Candice says Howie and I have decided to play separate games we can’t advocate for each other any more, it’s too hard.

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12:20pm In the lounge – Helen asks Candice and Elissa if we can all work together to stay in the house. Helen says I would shoot myself in the head if you guys left. I really love you guys. Candice says that me and Howie have decided to play separate games. He doesn’t want to protect me and I can’t protect him. So we are just going to play separate games. We will still hang out with with each other but we aren’t together in the game. Candice brings her conversation with Aaryn this morning. Elissa asks if Aaryn mentioned me? Candice says no. Helen says we just need to make sure Spencer goes home. Candice says Howie and I just cant advocate for each other any more it’s too hard. Helen says that she is so glad she said that and knows how hard that must be to do. Candice says that it is just too hard, it stresses me out and puts a target on my back. I know the people who stick together don’t make it to the end. I know that he is a good guy and that he wouldn’t play me. Elissa says I just think that I want to work with the girls, we need to stick together. They talk about how they can’t really work with Jessie because she switches to the power each week. Helen says Candice you need to win HOH and back door Amanda. The one thing that Amanda does is control McCrae. Candice doesn’t think so and says that Amanda is a beast and McCrae isn’t. Helen asks Elissa when you find out you are MVP, do they put something under the couch and tell you? Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back, Candice asks how would she (Amanda) know they put something under the sofa? Big Brother cuts the feeds again. When the feeds come back, Elissa asks do you think Howie was the MVP? Candice says no, I know when he is lying. Big Brother cuts the feeds again. When they come back Candice is talking about thinking Amanda was MVP. They continue to speculate on who could and couldn’t be the MVP last week. Andy joins them and they talk about Kaitlin.
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12:45pm Candice starts crying. Helen and Elissa comfort her. Helen says it is just going to get harder and harder every time someone leaves. Helen says when you leave Andy I am going to ball my eyes out. Helen laughs. Andy tells Candice to stop crying, you are going to make me cry. Andy asks what’s wrong. Candice says Howie and I are just going to play our own games. We will still snuggle and stuff but we can’t try and protect each other. We just have a good friendship and I don’t want to ruin that. We just can’t fight each others battles. My personality is to protect someone over myself and if I had to do that I would end up self-evicting. Spencer joins them.


12:50pm – 1:10pm Helen starts crying about how traumatized she was by the things Jeremy did to her and how she wanted to win HOH so bad to get him out. He lit my fire and made me memorize that stuff so that I could win. Spencer says it was poetic justice that you won that one to get him out. Helen and Elissa leave. Candice tells Spencer that she didn’t throw him or Gina under the bus. I didn’t say that. Spencer says I know and even if you did I would understand that you were trying to protect Howard. Candice says it wasn’t me I hadn’t even talked to anyone yet. Spencer hugs Candice and says they are good. Spencer leaves to take a nap. Candice tells Andy about her conversation with Aaryn this morning. I am not about to blow up or make a scene. Andy says good, you have to. There are so many times that I have to bite my tongue. Andy asks if he can trust Howie? I feel like can but he just worries me some times. Andy says that he has asked me to leave a room some times. Candice says he does that to me too, he has dismissed me 3 times now and we had a fight about. I told him that if he does it again I would dismiss him. Candice says Howie is a really good man but he is a worrier and gets paranoid. Candice says that she told Howard you don’t get to dismiss me, we sleep with each other. He isn’t a malicious or schemey fu*k, he’s not like that. Andy agrees.


1:15pm – 1:25pm Up in the HOH room – Aaryn is talking about a perfume she brought in that she loves and Candice asked about it and started spraying it all over herself. Amanda says she is so inconsiderate! Aaryn makes a mocking voice and says you’re so inconsiderate! Amanda says fu*king Candice! I just want to KILL HER! McCrae tells Amanda to Shhh. Andy comes up and tells them that Candice was crying. They ask Andy why she was crying. Andy tells them that she and Howie decided to play separate games. Amanda says you have been a bit*h c**t face the entire time!! I don’t feel bad at all! They talk about how Spencer is following them around. The conversation turns to talking about Sex and the City. Amanda says that she is just like Samantha.

1:35pm – 1:55pm Up in the HOH room Amanda says since Candice is the one always calling people racist, every time she mentions my name we should ask if it’s because I am a Jew. She asks what’s that word? McCrae says anti-Semitic. Aaryn says I like to say gay and I know its wrong but I am part gay on Fridays. I’m part lesbian. so I can’t be homophobic. Amanda says she is, she likes to scissor me. They talk about jury and McCrae wonders if it will be a 9 person jury. Amanda says so this would be the last person out before jury. Andy says yeah or 3 more for a 7 person jury. Amanda says I want Howard, Spencer and Candice out first so they aren’t in jury. The conversation turns to talking about who they want and don’t want on their havenot teams. No one wants Spencer, Candice or Ginamarie on their teams. Amanda says I fu*king hate Spencer, he is so misogynistic. Aaryn gets called to the diary room. The other say here we go! (They think the havenot competition will start soon as Aaryn is the host.) The others talk about wanting it to be a luxury competition. Aaryn comes back up and says not yet. Amanda says Ah .. I just wish I could throw things at Candice. I am just going to be like this all day. Jessie says I am glad you feel this way. Amanda complains that Candice took her headband “She took it and put it on her greasy nappy a$$ hair head without asking.”

2pm The live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the Have / HaveNot Competition..

3pm Still TRIVIA..

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164 thoughts on “Candice says Howie and I have decided to play separate games we can’t advocate for each other any more, it’s too hard.

    1. Candice needs to STFU about Howard and get her mind in the game for herself ’cause Howie is a sinking ship at this point plus I don’t even think he likes her as much as she loves him infact didn’t he talk bad about her in the past. Candice was being smart before she started messing with him and now she’s a huge target for trying to help some guy that isn’t even interested in her and I won’t be surprised if he throws her under the bus this week to Aaryn just to save himself.

