Candice says Aaryn doesn’t see the big picture that Amanda/McCrae are the power couple. They did a great job at mind f**king her!


CBS Interactive Inc.

9:50am UP in the HOH bathroom – Candice is talking to Aaryn. She tells Aaryn that both she and Howard will back her if she doesn’t put up Howard and puts up Elissa instead. Candice says she lied to me and told me she wasn’t the MVP when she was. The whole house has been back and forth from side to side with the power because they are afraid of it. Candice says that I know Gina and maybe Jessie would also back you and maybe Helen. Aaryn says that she hasn’t made her decision yet. I am not going to back door anyone. I have to be honest people want Howard out. If I did end up putting her up then I would fully understand if you were mad at me. I know he could very well win the veto and take himself off. Candice says that she won’t be mad at her if she does put up Howard. Aaryn says she isn’t sure yet and wants to talk with everyone. Candice says maybe the people that are working with are also trying to get you out. Aaryn says she knows full well that if I didn’t win I would be going this week. Candice says I don’t want this to leave the room but Amanda is the one spear heading trying to get you out. Aayrn says that she can’t bite the hand that feeds her, they were the ones that kept me here. Aaryn says the best thing you can do is get to Helen and Elissa to change their mind. Candice says well I know we haven’t had the best history but I just wanted to talk to you woman to woman to try and plead with you. Candice says well thanks doll and leave the HOH room.

9:55am – 10:35am Candice asks Howard to go to the havenot room. Candice says that Aaryn is completely oblivious to Amanda and McCrae and won’t bite the hand that feeds her. She thinks she is only here because of Amanda. There is nothing we can do. She said to go talk to Helen or Elissa. We are probably going up, there is no moving or shaking for us to do. I threw out Amanda’s name and that will probably come back to bite me. There is something weird going on. Candice says that people are mad at you. Howard asks why? Candice says I don’t know, you will have to ask her. Candice says Aaryn doesn’t see the big picture that Amanda and McCrae are a part of the power couple. They did a great job at mind fu*king her! Now she is going to go back and tell Helen and Elissa that and it will look like I am not loyal to them. Candice says that Helen and Elissa are out so that means it can only be me, you or Spencer going up. Candice is worried her whole conversation with Aaryn was for nothing and that she will go up if either Howard/Spencer win veto. Howard tells Candice if you win veto use it on yourself. If I win the veto I will use it on you. Candice says that she will go talk to Helen, because she is the one that is running the show and acting like Amanda is. Howard says that’s not what Aaryn said last night. Candice says that’s why I asked you if you even talked to her. Candice asks so you and Spencer are working together to get me to go up and to make sure I go home. Howard says no I am working for you, everything I do involves you. Candice says that Aaryn knew nothing about the Ginamarie stuff when you said you talked to her. Howard says that he would rather use the veto on you to show my loyalty to you and I will talk my way out of it. Howard says maybe I should just go up there and tell her to put me up and not bother with you. Candice says then they would back door me. Don’t go tell them that and put it in her brain to back door me. Candice says if that happens then I got, got! Howard says that she is being negative. I don’t want you to be thinking I am not loyal to you. Howard doesn’t see how she can think he is against her because if he was the very next week he would be out. Candice says she is done talking about it. Howard says that maybe Spencer has done some messed up stuff to save himself but I am not going to. I have to trust him because I have no other option to not. Howard says he is struggling with not losing it and his faith in the house. Candice starts questioning if Howard is really with her or not. Candice says whatever if I go home I go home I have a great life and I’ll go back to it. I got baited to say something and I am going to go home for it. Howard asks why can’t we just be positive and work together. Candice lets just wait till nominations and talk then. Candice keeps doing her make-up and Howard pulls if from her hand and tell her to stop let just talk. She says she just wants to be left alone. Howard leave the havenot room. Howard tries to go up to the HOH room to talk to Aaryn. He looks in the HOH room door but turn back around and heads down stairs.
CBS Interactive Inc.


10:40am Candice heads to the kitchen to make breakfast. She talks about not wanting to be a havenot again. Elissa tells her that she hopes Candice isn’t either, I don’t think you will be. In the living room – Spencer, Andy, Judd and Helen are sitting around talking. Helen says that it was so nice it was a 9-0 vote because if it wasn’t she would have lost it. Andy jokes that the Big Brother is goint bring Lawon and Jodi back as coaches for a week. They joke that they would tell them we fine, we know what we’re doing! They laugh.

