Britney Warns about Dan’s Social Game – Boogie: “He’s got Ian to sit on the hammock without rocking.. that’s a feat”

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

7:43pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and Frank Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Boogie is wondering why they just had that ½ way party. He thinks that 2 people are going home tomorrow.

7:52pm Cam 3-4 Britney and Boogie
Boogie tells her the party would of gone longer if it wasn’t for the cake party. Janelle had started the Food fight. Boogie doesn’t understand why it’s not like they were drinking. Boogie says that during season 7 someone did that and it was a bitch to clean up.
They are talking about 2 people being knocked out on Thursday. Boogie is positive it’s happening he thinks having the ½ way party on a wednesday night is really odd.
Britney asks him whose is second to take out.. Boogie: “Wil”
Britney wonders if maybe Jenn should go.. Boogie says that Wil is much larger a threat socially and physically.
Britney says she wants to keep ian around she give the reasons
A) Straight shooter
B) Doesn’t flip flop
C) non schemer

Boogie adds that Ian never talks game to people he’s a steady ship. Britney agrees.

They start talking about Ashley and how much pain she’s in. Britney thought at first she was playing it up to avoid telling Janelle but now she thinks there is something wrong. Boogie says they brought in someone to see her.

Britney says that Pandora’s box will only come into play when they get into Jury.
Britney asks him if he’s excited about them being ½. Boogie says it is he was telling Jenn yesterday that they are going to start speeding things up in the house theres too many people so it’s going to go by quick, “I’ve made it through the first half hopefully I’m fortunate enough to make it through the next half”

8:07pm Cam 1-2 Frank, Jenn and Wil Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Frank is saying that Britney is kind of playing like Janelle.. chasing the power a bit but not making it too obvious. Jenn says that Britney has a lot in common with Danielle them both being from the south and sorority girls. Frank points out that Shane is up in the Head of Household bedroom all the time. Wil has noticed that as well, says it’s pretty obvious that Danielle and Wil are together.

8:20pm Cam 3-4 Britney and Boogie

Boogie says that Janelle’s game has been very sloppy this year. Britney wonders what Dr Will Kirby is thinking after season this episode. Boogie says he’s laughing his head off. They both wonder why Janelle continues to bend the truth saying she has all these votes. Boogie says everyone is being very convincing .. Joe might even be thinking they have the votes.

Boogie can’t beilieve Britney got Joe to head butt the cake. Britney says that Joe had 2 beers and a glass of wine so he must not of been drunk. Britney talks about all of Eagle Eyes powerhouse alliances. He had a final 9 alliances with 11 people left in the house.. the only people not in it were Frank and Boogie. They laugh about Joe’s greek letters in the sand story..

Britney says that Dan’s social game is on overdrive.. she saw him with Ian and Jenn for hours. Britney: “He’s social gaming Jenn’s skirt off”
Boogie: “He’s good.. I’ll give him that”
Boogie: ‘He got Ian to sit on the hammock without rocking.. that’s a feat”
Britney says that his social game abilities didn’t come through in the TV episodes. Boogie agrees.

8:32pm Cam 1-2 Janelle, Ashley and Wil
Janelle tells them they need the numbers in Jury if they want to win.. If she leaves they are in trouble. Janelle says they need to work with Joe even if they don’t like him. Wil says Joe is going around telling people Wil has a final 5 alliance. Wil: “If he wants to work with me he’s gotta stop spreading that shit” Janelle susgests Wil and Joe have a conversation about it. she reminds them that the game is all about numbers now.

Janelle asks Wil where Jenn’s vote is. Wil never really talks Game to Jenn he thinks she’s still with Frank and Boogie. Janelle says that Shane and Britney have promised them her vote. She asks Wil if Frank has approached him for a vote. They both say no but that is what happened last week he never campaigned to them.
Janelle asks them if they are “solid” (For voting to keep her).. Wil and Ashley say they are. Janelle: “Good and I have Joe to”

8:37pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Dan and Janelle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Dan says Shane is the least likely to vote for Janelle to stay that is why his vote depends on Shane’s. Janelle says he came up to her and told her 100% he’s voting for her to stay. Janelle says the entire house wants to keep her she can’t understand why Dan doesn’t talk to Shane. She thinks it’s stupid for them to keep Frank he’s gunning for Shane and Dan.
Dan: “I haven’t been given a commitment from him *Shane) and it all rests on that” Dan tells her he won’t vote for Janelle if the house is going the other way because he cannot be left out cold. Janelle understands she wants to know when Dan will get a chance to talk to Shane. Dan says 6pm Janelle points out that it’s after 8. Janelle doesn’t understand why Dan hasn’t talked to Shane yet.. She asks hi if he really thinks having Frank over her in the game is good for his game. Dan already knows that but it’s more a matter of Janelle gettign the votes.

