Bloody Tampons in the shower & Neda’s Syrup Prank Hits the Havenots. “Mustard is the new Maple Syrup!”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 06-18-29-614

9:15am In the bathroom – Adel gets into the shower. Soon after he says ewww.. there’s a bloody tampon in the shower! He grabs Kleenex and throws it in the garbage. Jon says eww. He goes into the bedroom and tells them that someone left a bloody tampon in the shower. WHo’s on their period? Neda says I am but it wasn’t me. Allison says I’m just starting but I haven’t used one yet. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Sabrina says aw.. I think it was me! It was me.. Aw I am sorry Adel. I took a shower last night and took it out. Adle says just deny it. Deny, deny, deny! Sabrina says I was taking a shower last night and cleaned myself. This is so embarrassing. Sabrina asks Adel who found it? Adel says I did. Don’t worry about it. Sabrina says but they’re in the bedroom telling everyone! Adel says it doesn’t matter just deny it.

BBCAn2-2014-04-08 06-23-28-158

Adel tells Heather that his power after 3 weeks his veto power turned into a veto ticket that he can use to replace someone that’s playing in the veto. He says that before they pick players in the veto he has to hand in the card to the diary room and tell them he is going to use it. He says if Kenny doesn’t win the HOH then I will turn in my ticket right away. Adel says if Kenny is playing in the POV I can take him off and replace him with myself or anyone else that wants to play. Heather asks so do you still get a reward? Adel says no this is the reward. I just get the option to use this for the rest of the season. He says but no matter what I’m using it. Adel and Heather hug and he leaves the HOH room.

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 06-32-56-616

9:50am In the living room – Jon says that’s unbelievable they’re like ball and chain! (Rachelle & Sabrina) They’re going to have to move to live together! Arlie says she is going to be shocked to see the things Sabrina said about her in the beginning. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Neda asks Heather how sick is Adel’s power! Heather says I know right!

9:50am – 10:45am Down in the kitchen – Rachelle is looking for the maple syrup and can’t find it. She asks Kenny and he said Sarah just had some, we are probably just spacing out. Rachelle goes out and asks Sarah if she has it. She says no there was only a little bit left. Rachelle says there were 3 bottles there last night. Sarah says I would die if there’s no more syrup. I can’t eat this without it. Sarah tells her to go ask in the place where were not allowed to talk about. Rachelle goes back inside and tries to get into the diary room but can’t. Adel and Arlie both say that they don’t know where it is and didn’t do anything with this. Rachelle says “f**k it I’m over it. Who needs to eat right.” Kenny says what are we going to eat with it. Mustard is the new maple syrup I guess!
(Neda throwing out the condiments/syrup)

BBCAn2-  2014-04-08 07-03-36-356

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WOW!! Sabrina has hit the ultimate low of disgustingness …


Sorry – Neda is even more disgusting than Sabrina! How can she consider herself morally superior to Sabs and Rachelle and tell the houseguests all that they were saying behind their backs. Why aren’t the houseguests asking Neda why she didn’t defend them or say something???? At least Sabs was loyal to her alliance. Neda is a floater who is loyal to the momentum in the house and will go down as a cockroaching floater with no backbone or morals.

housejihads comments are mediocre at best

wake the f-ck up housejihad

you say neda wasnt loyal to her alliance

her alliance since day 1 has been jon…she has been loyal at all times…then it grew to 5, with adel, arlie and heather, now 6 with allison

neda being a apart of the girls alliance the first few weeks was merely to get info for the neda and jon team

are you even watching the show?

pretty embarrassing not to know something like that

you may think you come across as intelligent, but the opposite is achieved, i just thought i would let you know


Your comment re neda………she has been loyal at all times…then it grew to 5, with adel, arlie and heather, now 6…..”

