Big Brother Spoilers – Frank and Boogie Figure out T!T$ they’re really called the The Castaways

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

Alliances Map

9:10pm arcade Room Cam 3-4 Janelle and Britney Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Britney says she knows Janelle is not coming after her and that is what she has told Danielle, Shane and Dan. Britney: ‘I will not vote someone out that isn’t targeting me it’s dumb”

Britney tells Janelle that Dan has been told by the Dairy Room that they cannot talk about who they are voting for. Janelle is surprised by this, “Since when.. what do you mean you can’t tell people how you are voting”
Britney: “Ya that is what they told me.. apparently they are being really strict about it”

Feeds cut

Janelle asking Britney questions about why she was nominated.
Britney acts dumb says Shane, Dan and Danielle really don’t talk to her. Britney doesn’t understand what is going on. Janelle thinks it’s all really strange, “There has to be a good reason I’m on the block.. everything she’s told me doesn’t add up”

Britney: “If you go home it’s not good for me.. you getting nominated is a freaking disaster”
Janelle is starting to suspect that dan is behind this to get her out. She tells Britney she may need to target Dan because Dan is lying to her

9:28pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Frank bathroom
Frank telling him he wants joe out but they both agree that it has to be joe vs on of their own. Frank tells him about his talk outside with T!T$ (he doesn’t use that word) thinking Dan, Danielle, Britney, Frank, Boogie and Shane are a group. Frank adds that if Boogie or Frank win the HOH they may want to put Joe and Shane/Dan up to hide they are together. Dan thinks him going up is a bad idea.

Dan asks him other than the silent 6 is there any other alliances in the house
Frank: “The Castaways Wil, Ashley and Jenn.. Mike named that one”
Frank thinking there is a good chance Janelle is going home 8-1.
9:41pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Janelle
Janelle asks him if he would tell her the truth about the votes.
Dan says yes he will tonight
Janelle: “Dan the man I hope you are not lying to me”
Dan: “I’m not you’ll know tonight”

9:49pm Cam 3-4 HOH Wil, Britney, Danielle and Ashley Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

They are talking about Janelle going around saying she has all the votes. Wil says Janelle asked him to swear on his on his dogs live and he did but he had his fingers crossed.

Ashley and Wil both say they are still voting to evict Janelle. Wil says that Jenn is voting Janelle out.

Danielle tells them that Janelle was campaigning against Ashley when both Ashley and Joe were on the block. Ashley says at first she was going to tell Janelle about her vote but now she’s just going to blindside her. AShley has been waiting for a long time to vote Janelle out.

10:20pm Janelle has joined them and they start talking about Dream weddings.

10:25pm Cam 3-4 HOH Shane and Danielle

Danielle fishes for compliments about her weight and receives at least 3 of them from Shane. (Shane did start the conversation saying he felt fat.. which is fucked up seeing as he’s got zero fat)

Shane asks her if wil and Ashley are still voting out Janelle. Danielle says they are for sure. Shane: “good then it’s going to be 8-1” They both agree Janelle or eagle eye joe cannot know about it.

Shane: “I think Boogie is right about the fast forward tomorrow”
Danielle: ‘Me to”

Shane thinks it would be best if they threw the first HOH to Dan or BRitney because it’ll be a quiz and Dan will know what to do.. Shane will really try to win the next HOH though, he thinks it’s going to be a physical. Shane doesn’t trust Frank and Boogie so they have to try and prevent a HOH win from Chilltown. Shane wants Jenn gone before Ashley, he thinks Dan and Britney will really be gunning for Wil.

They start wrestling i’ve included a picture of Shane slapping Danielles a$$

10:55pm T!TS Meeting

Ashley tells them when she was on the block with Joe Janelle was campaigning for Joe to stay. Jenn mentions that she was talking to Janelle in the arcade room and she was pulling all the “Girl Power” Bullshit on her. Jenn reminds them that Janelle never talked to her until yesterday until she need a vote. TITS is solid in their votes
Ashley asks them if she can say T!Ts in the DR… Jenn: “I do”

11:39pm Cam 1-2 Wil, Ashley and Dan Dan’s just playing his social game with core members of the powerhouse alliance T!T$

12:07AM CAM 1-2 Ian and Britney Hammock studying for the HOH tomorrow.

