Heather’s 1 Hour Photo Task: Sabrina says that’s a good one! I used to model, I know!

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 08-06-09-925

11am – 11:35am Heather comes out of the diary room with a camera and tells them that she has to take their photos individually. She says that they have to be nice photos. She says you can look how you wanna look but they’ll be used later on. Heather heads out to the backyard with Rachelle to take her photos first. She takes a head shot first and then gets Rachelle to pose. Adel is next and he sits on the laundry box holding the pucks. Sabrina is next. She asks if Heather knows what the photos are for? Heather says yes. Sabrina asks if its fun? Heather says yeah. Jon compliments Sabrina and tells her that she does have a nice body. Big Brother tells the house guests that they’ll be on a backyard lock down, the house will be off limits. In the bedroom – Sabrina tells Adel that he has a way of making people feel good. Sabrina asks Jon if she heard him right downstairs that she has a nice body. Jon says yeah. Sabrina says aw.. that was nice!
BBCAN2-2014-04-08 07-59-53-477

Up in the HOH room – Jon walks into the HOH bathroom and Arlie tells him about how he just took the biggest poo in his life. Jon leaves and says okay good talk!

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BBCAN2-2014-04-08 08-25-10-958

11:30am Kenny comes out of the diary room and says that big brother doesn’t know where the maple syrup went. Heather then starts taking Kenny’s photos. Big Brother tells them they have 15 minutes before they will be locked outside. Sabrina says they built something in the backyard. I just heard it.
BBCAn2-2014-04-08 08-30-43-161

11:40am – 11:55am Sabrina starts taking Jon’s photos. She says that’s a good one, I used to model I know! Allison tells Neda that she does have boobs. Neda says no, its a triple push up bra. In the bathroom the house guests talk about how bad it is being on slop. Kenny says its like muddy butt! I go more than I take in. Neda says when she was on slop she went twice the whole week. Kenny says that he goes like 5 times a day.

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 08-46-48-827

12pm In the bathroom – Rachelle, Allison, Sarah and Sabrina are in the bathroom are talking about the syrup missing. Allison says that she thinks its possible someone took it or hid it. Sarah says that’s messed up especially after yesterday. Its not bad enough that slop is bad as it is. Rachelle goes downstairs and asks Jon and Neda if the know what happened to the syrup. Neda and Jon both say they have no idea what happened to it. Rachelle says I was lead to believe something happened to it.. Sabrina comes down and tells her that she thinks maybe the havenot aren’t allowed to eat it and that maybe big brother took it back. The conversation turn to talking about the Arlie’s missing smokes from weeks ago. Kenny comes out of the diary room and comments how he thinks someone hid the slop to mess with him because they don’t want him to win HOH. He says that it just makes me want to win it even more.

12:10pm -12:35pm Big Brother puts the house guests on a backyard lock down. Sarah, Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle hang out by the hammock. They talk about the missing syrup and then compare each other to past BB house guests.
BBCAN2-2014-04-08 09-10-08-720

1pm Out in the hot tub room – The Sloppy Seconds alliance minus Arlie and Allion are talking about Adel’s veto ticket power and about who to target if there’s a double eviction. They all agree that it’s better to get out Rachelle before Sabrina because she is better at endurance competitions. Neda says even if she made it to the end I would never vote for her because she got out Paul and Ika. Adel says it wasn’t even her idea! Meanwhile inside Arlie talks to Allison about how his is 100% with the sloppy seconds and he will never stray. He talks about past events of the house with her. Arlie tells Allison it would absolutely bad for my game and your game if you sewered me. Allison asks what? Arlie says I am just saying that I know you wouldn’t.

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Pinocchio Obama

Any idea on what the photos are for?


This needs to stop! I hate how these underdogs get the system rigged in their favor and then act morally superior to the FF houseguests who totally dominated them WITHOUT OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE! BBC is just like our socialist politicians trying to distribute the wealth and power from those who have EARNED IT to the scum, dim and disgusting.


Looks like I wasn’t the only one buying GOOGL, FB and TSLA on Friday! Welcome to the boards!


heather earned her hoh. what are you talking about?? even if last week’s twist did not happen, first 5 would be broken up this week.


