Boogie says I love all these bad players, it will just make this so much easier for us!

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


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The Power of Veto Players are: Wil, Joe, Frank, Mike, Ashley, Jenn and Shane (Veto Ticket).
POV Host: Ian

11:30am Frank and Boogie are up in the HOH room talking. Frank says that he and Wil got put up last week and Danielle told him that he is not the target. So I am just wondering how long they were letting us hustle for the votes. Frank says that he isn’t sure what the time line was for it but that he just wanted to tell Boogie that. Frank heads back down stairs. Frank gets called into the diary room. Shane and Dan are sitting in the living room. Shane is talking about who will play in the veto and who is left to pick. Not long after Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen. It’s time to pick the players for the Power of Veto Competition.

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12pm Frank and Boogie are in the HOH room talking. Boogie says that Wil picked out his name out of the bag. Boogie says that he said to Wil you’re really excited to be here. He says that Wil would not even look him in the eye. Boogie says I am so sure now that he needs to go. He says that even with the competition the other day Joe pissed everyone off and all Wil needed to do was sit back. Frank says that Britney was right he is smart but not able to control his emotions. Boogie says Wil needs to go, we just need to keep pushing to the others that Wil knows about us.


12:15pm They continue to talk about Wil’s attitude. Boogie asks what was with that face, this is your chance to take yourself off. Boogie says that his attitude just motivates him even more to win it. They talk about how they need to talk to Joe and tell him that they are working for him and that he just needs to keep his mouth shut. Boogie says that they will tell Joe if he talks they will hear about it and they will vote him out. Boogie says I love all these bad players, it will just make this so much easier for us! This is big brother 14 and this is who they give us. These people don’t know how to play the game. Frank says if this competition goes our way we can just coast to Thursday and vote Wil out. Boogie says the more Joe pouts the better it is for us. What would be great is if we had a double eviction this week and we got Joe and Wil out. Frank asks Boogie if they are asking him Bromance questions. Boogie says no. Frank says they started asking him today.


12:30pm Frank and Boogie discuss who of the other four would be the first they would want to get out. They say that Shane would be super loyal. Expect for the link between Danielle and Shane. Boogie says that he would like to get Britney out but not on our hands. Boogie says that he doesn’t see any of them making a run for us any time soon, it might be worth it to dump a few HOH’s. Boogie asks Frank who would you rather go first Danielle or Britney. Frank says that is hard. Boogie says that Danielle would need more time to get over it in the jury house. Britney would vote for the best player. Frank says that because Britney got hurt from the brigade in her season, if we roped her in and made her feel a part of it she might be on board. We need Ian or Jenn to win an HOH and for him to put up Dan and Shane and get one of them up. Frank says that it would make sense for Ian to put up Shane because he is a big threat to him in competitions. Boogie says that he doesn’t think Ian will put up Dan, he plays with him for hours. Boogie comments on how Britney is smart she can win an HOH. Boogie says that he doesn’t want to sit next to Dan in the finals. Boogie says that he wants to spend more time with Ashley because she will for sure be in the jury. He says that she will remember the people that helped her with this back thing. Boogie says the only problem with rolling with Jenn and Ian is that it’s very conceivable that they will never win an HOH.