12:08AM Danielle, Ashley, Wil and Frank. Danielle, Ashley and Wil put paint on their faces to make them look like cats. I added images to the screen cap gallery below.

12:25AM Cam 1-2 Jenn becomes a cat.. Wil starts crawling around the floor cleaning himself.
12:37AM CAM Backyard Janelle and Dan Janelle tells Dan that She has Jenn’s Vote. dan: “Really?”

12:52AM CAm 1-2 Dan and Danielle

Dan telling Danielle about a conversation he had with Wil when Wil told him he is not a target.
Dan: “Anything come up about you and I that we don’t want to talk about in front of Britney/Shane”

Danielle says that Jenn talked to her and told her some shocking things that Janelle called her.
Danielle: “Fat thick chunky legs.. and she was saying Why did they cast me and i’m nothing more than a pawn a a vote”
Danielle: “I’ve battled anorexia before
Dan: “When:
Danielle: “ I was 20”
Dan: “Why “
Danielle: “Taylor… made a comment about her weight.. he said he wasn’t attracted to me..” (Taylor was her ex boyfriend) Danielle says that after she lost 35 pounds he told her she was a disgusting skeleton. danielle goes about after she found out what JOJO had supposedly said she never ate for 2 days.
Dan: “She cam up to me and told me she had Jenn’s vote”
Danielle is pissed about Janelle, she thinks Janelle has been targeting her because she wanted to have a coaches alliance and Danielle was standing in her way. Danielle: “I knew it I knew it I knew it… If known girls like this before.. if only you saw how she was looking at me during the HOH competition… I just want to go up to her and knock her in her face… but I’ve never hit anyone before and would never do it”

1:05AM T!T$ Doing Yoga preparing for battle tomorrow.

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These people need to realize this is a game, and not about personal feelings or issue. They should have been targeting threats, like Frank and Shane. Instead they’re focusing on who one person that lied. IT’S a GAME, NOT REAL LIFE. Everyone in that house has lied. And for Ashley to be mad about Janelle wanting to keep Jow over her when they both were on the block, I mean are you kidding me, what was Janelle supposed to do as a COACH. get keep a weak player that is always taking meds, over someone she knows is loyal to her and will try to win with a clear head? For goodness sake she had to choose between them or not campaign at all and risk loosing Joe who she felt was stronger. Any of the other coaches would have done the same as they all had their members numbered from best to worst. Why is Jenn and Will making such a big deal about it?

BB King

Boogie played them all that’s why. Boogie showed that he was playing honest and fair this season and refused to align with Janelle saying he does not trust her and citing the reasons why that is. This had a compare and contrast effect. It showed that Boogie was to be kept because he could be trusted and was loyal to his teammate but Janelle was to be dismissed because she could not be trusted.

In reality, Boogie played them! Boogie said those things because he knew that with Frank gone, he was the next target. He would be out the door the following week.

Boogie made this game about honesty, trust and loyalty to save his own skin. It was a smart move. Now watch as he throws all of those qualities out the door and betrays his alliance one by one until there are only two people left. Frank and Boogie.


Janelle has won more comps than anyone else in BB history and, as Boogie pointed out, was one comp win away from winning the whole thing twice.

I’m pretty sure Janelle is a pretty big threat.


So if you were part of a team and was treated as the most expendable part of that team, you would be happy about it and do what the team wanted? Especially if it meant the difference of $500,000 and $0. Please. You are putting your love of the goddess Janelle above common sense. Put yourself in their shoes. What Janelle should have done is campaign to get one replaced. If that had failed (and as fate had it, she was replaced) she should have sat down with Ashley and explained that she was going to cut her loose. Janelle just threw in the towel on Ashley as soon as those two were on the block.

