Big Brother Spoilers – High Stakes Poker, Danielle: “If I win Shane you have to kiss me.. a good one”

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest

8:26pm Cam 1-2 Ian and Janelle Hammock Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

If I leave you’ll look after her right.. Ian: “For sure”
Janelle: “She’s a really sweet girl”
Ian: “Just make sure
Janelle: “What was the point of last week”
Ian: “Complete Waste.. I guess there was a slim chance the coaches didn’t accept the offer”
Janelle: “That really hurt some players”
Ian: “Big Time Shane and Wil”
Janelle: “Why Wil?”
Ian: ‘Because of all his lies”

They start chatting about Willie
Ian: “What a funny name for a person so brutish”
Janelle: “Hickish.”
Ian: ‘I feel bad for Brit because she had to babysit him”
Ian brings up that Britney was the only coach that didn’t know Willie’s brother was Russell Hantz. Ian thinks this is why she picked him because physically he looked like he could do it.

8:36pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Britney
Britney talking about Janelle being greedy with the Alcohol. Janelle is always the one dividing it up and wasn’t even considering Danielle’s share because danielle was in the Diary Room.
Danielle: “she just a plan B!TCH “
Danielle: “So you still want to keep her”
Britney: “Not after Wil told me the things Janelle said about me being 2 faced and playing like I did in BB12 by hiding behind people”
They start to complain about Janelle getting pissed at them when they want to work out on their own schedules. Danielle: “This house isn’t on Janelle’s time.. I’m not going to drink on Janelle’s time.. I’m not gonna work out on Janelle’s time.. “
8:43pm Janelle joins them. uncomfortable chit chat..

8:56pm Arcade Cam 3-4 Joe, Ashley and Janelle

She saying that Will swore on his dog’s life that he’s going to vote for her to stay.
Janelle thinks she has the votes to stay in the game and if she does next week they will find out the truth. Janelle wonders that maybe Danielle put her up and told the lie about wil to split their group up and that Frank is really the target.

Janelle: “Shane says he is voting with Britney and Britney says 100% she’s voting to keep her.. it’ll be really shitty if britney turn her back on me”

Ashley swears she was with Wil the entire night that Danielle is claiming someone told her about Janelle targeting her. Janelle: “You guys maybe this this is one elaborate lie from Danielle” Janelle explains that Danielle wanted the easy way out.

9:14pm Cam 1-2 HOH Bathroom Britney and Danielle
Danielle wants her to swear on her life that what she’s about to tell Britney never leaves this room. (Wow sounds like she’s throwing down something HUGE)
Britney: “I swear on my life “
Danielle: “I have 4 degrees.. I’m a nurse practitioner and I’m working on my masters”
Britney: “Ohh.. cool.. “

9:17pm cam 1-2 Storage Room Team T!T$
Ashley is telling Jenn about their “Team Meeting” with Janelle. They talked about Wil being and Janelle said she has Britney’s and Shane’s vote. Ashley adds that Dan and Shane will tell her their vote tomorrow night.
Ashley starts impersonating Janelle “I asked Jenn for a vote at least I get E for effort..”

(T!T$ still seems to be voting out Janelle they are hoping the alpha players will take each other out leaving the t!ts alliance unharmed)

9:30pm Dan is getting things ready for poker. He’s painting SO CA$H on a ceramic cow.

9:54pm Cam 3-4 Shane and Danielle

Danielle is drunk she drank most of her HOH wine by herself.
Danielle: “If I win Shane you have to kiss me.. a good one and if you win what do I have to give you”
Shane: “A Back Rub”
Danielle: “you can get that whenever”
Shane: ‘I’ll marinate on that while I take a shower”

10:11pm HOH Boogie, Danielle and SHane

They are getting ready to play Poker. Dan and Ian made cards out the table topics game and they will use candy as chips.
Boogie says Ian is really exciting he’s bouncing all around. Shane mentions hoe much he likes Ian. Boogie would like to get inside Ian’s head for a day just to see what it’s like. Daniele: ‘Would you be scared” Boogie: “Ya.. could be like willy wonka’s chocolate factory one wild ride”

10:32pm Chess board everyone but the T!T$ alliance and Britney(Who is playing badminton) are playing poker. The trophy is the cow made by Dan with “So Ca$h” written on it.

