Elissa gets her orders put Howard up with the MVP “he’s the biggest snake of them all”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin and Aaryn
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots ? Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda ?


9:10pm McCrea and Elissa
McCrea comes clean about the boys Alliance, says it was all Nick plan and he was only roped in because he was the first HOH. He adds that Howard voted against her yesterday. Elissa is shocked that Howard and Spencer lied to her. She always kinda suspected Spencer but Howard said right to her face he never voted to evict her.

Elissa says she trusts Judd, Helen, Andy, Amanda, McCrea and Candace but nobody else
McCrea: “Howard is the biggest snake of them all in my opinion.. he has to go soon.. That dude will lie through his teeth about everything.”
McCrea starts to make fun of the Moving Company calls it a “Low rent brigade and Brigade .5”
Elissa says they overplayed.
McCrae: ‘Nick masterminded the entire thing he was the biggest snake of them all”
McCrea says they all had a talk up in the HOH and he thinks they have a plan for the week and her MVP.
Elissa asks him why they didn’t call her when they were all talking.. She wonders why she wasn’t part of the conversation when they decided Helen’s nominations.
McCrea: “Helen was bringing up everyone separately .. and well I dunno… she didn’t even do what we wanted.. I mean.. umm.. what she did was way better than what we wanted.. She did a really good move with the nominations today ”
Elissa: “umm hmm “

McCrea tells her to use the MVP and put up howard so they can win the POV and they backdoor Jeremy.
Elissa: “Oh that is a great idea”
McCrea says that Jeremy is the target but they also really need to get rid of Howard so it’s win win regardless this week
Amanda joins them
Elissa says it’s going to kill her to put Howard up. She wonders why Helen didn’t put Aaryn and Jeremy up to begin with.
Amanda: “Aaryn put her up last week and Kaitlin offered herself up as a pawn”
Amanda: ‘Elissa you have to you have to put Howard up it’s not even a question at this point.. You will go if you don’t do it at this point”

Elissa isn’t totally happy about what Helen did because all the blood will again be on her hands. She thought the plan was going to be for her to put up Kaitlin.
Elissa: “That’s a lot to put on me”

Amanda says that it’s both Spencer and Howard that are the rats. She mentions that Howard now has Candace and Spencer has nonone
Elissa: “Spencer will be easy to get out”

McCrea says he will take all the credit for it he’ll walk around saying he has MVP.
Elissa is nervous says that she really likes Candace and Candace will be pissed at her. Amanda: ‘You have to do it Elissa.. we put our necks out on the line for you”


9:46pm Kaitlin and jeremy
Kaitlin thinks they are going to try and backdoor Jeremy. They were told they are being woken up early tomorrow. Kaitlin thinks its 5 Jeremy thinks it will be 6. Jeremy wants to go to bed early but says they can still talk..


9:47pm HOH Spencer, Howard, Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Candace

The rats are fessing up about the Moving Company.. Andy starts to cry (It’s the same sh!t we’ve heard all day from these two)

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds The CBS feeds are a HUGE improvement over the super pass feeds and they are 30% cheaper with no subscription to cancel.


9:54pm gina and Aaryn
Aaryn: “You’re the only person I have.. you’re the only person I trust”
Gina feels the same way now that Nick is gone.
Aaryn: “I will never never never turn my back on you.. I will leave this house before I turn my back on you”
Aaryn tells gina about the Moving Company
G: “Nick was”
Aaryn: “don’t freak out”
(she wasn’t pissed just worried that she got played)
Aaryn says that the entire house is up in the HOH.. “That alliance of 7 that is planning how it’s going down.. and what they are going to do tomorrow”
Aaryn: ‘I have to pretend that I’m still with these fu****er.. I’m staying and i’m winning HOH… i’m not going to be a bitch about it i’m going to be gracious and nice.. it’s going to kill me “
Gina: “I just farted I’m sorry.. it wasn’t my fault I had fried chicken”
Feeds flip when we come back Gian is wondering if Nick was playing her. Aaryn doesn’t know says she needs to push that thought out of her head and focus on the game.
Gina wants to know what is going on in the house.
They agree there only chance in this game is for them to stick together. Aaryn says that they will have to vote Jeremy out if it comes down to it. She explains that Jeremy or Howard are going up for MVP and they will have to vote out one of those two.
Aaryn thinks MVP will put either Spencer, Howard or Gina, ‘They are not going to give Jeremy a chance to play for Veto”