BB King

Damn! T!TS got exposed fast. No one figured out the Brigade (that’s not how Enzo spells it, but it’s standard English), until the very end, when Enzo told Britney. Not too smart for T!TS.


Yep too bad too since TiTs was going to be the best alliance in BB history


“Tits” will be gone soon…


Dang! I really am a tits man. Not “T!ts” thuogh


Don’t think Trey is gonna be too happy with the crotch shots. Danielle’s desperation knows no bounds.


I was gonna say the same thing


I think She’s just an acquaintance of Trey or he’d have a pic with her on FB. He should set his page to private. She does have some attractive photos of herself on FB under name Danielle Alexis..


when your shorts has moved into the position of a thong a female knows it…Danielle knows this is all on camera…ugh


Boogie is too smart. If he or frank wins HOH there is no way joe is going up on the block. There are 2 alliances team dits and the silent 6 with joe being the line wolf. How is not a threat so he is not going to waste his HOH on joe. He will definetly put up atleast 1 of the silent 6 and then some how get that person out ( maybe Shane). Or he will get out will. Then will will pout saying he shouldn’t have voted out janelle


OMG, why don’t they see that. Boogie would never waste a hoh on bs. Danielle is so jealous, she is getting rid of Jani for the same reason she got Jojo out.(Shane).


If this was about Shane, she would have targetted Britney or Ashley. Janelle had almost nothing to do with Shane until she needed her vote.


Shane needs to hit some skins with Danielle, she was spread eagle for him…


Danielle is not Shane type. Shane is a very good looking gay man. I can not see Shane with a a woman


Funny! I was thinking the same thing about Shane’s sexuality. He definitely has never made ANY attempts to be flirtatious with ANY of the women in the House. In fact, he almost seems to dislike women in general.


Definitely gay…. I don’t even think he is a top! Cute guy but gay gay gay


If Joe joined TITS, it would become a double D powerhouse!!


BBAD just started where I live and all week I was pumped too see Janelle out the door but right now Brit and Janelle are in the Arcade Room talking and I feel sorry for her all of a sudden. I don’t think i would be good at this game. I’m a big softy. I think the nominations and actual eviction are too far apart. I understand the need to lie to the person being evicted but watching Janelle trying to fight for her life and Brit having to lie to her face gets me feeling sorry for Janelle. And I hated her the first 3 weeks and thought she was a huge biatch and now I feel for her. Ya, I would be terrible at this game….


Simon for BB Canada!


Son cannot go on bb Canada. We need him to be here and tell us what happens on live feeds.


why did janelle end up selling out her own game for joe? why not use ashley as your ticket as a true floater? I mean joe is useless, people dont like him. I mean why the heck would you put all your cards on the table and support a guy who is seriously the biggest liar in the house

he makes boogie look like a saint


people wondering why target janelle for lying

simple, helps all their games to make it seem like the lies left with her.

also, you cant trust her period. after saying the reverse happened at that meeting with boogie, how can dan or brit trust her? Its just pointless. she dug her own grave, boogie helped for sure, but she then continued on to bury herself.


She never said the reverse happened, Danielle made that up duh! Like the 1000 other lies she has made up about Janelle. Danielle asked her in the bathroom if that happened when they had the coaches meeting and Janelle flat out told her “NO, IT WAS TWO DAYS BEFORE”. Then of course Danielle tells everybody in her alliance the opposite.


Janelle did tell Tits that Boogie was wanting a coaches alliance and she shut it down. Then it got back to Dan in the Janelle revised version and she looked even worse than before. Brit, Dan and Boogie saw the whole thing. They are the only ones that were in the room, so when details started floating around the house and it was told backwards of how it happened, it was pretty obvious that it was Janelle spinning lies. She might have had a chance to stay if she hadn’t done that, but none of the HG trust her now. Maybe Joe, but Joe is irrelevant unless he wins HOH tonight.


when i first seen danielle i thought she was beautiful…but now she looks like a cow to me…make up does wonders….and i thought she had nice legs but from those pics above they look like ham bones…jesus


She’s actually prettier without all that black eyeliner, makes her eyes look beedy and crazy. It’s the fact that she’s a stage 5 clinger, men sense that vibe coming out of her. Even if she looked like a young Brigitte Bardot, her desperate personality and lack of self confidence makes her unattractive and downright annoying.


