Britney tells Danielle last night Joe beat 0ff in bed and it woke her from her slumber. She was so close she could smell it!

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


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2:10pm – 2:25pm Frank and Dan are up in the HOH room talking about what the competition might be like and about different work out routines. Dan and Frank head downstairs. In the kitchen, Shane, Joe, Frank, Ashley and Ian are hanging out. Frank tells Shane and Joe that since yesterday’s game was a classic game today it will be something totally new. Ian agrees and says that the last 4 competitions have been classic games. Meanwhile Britney and Danielle build a bed in the middle of the have-not room. Britney talks about last night Joe beat off in bed and that it woke her from her slumber. Britney imitates the noises she heard and then heard him go Hmmm, Hmmm after a long time. Britney gets called to the diary room. Britney gets up and tells Danielle that she left her in here in the line of fire. She says that she swears she was so close that she could smell it. I was in the line of fire of his sperm. Britney leaves the room. Britney comes back after a few minutes. Danielle says that she can’t believe Joe did that and says that she hopes he washed his hands after. Danielle asks if they can tell Dan. Britney says not until after Joe is evicted. Britney leaves the room.

FUNNY STUFF – Watch it ALL on FlashBack: August 11th, 2:15pm, Camera 3 & 4


2:30pm – 2:40pm Britney comes back and says certainly a certain spice only Joe can bring to the house. Danielle says that is so gross, I can’t even imagine listening to a guy jerk off. Britney tells Danielle that she wished it was Shane but that it wasn’t. Britney says that she could tell from the grunting that it was Joe. If he hadn’t made a noise she would not have known it was him. She says he tried to mask it with a cough. Britney says it was sick. He was probably thinking about you in your bikini sitting out by the pool. Danielle asks why me? Britney says because you are his type. Britney asks how do you know what his type is. Britney says that she is going to wake up Danielle if she hears it again because she is not going through that alone again. Danielle says that she will says STOP THAT! Danielle starts talking about Shane. Britney says don’t worry in about a month you and him will be broken up. She says that she can’t stand his sour attitude trying to get her in trouble. Britney and Danielle roll over to take a nap. Britney says that she wants to be well rested to watch the competition later.


2:45pm Frank, Joe, Shane and Ashley are in the kitchen talking about how long they have been in the house and how they are already at the half way point.

2:55pm Joe asks Ashley if can talk to her in the arcade room. He tells her that no matter what happens I don’t expect you to use the veto on me, I would only ask if you win please don’t use it to save Wil and take him down. Ashley says yeah. Joe says hopefully it won’t be too overly active. Ashley says I know. Ashley tells Joe that when he and her were on the block before, Janelle was going around trying to get votes for me. Joe asks really?! Ashley says yeah, I can’t believe you didn’t know that.


3:19pm Cam 3-4 Danielle getting ready

3:50pm Really nothing happening on the feeds.. scattered conversations about nothing.. Power House takes a nap conserves his energy for the POV Competitions that is Slated to start at any minute. (If the competition is Hauling Bricks Eagle EYE wins this hands down)

3:55pm Ashley, Ian and Jenn Ashley asks him if this was the first time he tried out for big brother. Ian says yes. Ashley says that she applied for Big Brother when she was 21 but didn’t get far. She goes on to explain how she was trying to get on a dating show and they suggested she go on Big Brother. (Danielle applied for the same dating show)

4:18pm Cam 3-4 Jenn, Ian, Dan and Ashley They are talking about the fans and all the crazy art work they do for Big Brother.

4:29pm Cam 3-4 Dan, Ashley, Jenn and Ian Ian’s Bear asks Ashley’s bear out on a date.

Dam is controlling the bears.
Ian’s bear: “So I was wondering… Umm..”
Ashley’s Bear: ‘Cmon what so yo want to ask me”
Ian’s bear: “I want to know if you will go on a date with me”
Ashley’s Bear: “Sure.. I would just like desert to start”
Ian’s bear: “Ceya tonight at 9”
Dan: “Later that day while Chef Joe prepared a nice slop desert”
Dan goes through the entire date with the bears.. and continues with the Bears life stories as ian and Ashley get married and have children.