10:16pm Cam 1-2 Judd, McCrae and Judd have nots
Judd is saying that Howard and Spencer messed up their game so he’s not feeling bad about what is happening to them.
Judd: “Howard needs to go before Spencer” McCrae: “Jeremy goes first”
McCrea says that the Moving Company was going to target Amanda and Candace next or Helen and Candace. McCrea adds that if that would have happened he would have rallied the house against them the Moving Company.
Judd mentions that Andy is crying which is odd because Judd thought Andy knew about Howard and Spencer betrayal. Amanda says that Andy is just playing it up to make Spencer feel bad.
They do a double fist bump to seal their sub alliance. Judd says that Nick hasn’t good at this game. Judd fingers the camera “Sorry mother F**** I know this game better than you.. ”

(It’s safe to assume that McCrea and Amanda have a sub alliance with everyone expect for Gina)


10:29pm Kitchen Candace, Spencer and Howard
Candace is pissed, “You put me in a really bad position with those girls up there (Candace and Elissa)
Candace: ‘Elissa didn’t know I voted against her.. and now she knows.. so now i’m going to be ostracized by that group”
Spencer: “no you’re not.. I’ll take care of that i’m sorry”
Candace says that she now has a target on her from her two closest friends and the other side of the house.
Spencer tells her she was misled by him
Candace explains to him that right now she’s not included in the game conversation Candace and Elissa are having when she is supposed to be with them.
Candace: “I am alone again.. nobody trusts me”
Spencer: “you got caught up in my bullsh!t.. I understand how you feel.. I am sorry and i will try to clear that up for you”
Candace leaves.. Howard whispers to him “I’ll take care of it”


10:30pm HOH Helen and Elissa
Helen tells her this is her HOH to. She wants her input on what they should do and who they should put up as MVP. The agree it has to be either Howard or Spencer. They want Howard up because they think he will have the best chance to win POV so they can backdoor Jeremy.
Helen tells Elissa the only way Jeremy will stay this week is if the Chip says POV on it and he wins it. (Meaning when they draw POV players that he’s the one drawn)
***10:38:20 cam 3-4 Helen: “I think the show doesn’t want us to put up Howard.. ohh sorry i’m going to get yelled at”(LOL diary room does it again..)
Elissa :”I know.. “ (feeds cut)


10:59pm HOH Elissa, Amanda, McCrae and Helen
Amanda is fighting to get Howard put up she keeps on Elissa about how she was almost gone last week and it was Amanda’s hard work that saved her. Amanda makes sure she knows that they kept her safe and all they want Elissa to do is keep them safe this week.
Elissa doesn’t want to put Howard up she wants Jeremy up. Amanda: ‘it took so much work to get you to this point you cannot f*** this up”
Elissa asks why not put Gina up then. Amanda jokes that they can’t pick Gina because if she wins the POV she’ll use it to save Aaryn. They explain to Elissa that she has motive to put up Howard because he voted to evict her last week.
Amanda and McCrea are pleading with Elissa to put up Howard.
Elissa has doubts.
Helen tells her that she will be MVP this week none of the blood will be on Elissa’s hands.
Elissa says she likes to be MVP she proud people voted her.
Helen says it doesn’t matter who they say has MVP as long as their inner group knows the truth.
Elissa asks Helen why she didn’t put Howard up to begin with.
Helen wanted to but never had a chance to talk to Spencer before she was called into the Diary room. She could not decide who she should pick Spencer or Howard and since her intel was incomplete she put up Kaitlin.
Elissa is worried that Spencer is going to come after her if she puts him up. If Jeremy is the target they should just put him up that way it doesn’t hurt her game.
Helen leaves.
Elissa can’t believe how stupid Candace is for trusting Howard. Amanda says that Howard uses race and the bible to get close to Candace. Amanda thinks it’s disgusting that he swore on the bible about David’s vote.