Janelle: “britney told me her vote is solid.. and she said she went upstairs to talk to you”
Janelle: “I think we need to stick together”
Dan: ‘uh huh.. ya “
Janelle: “Shane told me he talked to you”
Dan: ‘uh huh.. ya “
Janelle: “Why don’t we pull Shane in here right now”
Dan: ‘He’s sleeping”
Janelle: “I think shane’s going to vote for me to stay.. he told me”
Dan: ‘I haven’t had any alone time with him.. he’s never alone he’s always with danielle and Britney”
Janelle tells him if she goes he is up against, Frank, Wil, Boogie, Ian and Jenn that’s Five vs you.

Janelle says Wil has sworn to her he’s voting for her and Shane told her as long as Dan’s in he’s in. Dan: “If that is how it is I’m in.. I still need to talk to him though“ Janelle asks him to talk to Shane tonight.. Dan says he will

8:49pm Cam 1-2 Kitchen Dan and BRitney

Frank is saying to me that he was talking to Jenn, Wil and Ashley and they think that Shane, Danielle, Britney and Dan are a group. Dan: “that’s not good.. But we have been together a lot lately.. “

Britney asks him what he was talking to Janelle about, Dan says the vote.. He’s going to look like a bad guy but He can’t tell her the truth. .. They head outside to play badminton

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danielle is fat

Britney annoyes the shit out of me. She wants to get in everyone business. Like sadly not everyone is gunning for you. chill out and stop eating. Go talk more shit about janelle if it makes you feel better about yourself.

Over BB

Agreed. Danielle and Brit are very jealous of Janelle. Im watching Thursdays episode then I am done for the season. I just want to see Janelle’s exit interview.. I love her.

Not Over BB

Yeah i wanna see Janelle leave too. Her hame sucked this year. She lied way too much! Boogie got his way with her again, that’s for sure.


They do act a little janellous! Definitely Danielle. Granted everyone talks crap, lies and the whole 9 yards but the amount of crap people usually talk Danielle has done in a week! She is a puppet and delusional. I hope Dan gets rid of her before it hurts his game


Love the name “Daniele is fat” haha


oh lord are you kidding … they all get nosey when someone talks to another player … what show are you watching … ps .. pretty sad you pic a name like that .. i am guessing you are calling the kettle black .. one who makes comments about someone like (the name ) tells me that you are FAT too … how about you chill .. lol

danielle is fat

ahhahh no. If i was fat i wouldn’t be calling someone else fat you idiot! Get some common sense old lady!


My mom has always told me people say mean things about others to make them feel better about themselves – while you may not be fat there has to be some self esteem issues if you’re calling someone who clearly isn’t fat…fat…

MU Tigers

Danielle is definitely chunky. But the worst thing about her is how creepy she is. It’s more than clingy, it’s sad and pathetic. Soon she will be sneaking around and collecting Shane’s hair and sniffing his clothes. Shane don’t want a showmance, because you don’t date the crazy ones, you just sleep with them and move on.


She wants to get into everone’s business? Yeah, she’s playing the freaking game! And for the person saying she’s jealous of Janelle, you can’t be serious?


I don’t get why Britney is trying to make Boogie be worried about Dan.Aren’t her Dan,Danielle&Shane all in a alliance?There’s no need for her to put Dan out there like that(especially to Boogie,of all people) .It’s not like it’s final 4 and she have to turn against her alliance.I agree with what Dan said about Britney&Danielle on tonights show.I’m referring to when Britney saw Janelle talking to Frank.She went up to the HOH room and told Dan&Danielle that Janelle is talking to Frank,but Britney tried to make it look like they shouldn’t trust Janelle because she was talking to him.Britney is so paranoid,she needs to relax.And she definitely needs to stop talking about the only house guests I’m rooting for Dan.Lol.


