Big Brother Spoilers – Shane to Frank “I’m serious you and me top 2”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

7:20pm Cam 1-2 Frnak and Jojo Jojo tells him she wants to build her booty up. Frank starts giving her some workout advice says he built his “booty” up doing step ups.
Boogie joins them they start chatting about food. Frank leaves and the Food talk continues. Jojo mentions how it sucks that the players cannot compete in the Have nots Challenges . Jojo asks him how long he lasted during season 2. Boogie says he didn’t make it far he lasted 33 days.

Boogie says he messed up in season 2 he got HOH early and took out a pawn and the girl he was targeting was super good at building personal relationships with people and they took him out. Just small talk, Boogie: “Frank has the worst CD in the HOH.. it’s soo mellow”

Frank and Joe join them. random chats

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7:43pm Cam 3-4 Jaenlle showering, Brintey and Danielle Britney asks Janelle if she’s ever worried about people seeing her chest in the shower. Janelle says no, it’s the same shower that has been in the house since Season 6 and there has never been a nip slip yet. She points out there has been more nip slips from her suntanning. (There is also full frontals of Janelle all over the itnernets)

7:45pm Cam 1-2 Shane and Frank Shane saying he can’t play for his coaches. Shane brings up that they can get switched up at any moment and both him and Frank will be the ones traded for because they are the strongest players in the game. Sure Shane would like it if Britney won but he’s not bound to her in any way. Frank agrees says they came close to being switched this week. Frank has taken a good look at his player under boogie and he’s really worried that they won’t be able to win any competitions. Shane tells him he is serious about him and Frank going to “top 2”. Shane says he knows Franks is a straight shooter, Shane once trusted Frank and he now trusts him again. Shane understands why Frank nominated him just like he hopes Frank understands why he sided with Frank.. Shane adds that he feels sorry for JoJO because Willie was suppose to go home this week. Shane brings up that CBS is going to have to do something to shake the game up he doesn’t think they have enough players to end it the way it is. Frank hasn’t been giving the twist much thought he hasn’t been basing his strategy around any twists. Frank tells him that they don’t want to go final 6 with Janelle’s group he’s more looking for a 4 on 3.

Jenn and Boogie join them.

8:10pm Backyard Britney, Boogie, Shane, Jenn, Jojo, Wil Britney says she’s going to have kids soon. Boogie explains that his baby’s mother had a very hard pregnancy. the baby was 6 weeks early. They named the baby’s middle name after their Doctor. Boogie explains that the mother was bed ridden for 4 months, but after that she started working hard to get back to work. He explains that she owns a hair salon but the bulk of her money comes from high end clients that she does her self. She was worried she would lose them so she really pushed herself to get back to work. Boogie talks about how he misses his son, Boogie jokes that he wants Jenn to win the next HOH so he gets another picture of Brady. (Brady is his son)

8:31pm Cam 1-4 Backyard They are planning to do another dance tonight.

8:44pm Cam 1-2 Wil and Joe Joe saying they need to get Frank out.. he loves him to death but he’s just way too strong of a player. Joe and Wil both agree that Frank is much more dangerous then Shane. They do not think Shane is very smart. Wil is worried that some of the competitions Shane will be hard for Wil to beat. Joe doesn’t think so he thinks that the later physical competitions are more endurance.
Wil: “Sooner or later we’re going to need to take out these floaters.. Ashley will need to go she floats around”
Joe asks what do they do if CBS mixes the players up. Wil says he doesn’t think about twists. Joe explains that they need to still stick together, Wil agrees.
Joe has a feeling that no one is going to let a coach go into the final with 2 players they will all be after them. Wil agrees. Wil wants them to set Shane aside and tell him they want to work with him and hopefully Shane wins the Next HOH and puts 2 of Boogies players up. Joe thinks it’s a great idea, but they’ll need to get him to vote out JoJO. Wil thinks they should take Ian or Frank out next week and after that start taking out the pawns. He doesn’t want to be in the final game with players like Jenn who do nothing for their team bur lay around.
Wil adds if he wins HOH he’s going to try and backdoor Frank. Wil plans on putting up Ian and Jenn and if POV is played then he’ll take out Frank and if it’s not, Ian will go home.