      1. Who but Howard knows how he feels about Candace?! He seems to care genuinely, but so what. What’s relevant here is that Howard, Spencer and Candace need to start winning HOH/Veto competitions. Who really wants to be a part of an alliance where your allies just don’t win competitions. (Besides Amanda, of course, who instead just keeps a steady stream of allies, banking on one of them winning comps, since she doesn’t. Hence, her new bestie, Aaryn.)

    2. Oh how i love sweet justice=Americas the 3rd nominee, poor u Amanda u dont know whats abt to hit you. #BAM

  1. When will somebody nut up & tell McrAnda to get the hell out their HOH bed !! I hope 1 of those 2 get MVP nominee just to cause chaos in the house..

    1. No Amanda, its not Candice, its you who are the stupid f***king c**t face! Racist b***h. She is such a pathetic excuse for a person.

      1. I agree with you 100% butterscotch. Also, is anybody else disgusted with her rampage of Candice and her saying she is pissed off because Candice put her head band on her “greasy ass na??y head”? That comment was so disgusting and out of line. I can’t believe she said that and she’s the one that told Aaryn to tone down her racial slurs. Her comments are disgusting, just like she is.

      2. I agree with you 100% butterscotch. Also, is anybody else disgusted with her rampage of Candice and her saying she is pissed off because Candice put her head band on her “greasy ass na??y head”? That comment was so disgusting and out of line. I can’t believe she said that and she’s the one that told Aaryn to tone down her racial slurs. Her comments are disgusting, just like she is.

    1. Candice wakes up one night, notices Howie is not in the bed and goes looking for him. Then she finds him in Aaryn’s HOH bed giving her the goods! ZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIINNNGGG!!!!

    2. That would be fun and paranoia starts all over again. Best scenario that can happen Sunday I cannot wait. She has not been in the block anyways altough she is going to be safe anyway. Make her feel how it is to be in the block. Helen. Elissa and Candice, Aryan, Jessie and Gina all have been in the block. Time for Amanda to be nominated by America.

    3. Amanda so far:

      1. Manipulated the house to Keep Elissa – Week 1
      2. Flipped the house to vote Nick out/Keep Elissa – Week 2
      3. Dismantled Moving Company
      4. Spanked Aaryn as HOH for her racist remarks – Week 2
      5. Stood up for Candice when Aaryn flipped her bed
      6. Warned Helen that Howard cannot be trusted – Week 3
      7. Howard lies and votes against Helen’s HOH – Week 3
      8. Demanding and Loud and has a target on her back.
      9. Andy tells SF Amanda is one thing – ‘Loyal’
      10 . Helen now agrees Amanda is loyal – ‘Let’s ditch Elissa my current F2!
      11. Aaryn – ‘Amanda will protect me’
      12. Has overcome Elissa’s campaign to put her on the block with MC

      Andy is currently the best player with no target on his back – but mostly because he is willing to go all-in on Amanda’s coat tails. Amanda won’t get to the final 4, but the woman will fight to get you there. I guess you’re fixated on no. 8. Can’t help you there.

      1. Did you just make some of this stuff up? The Moving Co. wanted David out week 1 with the exception of Jermey. Amanda didnt out the Moving CO. they did it themselves to Helen and Mcrea finally told a clueless Amanda. As far as Amanda pretending to be this strong woman who wont let people around her be bullied and racially insulted and intimidated is a farce. Just read the last five posts and her comments within. She is a hippo-crit she has made racial comments herself and has probably a dirtier mouth than Spencer who she claims insults her with his choice of words. Shes as fake as her chest!!

    4. I’ve used all 10 of my votes on Amanda. She won’t leave this week but each week America gets to vote, I’m using all 10 votes on her.

    5. I vote for Amanda!! For more drama in the house, and was it necessary for her to call Candice hair nappy? What was the point in that?

  2. I find it sort of hilarious that production obviously reinstated the America as MVP twist so that we could all have the satisfaction of nominating Aaryn and then it completely backfires when she wins HOH…want to bet they’ll do it again next week since she can’t compete?

  3. You don’t get to dismiss me. We sleep together.
    Rabbit boiling in pot with slop balls on the side.

    1. Helen sez she can’t work with Jessie because she switches to the power every week. WHAAAT!? She has voted exactly like YOU.

  4. Am I the only one who read this and immediately think that this is a game by Candoward to throw people off and try to avoid elimination? LOL

    I can’t wait to see how easily people read through this…..

  5. Sorry, but I’m not buying it. Candice will always try to protect Howard. That’s just the way it’s gonna be.

    Sidenote: From what I’ve been reading, Amanda will definitely be the 3rd nominee this week:) And if she’s not, production definitely intervened. Which wouldn’t be a surprise, bc any true BB fan knows that they do.

    1. Hardcore fans may have disgust for Amanda but there are just as many casual fans that hate Elissa for her obvious lack of ability to control her inner thoughts on her facial expressions and actions. She looked like she was going to cry before she even rolled the ball and saw Aaryn as high score. Elissa going up as America s nominee would cause more trouble then Amanda going up.

    2. All the women in this house are caddy bitches. Not one of them is any better then the other. Each waits til another is not around to talk trash. That’s why I don’t understand the men working closer together to let the women tear each other apart over jealousy and overall spite

      1. I know, these women drive me nuts!!!!! Just play the game everyone and stop acting like mean girls!! I also can’t stand the “I love you fests” when they kiss and make up.

    3. I hope you’re right, but I doubt it.. America will ake the bring route again and elissa will hands down be the 3rd nominee..which will be just as boring as GM last week..

    4. I am a “True BB fan” and I did not vote for Amanda.

      Honestly I just don’t get all the Amanda hate here.
      Out of everyone in that house she is the least annoying to me (and most entertaining).
      If she leaves the house I can not even imagine the feeds, having to listen to the rest of these people yapping.
      I would probably wait for Andy to slide through a wall and then turn my volume back up, because
      he makes me laugh at least.