Thats a comment of a sore loser, blame everything and everyone else rather than reflect on the actions that brought them to where they are now


OK Sabrina’s mom go back to washing your dishes


Big Brother does not know where the Maple Syrup is? Really? C’mon!!!!

I have just lost so much respect for Big Brother (as in the character).

Name Withheld

Big Brother knows all and sees all. Unless he’s playing favorites.


Big Brother never gets involved in house drama unless it breaks the rules. If they did, it would be seen as favoritism.


I’m sorry but why should Big Brother tell them what happened to it?? If they told them everything that was going on or being said behind everyone’s back that kinda defeats the point of the whole game. People may not like what Neda did but it’s still part of the game!!


Raccoon eyes Sabrina is the Kardashian wannabe. Neda hardly ever puts a pound of makeup on her face. Do you remember Sabrina’s face on eviction night. Kardashian wannabe right there.


NEDA the roach drained it! She is a leather wearing Kardashian wannabe! The difference, she isn’t even hot as Kris Jenner!!!! Cant wait for the house to turn on this floater. Go sabs!

ihate sarah

LMAO..i love that they have no syrup!!!


It’s not a “prank” to throw food away. It’s malicious. A prank would be to hide it and then give it back when the person gets angry. Then you can explain how you felt when the other person hid condiments and made the coffee so the Half Nots couldn’t drink it.

I’m not a fan of the Kenny Klan but I can still view people’s actions objectively.


Don’t forget that Kenny put cinnamon in the coffee grounds so Jon couldn’t have coffee.


Where is the syrup?


hilarious and cunning

ha ha

team neda and jon, and team hand j’s

forget first 5, the hand j’s are final 6


I understand the reason why the syrup and sugar get hidden or dumped but do these brainless HouseGuest’s not realize that they will be on slop some time and payback is a bitch? I don’t know why but I can actually go without watching it this year. Last year it seemed like all was stacked towards Jillian and Emmett winning all the time but this year they have done better by changing things up which is a good thing. But some of these HouseGuest’s are just down right nasty towards each other. Adel is supposed to be so into praying and peace…..he is the worst in there. Well we shall see if I am still watching in a few weeks.

team adel

How is adel the worst what’s wrong with you?


Adel is the worst because he is a street thug in a peaceful imam’s clothing! Give me a break Adel, you aren’t fooling anyone. You were and are a punk. No wonder your family favors your sister, she is educated and has a family. You are a party animal who lost his way and found religion as an excuse. NOBODY IS BUYING IT! Especially not the First Five!


What are you smoking?


He is smoking the truth Adel is a wannabe hip hop rapper. Dude this is BBC not BET tryouts

team adel

Adel is my first cut, I no what he’s been through, he changed for the better, he was always a good person but hanging out with the wrong people, you don’t no nothing about him. He has done nothing wrong to anyone in the house unless they wronged him first. Buzz off Ernic no one likes you the first 5 is done stop trying to start fights

team adel


bb is a house full of crazy

Neda’s act was payback. You’re exactly right. Watch what you do because there could be payback. Kenny and his minions got payback. And the Kenny lovers are calling foul play. Where were your cries when the other side did it?


Neda is a filthy and lying cockroach!!! She makes me sick! She looks like a skinny beetle twig lying through her teeth to Rachelle. Neda is so jealous of Roro and her looks/body that she is ready to “explode”!!! She needs to go NOW!

SAB OR KENNY FOR HOH! Neda and Jon on the block. See ya roach!


I agree! Neda is the biggest floater I have ever seen. LOL! Why do people like her? She has no backbone and is all talk, a bully supporter and is trying to get with Jon!


I’m guessing BIGBROTHERsoldier and ernic are the same person. Same writing style and verbiage. Comments written one minute apart. EXPOSED!


GO KENNY!!!!!!!!
Neda is a useless blob with no sense of humor! she so blaaahhhhh and boring!!!
Her one and only move in this game is just malicious!
GO KENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kenny is a beautiful person. He has been the best player so far and he will win the whole game, for sure.


I bet all 3 or 4 of you are the same person. You must be as crazy as Sabrina. Also, Kenny is definitely NOT a nice person and he will not win. His chances of going out this Thursday in the double eviction are 95%. He is grumpy, conceited, condescending, elitist, sanctimonious, and holier-than-thou. Basically some of the worst qualities all rolled up into one person. I’m glad he’s leaving.


