Dan: “Boogie Scatter the Rats” Britney: ” We didn’t come on Big Brother 14 to watch Boogie sleep”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 21
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

3:36pm Cam 3-4 HOH Brit, Wil, Frank, Boogie Britney and Wil Dancing (Check out the gallery below).. Wil leaves. Boogie asks if Danielle is crying. Dan says no she’s no where near crying. Boogie: “That Joe really likes to stir things up”.. Boogie explains that Joe was telling all of them that Danielle was crying in the bedroom. Britney is a bit tipsy from the Alcohol. Britney asks her if there is any part of Mike Boogie that wants to cause trouble. Dan: “Thats like asking did George Bush have a vested interest in oil when he invaded Iraq” Boogie says With the probability that the coaches enter the game I don’t want it to be Boogie and Janelle. Dan: “You know that there is a very high probability that we’re going in.. You know Joe and Wil are going to rally them to get us out”. Boogie thinks they are in trouble if they get dropped into the game. He’s sure Janelle will be able to rally them to take us out fast.
Dan: “There’s nothing in the contract that alludes to us being in the game but there is nothing that prohibits it”

Britney: “Why are you going to make this week and this season BORING.. I’m not proposing anything.. I know Mike Boogie and Mike Boogie doesn’t back down” (She’s hinting that Boogie joins them and rocks the house) Boogie says he’ll think about it but this might be too early to pull something like that. Boogie: “Ask me next week”

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Boogie thinks he could argue with his team that they have a think about the end game and going to final 2 against Danielle and JoJO is better than Wil.
Britney and Dan laugh about their chances to win this game. They talk about how Ashley was a beast in the Power of Veto Competition, she came in 2nd. Boogie thinks that was a mistake for her to try so hard she should’ve just took it easy. Britney mentions that JoJO really tried hard. Dan: “She was like Michelle from my season”

Britney says to Boogie that she watched Season 2 LOVE it and watched season 7 LOVED IT she didn’t come on Big Brother 14 to watch Boogie sleep
Dan leaves. Boogie tells her that he’s pretty sure that Danielle is going home this week. Britney tries to convince him to think about the twit and what that means for him. Boogie disagrees with planning for a twist that may or may not happen.
Britney asks him what he thinks of her players. Boogie: “their loyal to the end”
Britney: “What does my 2 players plus your 3 players mean”
Boogie: “5 vs 3”
Britney: “Ya.. and don’t you think having Shane in your group would help
Boogie says that if someone doesn’t come back by Friday then it’s not going to happen.
Britney you have to agree that something is going to get shaken up something Big is going to happen
Britney: “This is going to be a big week.. with Willie leaving and the numbers something is going to happen”
Boogie completely agrees

Britney leaves and Frank comes up.
Frank: “Dan looks nervous as hell

4:25pm Cam 3-4 HOH Frank and Boogie Boogie summarizes to frank what Dan and Britney were saying to him. He says they brought up some very good points and he thinks they should consider them but this week is too early. He’s thinking that they join up with Shane and JOJO next week if Shane wins HOH, and have them put up 2 of Janelle’s players. This way Boogie is the last coach to have 3 players. Frank and Boogie want to get Danielle out this week. Frank: “everyone downstairs wants to talk out Jojo”.

Boogie Tells them that he knew once Willie left all the excitement would leave the house
Dan: “do you think that was the climax of the season right there”
Boogie: “YEAH.. I don’t really see anything else thats all too exciting going on”

Dan tells them that the only thing wants is to know by Wednesday if Danielle is going home. Boogie: “No one wants to screw you..”
Dan explains that all he has to promise is one vote he knows he’s screwed. Dan says if there was something crazy to go down Boogie is the one to do it Not Janelle Not Britney.. “That’s just me hoping for lightning to strike”

Boogie says that 3 on 3 with Janelle’s team isn’t going to be interesting it all depends on who wins HOH.. Boogie: “This game has never been stacked like this before.. I can never remember a game stacked 6 on 2”.
Dan brings up if they “Scatter the rats” (Break up Janelle’s team) will they break apart or will they be stuck with Team Blonde again.
Dan: “But is you get Britney down to one and then scatter the rats… ”
Boogie: “It’s a possibility”
Dan: “If you were going to scatter the rats this week you have the votes, my one and your 2”.
Boogie: “you have to worry about the Jury if we do that we’ll have 3 people in Jury that were scum-bagged”

