Boogie and Dan make a Deal “JOJO has the Willie STANK and doesn’t have the time to wash it off”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

9:00pm Cam 1-2 Ashley and Wil Hot Tub Ashley pointing out that Janelle is overdoing it with Frank she’s been up his ass all day and everyone is noticing it. Wil thinks Ashley should tell her to stop. Ashley talks about how nasty Jojo is. They both think she knows she’s going home. AShley mentions that jojo wanted to do make bikini’s with peanut butte, “eeeeww go ask Janelle. Ashley gives Wil a run down about what Shane told her earlier today. She says that Shane feels like he’s alone and he told her if he doesn’t win the HOH everyone will be targeting him. Ashley wonders if he’s trying to bait us into giving him a deal… Britney joins them (can’t hear what is being said because of Joe’s yelling while telling a story)

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9:13pm Cam 1-2 Storage Room Janelle and Ashley Ashley tells him that Shane was telling her how worried he is for next week because Shane feels like everyone is gunning for him. Janelle tells her Shane has been acting super cool today she’s not worried about him putting them up this week. Janelle adds that even though Boogie is a scumbag liar Frank isn’t and they don’t think he would ruin his reputation by being on in the house. Ashley thinks later on Frank will be cut throat but right now he won’t be. Ashley says that Jenn was telling Wil that she’s flying under the radar and is finding it harder to do now that there is fewer players. Ashley adds that this pisses Wil off and Wil said he wants her out of the house.

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9:28pm Cam 1-2 HOH Dan and Boogie Both Dan and Boogie agree that Dan cannot win the game with just Danielle. Dan still is a strong believer that the coaches will get dumped into the game. Boogie isn’t sure but he can understand where Dan is coming from. Boogie is telling him that if Dan wants to roll with boogie’s 3 than they can try and take Shane out next week or they can take out 1 of Janelle’s player. Boogie thinks if Danielle should nominated 2 of janelle’s players it would be perfect. Dan says he thinks he has a better shot with Boogies people than Janelle’s people. Boogie says if Janelle’s people win HOH they will put up Shane, Janelle is hell bent to take out Shane. Boogie thinks that Shane reminds Janelle of James Rhine because they are built the same way and Janelle had a hell of a time getting rid of James in her season. Boogie has a feeling that Shane will put up 2 of Janelle’s players
Dan says he’s in and he’ll shake on it and boogie knows that Dan can be trusted. Boogie says that he’s going to be pushing for Jojo to go home and he thinks she will. Dan: “Well where is that 3rd vote going to come from?” Boogie says it’s either going to be all of Janelle’s players or none of them. Dan wonders if they can can get Shane’s Vote. Boogie says that will be a last resort. Boogie says he has complete control over Jenn and for now can control Ian but he’s not sure how long that can last.
Boogie: “I want at least a 2 person spread before I take Janelle on.. even if they pop a HOH and take one of my people out I still have the same numbers going into the next HOH”
Dan: “You still have one in the chamber”
Boogie: “Yes.. exactly”
Boogie suggests that Dan hit up Janelle up and convince her that Danielle isn’t going after her players. Boogie thinks he should tell her that Shane is your target and one of Janelle’s players will not be a pawn.
Dan thinks that Danielle is a asset to Boogie group.. Boogie agrees.
Dan wants Danielle to win the HOH this coming week so she can cement herself with Boogie’s team.
Boogie thinks that Dan needs to really play down
Boogie says if the coaches do get dropped into the game it’s obvious that the other players are going to come gunning for the coaches, this is why he wants to keep as many coaches as he can in the game.
Dan: “Do you think Frank will join us”
Boogie: “For sure.. Frank and I are super tight”
Boogie starts explaining how Jojo is screwed from willie, “JOJO has the willie stank and she doesn’t have enough time to wash it off” He adds that Shane was likable before Willie so he’s likable again but JOJO is not likable before or after.
Boogie suggests that Dan doesn’t speak to Janelle’s players for votes especially not Joe he needs to work on Janelle she’s the one that controls their votes. Dan says they’ll get a ton of mileage if they can get Danielle a HOH win. Dan: “If I’m up here I can do some real Damage”