11am – 11:10am Up in the HOH room – Jessie is talking to Aaryn about how there is so much tension in the house and people need to just get over it. Aaryn brings up how just last week Candice was trying to get me out and now she wants me to save her. Aaryn says whey does she think I am going to do anything for her. Aaryn says that Howard cornered me last night, you know that right. Jessie says yeah. Jessie and Aaryn comment on how they are happy they are both on good terms now and that they can vent to each other. Jessie offers to make Aaryn breakfast and heads downstairs. Meanwhile downstairs all of the house guests are eating, getting ready and waiting for the havenot competition to start.


11:10am – 11:40am Andy, McCrae and Amanda heads up to the HOH room – Aaryn tell them about the conversation with Candice. Aaryn says that Candice said Helen is starting a rumor. Aaryn says that I know at some point I will need to go up again but can I at least get a little break. Andy and Amanda both tell her they won’t put her up. Aaryn says that Candice said Amanda is the spear head that every time they wanted to keep me you said no. Amanda laughs and says its actually the complete opposite. Aaryn says that Candice wanted me to put you and McCrae up because you’re the power couple. They start talking about whether or not Howard has the Coup D’etat. Aaryn asks what the earliest is that someone has gotten Pandora’s box. Amanda jokes that Aaryn is going to get it and be locked in it with Rachel. Aaryn says yeah and you guys will be downstairs with Jessica Simpson. Amanda says I can’t believe Candice is still throwing my name out there?! She must be really fu*king stupid. I am going to ask for my shorts back. What a c**t! I f**king hate her! Spencer joins them. Amanda says the house motto is when in doubt blame Amanda! Amanda says she is down with that, it’s working for me. Amanda says that Candice is the Tenisha of the big brother house. It has been a very long time since I felt so much hatred and if her face was right here I would punch it. Amanda says that if Candice is on her havenot team I will throw it.


11:40am – 12pm Spencer asks Jessie if she is playing with his sheep dog. Jessie says no I’m playing with your grandma’s vag!n@! Aaryn and Andy re-enact how Elissa totally avoided hugging Aaryn after she won the HOH last night. Aaryn heads downstairs and when she comes back and says that Elissa asked her if she thought she might get Pandora’s Box. Aaryn says she said she thinks its too early for that. She says that Elissa said if I do get one and I get to see Rachel she will be so pissed. Spencer says that if he gets HOH and a Pandora’s Box and it’s Rachel or Jessie Godderz I will make their time so uncomfortable. I will chase them around and have them banging on the door wanting to get out. I will tell Jessie I want to F*CK YOU! Andy says he hopes he get Pandora’s Box with Ragan Fox in it.


12:20pm In the kitchen – Candice, Helen and Elissa are talking about random things. Candice talks about wanting a guy that lets her do what she wants to do in life. Elissa is talking about her husband and how great he is. Helen says that she understands now after being married that devorce is okay because your marriage is your life and if you are unhappy then you need to do what makes you happy. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – McCrae, Andy, Jessie, Spencer and Aaryn talk about movies and music. Amanda is trying to sleep in the HOH bed.


CBS Interactive Inc.

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Looks like most of the houseguests have forgotten about Aaryn’s mean side, but I guarantee that production hasn’t.
She should expect a nasty twist, courtesy of Pandora’s box. BB is working on it right now, LOL, can’t wait.


What would be the point of that though? I don’t condone her actions, I think it’s just best to move on. Purposely screwing her over is pointless, IMO.


I totally agree, I see Pandoras Box coming…can’t wait to see what production has up their sleeves!

Big Sister

Just back from visiting the Facebook site and it is trending heavily in favor of putting Amanda up as MVP. Voting ends at 9 pm EST. Make sure you vote 10x for Amanda like I did.


If Amanda is on the block, they would be stupid to not vote her out. I can’t believe no one can see she has been running the entire house. EVERY WEEK.

Let's not get emotional

Amanda so far:

1. Manipulated the house to Keep Elissa – Week 1
2. Flipped the house to vote Nick out/Keep Elissa – Week 2
3. Dismantled Moving Company
4. Spanked Aaryn as HOH for her racist remarks – Week 2
5. Stood up for Candice when Aaryn flipped her bed
6. Warned Helen that Howard cannot be trusted – Week 3
7. Howard lies and votes against Helen’s HOH – Week 3
8. Demanding and Loud and has a target on her back.
9. Andy tells SF Amanda is one thing – ‘Loyal’
10 . Helen now agrees Amanda is loyal – ‘Let’s ditch Elissa my current F2!
11. Aaryn – ‘Amanda will protect me’
12. Has overcome Elissa’s campaign to put her on the block with MC

Andy is currently the best player with no target on his back – but mostly because he is willing to go all-in on Amanda’s coat tails. Amanda won’t get to the final 4, but the woman will fight to get you there. I guess you’re fixated on no. 8. Can’t help you there.


