Britney says that Ashley always looks high ..I think they give her weed in the diary room

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe


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10am Joe and Willie take a walk in the backyard to have a quick chat. Joe tells Willie that Frank and Mike are still coming at him about making an alliance. Willie tells Joe that they will keep coming at you, they want to divide us. Joe then goes and talks to Shane in the storage room about how Frank told him that Boogie keeps trying to get pull us. Joe tells Shane that Willie told him that Mike is going to keep on us and keep trying to pull us to their side. Joe says I just wanted to let you know what’s going on, I just told Willie too. Shane says yeah thanks, maybe I should make them think I am going to go with them and then vote out Frank on Thursday. Shane and Joe then go out to the backyard and they discuss with Willie how Mike is trying to divide them. Shane says that they came to me with the brigade talk about Me, Joe and Frank aligning. They all talk about sticking to the plan this week.


10:40am The house guests are just relaxing. Janelle, Joe, Wil and Janelle are sitting around the hot tub talking about random things. Joe tells Janelle that last night Frank told him that Mike is trying to get Shane and Wil in their alliance. Joe says that he really doesn’t understand why they tell him this stuff. Janelle says that she doesn’t understand it, they are just trying to cause confusion. Meanwhile, Frank and Jojo are playing a game of pool. In the kitchen, Ian is cleaning up the kitchen by himself.
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11am In the kitchen, Dan is asking Janelle questions about her selling Mary Kay makeup on the side to make some extra money. They talk about how she got a car from them after hitting a certain sales target that she said was really easy to hit. Meanwhile out on the backyard couch, Frank, Willie and Ian are talking about all the clothes that Big Brother took from them when they came in the house.

11:15am Up in the HOH, Britney and Willie are talking. Willie is telling Britney that Shane will be someone that will flip over coming up. Willie says that he doesn’t want to get rid of Frank, he thinks Kara is way for of a threat down the line. Willie and Britney are going over the same conversation about who to vote out and what the votes would be this week. Britney worried that Frank is the bigger target. Willie thinks its Kara because she is going to fu*ck them in the long run and she is connected to Janelle and that will hurt us in the long run. Willie says that Frank isn’t connected to anyone like that. Britney and Willie both agree that if they get out Frank this week no one will go after Kara next week, but if they get out Kara everyone will go after Frank next week. Willie says that Kara doesn’t talk game play, but that Shane and Joe both come to him talking game.

11:35am – 11:50am They joke about how Ashley always looks high. Britney jokes about how they must give her weed in the diary room. They both agree that they won’t say anything about voting out Kara until Wednesday night. Britney thinks that Kara would go after Jojo, if she kept her deal with Willie to not nominate him for the next week. Britney thinks that when Kara was in the Arcade room with Janelle that they are working together. Willie says that he needs to talk to Frank and tell him to calm the fu*ck down and stop talking to people, you are going to get yourself voted out. Britney says that if we get rid of Kara this week, I want to get out Danielle next week to knock Dan out of this competition. Britney says that she really trusts Janelle to a certain point but I know she is looking out for herself too. Britney says okay we need to get rid of Kara! We need to hope Dan sets off some more fireworks. Willie says he is going to tell Frank to shut the Fu*k up! I think he would be willing to do anything .. he tried out 3 times to get here … and now he is hustling. Janelle comes up to join them. Janelle says that she doesn’t care who we vote out this week, either way its good. Dan come up and start giving Janelle plugs for her Mary kay makeup. Willie and Dan head back down stairs. Willie want to go talk to the diary room about them taking all his clothes from him.


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17 thoughts on “Britney says that Ashley always looks high ..I think they give her weed in the diary room

  1. I have read all [the majority] the treads catching up, since I dont have the feeds or showtime.

    I guess I thought Jen would be more vocal and playing the game more…seriously in the past 6-7 threads her name was mentioned about twice…and not in a good way. Boogie even said last night that he would cut her lose if he had to.

    I guess I would be surprised if she made it far.