4:56pm Everyone waiting around for the POV to start.. Wil is studying the Memory Wall (Images included in the gallery below)
5:13pm Cam 1-2 Ian tells Frank in the HOH that it’s going to be a night Competition (I think this is just speculation on Ian’s Part. Earlier T!Ts and Pwoer House Joe were studying the memory wall looking for facial patterns. Face Morphing? Seems a bit early for that one.. If it is in fact face morphing It’ll be a long night)

5:54pm Shane, Ian, Britney

Britney is wondering how many people participate in Media Day. Ian says there is 8-10 people. Shane doesn’t know anything about Media Day. Ian goes on to explain that it’s a bunch of people from online media that spend a day in the Big Brother House. Ian explains that they don’t even stay for a full 24 hours it’s more like start in the morning leave in the evening.

Talk moves to the Power of Veto Competition, Britney is pissed having to wait for so long.
Ian tells them the POV will either start at any minute or it’ll be at midnight because they cannot show the competition during Big Brother After Dark.

Ian starts looking around the room points out all the decorations that were in the Big Brother 12 house. Ian: ‘Nice to see they are re-using props.. Those orbs up there were in the Taj room (BB12)” Ian points out that there is some damage on the floor and you and underneath you can see carpet from Britney’s season.

Ian says that Big Brother 13 was his least favorite season. Britney asks what he thought about the twist, both the player coming back and the Pandora’s box.
Ian: “The return of the player was done horribly” Ian brings up the Pandora’s box twist coming back when they were down to 6 players.
Ian says the one Season he usually recommends to people is Season 10, “season 10 is old school but it has a modern twist.. the only thing it doesn’t have is have nots”

6:13 Cam 1-2 HOH Frank, Britney

Britney tells Frank that everyone is bored and getting stir crazy. Britney: ” Ian had a good point if we don’t do this in the next 15 minutes we won’t do it until midnight because of showtime.. They can’t show the competitions on Showtime and there’s nothing they can cut to”

Frank: “Wil wasn’t in a good mood this morning”
Britney: “Ya.. “

Britney had talked to Wil earlier in the day and told him the draws for the POV really benefited him. Wil grumped back to her saying something along the lines as “If I win POV Ashley will just go up”

Britney: “I’m not trying to be mean or rude but he’s just being snappy”
Frank brings up that Wil is a much better target than Joe. A) Wil can win the next HOH B) Joe’s got no game C) Joe is really easy to read and has no connection with other people

Britney is pretty sure it’ll be double eviction this week. Frank says things will eventually get sticky with their silent 6 (Shhhhhhh.. he holds his finger to his mouth) Britney knows.. Frank is happy they have the silent 6 because it gives them a bit of security for a few weeks. Britney adds that it’ll all be about winning comps, “If you can win a cmop you don’t go home”

Frank doesn’t feel bad sending Wil home but he did feel bad sending JoJo home. The reason was that Jojo didn’t do anything to him except for voting against him week one. Wil constantly lies and schemes against him.

Britney: ‘getting rid of Janelle last week was a HUGE HUGE HUGE move… Game Changer”

Britney says that Wil and Joe are not working together but Wil and Ashley are.
Frank: “Wil is working with her as much as a person can work with ashley”
Britney: “She’s a vote.. and POV”
Frank tells her that AShley told him in the HOH yesterday that she would not use the POV if she won it.
Frank: “It just looks too good for us if Wil goes home… the next HOH.. Joe?”
Britney mentions that Joe would always play up his physical strength and what happens during the Have Nots “He’s wheezing with a lemon costume on”
Frank brings up how there are so many players that have no idea how this game is played

Who do you think you’ll be paired up with if there was no coaches..
Frank :”I can see me and Shane.. Could have been Shane, Willie and I”

6:50pm ZING BOT

ZA ZA ZING … Trivia

8:04pm Trivia
8:36pm Trivia

And here we thought the Zing Bot wasn’t coming back

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What the..




