Danielle Breaks Down – Dan “it’s graduation day.. all you need to do is go through JOJO”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 21
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

5:25pm Cams 3-4 Britney and Dan Dan tells her they are if a rough spot but there is a small chance because the 2 guys running this HOH this week think strategy. Dan is sure that Frank is the one they need to work on because ultimately frank needs to talk the heat if things go south. Dan explains that they need to get Janelle and Boogie’s team to turn on each other. Dan fills her in that when he was upstairs he asked them to be straight up with him and tell him where the vote is going the day before so he can enjoy himself in the house. He doesn’t want it to be like Kara when he was nervous the entire week. Dan tells her there is a good chance Britney will end up with 2 players after this week.

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5:35pm Have nots Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle
Dan tells her if he tries to help Danielle it’s going to hurt her.. they are going after Danielle because they want to get rid of him so Danielle has become the target. Danielle asks him who is going home. Dan says the other side hasn’t decided yet.

Dan: “it’s graduation day.. all you need to do is go through JOJO.. If you can survive this week you’ll be good for a long time”
Danielle: “you know something I don’t know”
Dan: “no”
Dan says to her he’s more afraid that people will see him tell her things to do and the people will say he’s pulling the strings behind her. Dan adds that Joe is really on their case because he thinks that the coaches are coming back into the game and he doesn’t want me to come back in.
Dan tells her Janelle wants to talk to him tonight so they’ll find out more after that.
Shane walks in apologizes that Danielle will probably go up because he is using the POV on himself. Shane points out to them that JOJO is talking shit about everyone before the nominations and he’s not down with that. Shane: “And you might not even be nominated.. I dunno there’s still a day” Danielle tells him not to apologize for winning and saving himself. Dan: “Your back was against the wall you had to win”
Shane says he trusts Dan more than Boogie and Janelle he was the only coach that shook his hand and congratulated him, Janelle and Boogie said nothing to him for. Dan leaves
Danielle asks him if he’ll vote JOJO to stay. Shane tells her she hasn’t even been nominated yet. Shane goes on about it’s way too early about promising votes, “look what has happened the past 2 days”

5:58pm Cam 3-4 Danielle Crying Dan can’t campaign too hard for her because on of the main reason’s she’s going up is because they want to get rid of Dan before he enters the game. (They suspect there’s a twist that involves the coaches coming back) Shane pretty much told her she will vote whoever Britney tells her him to vote for..

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6:04pm Cam 1-2 Kitchen jojo, Joe, ian and Shane Random conversations Joe says he doesn’t smoke pot anymore… but in High School he smoked a ton of pot. Joe goes on to explain how his buddy and him would rid their cars into the country get high and wash their cars in a creek.

6:30 QUAD

6:32pm Cam 3-4 Britney talking to the Microphone Britney saying that next week she has a feeling that someone else will be laying around pouting (Janelle) She adds that it’ll be a pretty easy sell to get people to vote out Danielle. She asks the microphone “I wonder what you guys are thinking… probably pissed that their are veterans in the house.. Too bad we’re here and you gotta admit it does bring some drama… Shout out to my BB12er’s .. BB12 was more fun.. what’s going to happen Life Feeders you probably know already”

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77 thoughts on “Danielle Breaks Down – Dan “it’s graduation day.. all you need to do is go through JOJO”

  1. OMG, I’m tired of all these girls crying. Like crying gets you no where. Your days in the BB house aren’t over until you’re walking out the front door. Danielle needs to get her life, and get it together. Dan couldn’t have picked the worst players to be on his team. All so emotional. Sheesh. Did they not come to win?

    1. I voted for Dawg twice already. So, Team Production will not be bringing Rachel and Jordan in this season? Go, Team Production, yo!

  2. Simon, for the love of all that is holy….is there a way to watch the feeds besides the superpass site? BBlite isn’t working (and on their facebook page they haven’t commented in ages) and B3V doesn’t work for me. Is there any…any any any…way to watch the feeds besides the godawful Superpass site?