I’m still pissed at Dan for telling Boggie that Frank was suppose to leave last week.


Lol. Erm yeah….they’re jealous of a dumb blonde with fake boobs and an IQ of a fly. If it weren’t for production giving her a good edit or catering challenges to her strengths, Janelle wouldn’t even be relevant. She’s an overrated HG who is clueless. She’s the female Jeff. Bye Bye! Not gonna miss ya.


Shane, you idiot! After this wrestle session Danielle will be dreaming of china patterns and wedding gowns.


The difference is that people believe she is genuine when she “gets into their business” while they believe Jani is fake as shit. Everything she says or does is covered in a sheen of insincerity.


Either there is like a Double Elimination/Fast Forward or maybe Ashley will leave the game due to her back. Honestly, I’d say it is 60/40 in favor a quick Double Elimination.

Janelle is delusional, she deserves this blindside–she should be with kid! But I hope even deep down inside she knows that there really isn’t a place in the house for her. The closest thing she has to an alliance is Joe’s Powerhouse. Not even Team TITS is going to save her and 2/3 of that alliance is her ex-team.

I also think this is the HGs last best chance to get rid of Frank though. After that I think he goes plays it cool and rolls with the Silent Six until they become a threat. He or Boogie probably nominate Dan & Danielle and if the POV is used, well then Shane will be backdoored.

Red Lampshade

Why did Boogie get such an amazing edit in the latest episode?


Mike didn’t need an amazing edit. He was amazing enough by himself. Its like what Romney said about Obama’s “You didn’t build that business yourself” quote. Obama said he was taken out of context. Romney said, “Well, I read the context. It was worse than the quote itself!” The raw feed of how it went down was even more impressive than the edited version. It was just masterful gameplay by Boogie and Janelle was totally flummoxed and everybody saw it and it sealed her fate….once again. When she hears Mike’s goodbye message tomorrow, she is going to have a stroke on live TV. It’s going to be fabulous!!!!


I think Boogie is the best player ever.


Very true Kyle. Dan and Brit wanted to see if coaches could work together. It was obvious they couldn’t after that meeting because Boogie didn’t trust Janelle. However, that would not have automatically meant they would target Janelle. That happened because it became clear that her intentions with regard to working with the coaches in any capacity were suspect. As Britney put it, it seemed as though she wanted to make sure her players got to jury to secure votes for herself in a final two.


@Red Lampshade.Oh,so you noticed that too.Lol.


this season should be called the season of alliances … so many …lol…


the untouchables, team diversity, avengers, silent six, quack pack, tits, chilltown 2 … this season has already broke the record


this season should be called catty, bratty, fatty and ratty!


That should be the name of Janelle’s fan club.


Well said Janellous!!


Hey Simom, I haven’t been able to watch lately, and I really try to keep up on here but lately I have completely failed. Who is in the TITS alliance? I keep reading about it, but thats about it.


Thanks, makes sense now.


What is TITS, did I miss something?


I don’t think you can really criticize Dani for being Dan’s puppet without also criticizing Frank, Dani is Dan’s puppet just like Frank is Boogie’s puppet.


@Mike.I agree.


Boogie is going to make it to final 4 with his whole team even though he isnt a coach anymore. How could you not vote for the guy to win when he is sitting in final 2 with Frank? These people are stupid for voting out Janelle. Im not even a Janelle fan and I think its a bad move.


” Janelle says that Shane and Britney have promised them her vote. ” Is that true ? I assume it isn’t just wanted to make sure.


Britt lying her ass off to pignelle Im loving it! Nooooo Shane wants you here, lol.

Eagle Eye Play Toy

Heres Eagle Eye in action

Eagle Eye Play Toy

heres eagle eye in an action shot i found …


They had a pizza party.? I think production has something planned , kinda think there going to say when the person who is going to be evicted ,sorry but due to the fact that Ashley has been in pain that they can’t keep providing her with all that medication, she will need medical examination. There will be No eviction this week cause of Ashley’s leave. That way Janelle knows that Dan and Brit lied to her. On a side note Ashley looks like she is in a lot of pain.


