Willie Hantz VIDEO Interview: What ACTUALLY Happened to get him Expelled!

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Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
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Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

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After the power in the Big Brother 14 house did a complete flip from one side it the other, numerous event lead to one house guest being expelled from the house. Willie Hantz held the first HOH for over a week and during his reign his paranoia began to take over his game. Tension in the house reached an all time high when Willie confronted Frank for spreading rumors and lies about him. Following the crowning of Frank as the new Head of Household those that previously enjoyed the luxury of the HOH penthouse now settled in their new home in the have-nots room. The house guests that stayed loyal to Willie during his outbursts and paranoia found themselves being guilty by association. Willie was fine with them taking it out on him but not on Jojo, Shane and Britney. Willie raced up to the HOH room to tell Frank and Mike that he would evict himself long before he would let them vote him out. Big Brother then cut the live feeds to TRIVIA and in the days following the other house guests re-counted what had transpired. They reported that Willie “went hulk on the have-not room door” and then “head butted Joe four times” before he was escorted out of the house by security and expelled from the house.
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The following video is from Willie’s brother Brandon who interviewed Willie with his other brother Russell about what REALLY happened that day. Willie Hantz talks about the fight and other things in an over-the-phone interview with Brandon, Russell, and Shawn. Willie says that he was protecting his name and his honour from the lies that were being told about him. He says that he wanted to deflect the attention off of Jojo and Shane. He says that Joe came downstairs and he asked him how it felt to have a vagina. Willie says that Frank then walked 30 feet down the hallway and then said that he wasn’t a vagina, that the only vagina in this house is you. He says that Joe put up his dukes. Willie then asked him whatcha gonna do with them dukes? He says that Joe was very uncomfortable at that time. He says that he never physically attacked or assaulted Joe. He says that he put his head into his head and then Joe threw himself 10 feet backwards. They asks him who he thinks will win BB14. Willie says that he thinks Ashley will win the game.


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88 thoughts on “Willie Hantz VIDEO Interview: What ACTUALLY Happened to get him Expelled!

  1. Can I get a rundown of what he says? That video is super long and Willie loves to ramble on…

    Is his account any different then what Ian explained?

      1. RepreHantzible…. He tries so hard to make himself look like a good guy… Ain’t gonna happen. Hopefully CBS will stop showing the Hantz family.

        1. The season began amazing because of Willie, all the drama and entertainment was set around him. Now that he’s gone we’re left with so many boring people like, Joe, Wil, Frank, Ian ,Jenn, Danielle. Hell, half the people on here are more interesting.

        1. Can’t stand Russell, never have liked him. Willie was out of control, but he sounded credible in video

          1. Willie says that he was protecting his name and his honour from the lies that were being told about him.

            By protecting his name is he saying that he didn’t want people to think that there was a Hantz that was actually sane? He is nothing but a loser and a quitter, just like the rest of his bloodline.

          2. I feel willie overall is a kind hearted and good person..to be fair when everyone first went into the house they all admitted that willie was being a nice guy..all hell started breaking lose when wil and frank decided to slander willie all over the place..the whole situation is just messed up. but willie should have stuck it out and just went out with class.

            1. That’s the thing, who doesn’t get slandered at some point in the BB house? He’s a fan of the show, he certainly should have expected some lying and backstabbing.

              1. but calling someone homophobic or even possibley a raciest are serious accusations and that is crossing the line..when you start flying shit like that out your mouth thats not game that jus personal..and what wil and frank did was disgusting..and i know will used the n word, but it was in the context to how he used it. no one should use it blk/white whatever but contex does matter.

                1. I went into this before but we have the benefit of knowing every conversation that goes on in the house, the houseguests don’t. Frank saw one example of Willie mocking Wil and was offended by it. Frank had no reason to start a lie, he had the votes. It’s not like Frank went to Boogie and said “what if I started this rumor…” He was offended by what he perceived as offensive and told Joe about it. Joe told Wil.

                  I don’t believe the intention was to lie or slander Willie. But instead of taking it as a miscommunication and sorting it out, Willie took the opportunity to blow up and alienate himself.

              2. SOME bad mouthing? They completely vilified Willy! To cap it all off they expected him to stand there and take it like a wuss not like a… Well like a Hantz! Then they goaded him into taking some kind of action, they’re damned LUCKY he didn’t choke them all in their sleep! Bunch of hypocrites! And just MHO Russell Hantz is the BEST player to ever grace survivor shores, that’s why he could never win.