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Mccranda is running this game right now.


Amanda acts like she is the HOH. She doesn’t suggest she insists on who is going to go up. She did the same thing the first week with McCrae. Last week they were totally with Aaryn side until after the POV and then they flipped. She just wanted to make sure she was completely safe before she started talking about saving Elissa. She has even said, I want Elissa to stay so we can control who goes up for MVP. If you ask me, she is just as big of a snake as anyone of them. Personally, I like Howard, did he get busted, Yes, but this is the game of big brother, they all have to lie to get to the end. No one ever has not told a lie in the history of big brother.


Patty, I am with you on that one. Who does Amanda think she is and furthermore, WHY are they listening to her loud mouth. Howard apologized a thousand times but she keeps beating the dead horse. She needs to go SOON!! I don’t know why all of a sudden Howard is the biggest threat and snake!! They are idiots if they get him out of the house and Helen better watch it or she will be next. Can’t stand Amanda! Since when has it been horrible to stay loyal to your alliance?? Everyone has an alliance with someone!!! Geeeeez


There is zero way Amanda is as big of a snake as Howard or Spencer right now. They both tried to get cute with the votes for no reason and pin it on other people like Candice and Jessie and it’s completely back fired on them. That’s just bad gameplay. They wouldn’t be in this position if they had played better.

Amanda is making too many “deals” with people at this point in time, but what she’s pressuring Elissa to do is the RIGHT move for their alliance at this point. Yeah, you may like Howard personally and I do too, but from their point of view it makes the most sense. It’s a win-win scenario. You tell Howard he has to win their trust back by going on the block in order to backdoor Jeremey. If he wins, sweet Jeremey goes home. If he loses and somehow Jeremey doesn’t go on the block, then bam Howard’s gone for the shady moves he’s pulled against them.


I completely 1,000 percent agree with you. It’s like u took the thoughts right out of my head. Lol. Seriously. I just want to reiterate for the ppl that are reading this Blog & didn’t get a chance to actually see & hear the conversation. Bc it can be interpreted different. When u hear Amanda talk, she does it in a I’m the boss you’re my employee sort of way. She’s very loud & dare I say….arrogant??……She doesn’t ask Elissa to do anything, she demands it & throws in little digs(threats) like, we kept u safe, or if u don’t put Howard up, you’ll be gone next week..etc etc. It’s kinda sad really. Bc I had the wrong impression of her the 1st 2wks. I liked that she was trying to keep Elissa safe & in the house, even if it was only to use her MVP. And the whole time The Moving Company talked about wanting her out, I didn’t quite get why. Now I do. 100%. She needs to shape up, or simmer down, bc this type of behavior & attitude towards ppl like Helen & Elissa will get her ousted quickly. They won’t put up with her demanding things. I really think she & McCrae think they are running the house & can control both sides. I just think it’s gonna bite her in the a$$. And to be completely honest I can’t believe McCrae is letting her talk & act like that. He’s smarter than that & he know it’s not good for his game. So as of right now, I’m not sure where I stand with Amanda. Whether or not I like her. I like that she’s playing the game & thinking strategically, I just don’t care for her attitude/behavior.

On another note, I don’t understand why McCrae’s getting off so easy with the whole outing of the MC alliance. Bc he was just as much a part of it as Spencer & Howard. Yes, Spencer & Howard lied to them quite a bit, but so did McCrae. So that really has me confused. Instead of him being in hot water like the rest of them, he’s the one making nomination decisions. I like him, but I feel it’s BS Howard & Spencer are taking the brunt of it. And it’s mainly McCrae & Amanda that want Howard & Spencer put up & voted out. I’m just shocked that Helen, Andy, & Elissa aren’t realizing that McCrae lied to them too. He’s just skating right through this. Whatever though. I just want Jeremy or Aaryn gone this week. Deal with Howard & Spencer at a later time. Bc as of right now Howard & Spencer is on their side, they wouldn’t be targeted if Howard or Spencer were to win HOH. Jeremy & Co, now that’s a diff story. They’ll be targeting Elissa & Helen the next time they get a chance. So it would be really ignorant for them to focus on getting out Howard & Spencer. When they need to focus on The REAL threat to them aka Jeremy & Co.