@Mitch.Everyone lied to Janelle this week about voting to keep her in the game,except Boogie(he doesn’t talk to her,because he hates her,Frank(because he’s on the block with her,which means that he can’t vote)&Joe(he’s loyal to her and he’s trying to save her.So,why are you singling Dan&Britney out?Especially when Boogie is the one that came up with the idea of back dooring her,and Danielle,who’s HOH and has the veto(Danielle has all of the power this week)decided to use the veto and nominate Janelle for eviction.


I dont see the cast aways doing much in this game other than being a floating trio. Dan is the real threat he is in at leat three alliances.

Eric CA

Brittney is playing the game. They all do it. This season seems to enjoy flipping and blindsiding.
Frank must be he luckiest BB player ever. Always on he block, and always the target, then boom, a flip, a reset and another flip.

I am beginning to think it isn’t Frank and Boogies skills, just other players stupidity.

a) Frank is a double threat.
b) It would throw Boogies game off. In All Stars one of his goals was to out last Will, he was prepared for it. In this season, he is tied to Frank. Sever that and he is just floating with no one.
c) He would then be forced to align with Brittney and Dan.
d) Boogie and Frank want the other coaches out especially Dan. Brittney Shane and Danielle are next on their list.

All Dan and Brittney have to do is get enough players to vote out Frank, So they can make Boogie believe there was a flip by players.

For Wil, Ashley, Ian and Jen.Janelle is a much better player to keep in the game. Janelle is a lot of things, but mostly loyal.
She did not even sacrifice one of her players to save herself. I hate to admit this but Wil and Ashley are going to be ashamed of themselves when they get home. Janelle stayed loyal to them (I am not one of those loyal Janelle fans, but we all have to admit she is a very loyal player.)

For the other noobs it is the best play. Turn Janelle loose on Dan, Danielle, Brittney, Shane and Boogie. Boogie and Dans prime goal will be to get out Janelle. They could use that to create a coach rift. Hell, if you are going to float, at least float smart and get a good life preserver.


you have to be kidding. Jannel is loyal to herself that is it. Have you not been watching the show.


I’ve been watching the show and no I’m not kidding you. If you want Boogie to win this plan is the best…


Janelle has been loyal as a coach and that was her job to save her members. Once the game was reset, She was all about allinging with the coaches, which if two of the other three were smart they would listen to her. Dan abd Brittney are so dumb, they sat right there and heard Boogie say he would never turn on his number one member, and didn’t question why that is. They didn’t seem to ask him could it be you will still get the prize money as a coach if one of your memmbers make it to the end with you, while Dan and Brit noth said they would be willing to get rid of Shane and Danielle, like Janelle just not this week. Why is it so wrong for Janelle to want to keep Wil (which she still hasn’t told Will what Boogie said) but no one seems to worry about Boogie who they don’t trust want to keep Frank (desperately) who they view as a threat. What reason could they have for wanting Janelle out over Frank or Boogie, besides stupidity?


Boogie was straight up that he would never cut Frank loose. Dan has never said one way or the other and neither has Brit, but it’s pretty obvious that Brit will be screwed if Shane leaves and Dan will protect Danielle unless she gets in the way of his game, coaches alliance or not. You can hate Boogie, and I did in both of his previous seasons, but he was honest about that where the other coaches weren’t. I respect that. Boogie has a lot of baggage coming into the game, and he has switched up his game to try and overcome it. I still don’t think Boogie can win the game against anyone, but things can change. Boogie and Frank will flip if the power shifts from DDBS this week. We all knew that. They knew that. But Janelle is unpredictable. She would have put Boogie and Shane up, no question. She could have won the game. No question.

Eric CA

i have been watching the show. Janelle was extremely loyal to Wil,Ashley and Joe.
Did you see when the other coaches asked her to sacrifice one of her people, to lock Boogie in an alliance.
She didn’t did she. She did in fact do her best to shield them. She broke her arrangement with Shane and Brittney week one.
If you look at the history of Janelle, in Big Brother she is loyal to her alliances.
You may be confused by her train wreck of a social game, but the girl is loyal. She has had an opportunity to save herself,
she just had to offer up Wil or Joe. Now I ask you, did Janelle do that? The answer is NO.
She sat down and talked to Wil and Ashley gave them some good advise when she leaves. Keep Joe it is a numbers game.