    1. basically it was Frank and Joe’s fault for lying about him and he didn’t want to leave the house but he everything thing he did was for his honor and for Britney because she was crying, (When doesn’t Britney cry)

  2. Wilie called Frank and Joe Vaginas …. lol…. Joe told him he was the VAGINA….lol……then Joe thru up his DUKES…lol…and Willie said WHATCHA GONNA DO WITH THEM DUKES…lol….then the headbutting and chest butting began….lol

  3. When Russell was on survivor I was a big fan but the more I learn about the Hantz family, the more I feel like they are just bad people. I know its a gross over simplification, but the three representatives they have brought to television were all bad people.

    1. Agreed. These 3 are amazingly tool like . Does everyone with a cell or web cam have sometype of show now? Who r the ppl watching & subscribing to these? No wonder we R so f’d up.

    2. But this is a game and what you see on TV does not show the whole person, how they are with their friends/family, basically how they are in the outside world. You only see an ounce of who they really are, I mean it’s a game and each person is there to win the money over everyone else, they’re there to take each other out and deprive each other of the money so they’re all bad in that sense.Some will be ruthless, deceitful, disloyal but it’s a game you have to expect that. Just like in poker you might deceive your opponent with a gesture, poker face etc etc to make them think you either have the cards or you don’t.
      I don’t agree with the way Willie left the game he’s a sore loser but you gotta love the villains of these reality shows. Without them there’d be zero drama and there’d be dwindling viewers.

    3. You don’t know the Hantz family….all you see is editing at it’s finest…want Flipped Out and see how they all remodeled their mom’s house and the respect they show their parents. My choice for extra money goes to Willie…and I will vote every time I can for him. He was playing the game…it was the others who started the personal attacks and tried to make something derogatory out of his mocking Wil. I mock people every day…. comedians do it every day…I bet you do it too!

  4. Simon and Dawg, If you decide to change houseguest photos, can Willie have either 1. The Hulk or 2. An old timey mustachioed boxer with his ‘dukes up’. please and thank you

  5. Every Hantz I’ve seen on reality tv has an attitude problem. Russell thought he was some great villain, but I just thought he looked like a jerk and a bully. Brandon seemed to think that b/c he was a Christian that absolved him from everything he did. Willie was a jerk too and seems to need an anger management course. How many more of them are there that we’re going to see on reality tv trying to get out of Russell’s shadow or be bigger and better than he was and in the end none of them accomplishing anything?

    1. Rumor has it Russell will be on Amazing Race teamed up with Evil Dick…..fingers cross that will be the end of them

  6. he claims he did it to get the attention off jojo and shane, and he didnt want to leave, and brit really wanted him on her team

    and russ being his brother killed his game

    bunch of excuses. the guy just doesnt get it.

  7. They pick house guests that feel will be good entertainment to viewers. Mission accomplished…Willie is crazy and dumb as hell but I’d love to watch him all season long. Next season…put him on Surviovor I’d watch that. Even better put him and his brother on abd sit back and watch the train wreck.

    1. There’s a fine line between being entertaining and being a detriment to the game. I found Willie and all his hotheaded tomfoolery entertaining but he becomes a detriment when he doesn’t complete the game and does it in such a selfish and childish manner. They’re not going to show what happened (unless they’re saving it for one of the CBS shows) and BB doesn’t get the extra five days or so that they could have had from him.

      What Willie also does is make the casting for future editions of the show more tame. No matter how you look at it, this incident wasn’t even a tenth as bad as the Justin incident from BB2 but it’s still going to make execs tentative to cast people who may even show a hint of an explosive personality in the near future.

  8. Willie’s exit was planned. Go back to livefeeds and watch/listen carefully to a conversation between Willie and Britney two hours before the “blowup”. Does Willie’s demeanor seem aggressive or mental to you? Does Willie and Britneys interaction seem stressed to you? She takes his mic off and asks him questions. Ive played the footage over and over and they are discussing his plans for an exit. She whispers something about him leaving and then something about when/how? Watch and listen how they switch gears right after the whispering stops. Go to Friday July 20th screen 4 at 1:15 or 1:20 p.m. watch and listen carefuly

    1. they simply discuss how the house will evict him, then willie mentions he wants to go out on his own terms, im sorry, but defending a guy headbutting someone to leave the house and call it “gameplay” is freaking laughable

      if he got himself booted without violence he could have returned, once you add that element, you are banned for life. so I must say, thats total nonsense

      1. I don’t get the feeds so I can’t say what was said in conversation and I don’t think anyone could know what’s going on in Willie’s head except him. But, I think maybe saying he was going out on his own terms might mean that he was going to make a big speech before the votes and say some nasty things about everybody. Some are comparing his exit to Chima’s and the only parallel that I can see is that basically they both got ticked off about an imagined slight to them and then said, “Well, if everyone else isn’t going to play the game like I want, then I quit.” And so production told them, so be it, see ya!