      Usually I am in sync with most on OBB, this year I feel like the oddball.
      (OK last year I could not stand Frank, that was a 50/50 thing though).

      PS- Can any of you deny outside of her Howard obsession, she is playing one of the best games?
      She gets shit DONE.

      1. I Voted for Amanda because I think it will cause the most drama in the house more than any other houseguest, i don’t think she will leave the house this week, it will just be fun to see how she reacts to being on the block. It will be good TV if she does, can’t wait!!!!

    5. Just a word of caution. Twitter and Forums are not good gauges for who will be evicted. Lambert vs Allen AI. Lambert had WAYYYYYY more volume but came in second. Twitter and forums tend to be the most passionate fans, but that doesn’t mean they have the greater numbers. Elissa was a bit of a jerk, so you have to remember there may be new fans watching every week that aren’t fantards.

      1. Thank you for stating the obvious. Next you will be telling us the sky is blue. I can’t wait for your weather report.

  6. Production brought the america as mvp twists cuz they liked the drama of the house guests not able to figure out who the mvp was

  7. Why is Candice not discussing with Helen and Elissa that Aaryn stated to her that Aaryn’s deal was with Helen and Elissa. Aaryn was putting the target on them with Candice (even while admitting that Amanda has her). Candice could then point out the irony of Aaryn being used to put up Howard &/or Candace after Aaryn being involved in the racist comments. That if America is aware of the events of the first couple of weeks then America would be upset and be against those (Helen and Elissa) that endorse the move.
    On second thought Candice needs to have this conversation with Elissa and not Helen. Elissa would not want to be associated with that perception.

    1. you are right, but they are all stupid. She could also used that argument with Aaryn. I would tell Aaryn, you are perceived as the racist in the house. you now know that. So why would you let Amanda make you be the one to evict one of the minorities who have done nothing to you. I would tell her that Amanda is setting her up and has called her racist herself. Now of course Aaryn’s extreme prejudice and mistrust of black people will not allow her to believe Candice but its a valid argument.

      by the way, what do you think is under the couch?

      1. It is for those reasons it needs to be presented to Elissa. And Elissa is relentless (she needs to be focused by Candice). Aaryn would use it as ammunition against Candice.

  8. Amanda is going off on the feeds right now. being very disrespectful talking about Candice in the HOH room. for people saying that this is game play, that’s not true in this case. Amanda is being very vile, personal and disgusting. I’m all for players trying to get leverage, but this is classless. Amanda has serious issues outside of this game, and she is showing everyone how disturbed in real life she really is.

    1. Production will never show her true side. And even if Sher’s voted to go up as the 3rd nom, production will change it to GM like they did last week.

    2. Let’s not get emotional says:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      July 26, 2013 at 2:26 pm
      Amanda so far:

      1. Manipulated the house to Keep Elissa – Week 1
      2. Flipped the house to vote Nick out/Keep Elissa – Week 2
      3. Dismantled Moving Company
      4. Spanked Aaryn as HOH for her racist remarks – Week 2
      5. Stood up for Candice when Aaryn flipped her bed
      6. Warned Helen that Howard cannot be trusted – Week 3
      7. Howard lies and votes against Helen’s HOH – Week 3
      8. Demanding and Loud and has a target on her back.
      9. Andy tells SF Amanda is one thing – ‘Loyal’
      10 . Helen now agrees Amanda is loyal – ‘Let’s ditch Elissa my current F2!
      11. Aaryn – ‘Amanda will protect me’
      12. Has overcome Elissa’s campaign to put her on the block with MC
      13. Candice telling Aaryn that she needs to put up MC/Amanda
      14. Amanda Working on Candice and Being LOUD.

      Andy is currently the best player with no target on his back – but mostly because he is willing to go all-in on Amanda’s coat tails. Amanda won’t get to the final 4, but the woman will fight to get you there. I guess you’re fixated on no. 8 and 14. Can’t help you there.

  9. “Amanda says she is so inconsiderate!”

    Pot, meet tea kettle, and reverse.

    .”Amanda says that she is just like Samantha.”

    So now she’s admitting to being a influential nymphomaniac whore? Shocker

    1. I’m surprised she said she was like Samantha, but I agree she is like that character. That’s probably something you want to holster and not divulge.

        1. I’m remembering how Samantha would speak about men. Considering what Spencer has said about women, wouldn’t that be like saying he was proud of who he was?

          1. I guess Samantha didn’t have to worry about her boyfriend listening to everything she was saying while having a comos with her 3 girlfriends?!

            1. If Samantha had a boyfriend, the coarse words coming out of her mouth would be the last thing he cared about. Actually, he wouldn’t care about any words coming out of her mouth.

    2. Samantha from Sex and the City was a powerful, influential, nymphomaniac whore, and Amanda just said she was like her….

      1. I don’t remember the powerful and influential elements of Samantha, but I remember the foul mouth and slut behavior.

  10. I called it on the last thread, Hellen trying to get someone on the other side to blindside Amanda. I kind of like Amanda, but I just don’t see her making it all the way.

  11. This season has to go down as the most hated cast EVER. I have never seen so many hateful people on BB. I hope every single one of these hateful people has repercussions from their actions inside the house.

    Jessie has just stepped to the head of the list of biggest floater of the season. She has now jumped sides at least twice. Andy is a total douche. Amanda is a dirty, nasty, spiteful, controlling witch. McCrae is a weak follower. Spencer is a nasty woman hater…wouldn’t want him even near my worst female enemy. Helen – what a disappointment. Aaryn – there are just no words to just how dark her soul is. GM – the excuse that she is Jersey is old and so is she – another spiteful, hateful woman. Judd has shown that he is not as much of a stand up guy as I thought. Candice-I feel for her and appreciate her loyalty. Elissa-while she has had some cray cray moments, I cannot imagine what it must have been like for her the first 2-3 weeks in that house-I can see where it would push yout limits. Howard – cannot figure him out.