Your comment illustrates exactly why I am not a fan of Neda…..then it grew to 5……how did it grow? Neda?! What did she do?! Nod her head in agreement whenever someone seems to need a sounding board. Things just seem to fall in her lap…… sure she has been loyal to a point….but who has done all the groundwork….who has put themselves out there putting together the alliance? Neda doesnt come to mind. It seems to me whenever they put Neda on the screen she is lying around waiting to hear a report from other members of the alliance who are playing the game. She seems more like a floater to me…..unless you call some dumb grade school prank…dumping condiments into a garbage bag…game play….meh…


the hatred is strong with you, thats cool…im not saying neda has brilliant game, but she is still there, tight with one of the better players, and her game was designed to be low key, not a threat and throw comps until this point

deli and heather were hanging out with jon and neda weeks ago, not just for game and safety, but because they genuinely enjoy each others company, and surely are the group sharing the most laughs, and are the most humourous

you say nedas dumping of the condiments was no good, i disagree as it messes with the other side mentally and physically in the lead up to the next hoh, and all within the rules


I dont hate Neda at all….i am surprised you got that from my comment. I am just expressing my viewpoint. Certainly not hatred! I actually like the side of the house she is on…I just find it hard to call what she is doing gameplay. For reasons that I stated above I dont see her as a player. Why is it when anyone else sits in the background making sure they dont make any waves they are called floaters but when it comes to Neda it is called brilliant gameplay…or strategy. I just dont see it at all but that is just my viewpoint. No hatred here….


ok Mele cheers for responding, thats good you dont hate her

nobody is saying Neda is a genius mastermind

Nedas gameplay up to this point has been to align with one of the best male players in the house, with a very strong bond, and play a low key decent social game, keep her emotions in check, and do her best to not do anything stupid to become a threat or a never ending pawn

her strategy is basically to not get put on the block…be switzerland

there are several ways to get to jury, and that is an effective one, in my opinion

i really cant fault her in a major way, despite the fact she hasnt done much yet…she hasnt wanted to do much yet…if she hadnt thrown comps she could well have won the rachelle hoh and/or the heather hoh, but didnt need to

the fact you say she hasnt done anything is great for her, as more people would likely want to take her final 2…and at this point i believe she realizes finishing second with 20k would be an amazing achievement

compare her game to ika, sab, rach, sarah who have all played way too hard or too dumb and crashed and burned, one major reason being those 4 girls couldnt keep their emotions in check…anick was the unlucky girl out early, and then there is heather, who weathered a major storm caused by sab…i do think you are being a little harsh on neda, but thats ok, i respect your opinion, i just think she has done well (for her) to this point, particularly for the strategy she came into the house with

all the best



nuff said


Ok seriously the tampon thing is pretty gross, but it isn’t like she threw it in there, and left it on purpose… She was obviously having issues, and pretty tired last night; took it out while showering and completely forgot about it probably because she had a lot on her mind and trying to shower and get out on cam is stressful enough for someone w/ body issues. It was a mistake, geez… Jon being the one to make the biggest deal out of it is absurd. He is the one that has jerked it in every shower in that house, always yanking at his junk, has a yeast infection etc… So seriously, how much nastier is the tampon compared to Jon’s little swimmers all over every shower in that house?!!?


Jon is disgusting! He is really making himself out to be a fap-happy cess pool of a human. Neda is even worse for just begging for him. So sad that Annick didn’t last. Jon would have never enjoyed her lips the way I did.


i have never heard of a girl taking out her used tampon in the shower and then just putting it down in the shower… especially when it’s a shared shower. why would you EVER take out a used tampon anywhere else than the toilet. this girl has some of the worst hygiene issues 🙁