“Britney tells Danielle that she wished it was Shane but that it wasn’t.”

Is she trynna get stabbed in her sleep, tellin that to Psycho Dani??


OMG!!! I just spit sweet tea onto my laptop.. that is so funny.. but true


“Danielle says that is so gross, I can’t even imagine listening to a guy jerk off. ”

Guess she not planning on gettin married???

Every women catches her hubby playin hide the sausage


Setting the bar pretty low.


The convo with Brit and Dani about Joe jerking off is pretty funny. Guess, we know that Joe is not Master of his Domain.


OMG. That is so sick about Joe. But who knows whether you can believe anything that comes out of Britney’s mouth.


Joe.. . STOP THAT!


no I won’t !!!

Red Lampshade

Joe probably finished, went to sleep, and then proceeded to make breakfast without washing his hands.


Unsuspecting HG: What’s that sauce Joe???

Joe: Oh that’s my Secret Organic Homemade Cream Sauce

Unsuspecting HG: WHAT??????????


Ill, if you didn’t make me laugh so often I’d really find you gross

King Silva

That is probably true.

Joe really is a nasty fuck with no shame!

BTW when did the comments start showing the most recent first?

Usually # 1 was first but now it isn’t the case. :-/


I switched it over yesterday more people like newest first.. what do you think?


it was better the other way. now its more scrolling.


Newest first DEFINITELY. Less scrolling when checking for new posts.

Lennon's Ghost

I preferred the original way you did it. That way I didn’t have to go back to view comments that were posted while I was reading. That is particularly true when there are multiple pages of comments.

But that’s just my opinion.


Thanks for the input.. I may need to set up a poll and get everyone’s opinions it’s hard to track in the comments over multiple posts.

Lennon's Ghost


I just figured that after 6-1/2 seasons (OBB Seasons 8 – 14) of doing it one way, why make changes?

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I guess we’ll see what others think with a poll.

In any case, OBB is still the best site hands down for BB info.

Thank you Simon and Dawg!


At least he didnt beat off over Britney.


Sure that idea was runnin through his head, but he didn’t wanna get expelled and sued

Jake K.

There is officially a whole other reason he is called Eagle Eye now!


This is why I love Brit yo,

Silent 6…………..Shhhhhhhh!!!!


Gross. I just threw up a little in my mouth.


Dafug did I just read?


That’s almost as gross as Adam blowing his nose and then using the snotrag to dry the dishes (BB13).


I’d have had to throw my covers off while saying “Oh hell no” and gotten up out of there… no way I’m gonna lie in bed while Joe has a tender moment with himself… and smell it??? I’d have puked! Hope he washes that blanket TODAY… At least Brendon wasn’t just shootin’ his stuff all over the place willy nilly…


Brendon and Rachel didn’t clean their sheets after they won HOH, and left them for Jeff and Jordan their “supposed best bb friends” to find

that’s why I made this image funny


Amen!!! OMG I have never laughed so hard as when I read what Brit said … I was laughing so hard my eyes filled with tears I couldnt even continue reading till I wiped them away. I would have woke everyone up yelling and running as fast as I could to get out of there! Priceless!


Oh my goodness! If you have the live feeds you need to see Britney imitate Joe trying to rub one out. She is freakin’ hilarious…ROFLOL!!




Dani asked Brit if they should tell Dan about Joe’s night of “romance”, and Brit said not until Joe leaves. How much do you want to bet Danielle can’t keep the secret until this time tomorrow. Pretty soon the whole house will know. I don’t get why they aren’t grossed out by his food. He doesn’t even try to hide his lack of basic hygiene.

And completely off topic, but am I the only one that misses Willie and Jo Jo?

Lady Gag her

Lol, Jojo on her own… not so much. But Jojo and willie together in the house? absolutely! :)


yes i already miss Janelle, JoJo, and WIllie and some people was glad to see them leave. There are
too many floaters left.


Please get Joe out of here. He is poisonious & he really got to go.


