Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Jojo tells Ian she is bisexual and might get to Ashley before him..

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

12am Ashley, Joe, Wil, and Janelle are in the arcade room. Joe says they need the next HOH and it will be between them and Shane. Joe says that he feels confident about his chances and that he thinks the HOH competition will be a crap-shoot. They asked Janelle if they were going to go along with Frank on who to vote out. Janelle told them yes for now. They start talking about Jojo. They all agree she should be the one to go. Joe says he thinks Frank said that he wants to vote out Jojo too. Janelle says that if Frank wants Danielle out, we won’t have the votes to go against him. Joe and Wil decide to head to bed. Janelle and Ashley comment on how peaceful it is without Willie in the house. Frank comes in to join them. Janelle tells Frank that Shane is a beast! Janelle asks what are we going do? Frank says that they can get him out. Janelle hopes its next week. Frank says that he hopes Shane doesn’t win HOH this coming week. Janelle says that if Danielle won HOH she would put Shane up on the block. They start talking about the types of competitions. Janelle comments on how Shane is going to try and win everything. Frank heads to bed.
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12:50am In the bathroom, Janelle and Dan are talking. Janelle tells Dan that she thinks Danielle is safe. Dan says that he isn’t going to campaign, because it hurt Kara. Dan says that if Danielle won HOH he would tell her to put up Frank and Shane up on the block for eviction. Janelle tells Dan her team wants to keep Danielle. She says that Mike hates JoJo. Dan says that he is worried Mike will want to evict Danielle to get rid of me (Dan). Janelle says that she keeps telling everybody the coaches coming in isn’t going to happen.

1:15am In the backyard, Ian asks Jojo for a cigarette. Ian tells them that outside of the house he has a cigarette a day. Ian starts smoking a cigarette. Ashley asks him if he is high from it. He tells her that it’s a cigarette. She tells him that she gets high when she smokes a cigarette. Ian says that it has a nice whispy taste to it. Jojo asks Ashley if they should just attack Ian one night. Ian tells Ashley that he misses her in the have-not room. Ashley gets up and says she will be right back. Jojo then asks you wanna know a little secret, I am bisexual. Ian asks really? Jojo say yup, that’s the TWIST! Ian says that she’s hot, she is welcome on my slab any time. Ian says that he hopes it’s possible for them to put a door between the HOH room and the coaches room because if I ever won it, I don’t want Boogie hearing. Jojo says oh what when you rub one out? Ian says yeah that too. Jojo tells him there are still cameras. Jojo talks about wanting to get herself off last night. Jojo asks Ian again if he gets HOH will he rub one out. Ian says yes, I haven’t since.. Jojo asks what about the cameras? Ian says that we are allowed to do it in the toilets, I asked. Jojo asks is it killing you? Ian says yeah. Jojo says that most women lie about doing it and the ones that don’t do it are the ones that suck in the bedroom. Jojo heads to bed. Ian head to bed right after.

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1:35am In the Have-not room Jojo and Shane are talking. Shane tells JoJo that before the Veto ceremony he is going to tell Frank to put up Wil instead of Danielle and evict him. Then Frank will have Danielle, JoJo, and Shane. He says that they can then all knock off Janelle’s team. JoJo says that Frank needs a strong girl on their team. Shane says Frank knows JoJo is the most physical woman in the house. Shane says Frank secretly told him he doesn’t want to stick to the final 6 with Janelle’s team. Jojo says that she wants to put up Jenn if she wins HOH to tell her to prove herself. Shane says that Wil is enemy number one for him and Frank. JoJo tells him that her, Danielle and Shane will be a vote down the line for Frank. Shane says that he doesn’t want Mike or Britney involved yet. Shane says that he is going to Frank in private.
In the arcade room, Dan and Danielle are talking. Dan starts telling Danielle about the books he’s written. He says that one is a 24 day self-help book. Danielle asks why he applied for Big Brother. Dan says that after he saw Dr. Will win on his season he set a goal to make it on the show. Dan says that he was actually a finalist for Big Brother Season 6 but that he didn’t make it.. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

1:50am In the bathroom, Janelle and Ashley are talking. Janelle says that she is getting nervous that Frank and Ian have a final two deal. Ashley says of course they do! She thinks they need to get one of them out soon. Ashley tells Janelle that she thinks Ian is trying to play her. She says everyone thinks she’s dumb. Janelle says that Ashley has them all fooled because she is super smart! Janelle asks how great it would be if Willie, JoJo and Shane went one after another! Ashley says that she would put Shane and Ian up on the block if she were HOH and that she would tell Shane that her target was Ian but really it would be Shane.