Helen is not ditching Helen. Read Feeds.


lol I put my 10x vote while the show was still going I really cant stand her anymore (and she was 1 of my Fav’s) Also I have no use for Helen anymore she drank the Mean girl tea and lost her mind she was also my Fav Fav houseguest. And Even though I have no Use for Howard (yes I am of color) I think his portrayal by the other house guest is just not right (it does seem that some race issues are involved I would think in 2013 when the white race is the new minority and everybody is mixed w/ something that these race issues would not be so Apparent) But back to my original point America Amanda wants to brag how she has never been on the block lets change that


Put my 10 votes in for Elissa!


Technotronics!!!!! Awesome! That was the best.


So… I’m assuming that Howard & Candace or Howard & Spencer are pretty much gonna be nominated at this point?


Omg I can’t stand Amanda and her puppy dog grrrr
Since Howard is going up, I wouldn’t mind production giving him a special power, America voting for Amanda and sending her home.
The big problem with Howard is that he doesnt talk to the rest of the house. He keeps to him self, Candice and Howard. I didn’t even know Howard was in the house until Amanda became obsess with him. He needs to change his social game a little be and try and gain some trust back.


I think Aaryn have opportunity to evict Elissa, but blew her chance. However, if she thought putting up Howard & Spencer on the block. It only best for Aaryn is to Backdoored Howard so the whole house would vote out Howard.


Hey Simon, does evicted houseguest can get back in the game?


I know dawg but the MVP twist will end including final 9 and if any houseguest decide either MVP twist will end or continue the MVP twist. So, dawg does any houseguest decide to end the MVP twist end or continue the MVP twist.


Hi Dawg!

I mentioned this in another thread. they could use a BBcan returning HG by using HG’s evicted to jury. I would say with the size of the cast it would more likely be used as a production twist rather than preplanned if say Amanda got evicted for example.

Also based on everything I’m seeing on the net if anyone but Amanda is the 3rd nom you know the production fix is in completely and votes aren’t counted. And what the heck is Candy doing questioning Howards loyalty? J C ……


This is what is making me mad about the whole Hailey Jones thing, if Amanda does actually win everyone will try to say it was rigged. Last week Amanda was the first choice according to the OBB poll but in the show both Elissa and GinaMarie got more votes than her.


Since the houseguests have been shown and have been interviewed outside of the house and at home, they’re probably not in sequester and most likely not gonna be returning.


Casted 100 votes for GinaMarie to be the MVP nom, still working on more! 😉

Big Sister

Why?? What is your logic for doing this?


Aaryn is being a “good dog” for Amanda and McCrae…. She’s not trying to win, same with Judd last week. Boring season this is.


Voted Amanda as many times as I could for the third nom. I didn’t do it because I dislike her I did it for exciting Feeds..

I offer a one week truce to the cat people.. Cake People this is a call to arms your ELISSA is in danger Vote AMANDA


If the cat people were smart they would vote for Helen & Candice, Amanda’s saving Elissa but Helen is throwing her under the bus


Personally I would like Helen to go up more than Amanda. I think Amanda will have a sh!t fit if she is nominated it will be exciting.

Either way i’m probably getting excited over nothing GM will go up, Howard wins POV Candice or ELissa are the replacements Spencer goes home..


I love you’re thinking. You reaching out to the cat people to save precious Elissa had me rolling:) I agree with you, though. Amanda going up would make for an interesting week. And Howard prob will win the Veto putting Elissa as the replacement and sending Spencer home.

What could make it interesting though, is if Howard, Spencer, & Candice can rally in the troops & get Amanda evicted this week. I could see them trying to sway GM, Elissa, Helen, & Judd. Bc Judd does want the females evicted and Judd could pull in Jessie. What does suck about this week, is Aaryn. That bitch is gonna skate right on by. Bc this week will draw the line between the Howard/Spencer/Candice war with McCrae and Amanda. So from this week on they will be targeting each other. The only way Aaryn doesn’t come out of this week unscathed is if Howard did get evicted & Candice happens to win the next HOH. Other than that scenario, I see Aaryn making it another few weeks. And it makes me SICK! I wanna see her exit interview with Julie:)


Really Simon, Helen has been on the block and Amanda and Mccrea not would like to see how Amanda and Mc experienced the feeling.


I like Amanda, but I also voted for her 10x, it’s getting boring! I want sh!t to hit the fan when she goes up.