I love that Howard fessed up & asked for forgiveness. I would give him another chance. He’s a pretty good dude. I think Amanda & McCrae will flip on them b4 Spencer & Howard would. We’ll just have to wait & see what will happen. ****** I also love seeing Jeremy, Aaryn, & Kaitlin scramble & talk about how they have to start their game all over. Lol. It’s soooooo nice that they’re not on top anymore & #BBAD was the best last night. Def. Best ep of this season, it was nice seeing Elissa on there.


Were trying to bash her about, BUT NOW I UNDERSTAND


If by McCrae you mean Amanda, then we agree. She’s called every play and he’s just followed.

STFU Donnie

“Elissa can’t believe how stupid Candace is for trusting Howard. Amanda says that Howard uses race and the bible to get close to Candace.”

Alright I think Amanda and McCrea officially have Jedi powers because somehow Elissa thinks Candace is dumb for trusting Howard, but doesn’t think Amanda is dumb for trusting McCrea. Not only that, but somehow, in the span of 24 hours, they have managed to reveal the MC and remove McCrea from it like he was never in it, barely heard of it, and hates it more than anybody…AND THE WHOLE HOUSE HAS BOUGHT IT.

If the force works on Elissa and Elissa puts Howard up, Howard will be leaving, not Jeremy…and Amanda and McCrea will be officially running the show, while Helen and Elissa can either get on board or get out of the way. McCrea is cool with Jeremy, telling him to trash Howard and Spencer, and they will want to keep Jeremy over Howard, along with having the 3 mean girls to vote however they tell Jeremy to tell them to vote. They share Andy, but he agrees with getting Howard, and they’ve locked Judd and Jessie up last night and today as well. When Howard’s gone Helen and Elissa will have Candace and Spencer. It makes all the sense in the world for them to get Howard out.

Amandas Vagina

Woot Woot! I can’t be stopped.


nope mcvagslug and MANda are not running anything but their mouths

its production running and rigging the game with mvp to elissa every week and things like this:

Helen: “I think the show doesn’t want us to put up Howard.. ohh sorry i’m going to get yelled at”(LOL diary room does it again..)
Elissa :”I know.. “ (feeds cut)


“Helen: “I think the show doesn’t want us to put up Howard.. ohh sorry i’m going to get yelled at”(LOL diary room does it again..)
Elissa :”I know.. “ (feeds cut) ”

ROLMFAO I know right? Same thing last week DR questions turned the house around to save Elissa.

I swear production meddling in the game is getting more and more obvious every season, BB13 DR got Shelly to switch the house around to save Rachel, BB14 DR tried to get ian to save Dan, then when he said no, they pulled a extra POV comp out they ass and saved Dan.

CBS needs to come clean about what they do in the DR.


This Howard thing is bullsh@t, he needs to go.What I’ve seen is he is the biggest liar. Screw his religion belief. That went out the door as he!

production rigged it

You said I swear production meddling in the game is getting more and more obvious every season, BB13 DR got Shelly to switch the house around to save Rachel, BB14 DR tried to get ian to save Dan, then when he said no, they pulled a extra POV comp out they ass and saved Dan.

Correct me if i’m wrong but wasn’t Ian’s POV the extra one and the one that Jenn won the normal one and wasn’t Ian’s played second because i seem to remember Dan going all out for it.

Anyway i totally agree with you about production thought, hence my username, i also stated last week that Elissa would be saved somehow and here she is still winning MVP.



I feel like CANDICE is in one of the best POSITIONs in the house..
Because unless gigi, kate or kkkaryan wins hoh..

She is safe and a non target..AND SHE HAS HOWARD NOW, o yess lol
I feel like she is just pariond..

BUT SHE IS A LOW KEY WILD CARD, and I can see her going far.