d… Are you a female that has never heard of it, or a male assuming? I am a female, and I personally have never taken one out in the shower, but I can see the need to do so… There are cameras in the bathroom, you are not getting out of toilet area and walking naked to the shower as you would in your home. If she was having a heavy flow or leaked a bit she wouldn’t want to take it out, and then pull underwear back up w/o a tampon in just to take them off in the shower… same w/ a towel… You wouldn’t want to get it all over the towel or clothing. Also, she could have just started, kind of forgot she was on her period, got in shower, got undressed, & then was like “oh crap, I forgot to take my tampon out”… in a normal situation you’d jump out, go to toilet and discard of it…. w/ cameras in there… why get dressed and go out etc… come on there are a bunch of scenarios. to everyone: I see the other house guests doing the same, worse &/or better things and so on than some… we all have our favorites, but some people pick on the ones they hate for minor things that other HG’s do similar or equivalent things. It must be nice being so perfect, living in a glass house, having a perfect body & perfect looks, and knowing exactly how stressful of an environment that must be to be in the house. I miss the old fans that were in it for the entertainment, not to bash the HG they don’t favor all the time. The online chat w/ the feeds and comments on here sometimes take it too far, and get really hypocritical when it is someone they hate they bash them to no end, and when it is someone they like they make excuses like, “it isn’t personal, it is just a game or they deserve to get back at them”. What makes any of us out here that are not being watched, and scrutinized 24/7 any better than even the worst house guest of all time?!!? I love the game of Big Brother, I love these sites where people put such hard work in documenting the days of the house every year… I watch BBAU, BBUS, BBCA every year just like most of us do, it seems like the fans are getting worse, and more critical every year… not the HG, at least they have a reason to be stressed, pissy, and so on. As you are sitting in front of your comp. farting in your chair, bitching about someone being taped 24/7 doing the same… be glad the cameras aren’t on you because all these people you bitch with would be ragging on you too. Sorry, but I have held it in long enough. I am so sick of the ride names, and attacks on the looks of people in the house. That isn’t necessary, we watch for entertainment, drama, and to be voyeurs… I think we are receiving what we are watching for. Just saying… the fan hate is crazy, and mainly directed at a few people… some of them annoy the crap out of me too, but I am happy they are in there for me to watch, and not the other way around. I also never personally attack the people in the house, especially for their looks.


Well, overly judgemental people aside, I have to agree. I am most definitely female, and would not, have not heard of, taking out your tampon in the shower. That’s just plain odd. And even if, for the reasons you listed, you may have come to the decision that you would take it out there…. you wouldn’t leave it on the floor. You just wouldn’t. It’s an odd, gross, icky thing to do. End of. Whatever else you may, or may not, think of her.

Arlie's aggressive shouting whisper

sabrina is a complete and total utter disgrace to humans

the lowest form of scum is what sabrina is…she is ugly, inside and out, she is a makeup artist, but you cant polish a turd, and she is a caustic, fake, terrible human being, who has shamed and embarrassed not only herself, but all of her friends and family, and anyone associated with her

big brother should not be associating with people like her…she is unworthy of being paid money or being on a tv show

any ridiculous dreams she may have had of getting into acting are now crushed…she would never be talented enough to act anyway, but now its an absolute concrete certain fact

forget what the on set producers say on the night she is evicted…the audience need to shower her with repeated non stop boos so that she knows she is majorly disliked by the viewers the instant she walks out


Honestly were the first five that bad one pot of coffee with cinnamon and beds keeps taking condiments, how childish. Also why is everyone who are leaving comments constantly bashing Kenny & those girls when they are constantly doing the same things if not worse, really!

Double Standards

I do hate a tough talker non-actor. Neda is the worst. These petty anonymous pranks. Her insistence that she’s “this close!” to snapping. Right, Neda. I know a coward when I see one.


I COULDNT AGREE MORE!!!!! I am sick of this floating Kardashian wannabe acting like a boss. She is a coward, she sat in on all of Sabrina’s bullying and now is acting morally superior to her and Rachelle!!!! She is so lost! Anyway the wind blows Neda LOL! She has no backbone or brains – how could this little roach-faced rat dare to call Talla a floater when she is floating harder than the Maple Leafs backcheck!!!!!