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Dan: “where do you think Janelle’s week players are at”
Boogie thinks Ashley is super weak socially she’s strong but mental and physical she’s their weak link
Dan asks about Joe
Boogie: “Joe’s a OX.. he’s strong but he overplays socially and that is going to catch up to him soon”
Boogie doesn’t want Wil in the final with his players because he’ll get all the jury votes, Wil is the logical choice to get out. Boogie and Dan both Agree that Joe is thinking game 24/7. Dan asks him if he notices how Joe stares at them, Boogie does he thinks that Joe is a threat but not as much as Wil is.
Dan says he’ll play chess with Janelle tonight so boogie can watch in the HOH room. During the Chess match he’ll start his pitch and right when he goes to pick up the black rook he’ll say “I’m targeting Boogie’s players”. Boogie warns him to not be so strong with the Anti Boogie sentiment just yet he suggests that Dan push Shane and Frank as his targets.

10:24pm Hot Tub Boogie, Jenn, Joe, Frank Boogie is joking about JOJO saying she’s going to leave Staten Island. Boogie mocks her says that she lives with her Ex-boyfriend who pays for her and she gives him Sex. Boogie adds she’s a shoe-in for Jersey Shore if they recast that show. Boogie: “can you imagine with her drunk she would fit right in with that show.. she would be doing all the guys at the same time”. Jenn and Joe laughing and Boogie as he impersonates her.

10:50pm Cam 3-4 HOH Tub Ashley and Janelle

Janelle asks her if Joe will be ok if they send JOJO home this week. AShley doesn’t think it’ll be a issue with him.
Janelle asks about Shane
Ashley tells her about her conversation earlier in the day and how Shane is worried about getting Backdoored. Ashley mentions that when she was talking to Shane Boogie was watching them, she feels confident that they can get Shane.
Janelle asks her about JOJO
Ashley says she had a heart to heart with JOJO for 40 minutes and Boogie was watching them.
(Janelle told Ashley to get cozy with Shane and JOJO in front of Booige)
Janelle really wants to work with Frank, wishes she had him on her team. Ashley brings up how Shane thinks the teams are going to get mixed up. Janelle says that is not fair to her because she kept 3 players in the game why penalize her and take one of her players out. AShley: “Sometimes this game isn’t fair”
Janelle: “I really like Frank I feel bad for scheming against him”
Ashley: “What will happen if Shane wins HOH”
Janelle: “Franks going up Wil’s going up.. and if POV is played Joe will be the replacement”
Ashley: “Or Ian”
Janelle tells her that if they win HOH they should put up Shane and Jenn as the pawn and if POV is used they can put up Frank or Ian.
Ashley: “Does Boogie still talk to you?”
Janelle: “Umm not really he won’t be working with us in the future.. it might of been a 1 week thing”
Ashley points out how Danielle give nasty looks to Ashley when she spends time with Shane.
Both are worried about Wil after seeing how easy it was for him to vote out Kara. Ashley: “If he did that to her nothing will stop him from voting me out” Janelle agrees says players like that are dangerous.

12:00AM Arcade Joe, Janelle, AShley and Wil There plan is for each on of them to tell Frank they want a different person to go home. Wil says evict JOJO, Joe will say Danielle and Ashley will say she doesn’t know.

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Janelle’s team is really starting to get annoying. They want everyone out of the house lol. But they are playing smart right now. None of them have been nominated yet. And if they can win HoH next week, they’ll be good.


janelle is a horrible mother a shallow person and a money grabber so she is perfect for BB


And how well do you know Janelle to proclaim all those things? All of what is said is very personal and has nothing to do with BB.


She did leave her 7 month old to play big brother.


oh shut the hell up, Boogie left his 9 month old at home to, i dont see u telling him hes a bad dad.

who gives a sh*t, they got money to come back for the game to be coaches.


That is not fair to attack Jani personally you dont know her life outside this house.



Karen S

I just heard that! Should be interesting to see if the guys caught it. lol


I will be going without sleep until screenshots are posted. I’d much rather it be Britney, but us pervs will have to take what the BB gods give us.


Just watching the Dan and Boogie chat and I keep hearing how dangerous Dan is but Boogie is sounding like the guy who has his shit together and knows this game inside out. Boogie really is making Dan look like amateur hour…


I will be going without sleep until Ashley’s nude screen shots are posted. Britney next, please. Hottest BB chick EVER


I find it ironic that Willie is considered this evil bully and homophobic because he impersonates Wil, yet when Boogie does the same thing against JOJO, and in much more derogatory manner, no one has anything to say.