    1. Not all Jersey girls are like GM. She gives NY/NJ a bad name!!!!

      I do agree with everything else! I loathe them all!!!!

  12. That house and the show will be much better as soon as they get rid of Amanda. I find her to be more vile than even Aaryn she is the biggest floater in the house and I hope she ends up as the third nominee.

    1. Please, the show would be so Boring if Amanda wasn’t there, it would be superfriends, snuggle bodies, more elissa going nuts and forgetting how to play and more Spencer’s talking about Jessie vjj!

  13. Anyone else notice how ugly amanda get’s behind people’s back depending on who’s in power(see first week).
    Can’t wait till evil Aaryn re-emerges, this happens when she’s in power.

    1. Evil Aaryn will DEFINITELY be coming back out this week. Amanda will make sure of that. She is taking over the spot that GM once held with Aaryn. Amanda is egging her on, stroking her ego and fully supporting everything Aaryn is saying (to her face….behind her back, maybe not). I think Amanda is showing her real personality but she is also smart enough to use this behavior to her advantage. Someone else in that house needs to start playing this game!!!

      1. Amanda mirrors the sentiments of the room to garner loyalty. A tactic that we see a few others utilizing…Andy, Judd. “We’re on the same page.”

  14. Stfu Amanda haters! She’s plying the best game in the house! Stupid delusional Amanda haters need the STTFUUUUUU

    1. 100% agree with you! It’s getting really ridiculous, she is playing a good game.

      @Julie rice bowl, the wiener joke made my day! LOL

    2. shes disgusting…and she just tries to bully everyone..thats not playin a great game..she wont win, gurantee,

    3. I went from Amanda being my favorite BB HG to being on the fence (and highly annoyed by her broken record Howard campaign and MC showmance) to just now being a full blown Amanda “hater” with the “greasy nappy hair” comment…..this cast is just disgusting; game or no game I would never let the bigotry that has gone on this season slide. Where were these ignorant, small-minded idiots raised where it is appropriate to make negative commentary based on a person’s ethnic features or cultural or sexual differences….if my friend, child, co-worker was on this show behaving this way I would be humiliated. And I was hoping Aryan’s mother would have ripped her a new one in her HoH letter…I am not one of those fan’s that gets on the forums to complain about HG lying or backstabbing (that’s the name of the game) however I think you can strategically play this game without the klansperson rhetoric thats gone on this season..

  15. Elissa and Candice for final 2..they are the only ones worthy of winning.

    This cast is so racist and nasty, just so unlikeable that it’s hard to even root for people this season. Amanda is just as nasty a bitch as Aryan Nation – i can’t WAIT for her to go home.. she’s like a butch lesbian who tries hard to pretend she’s not. The whole relationship with McCrae is really gross and disgusting.

    I was so glad Elissa expressed everything others were thinking..Amanda looked ridiculous in that outfit.. Even McCrae didn’t say she looked sexy or cute LOL.. he’s previously expressed that he’s scared of her… what kind of relationship is that??

    Amanda was determined to get into a showmance and I think thats why she hates Howard so much is because he never compliments or looks at her, despite her delusional mind thinking otherwise. Everyone in that house shot her down but McCrae.. and he knows that he must get it where he can.

  16. Amanda is disgusting. Notice that she is just filling in the spot GM once held with Aaryn??? Making fun of people, being mean, throwing out ignorant and stupid comments, etc. She is just as vile as the others but is a master a spinning things in her favor. I just want someone to call her out. Howard is a non factor. Why is Amanda so hard up on getting him out? He has done nothing and has no alliance. Unless she is afraid of the big Howard/Spencer power alliance (<—sarcasm). Can production PLEASE give Amanda a real edit instead of the nicey nice crap?!! They finally gave Elissa one, clearly they are done with her, she has served her purpose. Will we get the "real" Amanda when it is just she and McCrea sitting in the house?

    1. Let’s not get emotional says:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      July 26, 2013 at 2:26 pm
      Amanda so far:

      1. Manipulated the house to Keep Elissa – Week 1
      2. Flipped the house to vote Nick out/Keep Elissa – Week 2
      3. Dismantled Moving Company
      4. Spanked Aaryn as HOH for her racist remarks – Week 2
      5. Stood up for Candice when Aaryn flipped her bed
      6. Warned Helen that Howard cannot be trusted – Week 3
      7. Howard lies and votes against Helen’s HOH – Week 3
      8. Demanding and Loud and has a target on her back.
      9. Andy tells SF Amanda is one thing – ‘Loyal’
      10 . Helen now agrees Amanda is loyal – ‘Let’s ditch Elissa my current F2!
      11. Aaryn – ‘Amanda will protect me’
      12. Has overcome Elissa’s campaign to put her on the block with MC

      Andy is currently the best player with no target on his back – but mostly because he is willing to go all-in on Amanda’s coat tails. Amanda won’t get to the final 4, but the woman will fight to get you there. I guess you’re fixated on no. 8. Can’t help you there.

        1. C, Jeremy says he’s looking for you. He’s sorry you lost all your 401k money on the Moving Company. He promises to pay you back ;)

    2. I tend to believe much along the lines of your comments.

      I’d like to mention to all the folks here who say Amanda’s playing a great game…..really? You won’t know til she’s under real pressure whether her game holds up! As a person she is a vile racist troll. I had to give her 1 positive comment! :P :P Her fans won’t know if she’s any good until it’s her butt potentially getting evicted. Then do even Andy and Judd stay loyal to the goof troop? Those 2 are the real wild cards that are hooked into basically everyone at the moment.

      With the apparent production loves Amanda edit she may get the 500K if twists are introduced to save her as needed. If she is nominated as MVP nom that isn’t pressure as she clearly is in no danger based on votes. The danger will be between her ears.