Please tell me Dani was not alone in the bathroom making all those faces in the mirror.
PLEASE tell me she was goofing around with someone else hanging out in there….
Or maybe she found one of her alter egos in the mirror and was just having a nice chat?
Honest to sh*t she scares me.


Never mind, just flashed back to it.
That was probably one of the craziest things I have seen so far this season.
Also never seen that much make up applied, why is she doing that to her skin? Is she trying to cover up the actual demon beneath?
I repeat once more….SHE SCARES ME


So she WAS alone? I really hope Trey has gotten his restraining order.


Yeah Char, all alone in the BR.
If you have flashbacks go check it out (if you want a good scare do it late at night, all alone in a dark room) , she goes on like that for quite a while, making all kinds of crazy faces. The weird fake smiles though…that gave me the creeps.


Are you projecting onto Danielle? Are you the one who is possessed? Are you a psychiatrist or a priest? If either you should quit as you have no compassion in your heart.


WW, do you have the live feeds?



No, I do not have the live feeds.

But my comment is to express that you have either diagnossed her as schizophrenic or as possessed; hence the question of being a psychologist or priest.


Trust me, if you saw what I saw on the feeds you would not be thinking much differently.
BTW, I never diagnosed her as having Schizophrenia, but now that you mention it, please note symptoms-

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it hard to:

•Tell the difference between what is real and not real

•Think clearly

•Have normal emotional responses

•Act normally in social situations

For the record, what I was *jokingly* alluding to was split personality disorder, which is now known as Dissociative identity disorder. And I do not really think she has that because then she would just be jealous of her other personalities because they might think they were fat.

As for the possession, obviously I also do not *TRULY* think she is possessed, but I am telling you that there is still something seriously wrong with that woman and she does scare me. Period.

Do you personally know Danielle? You seem very defensive about her. Sorry if I am upsetting you with my posts, but don’t take it all so seriously.


No, I don’t know Danielle personally. I just have problems with people coming on sites likes this and denigrate people that cannot defend themselves. This show magnifies peoples faults. Do you seriously think that if you had millions of people watching you 24/7 (or close to it) that they could not find faults with you that might get exagerated? Look at my posts. I have never said she might have issues and may even need professional help. If she started to be a danger to herself or others Production would remove her (see season 2 if you don’t believe me). You sit at your computer monitor day in and day out obsessing over what crazy thing you can see Danielle doing so that you can post here how crazy she is and how scared you are of her (when she does not know you nor knows where you are).

I like Danielle. I think that she is OK. Maybe not 100% stable, but not dangerous.

I just think that questioning a person’s sanity multiple times daily is in its self menally unheathy.She cannot defend herself. She may have no defense. But she is on a “Fish Bowl” television/internet show.

Let me ask you some questions, because I am lazy and do not want to go through all the past posts: Have you posted anything that was not “Dani is crazy” related? Are you a Janelle fan? I just don’t remember.

Caren in Canada

I am sure people would find a million things wrong with me, but I would never be stupid enough to put myself on a 24 hour realituy show, that is the difference, she went on that show by CHOICE and she has repeatedly acted the way she does by CHOICE|! Lets be honest this girl is noit all there, her friends have tweeted that, her Trey has tweeted that, these people know her very well one quoted just when you think you have seen every layer of her craziness, there is an entire lower lever parking lot! This friend lived with her for over a year! Hmmmm But naaahh she is not crazy! lol


To answer your questions, I have posted about –

1)Not liking Frank, he is smarmy to me.
2) Shane being a comp. beast
3) Missing Willie (not real sure about that one, I know I posted it on another site, I am not sure if I did here)
4) Was HAPPY Danielle won the endurance, gave her props for that.
5) Janelle…lol. I am far from a Janelle fan. Never saw her prior seasons so based all I know of her from this one. And what I saw I did not like.

For the record, I liked Danielle. When she started with her self-obsession and fantasy love story is when I realized she is nuts.
I got the feeds last thursday to watch the endurance comp., therefore most of my opinion of her started to form from seeing what CBS wasn’t showing.
She should not be on TV. She should be in therapy. If reality TV producers gave a crap she wouldn’t be televised, but they want people like her because that is what creates buzz for their shows.