Im starting to see what nick, spence, howard and jeremy
Meant how manipulative she is, she is tbr a dangerous player.

HELEN needs to backdoor Jeremy or get KKKaaryn out..
Why HOWARD?????



id like to see spencer go. i like howard.
i hope judd & jess get together, that would be cute.


O my goodness, I can’t stand McCrae for acting like a female dog, for lack of better term, but I must applaud the fact that Amanda is inherently running not only him but possibly Helen a lilttle bit at this point as well.

Here’s why: putting up Howard adds lots of reassurance that POV won’t fall into the hands of Aaryn or Katlin and possible even Jeremy (if he plays) most importantly if Howard somehow loses POV, Amanda is literally in need of one vote to take Howard, one of the people threatening her game, out without having to go to the other side for votes seeing as they’ll be two players of the Boats and Hoes alliance that will not vote out one their own…Helen could literally get blindsided without even knowing it but I’m not sure if Amanda is bold enough to go back on the alliance with such a gleaming opportunity.. we’ll have to see..


Is it true that production just told Helen that Elissa shouldn’t put up Howard?


You know Simon this should fall on Julie Chen because she said with the racial problem they cant interfere, because this is real big brother. well that means production should’nt interfere. then Julie is lying to the people.


THIS. They are having their cake and eating it too.


Is it confirmed Elissa is MVP again? Or is her name still there from last weeks?


Yes, Elissa is MVP. She acted a bit annoyed with Amanda because Amanda is insisting that she put up Howard. She says it doesn’t matter anyway because Jeremy will leave. Elissa says, than why can’t I put up Spencer. I think Elissa is voting now, I hope she puts up who she wants and doesn’t listen to Amanda or anyone else. She needs to do her thing and let everyone else do theirs. Amanda makes it so obvious she is using Elissa.


Good for her!! Leave the poor girl alone would they!! Amanda is the one being a bully is anybody is. The first week she basically told her, you will get MVP each week and if you don’t do exactly what we want(meaning her and McCrae) we will no longer protect you. Well, now Elissa not only has Helen, she also has Howard and Candice.


that is awesome

in your face aMANda


Why don’t they get Aaryn out!!!!!?????


They are. The plan is to back door Jeremy and if that does not work it will be Aaryn going home. Its smart. Jeremy is the bigger threat in the game, THEN Aaryn. Aaryn is just a cancer. It will also be harder for her to play nice then it will for Jeremy. Aslo, Kaitlin wont be as loyal to her as she will to Jeremy. If they get HOH next week or MVP, she will go up and out!

Sir Peanut

Is it just me?? Does MC crae have a pass for 3-4 weeks. Amanda a little less. Is he on anyone’s radar ? I think there are too many fish to fry on either side of the house. I don’t think he has to win anything.

production rigged it

I don’t know i think Amanda is going to piss people off by trying to run everybody’s HOH no matter who wins it, plus i think her and McCrae have a different alliance with everybody in the house now and i think eventually people will put it together just like they did with the Moving Company.


Helen’s getting pretty cocky and high and mighty. Really thinks she’s running the show.

I’d love to see her go home next week.

Nick Burns

For real, get off your high horse Helen. I know she told a few lies in the house. This MVP twist would be sweet if it werent the same person winning every week. It’s like Elissa gets a partial HOH every week, really a drag because where will it end. Helen and Elissa are going to get to walk to final 5 at this pace. I hate how they are saying Nick was dumb at this game… had he known about a third nominee maybe I would agree, but Judd acting like he knew all along about the twist. Have we even seen Judd in any CBS episodes?


So back in college, I unwittingly had an affair with a married woman. She was a really good liar and I was oblivious. When I found out, she had a great story about how she was getting divorced and she wanted me, the whole 9 yards. I fell for it like an idiot. What I didn’t know is shortly after I found out, her husband found out, and one night him and a friend were waiting outside my apartment (only later would I figure out she had to tell him exactly how to find me). They gave it to me pretty good, busting me up and separating my shoulder. The next day, I told her and many of my friends what happened. My friends wanted blood and offered to bring me groceries, spend the day with me, anything I needed…and her reaction was more along the lines of “That’s terrible, so when can I see you”.When I thought about these divergent reactions, I knew she absolutely did not care about me and that was the end.