The eye makeup is not attractive. Put some foundation on, leave it at that.


Wil and Ash look ridiculous with the “cat faces”…


“Shane doesn’t trust Frank and Boogie so they have to try and prevent a HOH win from Chilltown”… That right there should show you what a solid alliance “The Silent Six” is. DDBS decided to trust BOOGIE (who is plotting to get rid of one of them as early as next week) over Janelle (who actually wanted to work with them). Good luck morons!!


You Janelle worshippers just don’t get it do you? Or you think everyone should be playing so Janelle can win because the goddess deserves it for the slights of the past 2 times she played the game.

When it came apparant that Janelle wanted to sacrifice all the other coaches’ players so all of hers are at least in the Jury, they also realized that all Janelle wanted to do was take them to Jury too. They were all pawns to her. Her “Coaches” alliance was just to stack the Jury in her favor.

It’s a nice stratagy for her, but the other coaches didn’t want to be a part of it. Can you blame them?


What is it with CBS? They put 2 pot heads on this show–Frank and Ash LOL!!!


dan tells janie hes going to let her know tonight

then janelle basically threatens him about if he is lying to her.

earth to janelle, its you and joe, the WORST BB player ive ever seen. and thats saying something


I don’t think Shane wants to touch that. He knows what she looks like without a pound of makeup on her face. He’s still hoping Kara will come back. Too bad there’s not a pandoras box where Danielle gets traded for Kara.

King Silva

LMFAO at your Pandoras Box reference.

Shane would so approve!


Goodness, Danielle is… huge. Her legs make Shane’s look like bird legs…

I like how she always complains about her weight… while stuffing her face. Makes no sense.


The HGs keep talking about a double eviction and how it would be a shortened week. However, last year they did a double eviction all in one night – live eviction – Dani evicted; HOH – Kalia won and nominated Rachel & Jeff; POV – Porsche won; Jeff evicted (remember – that was the night Jordan blew up at Shelly); HOH comp – Porsche won


Wil and Ashley together are Nits and Tits.


As a team Dan and Danielle remind me of the Pinky and the Brain cartoon.




Lots of talk about a double eviction but doesn’t CBS usually hype those up, correct me if I am wrong, but CBS made no mention of a double eviction on tonight’s episode. For ratings do they not usually hype that up in advance?


I think you are right….they usually tease the audience about it.


No one from DBBS has realized that they over estimated how tight janelle and her players are. Janelle basically only had joe when boogie has frank. So why not keep janelle and then if will or boogie wins HOH let them have put up janelle. Dan will regret this move because now everyone outside there alliance is talking like they want Dan out next over boogie and frank. Dan should have went to janelle and said if you win HOH you can’t put up Danielle. And Brit should have went to janelle and said you can’t put up Shane. And then see what she said to each of them. Instead they just all of a sudden trust rat face boogie and whatever comes out of his crater face mouth. Dan should have just put up will and taken frank down and put up joe. Then they could have decided who of those 2 would go home. Instead Dan is voting out janelle, someone who would protect him and also vote for him if she was in jury. And yes I said Dan because this was really dans HOH not dani. All she did was do what Dan wanted


Mike is playing the best game, he makes a major move, and then just hides in the background, Dan? Not so much or Britney…


I get the feeling production is up Mike/Frank’s ass this year haha…


its a toss up to me! you cant trust boogie. fact. you cant trust janelle. fact.

so dan went with boogie. boogie and dan know each other a little bit from outside the house. could be a reason. and all janelle was doing is to get her 3 players to jury to vote for her. that was too obvious during the coaches only meeting. boogie was willling to give up on one of his players. janelle was not. at that point dan and brit knew whats on.