    Back to subject > YES Ashley’s heavy eyes make me think she’s either really tired [all the time] or she’s stoned out of her mind [and not sharing] haha

    1. She’ll make it far as a floater, no one will think to get her out, and then suddenly she’s in the final 6/5 and of she can get a lucky HOH or POV, then she’s in the final 2. It sucks that Competitors are always targeted first.

  2. I’m glad Britney realizes that she can’t get too close with Janelle. I was getting worried that she was just going to become Janelle’s trustworthy puppet.

  3. Simon, do you think this season is shaping up to be entertaining?

    I can tell it’s a good season, when the second eviction is upcoming and there are two quality players on the block. I think every player brings something to the table. Even Ashley, who played it cool, when she was talking game with Ian last night.

    I’m just used to watching the Monets, Jordans, and Ragans, who are unmemorable game-wise. I could see any player in this house being unafraid to make a move. Watching out for Shane, specifically. He seems to have enough confidence and smarts to not take orders from Britney as the game moves forward.

    1. Hard to tell after the first week.. I think this is a solid cast if anything this super alliance ruins it but that seems to happen the first couple weeks every year

  4. you guys ever checked out Diana’s Diary Room on youtube?
    It’s daily recap show, she is pretty much spot on.

  5. Kara is not a threat at all! Not yet anyway and I’m wondering why Willie is so scared of her?? Its honestly leaving me flabbergasted, Model or Buff Macho Guy (who could probably beat the shit out of me in every physical competition)……..Hmmm ????? and the fact that they think Frank will work with them after screwing him over in week one is ridiculous. Hes aiming to win next weeks HOH and dismantle Willie and the rest, which I have no problem with cause their living a little too nice up there. Willie thinks Frank will trust him after this? Then again I hope Franks smart enough not to, and the rest have no spine! “I’m voting with the house”………………just don’t and say you did, no one will know. I know everyone is like “You need to stick with your alliance” but everyone in the game is a backstabber, no one can be trusted, especially Willie. He’s the one doing the most conniving things and it will catch up with him soon, besides the fact that he thinks he’s the shit and is so damn cocky after week one, where he didn’t even perform the best in his group…….Shane did. Britney only picked him as HOH because she doesn’t want targets on Shane’s back so early, hes her prized stallion, JoJo is her second, and Willie is the one she cares the least to loose, plus she knows he’ll aim to get strong people out and when they gun for him it can keep her other two safe.

  6. Actually, if Ashley made top 6 luckily. It would be great! However, Britney/Janelle alliance needs to keep fighting or they will fall.

  7. Britney is going to blow it with this “Dan fetish”. She is so afraid of his smooth-talking, but c’mon now. It’s not in Willie’s best interest to “take out a team”, it’s in a coach’s best interest. Hope he wakes up and tosses Frank out the door.

  8. Correction:I think if Frank leave on Thursday. It would be hard the next HoH is either Puzzle or Q&A. There no way Ian (Carl) will win HoH. He has book smarts but not street smarts. I’m expecting Ashley (Porsche 2.0), Danielle (Jordan 2.0),Joe, Shane (Tom Cruise), Kara, or even Wil (Fabio) to win the next HoH. Please don’t let Ian (Carl)win it. He creepy and Hangout at Headquarters.

  9. I wish they did give the HG weed, OMFG would be the best season…. you need weed to be in the same house with these people… Imagine how tolerable Boy George(Rachel) would be if everyone was high as hell on that good? You have to be high to be around her and NOT want to punch her in the face to straighten out her bad nose job… Jesse? WOW he’d be totally less of a douche if you have some kush in you. Chima? OK even weed wouldn’t dull out her annoying ass voice you’d need some hard liquor too. I think HGs like Jordan,Jeff, and Brendon, ect would be totally invisible to everyone that’s high

    PLEASE for the love of everything entertaining about reality tv … GIVE THEM SOME WEED… Im sure the studio is not that far from a weed spot….. how else do AG get that appetite to eat that much food in one sitting??

    I’m rooting for Willie he gotta pull one out for the Hantz’s Brandon and Russel fucked it up, if he fucks up, you know there will be another Hantz , CBS is a lil obsessed with that family… Watch next it’ll be a women that looks JUST like Russel on one of their other shows….

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