Today, Helen, Andy, and McCrea made me think of this episode.

So today the MC was revealed to all. Amanda’s very first reaction to McCrae’s admission that he had lied to her was “Don’t tell anybody” then she told Andy. Since then she has gone full gameplay to poison the house on Howard and Spencer. Now when Howard and Spencer went into the HOH and revealed the exact same lie tonight, Helen and Andy both began to cry and offer their fair share of yelling, a pure emotional reaction that had no bearing on the game. Now if I was Helen either tonight or tomorrow, when I thought about being so hurt that Howard lied to me, I would pause and think “Why isn’t Amanda as hurt by McCrae’s admission? I mean McCrae lied for two weeks as well, and their in a showmance, so shouldn’t she be even more upset than I am…or even just a little upset? The next logical step would be to wonder if maybe she knew all along and was pretending McCrea just told her. And the next step would be to wonder if they concocted his admission to get ahead of the curve and position him in the best light. And the next step after that is to wonder what else they may be lying about.

And if I’m McCrea and I hear how Helen and Andy had mini-breakdowns over the fact that Howard and Spencer lied…just like he lied to Amanda. And then I recall how her reaction was to tell me to stay quiet and then instantly tell Andy, and she’s not even a little bit mad at me. Well, I don’t think I could continue to say Amanda is in love with me, unless I can convince myself that Helen is even MORE in love with Howard and Andy is even MORE in love with Spencer?

If Helen and Elissa do not wake up and start really questioning the entire MC story, including McCrea, and really look hard at exactly what each person is saying, then they are beyond saving in this game. In fact, if Helen’s next step is not to gather Howard, Spencer, and McCrae all in the same room and interrogate them, followed immediately by an interrogation of Amanda, then she will deserve to lose…and I suspect will be one of the first members of the jury.

If Helen is dumb enough to try and teach Howard a lesson and scare him by putting him up, I would not be shocked if Amanda and McCrae attempt to make a move this week, especially if Jeremy wins veto, I could easily see Amanda, McCrea convince Andy – who are all more threatened by Howard than Jeremy – then pull Jeremy and GM (and I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that Judd and Jessie will go with any majority) and evict Howard. They will all be smart enough to admit what they did and beg Helen and Elissa’s forgiveness…and what choice do they have but to accept it. Helen and Elissa will be facing an HOH where Helen can’t compete while looking at Amanda, Andy, and McCrea potentially controlling the votes of Judd, Jessie, Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GM. And just like that all the power Helen and Elissa thought they had vanishes, even with the MVP. And if Helen isn’t very careful, they will eliminate her so they can control Elissa’s MVP without her interference.


WOW! I want to play BB16 and be in an alliance with you! Way to analyze.


Amanda is just pissed off because she thought she could control Elissa’s every move, but it turns out that she has a mind of her own.


way to go elissa – and tell annoying amanda she will be next weeks mvp nom if she doesnt shut the hell up trying to threaten you and tell you what to do


Oh, HERE WE GO! I was waiting for one of them to say that either Candace or Howard was using race or the “race card”; as if Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin, Jeremy haven’t been racist? So if someone is really racist, I black person can’t complain because that would mean they are using race for personal gain? it’s all over America BUT dont you dare complain about! So the only think a black person can do is just shut up and take it. Yep. Sounds just like the rest of America.

I do have to say part of this is Howards fault. He could have had the respect of everybody in the house and probably the game if he did the right thing in thee begining. Confronted it and confessed early abut the MC and it would be him sitting pretty NOT McCrea.


I agree, Howard should have confronted the racial issues right from the beginning but I think he feels if he did, it would have put a target on his back. I heard Amanda say something racial once or twice myself. I think it is all bullshit! Howard, Candice, Helen and Andy do not need any derogatory remarks made about them ever. Especially on national TV and put in a situation where they are in a pressure cooker and not have an escape to go to. I have been discriminated against my entire life and you can’t win for losing. It is almost as if this country is hopeless and nothing will ever change. Oh, and I am a white woman with a disability. Do, I know how other races feel, not entirely but I do know that negative remarks in any fashion regardless of what they are hurt and always will.