Let me guess, you are Adel’s sister the chiropractor in Edmonton! GET BACK OUTSIDE WITH THE COMMUNIST NANNY STATE OUTSIDERS! Down with the underdogs in the house and in Society! Money, Power, Respect to Sabs, Roro and Kenny the BBC capitalists!


it seems a lot of racist people watch BBC who aren’t choosing their favourites based on game play


@ ernic And you are ANDREW the bully

bb is a house full of crazy

Ernic, you sound like an asshole. Your posts are so…..Stephen Harper.


An eye for an eye!
I’m pretty sure that a number of people on this site are either related to the 1st 5 or they are Andrew.
Aunt Jemima – I like you message! It’s a game for money however they are also being paid for being on the show.
I wonder if any of these people have seen other seasons – US and Can…how about the UK.
BB does stuff to the house and contestants constantly – to get reactions for the show that they are being paid to perform on.




Name I love you! Thank god other capitalists are watching the show too! I hate how these underdogs get the system rigged in their favor and then act morally superior to the FF who totally dominated them WITHOUT OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE! BBC is just like our socialist politicians trying to distribute the wealth and power from those who have EARNED IT to the scum, dim and disgusting.

bb is a house full of crazy

Ernic, if you were a true capitalist, you wouldn’t be wasting your time watching reality tv shows. You would be too busy trying to crush the little guys out in the world.


“Name” I’ve been.reading your posts you clearly related to Kenny. People are so angry neda his syrup who cares. Andrew and Kenny were filthy women haters. I don’t stomach them yelling and swearing at ika and calling heather a stupid bitch. She threw out condiments not fresh food. Good for them I enjoyed watching it


Oh for effs sake. There are multiple people using “Name” as their identity in these threads. All “Name” comments cannot be attributed to the same person.


It’s a game. Name, you are behaving like Andrew. The problem with Kenny is, he picked the wrong side. The problem with Sarah is, she picked Kenny. The problem with Andrew is, he picked his nose. The problem with Sabrina and Rachelle is, pretty much everything. They are a very picky bunch.


Dumping a condiment is not the same as saying you
Want to beat people in the face because of the sound
Their voice … Sarah and Kenny and Rachelle
Are reaping the seeds they have planted …
Lol it’s funny

The West is Best

Whoa..clearly Neda is not your favorite…

Let’s go back to calling Sabrina fat, shall we? I wish somebody would cut off Kenny’s beard while he slept.

The West is Best

Maybe he’s like Samson (from the Bible, for you hoodlums who don’t know the story), he will lose his power when the hair/beard goes away!


Slobrina has fans? LMFAO

go Neda!!

Russ from Van

The Sheyld can lick my n**s!


Haha, Jack!! You might be right. Unless I’ve got this wrong, all comments must be approved first and it usually take more than one minute. There’s no way ernic could’ve responded to bigbrothersoldier’s comment within one minute., because it wouldn’t have been visible yet.


So it’s ok for a have not to eat and punish the whole house for 2 days because she decided to eat candy, but when Neda dumps the syrup, its malicious…really??!!!!…Rachelle screwed EVERYBODY and they laughed about it for 2 days, but when Neda does the same thing to 3 people in the house, she is vile and malicious. Please. If you are going to be objective then be objective. She is depriving them of maple syrup not every fucking condiment , sugar is still available to them…while Rachelle deprived all the house of hot water and FOOD and DRINKS for 2 days for being selfish…..good for Neda. Why help or be nice when it wasn’t fair for the rest of the house what Rachelle did.

another name

i know i said i wish people in the house would take the high road once in a while instead of wallowing in the muck at every opportunity.
all of this insincere sugary sweetness to each other is giving me a cavity.
oh well, should have just wished for sincerity. be careful what you ask for..


I love the challenges in BBCan so much more than the US.


Game style attacks are ok. Personal name calling is not. I don’t like it no matter which side does it.


Chew with your mouth closed PLEASE Sabrina. You’ve reached your quota on disgusting habits for the day. Geesh.


GO KENNY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I second that! He is sooooooooooooo hot and quite the charmer. He could charm the pants off of me, that’s for sure!

