the show on Wednesday, West Coast time – which won’t really give them enough time.

smd nicole

brittany is getting victoria to keep zach

Add Up The Votes

Yeah, but I think she trusts Frankie (even after last weak) more than Britt, so I think she’ll vote with Frankie and Jocasta.


Simon and Dawg, I am loving your sight more and more, it is my go to sight when I’ve missed something on live feeds…you guys are really on top of things! Keep up the good work!


Thanks LilyMarlene much appreciated


I can’t wait until Thursday. Hoping Zach stays and wins HOH. The week will be so exciting to watch as Devin crumbles! Devin believes he controls this game like Amanda controlled last year. (I couldn’t stand Amanda but was amazed how she was able to control so much from the sidelines). I love Donny but haven’t decided who I want to win! I know I don’t want a “floater” or “bully” to win. SN: I really loved Frankie like many others until he flipped on Zach. I get Frankie’s after POV ceremony but he threw Zach under the bus before the POV.


I don’t think Frankie is all that pleased about being Team America. He is pretending that he is flattered and honored, but he knows that his game just went out the door. He never intended to work with Donny and he would have cut Derrick loose sooner rather than later once they made jury. Frankie wanted to ride the middle in every alliance he made and position himself for the long term. That is all out the window. I think his being so pissed off yesterday was not so much Zack throwing him under the bus, but the fact that he found out about Team America. Zack was just a good excuse for his mood. The Zack blowout wasn’t really that big a deal for Frankie’s game. He is friends with everyone. Pretty much everyone that mattered knew about the bomb squad anyway, all he had to do was laugh it off as Zack being sleep deprived and bitchy. Zack didn’t ruin his game, Frankie is socially adept enough to handle it. The only thing that explains his mood and actions yesterday is that he is frustrated with being Team America, and he can’t even express his frustration alone, because America is watching.


I totally agree I think Frankie is PISSED he got voted as TA.

smd nicole

it shoulda been nicole instead of him


Remember the person choosen has the right to tell other people or keep a secret.

Joey should have told everybody right after she left.

But I think once Prodiction knew she was gonna get evicted, they told her not to tell anybody


Frankie doesn’t need the money so I feel like when it really starts to hurt his end-game he’ll leave it to crumble.

He’ll use it for exposure for now but I doubt the money phases him.


Well Frankie has no one to blame but himself, what with dropping his sister’s name to America constantly & bragging about all his YouTube followers. He knows the way this show works & had to know that if America got to vote for a house guest he would get the most votes (or in this case the third most votes after Joey & Donny).


Yayyy! I am sooooo glad to see that i’m not the only one that made that observation. In fact, I tweeted this same idea yesterday wondering if anyone was picking up on Frankie’s negative signals.body language/facial expressions about TA. He had a plan and TA threw a monkey wrench into it. I’m leaning towards the idea that Frankie was hoping to be the ONE AND ONLY America’s Player for more spotlight on him AND Ariana. Afterall, she did the new release date of her song on her and Frankie’s twitter account around the same time Frankie’s shout-out to fans to buy it online the same night! . We can only hope that Frankie gets caught real soon


I guess Team America is pretty safe for now!!!

Mister E

Does anyone know yet what team America really is? I know they get to do tasks for money, but do they have any powers or anything? Does America have any say so in thier game play?


I am sure as long Donny becomes a Target Production will pull off some Power OF cOeta to save him… This team america will destroy the game


Come Thursday Zach stays, he and Cody win HOH. One nominates Caleb and Amber, the other nominates Devin and Pow. Then watch the claws come out.

Dude This and Dude That

If Zach stays, Pow’s gone.

smd nicole

thats not possible…. think about it for a minute


Duh on me. Dumbass me. Didn’t think it through. Then I’ll put Jocasta on a team with Devin and Caleb with Amber.

Hurry Up Thursday

I like your thinking,
however it can’t be Devin and Pow because if Zach stays,
she will have been evicted.
But again, love where you’re going with the game play !!


The problem with that is even if Devin loses the BOTB, Devin could still win POV. Then none of the 3 are going home. You put up Jacosta and Amber, Victoria and Devin. That way if Devin or Amber wins POV, Caleb goes up. If Caleb is way more dangerous than Amber or Devin, and if he goes their games go out with him.


I don`t see Devin leaving the game anytime soon.

I feel like he is too big in the game. Is hard to think how things would go without him.

Im not saying I like him… but he is leading the season right now


From what I have seen of the feeds so far, I have not seen Jacosta much if at all. Simon or Dawg, wasn’t at least Jessie more visible than this by this point the 1st time he was on Big Brother?


I hope Zach stays so we can set a timer to Devin’s meltdown.


I would love to see that


I also would like to know exactly what is involved in the Team America twist. HELP!!!


I am thinking that we will start voting on things for them to do after Wednesday ‘s episode. Production would have wanted to wait to see if anyone from full Team America was on the block. If anything like last time, besides them playing tricks of our choice on people they would do things to influence the game that America would choose. Derrick would be better at this of the three if them considering his line of work


Team American or Team Manipulation will destroy game.

Production wants Donny safe and in the game. So whatever Team American`s job is… is to Keep Donny and them safe.

I wish Donny would trust Devin and tell him about Team America..