      As you stated production is done with Ellisa and she likely won’t be on the jury of her own choosing to be back with her family. Lets getthis double evict plus 1 done at get to the jury before the audience decides to take the summer of Big Racist Brother off and go to the beach.

    3. BB15 LETDOWN, Jeremy’s looking for you. He’s sorry you invested all your money on the Moving Company. He’s for good it. He has a F2 deal with Amanda ;)

    1. polarizing..u ever love her or hater her guts..i hate her.. im sick of CBS giving her a good edit every week..shes disgusting but all you see on the show is her stupid one liners in the diary room

    2. Easy, she only has around 13% support. That leaves 87% that could dislike her. My theory is that if she were a male she would be well liked. People still have problems with a dominant female.

  17. Amanda is obviously over the top mad but Candice was trying to trow them both under the bus to somebody she really wanted out, who is friend with Amanda and right after making a deal with Amanda herself! I really think it was the worst move to do for candice… Stop freaking crying about “Howie”, that never included you in his game anyway and get your head in the game!! She basically just want to make sure the two of them will having a nice little vacation in the jury house! So lame!!

    1. They are not making jury, based on current plans.
      If I was any woman in that house I would be pleading for Spencer to go first. I could not imagine listening to him express all the thoughts and ideas he has relative to woman. His behaviour would be ramped up in jury.

    1. i almost expect Paula Deen to be in this HOH room leading this Klan meeting

      Amanda should be expelled for her threats against Candice..this girl hardly talks to her but the hate that Amanda is spewing is breaking the rules of this game. THAT would be a great twist for the house to figure out.. and I hope they let them know why she was kicked off … for those others to just sit there while Amanda spews all this racist hatred, makes them the same as she is. Vile and disgusting.

  18. is it just me or is Amanda being , acting and saying racial things also .. and not one person has said a thing…. Amanda is a good player but I feel there is no need for her to talk the way she does .. she is one nasty racist person and those that don’t see that are blind… and turning a deaf ear. I once liked her game play now I totally hate it .. no other word to describe how horrific that girl is .. and would I buy I house from her .. yes for fear she would beat the crap out of me if I don’t or spread awful rumors. …

  19. I am so sick of Amanda and her evilness. She is the true racist of the show and even said she was. I mean seriously she keeps saying things like ‘can we stone her’ or ‘I want to harpoon her’? She has a sick mind and doesn’t deserve to win shit.

    1. Amanda stood up for Candice when Arryn flipped her bed. Amanda told Aaryn OFF on her racist comments on Week 2! Candice just told Aaryn to put up MC/Amanda. What is wrong with you? Let the woman VENT!

      1. Amanda stood up for Jessie…not Candace. And her race talk with Aaryn was about covering her own ass for the racist things she said. As we’ve seen with her campaign to paint Howard as having created the race issue and now the “greasy, nappy hair” comment, there’s no doubt that she’s a far worse racist than Aaryn, who seems to me more a case of an ignorant and sheltered 20 year old, who likely has been raised by racists and simply parrots what she heard growing up. Amanda is no kid. She’s just a racist.

      2. Amanda didnt stand up for Candice she was defending Jessie and just happened to mention that the show + Candice and Howard were trying to portray Aaryn as racist. How is blaming the blacks on the show for pulling a race card defending them. The only difference between Aaryn and Amanda is Amanda is better at hiding her racism. Or atleast up untill now because it beginning to spill from mouth any time she around someone who shares her views.

        1. both comments above – amanda didnt stand up for jessie – she was fishing for mvp votes by going against aaryn knowing it would make the cbs edit

          at that stage when fake amanda charged in, jess had already put the mean crew and jeremy in their place

  20. I made a comment on the first day of BB Online this summer that this season is not even remotely about gameplay. This has been a high school popularity contest since day 1. The way they flock to the HOH as soon as they win and the next week that person is non-existent. Its too late for this season to turn around because the wheels are already in motion. Candice and Howard have officially given up and Elissa has no more power since BB took the MVP away from her. I hope no1 on BB Online believes that casting your votes actually matters??… Production gave it to her 2 weeks in a row because that was the time in which everyone wanted her out for being Rachel’s sister, but all of a sudden now America wants to put her up??? The producers nominated her last week hoping she would win veto and keep anyone from saving Kaitlyn. Too many people on BB Online consider back chatting and classless name calling and ethnic slurs gameplay. Sorry its just childish, pointless garbage. Amanda saying she wants to kill people and punch people and calling people fu….. c..ts and Nappy hair! What type of gameplay and strategy is that?? Aaryn can joke about “All The Black Fish Are Gone Because I’m Racist”… I’m just venting because I waited a whole year to enjoy BB US and it has been a very big disappointment and the fact this cast is full of grown adults and they are condoning foolish behaviour and personal attacks to just make it to jury is just really sad. DONNIE said it best. This is a jury season and not a championship season. I welcome anyone to challenge my thesis…….. :)

    1. I have cancelled my live feed subscription and also attached an e-mail detailing the ‘story’ that has been leaked that Alison Grodner and Amanda Zuckerman are aquainted (maybe very closely). I told them I would no longer support a fraudulent corporation. Unfortunately (for me), I have been ‘sucked in’ the this twilight zone of a season and will still watch. I sincerely hope I turn out to be wrong but I think Amanda will win.

  21. People have been saying that they didn’t think Amanda was racist. She is letting it out more & more & more. McCrea was so quick to call Aaryn a bigot, and rightfully so. But what about Amanda……. her greasy nappy a** head? No it’s not the worst that she has said but her racist real is adding up. If BB doesn’t show this, then they might have it in the bag for her. They almost must fix the game in the favor of the minorities to win for them to save face. BB franchise is in trouble. If there is a seao0n next year, they are going to have to give the HG’s so serious rules and of course, better casting.

  22. . Amanda complains that Candice took her headband “She took it and put it on her greasy nappy a$$ hair head without asking.” Quoted by Amanda.