And I just read what Caren posted, and I was going to say the same myself. No way would I subject myself to reality TV. I don’t need or want to be famous, I don’t need validation, and I honestly don’t really care what anyone thinks =). Which is why I am done explaining myself to you. Let us just agree to disagree.

And oh yeah Caren, I have been reading a lot of stuff from people who really DO know here. WOW it seems like what we are seeing is pretty tame in comparison.


Thanks for answering my questions. I feel that you are giving a more objective view than others on this site. Thank you for your honesty. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. I was just courious about other views you have.

There are people on here that only bash Danielle. She is obviously and easy target. If she is as unstable as you say (and I have no proof otherwise) then I have compassion for her and pity her that her insanity is being exploited by CBS and Big Brother.

Now that you point out other things you have posted here, I remember them. Keep up the good comments, I will start to pass up your “Danielle is crazy” posts and chalk it up to my not having the feeds. I hope that people will start to lay off her because the mentally ill do deserve our pity and compassion not our ridicule.

Caren in Canada

Yeah I thought we were being reasonably kind compared to her friends! I agree with everything you said, I dont need validation as to whom I am I am very happy and quite compfortable in my own skin, faults and all! But one thing I do know is that I dont lie about people, I dont make up or embellish stories about others, and I just asked one of my BFFs and they verified for me, that I am a dayum trustworthy, loyal and most importantly honest friend! Oh and I asked if she thought I was fatter than her! LMFAOOOOOO!!!!

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

camel toe Brittney’s parents must be proud of their little girl.


boogie must find a way to get wil out the door this week. then, there is just no way they wouldnt get rid of joe next. ewwwwwww




Mark my words, one night someone watching live feeds is going to see her floating over the bed with her arms outstretched ala Regan McNeil (The Exorcist).


She reminds me of the joker!! lol

She is merely just ensuring that she looks good from every angle! Gosh guys lol


Danielle, Danielle, Danielle…. Always trying to be someone that you’re not (LPN claiming she’s a kindergarten teacher, then an RN, now a high priced bek and call model)

Just… Wow… Issues!




can anyone verify if that is true..or is she lying?


Something is going on in the flashbacks on cam4 around 4:46 am for a while….he gets up at some point and flicks a lighter to look at something near his leg. Then he gets up and stumbles around the room to the door and goes to the bathroom.
I dunno, I didn’t search too hard but I did hit on that time period and it’s kind of weird.


Sneaky JOE!


What a coincidence you spotted that on Cam 4. There’s a website called CAM4 that’s a specific type of webcam site! :P


House guests it’s ready for breakfast! Today we are having sperm-boiled eggs! :D


. Is Britney planning to evict Joe over Wil?Isn’t she aware that Wil is the biggest threat to the coachs?


I don’t know what her plan is yet.. I just started watching the feeds a hour ago. I should know tonight.


I think most of the house thinks the plan is to evict Joe this week. Only Frank and Boogie have been talking the last day about evicting Wil instead.


If Frank wins POV will he use it?


Frank using the POV if he wins? Um…doubt it strongly given that Boogie still wants to stick with the ‘Silent Six’ alliance…they definitely don’t have the numbers/confidence to want to rock the boat this early.


He could use it if him and Boogie’s intentions are to evict Wil this week.

Take Joe down because he is so disliked and put up Ashley as a pawn, she shouldn’t go home. Leave Joe up there and he might get voted out.

They could also make some kind of deal with Joe (whatever that might be worth).


*wonders when everyone will realize that veto-ing your own nomination makes you seem underhanded and wavering with the wind*


Silent 6 alliance Shhhhhhhhhhh!


The guy has a piece of bleached hair that looks like a loogie hanging off his lip, so why am I not totally shocked? lol

I bet Brit was pretty funny describing that.

quack-pack fan


Any plans to do the houseguest avatars this year?