My point is what Willie did was completely blown out of proportion and we all know it’s because he mocked someone’s voice who happens to be gay. Heaven forbid we say anything that references gays, but borderline ethnic slurs by Boogie is fair game?

production rigged it

your comment hadn’t been posted yet when i sent mine but looks like we agree on everything.

production rigged it

so apparently it’s not ok for willie to mock wil which i understand but i think it was blown way out of proportion and wasn’t as bad as some people think but i guess it’s ok for boogie making fun of jojo saying if she was on jersey shore she would be doing all the guys at the same time and jenn and joe r laughing about it, what a bunch of classless jerks and fucking hypocrites.


Couldn’t agree more. Hypocrites really sums it up because they all acted absolutely outraged at what Willie said, as if it was the worst thing any human has ever said, yet they are laughing it up when Jojo is the target.

production rigged it

yeah i know right if it was being said about them they would be singing a different tune that’s for sure.


Ha ha ha ha ha, yeah but there is one monumental difference… Boogie didn’t get caught suckers so go cry about it at your next “Willie Was Unfairly Picked On” pity party… Wah Wah Wah.


What are you talking about you fool. He did get caught otherwise we wouldn’t have known about it. Pretty simple logic that was obviously lost on you.


Simon stop replying to my posts and give us those Ashley nudes already.


Boogie said Ashley told him about it arounnd 1120

production rigged it

on showtime after dark they were showing frank and boogie playing bocce ball so if the live feeds didn’t catch it then i guess they were all showing the same thing if so way to go camera operators we really appreciate it (notice the sarcasm).


Jojo is very open that she loves anal and is perfectly willingly to trade sexual favors for shelter and gifts. God love her and all like her!!


I really don’t think people in the house really thought Willie was homophobic or a bully. Even though Frank said that, I think he just did it just to put an even bigger target out there for Willie. I think Willie was a little overbearing during his HoH and he has a very strong personality, and people couldn’t handle it and got tired of him. Willie’s paranoia also played a big role in his demise. He burned bridges with this alliance with Janelle, and he was ultimately making deals with everyone in the house, with hopes that they wouldn’t talk and find out. Also, Joe played a big role too, because he started up a lot of trouble and Willie didn’t see it until it was too late. But with all that said, Willie still had a chance. He could have been the outcast and still won POV. And I thought it was pretty messed up how Brit basically gave up on him. It seemed like she didn’t even try. Your his coach! Coach him into seeing what he needs to do to get back in the game!


Since Joe raised his arms 1st. Yes Willie went around the area to reach Joe and argue with him ! But Joe raised his arms 1st. He was posturing and signaling to bring it on to Willie for a fight! He’s been poking Willie and setting Willie up in this game for a good 7-8 days ! He’s been making sure those in the house see Willie as the villian and that Willie acts out ! Now Willie acted out far more than he should have as he progressively spiraled farther and farther out of control. This based on the isolation inflicted on Willie served up by Frank/Boogie ! The entire house being afraid to be kind to him for fear of the block!! Joe thinking he’s leading the parade !!! Why wasn’t he ejected from the house for fighting ? He was just as guilty !! And BB well knows Joes guilty!!


According to BB’s footage, Joe didn’t touch him. Plain and simple.

And what Frank did (Willie mocking Wil situation) was not planned, and Boogie was not apart of the whole Frank telling Joe about the mocking Wil thing. Hell, Frank didn’t even tell Wil. I don’t understand the animosity some people have against Frank and Boogie honestly. It’s just a game. To be honest, Willie got outsmarted and couldn’t see the snake in his own alliance. In the end, he couldn’t handle the pressure, and chose to quit. There have been lots of BB players who’ve been hated and still made it far, so his actions aren’t justifiable.


so a guy charges you, as if he wants to fight you, and you expect the guy to not put up his fists? by the way, his fists went up in a defensive way, people who havent done any martial arts seem to fail to realize that you need it as a defensive measure more than to attack.

its laughable that anyone is defending willie at this point. no matter if he didnt mimick someone, or if he did, or if he wasnt the first to put up his fists, he WAS the first to initiate contact, the first to walk around the house talking about hitting people beforehand.

if anything, it was about as premeditated as it gets. he said im going to get myself evicted before you can evict me, and he did so.