10:51pm Badminton

11:05pm EAgle eye

11:15pm Cam 1-2 Backyard Jenn, Wil and Britney
Talking about Joe’s pork chops being rare. Jenn says she got really sick.
Britney: ‘The Turkey burgers weren’t cooked either”
Wil: “He uses his hands for everything”

They start talking about Joe’s ghost story last night. They were all playing table topics and one of the cards pulled was have you ever had a supernatural experience.
britney impersonates him (Cam 1-2 11:20pm) “I was with my buddy we were throwing rocks over the highest bridge in kentucky”
Wil: ‘same bridge I told my wife my loved her”
Britney: “We saw the watch fall into the water.. and I turned around the watch was beside him on the bridge.. it was right there my watch.. “
Britney: “And guess what was written in greek words in dust this thick (she shows them with her fingers) .. Greek words on my watch and on the dust.. GREEK WORDS”
they all laugh.

They start in on Joe big time (It’s hilarious flashback if you want to laugh FlashBack FREE TRIAL!) They mention Joe talking about Joe saying his son who is 11 dates the hottest girl in his school.

Talk goes back to Joe cooking all the food. Wil is worried that there isn’t enough nutrition in the house for them all. Wil: “we’re going to have to milk Janelle’s boobs for milk”

Wil tells them about joe wanting a final 3 with Wil and Jenn and call it team Diversity..

Jenn has a hard time understanding how Janelle was America’s favorite because she’s so mean to people behind their backs and so fake. Britney things Janelle is playing a much different game this year and that in Season 7 Janelle won all the competitions and the fans really liked that.

11:40pm poker game
Janelle, Joe and Shane are out of the poker game… Dan isn’t doing so hot.
11:41pm Jenn and Wil Jenn is happy they they had their talk with Britney. She’s pretty certain Britney will vote Janelle out.
11:48pm Britney and Wil talking about Thursday being a potential double eviction. Wil and Britney both agree if it is a double eviction next week they need to get rid of Joe.

12:06AM Cam 1-2 T!T$ + Britney No Game Zone.. Ashley tells them Danielle is doing awesome in the poker game.

12:20AM HOH Cam 3-4 Danielle, Shane and Brtiney
Before Britney comes in Danielle tells shane they are taking a break from poker and she hopes Britney doesn’t flip her vote again. Shane explains she did the same thing the first 3 weeks.
Britney brings up that Janelle is saying that Shane is giving her his vote. Shane: “Thats Bullshit… “
Britney says she feels bad for voting Janelle out because she’s her friend. Shane and Danielle explain all the crap Janelle has done in the game.

12:45AM HOh
Britney tells him that Janelle probably has 1 vote. She says Ashley plans on telling Janelle tomorrow. Brintey adds that Janelle thinks she has enough votes. Britney does n’t want Joe to know he’s the lone vote.

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I hope Mike or Frank wins HoH next week, just to get rid of Dan, Danielle, or Britney…The easy move is to get rid of Joe…


I don’t think you know what is going on in the house. Boogie/Frank made a final six deal with Brit,Dani,Dan,and Shane. I’m pretty sure Boogie has no intention on breaking that alliance……yet.


I dont even care about janelle leaving anymore, im excited for boogie n frank to turn on dan and most of all TEAM TITS!


That’s what I’m thinking…It’s going to be hilarious if they go out the door…


Me too.. But I wouldnt mind having Tits help take out Dan with Boogie


One of the things I love about this game is just ..human behavior. 2 observations..

1. The simple fact that you can give someone a title (coach) and tell another person they are to follow (team)…and then take the title away and put people on “equal footing”..and the followers , for the most part will still follow the original leaders. Obviously there are some who are abandoning janelle now..but it’s really only Jenn, Wil and Ashley. The others ( for now) are still with their coach.

2. Hubris…and how it effects a person’s game. If Janelle could simply get past her own ego..she might see what’s so apparent. The simple fact that Frank and Boogie are engaged with eveyone now and not hiding away together speak volumes about where they see themselves in the house now. Frank is not campaigning at all…and yet Janelle still wants to believe she is not the target. Her own belief that she would NOT be a target..her ego…will not allow her to see the obvious.

It’s fascinating.


Well said Cleocat


good observation, cleocat!


Pignelle is so stupid for supposedly being a great BB player. What do you think Simon???