    This is why I don’t like Amanda. She is the kinda B%#€h that if around racist people in power will join in. Everyone forgets or pretends to forget that she was part the same conversations were Aaryn was making the slurs. She laughed and added her input. Again, that’s ws when Aaryn was in power the first time. She the most dangerous type because hers is hidden. For her to even say that the previous things that have bn are not racist and that the only blacks in the house started the “racist” talk shows you that she is as well. I bet if anyone of those non white houseguest were going around calling whites Krackers, Hunkees, discussing redneck trash, etc….they would be offended and call it reverse racism. I am normally a none violent person but I want Candice to give them a greasy nappy azz whooping for all the Sista. Even one of those girls can kick Candice butt. And I guarantee never will go toe to toe with her. They will just say stuff behind her back. Those B$&@hes are not even on your level Candice but you need to put them in their place and show real “ghetto”.

    1. …so it’s OK for YOU to say Candice can show real Ghetto but if Aaryn, Gina, Elissa, or Amanda says it, It’s not OK. BTW what is real Ghetto? What is that? You are no better.

      1. @My Name Is, is me saying ghetto racist? I hope so, because I was quoting Aaryn when SHE said Candice was ghetto. So you damn right I can say it. It’s called being sarcastic. If they don’t want to be referred to as racist stop saying racist things. They created the drama, not Candice, not Helen, not Howard or America.

  23. as annoying as helen is she is the most likely to win this game. she literally has no blood on her hands and she is letting amanda do all the scheming just to stab her in the back when the opportunity presents itself. she has ellisa and candace wrapped around fingers and is in a very good position with amanda and aaryn. the war between ellissa and amanda will soon begin and regardless of the outcome helen will be sitting pretty.

    1. She has little hope of winning. She is not playing that well, and it is clearly being taken away from her by the Amanda/McCrea duo. If she wanted to win she would not be wanting to get Howard out and ensure he stick around to help her a bit (if not only to be a target) and get him to Jury.

  24. Oh Lord, Amanda referred to her OWN hair as nappy in the bathroom the other day!

    I’ve heard the term ‘nappy’ hair used all my life and not until today did I hear it is a racist term? How can hair be racist? Obviously if Amanda called her own hair nappy, she doesn’t think of it as a racial term either. Get off your high horses.

    1. Aaryn, is that you?

      I suppose it would only be racist if she called her a dirty, smelly n****r. Maybe if you read a little more, study up on your history, then you’d realize what Amanda said ether equaled or surpassed the racism of Aaryn at her worst.

      I can’t wait to see how CBS protects her (and Helen) and completely hides this and how she campaigned against Howard claiming he started the racism stuff in the house. If sponsors and CBS advertisers are paying even a little attention this will be the end of Big Brother.

    2. it’s a negative term. Most educated black people do not use the term anymore. Also some white people call themselves n*gg*r too. So if those same white people called a black person that, would that make it ok?

    3. @Jessielle, it’s the context of which it is said, not necessary the words. It’s like you playfully calling your friend a”B&$ch. However, your enemy calling you a trashy B$&!ch is not the same. It was said to be derogatory and hateful. Just because she called her on her nappy doesn’t not make statement not hurtful. And by the way Amanda called her hair nappy as a putdown, therefore, she knows the word is meant to be hurtful. What if Candice had said, I hate Amanda with her stank kippah/beanie wearing cheap azz. That would be a racially offense.

  25. just thought of a bright side for having aaryn be HOH. with amanda egging her on, she’ll dig her hole even deeper regarding media backlash when she is kicked out. also now hoping for amanda to be the 3 HG to be fired from their job due to comments.

    btw, thanx to dawg and simon. i will not watch the televised episodes and will rely on your website for any info. in fact, i hope all the HG check out your website when they get out to find the truth about themselves and the other HGs.

  26. I was an Amanda fan once, that was long ago though… She does have this superiority complex thing going on. I’m really curious if she’ll drop the antisemetic card on Candace.

    On the opposite side, Candice needs to stfu and let the Amanda thing go.

    I wish Spence won last night, power shift with a bad beard.

  27. Whoever you are Jessielle?? You are delusional!! Your either delusional or totally nieve!! Listen to the crap coming out of Amanda’s mouth and the context in which she is using the term nappy!! You would fit in perfectly in the BB house this season. Condoning that uneducated trash!

  28. Wow Amanda Greasy a$$ Napp a$$ hair wow her true colors are on display I wonder if they are going to continue to give her a good edit ( I am of Mixed race I cannot believe how much race has been an ongoing issue its never been this bad in the house) Production better get ahold of it somehow Ive watched since the beginning and all these racial issues are really turning me off I have the Live Feeds and I may just cancel. Amanda has to be put on the block this week

  29. “Amanda complains that Candice took her headband “She took it and put it on her greasy nappy a$$ hair head without asking”

    saying “nappy” in the way Amanda said is a derogatory racist remark. for Amanda to even accuse Candice of being a racist is preposterous. Candice has never made any racist remarks, and for Amanda to say she will call her an anti semitic is beyond disrespect to everyone in the game. there should be more strict rules and penalties for anyone in the game using derogatory racist remarks. this is getting out of hand quick and CBS is standing by doing nothing.

  30. All mcranda do all day long is lay on their a$$ and float to whoever is in power. I can’t wait until someone puts both of them on the block

  31. Was reading some spoilers and had to stop as the ugly things that are being said about Candice. This cast is the meanest and ugliest ever. Usually by this time I have a favorite but it hasn’t happened yet. You could tell K was uncomfortable yesterday when Julie told her they were called the “mean girls”. I just know I believe in Karma and all those ugly things will come back to you.

    1. No. You don’t get it. Candice asked Aaryn to put up MC/Amanda TODAY. Aaryn told Amanda. This was after Amanda stood up TO Aaryn when she flipped Candice’s bed – Week 3. This was after week 2 when Amanda accused Aaryn for her racist comments. Yes she is LOUD on average. LOUD is her style. When you decide to put her up..she becomes what? LOUDER!