    1. As far as I know those are the only 2 options right now, B3V or superpass. I have 2 machines at my house where B3V does not work thank goodness it works with my main machine.

      1. but you still need a subscription, right? There is no way to see the live feeds on bv3 or bblite without the superpass is there?

    2. You can try delishows.com and search for “big brother after dark season 14″… it all depends on you internet connection and the traffic on the site, though, sometimes it doesn’t buffer at all and sometimes you gotta pause it and let it load for a while first. I just started watching the latest one (episode 9) and the Video 2 tab works the best for me. good luck.

  3. Dan is such a loser coach.. ” i cant fight to hard for you” this guy irks me…wow shane throws jojo under the bus. this is a mad house.

    1. I don’t know man, I think Dan has a point here. The more he fights for Danielle the more they will wanna take her out so as to finish him off. I mean they all think he’s this dangerous player so if he starts campaigning they’ll pounce like sharks detecting blood in the water.

      1. Totally agree Queen Bee! I’m sure he’ll still be passing on any useful info he gets, but if he starts trying to work people over too hard to either not nominate or to keep her it will make it just that easier for them to send her packing. I just hope that in the other coaches desire to get him out fast once he was down a player last week that they end up shocked to find that they gave him a fast pass into the game!

        1. Which…just may be Danielle’s saving grace. If Dan really wants to keep Danielle, he could play (and subtle like) on the idea that he’s got insider info on coaches joining the game. They could put ‘D’ up as a pawn but will vote Jojo out (and good riddance; it doesn’t seem anybody is going to miss her), which will buy them both time. Jojo is a throwaway eviction really, nothing much to be gained except another coach down a player. Maybe he does know he ‘s going into the game and wants Danielle gone himself. Maybe not all coaches will get a shot. Maybe that’s their crap shoot. Do I play for 100 G “legit” or take a chance that I’ll get to come back in for 500 G? Then, the players won’t know who and how to trust coaches and will end up playing more for themselves. I agree Dan didn’t pick his team well…or did he? :) Either way Danielle has to push herself off her floatie.

    1. you do realise if danielle goes home and they let dan enter the game there would have to be no more coaches or teams or else dan would have to go to a team because there would still be 3 teams left. so dont count on either happening/

      1. @jasonvoorhies. I’m not sure why your counting out that option.If I’m not mistaken,this is the show that says,”Expect the Unexpected”.Since that saying is apart of their show.The producers can change the game however they see fit.They’ve been throwing in twist for a while now,but it’s up to the players to adapt to whatever curve balls they decide to throw in the game.I think on season9,they had the house guests play as couples.Then later on,they were told that they will no longer be playing as couples.What happen on season9 and the whole expect the unexpected theme,is why I’m not counting out the option of once a coach loses all their players,they will enter the game.

        1. only time will tell but i can almost bet my life they will not (thats if danielle gets evicted) let dan back to play for himself while booger janelle and britknee still have to play as coaches to win 100 grand and dan gets to play for 500 grand. that really wouldnt be fair to the other coaches or to the tream mates that got booted that were on dans team.

          1. @jasonvoorhies. Well,the word fair and Big Brother doesn’t really go well together.That has a lot to do with their motto,”Expect the Unexpected”,because of this the producers can argue that anyone that wants to be on their show,should know by now that anything can happen at any point of the game.This show is on it’s 14th season.The idea of the house guest thinking that things in the game will go exactly as they plan,is a little naïve.Especailly since they’re on a show that has always said,”Expect the Unexpected.”A perfect example of the producers changing the game ,is on season13.I’m referring to the show deciding that the pandora’s box,would allow the game to bring back the duos twist,just for the veto competition.Once they did that. All I could think ,was how unfair that was.It’s clear that production did that to save Rachel and Jordan.Which isn’t just unfair.That moment showed the production bias for Rachel and Jordan.Hopefully,if they bring the coaches in the game.They won’t do it in a obvious,bias way like the pandora’s box situation.I think the people(myself included)that think once Danielle is evicted.That will allow Dan to play the game.Aren’t saying this is exactly how it will happen.We just feel as though,CBS/Big Brother wants to involve the coaches in the game,more than they’re letting on.In my opinion the idea of once a coach loses all of their players,they will be allowed to play the game.Just seems like something this show would do.But like I said that’s just how I see it.We’ll have to see what happens this week.I almost forgot.This season has already done something that the house guests and the viewers didn’t expect,and that’s on the first day of the show,they decided to have a player(Jodie)leave the game without having a chance to compete for the power of veto.I’m guessing that Jodi and other people thought that was unfair of the show to do.Once again,the producers can hide behind their motto,”Expect the Unexpected”.Which basically mean the producers can change the game,by throwing in as many twists as they want in the game.That also includes giving certain players a special power.Like on season12,when they gave the gremlin the diamond power of veto.