I will admit I am not the biggest Janelle fan, but, she is loyal. I can not lie and say she isn’t. She has a terrible track record with who she is loyal to, other than Kaysar and Howie.

When I look at a players best move. There is really only two people that it is in their best interest to evict Janelle, Boogie and Frank.

Everybody else it is in their best interest to evict Frank. Unfortunately, they are choosing to go with their emotional responses to Janelle, not what is in their best interest.


For some reason, Britney kinda reminds me of Porcia from last year.


If i see another DR with Boogie and Frank doing the stupid chilltown laughter thing again, I think I’m gonna just stop watching the season on TV and just watch the feeds, so that if Boogie or Frank come up I can atleast avoid them.


My sentiments EXACTLY. I really don’t understand why they showed it again- they must be planning on screwing Boogie over somehow, or else they’re all in awe of him.


Any resemblance between the show and the feeds is accidental. It gets worse every season. I only watch the live episode to see the eviction. The edit is ridiculous.


where’s bbgrandma?


Interesting. Checked out Trey ‘s FB page. Hmmm, no pics of him and Danielle. She is a friend of his, but unless she has a twin, she goes by the name Danielle Alexis on FB.
BTW I’m a researcher, not a stalker.


95% sure that’s not her on FB


Sounds like BB is trying to make up for a botched back door, by telling them they can’t say who they are voting for, but can lie and say they’re voting for someone else.

It really got me thinking at how shocked Frank would have been because despite BB’s attempt Jan still thinks she could go home, while Frank did not.

MU Tigers

Watching BBAD, Danielle is nasty looking. She needs to cake that make up back on. Shane must have seen her without makeup.


makeup damages the skin over time that’s why women who wear makeup a lot looks bad without it….. Britney Janelle, and Dani are very pretty, but without makeup you can see the damage it causes, and they all look like somethin a cat puked up….. sucks too


I sense an eventual blow up between Wil and Joe and Britney’s stirring the pot, love it! The DR is Ashley’s drug dealer, I swear she comes out smiling, her eyes have the opiate glaze, and it’s the only time she talks game. She’s clearly addicted cos when she’s not dosed her game consists of sleeping, nodding off and on and staring into space.


I wanna see a catty fight between Wil and Danielle or Wil and Britney! That would be crazy!



BB King

What is Joe’s greek letters in the sand story? I would love to hear it. Boogie obviously thinks its funny and I am looking for a good laugh myself.


The only thing that would make things great next week is if joe either wins HOH or POV. Because then we will see all these losers who sit around bashing janelles game do the same exact thing. Sucking up What do they expect janelle to just sit there an not try. I hope somehow Shane and Danielle are up on the block against each other. Then Shane will show his true feelings for Danielle. But seeing how dumb Danielle is she’ll think Shane is just playing hard to get


I agree. They are all stupid. None of them wanted Janelle out accept Boogie, and Danielle. Sure Wil and Shane said they wanted to get the coaches out, but no one was gunning for a specific coach this week. Now all of a sudden everyone hates Janelle. What’s funny to me is they all repeat what Danielle and Boogie says, “She’s a Liar”, but no one says what she lies about. They’re all kids if they call her being a liar for saying they would vote for her which is not a lie, because no one has said yet they won’t vote for her not even Boogie. It’s only logical Boogie won’t because he wants Frank to stay, but no one has said they won’t vote for her. So what has she lied about that was so bad that caused all kinds of drama?


I agree. They are all stupid. None of them wanted Janelle out accept Boogie, and Danielle. Sure Wil and Shane said they wanted to get the coaches out, but no one was gunning for a specific coach this week. Now all of a sudden everyone hates Janelle. What’s funny to me is they all repeat what Danielle and Boogie says, “She’s a Liar”, but no one says what she lies about. They’re all kids if they call her being a liar for saying they would vote for her which is not a lie, because no one has said yet they won’t vote for her not even Boogie. It’s only logical Boogie won’t because he wants Frank to stay, but no one has said they won’t vote for her. So what has she lied about that was so bad that caused all kinds of drama?


This would take skill, Joe has none…. 18 hours til Janelle walks out the door, unless production rigs it … AGAIN to save a vet, but I doubt it, she’s not entertaining


Boogie or Frank must win to get Psycho and Closet Gay on the block


Trashley was smokin a fat J with Allison G aka Ally G in the DR.