The need to take away one of Aaryn’s nominations….we need this house to flip, its the only way or we are writing Amanad a check for 500K


Gave Amanda my 10 votes as well

BB15 letdown

I dislike Amanda and also voted for her. But part of my reason is because I want to see what it does to the house to have Amanda up on the block. If she were up there they would be stupid not to take her out!


I voted 10X for Elissa and will each time I can until she is gone….

McCranda for final 2!!!


NOOOO damn we’ve cancelled each other out 😉


Of course I have multiple accounts like most people….so Elissa got quite a few votes from me!

#TeamMcCranda !!!


NOOOoooo we cancelled each other out again argh 😉


LMAO@ Simon. I can’t wait to see Amanda,s face when she’s on the block.


I agree, all Elissa fans should read the instruction and MVP vote for Amanda.

Varys Blackfyre

I agree. I don’t dislike Amanda as a player but I want the house to actually be shaken for a change. Everything has become predictable. We need some major moves.


i would love for Arryn to put up Amanda and Mcqueer


Aaryn does see the big picture, it doesn’t involve you in the BB house Candice. Aaryn has now won HOH twice and Candice and Howard zero times. If Candice or Howard want to make a move, win something. Aaryn gets Howard out this week and it ensures her loyalty to Helen and Amanda. Next week Candice goes on the block and Aaryn is still standing. Candice isolated everyone, even those that tried to help her. Now she is throwing Elissa under the bus, her friend. You know that’s going to get back to Elissa. Candice is running around the house with no kind of strategy. Bye Howard! Bye Candice! Once they leave its Amanda vs Helen. Maybe Jessie and Elissa can win an HOH and throw a wrinkle or two in the house, However, Howard and Candice played a bad game and couldn’t read people.

The right opinion

We all know that hoh comp was BS, aaryn wouldn’t be doing herself any favor by evicting Howard or Candice. I think the house is full of followers you can’t win the game like that


someone can.


Well said, OldYeller. Candice was in good with Helen and Elissa, but threw her game right out the door once “Howie” started giving her attention, which not-surprisingly happened to coincide with the collapse of the Moving Company and Howard’s lies to Helen. “Howie’s a good man”, “Howie’s sorry for what he did”, “Howie’s conscience is clear now”…….. enough already.

It blows my mind how some of these women jump through all the necessary hoops to get on the show, walk through the door alone, and then get so wrapped up in one of the guy’s that a few weeks later they’ll throw themselves on the sword for him and blow their own chance at the $500,000.


Candice should have been gone the first week. If McRae had any clue when she said to him I think there is a big guys alliance. That should have set off an alarm that she is very observant and unable to keep her mouth shut. Eliminate her and Howard soon so we can see the 8-9 players start to scramble to not be the ones to get cut. That way it will be interesting. I hope it’s straight forward to cut that group of 3. I don’t understand how people like Howard for luring constantly about every alliance and conversation he has had
But hate Amanda because she is the one making the big moves behind the scenes. Yes she is a bit overly aggressive with her wants but it is a game of outplaying your opponents as much socially as it is physically.


Candice is not doing Howard any good by going around and saying she’s wants to protect him over Spencer. I pray there is a Pandora’s box. I hope Aaryn opens it, and the stipulation is for her to place another two nominations which takes Howard and Spencer off the block.


nope. howard was sitting pretty with a guy in spencer who didn’t notice he was the 3rd wheel, and a girl in Candace he could keep under control. now? yikes. spencer will finally realize where he sits, and that’s it.


candice is right! amanda and MC are the players to watch. but aaryn atm has no choice. if she is clever she will try to cut a deal with judd and jessie (and GM on her side). they must notice that amanda is the one to get out. but unfortunatly they will not, because they are bad players. all the players capable of fighting amanda are gone already.

so the next weeks will be boring. how, spenc, aary, elissa, cand all will leave.

production rigged it

I will be shocked if production allows Aaryn who has been portrayed as the biggest racist in the house to get rid of the big physical black guy in Howard. Would not look good for CBS. Like Technotronics above stated hopefully they’re working on a Pandora’s Box right now. I hope it has a DPOV in it that is good for 2 weeks like they gave Matt in Season 12. If this happens hopefully before nominations then maybe this will give Aaryn the motivation to put Amanda and McCrae on the block. Talk about stirring up drama in the house the feeds would go insane and so would the ratings.

Ex boyfriend

Oh Hush! Aaryn won it fair and square. Spencer, Howard and Candice can’t even win a Have Not comp and definitely can’t win an HOH. They are the weakest players and deserve to go home. They got out played by Amanda and Helen..enough said.