        1. Jeremy: ‘Yo C, the Moving Company got yo money. Call 1-800-FOR-FINAL-2-DEAL-W-AMANDA.’

      1. So since Candice said put Amanda and Her boyfriend gives her a right to say what she said. So if Howard said, I hate Amanda with her flat dyke looking azz, that would be ok cause she said put him on the block? BTW, Amanda didn’t take up for anybody. She figured out by the questions she was being asked in DR that America saw what was being said. She was doing damage control to cover her own butt. I recognize game. And Amanda is running GAME.

  32. The only hope for Howard is that Spencer keeps inserting himself, and keeps following Andy around. Andy’s annoyance of someone being aware of his movements will send him over the edge. Andy will start being more assertive in pushing for Spencer before Howard.

  33. Someone on twitter made the comment that Imus was fired by CBS for saying black girls had nappy hair. I forgot about this. Does anyone know for sure if it was CBS that he worked for. If so, then how can they not show this conversation where Amanda said this. Although it is not the worse thing she has said and while people say the house makes you crazy, she has not been in any danger this whole time, seems like she is on vacation in the HOH bed.

    1. that is correct. CBS fired Don Imus for the nappy headed comment. for people here to say the comment that Amanda made about Candice is not a racist remark, you need to educate yourself.

      1. Don Imus was fired from MS/NBC, not CBS. And that network is currently home to the most virulent racism you will see on cable news.

        Welcome to U.S.A. 2013. If you don’t like someone, just call them racist. Or homophobic. Or… False accusations of racism is a form of racism in itself. Those who use the issue of race for the purposes of dividing are indeed racists.

        And all the Amanda haters out there- just a bunch of misogynistic Jew-haters. There. See how easy it is!!!??? I also love how the Amanda haters complain that she is running the entire house, while simultaneously complaining that all she does is lay in bed and doesn’t do anything. Pretty funny stuff.

  34. @ Jessielle, obviously you can’t comprehend someone calling you a greasy nappy head unless you were of that race and not fortunate to have a good hair texture. As for me being a mature individual, every race has different hair texture some more of a tight curly aspect but the way Amanda said it was derogatory and not in a joking way. I presume you don’t have that type of texture of hair so it must be difficult for you to realize that was an insult. It doesn’t matter if Amanda stated it in the bathroom the other day, there are some things you just don’t say period but that goes with maturity which Amanda doesn’t have. Even at her age her demeanor shows her true colors of what she really thinks about other cultures excluding her own race. Which result to ignorance and being oblivious of what you say can effect you down the road.

  35. i think production told elissa about aaryons racism crap thats going on outside the house, so elissa has 0 tolerance towards aaryon,which the way it should be,
    u think if aaryon went to her employers and said sorry for being racist they would give her job back?
    everybody says stand up to bullying and racism,and thats what elissas doing,and now everybodys turning on elissa for having 0 tolerance,lol crazy world,

  36. Alright people. Let’s get back to bashing the lack of real competitors this season. We all know about the classlessness going on in the house, but let’s not let it ruin our happy BB Online family. Has anyone noticed how banging Jessie’s body is??!! she looked amazing at last night’s eviction!! I want a Coup De’tat this week for someone other than the normal folks. Give it to Judd or Howard. Plus i haven’t noticed any real distribution of liquor this season…. And on a closing argument… Why are there so many damn showmances?!! Every time I turn my head someone is hugging, spooning, humping or kissing!!

  37. Yes, it is disturbing that Amanda is calling Candice a nappy head. Candice is making an effort. I also find it kind of scary that Jessie and Aaryn are now making nice. I think there will always be three mean girls on this show.

    1. jess is being smart to not make any enemies

      the mean girls the entire season have been amanda number 1, then aaryn, kaitlyn, gina

  38. I took the time and wrote a email to CBS I have watched and been a fan of the show since the very 1st episode and cant believe this cast is on the brink of collapsing this show I am a person that cant wait until summer each year to feed my BB addiction. As I have said before I am of mixed race and can not believe the racial slurs and attitudes in the house and I am really ready to cancel my Live feeds and remove my support by not watching and its disappointing and people in the casting Dept should be fired because w/ this cast they were not on top of their game and they are allowing a few bad cast members shed an ugly light on one of the greatest shows. Maybe for those that have never experience or been hurt and affected by racism cannot understand. Amanda and her comments today is enough!!!!!! I cannot believe casting did not realize the type of people they have placed in this house So I have to commend Candice?Howard for not choking someone I dont think I would have that restraint but I will be truly sad and disappointed if this behaviors continues because I will no longer support BB

  39. I think it’s funny that Amanda cried with Elissa made fun of her body but she has no problem commenting on other peoples looks and body

  40. I am baffled that Amanda supporters excuse her racial rant on the fact that Candice wants Aaryn to put Amanda on the block. Aaryn will regret not listening to Candice. Candice has been nothing but civil to Aaryn since the mattress flipping incident. Anyone who thinks Amanda stuck up for anyone is as delusional as Aaryn. Amanda was encouraged by the DR to say something to Aaryn and she obliged because it gave her air time and made her look good. Shortly after that incident Amanda decided she could use Aaryn so she told Aaryn that Candice and Howard are using race and they are the reason she is being portrayed as a racist because they are too sensitive and blew things out of proportion. To the poster who said Amanda went to Candice to ask her to keep her name out of her mouth, you are wrong. She went to Howard and asked him to tell Candice to keep her name out of her mouth. She then went on to confirm she and Howard and McCrae and Spencer still had a deal. The next day she met with Candice and said that she is not going after Howard and Candice and Amanda shook hands to “not” go after each other at least until jury. Amanda threw the first stone when she “told” Aaryn who to put on the block. I thought Aaryn made a deal with Helen and Elissa, I don’t remember her talking to either of them to ask who they wanted her to put up. You can’t defend the indefensible and you can’t reason with the unreasonable.