LOL… I agree, and Joe got away with it. Awesome move on his part. He said he was going to goad him in and he achieved it. Well done Joe. I think the saying “If you’re not cheating, than you’re not trying” would be appropriate for his actions. Please, Willie is gone and he isn’t coming back so get over it. “Wah Wah Wah” wipe your tears and move along.


Thoughts – I feel bad for Willie. Yes, he was a bully but he was also being bullied. Everyone turned against him, he was backed into a corner. Brittany, JoJo, and Shane shunned him. I didn’t think it was actually a headbutt. It seemed more of a chest bump. Joe could have just walked away. Instead, he egged him on. Joe is just as much at fault as Willie is. I think they both should have been expelled. I really hate Joe right now. Not only is his screaming in the DR annoying but the goodbye message for Kara was absolutely ridiculous. The straight shooter is ignorant and arrogant. He’s just a hypocrite. I see him as the real villain here.

Brittany should really be ashamed of herself. She clearly hasn’t grown up. She is still as disgusting as ever. Always saying shit about any girl she feels threatened by. I think she’s really insecure about herself. First, it was Annie, then it was Kristen, then it was Rachel. Now it’s Jojo and Danielle. Brittany has no class and I’m sick of seeing her on BB. She is a fake bitch.

Janelle is obviously very bitter about what happened in BB7. She is seemingly a very different person. She is nothing like what she was in her past seasons. She’s really changed drastically in a few negative ways. I think that hanging out with Brittany made her more catty.

Boogie is still an ass. Why he is here aain? He’s a multi-millionaire. He already won 500,000 and tons of other prizes. He owns businesses and runs companies with Dr. Will. So why does he have to be here? Unlike Boogie and Janelle, Will quit doing reality shows to take care of his son and be a father. Janelle and Boogie need to go back to their kids and be actual parents.

Frank clearly blew Willie’s comments out of proportion. Though, I still like his gameplay. Shane and Danielle are adorable. Jojo has more class than Brittany. Ian and Ashley are adorable. Jenn is my guess for being in the finals. She is staying really quiet and out of the way. Rooting for Danielle, Ashley, Shane, Ian, and Jojo. Frank and Wil are targets and are likely gonna be elimanted. Hate Joe, Brittany, and Boogie. Dan is definitely a nice guy and i hate how they call him a terrible person. I hope he wins again. He deserves it other the other coaches.


its really none of your business what boogie and janelle do in their personal lives. lets stick to the game. your opinion on what boogie needs to be doing with his kid he has no custody of is kind of silly.

just stick to the freaking game. and stop hating on a guy for dominating a game, and coming back, to do it again.


Actually, Joe was walking to the bathroom and Willie pursued him. Don’t you think Willie could of either stay seated or walked away to the have not room? It just goes to show you that Willie is a pretty stupid redneck. Being under intense pressure and stress is all part of the game; be it by name calling or lies. Majority rules in the house and it was pretty evident that Willie going to get the boot for his”bullying”. Even if all the people watching perceived his actions as not bullying tactics, the house guests did and only their opinions count because they are the players in the game. Perception is reality and that is how the house guests saw him as.


@BBFAN16. I didn’t know that Dr.Will has a kid.How old is his child?


@jw Will has a son with Erin Brodie (the girl he was dating in BB7) born in May, 2010 whom they named William Cassius “Cash” Kirby. (Wiki source)


Having trouble getting into this season.

Not sure what it is? This season feels really contrived.


LOL..Make sure to show Ian smoking..or not smoking as it really looks like……it’s complete nuttery!!!


. Do you think Boogie is really going to work with Dan.Or is he just being shady,once again?


What there are Ashley nudes they better be posted


yes. it is different for boogie to do so. why?

hes not in the actual game right now

to be fair, you run with stuff in the bb house, so I dont blame people for turning that against wille, its a good strategy.

does that then make boogie bad too because he did the same? no. because boogie wouldnt go headbutt someone if called out on it


I hate Joe I mean you keep the guy u want to get rid of (Frank) just so he can get rid of Willie if you were a real player you’d do it urself and the whole Willie thing was way blown up by the houseguests I mean he chestbumped him Joe was a little pussy and flew back I mean come on… Oh and Frank is also a pussy really I want shane,Dan or Ian to win that’s it everyone else has done something to annoy me


Ill tell you what will happen….