So true, Neda is disgusting! Don’t know why anyone would like her floating turd of a game. It’s always comical to see the disconnect between the reality of her floating game play and the way she perceives herself to be playing the game. LOL – sure Neda, you are throwing the challenges and you had to hold yourself from exploding. LOL. Gee I wonder what would happen if you tried to win a challenge or actually did explode on Sabs? Hmmmmmm….. not much different than we see all day… ALL TALK, NO ACTION, NO CONCEPT OF REALITY! FLOAT SO HARD!!!!


the above 3 comments are majorly moronic – probably from andrew and/or andrew/sabs family members

you guys should ask mommy first to use the internet, and learn about the different strategies of playing big brother

sabrina has the emotional control and mental discipline of a 5 year old, and is embarassing herself…and the world is watching

you are saying you dont like nedas game, but she is still there and will make jury, in the majority alliance, with a great crew backing her

is andrew, ika, paul, anick, kyle still in the house? no you say? alrighty then

she will win when she has to win…she has chosen not to win up until now, just like arlie

neda will let sab go off like an f-tard, as sab has no control over her emotions and sab realizes her own game is going down the toilet, so is lashing out

the food prank from neda was very smart, as its allowed in the rules…the have nots still have slop to eat, so they are still getting all nutrients they need…it was done as a f-ck you to rachelle, who deliberately put everyone on slop by eating regular food as a have not…not childish at all and im surprised its not done more often, similar to arlie likely hiding or throwing out his own cigarettes

big brother is very psychological…game on


Let’s not attribute the comments to Andrew or Sabrina or their families. The comments come from trolls, plain and simple. Look how stupid they are.


i wouldnt be surprised if it is andrew though, but we will never know

whoever the trolls were today were pumped up big time


I think its smart of her to keep them week before the next HoH comp. It’s not like slop is actual torture, there are plenty of people In the world without any food at all.


I think it is nasty that they r throwing out food….’especially when there r hunger people in the world. it is very childish and can’t wait for Neda to be on slop


I see your point name, but are we watching the same season??

Johhny (the European one!)

other name, I see YOUR point as well, but you need to KEEP WATCHING this season. I get the feeling you – like several others here – stopped processing what you watch once you had formed your opinion on who is good (that’s ok if they do it) and who’s bad (that’s disgusting if they do it).
I’m not going to put words in your mouth, as it’s other people here who say “we should applaud Jon/Neda/Adel/Arlie/Heather for doing xxx” and then say “we should boo Sabrina/Sarah/Andrew/Kenny/Rachelle into oblivion once they get on stage, to let them know how hated they are, for doing xxx”.
Double standard.

Jon and Neda were cute with their bantering, Heather has been a pitiable victim this entire game, Adel has been a pitiable outcast. Yet, they have shown more and more mean behavior these past days, and in particular spent hours acting the same way they criticized the other side for acting.

If any of the 1st 5 had thrown away maple syrup, sugar, mustard and salsa like Neda did, and Sloppy Seconds would have learned about it, they would have spent days getting riled up about how “vile and disgusting that is, how it shows those a$$holes have no human decency and no compassion for the have nots”. Now that Neda did it, they just laugh.
I did think Neda was a really likeable character, but that was nasty, given how they all admit to how hard it is to be a have not.


johnny i see no problem in throwing out the condiments

i would do the exact same thing

they are playing for 100 grand

its in the rules

if players dont have the mental discipline to eat slop without condiments (players like sarah, kenny, rachelle, sabrina) then they are going to struggle

adel crushed bowls of slop for 14 straight days without a fuss

thats the kind of attitude needed to succeed at this game…especially adel, neda, arlie have the kind of mental strength to get through things like that, others are mentally weak to the point they cant eat slop unless there are condiments

could you imagine sabrina being shunned for 3 straight weeks, or 14 days in a row of slop? ha ha


If Sabrina doesn’t shut up and just let things go, she’ll be the first HG to be voted out by both alliances. I don’t know how her alliance can stand her.