You need to shut up she is a great player. She just runs her mouth to much, but the fact is true I’m pretty sure Janelle will reenter the game like Brendon did last year but she’ll switch up her game , watch she’ll win HOH when she reenters the game and britney and Dan will blame Danielle n shane or Boogie n Frank


Your intelligence speaks volumes…..




she will not be reentering, they have 7 weeks left and 10 people to lose already to get to 2, assuming they carry 3 into the last few days and then thin to 2 that means they already have to do 2 double evictions to end on time. They only brought the coaches back because with willie going nuts they had to few players left for jury. That is why they even made the comment that if the coaches chose not to re-enter some other players “notice the plural” would be reentering. If they had done nothing last week they would have been down to 8 players with only 6 for jury after the eviction. So buh bye janelle have fun watching from your couch like Jojo


Actually I think Janelle will come back. She will come back just like Rachel did in season 12. Can you imagine what kind of damage she could do after watching all the stuff she missed? Look out Britney!


Janelle’s strength is in competitions, but as a coach, she could only use her social game, which apparently sucks, so this was not a good format for her.


boogie takes down the first pot against joe…WSOP is on.


Mike wont work with Joe lol..Joe is gone next week…


I like Danielle, but it’s comments from her like those that irk me


Watching Shane, Brit and Danielle in bed together, she is whining about how Shane treats her.
All I keep thinking is “Red Flag, Red Flag! Run Shane Run!”

Made me think of the Kristen Wiig SNL skit-

PS- After watching it tho, it could easily apply to Rachel too!

Carol & Steve

that is too funny! Red Flag is one of our fave SNL commercial parodies! :) Poor Shane! If I were him I’d be thinking of the chances of ending up in the jury house with her – LOL!!


why is Danielle so stupid….doe she not remember shane is not into her, does she think she can force this romance… she gets on my nerves..


It doesnt help that Shane is using her giving her mixed signals. But come on girl have some dignity!


Danielle is pathetic. Why would you want someone to kiss you because you won a game? I’d want someone to kiss me because they WANTED to!


shane said it first! they were thinking about a side bet. i think its not completly correct above.


Danielle goes back to the bathroom and Shane whispers to Brit “She wants me to kiss her all the time” ..ouch.. tuff break Dani

***SIMON I think the perfect avatar for Danielle is Annie Wilkes from Misery!***

Godless Monkey

Ha! LOL. Is it possible to get an emergency restraining order while still in the house??? Instead of a 100 yard stay-away, perhaps three feet? This girl so sucks at reading a man. She makes me embarrassed to be female. Shane, run.


what I don’t understand is that he says he’s not interested in her yet you see them cuddling almost EVERY day. WTF bro?


Has Shane ever directly said, “I’m not interested”? Sometimes it seems like maybe the more he knows her the more he likes her, but then he tells Britney he doesn’t. It also looks like playful flirting between two good friends who maybe want to have more, but are not sure. Danielle may also be saying it’s not a showmance b/c she/they think that will hurt their game.


Yeah, he has told her. I don’t think he likes her that way. The body language says it all, but I don’t get why he spends so much time with her. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t like her. What matters is what the house perceives, and he is making it look like something is going on. He has a big enough target on his back. Maybe he is playing her because he needs to keep her onside. I can see her going psycho if he shuts her completely down.

How could anyone really fall for someone as insecure as Danielle? Especially a man who is used to dating gorgeous model babes.

She will always make the conversation about her and it drives me crazy.

Random HG: Kara was gorgeous.
Danielle: I am NOT ugly.

Random HG: Dinner was great tonight
Danielle: I know, but what do you really think of me?


Danielle is so pathetic, she acts like some skank the way she chases after Shane and he does not want anything to do with her. She is dateless and desperate. She is so creepy. Wait till she sees how stupid she looks and acts when this show is over, she will have to change her name and move were no one knows about BB. She can’t be a nurse, I bet her job is really cleaning bed pans because she is not smart enough to be a nurse. She had to cheat on her test if she really is a nurse, good gosh what a scary thought having her for your nurse. Poor Shane, that what he gets for kissing her ass to stay off the block. Run Shane Run!


I bet Dan using this opportunity to see what everyone’s “poker face” / lying face looks like.


@bobatrouble.Your probably right.You know Dan is always in game mode.He’s constantly thinking strategy.Lol.

danielle is fat



I concur !!!!!


What exactly has Frank done to piss-off people? Still waiting on that answer…


Nothing, people just perceive him as a big threat b/c he is a strong man and is well liked

Godless Monkey

Frank had the audacity (wink) to be CHOSEN by Boogie! And Janelle hates Boogie, hence all the scumbag references. I believe, for the most part, that’s it. Unless he’s been throwing all the comps, even his size and strength should not be viewed by the HGs as a threat.


LMAO!!! More people talking about Joe’s cooking habits….