Neda is Skeletor Reincarnated

Dont bash Neda folks she just got confused, she really thought she was casting for Dallas Buyer’s Club w/ Matthew Mcconaughey, but unfortunately it was BB Canada. She felt that she was a natural for Matthews lover in that movie.

The West is Best

Awww look at you being all cute trying to make a funny…

Quick, hurry up and make another username to attempt another joke. Maybe 10th time’s the charm….

My Usernames are Considered National Treasures

You know you wake up in the morning just waiting for my Username identification, don’t lie. Hence why you shared your comment. It is your guilty pleasure.


LOL! I think she also thought that she was going to become the Canadian Kim Kardashian by having a sextape with a houseguest on the live feeds. Neda, that didn’t really work out for you did it because everyone thinks you are disgusting except for Jon the yeast infected chronic fapper!


Neda has no body, she shouldn’t be wearing clothes trying to look sexy. She needs to eat something!


if you are going to disrespect simon and dawgs site to this extent with relentless spam you could at least make your comments funny and/or intelligent

all of your comments are just boring

the work of a little kid

its just amatuer hour


You are incredibly stupid.


Seriously, what’s with all the Neda hate?

There’s plenty of other houseguests, ahem, kenny, sab, rachelle and sarah – who deserve it a little more


Simon and Dawg thank you very much for your great work, its an out of this world site, and im addicted

it appears this person above with the neda reincarnated username, possibly Andrew, is just going to keep spamming your chat over and over with these childish boring comments

neda is the most liked, least annoying, and funniest girl in the house

hilarious that neda could draw such deep rooted hate from one individual with w a a a y too much time on their hands

everyone is entitled to their views, but the same exact silly crap a million times lessens the quality of the overall chat

if you can possibly prevent such spam im sure it would be appreciated by all of us

all the best

Nana Jo

Add owning a house in Mexico to Sab’s list of ‘accomplishments’. She invited Sarah to visit HER house there. Sarah looks dubious. Last night Sarah was asking Kenny in the half-not room advice about making an advertising video for her business. Sabrina pipes up that she does that for work, advising and creating advertising videos and selling them. According to her, she is the best salesperson ever! Sarah asks her how long she has been doing this. Sabs pauses and you can see her calculating what to say ..”Since January”. Sarah and Kenny both look away and roll their eyes. Absolutely no one believes a word she says! This girl seriously has problems… far beyond anything to do with BB. She literally has a complete disconnect with her own actions and reality. She needs major therapy.


I’m normally a very empathetic person, but watching Sabrina cry makes me laugh so much. I don’t know why it’s so funny, but it really is.


It’s my not so quilty pleasure 🙂


Most of the Sab,Kenny supporters are all the same person.

Go Neda! <3

Aunt Jemima

What is the big deal about the syrup. She purposely threw it away. BIG DEAL. It’s not like she threw out the slop and they had nothing to eat. All you losers crying about it, seriously STFU, IT’S A FLIPPING GAME. A GAME. A G-A-M-E. They are there to win MONEY, not to make friends and memories.


I wrote to BB about what Neda did and here is there reply:

Big Brother Canada What rule might have Neda broken? “No eating candy” is a rule for Have-Nots, but I can’t think of a rule against sabotaging another player while not damaging the HGs personal belongings. It might be “wrong” but it’s not “against the rules.


Ernic should come with a “Don’t Feed The Trolls” sign.


I think Neda is great at the game. It would not surprise me if she made it to the end.


It’s funny how many pro Kenny trolls with different names, but the same grammatical errors have appeared since late last week’s eviction show. I don’t care if you love Kenny and hate Neda and Jon, but you really only need one name to express yourself. May I suggest “Andrew?”

I hate 1st 5

Oh sure its Andrew the bully. He’s trying to control Canada now by writing all this fuc$%king sh%t. Grow up Andrew & know that Canada HATEs you. And We are not Dick head like you . you can’t make us fool by making comments by different names. CANADA HATES Andrew & Get Over it you dic%%k head.

little mouse

love watching the meltdown looks so good on the final 5…payback is a bitch

Big bro 31

Kenny is got this..Allison will flip….Kenny breaks the tie….bye byr Arlie or jon