Big Brother Spoilers – Dan warns Danielle “Joe is coming after you .. The Chef is Cooking”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 21
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

6:50pm Cam 3-4 Bedroom Dan and Danielle Dan apologizes to her for making her feel like he abandoned her. Dan explains that he did that because he wanted her to know how serious this is that she can go home on Thursday. Danielle understands but she felt horrible about what he did and she feels like he’s only saying sorry because he found out how upset she got. Dan Explains to her that he really didn’t want to hurt her and he’s sorry but he wants her to understands why he did that and know that he will fight for her but she needs to fight to because the shit is real out there.

Dan warns her that waiting for Sunday night it’s going to be late because the Chef is cooking and he’s really wanting us out. Danielle wonders why he wants them gone. Dan thinks it’s because Joe is sure that the twist will be the coaches coming back and he’s scared about Dan coming in plus Kara told Janelle the night before the eviction that she was would nominate Joe if she won HOH. Danielle and Dan both wonder why she would say that.

Dan tells her that Joe doesn’t hide anything with his face.. he doesn’t look at you or talk to you know he’s working against you. Danielle asks him when she would go talk to Frank. Dan says tonight.

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7:20pm Cam 1-4 Dinner

7:51pm Cam 3-4 Backyard Danielle and Joe Playing a game, while Shane watches from the side. A bunch of players are in the kitchen cleaning up..

8:00pm Backyard couch Wil, Boogie, Dan, Britney and AShley They ask Britney if this season is different than Season 12. Britney says yes and if feel much different.. she points out that she’s not a player this time around. They are wondering what JoJO is doing so long in the Diary Room. She’s been in there since 7. Dan: “What would you do if She walked out” Britney: “Laugh.. it’s all there is to do right now” Dan mentions that he had more fun on season 12 but there is much more drama this season. Britney talks about Big Brother 12 and how after she found out about the Brigade the last 2 days in the house for her were depressing”.. she says the first 2 weeks of BB12 were hard for her
Boogie: “Because of dealing with Brendon and Rachel?”
Britney: “no I missed my family”.. Britney also felt that the beginning of BB12 was boring compared to the first 2 weeks here .. Boogie thinks the last 72 hours were a little crazy in this house. Boogie gets called into Diary Room. Wil asks her if anyone in BB12 liked Brendon. Britney says beside Rachel Brendon didn’t have too many friends in the house.
Wil asks Dan and Britney if they learnt anything while in Big Brother.
Dan says he’s from the mid west were all the people are pretty much the same but the Big Brother 10 season opened his mind to other kinds of people and helped him break down some of his previous misconceptions about them. Britney agree says the same happened to her.

Dan ask Frank about his HOH CD. Frank explains that the Band’s name is the XX, he says that song 3 is their best song (The xx are an English indie pop band, formed in London in 2008)

Dan heads up to the HOH to listen to Franks CD..

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34 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Dan warns Danielle “Joe is coming after you .. The Chef is Cooking”

  1. Just a random thought that came to mind…..What if the twist is that the first coach to lose all his players comes into the game. I mean picture Danielle going home, and then Julie saying wait Dan, you are now in the game. I’m just could happen.

    1. See, this is kind of why I think Dan picked the team that he did. Maybe he had the suspicion early on that he could enter the game when all his players were kicked out so he picked the 3 weakest ones. OTW production hinted this to him, and it kind of works with that theory that he ended up being the last coach to pick. That would be a mega-conspiracy, but kind of fun that AG would do something that nuts. Both of these situations give a lot of credit to dan and/or AG though, so I’m not sure it would be the case. The coaches could then either re-draft all the players OR have dan come in and not be on a team OR the other coaches could be sent home and only dan and the remaining players would be left in the game. There really are a ton of scenarios. While this would be great for a twist, I kind of hope the house takes drama into their own hands and votes out Joe (ish-da). Too bad janelle is being such a witch this season, I used to love her and her game play (not to mention MN represent!) but this year she seems to think she is too cool for school with all of her juicy onesies (ugh).

    2. I would kill myself.. and that’s so freaking twisted!! lmao!! It really is. I hope that doesn’t happen.. but wasn’t it said that the coach who loses all their players also gets eliminated? It would be such a twisted “twist” if it really happen to be true.. I think I would puke. I really think that the coaches are coaches!! Nothing more to it. They can win up to 100,000 and that’s it. That’s the game they are playing – FINAL. They ain’t joining no 500,000 game – they did veterans LAST season.

  2. I see a major snore fest happening from here on end … these guys are boring the heck out of me .. I was impatient waiting for the season to begin , and now i cant wait till it ends … at least there is survivour … lol .. ps… they think we are enjoying this crap .. NOT ..

    1. LOL MArianne. Jaded much? You don’t HAVE to be here complaining and “:waiting” for Surviour. Everyone knows you’re angry because Willie couldn’t man up and play the game and was scared to go on the block, but it’s okay.

  3. I loved jannelle in her original season because I thought the mean ugly side of her was out because she was defending herself from the start. And all stars she lost a little. But. Now wow I’m so disappointed in her behavior she has been a total b and I never would have thought this but I wish boogie would go after her NOW before something happens and she is safe next week u know BB if they heard that convo this afternoon there will be a morph o matic in the coaches challenge next week!