Most of the people on this site that want Frank out right now actually don’t want Frank out, they want Janelle to stay. They are Janelle worshippers. But each to their own.


How do people want Janelle to leave.. yall are retarded.


Intelligence at its finest once again….y’all know I’m right


Through the front door……. Duh! How do you want her to leave?


LOL. That was great. Maybe by catapult over the back wall? (It is just a joke people)


Shane reminds me of Tom Cruz in a very creepy way


Shane doesn’t strike me as a member of Scientology lol…Though, he’s boring and annoying..

Godless Monkey

Yeah, Shane doesn’t seem aware enough to be delusional. Delusion requires at least some amount of thinking. Tom Cruise believing in Xenu and moving matter with his mind, hilarious!


In the face, yes. He’s just probably much taller because Tom is like 5 foot nothing.


I really want to like Danielle because people on here are so cruel with their comments about her insecurities and her appearance but she is humiliating herself throwing herself at Shane.

I hope someone besides Boogie or Frank win HOH next week and put those two up.

I am team Shane FTW #1 but would still be ok if
#2 Ian
#3 Britt
#4 Dan
#5 Ashley won.

Thursday can’t get here fast enough for me. I am SO over this week.

I hope I get to see a week where Boogie gets backdoored or Frank blindsided with eviction.


Shane, ok he has proven himself to be a player, Ian, I am unsure I like him he is funny and all but he hasnt proven himself as of yet, Dan, Obvious great player no issue, Britt, Why? she hasnt done anything yet except ride Shane and prove wishy washy she only went as far as she did her year due to Lane, Ashley, the girl tries and talk game but all I have seen is a clueless floater so far. So far if a girl has to win I would prefer Danielle, at leats she has won something and proven herself willing to go there and make a move wether you agree with the move or not.

I know people are hating on them but Frank has been on the block 3 times now and between him and Boogie they have managed to save him all the time, they are running the house wether people like it or not.


Its just painful to watch Danielle push this showmance. It doesnt help that Shane leads her on!

Why is she lying about her profession now!

On another note, its very sad watching Janelle walk around clueless.. WTF it is obvious!!!!


Danielle has been lying about her profession all season. Why stop now?


I don’t understand her logic. First, you don’t want people to know you are a nurse because it makes you look smart and threatening…then you decide to tell someone that you are more than a nurse, you are practically a doctor…wtf! She is so dumb its sad…

Pliney the Elder

who is winning the poker game? It looks like Joe went bust.


I’d say Boogie is. But, LOL @ these people every year who think they know poker, but don’t know the simplest of rules.

Everyone seems to be splashing the pot. That just makes things confusing and provides the opportunity for cheating.

You can’t see a bet and raise it, it’s one or the other. Even Boogie is guilty of this one.

The person who gets called shows thier hand first, not the caller Shane.

If they are playing a tournament, they should have delt Janelle cards when she wasn’t there yet.

I’d love to get me a seat at thier table!

Godless Monkey

Interesting, this Team Tits, but even if they do pull off an HOH next week they are so powerless ( up against bigger alliance, some more easily manipulated) that I feel the will accomplish nothing but getting Eagle Eye evicted and not changing the power in the house at all. Unless the Silent Six turn on each other earlier than anticipated Team Tits is out next, with the exception of Ashley who Dan/Boogie would be smart taking to F2. If they do manage to pull the rabbit out of the hat, that would be fantasic gaming and TV though!

Wonder how Dan’s going to feel about Danielle’s big reveal to Brit that she’s a rocket scientist? Oh, wait, no…that was great gamer Brendon from last year, nevermind ;) Extra degrees in BB don’t mean shit, one need only look to Jordon’s win for that.

quack-squad fan

I must have missed team ‘tits’ – is that Jenn, Ashley and Wil?

Joe is hilarious to watch because he seems to have no idea what’s going on but wants to be in control of it anyway…

Janielle’s game has been sloppy this season but kind of feel sorry for her tonight. she is trying hard to socialize and be nice to everyone. A little late for her to realize how poorly she treated people. I just hope Boogie doesn’t rub her race in this because he can get so arrogant.

Godless Monkey

Team Tits, yes, Wil, Ashley and Jenn.

Wonder if Janelle has got to the part in her bible that says that you reap what you sow? She reminds me of convicts who “find god” once they’re locked up. Her game this year sucked, IMO, because of her wanting to beat Boogie so bad that her paranoia overtook her logic/strategy.