4:45pm Cam 1-2 Kitchen Shane, Danielle and Britney Shane enjoying the Power of Veto Win

5:55pm Cam 3-4 HOH Frank, Dan and Boogie Dan: “You know who I think is going to make it to the end.. AShley… She’s well liked” Boogie: “I completely agree.. but I also wouldn’t mind a players going into the final HOH against her”
Dan: “What you think of my picks”
Frank: “I thought you were going to pick Ian.. ”
Dan: “I wasn’t going to pick Willie.. he lied to me the first 30 minutes”
They all agree that Jenn was a great pick. Dan wishes he had her on his right now.

5:18pm Booger is sleep in the HOH Dan and Frank are talking game. Dan is saying all he has to push for votes is that Danielle didn’t have a chance to play for the the Power of Veteo, JoJO did.. “But that’s the game” Frank mentions how he doesn’t want to be like Adam the super fan that did nothing.

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i thought Ian came in second?


WHY? No comments as of yet. We really need these to come faster, imho.


simon i think even twitter cant give you real time. and i think if he wants real time he should order the feeds.


There were no comments when I posted the above statement. These guys do GREAT, however, realtime now allows for realtime… or something close.


Am I the only one who feel this decision by everyone to no matter what take Danielle out(which really means take out Dan).Will allow Dan to play the game?Simon,you know Big Brother likes to keep them on their toes.Lol.Production doesn’t seem to like when a group of players think they have everything all figured out.And that’s basically what’s going on with Boogie and Janelle’s team.On a side note.What is Joe’s problem?He lies about little things.He told people that Danielle was crying,when she wasn’t.Joe is obviously a trouble maker.You would think they would get rid of him this week.


i think all the coaches will get a chance to enter the game as a player .. just a matter as to when .. by they way Simon , i got a great laugh when i saw that you wrote BOOGER instead of Boogie .. loved it .. as that is the name i continue to call that person .. thanks for the laugh .. GO TEAM BRIT


Which would kinda suck because there’s no way they don’t gang up on him and take him out the first week he doesn’t win HOH or POV.


@WTFBB. You make a good point.That’s why they might give the coach that enters the game,some kind of power that would prevent them of being nominated the week that they enter the game.And during that week,another player could become a target.Even though it might seem unfair for production to do this,they will be able to hide behind the show’s theme,of expect the unexpected.Which means they can do whatever they want,and it’s up to the other house guests to adapt to anything that production throw their way.

Carol & Steve

I agree, but it just ovvured to me – if he does which team does he go to and how would that be decided? I really really hope they backdoor Joe!!

Carol & Steve

oops – occured – LOL!!

Just Me

Good point.


The thing that I am noticing about this year is it’s a little out of control. It seems like production came up with maybe too many possible scenarios for this seasons format. Took too big of a risk with willie’s psych profile and it has peaked and is heading into a flatlline heading into week 3.
What is a bit bizarre is how many people are screaming go Willie, go jojo! This is a man that has serious psych issues. People should know that when he left that house, he was not released and sent back home. He is probably in a gown that is very open and very breezy in the back right now in a room that is much less colorful than the hoh room in big brother but has just as many cameras. As for Jojo, I fear for her personal safety if she falls in with male figures such as Willie and becomes that obsessively loyal to them within a matter of two weeks. Furthermore I find that the psych team for CBS was prob feeling pressured to make the show extremely dramatic and over the top due to The Glass House drama. Which turned out to be a real snooze of a show. Anyway, due to pressure from production the psych team for BB was negligent with some of their casting. Another cast member in the house that has obvious issues that doesn’t seem mentally strong enough for the high pressure of a reality show like BB is Danielle. From the telling of her fathers drunken fits of rage to boys beating her in high school. I don’t know what professional would lock people with these types of issues in a house together for months. Maybe they are wanting to catch mass murder on tape. This is bordering sick BB. I am in no way judging the house guests. Danielle’s story is heartbreaking. Men with anger issues have usually been exposed to the hand of angry men as innocent little boys. It was easy for me to see a young scared child in Willie that had to fight his way out of many corners all his life. It was actually very sad to watch. JoJo is always self validating which tells me she needs approval that she always wanted badly from someone that overlooked her or wasn’t around as a little girl when she was developing her self esteem to become the strong independent woman she is trying so hard to become everyday. None of the three deserve to be publicly cheered to go further into the dysfunction forced onto them by adults when they were innocents. Nor do they derseve to be made a mockery of by others for cheap entertainment. Allison and her staff has gone too far this year.