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2:10am – 2:40am Ian, Shane and Jojo are in the Have-not room talking. Shane asks what Ian thinks about Big Brother shuffling players… where each coach would get two players. Ian says that he doesn’t think that would happen. Ian say that he thinks the coach’s save competitions will end after this week. Shane says they can’t base their play on what they think might happen. JoJo tells Ian he has to remember this is an individual game, and he doesn’t have to listen to his coach. Ian says that he is well aware. Ian says that he knows how to play the game. Ian says right now, what benefits Boogie is benefitting me too. Meanwhile in the arcade room Danielle tells Dan that her grandfather invented laundry detergent. Dan it really surprised and asks her if she swims in money pools at home. Danielle says no. She says that she hates telling people that because they think she hasn’t had to work for everything. She says that there hasn’t been a day that she hasn’t worked. Dan says that he I never thought of a world without laundry detergent. Dan tells her that when he was in the game and had the power he would get 3 or 4 weeks out of it because he played it right. Dan tells Danielle if she wins the power of veto she can make it work for 2 weeks. Dan says that right now it’s so easy to see what is going to happen because the house is so divided. They head to bed.

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JoJo didn’t tempt anyone to smoke. Ian started asking about bumming one when she wasn’t around. He then went and asked her if she could and shocked her. She said ok then went out and smoked with him.


Ian (Carl) smokes, that’s not good. Ian (Carl), stop smoking.


Poor, pathetic JoJo. So now she is bisexual too. But JoJo dear, the guys still don’t want you, honey. Try harder to throw yourself at them.


i admire jo jo for her honesty to all the jo jo haters well dont hate the player hate yourself jo jo for the 500 g


Ewwwww! She is NASTY!!!!!


And she was moaning Shane’s name in the Have Not room and Shane wasn’t biting. She seeks way too much attention.

deathtobrenchel Team Willie YO

At this point I’m team Dan/Danielle all the way.

They’re all idiots. I can’t wait for Britney to see what a terrible person she has portrayed thus far.
The willie thing was nuts, after last night I truly sympathize for him. Not for his actions, but for what he had to deal with because of Frank and Joe’s bullshit. I probably would have snapped too if I was treated like a parasite for no good reason. And they think Willie is a bully? lol? Fucking idiots. Now talking about how they need to get Frank out. Janelle with her “Well I’m DEFINITELY picking Willie” and Wil with his “Um Britney if you trade me for someone I will take your team down. I don’t mean to bully you though…I mean, I’m not bullying you I’m just saying”. Ugh fucking eat it Wil.

I really had to rant that out.
Like really.

Go Dan!


I again say that this is season is just nuts. No one can trust anyone. Especially with the coaches thinking they are “playing the game” as well. At first I thought the coaches might re-enter the house as players once eliminated, but now I am thinking they won’t. I think the coaches will simply have the power to vote with the rest of the jury since they were in the house and saw how it went down from their perspective. I still think there is a chance that someone might re-enter the house, but I think this season is just going to be a shorter season than we are use to.

Utopia (Ashley) is just getting on my last nerves, Ian is actually crushing on her and she just wants to boot him out or risk him as a pawn. I know Ian is a bit, well, not normal…but what the Hell is normal anymore, especially in this house. And for the fact that Utopia cannot make up her mind if she is with Janelle or not, if she can trust Janelle or not…annoying, she is dumb in my opinion.


Ashley probably thinks Ian is showmancing, not actually crushing. I think she’s playing a great game so far.


janelle is a horrible mother a shallow person and a money grabber and a really bad actress she should of hung it up when she was on the all stars at leasat then her true colours werent apparent then team dan

Amy N

How would you know how she is as a mother? You may not like the player but you don’t have the right to judge her as a parent without knowing her.


Ummm a good mother wouldn’t leave her 7 month old for a game on t.v.!