I love how Daniele has this shocked look on her face that janelle said she’s dans puppet. Dan made her put up the 2 noms then made her change her mind 5 times before Dan finally commited to boogie. Dani you are dans puppet and Shane wants nothing to do with you. He’s just tolerating you


She is Dan’s puppet and Dan is boogies puppet! At least that is how it worked out this week


So I think Frank is in a really good spot! That huge target is gone, no one is talking about him anymore!

Frank FTW


Kinda think this game is in favor of Frank, production keeps saving him. Why cuz of his dad? This season is going to suck balls if the drama leaves the house. Big Brother it will be a boring summer if Janelle leaves right away.


Ok, Danielle is just flat out ignorant. Watching her now, shr doesn’t know how to pronounce “azure” , she says she isn’t dans “puppeteer” when she should be saying “not his puppet”. She may have a different kind of smarts but lacks basic book smarts.


What the hell is Ian doing? I mean, I’ve been accused of having nervous energy, but DAMN! Does anyone here predict that Ian will get wheeled out of the house in a straight jacket?


Wait until Ian is on the block……on a Thursday!!
That dude is going to be shaking an earthquake of fear lol.


Lol Danielle wants to get laid so bad…


I really want to know what he is thinking while doing this crazy back and forth. Like a tiger in a cage.


Is anyone else watching Shane and Danielle acting like 5 year olds? I think I’m going to throw up. I used to think that Danielle was dreaming this all up in her mind, but idiot Shane really is leading her on….or maybe he really likes her? Ha ha.


Does Danielle not realize her ass and cooch is showing?..Just nail it Shane lol…

pitty party for boogie

Howd ash get hurt


She basically fakes being hurt to get opiate derivatives.

Red splotch on Janelle's chest

I hope when Chen-bot interviews Janelle tomorrow night she doesnt let her BS and rationalize her eviction saying it was Boogie spreading lies or other girls’ jealousies – production should have pleanty of video ready to show Janelle’s mean girl antics for everyone to see.


These people are pathetic. Joe is sitting there being sincere about his kidney problem and team “DITS” has to talk about him and give him the finger behind his back. I don’t think I would make it far in BB because I would have most likely told Danielle what a b!tch she is and slapped will in the face by now


I wouldn’t make it either…I could never do anything mean to sweet little Ian, I want Joe targeted just because I like Dan and I want anyone but him to be put up, but I could never be that mean to him. The way Joe laughs and tells stories he just seems like a nice guy…I guess you have to be more cold hearted to play. I wouldn’t slap Danielle but I would shake her and tell her to stop embarrassing everyone that knows her


Omg I had to fast forward through that awkwardness with Danielle….I won’t be surprised if she just takes her clothes off and throws herself on him soon…


yes!!! that is great news simon! Love this I can be on it so much more

Jedi Jani

Great! Have watched since the beginning…Looking forward to it..


Hell yeah. Survivor and AR.


Yes, absolutely a fan. Excellent idea Simon!


I still watch, but it’s losing it’s magic for the same reasons BB is losing ground – too scripted and predictable, bringing back old players and some of the stupidest people in reality tv history, like last season. Jeff has taken a lesson from Julie and has become the Jeffbot. You just know what he’s going to say “Come on in guys” and “Wanna know what you’re playing for”. Too many rewards and not enough pain. But I will be here, Simon!


After reading a few comments on here,it seems as though you guys are saying,Janelle told Danielle that she’s Dan’s puppet?Does that mean Janelle thinks that Dan instead of Boogie came up with the plan to nominate her for eviction?


brit would be smart to get closer to boogie, she, dan and boogie, need each other. its a matter of time.


Boogie and Dan are going after each other, it’s just a question of who has the power in the house to pull the trigger first…


When will Janelle found out that the whole house will send her out. Can’t wait till you go home. Joe will be next to go as well.


This may sound bad but I have to say it, all the ladies need to go home. Brit is annoying, Ash is too dingy, Jen hurts my eyes (sorry Jen :( ) and Dani…poor poor Dani is mental. The house will still have drama with Wil and Joe. On another note, Congrats to grand pa Boogie for achieving his goal. I’m Not happy …..I will always be a diehard Jani fan but that was a great idea to save your man!