I agree Aaryn has been portrayed that by CBS and BB, but I now think that by far AMANDA is the racist in the house just like she said when she said that Aaryn is getting portrayed that way but in fact it is Amanda that is the racist in the house. Her comments are really horrible, but yet CBS and BB continues to edit her to look good.


I’ve never seen a house full of weak minded everybody wants to do what the house (amanda) wants instead of doing what they want. Like where does aaryn think she fits on the totem pole once howard and spencer are gone? like everybody this season is playing for 7th or 8th……and the mvp means nothing because we all know ellissa will be the pick and GM will be the replacement and neither of those two are going home if they are against howard or spencer


I so hope Amanda goes up as the MVP vote..


it doesnt matter! she has the votes to stay easily. if she goes up she has to nothing. she can wait it out. this is a lost week.


If Amanda goes up I don’t think it will take much for the house to turn on her and vote her out. No one wants to put her up because they are afraid to get blood on their hands (damn wimps) but if she is the MVP nomination then people will take that as an opportunity to take her out.


It does matter because she needs to understand that she does not have a safe ride. If Howard isn’t saved this week, I hope when he goes out the drive he gives her a hug and tell her he wasn’t the one who put her up so watch her back in the house. This will drive her crazy.


Out the “door.” Sorry


I don’t like the predictability of this season. Helen THINKS she has power because she just so happens to agree with “the house” (Amanda) every week about who should be voted out. The moment she votes different than Amanda, and Amanda’s vote is the person who gets evicted, Helen will have realized much too late that she never really mattered. If Judd, Jesse, Andy, Candice, GinaMarie and Aaryn would team up as the “weak links” they would then be able to vote out Mcranda and the other “power players.” I would personally love to see Amanda NOT get her way, probably for the first time since she’s been in the house, go up as America’s nominee (A desperate attempt by CBS to stop the Elissa fans) Spencer and Howard (my favorite) go up with her. Howard wins POV. McCrae gets put up with Amanda, and Spencer makes a speech about how the house will NOT have an opportunity laid out for them like that again. Amanda or McCrae get evicted. I’d like to see McCrae without his Master/Shield or Amanda without her “fiance” after she made fun of GM so much about Nick.

And I didn’t like him, but let Jeremy come back and drop some knowledge on everybody and stir some stuff back up. He’d be one of my favorites now. At least he’s not a scared little boy afraid to get his hands dirty (Judd and Andy).


You must be in love if you are willing to put the target on your back, but is Howard? I’m sorry but come on Candice, just wait for the damn nominations. It will be, what it will be, come what may. Why throw anyone under bus right now? Because it is only going to bite you in the but. When Aaryn nominates either Howard, Spencer and/or you; hope the one not nominated is selected to play for POV with the other two and see what happens. Ultimately, two of you will be saved from eviction. Also, if the man wants to go let him go!!!


I could be wrong, But I’m getting the sentiment that Candace doesn’t want to win or be there as much. She may have thought it was going to be different in the house. And after observing these people and their mentality it may not be worth it to her. I bet the dynamics in that place is harder to deal with than it looks like just watching especially when the majority of the house is on one side and it’s hard to shift it barring winning hoh. So it could be love but I think she cares about him and maybe is okay with her life and doesn’t want that money that damn bad. Where as it may be more important to Howard. I wouldn’t be surprised if she initiated some sort of confrontation or something this week were she just speaks her mind. The same with Elissa depending on how things go for her. If either make it through without and explosion of some sort I will be surprised.


it is funny that the motto this season is expect the unexpected and yet the expected happens every single week….we know who will win the mvp and if america is the mvp we know who they will nominate…this mvp twist has made this the lamest season in a while


That’s the motto every season…


I voted 100 times for Amanda


that would be great for BB to put in a Pandora’s box while Aaryn is HOH and she gets something bad and the rest of the house gets good things. that would pay back the way she has been in the game she is a racist nothing will change that but giving her something bad while she is hoh would be a great thing for her.


Best thing is either to take one of her nominations away or force her to name two new nominations later in the week…Come on Ms. Gordner (??), we need you….


Amanda is playing too hard. they were in a spot where the rest of the house was feuding and they were sitting pretty. worrying about howard and spencer? cmon. not worth ruining your game over. Jeremy basically forgot to even blame him for switching votes on the MC.


Those polls not even make sense!


THey don’t need to just vote Dawg all day everyday


I Voted Dawg for Fav houseguest!!!!!! Go Dawg best BB Player of all Time Lmao

Jody H.