          2. That’s the beauty of a move like that. If Dan loses all his players and is placed into the game, and there is the implication that if you lose all your players you can be in the game, then how will Britney, Janelle, and Boogie respond? Will they try and dump their playerd to get in the game for more money or will they continue to stay true to their players? And will their players believe what their coaches are telling them or would they think they will try to get rid of them too? All kinds of new strategies will develop from the paranoia. This move would make the show more interesting.

  4. i hope jojo and shane both stay but if danielle goes up she’s definetly gone i don’t think any1 in the house likes her

    1. a lot of people do like her…it’s really not about that…everyone is just afraid of Dan, but Dan is not playing the game yet and they want to get rid of him…i suspect this will backfire when julie reveals now that dan has no more players he will enter the game and everyone will be saying ” FUCK…WE FUCKED UP!!!…SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN RID OF JOJO”…one way or another…they wouldn’t just let dan go like that whether it is rigging it for Danielle to stay or have him enter the game…they don’t want to lose one of the best players of all time so quickly

  5. Danielle is going home and i suspect Dan might the game (don’t know why no one has thought of this) and at that point everyone would have screwed themselves and say to themselves “FUCK!!!…SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN RID OF ANNOYING JOJO…NOW WE SCREWED OURSELVES”

    1. does anyone read the notes on here or just write their own stuff. if dan was to join gamw where would he go? dont forget there still would be 3 teams left. and unless they all played individually dan would have to go on a team and i cant see a coach going on another coaches team and i really dont think BB producers are gonna split the teams up just cause dan is back. think about it?

      1. you do realize that Dan doesn’t need a team…he can be his own team and play Hoh FOR himself just like a normal player…it could work…they are not going to let one of the best players in the game leave so soon…and fyi, i posted that comment before you posted yours

        1. that would be the stupidest move to let dan back after he failed as coach then let the rest play as teams while he played individually. thank god your not in charge of the show. and i am not in competition with you or anyone over who posted what first. grow up this isnt grade school. :)

          1. IT ISN”T STUPID BECAUSE dAN IS ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS OF all time and it is all about ratings…they are not gonna bring the 4 coaches back just to lose them so quickly, people love and want to see more of dan, it’s all of television ratings…either they will make something that will help Danielle stay or they will have dan is a player when all of his players are gone…

            1. every year there is an argumentive person or 2 on this site just looking to wind someone up. this year itt’s you kenneth. well we are not on BB and I am not going to argue with you especially over something so ridiculous as what you are proposing. I will chat with you once you get out of grade schooll though :)

              1. I may be wrong but I agree with Kenneth here. (Or it may be my wishful thinking because I am a Dan fan.) I do think the production company wants to keep that paranoia going and wants the players to be thinking more and not get too complacent. Dan could play for himself. (That is until the next coach has to leave the game.) They could give Dan one weeks grace period where everyone couldn’t go after him and Dan could start working his magic by putting a bug in everyone’s ear that the other coaches may now be strategizing ways to dump their own players. That would make everyone wonder whether they could trust the coaches comments. Dan would have nothing to lose that first week because he would be safe so why wouldn’t they at least listen to him.