Have to agree about Joe. His “eagle eye” has deluded him again. He thinks that him, Ian, Jenn and Ashley(?) would be a powerhouse alliance and run the house. Once those 4 team up they will win all the comps and make big moves and win the game.

Truth to tell: If Production rigged it so Joe was right and those HGs made it to the final 4, he would still come in 4th.


This stupid fling that Danielle and Shane have going on is stupid. It doesn’t help that he instigates flirting with her but you think she’d taken the hint about a week ago.


Um…Earth to Britney.. NEWS Flash..

“Not after Wil told me the things… Janelle said about me being 2 faced and playing like I did in BB12 by hiding behind people”

Is a VERY true statement! you are playing your game just like BB12


Naw, the big difference is that she IS part of a good alliance this time. Still makes 90% true.




How bout a believable lie, Danielle. 4 degrees and your how old? And nurse practitioners have at least a masters already dummy


Going to clarify on something that I just read. Danielle is not a Nurse Practitioner, she would need her Masters first. She is full of shit in what she’s telling Britney, you need your Masters or PHD, beyond that her Age does not dictate that, she would have had to attend college in her Teens. Danielle, if you have to throw degrees around to tell people how “intelligent.” you are, it only shows how unintelligent you are and insecure you are as well. It’s a big enough deal to graduate with a BSN, and pass the NCLEX-RN.

Also, I would hands down, had I not already gone the route I did, would have done the 2 additional years and get my P.A. than do another 4 years in order to complete a Masters, and another year on top of that to cram for the NP test. You make just about the same amount of money as a NP.

Oh another thing, the sneeze thing she said earlier in the season. I remember hearing her telling someone that she’s a nurse, and your eye lids close during a sneeze so they do not fall out of your head. This is not true, it’s nothing more than an urban legend. She may be running her own unit with a BSN, but no, not a NP, and definitely not a very intelligent one either.


Boogie if he keeps playing the way he is playing right now, I can seriously see him going far. Frank has dodged a bullet 4 times now, and to be honest going through past season’s it seems as though the people who go through numerous nominations and seem to get through them, wind up heading into final 4 if not winning BB.


Mike needs to get rid of Dan–his biggest threat at this point…I’m starting to believe Mike could win X2…


WOW…Joe somehow made himself even MORE douchy by wearing SHADES for a casual poker game. O M G. Get that guy OUT now!!! Please!


Wil is imitating joe….omg its hilarious! (flashback cam 1 @ 11:25 or so if ya wanna laugh)


I know I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes!
People can say what they want about Brit, but she never fails to make me laugh or at least smile when she gets going with her imitations or stories.
She may get whiney, bitchy, back-stabby, but you will have some fun watching her too!
I hope Wil sticks around for a while too, he annoys the hell out of me but those 2 together are a riot.


Do you people really think they would bring back Janelle or another house guest? I think this season will drag on more and more if they do that. Unless they do two double evictions in order for that to happen.


You are probably right Simon.
If production was smart (and watched things that were going on and wanted to create some REAL drama!) they would find a way to bring back Kara.
I would pay triple the fee for feeds to watch Danielle go totally apeshit dealing with that scenario =)


Didnt Julie say on Thursday that a eliminated house guest get a chance to het back in the game?


Only if the coaches chose not to reset the game.


Im pretty sure she said IF none of the coaches hit the reset button someone would come back


only if the coaches didn’t press reset. who knows now, but i would hate to think jodi has been in sequestration for a month…


They can even do two double evictions


britney is a snake….i think she will flip her vote…but that still doesnt keep janelle in the house


Shane needs to get her drunk, then take her in the shower and nail her really good. Then vote her out. :)


Brit is playing the same game she played before, and she is gong to have the same results. I just hope she don’t sit there and cry and act like she can’t believe what just happened. I’m ready for this week to be over so Frank and Boogie can run all over that house. I don’t understand how the house can be so against B&F, saying that they are a powerful force and kick Janelle out with no true alliance.


Memo to Joe: stop cooking, you’re terrible at it…


Earthquake in orange county about an hour from LA…4.4 …Any indication they felt it?

Godless Monkey

I doubt they felt it. I live in SoCal coastal town, they’re in the valley. If I didn’t feel it, doubt they did either.


Team Tits is so stupid they have 3 people while theyre going against 7 people not very bright


I dont know, Janelle is just so different this season. It’s not the same Janelle that I know of from season 6/7. I guess you change a lot from age. I mean she was 26 when she first competed and now she’s 32. Janelle lost her magic, and it sucks that she’s going to lose this way. 3 time loser is just really sad.