Okay Name. You are right. No one is being nice. However for the last month, in all of your comments, I didn’t once see you standing up for eg. Heather.
As the 1st 5 bashed her 10 – 20 -30 times per day. I think a lot of people are fed up with Sabrina’s trucker mouth and Kenny’s ego. And if you compare the stuff said by both sides, the 1st 5 were truly heartless.

another name

i hate to say this… i REALLY hate to say this…. here goes:
after watching sabrina virtually implode last night, whether real or faked, the oh so virtuous sloppy seconds spent a good portion of the night comparing notes and talking behind her back and laughing at what her bad behavior has gotten her. they all KNOW she is swirling the drain, whether in terms of the game or psychologically because her actions have caught up with her.
part of the reason sabrina is hated is because this is exactly what she did to others.
i HATE defending a player over actions they have done that didn’t further gameplay, but were just expressions of poor character. i’m not defending sabrina. really.
but kicking a dog when its down? how is that an impressive acheivement for anyone? truly, giving someone a taste of their own medicine once you’ve already defeated them? how heroic.
for the record, i’ve called for objective assessment of all houseguests and their behavior many times. i’m willing to see the good and the bad in every players strategies and counter strategies. just in case you assumed i was a sabrina fan, i’m not a fan of any player. i’m a fan of assessing gameplay and strategy. reading about how one side was worse than the other when they commit the same trransgressions just feels wrong.
okay, push the dislike. i almost want to push it myself, but, as much as i hate it… it’s true.


perhaps broken record would be a better username for you

you just repeat yourself over and over again

you may as well just copy and paste your comments, it would save you having to type them out

another name

thanks for your opinion. i notice that rather than argue my point you’ve chosen to attempt to invalidate my right to express my opinion. that was clever. maybe you’re right. maybe i do sound like a broken record. thanks for pointing that out. i hope it made you feel better.


no offence intended

im just trying to help you get more thumbs up

another name

thanks for your interest. honestly, i’ve never looked at thumbs up or thumbs down to a comment i’ve made. i only comment on the thumbs in order to mentally prepare myself when i’m aware the opinion i’m writing is not a popular one. i comment on subjects that i feel strongly about from my own moral, ethical and logical point of view. perhaps that’s why i sound like a broken record. i do appreciate comments made in retort to my own, even if i don’t agree with them because i really do respect everyone’s right to an opinion. my own opinions have even been changed by some of the things others have written, and i really like expanding my own horizons through those experiences. i believe i’m not the type of person to cast insults even if i don’t personally like one of the players. i will try to be less formula driven in my comments. i didn’t realize it offended anyone.


i just noticed that alot of your comments were very similar and you get alot of down votes, thats all

im sure more variety would help

not trying to be a smart a55

take it easy


You need to remember that there are multiple people using “Name” as their identity, so you’re not talking to one person. For example, this is my first comment in the thread.


This is the one thing I wanted to happen in the game…Sobs feeling shunned. She has the nerve to say to people that she doesn’t want to be shunned and they are the ones being mean for making her feel that way. After she DEMANDED that Adel be shunned and relished in Heather and Ika being shunned, I wanted nothing more than for her to see how it felt. I am glad that she “feels” like she is, but she isn’t being treated nearly as bad as Adel, Heather and Ika were. She would have a breakdown if she had to endure that…


How could I forget Kyle and especially Paul…if Sobs was treated like Paul, she might self-evict….

Double Standards

Ika earned her shunning. Little Miss Martyr had as black a heart as we’ve seen. Not to mention her absolute cowardice during her own HOH leaves her with no one to blame but herself.


Sabrina jumping to the conclusion that she is being shunned is a result of Jon not saying good morning to her as he was rushing to the bedroom.

Too funny. It is impossible to shun Sabrina, she is in everyone’s face always.


Ohhhh myyyyyy Goddddddd. That is foul. Gagged while reading that. Adel is good Guy though for not telling everyone it was Sabrina.


Oh jeez, Adel is so empathetic, even to god damn Sabrina. I’m sure he is a great boyfriend to his girl back home.


All these people suck, production doing what they want… giving Canada head of household they new would break up first five, Allison coming in a week late now a special pov, what else will they do


It’s their TV show, they will do what ever they want


Whatever it takes to keep viewers coming back.

You’re in the minority, complaining about production.