Finally! Some one gets it!


Production is going to have to do something crazy?! It seems like no one likes this season…

production rigged it

ok dan said that the dr told him that they couldn’t tell anybody how they were voting or if they were going home, this makes no sense because how is a person suppose to hustle for votes if they don’t know how someone is voting and i don’t mean just this week but every week also another reason i don’t understand why they would say this is because last year jordan told kalia that she couldn’t tell anybody who she was nominating and then she turned around and told cassi and shelly she was nominating them and that cassi was probably going home but they didn’t make jordan change her nominations like they did when brendon told britney he was nominating her in season 12 according to another website, so why would they say that people can’t even tell somebody how they are voting or is dan just making this up to avoid telling janelle the truth, whatever the case in all these instances it just goes to show you that depending on the people production does whatever they want even if it’s a double standard.


its before jury. you dont hustle for votes pre jury with so many players with so few weeks, its another way of shouting out to the heavens “hey, dan we arent bringing people back”


@Production Rigged It.I don’t think Dan was lying,because we’ve heard a few other house guests in other seasons say the same thing as Dan said.But I think the last part of your comment is completely on point.Production want things to go a certain way.And they(production) have the power to make sure whatever they want to happen actually happens.If that means they(production)will do things in a double standard type of way.Then they(producers)probably say to each other,“so,be it”.That’s messed up.Lol.But that’s Big Brother for you.Lol.


I don’t understand how Janelle has never said she thinks Boogie might be behind the reason why she’s nominated for eviction.She knows that Boogie hates her and she knows that Boogie is a manipulator(remember she tried to warn Shane last week about Boogie and Danielle this week about him).Dan has never had a problem with Janelle and Janelle has never had a problem with Dan.That’s not the case when it comes to Boogie.She knows that Boogie refuses to work with her.But she knows that Dan has no problem with working with her.With Janelle knowing all of this.How can she possibly think that Dan is the reason that she’s nominated?How can she not figure out that the guy(Boogie) that she knows hates her and said he refuses to work with her,isn’t the person that’s behind her being nominated?


but dan does have a problem working with her. the coaches meeting should have made that very clear

its funny to me that people think dan is going to drop boogie next week or something and stay with shane and danielle and brit. hes not stupid, who would you sit next to in the f2 out of that group? boogie. boogie boogie boogie. its not even a question. its the easiest sell as a previous winner in the history of final 2 speeches.

dan will be pushing to end the silent six before many think


@Yeah.When all four of the coachs were together.The only person who kept trying to call her out and make her look bad was Boogie.So,no.In the coachs meeting Janelle didn’t think Dan didn’t want to work with her.But what was clear, was that Boogie basically said to Janelle’s face,that he won’t work with her.Dan&Britney said no such thing to Janelle.In matter of fact.Earlier in the week or last week.Dan,Janelle&Britney all was on board with the plan for the coachs to work with each other.But guess who wasn’t in that meeting?Guess who refuse to work with the coachs?Boogie, is the answer to both questions.Lol.The rest of my proof for the point that I made is in my previous post.


I think production is going to ride with whatever vet goes far. dan is likable, boogie and frank can be hated, and brit well…I think she will be an excellent 4th place

production rigged it

i’m sure she would be fine with that because then she would win $25,000 again for america’s favorite because they would feel sorry for her for getting used by 3 guys again.

Karen S

Some of you have some serious issues with weight if you really think Danielle is fat.
She might be a size 5. I think she looks healthy. Shame on any of you that causes
women to become the insecure bitches you’re accusing her of. She needs reassurance
because of the people that did a number on her and using her appearance to beat her
down emotionally.
If you’d like to see fat people, go to Wal Mart or the county fair. Walk into a buffet style restaurant.
There are actually obese people out there and maybe the same crap you’ve been spewing about
Danielle, these people have heard too.. and it did more damage rather than help.