12:35pm – 12:55pm Ian joins them and talks about how Joe picked Ashley as house guest choice. Boogie says it was a good choice, but classless. Frank says I am curious Ian, say Wil is voted out this week, who would you nominate? Ian asks Hmm who is left, Ashley would be a great pawn, no one would vote her out. Boogie says that she would be a great person to be in the final four with us (Frank, Boogie, Ian, Ashley). Boogie comments on how if there is another endurance HOH he is going to jump off during the live show. I just don’t care for endurance competitions. Ian says yeah and there might be a prize where you could snag 10 G’s. Boogie talks to Ian about how keeping Jenn on their nice side will help them once they get to needing jury votes. Boogie tells Ian to make sure he reminds Jenn and Shane that he took the dog punishment on purpose to save them from it. Boogie says it would not be that bad if Shane won the Veto today, because that is even more ammunition to get him out. We do not want him in the finals where you can win 3 competitions in a row and win the game. If he is in the end he will win it because he has won so many competition and he is a nice guy. Boogie says it would not be that bad if Shane won the Veto today, because that is even more ammunition to get him out. We do not want him in the finals where you can win 3 competitions in a row and win the game. If he is in the end he will win it because he has won so many competitions and he is a nice guy.
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1:15pm – 1:40pm Boogie and Ian are asking Frank about the process involved in doing the nominations. Frank says first it’s the diary room, then over to the memory wall, then upstairs and back down stairs again. Boogie asks you don’t carry the nomination box do you? Frank says no. Ian asks if it is the same bag the keys go into as the POV player’s bag. Frank says no, it’s a different one that is the colour of that couch. Boogie heads down stairs to take a nap. Ian and Frank talk about Wil. Frank tells Ian that they never had a chance to tell Wil that he was going to be a pawn before he copped an attitude. Frank says so that made us think right away that maybe we should just try to get him out. Frank and Ian talk about past events of the house. Frank explains the issues that they had with Jenn about how she overheard Mike was considering trading her. Frank explains that she was all jealous Mike was spending so much time with me because I was always up on the block. Frank comments on Danielle and Shane working together. Ian says that he never sees them talk much game, he comes up to her and says he sh*t head. Ian says I guess when you are that good looking you can say whatever you want. Frank says that is some people’s game. Ian says I don’t think I could come up to Ashley and say hey sh*t face. I don’t think that would go over too well. Ian gets called to the diary room.. he thinks it might be time for the Power of Veto Competition. Frank says that he doesn’t think so..


1:55pm Dan picks up the ceramic cat piggy bank and looks at it. He says that this looks like it needs to be smashed, from the second floor, it looks like it has something valuable in it. Danielle says so who’s the crowd for the competition, just you, me and Britney. Dan says yeah. Britney joins them again. Dan tells her that the cat needs to be smashed. Britney says yeah let’s do it! Dan says in the near future. Ian comes out of the diary room and says nope not yet.

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I am so ready for Wil to go I would like to see if Joe won who would be the replacement


That is a question destined to never be answered.


I think Boogie should not tell Joe anything. Because Joe can,t keep secrets. Actually, it would be fun if Boogie made up some meaningless shit and told Joe it was a secret. And then see how fast they hear that secret from other houseguests.


this will be boogie’s issue this time around

in all stars, he had james rhine and danielle who he did work with for awhile and were good teammates.

there just isnt much of worth to use. what the heck can he do with jenn other than get a vote? ian? hes good for HOH comps, but he will 100 percent win in the final 2. ashley looks to be about out of the game, which hurts boogie even more because they wont take her out before they turn on boogie and frank. joe will repeat anything and everything, even though he should realize boogie would be his best partner at this point along with frank, if he was ANY good, he would see this as completely out of the rest of the group. but no, hes just a moron, and will end up out maybe next week. his stupidity this week with the ashley thing, may have saved frank and boogie if somehow they eliminate wil, joe then wins an hoh in a double eviction, and he doesnt put them up. but I still think hes too stupid to see that dan is a far bigger threat.

no one seems to be noticing dan and brit sliding through this game. problem is, no one can do anything about it other than above, and shane….who needs to finally realize HIS best move is to go chilltown secret style for a few weeks


Heaven forbid someone doesnt like you Boogie!

Be smart and take out a strong player and cut the personal BS! Check your ego at the door!


to be fair, if wil hates him as he appears to, its probably even worse, and he would then put boogie and frank up 100 percent if he won an hoh. that is a decent person to get out.



It would behoove Dan and Friends to keep Wil for that exact reason! B/c its an easy way to get Boogie out!


dan’s friends yes. but dan doesnt want boogie out. dan wants boogie to take people out of his alliance, blame boogie, keep boogie in the game as long as possible, and if he can take him to f2, do so. its a guarenteed dan win


The thing about Wil is that you need him out now if he is against you. If he is in the jury he will use his social skills to turn Jury members against you. Shane and Dan will both respect game play as well as Ian and Britney. Ashley and Danielle will vote emotionally. Jenn is always a wild card.