                I could be overthinking it but if TPTB want a real show then it is time to throw another wrinkle into the mix and see what hits the fan. (If they could find a way to save both Rachel and Jordan with that Pandor’s box, then they could find a way to keep Dan in the game.)

                1. @bbl. I completely agree with this,”(If they could find a way to save both Rachel and Jordan with that Pandor’s box, then they could find a way to keep Dan in the game.)” I don’t understand the people who think the scenario of once Dan loses all his players.He will be allowed to enter the game,as being something that is impossible of happening.Unless the people that rule out this option,have never watched this show.It doesn’t make sense to say,this or that can’t happen.Big Brother has shown,time after time,that they can change the game whenever they want.Their motto “Expect the Unexpected”,should make it crystal clear to people that the producers can do anything they want.I’m not saying that means Dan is guaranteed to enter the game.But it is possible that this can happen.

      2. There is no “teams”. Everyone is still playing as an individual, they just haven’t realized it yet. They’re sticking with the groups the coaches picked but they’re still allowed to nominate whoever they want. If one of the coaches entered the game once all their players were gone then the “teams” would dissolve quickly because the players would realize they couldn’t trust their coaches.

  6. If I were Boogie, I would start to push for Frank to put up one of Janelle’s guys – Joe or Wil, with the argument that down the road they are more of a danger to Frank than Danielle or JoJo. They could broker a deal with Shane, Danielle and JoJo to keep Boogie’s team safe next week and then they have the votes – Danielle, Shane, Jenn and Ian. Frank should not nom Ashley because I don’t think he could get Ian to vote her out. This scenario would also appeal to Boogie because he would then be the only coach with three players and his players should then be protected the following week – unless of course Ashley or Joe/Wil won HOH. If the coaches are to be dropped into the game, I think it would happen once a coach no longer has any players, so leaving Dan with one should put that option off.

    1. you never know if something like that will happen…Joe is really wishy washy…maybe he will stir some trouble and get himself into trouble…and start flip flopping again like last week…i feel something really unexpected will happen soon…maybe it might help Danielle or Jojo…who knows???…

    2. and i’m also surprised no one has come up with the idea that if Dan loses all his players…he will enter the game…i’m really surprised that thought never even crossed their minds…maybe it will happen soon

    3. i know i sound like a broken record but why would a coach be allowed to play once they have no players? and what would they do? theyd have to go to anothers coaches team as there would still be 3 teams left. guess everyone is so fixated on the coaches playing they forget how this plan would only work if coaches were allowed to play while they atill had teams ( then it would be announcec that everyone was playing individually)


          1. i already explained that Dan doesn’t need a team…he can play veto,HOH and everything else by himself and be his own team, he just doesn’t play the coaches competition…and i’m pretty sure that the producers wouldn’t want to lose someone like Dan that is one of the best players of all time so soon, it is all about ratings and people love and want to see more of Dan…they didn’t bring him back for a short stay and it would also create drama and panic once the other players learn that he will be a player…it would make the OF house crazy and that is what the want….they would be like “WHAT WORKED SO HARD TO GET RID HIS TEAM AND NOW HE IS IN THE GAME …FUCK!!!”…the producers want Dan to stick around…either they might create something that might help Danielle stay or they might add Dan as a player…it’s a possibility and no one in the game has mentioned it

          2. thanks big brothers big brother. i was only speculating as to how the coach twist would work. apparently kenneth just likes a good argument ( or he thinks he’s on the actual show) and loves to wind things up. I think it would be so ridiculous if what he is saying happened. Really let Dan play for himself while the others were on teams. I am sure janelle booger and britney would love that.

            1. twists can always change, but one thing that the producers wants are ratings and Dan will get them those ratings….you are speculating on the coach twist, but the twists always can change like in pretty much every single season…EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED which is the big brother motto in case you didn’t know…that is why you never know what can happen…and fyi, i know i am not on the show, but i like to speculate and yes, i love a good argument…you tell me what is wrong with that…

          3. You’re absolutely right — but Kenneth also has a point. Unless you are one of the producers –both options are a possibility. Don’t count anything out. Like they said: Expect the unexpected

            Relax –its a game. They all know that its a game. And both options are a possibility. All of you guys need to take a breath and relax… :)

        1. and they are gonna bring back kara and let her play individually too i would call you an idiot but simon doesnt like name calling.