Team Zach

As I watched Derrick, Donny, and Frankie talking on the feeds last night, it was apparent that Frankie was not happy at all to be working with them. Every sentence out of his mouth reflected concern for his game, not Team America’s, and certainly not Zach’s. He also was filing his nails down for a solid forty minutes…a likely distraction to channel his frustration (I mean seriously, it was nonstop for 40 minutes, right into the mic, SO ANNOYING). He is definitely not happy about being picked to be in this alliance, and I don’t think he cares about Derrick and Donny anymore than the extent that he can manipulate them into voting with him. I hope Derrick and Donny stick to the integrity they’ve displayed so far and vote for what’s best for their game and for what they think America wants…because all Frankie cares about is Frankie.


I said similar thing yesterday. He kept throwing Donny’s name into every negative angles when talking to the bomb squad . It made me ask the question yesterday why he was doing that. I’d imagine that since they are members of Team America, he would try to protect Donny from the bomb squad. But no. Maybe he feels disappointed or embarrassed that Donny was chosen before him and included in the TA. you know how they all labelled Donny a floater. So he probably feels mad that he is grouped with the floater. LOL. THANK YOU AMERICA.


Well I’m hoping Zach stays love the way the house is split now! Frankie is all over the place flip flopping around more than a fish out of water. I can’t wait to watch the veto ceremony!! Keep that pot stirring! XD


The veto ceremony is going to be epic if CBS doesn’t edit it

Mister E

I would love to see Zach win HOH if he stays. If he doesn’t win HOH, i think the next best alternative (for entertainment sake) would be if he volunteered to go on the block with Devin and then he could throw the BOB comp so Devin stays on the block. That would make for some great entertainment for us. If Devin is this paranoid when he is safe, think how he would be if he was on the block. He would be trying to bully everyone to vote for him and all he would be doing is sealing his own fate. No matter what happens this next week is going to be crazy. Cant wait.


i seriously wonder how many hours total brittany has slept this entire time…she’s going to crash really hard

Julie's Glitter

If Zak stays he’ll be Devin and Caleb’s target next week. You want to be safe for the next week and not get ahead of yourself. I next HOH is BBQ endurance ( back and forth) on greased track) I wouldn’t want to be teamed up with Pow.


Donny and Cody talking game. I am impressed with Donny, we don’t get to see him talk game very often. He has an excellent read on the situation, and he isn’t about to be Frankie and Derrick’s yes man. He is talking about working with Cody and Hayden. He is definitely keeping Zack. Donny just went up a few notches in my eyes. Watch the flashback around 9 am this morning. Great convo!


I think the vote comes down to Frankie he has a lot of say in the house and I think what he wants he will get


Right now Frankie is just Devin`s puppet. Devin is telling him to work on people to get Zack out..
and Next will be kissing the HOH butt… and this will happen every week.


I think Frankie’s reign has ended.
Everybody knows how he’s playing, and they’re just as fake when they talk to him as he is talking to any of them.
They know he’s noone’s ally, and noone’s true enemy. He’ll avoid making any commitment, and that includes being there for anyone.
He has become a non-entity, strategically speaking.


Great comment.


Powwows going home


I kind of wish that BB had left Team America a twosome after Joey left. I feel as though Frankie only is apart of Team America by default. Like if America knew Frankie is showing signs of being the ultimate floater (person who floats to whoever is in power) then they might of not picked him. But I do also like that being apart of Team America destroys his game plan and forces him to change everything. I know everyone dislikes Devin, Caleb, or Amber, but right now Frankie is my least favorite.


And CBS won`t show Frankie trowing Zack under the bus for Devin..


This is such a good season!


I totally agree Simon. Gonna have to send Robyn Kass a note to thank her for giving us such a great cast, especially since I really didn’t enjoy it last season.


I think is better for Britanny to keep PowPow.

Because next week Zack, Cody and Derrick will have no balls to go after Devin or Caleb. They are just hoping that Britanny or Victoria wins HOH and goes after him.

And nobody cares about PowPow, people would just go after PowPow first and not them.

But I am sure Devin will win veto next week.
And I think Devin really likes and trust Britanny for sure.

Is Better for Britanny to stay on Devin`s side for now.


to DEVIN eyes lil ole POWPOW is a known quantity but ZACH hath many a risk factor?
i’m assuming Devin is about to implode the Auld~Bomb~Squad in favor of its 2.0 offshoot.
I’m hoping Donny + Nico~teen pull thru this but think Nicole is correct about Hayden + Cody.
an obvious DEVIN v. HAYDEN rivalry could pull the new bomb~squad apart as in a.s.a.p!


i think DEVIN really will try to keep POWPOW so i think we just might see ZACH go home…


The s**t will hit the fan regardless of whether Zach or pow pow go home this week. It happens every season when the powers shifts (especially pre-jury).


I really hope Pow Pow goes this week. If not, she’s going to get the Amanda treatment; (in my Helen ‘ s voice) Now is not the right time to evict her


I really hope America gets to vote for who Donny, Derrick, and Frankie (Team America) vote to evict.


I hate how everyone says that someone is a bad player because they’re loking out for themselves. Did everyone forget this is a GAME? You’re not trying to get anyone else the win, except yourself. The whole point of this game is to do whatever you can do to get to the end. If you have to backstab, so be it. If you have to lie, so be it. Really tired of people acting like this game is supposed to be all cheery and happy like we’re at preschool.