Howard is Black and a Christian Both are taught to keep their mouth shut and bear with it, you can’t complain why he didn’t confront them he is doing what he was taught

Amandas Vagina

I’m running the show all you boot lickers must bow before me.


is she the first ever shemale on the show?


Amanda is so fucking annoying…wow…


very true – she probably popped extra adderol today

Nick Burns

Can’t believe it, but I’m rooting for Gina Marie and Jessie in this game


gina – hell no

jess – yes


Looks like Amanda/Mc Crae vs Helen/Elissa is coming faster than expected. That “mishap” with Elissa not following Amanda’s orders is starting the spark. I expected things to be boring until the MVP twist is over but the paranoia is really making the series to be one of the best. :))

Roisin Dubh

Wow, Howard was right on on targeting Amanda, she’s running everybody and he saw the threat before it emerged. that’s why Amanda is hellbent on getting him out of the house. McCrae is wimping out because he want to do the old in out with her. But the real story is that they better watch out for Jeremy because he’s just sitting back watching this “alliance” self-destruct. He’s the only one who really understands the game at this point. Alliances are useless this season because everybody went too hard too fast and nobody trusts anyone. I’m starting too root for Jeremy because his head is in the game. Everybody else is in high school. Helen is now one of the cool kids and it went to her head, but she screwed herself by not obeying Amanda, and Elissa has shown she puts up whoever she wants so those two will be on the outside again after this week. Amanda is gonna ruin McCrae’s game because that’s the best looking girl he’s ever had and it shows by his actions. Dude, wait till she finds out that you really are a pizza dude, she will kick you to the curb. You better pray you both hit the jury house so you have a few weeks to have your way with you.

Roisin Dubh



CBS has made Howard look like such a saint this entire time so they probably wont show all the sneakiness and how everyone’s on to him, that’s why they don’t want him up on the block either


well that and they dont want the group to all stick together, but they probably want aaryn/jeremy out of the house…i think they would have a hard time if aaryn got to jury house and they had to give her $….damage control wise there is a definite possibility if she made it there and some of the HG who have been victims of her comments didn’t they are well aware they could have law suits on their hands etc….they need to create other divides in the house


Amanda is an annoying twit is playing way to aggressively. This could be good or bad, you can’t tell this early. Amanda is safe why should she care if it is Howard or Spencer, it is week fucking 3! She is safe she should just go with it, it is way to soon to be fighting for alliance bullshit!!! Have any of these people seen BB? If I was in there and someone was campaigning so hard to put someone up, then you have to look around you at who is their ally then, right? After all the drama Aaryn caused Amanda is saying Howard is Elissa’s mistake? Bwahahah get real Amanda! Howard may have voted her out, but Aaryn made her the target!!!! And I don’t like this Elissa MVP bullshit, but on the flip side I am glad she done what she was comfortable with, even if production did throw her a hint, she didn’t want to do it in the first, so it shouldn’t really matter!!! This game is chaotic this year!


Here we go with the race thing again. When is it going to stop. People are judged by their actions and Howard will be judged by his actions. He has lost trust over his behavior. While I don’t condone Aaryn (and other’s) behavior, people learn about race as it is directed towards them and from what they see. It’s not necessarily taught! I liked Howard at first but it turns out he is a lying, swearing on the bible, angry idiot and that is what will get him voted out. STOP with the race card here and in life!


I hope if it is elissa she doesnt put howard up…it doesnt benefit her game at all, she of course wants aaryn gone as the back up who is the main ‘get elissa out’ person in the house!!! Howard is not coming after elissa any time soon i think he has bigger fish to fry. Amanda is being wayyyy too pushy, and elissa has been fairly quiet but she doesnt strike me as someone who lets herself get bullied….she is still a reilly!!!


Come on house make sure Aaryn goes home first !Then Gina Marie or Jeremy and Caitlan all of them need to go ASAP.