  4. Sooo…it’s sounding like when Willie left, all the drama and excitement (for the viewers) left too? I’m sure things will get a bit more interesting, but right now, it just feels like the same ole, same ole boring gameplay.

    I’m looking forward to the next twists…hopefully, they’ll add some more excitement back into the house. I definitely think someone is coming back, but it may take a bit longer then what Boogie was saying (this Friday.) If Jodi and Willie are not in sequester, that leaves only Kara in sequester (possibly.) They’ll want to wait for a few more HG’s to be evicted before they bring someone back, is my thinking.

    Well…things are boring right now, so I’m gonna take a page out of the HG’s book and go have a nap until BBAD starts up. I’m expecting a boring night on it tho. Hope I’m wrong.

    1. I was rooting for Willie .. wee bit of a pistol… as for willie being in sequester the answer i would think is yes .. its called JAIL… he did assault someone .. a jackjerk Joe .. but still an assault .. I WANT WILLIE BACK .. GEEEEEEEEEEEESH .. guess i will have to go back to my same ole same ole life .. because so far all this crap is major BORING .. SNOOZE FEST… Even BOOGER isnt doing anything .. i wonder if that chin of his can pick that nose of his …lol ..

      1. hi marianne :) hope your enjoying this sat nite :) just wondering cause I did not get the whole story but did willie physically attack someone? I read so many different things as to what happened. even on BBAD last night when Janelle was telling ashleigh what happened she was very vague. All I got from her conversation was that willie did not want to be in the house if he had to eat slop. thanks marianne

        1. hi back… Jennell is spineless…one oppinion of her .. the story as i understood it was that joe got head butted… parmedics looked at joe.. MUST OF BEEN SOME PRETTY SOFT HEAD BUTTS . NOT EVEN A MARK LEFT BEHIND … willie did leave on his own accord going into the diary room .. they didnt have to bring anyone in to remove him … since Willie left even sorry to say Simmon the feed has been the read of a very boring book… I am so gonna miss Willie .. GO TEAM BRIT

          1. thanks marianne i am sure on sunday nights show we will all see what happened :) I only watch BBAD the next day after it airs so I can fast forward booger janelle and joe :)

      1. @Simon. Thanks for letting me know.I’m hoping that Danielle has pms.Which is the reason why she is being so emotional to the point that she can’t see that if Dan was to campaign hard for her to stay,then more than likely she will be evicted.I know when I have pms,I get so emotional,my judgment is cloudy.If she doesn’t have pms,and she stays in the game.Then Dan is going to have a problem with her,because that means that she normally can’t think straight.She’s going to need to get her emotions in check.

        1. jw seriously? pms? Bud, if Danielle goes, Dan goes ( as the rules are now.) If he doesn’t campaign for her, he doesn’t campaign for himself. Regardless of twists, I think Dans gameplay is horrible. The only way he would know to have his team eliminated so he could come back in the game, would be if production had said something to him about it. So no matter what happens, I feel Dan has played/coached a really bad game to this point. Yes, even wors than Britney.

  5. I have this nauseating feeling that Ashley’s going to float to the end ala Jordon. I thought she was on drugs, but that’s her real voice. She sounds slow, like retarded. Who’s going to get her out? Cos she’s set herself up with Ian and everyone in the house think’s she’s harmless and lovable.

    I was rooting for Wilie, now it looks like the show’s gonna suck unless the coaches play for themselves and turn on their team mates.

  6. This show now needs someone with enough moxie to cause some chaos again. Not the self-destructive alliance-shattering bomb that was Willie(although he was fun), but someone who will get rid of this boring gameplay.

    I’m really hoping Frank sees how this is the best time to get rid of Wil seeing is he is much for a physical and social threat than JoJo. Maybe broker a treaty with Danielle that the only way she isn’t nominated(and therefor stays in the house) is if she votes for who they put up in her place? Then have Ian convince Ashley that it is in her best interest to get rid of someone who has a good physical and social game and there are enough votes. Only person who would hate that would be Joe, and he’d be pretty screwed.

    There has to be a big twist coming where one or more people enter the game. The Jury can’t only be a few days away!

  7. O. M. G. I am dying from laughter right now. So Ian is talking about the BB14 Wikipedia page and how Willie’s name has a orange bar next to it. I went and looked and sure enough he was right, but whoever edited it put “fruit looped” inside of the orange bar. Hilarious!

    1. I just checked wikipedia and did not see the fruit loop thing willies name is in yellow for expelled. can you send link where you saw it? thanks

  8. I hope they bring back Kara on Thurs and that there is no eviction. Would love to see Danielle, Ashley and Kara team up with all girl alliance. Kara gets HOH and evicts Frank. Some expected thing will have to happen on Thurs. BB/AG have to so SOMETHING to make it more interesting. Willie was a fool. I still can’t believe he passed all the “tests” to get on the show and assaulted someone that easily. HOPE THEY SHOW A LOT OF THE INCIDENT ON SUN night.

  9. simon i just got my first BB email from your site. how cool is that thanks now if i am in a hurry and just have time to check e mails i can scan your spoilers e mail and catch up in a second :)

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