Hi Andrew…..I know it’s you

another name

imo, the only acceptable form of manipulation that production can undertake is editing. as long as it isn’t sooooooo over the top that it is an outright lie.
go ahead and call me naive for disliking game interference… but i still postulate that it is acceptable to dislike game manipulations for this simple example which i stated once before last week:
you enter a poker game.
you are winning.
the dealer starts dealing from the bottom of the deck, but only to your detriment because you are winning and the dealer hates your personality. he does it blatantly so that everyone at the table knows it’s happening.
do you say hey, stop fixing the game or do you say hey, it’s all fair?
hey, it’s all fair, go ahead and cheat me. said no one, ever.

Johhny (the European one!)

Touché! 😀
Here though, I do feel like the dealer just started giving the “one side” 1 or 2 less cards each.
It’s no longer “lowering their chances”, but actually making it virtually impossible for 1 side to win.
With their “update” to Adel’s Veto Ticket, Kenny won’t have any fighting chance to fight for survival as soon as 1 of the 6 wins HOH. No if’s and but’s.

another name

to be absolutely honest… i don’t think adel even remembers what his power is. it’s been everything from play in veto comp to being one week from big brother naming him automatic winner of the game (exaggeration, but come on it’s been everything under the sun by now). when he read out loud what the power actually is when he won it, he said it was to play in any pov contest even if he wasn’t chosen. did big brother ever announce an amendment to that power? someone help because i never heard any announcement of amendment on the televised episodes or on the feeds.

Johhny (the European one!)

What I know:
1) In the episode, Adel got his Veto Ticket and read out loud what it allowed him to do: “be able to play for a Veto competition, even if he wasn’t chosen for it”. (that’s exactly the same as Shane Meaney got with his Veto Ticket in BBUS14, it’s just a way to avoid getting backdoored)
2) In another episode (can’t remember when, maybe 2 or 3 episodes later?), Adel was in the DR and told us “well, I can use this to take someone out of the Veto Comp and replace them with whoever I want”.

Now, given my personal tendency for being grumpy about BB interference, I had the theory that BB “increased” the power of that Veto Ticket a few days AFTER he got it. My theory was that this was due to
a) He’s really BAD at comps, so “just being allowed to play” isn’t enough for him (Shane Meaney was a comp beast, so it was a big help for him)
b) he REALLY needed some strong help!

That’s what I meant by “upgrade”, but it’s just my theory.
Matter of fact, he does have this power to take Kenny off the veto comp. And I don’t think it’s cool.


Johnny (the european one), come on. Production is not changing the parameters ofAdel’s veto ticket, Adel is changing it’s parameters. Adel knows full well what his ticket is and has been professing it to be something else in an attempt to stay in the game. So far his various embellishments of the veto tickets worth has proven positive for him.
Now it is at a point within the game that the true potency of the veto ticket can again work in his favour.


Each contestant knows what the game is about. They have to sign a contract accepting everything production throws at them.
Also, each one of them gets paid to do this. Have you watched BB before? Obviously not – if you’re complaining about production.
Learn a little bit more about the show and stop being so sensitive – it’s because of production that the show is as popular as it is!
You should change your NAME to lack of knowledge!

another name

not sure if that comment was meant for ‘name’ or meant for me.
i respect your opinion that the players know what they are signing up for, including plot twists, etc.
i choose to disagree with how the plot twists are carried out. i have disagreed with how the plot twists are carried out for many seasons of big brother, when the interference has been heavy handed. that doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy watching players strategies unfold successfully or unsuccessfully. my right to express my opinion is just valid as yours, and anyone else’s, even if it’s an unpopular opinion.