I couldn’t agree more. Dani is not fat. At her age I was thinner than she is but no way I’d have thought she was fat even then.

Karen S

Thanks Gigi!


Danielle is hot but her eye makeup and clinger issues are completely unattractive.

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

If the BSDD alliance gets HOH this week they need to nominate Boogie and Frank and not be afraid to let the sh*t fly for not sticking to SIlent 6 – targeting Joe is a wasted HOH.


its actually not. joe does need to go. after that I might agree, but even then its early and you are asking for a twist if you do that right then.

joe starts way too many lies about everyone, that they want him gone before anyone else.


I totally agree. DDBS are fooling themselves. Boogie has already talked about getting rid of all of them. Can’t wait until tonight. If either side wins it is going to be great. If Boogie doesn’t get it he will definitely find a way to run the hoh again.


No way! Slient 6 alliance will stick together. I don’t see if DDBS will not put up Frank & Boogie on the block. They would target Joe because he started trouble & he needs to go.


Why am I starting to love team Tits. Hope they win HOH this week. Hate silent 6 n quack pack.


more like team tw!ts…janelle should have stuck with brit during the willie fiasco, and not made up lies about jojo downing danielle. this, along with mike’s master plan, are the reasons she is gone, baby, gone…


So is true that the ratings for BB is the lowest ever? You would figure season 9 would hit that mark–just a shit season…


Daniele is the most disgusting person. Yes BB is not the real world but when someone sits there and talks so much trash about someone that isn’t true you know that is part of the real them because that’s not game that’s just being real. I would be so embarrassed by my daughter if I was her parents. If I was her friend I would wonder now what she says about me that’s not true. And I wouldn’t want to be a patient of her because she probably would tell people about her patients and talks about what they have and probably makes stuff up.


You know you can apply that to everyone in the house right now and the two people it REALLY describes the most are Joe and Janelle. (All except the “patients” part).


This is going to be sweet that Janelle getting screwed by her own alliance (except Joe). Poor Joe! Don’t worry Joe, you will be next to go as well. Your nothing but Janelle’s puppet & useless. Can’t wait the slient 6 alliance, core 4, chilltown 2.0 or even your own alliance Powerhouse send you out next week as long as you never win HoH or PoV. Bye Bye Janelle. Joe your next.


I don’t think Chilltown 2.0 are not smart enough to turn there back on DDBS. They will stick the plan & get rid of Joe next week.


Those pictures of Danielle with her legs open, are simply disgusting. She is really desperate for Shane’s affections!


I think the Silent 6 has caught production off guard this week. They (production) can’t save Janelle but could bring her back like Rachel in BB12 for a few days to stir the house in a Pandora’s Box. They just need to sequester her for a week and after next weeks double eviction the last HOH gets the room and a PB. Aug 9=Janelle evicted, new HOH, Aug 16=eviction, HOH, nominations, eviction, new HOH. Aug 18 Pandora’s Box and Jury house has begun at next eviction. IMO


BTW. Jordan broke the “Unitard” curse last year as she survived the wearing of the ‘tard and was 4th place.


It’s not about whether Janelle thinks shes beautiful…or even if WE think she is. It’s about the fact that in the past she won HOHs and vetos like no one ever before…and under great pressure i might add. THIS deserves some respect whether or not you like her. So you want them to be honest and above board as they play the game?…BB is NOT a game about honesty. It’s a game about strategy and survival of the fittest. BUT…once the die is cast and the vote set in stone there is no need to further your deception. Tell the girl already!! This will be her last hurrah i’m sure. Let her go down in BB history as the monumental player we all knew her as.


“Shane doesn’t trust Frank and Boogie so they have to try and prevent a HOH win from Chilltown.”

I don’t get why he would be in alliance with people he doesn’t trust.


Danielles thighs in those pics with shane do look loke two little piggies trying to get out of a blanket.