Go, Willie and Danielle, yo!

Team Production all the way, yo!


I hope you are right

Just Me

I agree, but they will focus on getting Dan out. It seems I remember someone saying that they were playing the game for the coaches. Wow, like Danielle is such a big threat to the other house guests. Most of them deserve to lose. They can’t see they are being led like sheep. It seems I remember someone else saying just that. Willie may have been the only one smart enough to think of this possibility. Doesn’t say much for the intelligence of the rest of them. Now that is scary.


Danielle might be crying if she goes up. I feel sorry for her.


I don’t. When Jodi was walking out the door she practically laughed and said ‘Oh well. Better her than me’
which is true, but jeez, a little compassion would’ve been nice; especially when you know that you should’ve been the one to leave.

Plus, if this whole twist rumor is true & Dan enters the game, I would be so happy, not for Dan, but for the fact that they would see what Willie was saying was right.

Anywho, I’m proud of Shane & I’m pulling for Britney’s team even though she’s probably the worst mentor there.

I’m pretty sure though that Booger is gonna win; I know it’s too early to tell but man is he a great manipulator, as much as I can’t stand the guy.


I feel bad for Danielle having Dan as a coach right now. I kinda get his reasoning for throwing the coach’s comp., but it’s a little backwards and a little too early to be banking on that kind of strategy. He should have made sure he won to keep his one player in the game. Instead I think she’s going up this week and even though people may like her, they’re going to get her out and then Dan goes too. I don’t think he’ll come in as a player, b/c it’s still too early for that kind of a twist and if he does so do the others. I think Dan is playing like if was BB10 again, but it’s not and his team is getting screwed.


I said the same thing in another thread. Dan’s problem is that he is treating this game like BB10. He thinks it differs because people know him. That is not the case. It differs because of the teams. The teams aspect–like BB11–makes it much harder for people to hide. The mentors make people stick to their teams more than BB11. But the same thing happened on BB11 when they almost entirely knocked out Jordan’s team Weeks 1-3. They only didn’t bother getting rid of Jordan because there was less of an incentive to knock out an entire team.

Dan is acting like he can turn entire house against Brian or Steven or whatever his name. It does not work that way BB14. You have to realize that some people are off limits just because of the team aspect and there are not many alliances that can be made.


Is it possible that there could be NO elimination this week? (that is… if the coaches don’t come into play)

Not A PH D Student

Crazy cat people are uniting trying to get Jeff and Jordan back in AGAIN.

To let the cockroaches coaches in the game would totally suck. Why should they get any amount of weeks of safety while the house guest have had to beat 11 people and now they would have to beat 4 more. Getting rid of Dani and Dan this week would be awesome. I would love to see what AG would do. You would have thought AG would have learnt something from binging past guest in. Yo AG, expect the unexpected, espically the egg you have on your face right now.


I’d love to see them “scatter the rats”. Pull Jojo and Shane to their side and backdoor Joe.

Would be very beneficial to Boogie to have Shane on his side since Frank can’t play for HOH next week.

Could be a little early for that though. We know there will be a big twist, but we and they can’t be sure what.


I would LOVE for them to backdoor Joe! Talk about drama central! Janelle would be soooo pissed! I don’t think Boogie will do it yet since it’s only week two though. Pulling for team Brit all the way!


the only backdoor these wussys are gonna use is jojos behind. (she likes it up the butt) 🙂


It’s not too early for this season. It’s the kind of move you make right before jury, when 3 people have already left, which is where we are now. If Frank doesn’t think about weakening Janelle this week, it will be too late next week unless Jenn or Ian win HOH. You can bet that unless Frank comes to an understanding with Shane, he will put Frank up if he wins HOH, so would Jo Jo and so would Janelle’s team. It would make no sense at all for Janelle’s people to keep Boogie’s team 3 strong and nominate Shane, Jo Jo or Danielle. Janelle flipped on Brit last week, and she will go back to hating Boogie as soon as his team is no longer HOH, and especially if one of her people win HOH.