It’s nice to see Sabrina and Rachelle getting a little of their own medicine. It’s nice that they feel excluded and exiled like they made Anick, Paul, Ika, Kyle, Adel and Heather feel when the 5 were calling the shots. Their selective memory of how that all went down is hilarious. They were very mean to everyone that wasn’t in their alliance, and now that their alliance is crumbling, they accuse the others of being mean. Sabrina being upset that Allison flipped on Andrew when Andrew isn’t even in the game anymore is hysterical. Why would Allison play Andrew’s game when he isn’t even around, especially since Kenny, Sab and Rachelle were going to send Allison home this week? She was gone, and now she is saved by the other side of the house. But in Sabrina’s mind, Allison is a traitor for not laying down and going home for Andrew, and how dare she wear his shirt after stabbing Andrew in the back that way!! This girl is a bully, plain and simple, a spoilt brat that apparently is used to getting her way, and now that things aren’t going her way she has no frame of reference to guide her through adversity with some dignity. Heather on the other hand was ostracized and vilified for no reason for 4 weeks, and she handled it admirably. I really thought I would hate Heather, at the start of the season I had her pegged as the airhead, but Rachelle wins that title. Heather can go far in the game and I wouldn’t mind seeing her do well. One’s character is best seen when navigating through adversity, and Heather has done that well, Sabrina, Kenny, Sarah and Andrew did not handle power well, they were bullies, and they only got nastier when things went against them. If they get Kenny out on Thursday, the new alliance is done, because there will only be 2 more targets left, and at that point they will all have to realign for the end game. At that point, Sabrina and Rachelle’s votes have the power to flip the house one way or the other.


I see Miss crazy train pulled outta the station early today. It’s gonna be a loooooong day fellow feeders.


I love how when they were all sitting in kitchen, Kenny says that he can’t believe all of the maple syrup is missing. Everyone got real quiet and then Arlie “jokingly” says that wouldn’t it be funny if Neda is the one that took his smokes and stole the syrup…who would suspect little ol’ Neds? Of course Arlie already knows that she dumped it, but is secretly busting her chops. She goes along…agreeing that she sneaks out at night and smokes the cigarettes she took. It was pretty funny.


I like Neda, but they should make her a have not for the rest of the week. It’s bad enough to be on slop, she doesn’t need to make it worse.


I disagree. I applaud her for making it worse. Not only are the half-nots deserving of pure slop but it’s a deliberate and legit tactic, weaken them for the next comp.!


i think everyone is forgetting that all the houseguests have now been on slop. jon, adel and heather have been put on slop for like 2/3 weeks, and some days they didn’t have salsa or anything bc it ran out. then this week, rachelle accidentally ate food, so they were all on slop again as punishment! kenny had never been on slop before this week, sarah volunteered for slop (even though she had a slop pass!) and rachelle ate food, so whatever. kenny used to put cinnamon in the coffee so jon couldn’t have coffee as a have-not (jon TOLD him about this, kenny didn’t care). kenny also said that he hopes jon’s dog gets run over.

neda has already been on slop this week for 24 hrs bc of rachelle, with the rest of the house. i don’t see how her prank throwing out the condiments is as bad as everyone is saying. she’s not intentionally hurting others feelings, like some others in the house, she’s pranking!! without even knowing about this prank yesterday, kenny, sarah and rachelle were all talking about breaking the rules and eating a big burger so that the house will be punished and go on slop AGAIN! they are all doing it, it’s all part of the game.

Johhny (the European one!)

Kenny said that given how many times Jon has sworn on his dog’s life and then went against that, his dog has good chances of getting run over.
That’s very different.
Get over yourself and just stick to the truth, even if it’s about someone you don’t like.
Thank you.


Best Line Thusfar:
Jon ” Dellie – are you making a samo?”
Dellie ” No – I am wearing shoes?”


How can you blame Slobrinas image to biased editing> The feeds are on live, 24/7. Editing doesn’t enter into it if you follow on this site.
Slobina is a delusional entity who can’ imagine she has issues and will probably deny everything she sees on the reruns once she gets out. The sooner the better.


This sloppy alliance is terrible! I hope that Allison jumps back to Kenny and Rachelle next week – it is her best move to avenge Gordo. Sabrina was the mastermind and is being given a horrible edit. She RAN the house the first 5 weeks! I guarantee that she will win HOH this week! Go Sabs!!! I want Arlie and Jon up on the block! LETS DO IT KENNY, RACHELLE AND SABS – SEND THESE OUTSIDERS BACK OUT TO THE DOGG HOUSE THEY ALL BELONG IN! Then drop a load in Rachelle Kenny!


You’re going to be disappointed.


A horrible edit??? Have you watched the live feeds! She is getting everything she deserves!