I wonder if they felt that earthquake…


toniight was the first time I ever enjoyed Wil on my t v screen, that impression of Joe was spot on the highlight of the night.

Dani and Brit get my last nerves
I was only rooting for Dani because I didn’t want see Dan go. Plus she didnt seem as bad until she won the hoh and pov. It damn sure went to her head.
Now Brit has balls because shes in two alliances, shes turning back to S.12 bitch again.

danielle has dirty feet

there is no way in hell danielle has 4 degrees….and i know britney knew she was a nurse the whole time…but danielle is only 23…there is no way in hell she has 4 degrees already, unless she started college when she was 12….im so sick of her lies….and why would u want a dude to kiss u if u won a game wouldnt u want him to kiss u because he just wanted to….lol shes so desperate….joe doesnt know what hes talking about…what a liar….and IAN is kinda getting on my nerves lately…u can tell if there was a party and the cops came Ian would be the scared one snitching on everybody


Joe continues to be an idiot with the glasses and the “tough guy” look, when we all know he’s not…


brit is absolutly hilarious tonite! LOL. first this joe immitation and DR. PSYCH. in bed beetween them.

Godless Monkey

She and Ragan were hilarious in BB12 too. She definetely has a gift for comedy and impersonation, and her comic timing is classic. Of course in 12 she and Ragan were given perfect targets — Brenchal. Guess Joe’s the new Brenchal, til he gets das boot.

My dog keeps farting

Can Danielle shut up already about hating janelle? She just goes on and on and on. I cannot stand her and her constant bitching and moaning over what a terrible person janelle is.


And you have never been wronged (or felt wrong) and went on and on about it with your friends. You have no enemies that you complain about.

Think about it. Imagine your worst enemy. Now put yourself in a situation with that person and 10 others. Now that enemy is pretending to be your bestest buddy and you CANNOT get away from him/her except for brief periods with your real best friend (who is one of the other 10). You mean to tell me that you would not be complaining ad nausium?

You know you would.


Team tits is nothing but useless bodies in this game…


Besides Wil imitating Eagle Eye that episode of BBAD was sooooooo boring :(

bring back kara

whats funny is …danielle wanted shane to say if i win i want a kiss too….but he didnt”…he said backrub lol and then of course she said u can have that anyway….if i was shane i would atleast take a blowjob from her…imean hes locked away in the bb house…he could probly get a blowjob everyday until he leaves from danielle….


really liking that even the floaters are playing the game now once with janelle out let the fun began. I’m really looking forward to how next week will pan out

analytics talking

really if you look at the HOH everyone wants Joe out nxt so this week it doesn’t matter. But the week after Ian needs to win to get 1 of the bogus TITS crew out and they have numbers to get Wil out. Then it’s a free for all. ANYBODY AGREE



The order of the next 3 evictions should be:




If any of those is saved in some way, Ashley would go in their place.

Just my Opinion.


This season is exceptionally boring… Boring game (reset–really?), boring HG’s, boring comments on this site (where are QAZ &BBGrandma? For that, where’s the Saboteur???


I’ll be laughing if Janelle’s alliance (except Joe) turn her back. Poor Joe (NOT!). It would be 8 to 1.
Frank & Boogie, let Shane or Dan win the HoH so we can knock out joe next. Good Riddance Joe!


Where’s Ted?


Danielle is pathetic


Team Slient 6 alliance shhhhhh
Team powerhouse alliance bor-ring!


As much as danielle is starting to annoy me, I feel bad for her. Shane told his mon he wasn’t going to have a showmance but then he is leading her on! As a mom, I would be more disappointed in my son leading a girl on than having a showmance!!!


Two questions about Danielle….why did she feel it necessary to lie about her occupation? Also, after seeing her act so desperate to get Shane’s affection, I am not surprised that she is single to begin with….she is the neediest woman I have ever seen!! I feel embarrased for her sometimes. I find Ashley thoroughly entertaining….I hope she lasts.


Well bye bye Jeanelle ( Sill not sure why they hate her so much but whatever, she was never my favorite), if its a double eviction they need to take Frank out right after her. His ass has been on the block three times and has survived all three due to stupid game play, I still think taking him out would be better then getting rid of Jeanelle. It would benefit the remaining house guests, but then again Jeanelle is the strongest female. If they do this the smart way, Boogie will be left alone once his bitch…….I mean once Franks gone, they can then take him out the following week. Then from there its everyman for themselves.