    2. Hi all,
      Third season of watching, but am a subscriber to the live feed. Actually, Willie said in his intro he was going to mix up and stir up everyone and, by gum, he certainly did.
      Even the false claims made against him are amazing: did you really see ANY headbutting? I have watched the actual scenes numerous times. Joe is lying through his teeth to garner sympathy. I saw NO headbutting, just a bit of shoulder butting which “may” have got Joe on the nose. His description of multiple headbutting is totally BOGUS. Joe is really playing to win, but I am sorry that “troublemaker” Willie is gone.

  9. The Hantz’s aren’t bad people, they are just rednecks. Not too terribly bright,but some common sense. Hot tempered, very basic sense of right and wrong and certain ingrained principles, which if they think you have violated, they will react. Unreasonably to some, understandably to others. You just have to know rednecks to understand. And some rednecks are smarter than others. Willie was one of the not too bright ones. Couldn’t take the pressure, paranoid and overconfident in power, unable to cope without. Simple as that.

  10. That’s explain the problem. Willie needs to relax but joe continue to push him to the edge. So, Willie would go outside or diary room to calm down and he didn’t.

    1. They were on an indoor lock down. He couldn’t go outside and they wouldn’t open the DR for him.
      Also Joe had taken all the nicotine patches just to piss Willie off. Joe started all this and for some reason no one will call him on it.

      1. Yep just one of the many things that they got away with… I despise boogie, wil, frank, Joe and Janelle. they are all biotches. I hope they all disintegrate in this game.. None of them deserve to win.

  11. can you believe the stuff this guy says? what a jerk! he is a sick and delusional. he did this all for his team? really??? more like he can’t control his temper, and can’t admit it to himself or anyone else.

    this family is an embarrassment to the human race, southerners, and all americans. i wish i had never clicked on the video, but i had no idea who russell was, and wanted to know willie’s side. i wish i had waited for the show tonight for the cbs version. i’m sure it has everything that needs to be known.

    1. Evidently you have never been pushed to that point. Must be nice to be perfect… As far as an embarassment, the people ought tothe ones embarassed about how they acted and talked about people in the house.. Boogie called wil a pussy… but frank nor Joe made sure wil knew about that did they?????

  12. Willie, you should go outside in the couch or go to the diary room to calm yourself down. Instead, you go medieval on everyone and kick yourself out. You should relax, stay calm and fight to the end. Don’t let anyone get to you. Maybe, next time try to ignore them and move on. Also, fight that veto but you blew it.

    1. My thoughts exactly. It will be interesting to see how CBS edits the incident. Joe plainly provoked the whole meltdown.

      1. Thank you magicman and chloe! Frank is the one who likes to stir the pot-even Boogie has noticed that! He needs to go!

  13. say what u will about willie,but all i know is without him on the show the live feeds is the most boring shit i;ve ever seen.janelle is a 2 faced bitch,joe is a vagina,boggie thinks his the big brother president,something gots to happen fast cause this shit sucks ass.after the veto ceramony that door bell better ring and lane comes to join britneys team,that would be awsome.

  14. remember the baldwin brothers and how big they all were in the 90’s well the hantz’s are this years baldwins GO willie :) go branden and go russell :) the NEW Baldwins

  15. willie said he wanted to deflect the attention off of shane and jojo but all he did was screw them and britney over because intstead of just him being evicted now jojo will probably go too so now britney loses 2 players instead of 1, he should have at least broke that jackass joe’s jaw on his way out that way he could have took somebody out with him and we wouldn’t have had to listen to joe’s big mouth anymore.

    1. Then he would’ve been brought up on charges of assault, you know how big mouths like joe, and brenda(brendon) are pussies when confronted with a real threat, Joe would’ve screamed bloody murder and sued Willie, had he rocked his jaw…

      1. yeah I’m sure of that cause all Joe can do is run his mouth.. just like boogie, frank, wil and that blonde bimbo.