  7. For Dani’s eviction speech, she should scare everyone last minute, and hint that if the houseguests evict her, Dan will come back into the game with a power.

    1. i hope she is working on that…maybe, she might be the only one that can come up with this theory…which would sure shake things up….i’m surprised no one has even thought about that one…i would love seeing that from Danielle…now is the time for her to play hard…hope she at least puts up a fight because i like her, she is a nice girl and everything, but that won’t get the job done on big brother especially you have a coach that is known to be that sneaky which isn’t her fault

    2. I doubt they’ll buy that, heck I wouldn’t buy that myself. It’s like last year Lawon asking to be evicted coz he tought he might get a secret power. Won’t make sense giving a secret power to Dan if he’s lost. It’s like saying ‘you lose, but out of all these other winning players yoo get a pwer for losing…..”. Should be ‘you lose, you’re out.’ So they won’t buy it for one minute.

  8. Goodbye Danielle. It was nice knowing you and all your personal stories about how bad your life has been. NOT! I don’t know how Danielle has survived life thus far. It’s good she has that nursing degree, but that’s about all she has.

  9. I hope Danielle goes up and gets evicted.

    Jojo is at least loyal to Shane and maybe one of them can win HOH next. Danielle just doesn’t do anything. She has no team or real allies, just Dan.

    1. @bleacherbum3 What about Jenn? You never see her or hear her talkng to anybody. You see Danielle more than her. What has Jenn done?

    2. I’m not a Danielle fan, she is rather dull and do-nothing, however not having a team isn’t her fault, right? And I agree, Jenn is more of a do-nothing than Danielle.

      1. Agreed 100% with both of you about Jenn. I just didn’t mention it because I don’t see any way Jenn is a candidate to be the replacement nominee.

  10. please tell me why Brittney doesn’t spill the beans about Janelle to Frank that she said to go after Frank on Boogies team that would help to get rid of his strongest player. so Willie who wanted not to put up Frank that he was going to put up Ian because he was so weird but Janelle made him put up Frank which started all the bs in the first place come on Britney grow some ball and stand up to Janelle or she will eliminate all your players next it wasn’t Willie it was Janelle the mastermimd who started the crap and she got real quiet after the veto last week hoping to keep noms the same or her team was in going up

  11. I just dont think the coaches are coming back into the game..maybe they were not suppose to originaly, but all that has happen this wk..who knows..im still not sure how i feel about the possibility of the coaches comming in the game to play..i wish BB would have just sent all new people this year..fuck all this vote out and come back, and vet and newbies bulllshit..BB is running out of ideas.

    1. according to the brilliant kenneth (on here) the coaches are gonna come back one by one and play individually against the teams :)

      1. It’s a theory — he’s guessing that IT MIGHT happen not that it’s definitely going to happen. Dude –relax.

  12. Wonder if a possible twist would be that once the first team is gone that all the coaches enter the game & everyone is playing for themselves. After the unexpected early departure by Willie this would give them enough players to make it a real game. I don’t pay attention to how many weeks vs how many players left, but if that were two many players they can just do another (LOL) double eviction – too few houseguests then bring somebody back.

    Should be an intersting show on Sunday to say the least. Only 45 minutes to BBAD!

  13. team boogie. just re-watched season 7, hes a beast in this game. people think hes just old and out of it. hardly.

  14. I’m really glad Shane won the POV. I would have hated to see him get voted out right after Willie punked out and left.

    Now, I’m hoping Danielle can show me something. She’s just been laying low, but she can’t do that anymore. Fight to stay!

  15. Danielle, here is the quote from Jeff:”Man up sometimes” or “Your Banana Pancakes.” Don’t give up, you can do it. I believe in you, don’t let anyone get to you.

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