I voted Dawg as favorite house guest 🙂


Imagine if Amanda, Helen, and Judd went up against eachother as the final 3 noms. Oh, the chaos.


as katlin said last nite it’s only a game people some people on this site are just as nuts as elissa is . and aaryn maybe she is playing the game now don’t care for her butt she is getting better at talking to people.


she is 22yrs old just think of the stupid shit you guys have said or done when you where 22 like I said don’t like her but who are you too judge

Ex boyfriend

She’s 22 years old with a playboy playmate body. She’s going places, I say she will be Playboy Magazine’s Miss October. Aaryn hang in there and stay sweet. Can’t wait till you have your lips botox.


Ummm.. you do know that the statement “who are you to judge” is one of the most redundant statements around right? Think about it… you are judging us by saying that very statement. Besides… I’m the MF’ing antichrist and I can judge whoever the hell I want to… you want to stop me? -> Go become president and change the constitution.


She chose to be filmed 24 hours a day and expose herself to people judging and making comments just like the rest of them. And maybe you were making comments and acting like her at 22 that doesn’t mean everyone else is or does. This isn’t the Hunger Games were you were picked and have to go on the show and be exposed and filmed. Besides, she’ll have to deal with some backlash but she’ll be fine. People always have supporters and sympathizers. Or people like me who outside watching the show when it’s over doesn’t give a damn what she is or isn’t either way.


Jesse is a joke. Her game is just to buddy up with whomever the HOH is. She’s a waste of space in the house.

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Who? I almost forget she’s there, reminds me of the rocker girl from last season….can’t remember her name.






jess is playing a decent low key game

understated: avoiding obvious emphasis or embellishment, presented or expressed in a subtle and effective way


Anyone else get tired if house guests bringing up how religious they are and read the bible for strength. Then 5 min later they are lying and scheming to make money. Have they not watched BB and seen that saying how religious you are and then being a person that has no limits to what they will say and do to win never works out at all. So annoying to have Elissa and Howard preach about their religion and be complete scum bags to others.


This is my first season watching BB and I’m confused. Can someone explain what a Pandora’s Box is


thanks simon, that helps


Its not looking good for Howard this week but there is one scenario that could keep him in the house. America picks Elissa and she just goes crazy again. The house just gets so fed up that they decide to send her packing.

Cartoonist found dead in home. Details are sketchy.


Do you see how Aaryn said Howard cornered her? And is Simon’s previous post, she asked GM to be with her too talk to him. She mentions something like he was threatening and aggressive like a “heathen”. This girl is really afraid of black people.. black men especially. When has Howard ever yelled at anyone in the house? what has he done that makes him think he is so aggressive. He was so right in being calm over that bed flipping. People on this blog said Candace was being racist by saying that Howard as a big black man can’t be seen yelling at 3 white girls. SHE WAS RIGHT> Can you imagine what would have happened if he did. They fear him now, they might have been irreversibly traumatized if he did. Someone else also said Howard is a threat, he is a beast. What? What has he won? What has he done? They have given this man an unjust image in their minds. And Amanda is playing up on Aaryn’s racism and fears. I’m so disappointed in Helen. She looks like a liar and a damn fool. You made a deal with the devil. The women said stuff about asian, blacks, gays,….. and you’re in politics? How does it look that not only that you side with her but you have also started to spew her nonsense…” the black vote”. Not that many black people even watch this show. Aaryn & Amanda have used an old trick that all racist have employed over the years. Divide and Conquer. Use one group of minorities to take out or keep down another. And they dumb ones that fall for it, think they belong. They want to be a part of the majority so bad they will do anything. They never realize that once the mission has been accomplished that they are next. Good luck with that Helen.
Also Howard d& Candace best bet is to talk sense to GM. She knows Helen can’t be trusted. Believe it or not she will more likely see the picture and she and or Helen will be the only one that might be able to convince Aaryn. It still probably won’t work though. She hates Candace too much. These people are so bad at playing this game.
Amanda is an average player, playing with horrible players. I would love for her to come back in an all star season. She wouldn’t make it pass 3 weeks. And that’s me being generous.


If America votes Amanda to go up on the block as the 3rd nominee, I think that will give the rest of the HG an opportunity to reconsider their own positions and come to realize that Amanda, not Howard, not Spencer, not Candice, is the biggest threat and they will take advantage of the opportunity and vote her big butt out!! Let us Pray!


Aaryn opens up Pandora’s Box – duo twist begins!

Aaryn + GinaMarie (HoH)
Howard + Candace (Nom)
Jessie + Judd
McCrae + Amanda
Helen + Elissa (MVP Nom)
Andy + Spencer

Let the games begin!!