What’s this avenging Gordo stuff? There is no avenging to do. You are silly.

another name

okay. find it hard to believe from the look on kenny’s face when the guys piped in with ‘we didn’t do anything, we’re not pranking you’ completely unbidden that he didn’t realize that somebody threw away the syrup. i’m betting he knows production didn’t come and take it away, but is afraid to say anything after the big brother talks with him and sara yesterday. especially when arlie made his rambling nonsensical explanation with that really guilty look on his face. i wouldn’t expect rachelle to notice, and sara wasn’t in the room, but her reaction and facial expression when she came back in the room was the same expression she had when she confronted arlie with the ‘i’ve got your number’ speech. i’m betting both know they’re being screwed with, and don’t think arlie did it, but believe he knows who did. they just don’t want to stir the pot because they’ve both received warnings.
i know, speculative theory. but its always suspicious when people try to deflect blame before anyone makes even the hint of an accusation.


If I was Sarah I would eat some food in front of the camera and put everyone on slop.


Sabrina has been right ALL ALONG.
First acting gigs all lining up as expected for when she gets out.


1. As much as my game plan would be to stay out of most of the drama (except to stand up to bullies and hypocrites) and for as calm as I usually am, I would have LOST IT COMPLETELY if I walked into the shower and saw a bloody tampon! I would NOT have been happy and completely gone off on the person who did it. That’s 100% unacceptable when you live in a house with other people! HOW does someone forget to clean up after something like that? I would hate to see Sabrina’s bathroom/house!

2. @Cora – On a previous update, you wanted to know how it was fair that BB warned Kenny and Sarah. The things they were saying were so horrible that it would undoubtedly hurt their family and friends who were listening. That’s against the rules. While watching that conversation, five seconds before the cameras went off, I was thinking, “They’ve gone too far. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cameras turned off and BB called them into the diary room.” Sadly, it does result in Kenny having a slight advantage over the others by realizing how he’s being portrayed. I don’t know what BB said in their warning but Kenny and Sarah realized how they’re being thought of and that’s still an advantage. Still, it was a necessary warning.

3. I agree with Name that the comments here are getting worse than those made in the house. It’s understandable to want to vent but think about it. If Canada (and others here) hated Kenny Klan for their attitude and hateful comments, why would you do the same thing here? Just because it’s a small group of us? It’s no different. Please, can we tame down the comments without getting so rude and personal?

4. Regarding Neda’s food “prank,” I agree with those who said it was childish. A “prank” would be to hide the maple syrup somewhere in the house and then giving it back when they were really frustrated. (Then you could remind them of how they sabotaged your time on slop.) Throwing away food isn’t a “prank,” it’s spiteful. It’s stooping to the other person’s level which makes you no better.

5. All I care about now is Sabrina leaving. I think Kenny and Sarah were sincere in their remorse so I’ve given them a clean slate. The other side does their share of trash talking, too. (Just a reminder.) As long as Kenny, Sabrina or Rachel don’t win, I don’t care who does.

Johhny (the European one!)

Could you please tell me when that discussion between Sarah and Kenny was? Or can anyone else help me out?
I’d love to check the video of those few minutes before the feeds went off, to see what they were saying… There obviously seems to be something I don’t see about Kenny, so I really want to see that.

Johhny (the European one!)

Thanks, Dawg! 🙂
I understand it’s the “Gremlins start stirring the pot” video, where Sabrina makes her shout out to Jon’s GF about… where he got his yeast infection from?
I had already seen it… Yeah, that was really NOT classy. But what did Kenny do that was so awful? He smiled and laughed, like Neda would smile and laugh when each of the mean girls would bash Heather…
I must be really subjective, because while watching Sabrina’s shout out and his facial expression, I thought it was obvious that he wished he could be somewhere else.. and NOT associated to Sabs.
Am I blind?


picks her nose often and leaves a Tampon in the shower. seriously never known a female can be so gross.


Jon has the patience of a god. If Sabrina tried to talk to most people in that condescending parent- talking to a little child voice; they would absolutely lose it on her!


This may sound soooo silly, but I haven’t watched the BB feeds in some time…is Deli’s power real?