I’d love for there to be a double eviction and get Wil and Joe out at the same time!! Then the Shhhhh Six will have to start rumblin’ and tumblin’ between themselves.


boogie you have to see that you have 2 weeks max in this house unless some power shows up. take out someone while you can, wil isnt terrible, because he will never work with boogie, but its not looking good for chilltown right now. I dont at all like that a double eviction=adios chilltown


This whole game is all wrong,,,When Danielle was HoH, she put up Frank and Wil,,,, Won POV and took Wil off,,,She at that point put up Janelle and they all voted her out,,,,,ALL WRONG ,,, She should have put Boogie UP and voted him or Frank out,,,,Think about it !


Dan wouldn’t let her do that…..He totally mind controlled her during her HOH. That’s what I have against Dan, he mind controls danielle…..Even tells her what she can and cannot say…..sad.


I hope Wil wins POV. If they vote out Wil, this house is gonna be a massive snooze fest even more than it is now…..I only watched an hour of BBAD last night….that’s all I could take….it put me to sleep…..I can’t imagine what it would be like without wil.


the fact of the matter is danielle wanted janelle out in the beginning of the week and her goal was accomplished. how is that all wrong for an hoh to do what they wanted?


LOL at Dan and Brit teasing Dani about nip slips on the web and guys stalking her. Wait til she gets out and sees what we think of her and finds out that the only guys that would be interested are not the kind of guys that she stalks. I really think Dan is tired of her self centred BS.


I actually think boogie/frank could start a side alliance with shane. Shane would be down for a strong guys allIance and a strong player theIr our side. Although everyone is paranoid of Shane. Danielle and Brit as the on that will be gunning good them.


Sure wish there was a way to punish players who throw an HOH competition. At least the first 3 or 4 out should be the have nots for the week


why should there be punishments, throwing competitions is smart. the best big brother player in history never won and hoh or veto.


Danielle, shut up. I think your love affair with Trey is as real as the showmance you fantasize about with Shane. I really don’t believe anything she says anymore and her ditzy voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Please Frank! Do the humane thing for us feedsters and put us out of our misery! She thinks you backdoored her a few weeks ago, so why don’t you show her what a real backdoor is.


Go ahead and ignore all the haters out there Danielle. Talk about anything you want. Piss them off more. They have so much hate in their hearts that they have to unload on you instead of using the mute button.

BTW when did she talk about Trey? I watched BBAD last night and didn’t hear her mention him. Of course I don’t have the live feeds. If I did and hated her as much as you do, I would certainly avoid any feed that has her on it.


She’s been talking about him for an hour now. The only time she changes it up and talks about something else is when Dan or Brit try to change the topic of conversation, and Danielle interjects and makes it about her.


Like I have said before, she may have issues, but don’t we all? Hers may be more severe that mosts. That would be a cause for concern, not ridicule; compassion not derision.

I don’t have the feeds so I don’t see this stuff. If you hate Danielle and feel no pity for an apparently delusional girl with issues of being the center of attention all the time, DON’T WATCH HER. You do not have to drag her through the mud just to get your jollies. It is sick and perverted to get off on posting nasty things about an emotionally troubled individual. If you don’t think she is emotionally don’t post that she is. If you hate her, don’t look at her.

I know that she mentioned the poor guy a couple of days ago. That was on this site. I just had not seen where she had mentioned him today.

This doesn’t have anything to do with the game anyway.


She brought him up for the first time a couple days ago, with his FULL name. Brit said hey feeders go to Trey *******s Facebook and give him a message from Danielle (or something like that). Of course a ton of people went to his FB which had pics of him with some hot blonde, lol.