    1. wow all these people have live feeds into the DR….how did you slip a mic in there-did you work for the CIA or something?

      1. NEWSFLASH: Reuters is reporting that NSA leaker Eric Snowden has been using the handle ‘Newbie’ to send encrypted messages to his supporters in the US. An unnamed CBS fan site is under federal investigation.

    1. He’s the type of dude that will just sit there and let the woman do all the work. See it all the time. And holy shit, I just had a f***ing epiphany. I used to date a guy like this — except he wasn’t no lazy but — and he basically just let me walk all over him. He NEVER spoke up. Amanda obviously will not check herself. I still am headstrong, and I still get angry with my husband. But he will stand up for himself. Of course, I know I’m a b**** sometimes, and I’ve really tried hard to dial it back. I now am starting to think that he is really my better half. I can’t believe McCrae never does. Just once, I’d love him to turn to her and say, b**** shut up. Right now, NO ONE in the house is standing up to her. Not even Howard, who still does his maddening keeping his emotions in check. It may be a good strategy, but I really think to flip that house McCrae and Howard would need to make some backdoor deal. Now THAT would be f***king mind blowing.

    2. I tell you, Amanda is good at controlling the house…but she is totally BAD at competitions. GM, Aaryn, and Kaitiin may be mean girls, but Aaryn’s won HOH twice, Kaitlin was a good competitor, and GM can really suck down the froyo.

  41. RE: “Helen starts crying about how traumatized she was by the things Jeremy did to her and how she wanted to win HOH so bad to get him out.”

    This annoys me, this week she is angry at Elissa for trying to make a move against Arynn claiming Elissa is playing personal. Helen is guilty of exactly the same thing. Yeah Jeremy was a threat but that wasn’t her entire motive.

    I wasn’t a fan of Jeremy and I don’t know how I feel about Elissa but I don’t think she was wrong to try and take out the one person she knows will most likely put her up. In this game you need to think about yourself and that’s what she was trying to do. Yes it was a bit personal but Elissa is safer in the house without Arynn.

    Helen is getting on my nerves and I liked her for a bit in the beginning.

  42. “She took it and put it on her greasy nappy a$$ hair head without asking.” …I am officially done. This show officially lost me, I’ll just come back at the end of the season to see who won, i guess.

  43. Bb this morning told the houseguest to xpect the unexpected…hmm wonder what it could be… Pandoras box maybe? I hope bb finds a way to keep Howard and Candace safe.

  44. they really need to put amanda on the block third nom she is wrong what she saying about candices i begging you prodution put her up for us your fans who means more her or your fans

  45. Really Amanda?!!!! Really?!!! A day or so ago, she said that Howard’s private parts would taste like watermelon and cocoa butter, and that Helen’s would taste like won ton soup and egg rolls. Fast forward to today, and she’s saying how much she hates Candice and that she wants to punch her in the face. She also said that she wants to kill Candace…. Let alone the fact that she made nasty remarks about Candice having “nappy greasy hair (a lie by the way)…” America, please vote for this genuinely BAD PERSON/racist train wreck to go up on the block…. PS: Amanda, Please take your meds…..

  46. I can’t wait to read about when Candice finally talks to Howard so we will know if she is playing the house!

  47. Ok ,here we go! Another week of lame as8 insults at Candice, her race and culture because Aryan is HOH. B6t7h needs to go next week!! Notice how Aryan adds fuel to the fire EVERY time by brining up either Elissa or Candice and they start on the hate bashing!!

  48. Amanda says Candice took her head band and put it on her nappy head !!!! Hmmmmm her head is not nappy , you pale as Jew !! Go get a tan , I use to like Amanda in the beginning but I hate this catty itch !!! I’m voting for her to go up ! Ugh they’re all racist !!! Grrrrrr!

  49. All you people on here throwing the word racist around likes it’s sand on a beach. You are some ignorant people. Mostly all white people that I bet have no black neighbors. Sitting behind a computer acting like your a defender for blacks. Yet 11 black kids killed in Chicago in one weekend and I bet you don’t care. If Aaryn were a racist both blacks would have been put up yet she put zero. You people are just ignorant.

  50. Day TWO of the reign of infamous COLONEL KLINK does more than simply looms?
    we now see that HELEN/HOGAN is resting on her 9-0 “laurels” as things are quiet.
    if there is proverbial fly in the ointment worse than you know who’s fingers in the
    Vaseline jar, are we soon to see AARYN with monocle, spatz and riding crop now
    saying “Heeeeeeeelllllllllllllleeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn” loudly before a heart to heart talk?
    Lebeau/Andy is not on slop this week. Did Amanda or Candice throw the competition?
    there are five bigots in the BB house who have said something very politically incorrect.
    some of the other house guests have played into this. i think they over-reacted to Howie.
    if he and Nick are wannabe actors in real life and fame is the name of the game, then he
    has gotten at least 12 minutes of Andy Warhol fame bordering on 3 more. Aaryn is now
    trying to behave. I think she is worse than Paula Deen, but she can change. I think that
    like the others, its HER, not the parents, and even if i cut Judd slack because of his meds,
    We have five or six people doing or saying things like as if the live feeds are not there, or
    even if they think their behavior is perfectly acceptable. if nearly all the bigots are soon
    gone, i will not weap. CBS is going to spend five weeks in damage control mode. i think
    a less talkative floater deserves some of the prize money. Even poor Helen is a control freak
    but she might end up final four. I hope Howard stays for a while. Amanda needs to be up
    there and explaining herself. I’d give none of the cast a free pass, none of this is brilliant
    game play. the game has been sending the better, tougher players out the door. The group
    functions like a mob of French revolutionaries, and even if Aaryn is playing out a LET THEM
    EAT CAKE reputation card, and is better behaved in real life, she set the BB house tone early!

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