Boogie has to be Rumpelstiltskin from most recent Shrek Forever After

Wil could be Axl Rose

Joe could be the dirty hands cook

Shane could be the work out king

Dan could be Mr. Rogers

I am sure this creative forum group can think of better avatars. Boogie was the main one plus it has the evil element going for it.


I’m going to start up the graphics on Monday.. There was a bit of a discussion on Wednesday about it


danielle getting ready has make it official that she is a complete lunatic…lol….what the hell …just from that alone u can tell that she is not all there…can soneone please call her fat so she will cry and hide


no doubt i’d have to whip a batch up if i was in that house. i’d be a little more discreet though. only moan britney’s name quietly


this made me giggle


Brit should tell production, so he don’t beat his meat near the other HGs again….. do it in the shower, like everybody else fool


Dan: “Later that day while Chef Joe prepared a nice slop desert”

with his special sauce


i just thought of something…danielle originally applied to be on a dating show right? so obviously she didnt give much thought to this trey dude then…because if she was involved why would she go on a dating show? i think this trey dude is either made up…or the relationship she had with him is distorted in her memory just like the one she has with shane is

Lady Gag her

Danielle did date the trey dude. There’s a post by him and some other chickies ( I think her sorority sisters) saying some not so flattering things about Daniel on their twitter account. The twitter post was uploaded in Joker’s update. Poor Dani keeps on making a fool of herself everyday.


In an earlier post, Danielle said she only went on two dates with him… so I don’t know if that’s really “dating” the guy IMO.


two whole dates? whoa, that’s like a 2 year relationship, to ol batshit crazy Dani


Mild Obsession with Big Brother 14 Super alliance


His face looks like he just poisoned someone, or is about to..

Joe's Only Fan

Changing my name to Joe has no fans.


Hey Joe, the aftermath is on your chin!

Just a heads up buddy! (he’s so nasty! He’s making Pig Pen look like a hygiene freak.)


Ah the mystery is solved, “someone asked what’s that thing on his chin”… Dried Rotten Semen


Lol! I love it with the arrow clearly pointing out the aforementioned “aftermath”.

Glad I helped crack the case. Up until this post, I always thought it looked like a loogie hanging on his chin. In light of this turn of events and the tip/lead provided by witness Britney, I think the evidence is clear. It’s jerkin Joe’s jizz. Case closed.

Let me know if there are any other mysteries that need unraveling. I’ll be glad to help with the case. ;)

Michelle (IheartJeffxoxo)

(P.S. I’ve been a bit behind on the blogs so figured someone had to have beat me to that joke first! lol)


Come on Shane! Make it number 4 PoV win!


I don’t think anyone would hire Joe as a cook after BB is over

Study somore

What a classy comment for amarried woman. Britney oozes class! #makingyourhusnadproud .

Caren in Canada

OK seriously folks, there is apparently no class whatsoever with these so called adults in the house! Ok I admit what Joe did is very disrespectful (and trust me I am by no means a Joe fan) but come on for Brittany to broadcast this to millions ranks right up there with Boogie telling millions about Janelle and Dr. Will!! Millions see this and they have families who could be hurt by these things! Brittany I used to like you, but this year I rank you directly below Boogie and Danelle! A little class goes a long way in life!


Adults go on this show? News to me


So Joe’s act itself is less classier than Britney talking about it? Wow, you need to get your priorities straight!


Danielle would probably take it as a compliment of Joe was thinking of her while he took care of business……


Danielle: “Brit, do you think I was fat in Joe’s fantasy?”




OMG, she’s getting on my nerves already with her insecurities… I get, we all get it… but its never ending, any chance she gets it becomes about her body issues… c’mon girl keep it together!

Caren in Canada

Oh My that is just way too funny LMFAOOOOOOOOO


That is so bad but I was thinking the same…. lol


nice to see boogie talk about his baby and baby mom and dan his wife instead of just game.


Britneys comment of “She was so close she could smell it!” will go down in BB infamy as one of the greatest quotes eva.