I coulda rocked the House

Hey Dawg,

Do You think BB realizes that the MVP twist was possibly a mistake from the onset ? And that a HouseGuest getting it again is pretty much a dead issue ?


Dawgs super busy so I’ll just chime in here. CBS probably had a backup plan for the twist. THey probably have a whole war chest of Pandora’s boxes planned out


For some reason I don’t think Amanda will make final 4, something will happen and as soon as Howard and Spencer are gone I think all eyes are going to be squarely on Amanda’s back. You’ve already heard Helen saying she doesn’t know if they’ll be able to get her ( Amanda) out. I half way feel Helen is letting Amanda get all this blood on her hands so she can come in and use someone else to take Amanda out. I think final 4 might end up being Hellen, Judd, Aaron and either Jessie or Andy. Anyone else see that, or am I just crazy?


Howard has one pitch and it’s unlikely to work, but it’s really his only shot.

He has to go to Aaryn and say that Amanda and McCrea have the house wired and that they control a majority, now she can do what they want and there will be no hard feelings, but she needs to at least do so with both eyes open. The people she’s helping are the same people that made her a pariah and treated her like she was always the bad guy. Amanda, Elissa, and Helen were the ringleaders in the “Hate Aaryn” club. They are same people who have nominated her and threatened to evict her for the last two weeks. They are the same people who evicted David, Nick, Jeremy, and Kaitlin. Helping them will buy you a few weeks most likely while they get me, Spencer, and Candice, but eventually, after you’re no longer useful to them, they will discard you. And when that time comes, will you go willingly? If you’re fine leaving at that point or sooner if the targets win veto, then nominate me and Spencer. Again there’s no hard feelings. But if there is even a little part of you that says when the time comes, when they no longer see you a somebody they can use, and you decide you want to fight, then you will look back on the HOH where you helped evict somebody who would have remained their first target, somebody who would be fighting for HOH’s in which you would never be nominated, and you will realize that you could have had somebody in the house who sees 4 people domineering and bullying everybody into submission, while their acolytes, scurry around tattling and making up stories to constantly vilify their targets…targets like you and me.

Now I’m not asking you to go to war with me or even publicly side with me. All I’m asking is that you make certain Elissa is one of the nominees. You can put me right up next to her or put Spencer and tell Amanda and McCrea you want to backdoor me in case I win veto, which is a strong likelihood. Just make sure Elissa is up in one of the chairs and myself and Spencer will work tirelessly to get her out for you. I’m not asking you to do anything that isn’t in your self-interest. I’m not coming after you and Spencer is not coming after you…but you know Elissa is coming after you. So why would you leave her around to do it. You know that as long as she is in the house, you will be her number 1 target. All I’m asking is for you to do what is best for your own game…not what’s is best for two people trying to run the house, the same people who spearheaded the evictions of David and Nick and Jeremy and Kaitlin. The same people who want me this week and will want you in a few weeks time.

If Howard has the feeling his fate is sealed and Candice is constantly making sure he knows he’s cooked and acting like he’s taking her with him, then he has to throw a Hail Mary and make some play that gives him a little bit of breathing room beyond veto and hope that either Elissa or the MVP’s 3rd nominee proves a more inviting and easier target.


What if Howard offer Aaryn a new alliance (Howard, Spenser, GM, Aaryn, Candice > recruit Elissa) and nominate Amanda and Helen. That’s 5 votes against 4. If mvp nominate GM again than it is 4 votes to 4, so she can send someone home personally because of the tie.

Let's not get emotional

Won’t work. Aaryn will NOT work with Candice. Vice Versa. Trust is by track record. Candice and Howard just don’t have it. One for lying and the other for crossing a line that should never be crossed. There’s a better party at Amanda’s house.

amanda sux

Ive never seen so many weak players..Ive also never seen so many players just happy to make it to jury..thats all that half of them talk about..they want their 13k..wake up and make this damn game interesting

amanda sux

BTW, amanda MIGHT make it far, but she wont win..Mccrae has a better chance


Put your likes and dislikes aside. Amanda wants Aaryn in F3. McDuck will be sacrificed. Amanda will carry Aaryn and someone else who she can beat ( Andy or GM ) to F3. Helen can’t stop it, Once Howard is gone it’s a boring game of falling dominoes. Judd is scared to death. Jessie may have a shot at turning the game by winning HOH around F7 orF8. Other than that…..NO HOPE….Bully Hog wins. I don’t like it either. SO WHAT?

amanda sux

i dont think amanda wikll ake final 3..once theres noone left but themsleves(like 6 or 7 of them), they will go amanda first, and she cant win any of the comps..she’ll finsh 5th or so..unless these clowns can spice things up, and do something sooner..what a yawn fest this will be if its superfriends just pickin off howard, spencer, gm, aaryn..ugggh, boring

Let's not get emotional

Like that idea. But more likely that Andy and Judd will carry through.