When the first Team is eliminated from the game……The coach will enter the game with a shot to win.


Janelle is in the best position in the house and she isn’t making use of it! She should get her players to vote Danielle out so that Dan is gone (even though I like him) and then she should talk to Britney and get Shane and Jojo on her side. Britney is desperate at this point and would take any deal. Then next week its 5 vs 2 in the HOH and Jenn and Ian are weak so they’re almost guaranteed to win and get rid Boogie’S players. But she’s too dumb :l

I hate her this season, and I despise Boogie, can’t believe I’m rooting for Britney over those two… Lol


what so many continue to miss, is that YES, they DID blow it up(houseguests willie situation). and they very well had every right to do so. its a game where you break others down mentally. willie broke. period. that is by no means something to be ashamed of for the housegusts who got him to go nuts, as that is the point of the game. willie is just an idiot to lose it before the freaking veto comp. he obviously never saw BB, rachel had it arguably worse, was hated more for about 50 different reasons, for like months. heck for more than a year really, and she still won. willie is a moron.

he obviously doesnt respect the game enough to even play POV. look at boogie’s big all star win, he had to win a POV to stay safe, he had to win a final HOH to go to Final 2, willie just seemed to miss this entire concept.


also blame brit for not only dumping her team like that, but for putting the guy she knew had the biggest power trip, knew was a hantz, and still GAVE the first HOH to him. a dumb move in a game where week 2 usually that HOH is on the chopping block unless they make just the right number of deals, which willie obviously would overplay.

people who didnt see this last week, coming, had to have missed bb after dark


@williesucks. Did someone in the Hantz family hurt your feelings in highschool or something? I’ve seen you obsessively ranting on several links about them.


Yeah, that was Brit’s first mistake. She should have given the first HOH to the weakest player. She said that Willie needed a week to make relationships with everyone because some of them already figured out that he was a Hantz, but he could have done that without being HOH and after the week was done he wouldn’t have the blood on his hands, and I don’t think anyone would have targeted Jo Jo either, there are bigger fish to fry. I feel bad for Shane, if the coaches weren’t playing this year, I can’t see Shane aligning with Willie on his own. As it stands now, Brit abandoned her team, Dan doesn’t have a team and Janelle and Boogie are playing a game of chess where their players are chess pieces. The only player I think would be capable of going against the coach’s advice and playing for their own game is Frank and maybe Joe, but they seem to be falling into line too this week. It all comes back to AG’s obsession with players we’ve already seen and players that know someone we have already seen. This could have been a great season but it is starting to suck. At least we had one good week. Once Jo Jo is gone, it will all depend on who wins HOH, Janelle or Boogie will lose a player. The guys are going to pick off the girls and Shane, and we will end up with Boogie and Janelle sitting with a player each in final two. The only thing that might save this season is either a draft with new players entering the game or a “drop your buffs” moment where the teams are shaken up.


Britney also did alot of button pushing with her talking down to Willie after the coaches comp. She did nothing to calm the situation. She wouldn’t let him talk to his teammates. Most of Willie’s actions this past week were brought on by something Britney said to him. she told him about the possibility of the coaches coming into the game, he holds a house meeting that started things going againist him. She told him about the house downstairs turning on him and what was being said. And then did nothing to keep him from going downstairs and sat there with her hands over her mouth when him and Frank were going at it. She’s proving to be even worse as a coach than she was as a player. She might as well pushed him out the house herself. Sure others had a role in it, but wow, it’s amazing how clean she’s coming out of this and she had plenty to do with Willie’s demise. However, bottom line, Willie chose to quit and he chose to listen to Britney. So end of the day, he only has himself to blame.


Just a suggestion for you Simon-
Not my idea, saw it in an anonymous post on a BB blog (Lalas), but the person referred to Joe as Foghorn Leghorn, and damned if that is not the perfect alter ego for him! Always talking too loudly, blustering about any and everything, general posturing, etc….fit’s him to a T.
Anway, just a suggestion if you do the cast pics this year.


I think Joe (Roger Clemens) is not man enough if he wins HoH or Ashley (Kelly Carlson/Porsche 2.0) is not woman enough to win HoH either. She thinks she dumb, but super smart. I would rather see Shane (Tom Cruise/Matthew Fox) or Danielle (Jordan 2.0/Kate Ziegler) to win it.