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I HATE how that everyone is now saying to get out Frank, even thiugh they had the chance to last week. Such idiots we have this season


They kept him in so he could take out Willie. But now that Willie is gone, they don’t need him anymore.


Simon, just wondering does this cast bash on Rachel and Brendon a lot.


Brit kind of shut all of that down early on refusing to say ANYTHING negative about Rachel. Besides, who needs to comment on Brenchel when you have Willie????


is it just me or is Wil starting to look more and more like a real woman? He certainly is acting more and more as the show goes on. before we know it he’ll be in the bathroom with janelle and ashley appying make up 🙂


He looks like he impersonated Jennifer Aniston at some point from what the hair looks like


I think this deal Frank and Shane have is awesome. I’d love the see them secretly run through the house.

I think Joe and Wil are in a bad spot right now. Unless they win HoH, of course. They left Frank in the game and Shane is here another week. I think Shane will be really hard to get out, because I picture him being the POV king of this season.


I want Shane to beat Janelle’s POV record. I liked her previous seasons but I think it would be hilarious since she is one of my least fav. this season. So far he is two for two so he just has to keep it up. What did they say Janelle had six in one of her seasons?


I think she got five veto wins in All-Stars. And she won HoH 4 times.


Brandy, you are absolutely correct. So Shane has his work cut out for him, especially since he already has a huge target on his back.

Eric CA

They should have evicted Frank last week not Kera. It was a bad choice to keep him, just to piss off Willie.
Strangely enough for Wil, he would have won HoH without Frank in the house… though I am convinced Ian through
the competition, it appeared he expect to be eliminated before Julie told him.

I think most of those players lost their chance to get rid of Frank until at least week six, possibly longer. Jenn does need to step up,
she is no Nakomis so far (Does anyone talk talk game to her? or talk at all to her other than the occasional coach talk?) I have not heard any
game talk from her. Maybe should work out an alliance with Danielle.

Next week should be Franks last, it will not be, Shane will more than likely win HoH unless it is endurance. In that case my money is on Ian…
shorter does better in those comps, that is why women usually win it.


I thought he had a photographic memory. Don’t know if he said that, but I’m pretty sure Boogie stated that. He shouldn’t of had any problem recalling which leg the thief was shaving. It’s either BS or he threw it.

I don’t think they wanted him to win HOH and draw unwanted attention to himself, so I don’t know.

Alexander the Great

I hate backdooring, if Shane gets backdoored next week, a lot of faith in BB is lost for me.


With eight players left in the game after this next eviction, the odds of Shane getting backdoored is very slim.


It seems like Joe begins e very convo with wil by saying we need to get out frank lol but he’s still my favorite unless dan hopefully wins the coaches comp to come in the game


I hope Wil or Joe gets HOH next week. (or even ashley) and puts up Ian and Jenn . Than if it is possible, backdoor frank. they could get danielle to do it. doesnt matter she would see hes more of a threat than ian or jenn.


I didn’t realize that Shane and Danielle we’re being that cutsey with each other, at least the show made much of it. Frank and Shane would be a hard to beat duo if them team up. Maybe even include Danielle (?). I’d still like an Ashlian duo too.

production rigged it

what the fuck is up with showtime after dark they’re showing 2 douchebags frank and boogie playing bocchi ball or however the hell u spell it more than they r 2 chicks janelle and ashley in the bathtub together.


Boohoo, sad story…

production rigged it

I think so and i’m sure so do alot of others, but obviously u must be used to watching a couple of douchebags so i guess it really doesn’t bother you.


Two douchebags? I don’t get it? Frank and Boogie affect you that much?

production rigged it

this may be hard for u to understand but since u don’t get it i’ll explain the point i’m trying to make is that most men unless they’re like wil no offence would rather see 2 chicks in a bathtub together than 2 dudes rolling a ball together


the feeds had a camera on them, bubbles were getting into every crevice, skin was wet, oh my gawd Ashley is so hot