I’ll second that!


personally i like the one were she said … “shut your mouth , keep that breath in your lungs so you can get you ass up that ramp“ now that was a good one ..


Right up there with “I lost my dignity on a slippery wiener”, also Brit in Season 12.


& Dawg, When is PoV start & ends? Who won the PoV competition?


Danielle needs help, seriously what the hell is wrong with this girl. Rotfl with tears coming out my eyes. Britney is hilarious. Joe should have taken his ass in the bathroom with that. He must have been using the girls as inspiration. Danielle is probably flattered while Britney is grossed out


Danielle is a nut job…no way in hell I would want her to be my nurse

Jen W

Is anything on Live Feeds to confirm? Not that I would want to see it but if it’s true, I’m shocked that people on here are acting as if Britney is the classless one!! LOL If Joe was worried about his family seeing or hearing something like this he shouldn’t have done it on camera!!!!!!!!! If Britney is making it up, that would be rude. If Britney is disgusted by a grown-ass, married father doing that right next to her, that’s not rude or classless – HE IS!!!!!! Funny how some people are making it Britney’s job to protect his family from his sick behavior instead of laying the blame on his dirty a$$! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of Britney, I just hate when people don’t hold other people accountable for their own actions. C’mon!!!


When a guy gets to the point when he HAS to release, it is very hard to resist! Seriously!


Releasing when females are sleeping next to you is not the place, he could’ve got up went in the shower and released too over the shower door, but he chose to do it within hear-shot… Not cool

Caren in Canada

My comment was how disrespectful Joe was in doing this amongst fellow houseguests, no excuses whatsoever for it! I just believe that it was not necessary for Brittany to broadcast it to the world! We all make decisions we are responsible for and Brittany has made quite a few this year, this is just yet anoither! I believe if she did something in that house that hurt her family I know we would hear about it! A I cannot stand Joe and would love to see him go, and I used to love Brittany but now my thoughts of her after this year have changed drastically! You know you can still play BB and keep a little bit of your morals and class intact! Ever heard the saying walk a mile in another shoes before you judge!


If you had the feeds, HE broadcasted it for the world to hear…… Brit did absolutely nothing wrong by telling other females who sleeps in the room what he was doing …. You telling me if you were in the house with another man who isn’t with you, and you heard them fappin, you would keep it to yourself, instead of warning others’ about it??? for some reason I doubt that….

Caren in Canada

First off I do have the feed, second there was more than one male sleeping in that room, and Brittany could have said something discretely yes, that is how I KNOW I would have handled it! Look none of us like Joe, no one dislikes him more than I but does that mean this getting back to his family and disgracing them (especially if he has young kids) That it is all warranted! Hmmm obviously you do not have kids! Brittany wants to save Wil without playing a role in it, she has stated this on more than a few occassions! Either way she cannot prove who it was until she calls CSI and gets the evidence tested! lol Could have been one of Danelles more masculine personalities! lol


All the more reason for Joe to think of his family before doing anything that might get back to them and hurt them. It’s his family, his responsibility, not Brit’s. Was she just supposed to lie there and then pretend it didn’t happen? She probably needed to get it off her chest. I don’t see how it’s somehow Brit’s fault that a grown man was so horny that he couldn’t go find a more private place to take care of his urges and avoid any problems with his family and the fans.

Genetic Splicing, what a mess

Britney’s story about Joe’s masturbation episode was the funniest damn thing I’ve ever seen of the feeds.


Yeah that was pretty funny… kinda hoping he does it again and both Danielle/Britney catch him and freak out… then the whole house busts his chops about getting caught! hehe…


I didn’t like joe before now he is just discusting! As for brit i get why she broad casted it she probably was so discusted she needed to vent. Danielle predictiable she discuss me on every level i hope there is a bb twist to send the cow home.


Please Joe! Go Home, Your spread poisonious all over houseguests. He needs to get his lame cooking out of the door.

Simon Says

hey simon and dawg will the comp be on bbad if it lasts that long?????


I don’t think they have ever shown a POV on after dark