Candice has been very good at seeing the true state of the house. Unfortunately for her, seeing through the game is not the same thing as winning it.

I coulda rocked the House

Should be an interesting few days I think if You want Elissa out and You don’t do it this week, You screwed up


Canice has an obsession with Amanda. Seriously. Now on the feeds she telling everyone amandavwas MVP, Amanda started the Kaitlin alliance rumor, etc etc.

She needs a new dead horse to beat.


Dawg or Simon…… you think the evicted houseguests ever come to a site like this and make comments ? I was just wonderin’………….


I think CBS should just take a Mulligan and make each of these players compete with a hungry, energetic outsider for his/her spot in the house. “Big Brother 15: The Replacements”


simon i heard alot of people saying they vote for amanda 100 times ,10 times to go on the block in i just did vote for her if she dont go up what that tell us in why is we voting for what you think

Butters Mom

If Aaryn puts up Spenser and Howard and America puts up Amanda…… and Howard is able to take himself off the block with the veto… it would be awesome if the house convinced Aaryn to put up McCrae as the replacement so that one of the duo would go home. Im tired of the Amanda/McCrae showmance…. its getting old them being in the HOH every week and Amanda couldnt possibly be more full of herself. I’d love to see Elissa go home this week but I think I would like to see Amanda or McCrae go first. I cant stand any of these people …. I wish Aaryn was an independent thinker instead of a sheep. Im sick of these sheep! What happened to strategic players in this game?! None of these people are playing a strategic game! Amanda needs to win HOH and put up her own nominations and sleep in the bed she is assigned to for the week. I do not understand her moving in on the HOH every single week! That mattress should be burned! I hope Rachel or Jessie do show up in a pandoras box and torment Aaryn for a good 3 hours … I hope she tortures them back though because I cant stand Rachel or Jessie either for that matter. She should cuss the whole time she’s with them so they have no air time of the pandoras box to show. lol


Please tell me that Tenisha is a past big brother houseguest. If not that was clearly a racial jab. Not called for Amanda.Wow!!!


aren’t ppl getting tired of hating on amanda on these boards? when is that going to get old?! let’s say she is up for this week’s mvp nom (which i seriously doubt, i bet itll be gm, elissa or spencer), and she doesn’t get voted out (which she won’t), will you guys give it a rest then? i cant even tell who ppl like bc they are so busy hating on amanda. from the poll, elissa and howard have the top spots, which makes NO sense to me as elissa is crazy and has the worst social game ever and howard is basically leaving this week or the next if he wins veto… i don’t see howard as a good game player at all, no one remotely trusts him.

i just don’t get it.

Let's not get emotional

100% agree. Most of these are shareholders of the now bankrupt – Moving Company. I asked Jeremy to give them a call.

anchovy yoghurt

I bet Julie Chan is getting ti red of bringing that bowl of rice to the set for Aaryn every thursday.


Bye bye Howie, grab your bible and start praying


tired of hearing broken record: “this is the worst season ever” ‘these are the worst players ever” “production is rigging everything” “houseguests are drones.”
how many times are people going to repeat these comments? in future just post “A” for comment 1, “B” for comment 2, “C” for comment 3 and “D” for comment 4.


I wish someone would make a youtube of the convo in the HOH today. Amanda is vile. She suggests that it’s good that there are no sharp objects in the house with people like Candice. Now she says Candice has greasy nappy hair. She claims Candice is using her race and basically it’s Candice’s fault that Aaryn said stuff she said. If CBS does not start showing Amanda’s true colors there will be alot of people believing she is already chosen to win this season. If they are willing to show Elissa’s stupid comments about her one piece then they should show Amanda’s comments as well. It’s so obvious they want Elissa to look bad and Amanda to look like an angel. Well done CBS! At least Elissa hasn’t threatened anyone’s life.

Let's not get emotional

You are misinformed. Amanda found out that Candice asked that Aaryn put up MC/Amanda. This was after Amanda told Aaryn(HOH) Week 2 to stop her racist rampage and the week after stood up to Aaryn when she flipped Candice’s bed. In that context, Amanda is now saying that Candice had a hand in stoking Aaryn’s behavior. That’s Amanda’s way of saying to Candice – ‘well I guess you forgot when I was on your side.’