Anyway, WW you’re kind to try and stick up for her but honestly that lady has some serious issues.
I was dying when Dan was telling Brit what she would look like at 40, and Dan and Brit kept speaking. Danielle tried to interject to ask what he thought SHE would look like at 40….they kept talking over her, hahaha.
When she finally did get to ask Dan said “I’ll show you” and walked over to her pic on the wall. OMG LMAO!
Apparently they all think she looks old in that pic.


It was LOL hilarious. You can tell Danielle is wearing on their last nerve too.


now Chloe that would be great TV!!!! Also, wasn’t she originally trying out for a dating show? This girl is past delusional!


“Boogie says that he doesn’t want to sit next to Dan in the finals.”This is for the person who posted a comment that seemed shocked by the very thought of,if Dan sits next to Boogie in final 2 Dan will win the game again.It seems as though even Boogie knows he can’t win against Dan.One of the main reasons has to do with Dan being well liked by all of the house guests and Boogie isn’t.Boogie is arrogant and full of his self(jury members don’t like people with those qualities).On a side note.It’s time for Dan to start thinking of ways to get rid of Frank.But he has to figure out a way to do it without Boogie knowing that Dan’s responsible for Frank’s eviction.But Dan also have to get rid of Frank in a way that the jury members will be in awe of how Dan was able to be the master mind behind Frank’s eviction.Most jury members love big moves.Basically Dan needs to play how he did in his season(season 10).Dan made big moves and he was able to get the jury to like him(the guy did get all 7 jury members to vote for him).He might not get a unanimous vote this season.But the only thing that matters is him(Dan)becoming the first house guests to win this game twice,and he doesn’t need every member to vote for him in order for that to happen(although that would be great if it went down like that).Go Dan!


I don’t think Boogie can beat anyone, maybe Brit or Joe.

Team Dan

I agree but I would say realistically the jury won’t give it to Dan or Boogie if they are sitting next to someone who hasn’t won even if they (Dan or Boogie) have played a better game. I feel like Boogie is kind of playing for his reputation and to prove he can do it without Dr. Will in addition to the money.


@Chloe.The reason that I only mentioned Dan going against Boogie and being able to win the game if they are sitting next to each other in the final 2,has to do with a comment that someone wrote in response to my post.I can’t remeber that person name,but they said Dan can only win against Danielle.Which I thought was funny and I obviously disagree with that comment.It also seems as though Boogie disagrees with that as well.Lol.


If the nomination stays the same, I really hope DDBS flip the vote and keep Wil
So DDBSA vote Joe out and have Wil in the house coming after FB…
WOW That should be one hell of a show
if that’s what’s gonna happen then i’ll definetely be watching


I agree! It would make it so interesting!


that’s what needs to happen or else frank and boogie final two.


I can’t wait to see Wil get booted out! Every time someone tried to help him he would get so mad. Love the karma and I hope they can blindside him on thursday because he loved doing it to others way too much. Go Ian!!!


so on the live feeds…danielle is saying how she misses trey so much…lol, so im assuming shane is not giving her attention…because as soon as shane gives her attention she forgets about trey and focuses on shane lol…if trey was smart he wouldnt have anything to do with that lunatic


I just saw on the live feeds, Joe go to the bathroom, fix his hair, then dry his hands with a dirty towel, go back in the kitchen, grab a dirty pan, rinse it out, then scoop something off the dirty counter with his dirty hands and sprinkle it on the fish he’s going to cook! Gross! I think I would starve before I ate something he cooked!


Wake up Frank. 1) Boogie says he does not want to be sitting next to Dan in the F2. He does not say he wants to be sitting next to you. 2). Boogie says he wants to get closer to Ashley because he wants her jury vote. He is already thinking about jury votes for HIM. WAKE UP FRANK.


Silent 6 alliance can pull this off! Shane better win number 4 pov.


will needs to win pov and take himself off the block…..Shane should throw it to get people off his trail.


does anyone know why joe picked Ashley?


He’s hoping by picking Ashley she will actually fight for the POV because if the POV is played there is a good chance She’ll go up.

If AShley wins the POV and Takes Wil or Joe down Frank will be forced to put up someone in his alliance sparking tensions..


Tired of Mike Boogie..go home, for godsake.