I missed the Frank/Shane deal. I hope it’s true and Wil goes on the block this week. I really want to see that queen scramble. I have nothing against gay people, but Wil is not a nice person. Last night he was talking about taking out “floaters”. I don’t know what he means by floaters. All of them have allegiance with their team. Everyone has made a stand. Jenn is lying back and keeping herself out of trouble, but she is 100% team Boogie. She hasn’t won anything, but neither has Wil or Joe. I really hope Shane and Frank get together and save Jo Jo. The girls need to realize that they are not their coaches first choice for going to the end, except Danielle of course. Brit would sacrifice Jo Jo to get Shane to the end, Janelle would turn on Ashley if she thought Wil or Joe will get her further, and Boogie doesn’t care about Jenn. He wants to take Frank. If the 4 girls got together and pulled Shane onto their side, or maybe even Ian, they would run the house until it is time to turn against each other. I don’t know if Jenn and Danielle are smart enough to see it though. I am hoping Jenn steps it up soon, it’s almost like she isn’t even there. Instead of making deals with Boogie, Dan should try to lead the girls and take out the guys, I think it’s his only chance of getting Danielle to the finals.


You bring up a good point. A woman has never beat a man in the final 2, so somebody needs to stress the fact that the men are probably going to dominate if they aren’t taken out quickly.


Hopefully, Frank (Shaun White) & Shane (Tom Cruise/Matthew Fox) would made in the final 2 with Ashley (Kelly Carlson) as a final jury. It also be easier if Shane can work with Frank together to made in Final 2 deal and take out Janelle’s team & keep Ashley until Final 3. What you guys think?


Jordan chest-bumped Russell and Kevin chest-bumped Ronnie on BB11. Evel Dick burned Jen with a cigarette on BB8. All three of them were permitted to stay, but Willie was kicked out for that little shoulder-thump? That doesn’t make any sense.


Jordan and Kevin: Couldn’t actually hurt Russell and Ronnie seriously and they knew it.
Dick: Probably ratings. I don’ think the burn was too serious.
Willie: Raging lunatic who tried to hurt someone by headbutting him four times. And they would lose ratings for keeping him. Jordan and Dick were more popular (not really sure about Kevin) and good for ratings.


It’ll be interesting to see if Shane can convince Boogie/Frank to put up Wil. If it was anyone else, Jojo would be going home, but Boogie might be enticed, especially since Dan wouldn’t necessarily have a problem with it after last night’s meeting.

Janelle’s team have been important thus far as they’re swing, but as the game goes on, they’re only going to get more boring. Joe actually thinks he’s playing a strategic social game. Ashley has lied to about everyone (which will come back to bite her) and Wil likes to take 24 hour breaks from the game lol.

A Boogie/Britney alliance would be the most interesting as Shane/JoJo V. Ian/Frank near the end would provide some damn good entertainment.

That said, production obviously knows Dan can’t win with Danielle (and by win I mean anything, POV/HOH included) and they’re super short on people, so its pretty clear now that somebody will be entering the game…

(It might be interesting if they did something where the first coach to lose all their players gets to come into the game, but is also, obviously, kicked out of the coach’s game. That would add a whole new spin on things…)

Godless Monkey

Jojo’s so desperate for attention that now she’s bisexual. What’s next, she’s a hemaphrodte? And I thought BB went bottom of the barrel with Rachel.


Yeah, JoJo being hermaphrodite is just the silliest thing one could think of. Imagine JoJo showing her Who-ha and Ding-a-ling on BBAD. lol. That would be just epic. Go, Dawg and Simon, yo!


Damn that girl is trash, every time she speaks I see the cartoonie image of stank coming out on her breath. I hope she is gone come Thursday.


Ashley definitely has the potential to get to the end. The only thing that I can see hurting her game is Janelle coming in to PLAY the game and telling everyone how she admitted that she’s tricking people into believing she’s dumb.


i dont think janelle has to trick anyone into thinking ashley is dumb. (ashley does a good job all on her own) and janelle isnt very bright either (and is a horrible mother)


Awww chin up, don’t be soo sad. Willie’s gone and all the hating in the world isn’t gonna change that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Buh Bye Hillbilly Willie. Real men don’t quit…


real men dont go on faked reality shows (unless they are actors) 🙂 hillbilly willy too funny maybe willy had little man syndrome he was after all 5 ft tall if that 🙂


jojo is so pathetic…now trying to throw herself at ian …hahaha lol!!!


Ugh being a New Yorker I wanted to love JoJo…but she’s gotta go…she does remind me though of a lot of girls I went to high school with


I think the chef should kicked off the show