If they let Dan in the game because he lost his last player you will see 3 coaches driving big buses over their own players. It wouldn’t make sense.I do think AG is capable of anything to ruin another season and please that cat ladies. It sure is boring without WIllie.


That makes more sense, and it is a lot fairer that way, but we all know how AG has this talent for ruining things with her lame twists. I am hoping this year is the exception. A good twist would be that there are a few more newbies in sequester waiting to be drafted by the coaches. The cast could use some new blood after the departure of WIllie.


I agree. I was originally thinking that if a coach came down to no players left on their team then BB would say “Ok you are now in the game for yourself” but now I cant see them just dropping Dan in the game on his own. He would be prime pickings and would get evicted the absolute next week. You would have to put all the coaches in at once or none at all.


From a numbers perspective, it would work out perfectly if Danielle gets evicted eliminating Dan as well.

8 newbies left, then they let the other 3 coaches in the game and we’d be on track for a normal season. Jury after week 4, and they could still do a double eviction week 6 or 7.


i agree 100 it wouldnt be fair to wait for a coaches team to all get evicted then let the coach enter. as i stated before that would undermine the coach twist. also if say they did that and dan was it would he then have to go onto a team? because there would still be 3 teams left.

Just Me

The coaches are thinking they are all entering the game together. I think it won’t be until all of their players are voted out. They are all trying so hard to keep all of their players and they should be thinking other possible scenarios. They would not be able to enter as an alliance. They would have to align with a newbie that was not on their team. It wouldn’t be easy for them. They better not burn their bridges. Boogie may not even get the chance to enter the game. His golden boy Frank cost him his chance! If only.


Even they know willie was good for tv. and are now realizing that they season will soon be boring..i mean brit is even like come lets start some shit.


simon i still want to know do the coaches get basic stepends or more? janelle said when she did all stars they got 2,500.00 a week which i think now the newbies only get 7 or 800.00
thanks again


thanks i knew they got more because after all they are the BEST players ever (NOT)


Shut the fuck up britney. god i cant stand that bitch this season


has anyone considered that once a coach’s players are out the coach can enter the game?

Just Me

Yes, but how it will be done is the guess. This should be interesting. I love a good mystery!

Britney Fan

Is it me or did this season just take a nose dive after Willie left.


no it did take a nose dive. even if some or all of the coaches are allowed to play its still shit players. but i still watch. guess i am hooked on the show (but not the players)


No love for Dawg in this poll either……..

Carol & Steve

I voted for Dawg!! 🙂


the coaches coming into the game would be unfair. I hope CBS can see that. The coaches have had all this time to test the waters, make alliances, gain confidence of others and listen to conversations that they, as players, would not be privy to. letting them in the game would end big brother as a game all together. Its like if your family was playing scrabble and half way through the game, your dad, who has seen all the tiles you and the other players have then ,suddenly, he comes into the game with all sorts of extra tiles…oh and did i mention that your dad is also a world champion scrabble player (because 2 of these coaches have won bb and the others….besides brit…..so just janie) are very experienced.

If CBS lets the coaches in, this is no longer a game and is only a reality show and far less interesting.

Don’t give me wrong. I love Boogie,Janie and especially Dan (my favorite player) but this is NOT the way to bring them back


if last season of production protecting the vest all the way to the end was any evidence, unleashing them into the game is a possibility , you know the line of bullshit “expect the unexpected” more like predict when the next time a twist some outta nowhere(like porche’s pandora’s box) to screw something up, while giving vets safety….


You know, it’s still time to save the season by getting all new HGs


Taking out Danielle this week is a coaches move with practically no value to the actual players. They did the same thing last week, too. They left Frank in the game to get rid of Kara… because she’s such a fierce competitor, I guess. And look what happened – Frank won HOH right away. Now they’re gonna do the same thing this week? They’re wasting opportunities to get rid of stronger players. Dan picked some of the weakest players and they’re still ganging up on him to take them out. It’s about the coaches and the players are meaningless pawns.


I think the first coach or two who lose all their players will enter the game instead of leaving. Which means that dan might be entering the game on Thursday.