    2. too funny I cant stand joe either. i even hate him more than i hate booger. see why isnt joe up? to put shane and jojo up is purely a vengeful thing that carrot top (frank) did!i want him gone too. if that spaced out drugged up crack head ashee would have just voted to get rid of him then it would have been a tie willie would have broke it and sent home carrot top and this would have been an entirely different show.

      1. yep, AShley always looks high or stoned or both… these are the most pathetic hgs,, BB has ever selected… Frank is ass and so is boogie, will should be a girl and joe needs to stay in the kitchen. without willie, this show is boring..

  16. This crap is boring. I think I will take a nap and make up for the sleep I lost when the feeds were hopping. Gonna miss you, Willie!

  17. It would be fun if it a twist coming like bring back former houseguest or tryout player in the game.

    1. I KNOW Right? CBS loves the Hantz call it “Ruthless Aggression with the Hantz” it will be annoying show, like “Keeping Up with the Whoredashians”

    2. cant wait it could be called at home with the hantz’s :) the hantz’s are the new baldwins oh and russell does have a reality show its called flipped and its about his construction co. it’s on a & e network so watch and enjoy ::)

      1. OMG! reality tv has created some real winners here folks. While I love some good drama and think that BB is the best at bringing that to my tv, I could never handle an hour of those Hantz boys only. No thanks!

    1. joie wishes he was roger clemmons joe is more of a fat bloated toad and he should be evicted just because he is a huge waste of BB time (noone watches him we all fast forward him when hes on)

  18. I think Willie was saying “pussy” when it was getting bleeped out.
    The first time he said he asked Joe if he had a vagina, but after that they were bleeping and it sound more like pussy to me.

  19. Well, I thought BBAD last night was completely boring. I agree that Willie was a loose canon but he was entertaining as hell. The only player I am left routing for is Shane. The rest of them are either annoying or lame. Between frank, joe and wil, I don’t know who I hate more. Then there is dumb-as-rocks Ashley and are-you-alive Jen – – really casting you could not find better people. As for coaches, I never liked jennelle or boogie; I thought Dan may be a good coach but what a disappointment. I like Brit but she is not “one of the best players of all times” and it shows – she is never going to win at comps. Bet you are all missing the drama of last week; I know I am!!!

  20. I just watched that and Joe clearly antagonized Willie. Had he not opened his mouth and called him a pussy in retaliation for Willie’s comment, Willie would not have charged him. For the record men don’t like to be called a pussy. Joe should have shut up and kept walking. Just so you all know if you guys think that was a head butt you are mental. I saw a a chest bump and a small minor head touch.That was all. I mean to me they all pushed him over the edge. *has to go back and watch the live feeds for that day*

  21. No doubt he didn’t go out in the most noble fashion. However if I decided that I was bailing I’d have gone after Joe too. He’s got less moral aptitude than Willie or Russell combined. Perhaps it’s just the redneck in me but I wish he wouldve laid his a** out. Willie was in his mind defending his honor and helping out his team…as bad of an idea as that may have been. It’s nowhere near as psycho of an event as what Justin did in BB2.

  22. Why are some of you defending Willie? The guy is a douche plain and simple. Willie went on a rant and called everyone in the house a pussy, Joe says “the only pussy in this house is you?” You guys are acting like Joe just called him that out of the blue, his comment was in reference to what Willie said. Everything that happened to Willie was his own fault, stop making excuses for him. He has a weak will and a weak mind, the guy is clearly unstable and had no business in that house, he lacked the mental capacity to handle something like that.

    1. Brittany, Jenelle, Joe all pushed and pushed and pushed. I don’t know what Brittany was expecting by constantly ragging on him and bluntly getting eveyone to exclude him. Telling him to go out in class? You call her demeanor and cold hearted statement class? You push a guy too far and eventually he’s gonna snap. Not defending him, but I also don’t condemn him as a human being because he lost his cool after being pushed to the limits. Poor choice of actions in hind sight but I don’t think he’s a horrible dude either. The game got the best of him, very few players like Evil Dick are built to fight through those emotions. Instead of crying like a baby, hiding in a corner for a week, or making it a week long argument fest, he just snapped. He’s not built for the game but that doesn’t mean he’s a horrible person. Sandusky, Hitler, Bin Laden those are horrible people, Willie is just a redneck who lost his cool.

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